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Anti-Aging - Organic Skin Care Treatments Select the skin

Q: Anti-Aging - Organic Skin Care Treatments Select the skin

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Preferred Solution: Anti-Aging - Organic Skin Care Treatments Select the skin

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


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Phytessence wakame is another substance had been mentioned inside review. It is a special type of Japanese sea kelp extract which is considered for its amazing anti wrinkle properties. Manuka honey, purchased from


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Lumivol Skin Care

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Every time I open a browser, I get a pop up box asking me to select a skin file. I'm not sure how this started and I don't have any idea how to resolve the problem. Can anyone help?

A:Select Skin Files

First off terrynbama, welcome to BC.

The next place to start is tell us what browser and version of Windows you are using. That will head us in the right direction to help.

Be (Browser) Safe

Da Animal

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Each time I open the browser a message pops up to
'Select Skin File'. Also, when I close the browser I get the message
that 'Internet Explorer is Experiencing Problems and is about to
close. How do I keep this from happening?

A:Select Skin File

Have any toolbars installed? Specifically the Viewpoint toolbar AlsoOpen IE, click on Tools, Internet options, Advanced, uncheck 'Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)'.

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Hey there. I came across a windows 7 skin:
Windows 7 PDC Style For Vista by =giannisgx89
But it is in another language based on the screenshot of the skin. Will the iterms on the interface be in full english like the language we use or will it be in the other language? If so and it is english true and true would it be safe to use it? I don't know how long Win 7 will take to be released. Some say October and I can't bother to wait now. So if it is safe to use that skin can I go ahead and apply it or do you people not like it and my idea to use it?
NB. Does anyone have a steady setup of WMP 12 now? Everywhere online I go talks about the dll file and copying some folder. Too awkward. I just need a real installation file.

A:Skin Out, Skin Vista

Why not just get Win7 and use it? It's good until August and you could dual boot it with Vista.

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In an earlier post I wasn't very clear in my explanation of my problem. The "Select Skin File" appears everytime I go on the internet. That is the name of the window and it asks you to select a place to find it such as "My Documents" or wherever. I don't even know what a skin file is and I certainly want to get rid of this window.

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I think this is the right place.

Does anyone know of a step by step or a tutorial on how to make a WMP skin for v.11?

A:WMP Skin

Have a look at this tutorial on WMP skins.

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Hello...I`m sorry if this thread allready exists but i couldn`t find the other one....I wonder were i could find some vista skins for my Windows xp Service Pack 2...If i could get a answer i would be grateful...Thanks

A:Xp vista skin

Why don't you google it!

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Hey...I just recently downloaded an iTunes skin that was in a .sit format. I downloaded the StuffIt application to decompress it or w/e that does. I tried to follow these directions:

1. Find iTunes
2. Right-Click/Control-Click/Pull Down Menu and select 'Show Package Contents'
3. Go To Contents > Resources and find iTunes.rsrc
4. Replace iTunes.rsrc with one included with this read me.
5. Start iTunes and enjoy!

I never saw the "Show Package Contents" thing on the pull down menu. Does anyone know how i can get this skin on my iTunes?

A:iTunes Skin

anyone out there have any ideas....i'll take anything..lol

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I really don't have a problem with outlook, but really dont like its bland XP appearance. I would like to skin Outlook 2003 to something like the following.I do know that I can get a skin for XP to change the color/style of Outlook, but I only want to change Outlook.

I made this image from taking a screenshot, pasting it into Word, then highlighting it.

Any info would be appreciated. And please don't say get Thunderbird, I already know. I would like to keep Outlook for at least long enough for me to complete the user manuals and complete migration from notes to outlook.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm wanting to install this skin but I don't know how. Can someone help me?http://zondajag.deviantart.com/art/Eternal...C-skin-43481790

A:Installing Vlc Skin

Can't you just press download?? or is it complicated or you can't download. Add more detail. Try yahoo answers

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Do not use the Spiderman v. Venom BootSkin from WinCustomize.com. It creates an IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS error in WinXP Pro. I went into Safe Mode and fixed it right away.

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ok guys i d/l the skin off a website crystalxp.net but how do i get that transparent effect? Is there a program i need?


A:Vista Skin for XP

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I am working with a program, and I would like to change the skin on the program like give it a new layout...

Is there a good program you can use to this?

A:Change skin

What program?
Not all programs have this feature.

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I have just figured out how to install custom skins and shells and I have been messing around with some. I came across one I liked and installed it. But in the picture of the skin/shell it shows a calendar and other stuff to the right of the screen. I did not get this when I installed the skin/shell. How do I get these things to show up on my screen?

Here is a pic:


A:XP Skin Question

It's a third-party program called Rainlendar, according to Lightstar. You can find out what all the other stuff is and where to get Rainlendar skins at his FAQ here.

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Oh my everything is new. ( WAS ? )

One minute it was there then it was gone.

A:New Site Skin?

Uh...are you speaking english? :P

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Hi Guys,

I am using Xp in my machine,

i want to change some colourfull XP Skins.

So plz tell me how to do this and how to get some attractive XP Skins ?

Thanks in Advance


A:Change Xp Skin !

Depends if you want to pay or not , if you dont mind paying I think $19 windowblinds is sweet. I use it and you can download so many skins and themes it is not funny. I think you may even be able to edit them to your own taste but with the selection they have on there site I didn't bother wasting my time


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My short video explaining my Rainmeter skin and how to install it.

A:My Rainmeter skin [HD]

Quote: Originally Posted by iRHardcore

My short video explaining my Rainmeter skin and how to install it.

PS: Can someone embed this video for me?

YouTube - ‪Rainmeter | Windows Desktop Customisation Tutorial [HD]‬‏

YouTube Video - Add to Seven Forums Post

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Hello guys,
I installed on my computer a Vista skin and it made some problems...
At the begining I installed it and then just went wrong and shuted down my computer and it changed into a very old skin (Of XP) (The Vista skin didnt work).
Then i downloaded a new file and it worked but i cant change the Start Menu into vista style or the Task Line (on the down area of the screen)..
It stuck on the old skin, and it kinda problem because its very ugly and i cant changed it to any thing else, But when I check in the Control Panel what's my Task Line it shows a picture of a Vista one.... WEIRD

I think the first time i changed to Vista skin it changed the Windows files and I cant open the regular skins.


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That is just beautiful But windowblinds isnt for Windows 7 T_T. But alot of people have it for windows 7...? Links?

A:Awsome Skin but I need help?

Im not sure what it is that you are asking for??

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I'm looking for a laptop skin that covers not only the lid, but also the palm rest and maybe even the keyboard. Anyone seen them around? I've been using a piece of saran wrap and it's getting...tiresome. I wouldn't mind making my own skin, but haven't found a good tutorial yet.

A:P70 Laptop Skin

Have you looked into the skin for W770 or laptops in the same size?

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------TPs own: X31 (2003), X61T, X200T, Tablet 2, P50 (2016); Win 7/8.1/10, Ubuntu8.04-16.04.

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When I logged in this morning, I noticed that the default skin is messed up.
If I use any other skin, the issue goes away. This is not a big issue for me, because I like other skins better, but I want to find out what it is, and if it is a bug, to report it.

A:Skin not working

I've noticed that before, both on the forums and at other sites. You can try deleting your cookies and browsing history to see if that helps. I have found, though, that in many cases a simple refresh of the page corrects the problem.

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I actually really like the XP skin, like the bars and how everything looks.
Does anyone have the theme or can lend me a hand?

A:Window XP Skin?

sadly no. all my searches are too clutterd with the adverse of your request. there are a million 7 style themes for xp, but not one XP theme for 7. the search goes on.
sooner or later there will probably be one. patience

i may be wrong, i'll keep looking. (i want one too)

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Can someone please tell me how to install anew IE skin? I've got the files in afolder in my IE directory called "skins" but don't know what to do next.

A:Skin installation

Try this link ....

www.teenmusic.about.com/c/ht/01/03/ How_Install_Internet_Explorer0985963098.htm
Found through Google - but have you checked this for spyware ??
Sorry - you wil have to copy / paste the link here :


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Im thinking of using the vista transformation pack from "http://download.pchome.de/download/vista-transformation-pack_6592.html" or the one from " http://www.joejoe.biz/joejoe/vcp.html"

I need to know if they can be un-done easily. Also, can you switch between them?

Move this if its in the wrong place

A:Vista Skin (Right Forum?) Please Help

here go to my site http://www.gilsmethod.com/node/15
check that skin out

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windows xp, I just installed drivers and software for my hp psc 2410xi photosmart all in one printer. It got to 96% and disappeared. I opened image one and got a error message that read: Default skin bitmaps not found, cannot start application....please help???

A:default skin bitmaps

Try uninstalling it and then re-installing.

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Hi guys

i've edited my CCC welcome screen since the CCC for sapphire uses the generic welcome screen. Just want to share.

A:sapphire CCC welcome screen skin

Will upload the file in imageshack when i get home so those who are intereset can overwrite their welcome screen.

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Hello guys,

I have problem with creating skin for a rainmeter, I want to make an icon that is transparent and when I move my mouse on it, it turns smoothly into picture, when mouse is moved away it fades away again - in other words it plays some frames of bitmap image, and then plays it backwards.

here is my current code:



!SetVariable X #0#
LeftMouseUpAction=[!SetVariable X #0#]



It works this way: plays image from first till last and stops, no reaction to mouse or anything. Problem is, that Im unable to change value of variable X (it remains 1 no matter what), I tried all possible varieties how to use !SetVariable "X" "0", but no effect. Can somebody help me? I started to work on it this morning and its pissing me off more and more :-D (by the way ikona.bmp is only quickly made picture for testing, I know that I need .png for transparency)

A:Rainmeter - please help with creating my first skin

I somehow managed to make the program work without having to change variable (I used counter instead and when I needed value "0" I just resetted and stopped it), but I still wonder how to change value of variable, it must be possible - since its totally basic thing.
Someone please explain me how to work with variables, I quite dont get it from whats written at rainmeter.net

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Hey! I just got up my new forum, and it's freely hosted at the time, i want to switch to paid hosting! I use the default skin, and i want to know how to make my own skin, i have been to a couple websites they were not mush help.I was wondering if there was a program/book or online doc. to show me how to make my own forum skin..?.. I hope someone can help thankz!

A:HTML...Forum skin???I need help..?..

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I've got the new MSN Messenger with the new and shiny skin. Um, is there ANY way to change the skin? Or rather, is there any way to change its skin back to the "old" Windows Messenger's?


A:MSN Messenger - How do I change to the old skin?

Did you trey Tools>Create Backgrounds? If thats not it, I'm out of ideas.

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I'm trying to DL new skins for my Music Match (version 9 plua). It says when I downlaod the new skin it should self install, but after downloading it, it pops up on my desktop as something that can't be open with any program.

What do I do to fix this?

A:MusicMatch skin question

Have you contacted their tech support people?

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Perhaps it is the most gaudy P70 workstation in the world???

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hi guys...juz wanna ask,after i install few updates yesterday,i realize my wmp skin turn to default.before that,i use this red skin..
can someone teach me to use my red skin back?coz i want to match with my desktop..

p/s sorry if i post in wrong section..


A:WMP change to default skin...

Would this be a third party theme, I stopped using them as they are very temperamental when updates are done or other setting changed in windows.

have you tried to reset your them again?

Oh and this should be customizations.

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i cant delete a couple of skins on my WMP9, just about all the others can be. but haveing no luck on two. where can i find the files for them to do it manualy. run'n W2000PRO anyone know the answer. ty, Assy

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Hi, I'm currently working on some concepts and wonder whether you can help me.
To make it clear, I'm very keen in creating designs but I'm not able to program that.

After having read through the avalanche of information of how to modify skins, I don't see myself being able to learn developing a skin by myself anytime soon. It will take a long time for me to learn only the basics. Because I'm a litte impatient, I have decided to just show you my concepts in progress and see what you think.

Please do make any suggestions you may have to improve the design(s) and if anyone is even willing to help doing the hard stuff (encoding), that'd be absolutely awesome. I like my skins to be clean, neat and complete. Although there is a massive amount of different skins existing, I have not found the skin of my dreams yet. That's why I thought it would be ever so cool, to get it tailored to my very personal taste.

Do you think it's possible to get either of these concepts of skins put into actually working order?
Concept 1 - Pocket Peak

I find the idea of the uniformity of so many bars appealing.
By the way, do you think a skin could get the readings for temperatures from Everest which is installed on my system anyway?
Still missing are the actual values within each of the bars. User should be able to select color, refresh rate and transparency.

I could imagine to add even more bars for airpressure, local temperature, week day (Mon to Sun or 1 to 7), day of the month (1 to 31... Read more

A:Rainmeter skin concepts

What do you think about my re-design of Pocket Peak ?

The spaces between the bars have been decreased considerably. Do you think it looks too tight now?
The actual values have been placed infront of the bars rather than within.
I have the feeling it looks too crowded, or should I just remove the frames around the values again ?
Was thinking of dividing the bars into smaller bits like below - not really sure what looks better.
While I was at it, I have drawn five more bars for the most common folders.

● Documents
● Pictures
● Videos
● Music
● Programs

The user can assign any amount of disc space to each bar and by clicking one, the assigned folder opens up.
Here is a rather unusual idea of mine to express date & time with bars:

s = 60 seconds in a minute
m = 60 minutes in an hour
h = 24 hours in a day
d = 30 / 31 days in a month
w = 52 weeks in a year
m = 12 months in a year


● May (5th months of the year),
● 19th week of the year (out of 52),
● the 11th day of the month,
● the 10th hour of the day (out of 24),
● the 45th minute of an hour
● and last but not least: 8 seconds (out of 60):

Does it look better when upside down ?

If all bars have the same length, unfortunately there are some ugly gaps at the end.
I could have bars with different lengths and without gaps, but it looks even more crap.

I think I scratch that idea again.

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Hi, my name is zvek, i am new,does anybody know where can i get free vista skins for windows xp, and how should install it?

A:Vista skin for windows xp

Well there's a couple of decent options that you can do.

To get your toolbars, start menu, etc. to look like Vista, you can use Royale_Noir.

That page has the instructions for it. If you have trouble with it, post back here and I'll give
you a walkthrough for it.

Also, you can run ObjectDock, which has thousands of icons you can choose from.
And quite a few of them have the Vista "look".
ObjectDock if you're not familiar with it, is similar to the docking station that Mac computers have.
And if you really want to get carried away with themes, Windowblinds has some
themes that change the look of every part of windows. All toolbars, icons, etc.
But it's a pay program.

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I went to Add & Remove program, I only see Windows Live Essentials but I'm not sure if it's the theme or the Live Messenger.There the pic

A:How do I remove this skin theme?

I don't know how to uninstall the them but Windows Live Essentials is a program pack that gives Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger.

Does the delete button work when you click Essential?

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