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Web Drive from South River Technologies,worth buying?

Q: Web Drive from South River Technologies,worth buying?

Hey Folks,
I was wondering something. I currently have a trial of the Web Drive FTP client running on one of my computers here. A friend of mine has a server which this software connects to beautifully. I've also been able to connect it to some other servers, but at the same time, there are servers which it resists connection to and either gives me a winsoc error (error code 4504), or it gives me a server connection failed error (error code 4509). I can't find any articles regarding it's server compatibility (E.G. if it only connects to windows FTP/SFTP/Group Drive), or anything about whether it connects to Linux servers or not. The only server I ever had trouble connecting to (the one that gave me those errors), was a server of a guy who basically worships linux and disses windows and it's integrity as an OS, so he wasn't very helpful nor was he supportive in finding the issue. I am still contemplating the possibility of buying the software simply due to it's convenience, allowance of server integration with Windows Explorer, and most importantly of all of these, it's accessibility with screen readers since that is what I rely on being a visually impaired user of a computer. Any input slash experience reports would be wonderful. Thanks so much. BTW, I tried contacting SRT myself, and in order for support requests to be sent, the one sending them must be a registered user and have purchased a license. No offense to them, but that doesn't really help folks like me. LOL.


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Preferred Solution: Web Drive from South River Technologies,worth buying?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I currently have a Lenovo laptop and have had it for 2 and a half years. The battery has always been pretty bad and last about 3 minutes unplugged. The hard drive is a temperamental one from an old laptop as the original broke for no apparent reason, probably didn't help I was constantly having to rebuild it too. I know it is stupid but when I got this laptop I was young and naive and didn't realise how essential recovery disks are.
I realise to replace all of these would be quite expensive so am wondering whether it is worth just buying a new laptop?

A:Worth replacing the hard drive, battery and buying recovery disks?

We need more information to comment.
There are at least 7 levels of Lenovo laptop... Is this a T-series... or just what is it? model and type.
In general, Lenovo laptops are among the most reliable...
This is not a good time to buy hard drives, due to the market over-adjusting to the hard drive factories under water in Thailand.
Batteries, good ones, can be found for $35 to $45
But you can get a 90 GB SATA hard drive for $90 or less.
Tell us the hard drive brand and size, the amount of memory installed.
All in all, we can rebuild a decent Lenovo for $140... and that is a lot less expensive than a new laptop. But a shop would have to charge you $205 or more.
A cheap laptop might cost you $500 to $600, but a good laptop could cost you $1200 to $1800. For long term reliability, I would want to invest at least $1000 to $1500

Tell us more so we can best advise you.

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The egg has an OCZ 120GB SSD with the Sandforce controller shell shocker today for ~$80 (no rebate).
Does anyone know if this a reliable SSD, or is it more problems than than it's worth?

I haven't seen a 120GB SSD priced this low, but i haven't been keeping up on hardware prices and reviews lately.
From what I know, Intel, Corsair, and Samsung are the recommended SSD brands for reliability...

Newegg.com - OCZ Vertex 3 VTX3-25SAT3-120G 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


A:Is this SSD worth buying?

Bargin! I have the older Vertex 2 60GB and its been rock-solid. Intel, and Samsung definately top of the range, but for $80.......its a good deal.

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Base Processor: Athlon 64 X2 (B) 4000+ 2.1 GHz (65W)
Hard Drive: 320 GB SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)
Memory Installed: 2 GB (2 x 1 GB)
Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE
Drives: 16X DVD(+/-)R/RW 12X RAM (+/-)R DL LightScribe SATA drive
Modem: 56K bps data/fax modem
Wireless: Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g
Price: $379.99
Warranty: $39.99
With the extended warranty that covers everything? Warranty is $40 USD.

Total: it's about 200 quid (if you're in Europe)

A:Worth Buying??

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Hello, I just joined SF, and quite recently updated my OS to Windows 7 Pro, and learnt that norton 360 2.0 isn't compatible (I had about 3 months left). Right now I've got the free version of COMODO firewall and AV.

2 questions, should I ever buy an antivirus/360 styled product ever again and a lot of people recommend MSE on here, and I see hardly anybody talking about COMODO, which one should I be using?

A:Is it worth me buying an AV?


Personally, I don't see a need to purchase anti-virus software. MSE is a very good AV, and my favorite. Avast is also very good.

Now MSE is not a firewall. Personally, I only use the built-in Windows firewall, but if you have a different opinion, Comodo is a good third-party firewall.

Here is a link for MSE: http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials

Good luck!


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Has anyone played the new version of Batman? If so ....

Is it worth buying???????????

Help please!

A:Batman...Is it worth buying??

lol, Welcome, this is free online games.

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As you probably can figure out from the title of this thread, I'm considering buying Home Premium 64-bit. I'm not worried about the specs (I mean, c'mon, I have an SLI system with 4 gb of RAM). What I AM worried about are all the horror stories I've heard about Vista having problems recognizing SLI. I'm hoping that issue has been resolved for a while with updated drivers?

To be on the safe side, I intend to wipe clean my primary HD (after backing up data, of course) and do a full clean install of the new OS. I'd like very much to be able to take advantage of my full 4 gb of RAM and 64-bit capabilities.


A:Vista 64-bit Worth Buying Yet?

You won't notice much of difference between 4 gB on 32 bit and 4 gB on 64 bit Vista (I've tried it myself)The beginning of this article discusses the 4 gB tradeoffs: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/vista-workshop,1775.htmlI went to 8 gB and didn't notice much difference either - although I can keep a bunch of apps open when playing games (without noticeable lag). The major concern will be that you locate all the drivers you need BEFORE upgrading. For example, I've got a TV card that I can't get drivers for, so it's useless to me.

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Please tell me whether it is worth to spend so much money on 1GB ram, How is such a purchase relevant to the amount of ram programs will require in one year?

A:is it worth buying 1gb ram in addition to 252?

The amount of RAM needed depends on what sort of programs you use and what speed you expect from your computer.

It would help if you at least told us what operating system you have and your computer specs.

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So im getting a new pc next year and I want to make sure it can play next gen games?


Cooler Master B500, 500W PSU

Intel Core i7-4770 Processor

MSI B85M-E45, Socket-1150

Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Sport 1600MHz 8GB

Gainward GeForce GTX 760 2GB PhysX CUDA

Toshiba Desktop 1TB SATA 3.0

Samsung DVD Writer, SH-224DB

Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit

A:Is thic PC worth buying?

I like the PC, but don't know how to interpret the price.

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I'm currently considering buying a dell w/ a free express upgrade from Windows XP MCE to Windows Vista Premium. Is it worth getting? Or could there be some serious problems I havent heard of? Also will all my apps work on Vista?

A:Vista worth buying?

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Currently I have an Advent 7302 Laptop, when i click view system Info i am told that it runs at 1.73GHz and has 896 MB of ram, also when i look at the C: Drive properties i only have 22.4GB of space left (With a total size of 63.9GB)

Basically i started thinking about buying a better laptop as i was going to buy and download some new games, but I don't think my current laptop could handle many more games. (orange box for steam)
The laptop i have been looking at is Acer Aspire 5536G-744G32Mn Laptop, this website gives a full list of stats for it,

Really I want a decent, fast laptop where i don't need to seriously worry about how much space I have when I download something. I'm not a hardcore gamer, i would only have a few games on my computer at a time.

So is it worth upgrading to a better laptop, or is there no point in spending the money?

So Basically i need to know if it is worth switching from my current laptop to a new one (the one I have linked)
I am also open to suggestions for similar new laptops to the one I have linked.

Thanks in advance :)

A:Is it worth buying a new laptop?


The link that you gave doesn't work.

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I currently have built in 6-Channel audio on a nForce 3 chipset (Abit NF8-V) I was wondering:

1. Would i notice a huge differnce in sound quality if i bought a Soundblaster Audigy 4? (or similar)

2. Is it true that sound cards do on board encoding so it reduces the cpu thus making it faster?

3. What does the db sonar value acctually mean when talking about sound cards? Is that the total volume? or quality?

Cheers, Alex

A:Is buying a new soundcard worth it? Which is the best?

1. Would i notice a huge differnce in sound quality if i bought a Soundblaster Audigy 4? (or similar)Click to expand...

depends on how good your onboard sound is wether or not YOU would tell a big difference.

stay away from creatives new X-FI series they have serious compaitability issues with Nforce motherboards.

2. Is it true that sound cards do on board encoding so it reduces the cpu thus making it faster?Click to expand...

the sound cards that do DSP are pretty much limited to just a few brands. Creative is one and turtle beach is the other. most other cards require the CPU to carry the load.

and dont forget the quality of your speakers plays a large role in the quality of the sound you hear. if your onboards ound is decent you might be better of upgrading yor speakers.

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My computer is five years old and I am thinking of buying a new one. Is it worth getting a new set of software such as Works and if so which is the most cost effective option?

A:Is it worth buying a new set of software?

Try Open OfficeIts free and will read and write Word & Excel files.Works uses a fairly proprietary file format. For that reason, if you email a works file to someone as an attachment and they do not have Works (most people dont) they will not be able to open it.Word is a more compatible file format

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Right now i am running vista on my computer but I have been wondering if it is even worth buying windows 7? Should i upgrade to 7 or just wait for now till they have worked some of the bugs out of it? I would like some opinions thanks

A:worth buying window 7?

Simple answer YES.

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Hi! I would like to buy P52s or T580 with a dedicated GPU and I'm wondering if these products are worth buying. I have read some complaints about the heat, fan and power management issues. I had an E540 and it had power management issues. It's in the trash now, Lenovo just gave up on this model and I lost my money. Are these new products any better? Would you go with P51s instead of P52s?

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I already have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro but wondering if Hitman Pro is worth buying ?

I use the free version of Hitman Pro right now.

A:Hitman Pro worth buying?

Yes, since Hitman Pro have better detection rate.

BUT, you can use Zemana AntiMalware 'even' better detection than Hitman Pro.

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Hi, i am currently looking at buying a new PC. I want something that will last and was just wondering your thoughts and opinions on this build, is it relatively safe in terms of not needed to be upgraded anytime soon and is it worth the money... thanks for your time.

Intel core i5 2400 quad core 3.1ghz
asus p8z68-v lx
8gb Ram ddr3 1600mhz
2Gb AMD Radeon HD7850
500gb sata III 6gbHDD 7200rpm 16mb cache
corsair 650w power supply
Triple copper heat pipe Intel CPU cooler
Asus xonar dg5.1 sound card
24x dvd writer
windows 7 inc.
Fancy case with all the fans, lights, bells and whistles required

I also get 7 years breakdown insurance as standard
all for 820 (Equivalent $1312)

A:Buying a new PC.. Is this worth the money?

You could get a better spec if you built it yourself but if you're not into that then yeah, that looks to be a decent build for the price.

If your budget allows it try to incorporate an SSD, it's worth the money IMO.

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Ok, so, i have a crappy eMachines with 3 PCI slots. My problem is, my geforce fx 5500 pci video card isn't cutting it for my new games, would it be worth it to just buy a new mother board with an AGP or PCI-E slot? If so, i could use some suggestions on some boards.

A:New motherboard worth buying?

hard to say

I don't know what your system has, but there are things to consider, If you want better game play, yeah, you'll want a mobo to handle AGP/PCIexpress, etc., but then- will your power supply handle it? RAM? CPU?

Just changing mobos alone involves quite a bit- new installation of operating system, which means you want to back up your current data, and then you start upgrading video cards, almost everything else will probably need at least SOME upgrading/tweaking, so there are lots of things to consider.

Some of the guys around here who know gaming will be more help than me, but I'm sure there'll be more to it than just a mobo change. Good luck!! :knock:

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I have to opportunity to buy an old 2nd gen 20gb iPod quite cheap and I want to know if they are still worth buying; I have a number of questions which I hope can be answered here:
1. Are they likely to break (besides battery wear and tear)?
2. How good they are compared to the new models?
3. I have a PC with no firewire port so is that going to be a problem?
4. Do they charge using the pc connection like the new models or through a separate adapter?


A:2nd Gen iPod worth buying?

I'm not sure which one is the 2nd gen one, but I have an ipod photo I bought about 8-9 months ago that still works fine. Mine connects via USB, so if you have a USB port that should be enough. It does charge when it's plugged in.

Again, not sure if mine is 2nd gen. or not - may be able to offer more info. if you give some more specifics about the iPod in question.

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Hey all

Im looking to buy a new video card to upgrade my current ATI x1900 XTX.
Im looking at these two:



I know the Ultra suppose to be faster. But when looking at a price/quality ratio. which one would be a better choice?

both are in Canadian Dollars

A:Which video card worth buying better

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Hi, :wave:

I currently have an X800 XT PCI EXPRESS graphics card...and i am thinking of buying the new X850 XT PE.

Is it actually worth buying this? or do you think i would be better off waiting for the next generation of cards.

Many Thanks in advance...

A:Is it worth buying a new graphics card?

What you have is good. I would wait. :bounce:

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Hi all,
I was wondering with the recent introduction of Vista, would you recommend purchasing a copy of MCE? Right now I am running Home through HP not retail. I was wondering if anyone ad a link to th system requirements for MCE, because I am debating on if it is worthwhile to upgrade the system to run it or just make a new one. I would like to use an HL-S6188W for the monitor. I need to buy a new hard drive because my current one is failing, is there anything else that I may need to operate MCE and is there anything you would suggest to utilize all of the features of MCE and connect it to the tv? Thanks for your input and help.
CPU, Motherboard, Memory, HL-S6188W supports these resolutions

A:Worth buying retail copy of MCE?

If I had the system specs to run Vista, or could with a relatively minor upgrade, I'd go with Vista. In your case, you would have to spend some decent $$ upgrading to run Vista with the media center options you want, comfortably. You could use MCE comfortably with another 512mb of RAM on your current system. You would also need a TV tuner card, if you don't already have one, to connect to the TV. How old is your current system? If the hard drive is failing, and the system is several years old, it might be money better spent going with a new system.

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Hi all, I'm thinking of buying the following components for a new system. I want it for gaming, and just thought I'd get some opinions on whether it is worth the dosh; or if there are better components available for similar money.

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 3.1GHz Socket AM2 1MB L2 (2x512KB) Cache Retail Boxed Processor - 68

Motherboard ASUS M2N68 nForce 630a Socket AM2+ - 50


A:Processor + Motherboard: Worth buying?

well hat depends on what your other components are and what games you'll be playing, but besides these things, the combo looks good.

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What do you think of http://www.faun.ee/nb-as7745g-ci5-450m-17-eng4500gb-7hp-lxpup02135-acer
Is it good for that money.
the laptop is for movie watching mostly, games and for programming learning

Did not know better place to put the issue.

A:Solved: Is it worth it (laptop buying)

What kind of games? Games can require a lot of power and a graphics card that laptops rarely support.

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hi guys
this is giving me a headache and im asking forur help heres the story:so..my friends recently started playing WOW..so im planning 2 get it 2 (clapclap)
but i have no knowledge of computers whats so ever..sigh
and i got myeye set on this:
core 2 duo e6300
1gb ddr RAM
250gb hard drive
18x dvd burner
nicida 7100gs hyper 512 ram
build in HD audio giabite lan usb
mouse and keyboard included(logitech)
for 1100 AU
hahaha..sigh wtf...should i get it?or..i should idk
please post ur most wellcome comment and give me a suggestion of good combo for a comp or is this computer worth it?or can this comp run WOW and should i get this or not..ouch headache

A:ugh!check this out..is it worth buying?!!?!?!headache

Are you just going to be using the computer for WoW? If so this machine is possibly even a little over the top and you could cut back a bit on it, i.e. you don't need a 512mb GFX card etc.
My old p4 2.4ghz with DDR400 ran WoW without any real problems. The setup you have listed would be powerful enough for it.

As for the price? I have a similar system at the moment which i paid a similar amount for (except in NZD) and without a monitor & other peripherals, so it doesn't sound too bad to me I guess.

As for the Mobo and RAM options make sure they are compatible, i.e. if your buying DDR2 RAM make sure your Mobo will handle it and same if you are getting an SATA hdd and that it's a LGA775 that supports of core 2 duo otherwise your processor won't work with it and things like that.

Hope that's somewhat helpful. Heh.

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Hi, I'm new here, just wanted opinions on buying parts to buy my own PC and if it would hold up for a couple of years for gaming?

Cpu: AMD FX-6200 3.80GHz 6-core
Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 AMD 970

I've not included the power supply and hard drive etc. because they didn't seem relevant much.
All suggestions are welcome but I'm limited by a budget of 400.

A:Is this computer spec worth buying?

That's not a great gaming setup, games are mostly dependant on the GPU and the 6570 will likely only play games on low details.

Is the budget just for those 4 components or does it include everything (PSU, hard drive, case, etc.)

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Hey Everybody,

I am looking at buying a video editing program to edit videos with, I would be using it for my youtube videos, as well as making nice home movies as well, for me and other people in my family. I am using a JVC camcorder that records in full 1080P if that makes difference with the software. I know I could download windows movie make for free, I used movie maker that came with XP back when i had XP, and also I've used the version you can download from Microsoft. I've been looking at a bunch and I'm am looking at Camtasia Studio for $299.99, I have done my research, looked at user reviews on the program. It looks very easy to use to get effects. If any one here uses this piece of software, please let me know if it's worth me buying for what I am using it for.

A:Is Camtasia Studio Worth Buying?

I don't use it personally but I know some people that do and they love using it. I use Sony Vegas 12 for video editing. Which I don't use all time. If you do lots and lots of video editing then I would suggest going with Sony Vegas. But if you just edit a few videos then you should get it. 299.99 is nothing when you compare it to 799.99.

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Christmas is comming and A family member wants The Medal Of Honor warpack, has all 3 games in it. But his pc is only medicore, and low range w/video-graphics, he had a 64Mb card old card, 512 ram, and a 40 harddrive. He already has Halo PC and runs it on low settings. Will this game be worth buying for him? Or should I just go with a diff game.

A:Medal Of Honor worth buying?

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Is it really worth to spend money for hyperthreading?. I played two video files in windows media & real player in a regular & in hyper thread m/c I could not find any difference.

What would be the future of existing pentium P4 processor, whether every one has to move to 64 bit platform, Is it advisable to upgrade to a P4 -32 processor now or postpone the same.

A:Hyper threading...worth buying?

Exactly, most modern systems running 1.4ghz and above really don't run normal tasks any differently from another.

Now onto hyperthreading, its a good idea that in reality doesn't really help very much with performance. (ie not really worth it unless you must have that last FPS in you fav game)

As for 64bit I doubt everyone will be forced into it any time soon, it will gradually phase in sort of like the 32bit instructions when the 386 was released in 85. You didn't NEED a 32bit platform until around 95 or about 10years after its release.


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Not sure if I've got the right forum here guys but can anyone tell me if it's worth buying a spare battery for my Dell Latitude laptop?

A:Is it worth buying a sparte battery?

I've owned 5 laptops/netbooks and have never purchased a spare battery for any of them.

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I've posted this also on another category because I wasn't sure if it was the right category for this. But I'll have it posted this too on here.

Ok, so my past threads were about just monitors, and I decided to buy the 27in monitor instead of the 23.6/24in monitor. Mainly for gaming and mostly watching a lot of movies/videos.

27in ASUS: $280: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16824236091

40in TV TCL: $320: http://www.amazon.com/L40FHDF12TA-40...dp_ob_title_ce

The price of the tv on how much size it increases is such a bargain. But ASUS is a well-known brand and from reviews it works very well. The TV however has 3 hdmi's, it's perfect. I can connect my ps3, tv reciever and probably my pc. If i'm going to get that 40in tv, The TV will be about 2 feet away from me when I'm playing games on pc (it'll be my monitor, in fact.) but then watching movies I'll be on my bed (about 9 feet away from where the tv/monitor will be placed) and obviously the 40in will be perfect size, i guess. The ASUS will be best for gaming, but the 40in will be best for watching movies or probably a bit of gaming. Which is worth buying? is the 40in worth buying for $40 more if I'm going to be playing it on pc games, and watch movies from my ps3?

A:is it worth buying a 40in tv for $40 more than a 27in monitor?

Read the rules. Please do not double-post.


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I want to buy the alienware M15x, I want to configure it so it has a 1GB ATI Radeon™ Mobility HD 5730 and a Slot-Loading Dual Layer Blu-ray Reader (BR-ROM, DVD+-RW, CD-RW) which will make the Lappy $1399.

Full specs:
intel? Core™ i3-330M 2.13GHz (3M cache)
Genuine Windows? 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
15.6-inch WideHD+ 1600x900 (900p) WLED
3GB DDR3 at 1066MHz
Slot-Load Dual Layer DVD Burner (DVD+-RW, CD-RW)
1GB ATI Radeon™ Mobility HD 5730
Primary - 6-cell (56Watt) Lithium-Ion Battery
Would it be able to play StarCraft II when it comes out? Diablo 3? Sims 3? World of WarCraft? All of these games at high settings?

I love video games, but I don't play high demanding ons such as crysis or other games like it, pretty much the posted games above are what I play.

Is it worth the price? and will it last me for many years graphics card wise? CAN THE VIDEO CARD BE REPLACED IF I WANT TO UPGRADE? IF SO HOW MUCH?!?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions.

A:Buying alienware Laptop, is it worth the money..?

Notebookcheck: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730

see the benchmarks for yourself

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Hey all.

I've got this... little question. I am no expert, so I figuered I'd ask here... Anyway, I've got enough money to buy a Radeon 9600Pro, my question is; would it be worth it? Will the graphics card still be of use in, let's say... two years? I mean, of course, it wouldn't be as good, but will it be useless as a FX5200 today? So, you think I should get it, or should I keep my money and save it until I have enough to buy a better card?

Thanks in advance!

A:Would a Radeon 9600Pro be worth buying nowdays?

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I've had a message saying my Virtual Memory is low and had no idea what this was so googled it. Most of the sites that came up had a 'Speed up your PC' to download so I did. It scanned my system and said I had over 400 problems but to fix them I had to buy it! Is it worth me paying for this or not?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 30710 MB, Free - 8601 MB; D: Total - 113906 MB, Free - 42596 MB;
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Virtual Memory Low-Is it worth buying a speed up?

No. Don't do it. It is a registry cleaner and there are no problems with your PC. The program defines them as "problems" so they can then "fix" the non-existent problems, damaging your system in the process. There is no program in existence that can reliably scan a Windows system and tell you what problems it has. If there were, this site would not be needed and most repair shops might as well close, too. They would only have business replacing failed hardware.

As far as virtual memory goes, it may be a false message due to malware, or you may need to increase the size of your page file.

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I'm just wondering whether this is worth the purchase: My company has enrolled in the Home Use Program and is offering Office Pro 2010 for a digital download of 12.95?.

It's cheap, and I have Open Office currently installed. I don't use it a great deal but under 15 bucks is almost too cheap to ignore, even though it's nearly 2 years old now. I would however if there are any issues with software / hardware compatability.
What are opinions of forum members?


A:Worth buying Office Professional 2010 for under 15?

MS Office is a very large program, and can cause problems if you install multiple versions of it on top of each other (ie 07 & 10). It should work, however, with most hardware, provided your computer isn't growing a beard itself for how long it takes to boot up. I myself would install it, but open office works just as well, and seems to be a bit more refined than MS office. But for that price, and if you can, you might see if another family member or friend would like to have it provided you do not.

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I dled the free trial Registry Mechanic and I was thinking about buying the full version. I scanned my computer and the program found over 300 errors. I was wondering if this product is worth buying?


A:Solved: Registry Mechanic; Is it worth buying?

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So I'm buying a new computer with a Amd Phenom Ii X6 1075t 3.0ghz Processor.

I can select to upgrade the motherboard but am not sure if it's really worth it or if I will see any real differences.
One thing I want is dual monitors I'm upgrading the graphics card to have two dvi outs, if I went with a Ecs A785gm-M Am3 Esata2 Hdmi Dvi & 1394a would this give me the ability to have dual monitors using the onboard video?

Below is the list of my options, give me your thoughts, thanks very much in advance.

Amd Socket Am2+ Am3 Athlon Ii / Phenom
Amd Am3 / Am2 Ddr3 Pci-E Sata2 Mboard
Ecs Mcp61m-M3 Socket Am3 Ddr-3 Mboard [Add $9.95]
Ecs A750gm-M Am3 Ddr3 Pci-E Ati Hd2100 [Add $19.95]
Biostar Mcp6p3 Am3 Nvidia Motherboard [Add $37.95]
Asus M4n68t-M Am3 7025 Ddr3-1800 Mboard [Add $47.95]
Asus M4a78lt-M Le Am3 760g Ddr3 Mboard [Add $53.95]
Ecs A880gm-M7 Ddr3 Amd880g Radeon Hd4250 [Add $56.95]
Msi 760gm-E51 760g Ddr3 Hybrid Crossfire [Add $57.95]
Ecs A785gm-Ad3 Am3 Ddr3 Hybrid Crossfire [Add $63.95]
Biostar A880g+ Amd 880g Am3 Motherboard [Add $69.95]
Asus M4a88t-M Am3 Amd 880g 5200mt/S Ddr3 [Add $69.95]
Msi 880gm-E41 Am3 Amd 880g Motherboard [Add $72.95]
Ecs A785gm-M Am3 Esata2 Hdmi Dvi & 1394a [Add $76.95]
Msi 785gm-E65 785g Ddr3 Am3 Hdmi Esata [Add $79.95]
Asrock 880gm-Le Am3 Amd 880g Motherboard [Add $82.95]

A:Buying new computer, worth upgrading mobo?

1394A is for Firewire 400 connectors, and absolutely nothing to do with your video card.

Considering the new AMD "Bull Dozer" platform is due to be released shortly I wouldn't go mad on a new motherboard.

Most of todays current graphics cards will come with the connectors to facilitate the connection of at least two displays, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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I don't know much about computers but tried Xoftspy's free scan at www.free-scanner.comand it found lots of unwanted pests. Does anyone have any experience with them? Is it worth buying? Has anyone bought it?

A:Free-scanner Xoftspy - is it worth buying?

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Hey people!

I'm going to be buying a computer within the next week or so, but I am kinda in trouble since MSY - a leading computer-hardware retailer over here - took the Radeon X800Pro out of their stock recently, and that was the graphics card I was planning on buying.

Now I am looking at the Nvidia 256MB 7600GS Foxconn, since it is affordable, and sounds fairly decent.

Is it worth the purchase?

Also, what differences are there between the Nvidia 256MB 7600GS and the Radeon 256MB X800Pro?

A:Nvidia 7600GS Foxconn - Is it worth buying?

Have you read through the reviews?
Here's one from this very site:

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I keep reading it's mediocre in performance compared to many others and i can't afford the 700 series, right now i just have a 5400 rpm hard drive that came with the laptop.

I know Samsung is popular as well , is it superior to the Intel?

Thanks folks

A:Is the Intel 530 SSD worth buying for a two and half year old laptop?

Any SSD will be a massive improvement over the HDD. You won't notice much difference in performance if you buy a top of the range model or a cheap one other than benchmarks.

The Samsung Evo's seem to be the hot drive at the moment that won't break the bank. I recently got a 250GB one myself and know many other people that are very happy with them.


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I was thinking of buying the Cisco Linksys E4200 router for 120, my laptop has a built in N adaptor, i was just wondering if it is worth buying a premium usb N adaptor and will it make any difference? Would appreciate some advice as i am a noob! Thanks.

A:Is it worth buying a premium internet adaptor for laptop?

It will still be wireless either way, but the limiting factor for speed will be the bandwidth on the USB port. Stick with the internal.

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How is G Data IS protection, performance, FPs, 0-day protection, resource usage, etc...?

How does it compares with Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton, etc...?

G Data users, please share your experience.

A:G Data Internet Security 2016 - is it worth buying it?

Used this Av, have a good behavior blocker like Emsisoft, also have a good web protection, overall great product, lite on performance.

Used both engines Bit and their own.

AV-TEST ? The Independent IT-Security Institute

AV-TEST ? The Independent IT-Security Institute

AV-TEST ? The Independent IT-Security Institute

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Hey all! I've been thinking about buying a laptop for a while now as a companion to my full desktop and I really like the idea of 2-in-1s. After a lot of research I'm heavily leaning towards the Yoga 720 15" model (i7 processor, 4k screen) as it's got a good balance between power and price. However, as the laptop's been out for almost a year now I was wondering if it's still worth purchasing or if there are any alternatives I should look into? I'm aware that there is a Yoga 730, but I live in the UK and it is currently unavailable here with no information on release date or pricing. In America, it looks like the 730 costs a lot more than the 720 for comparable specs so the upgrades might not be worth it for me. Laptop's also cost a lot more in the UK so it's probably going to be out of my price range. I'm looking to use it for photo editing, maybe some light video editing, and some games engine work (Unity/Unreal Engine 4, but nothing at a highly advanced graphical level) so a dedicated GFX card is a must. I'd also like it to be as light as possible to take with me when I go out with my camera. TL;DR: Is the Yoga 720 still a good purchase a year on, or should I look at alternatives? Many thanks for any help!

A:Year on, is the Lenovo Yoga 720 still worth buying? Need advice!

I would't buy anything from Lenovo. I just bought a pretty expensive laptop from them and it was supposed to include a stylus but wasn't included and seems like there is an update everyday which you can't turn off. For example today it was an update from Levovo Vantage and it earased my pin, so was a nightmare trying to regain access to my laptop. I used to be a Lenovo fan now I hate them. I would strongly advise to not get anything from this company... you will probably regret it!!

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So i have been searching a while for a new mouse and my eyes has been stuck to the Roccat Kone Xtd.
Though it has a laser sensor and i dont know how much it has been improved since the time they had way to much acceleration.
I have been using some cheap laser mice and well. they work but Geez they are soo terrible! like. I cant controll it. While my 2 Optical Gaming mice is super precise, Now. The laser mice is puerly cheap garbage but i wonder. The roccat kone xtd's sensor is a very high performce sensor but when i look at the specs it has 30G of acceleration. It this good or bad ( im a total newbie to mouse sensors. )
And if you know. Will the roccat's sensor be better than my Razer Deathadder 3.5G's ?
Will i notice a difference? becouse i have accually got some problems with my optical razer not beeing able to give me enough dpi. i need over 4K sometimes.
And last. There is an optical version of the Roccat but i really want to be able to use it on pretty much every surface and not having the mouse to freak out becouse it doesent like the surface. so? for me. Laser kone or Optical Kone?

A:Roccat Kone Xtd laser worth buying or Should i wait for optical vs?

i use a wireless R.A.T 9 (wired version is a rat 7) it has a laser sensor and has a DPI of 6400 (at that speed i cant control it in game!!) As well as 50g of acceleration.. i dont think my arm can move that fast.. It uses a twin beam method one records the x and the other the y axis, so it give pin point accuracy. Ive tried many of mouse of the years and this is by far the best.

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I recently purchased a cp technologies hard drive enclosure p/n cp-ue-308 and installed a seagate st36811a hard drive in it. The hard drive worked when it was taken out of a dell desktop. Problem is that the hard drive shows up in the device manager but does not show up as a separate drive under Windows Explorer. The newer computer that the enclosure is running on has XP. I've attached the device and disk manager screen captures.

A:CP Technologies Hard Drive Enclosure Problem

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Recently, i've tried to upgrade to ME on my system, but it always locked up at the Plug 'n Play Initialization. Then it'd go into ME attempt a scandisk and lokc up again (stupid loopholes). Anyway, i'm back to 98 and went to do Scandisk when i found something very odd: during the surface scan, it'd do about a couple thousand sectors, then go back to scanning files and folders, then when it hit the surface scan, it's start right back where it left off before going back to the beginning of the scan procedure (another loophole), funny thing is it didn't give me any indication of an error.
So, is my drive going south or just being cranky to me?

A:{SOLVED} Hard Drive going south?

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