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Tansfer Files from portable Hard Drives

Q: Tansfer Files from portable Hard Drives

I have 2 USB powered portable hard drives (1 is a WD 2TB drive and the other is a WD 3TB drive. My problem is it will only let me transfer one video file at a time from the 2TB to the 3TB drive. When I click on multiple video files nothing happens. When I only try one it transfers over. Both drives are NTFS. Is there something I can change to allow it to move multiple files? Thanks in advance for everyone's help!!

Preferred Solution: Tansfer Files from portable Hard Drives

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tansfer Files from portable Hard Drives

Might help if you told us the operating system you are running and how you are trying to transfer them? Are you trying to move them or copy them? Are your trying to drag the selected files from one open folder to another? Are you doing a copy and paste between folders?

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I use a few portable USB drives with my Zinwell media player. I safely remove the drive from the player. When I plug in back into the pc, I get a message asking if I want to scan for errors. It does this each time I plug it back into the pc. I had a Seagate player and the same thing happened.

Tried plugging the same drives into an XP pc and the check errors message did not appear. Is this just a Windows 7 thing?

A:Portable Hard Drives

Sounds like you have some security option enabled to scan removable drives. It's not inherent to Win7. Check your security suite for the setting.

And welcome to Seven forums.

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Hi There,

I have recently copied all my CDs on to my itunes.
I'm thinking now it would be a good idea to be able to quickly back up the itunes folder.
At present I have it all on an external hard drive.
Should anything happen to this I'd lost all my music - not good.

So I'm after a portable external hard drive, approx 20G.
Doesn't have to be particularly fast transfer, as I'd only be backing up about once a week.
Also, I'd rather it be USB power based as I can't really be bothered to scramble around behind the desk plugging things in.

Any suggestions?

A:portable hard drives

You have a huge pool to choose from and it keeps changing all the time.
I have a couple of little 40GB Smartdisk Firelite external drives which have worked without problems. They have both USB and Firewire versions, but I've never tried the Firewire. They run on a single USB cable but you can buy an optional mains adapter if you wish.
The only niggle was that they were both bought from Staples, a few months apart, yet they use different drivers for Windows 98SE.

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I need a portable hard drive to backup picures an movies & files ,Does any body no of a good one at lease 1 TB , i have 2.0 usb ports . Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance

A:portable hard drives

I personally like to buy a regular 2.5" laptop drive and a case to go with it. Saves you about $20 compared to the factory made and takes about two minutes to put together.

Newegg.com - Vantec NexStar CX 2.5" SATA to USB 2.0 External Hard Drive/SSD Enclosure (Supports 7mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm HDD/SSD) - Model NST-200S2-BK

Pick a drive with the capacity you need. I wouldn't pay extra for a super fast drive since it's going to be running off a USB port anyway.

Newegg.com - Notebook Hard Drives, Laptop Hard Drives

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I just wanted to know what software is good for use on a Portable Hard Drive?


A:Software For Portable Hard Drives

You need to be more specific on what you mean by program. I can only guess you're talking about back-up software. The 2 more popular ones are Acronis Tru Image and Norton GhostAlso take a look at our Freeware Applications thread

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i bought a 200G portable hard drive so i could transfer files form my home pc to my work g4 apple mac. but i did the stupid thing of formatting it on my pc so now it refuses to work on the g4. is there any way to deformat the disk or install a new driver that enables use on both. please help me as i have to complete a contract in the next week and this is killing me.

A:unformatting portable hard drives

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I run a computer repair business, and my customers really appreciate it when coming to their homes is an option. They simply dont want to bring the tower to my home shop. As such, I thought it would be a great idea to become completely mobile, where I could carry everything I normally would need or use in a single bag to solve or repair most computer problems. This has worked very successfully, until I decided to purchase a western digital portable hard drive from ebay. Everything was fine until a couple weeks ago, when it started emitting a general clicking sound, and continuous spin and stopping sound. I hadnt even had the hard drive for 2 months yet. Obviously the last thing I wanted to hear on a hard drive (I had just backed up a customers data after reformatting their system too). Did an RMA on the thing, sent it to western digital for replacement. So in the meantime, I still needed something to back up customers data with. I bought a seagate portable Freeagent go 250 gig from walmart. Pulled it out to back up a systems files, and wont even show up when I plug it in. Listened to the hard drive up close, and sure enough its doing the same thing as the western digital drive. Just not the clicking this time. I've only had this one for a little over a week. And so, I'm in a dilemma of sorts, as what I should do about this situation. Seems to me that although portable, which is very nice, packing these skimpy portable drives in with my other gear doesn... Read more

A:Portable hard drives unreliable?

I have had this happen with my WD Passport drive if it was not getting enough power from the USB port. My university has those Dell monitors with USB ports in them and whenever I connect the drive to those I get this. The USB ports in the chassis work fine though. The drive light is usually dim if it isn't getting enough power.

Tried another USB port or cable to see if that fixes the problem?

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For use with my laptop, which has a rather small hard drive, can I load programs such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. to my portable hard drive and run them from there, like haveing 2 hard drives in my computer?

A:Programs on Portable Hard Drives?

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I have always imaged my Windows 7 laptop using the in built Windows system image back up and it works great. A couple of times I have restored the image to get me out of a hole and it worked every time.

Anyway over the weekend I went to take an up to date image onto my USB 3.0 WD My Book Hard drive. I plugged the USB drive into the power strip and heard a loud bang like a balloon being burst. I quickly unplugged the USB drive. After a change of underwear I flipped the breaker back up to restore upstairs power. Everything came back to life indicating the problem must of been with the USB hard drive. But bizarrely when I tested the WD drive at another power strip it lit up and seemed to still be alive!!! So I put it down to one of those unexplained things and proceeded to start the windows image of the laptop. It took a while because it was backing up 650 gb of data and hadn't been done for nearly 6 months. After about 2 or 3 hours it was nearing the end of finishing the image backup when suddenly I got BSOD on Windows 7. Pretty annoying. I force powered off the laptop and rebooted windows. I decided to try and start the imaging off again but now the USB HD isn't detected by windows when I plug it into any of the USB ports. I tested the ports with a couple of small USB flash drives and they were detected just fine. So the problem obviously lies with the WD drive. I am just worried by the BSOD and whether that may of risked damage to my windows installation being disrupted dur... Read more

A:Are portable USB hard drives ok to use for Windows Image?

Yes, no problem. The external drives that require their own power supply are generally 3.5" drives while the smaller drives that can be powered via the USB port are generally 2.5" drives. Neither is "safer" or more reliable so it's simply a matter of personal preference which you use. As long as the smaller drive is large enough disk space wise to handle your backup needs then it is certainly much handier since there's no need to plug in for additional power.

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My computer is having trouble reading more than 1 portable external hard drive at the same time.

It will read my ac powered external hard drive (3.5') and 1 other portable hard drive(2.5') just fine, but when I try to plug in two portable hard drives, my computer only reads one of them. Both drives are powered on when they connect (Both light up and I can feel both of them running), but only one shows up in My Computer.

Note: Occasionally both drives show up when I plug them both in, but then eventually one of the drives becomes unreadable; All I see are bunch of empty folders (which are suppose to be filled with my stuff).

Note 2: Both drives are western digital. I've tried a toshiba one in the mix, but still get the same problem

Anybody know what's going on? Is this common with the new usb 3.0 portable hard drives? (i'm only using the usb 2.0 ports though)

A:Cannot read multiple portable hard drives

Have you tried different USB ports or tried a repeater. USB only gives out so much voltage. I still have USB DVD drives that have a double ended USB cable so it could pull power from two ports.

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I've been receiving BSODs and after failing to resolve it, I am going to do a clean install, but I want to transfer all my files to an external which I am going to buy later today.

Regarding 1TB hard drives, are they more sensitive than devices that hold less storage space, more fragile? I have been looking at a toshiba brand and WD. Both are 1TB and have 2.0 and 3.0 capability. Despite my research and due to my indecisiveness it is hard to pick between the two. I just don't want a drive to fail on me.

Thinking more about it, would a smaller hard drive be more reliable? I am open to getting a seagate or WD at 250 or 320 gb.

I don't know too much about portable hard drives besides the obvious, so if you could help clear up my confusion, I will greatly appreciate.


A:Questions on portable hard drives (1TB and various brands)

There really is no difference in hard drive brands so I wouldn't get too hung up on which brand to buy. I don't think there is any benefit to getting a smaller drive now over a 1TB. 1TB drives have been out for a long time now, the only time you want to be a bit cautious on buying a big drive is if its the biggest that company offers at that point in time.

For example, a few years back someone (I forget who right now) made a 1.5TB drive and it released with bad firmware causing very early failures - that got 'fixed' with a firmware update, but drives still had an abnormally high failure rate so I think there was something really wrong with those drives initially. Later releases of the same drive were fine. So, don't buy the biggest you can find and things will be fine.

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A file on my portable hard drives says it requires system permission but when i give it system permission it still doesnt let me delete it, it bother me, ive scanned it with 3 virus programs and it's not a virus.

A:A file on my portable hard drives says it requires system permission

Have you tried right-clicking that file and choosing Take Ownership then afterwards, try to delete it? That's what I would do first.

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Hi everyone

I am trying to resolve an issue regarding opening ODT & ODS files from an exFAT portable SSD drive via a PC running Windows 7 Pro (64bit). The problem is that trying to subsequently access the file causes the program to lock (freeze) at the initial opening screen (it doesn't actually get as far as opening the file) with the only way to recover being to pull the power from the PC and reboot.

After that the SSD then has to be checked and the corrupted file system repaired. Once done the file can be accessed if it's moved or copied to the local disk (NTFS formatted).

I have tested the above on two separate PC's running Windows 7 Pro 64bit with exactly the same results. Testing on 2 x Windows 10 PCs works fine i.e. you can access and open the files without issue.

At first I thought that it was every type of file but it looks like it's only Open Office files that are affected with all other types (PDF's, JPEGs, MS Word documents*, etc, etc.) opening as they should.

*Open Office files are able to be opened with MS Office without issue.

I found this out the hard way after buying a 500 gig Samsung SSD formatted by default with exFAT. To eliminate this drive I also carried out the same tests on a 64GB memory stick with exactly the same (bad) results.

At the moment the only way around this is to reformat the drives using NTFS but I've had issues with this type of format in the past with regards to file permissions plus the exFAT format can be used ... Read more

A:Open Office 4.1.2 Files UNUSABLE on exFAT portable drives

I think that the problem is the Office you have on your PC. Witch office you have on the PC, MS office or Open Office?
You are trying to open by double click on explorer or by File open form inside office?

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I'm getting very slow hard drive transfer speeds. Both drives are SATA:

Seagate Barracude Green 2TB 6Gb/s 5900RPM ST2000DL003

HGST 4TB 6Gb/s 7200RPM HDN724040ALE640

I'm transferring from the Seagate to the HGST. I'm copying over some video tutorial courses, they're quite big ~ 14Gb each. Each course has a number of videos averaging about 80-150Mb per video. I'm getting tranfer speeds of about 8-9MB/s.

I've ran CrystalDiskMark on both drives and they're reported as what I expect. I've attached screen shots of the results.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5 and I have 32Gb of GSkill DDR4 ram.

As far as I know I think the chipset drivers are up to date.

I'm at a lost why the transfer rate would be so slow. Any suggestions would be great.


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I have a portable WD hard drive. I know there are files on it (I put them there) since it shows I have about half the memory used. All of a sudden I can't access the files on the drive. (I'm not real computer literate.) How can I access these files?

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respected tech gurus,
my portable hard disk of imation apollo m100 ..model 1m100-0320k is not being able to be read..the files seem to be un readable and corrupted..i have all my movie n song collections in it ...its an essential part of me.. what can be done to get those files back...pls give me pointers or info . on how to deal with this issue....ty in advance
sriram supreeth

A:corrupted files on a portable hard disk

My advice would be to take it to some one. Recovering corrupted data of a hard drive(at least in my experience) can be very complicated and not easy to just explain to someone. Maybe some else can explain but that would be my advice.

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Recently I had to transfer all my files from one of my portable drive that had some bad sectors. I was able to transfer everything that I found to another drive but now I wonder if there are still some files stuck in the bad sectors of that drive, I don't really see anything and it seems that my drive is empty now but if there are some I'd like to know if there is a way to find them?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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My portable hard drive is not showing any files but it has files

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I have an old WD passport portable hard drive and it has been years since I have opened it because some file issues. I now want to fix it but is still having the same problem. They may be corrupt files and it will not allow me to open any of my photos. I tried to repair it with EaseUS but I really don?t know what I?m doing. It?ll say error or not accessible. How can I fix this without losing all my baby photos?

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Hi all,

I'm transferring files from our server to an external hard drive for backing-up purposes (transferring a few hundered folders at once totalling around 5GB).

During the middle of a transfer it stalls and cancels and says there are too many characters in a certain file/files. How can I prevent this from happening. I don't want to manually remove files with long names (if I have to, is there a way of doing a search for files that contain a certain number of characters in their names).

Any suggestions appreciated.

God bless,


A:Transferring files from Computer to Portable Hard Drive

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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 3410T with Windows 7 and no disk drive. I bought a portable Hitachi 320GB USB2.0 hard drive but when I try to do the back-up, Windows tries to do it automatically and in the end it fails every time. There's no instructions apart from a pic showing u to put a lead from hard drive into laptop. How do these things work? Is there a way to back-up exactly what u want? Someone please help me because I have nothing backed up.....waaah waaah lol - Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:How do I back-up files etc onto a portable/mobile hard drive?

I have an Acer Aspire 3410T with Windows 7 and no disk driveClick to expand...

Obviously, you have a disk drive or the computer cannot run Windows 7. I assume you meant to say you have no optical drive (CD/DVD drive).

Open your Documents folder.
Hold down the Ctrl key while you tap the "A" letter on the keyboard, then the "C". This selects all files in that folder and copies them all to the computer's memory. Release the Ctrl key.
Open "Computer" on what used to be the "Start" menu. Now, they call it the Windows orb.
Double-click the external drive represented in that window. It will open and may be empty.
Now hold down the Ctrl key while you press the "V" letter on the keyboard.
The process of copying everything in the Documents folder to the external drive will start. How long it takes depends on the speed of your computer and the amount of data to be copied.

This is a simple, down-n-dirty method of backing up your Documents folder. There are many backup programs you can get that will back up your entire hard disk or just your personal files and that make the process of doing so more automated and simple for you.. Two of the more popular are Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image Home. Imaging the entire drive makes the process of recovering from a major Windows crash a simple matter of a fifteen-minute restore.

Lesson in backup: If ever at any point in time you have only one copy of any file, you no longer have a back... Read more

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I have a portable hard drive...basically a 3.5" laptop hard drive that I put into an enclosure with a USB connections. I've deleted some files that I'd like to recover so I've stopped using the drive for fear of overwriting my data. I have a copy of Hiren's Boot CD which has several programs that allow for data recovery....PhotoRec, DetDataBack, etc. All are pretty good programs.

Here's my problem.

The data I'm trying to recover is about 60 Gigs worth of data. I only have 40 Gigs of free space on the local hard drive where the USB drive is connected. I have plenty of space on a my network server BUT I can't seem to reach that drive when booting from Hiren's Boot CD. So, my question is...How do I recover data from this portable drive and save it to a network location? The recovery process would need to write the data to my network share in real-time.


A:How To Recovering Deleted Files From A Portable Hard Drive?

I'm unsure if the Hiren's boot cd has network access. If not, you've got 2 possibilites:
- recover the stuff in Windows so you have network access (you can get copies of most recovery programs that will work in Windows - but they may cost)
- recover 40 gb to the hard drive using Hiren's - then boot into Windows to transfer it to the network. Then boot back into Hiren's for the remaining 20 gb.

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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 3410T with Windows 7 and no disk drive. I bought a portable Hitachi 320GB USB2.0 hard drive but when I try to do the back-up, Windows tries to do it automatically and in the end it fails every time. There's no instructions apart from a pic showing u to put a lead from hard drive into laptop. How do these things work? Is there a way to back-up exactly what u want? Someone please help me because I have nothing backed up.....waaah waaah lol - Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:How do I back-up files etc onto a portable/mobile hard drive?

What do you mean by "and no disk drive". Do you mean your laptop has no Hard drive in it?

Does the Hitachi drive comes with a backup software pre-installed in it?

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Hi everyone. Please help.

My problem is that whenever I transfer image files from my digicam to my portable hard disk, some files get broken. This does not happen when I transfer the image files to the local hard disk.

What I do is transfer the files directly from my memory card to my portable hard disk since I don't have my cable right now.

I tried using other image viewers such as ACDSee and XnView but still, the files can't be opened. I've also tried changing my portable hard disk from a Logitec to an I-O Data but still, the same problem persists. I tried saving the files first on the local hard disk and then moving them to the portable hard disk but to no avail.

Here are my specs:

Laptop: Sony Vaio VGN-SZ55B with Vista Home Premium 32-bit
Portable hard disk: I-O Data HDP 120gb
Digicam: Sony Cybershot DSC-W170
Memory card: Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo 1gb

It's frustrating. Please help.

Thank you.

A:Broken image files on portable hard disk

Hello bellerovon, welcome to Vista forums!

Are the external HDDs' are using the NTFS file system and not FAT32?

Keep us informed!

Later Ted

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I have a portable (external) Hard Disk connected by USB which I've been using for backups. (A Ritmo, a year or two old which hs been functioning fine). However, it is now behaving badly and I don't know how to fix it.

Originally, I couldn't delete files from it (I've solved that). But I cannot copy any files to it, nor use the Format command to reformat the disk. I think this is what I should do to fix it and start again. (Am I right?)

I'm getting a persistent Windows error message:
Delayed Write Failed. Windows was unable to save all the date for the file F:\$BitMap The data has been lost. ... Please try to save this file elsewhere.
Other times it refers to a file called F:\$fFT (note that the HDD is mapped to F drive on my computer)
I have no idea what these files are or where they might be.

Before this started, the HDD had got totally full. I was deleting lots of files to make room, and in fact have now deleted all of them (aroun 65 Gb in total). I'd much appreciate help if anyone can.

Sorry: should clarify. By 'behaving badly' I mean the problem is of very recent origin, and almost certainly caused by me. Before it got full and I deleted files and started mucking about, it was behaving perfectly. I don't know what to do next. I'd try FORMAT but I don't know which Volume parameters to choose.

A:Solved: Cannot delete files from/reformat a portable Hard Disk

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Hi guys,

Today a friend of mine came to get some files from my computer and we ran into a bit of a problem.

We were copying some huge files using windows explorer, some were around 10GB in size. Total size of about 90GB. Check system specs please. We were copying from the RAID spindle drives to the USB. Write caching enabled from Intel Rapid Storage driver ver.

While the copying was going on, the system was getting pauses. Getting unresponsive. I got a Skype call, and the video froze while I could hear the audio. We stopped the copying, and then PC was back to normal. Then we resumed copying and while it was taking a long time, we tried to play Crysis 2. And it was getting pauses of like 5 seconds after every 30 seconds or so. The game is installed on the SSD array. There was no direct intervention between the copying and the game, as far as the drives were concerned.

While the copying was going on, we noticed another thing. The activity LED would not light up continuously. It would light up for about 5 seconds, and then turn off. But the USB drive was busy.

I checked with my portable drive and it was also same.

Then we tried copying from the backup drive as I had the same stuff there too, and again it was the same result.

I googled for this problem, but could not find out a solid answer. Some were saying that the problem was with Windows 7, some were saying it was the Intel AHCI driver, some were saying it is a problem with explorer.

Then I tried Tera... Read more

A:Copying files to USB Portable Hard Drive stalls system

Teracopy (and technically robocopy or xcopy) would not use the same exact API call tree to copy a file from one drive to another, so I'd bet if you used xcopy or robocopy they'd work properly. If that is the case, it would sound like either a filesystem filter driver issue, or perhaps an explorer shell extension (perhaps antivirus?) that would be something to look at.

A procmon running while the file copy was going (slowly especially) might yeild clues too. You could always use the keyboard to crash the machine and generate a kernel dump to be completely sure (you'd have to change the default dump type in sysdm.cpl from minidump to kernel, though, before doing so, and reboot).

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I was wondering what the best way to make sure your external drive is functioning as it should?

Also, how much damage is done if your drive loses power abruptly?

Also, why would someone want a larger drive that needs an additional power source compared to a portable drive?

A:Checking Drives for errors and difference between portable and large external drives

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My portable hard drive is showing all the hidden files and folders on it (the ones prefixed with ".", but not the System Information folder, interestingly). I don't have this trouble with any other drives, or elsewhere on my computer, so it seems somehow to be associated with this specific drive.

Of course I check to make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is turned off.

A:Portable hard drive shows hidden files (prefixed with ".")

Has the drive ever been connected to a Mac?

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I have two hard drives from a PC that are over 10 years old. I had a bunch of files on them, and they've basically been stored in my desk, always at room temperature for that time. When I try hooking it up to my laptop via external hard drive connector, there are no files on either of these two hard drives. Does this mean that both hard drives have no files on them, or is it possible that the problem lies with the external hard drive connector?

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im trying to transfer my music, videos etc onto a 2nd hard drive as i need to reinstall windows xp cos i had a trojan. i got rid of the trojan but am still having problems, i dont know how to transfer things from 1 hard drive to another. if anyone could help that would be great.. THANKS

A:need help transferring files between hard drives

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After a short power outage, I managed to loose my boot files on a Maxtor 120GB Hard drive.
The original format/partition & install(XP Pro) made use of a "Dynamic Disk Overlay"(via floppy) supplied by the Maxtor install CD, because the motherboard couldn't see large drives.Subsequent start ups were usually normal, but, now and then, start up or restart began with 'you have 7MB on your hard drive, to save these settings press f1. From there I just had to pop in the DDO floppy, it would load, I'd pop it out, hit cnt. alt. del., back in business. Problem is that no longer works. As it
stands now I'm left with only 8MBs seen on the drive, (DDO's boot partition). DDO boot floppy and/or XP Pro sys. disk no help. Maxtor, MSoft, & other websites so far have been no help at all.
Even a newer motherboard no help.At this point, I would like to just be able to save my data from that drive.
I have in the past, accessed all info on a drive by making it a slave, boot from a different drive, going rt.past the boot, but not this time... I'd like to either repair/replace my start up files,
or just access beyond the 8MBs to the rest of the drive.
I have found a couple boot repair/replace programs but not sure about using them with the DDO etc.
Anyone have some insight in this area?

Thanks, key4us2c
Oh, btw I can't find my Maxtor... Read more

A:Boot files, Hard drives & D.D.O.'s Oh my!

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315679http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/bios/over_DDO.htmThere have always been potential issues with using DDOs with Windows...I would try contacting the provider of the DDO.Louis

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Now, I have 2 Internal Hard drives in my pc and i want move not copy files just by drag and drop is this possible its a real inconvenience . the way it works now is it copy's the files and i end up with doubles it gets confusing figuring out which is the latest version and such.

A:Moving Files between Hard Drives

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Ok, so I have been trying to copy all files from one hard drive to the main one. Everytime I try and copy, there is always one file in the folder that windows gets stuck on copying. After a while, explorer stops responding and I have to hold the power button to turn the computer off.
I really need these files off the hard drive and onto the main one.

A:Copy files between hard drives - Please need help!

Try TeraCopy. (The free version is great.) Not only is it faster, it automatically skips any troublesome files and keeps on going.

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Sorry for what's perhaps an obvious question, but I couldn't find any answers elsewhere. I've just bought my first SSD (coming late to the game) and I want to do a clean install of Win7 and programs and weed out anything superfluous that's accumulated on my old drive over the past few years. Previously I've just had everything backed up on my external hard drive and transferred it to the new one/ones when my old ones died, not had two drives plugged in both with an OS.

If I boot from the SSD, will I still be able to transfer files from the old drive to the new drive, or will both drives having an OS installed get in the way?

Thanks in advance,

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I have discovered an issue with Windows 7 that has become quite annoying. I have tested it with many scenarios and the issue continues to exist.

If you try to delete a file off an additional hard drive (meaning not the primary drive) the system will delete it permanently. It will not ask you to move it to the Recycle Bin, it will just ask if you want to permanently delete the file. Any file on the drive will move to the Recycle Bin with no problem.

Also, files within archives (zip files) will permanently delete even if the archive is on the primary drive.

A:Deleting Files and Multiple Hard Drives

That is simply not true.

You can set the size of the Recycle Bin for each of your HD's, internal and external, in Recycle Bin properties. When you then want to delete the file and its size is smaller than Recycle Bin, it is moved there. Actually, the file remains where it was, it's just made non-accessible by renaming and hiding it. Windows keeps list of the real file names of everything in Recycle Bin to let you restore the file, i.e. renaming it back to the original name and making it again accessible.

Here's an example. I want to delete a file in my external I: hard drive. Its size is smaller than the 25000MB I've reserved for Recycle Bin on that drive, so it is moved there and I can restore it whenever I want.

Second example: On my external J: drive is a file that I want to delete. First I get a dialog box asking if I want to delete it. I click Yes, Windows starts the process only to discover the file is too large, bigger than the 25000MB reserved to Recycle Bin. I get another dialog, asking if I want to permanently delete the file because it is too big to put in Recycle Bin.

Exception: The files and folders deleted from network drives are deleted permanently, as well as those deleted from removable media (rewritable CD's & DVD's and memory cards etc.).


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Hi, I'm on windows 10, using THIS to try and access my old IDE hard drives.

I hook the power into the hard drive, and the first one started "spinning", I then hooked the USB into my computer, and the IDE hard drive showed up under My Computer.

For the second one, I follow the same process, but it doesn't start "spinning" when the power is connected. If I continue the process and insert the USB into my computer, it "starts spinning" but is not recognized in My Computer.

Any ideas?

A:Getting files off old hard drives - one worked, one didn't

I'm using the 4 pin "molex" connector to power it, just as I did the other one. Is it possible that the "molex" pins on this hard drive are not working? Therefore it does not get "power" until I plug the IDE hookup to USB into my computer?

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How can I move files from hard disk C to disk D?

A:how move files between hard disk drives

and welcome to the Forum

Open each drive with Windows Explorer . . highlight the files you want ot move, right click on one and hold . . drag to the target drive and release . . choose Move.

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As I need to free up space on my hard drive I was wondering if the C:/Users/Recycle folder is safe to delete

A:Can I delete files and folders on my hard drives

No. You can use TFC to start of with.

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Greetings everyone, I'm afraid this first post might be annoyingly vague as I begin. This is only because I am unsure where to start getting the information necessary for others to assist me.
I am running windows 10 version 1511.
Earlier in the day, I returned to my computer which was on, I leave it on most of the time. When trying to open a media file in vlc media player, I got a 'bad file descriptor' error. I thought that was odd but I hadn't even had my coffee yet, I was just thinking about relaxing for a bit so I ran a steam application (Neo Scavenger) only to have neo scavenger itself fail at 9%, saying that files were missing. That was more off. So I tried to open one of my drives, my J drive (named storage) and it appeared empty. Searching through my file history could reveal search results and files, but trying to access them proved impossible. I'm an avid computer user, but this has me stumped. I asked around, and people recommended running and installing malwarebytes (I have it, the version is pro), avast, combofix, frst, emsisoft, and I thought after seeing the list of suggestions it may be best to post here while I can.
I'm afraid to shut down for fear of losing all of my windows, but I don't want to just throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks. I'd rather it be done slowly and methodically, with confidence I'm doing it correctly than trying to fix it 'now now now!'. However, I thought of this after downloading FRST, and running... Read more

A:Hard Drives and files seemingly deleted.

Hi if you have the FRST LOG repost this with that.. herehttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/22/virus-trojan-spyware-and-malware-removal-logs/

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I just recently learned something about deleting files:
If you delete something the file is still physically there, but it tells the computer that it can overwrite that file...

So by knowing this i notice that when i get a new computer it runs very fast and efficiently, and when it goes full and i reformat it to clean it up it is still slow like when it was full...

I think this is because of what i said above. I know that when you format, you can get a program which can format the hard drive to brand new quality but how can i do it so when i delete a file, i delete it completly off my hardrive making it more faster again?

(i hope i made sense)

A:Solved: Hard drives and deleting files...

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I attach a screenshot that is in fact the question. It shows that the speed of file copy operation between two different hard drives is about 20 MB/s. Same operation between different partitions on the same physical drive goes at twice the speed. This is way slower that the theoretical SATA speed of 3 Gb/s. Any suggestions of how to speed this up?

A:How to copy files between two hard drives faster?

lots of small files transfer slower than large files.
Are both drives internal SATA?

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My computer is telling my that i have very low disk space, because my "C:" drive is entirely full, but my "D:" drive is empty. My computer is acting strangely (like freezing and making everything turn huge and differently-colored) due to this memory space problem. How can I move some of the files that are filling my full drive into the empty one? Pleeaasse help, this has been a problem for a while and I can't take it anymore. Thanks a lot.

A:How can I move files between hard disk drives?

I recommend that you move your My Documents folder and your Desktop to your D: drive, as well as any other files (pictures, videos etc) that you might consider irreplaceable.

You can use Tweak UI:


Download > Install > Open it > expand My Computer > click on Special Folders > select Desktop > click on Change Location and select a place on your D: drive.

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i had this problem before with my last hard drive and thought it must have been just going bad.
so i got 2 new hard drives and split my saved files on to those two hard drives... and the problem is still there.
(posted in hardware 1st, he couldn't find any thing and moved it to anti-virus and he couldn't find any thing ether... so now trying here)
i have 5 hard drives
1: [C:/ 60GB SSD] windows and windows software
2: [G:/ 180GB SSD] installed games
3: [V:/ 1TB Disk Drive ] ISO copies of games and game save files
4: [Y:/ 60GB SSD] default save location for anything that doesn't ask where to be saved.
5: [M:/ 1TB Disk Drive] photos, movies and music
after keeping an eye on it for  a bit now, it seems it is mostly happening to drive 4 and 5... but not limited to them... but they are the most used drives...
so my best guess is that when i write new content to the hard drives it over laps on current content... slowly deleting old content.
drive 4 i was using in this computer when i was using winXP and didn't have this problem...
same with my old mass storage hard drive i replaced with the new Disk 3 and Disk 5
oh, and the other two topics:

A:Files randomly vanishing off hard drives

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post. 

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System info
Processor: Acer Aspire 5100 AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile Technology TL-52 1.6 GHz
Memory: 2.0 GB
System type: 32 bit operating system
Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium 2007
C Drive: 11.6 GB free of 70.2 GB
D Drive: 4.09 GB free of 69.9 GB
F Drive: 263 GB free of 298 GB
H Drive: 233 GB free of 465 GB

Unfortunately, my system was originally set up by an idiot at Circuit City who couldn't even get the user name right or spell it right (he set it up with my husband's name when I was the only one there and the purchaser of the pc, then he spelled my husband's name wrong). I think some of my problems are based upon settings he may have applied at that time and only have appeared as I have maxed out the hard drive space.

The biggest problem I have is that Media Files which I try to keep on the D drive or on external hard drives keep replicating themselves onto my C drive which does not have sufficient space to operate. I have moved and deleted these files on more than one occasion and they reappear on the C drive. At this point I would be happy to move all old files of every type off to external hard drives and just have program files and new files on the computer. Please HELP!!!


A:HELP! Media Files multiplying across hard drives

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I would like to put my passwords etc on a portable usb drive but would obviously need some security in case it falls into the wrong hands. Can you advise me on this please ?

A:portable usb drives

You use a program designed to store passwords and run from a flash drive.

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I've been looking into this for a while, though was curious if anyone had more insight?

It seems that portable drives are hard to make over 1.5 TB because power over USB has a hard time powering more. Also, with the floods in Taiwan in 2011 it seems the HD market was hit hard.

What are your thoughts on 2 TB portables, and think we'll see them in 2012?

A:When will 2 TB portable drives come out?

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