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Boot failed and drive locked after Firmware update

Q: Boot failed and drive locked after Firmware update

I have already solved this issue myself, but perhaps I can help someone else with the same problem. After installing the latest firmware on my Ideapad 700, I was met with a list of bootable devices (HDD + network cards), none of which worked. To solve this, I put the Windows 10 installation on a USB flashdrive and booted from it, then navigated to the command prompt (Repair your computer -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Command Prompt). From there, I entered the following commands:diskpart
sel disk 0
list volI noticed that the wrong drive (the FAT32 system partition) had the letter C assigned, so I selected that one and changed it to a free letter:sel vol 0
assign letter h:Then changed my Windows drive back to C:sel vol 1
assign letter c:
exitI then rebuilt the boot sector (using the FAT32 system partition), just to be safe:bootrec /fixboot
bcdboot C:\Windows /s h: /f
exitThen, I rebooted and it went back to Windows! Hope this helps someone.

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Preferred Solution: Boot failed and drive locked after Firmware update

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I turned on my computer and a message popped up to update my 3 month old Samsung firmware.
I used Magician 4.5, pushed the button, and it said "failed to update drive with new firmware".
Oh? When I rebooted later my OS would not boot. I went into the bios and it ID'd the drive as Samsung 3.
Now I can't boot the drive at all. I burned the ISO of the firmware update but it can NOT find the drive in DOS. If I boot with another drive and the ruined drive together, both Samsung 840 Pro and Samsung 850 Pro, it jams the boot until I remove the damaged drive. Anybody have any knowledge or any ideas?

A:Samsung 850 PRO firmware update fialed. Now drive won't boot

I have the same problem, and now in my bios show my ssd with the name 3ckcCkckcCk;!cKcCcKcCcI and I can't re-update it

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I have installed Windows 10 and started installing drivers on this page https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-envy-touchsmart-15-j100-notebook-pc-series/54011... sp77075.exe Seagate Hard Drive Firmware Update When this etup is run now Windows does not boot. I boot in to Tiny core terminal and nothing goes on. Please help. Thanks.

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Hi, if I run the System Update Tool than I see a critical update for my SSD (first picture). If I try to install it, it failes (second picture). But than I get the message, that it was downloaded and installed successfully (third picture). But if I run the System Update Tool again, this update is still listed. The Laptop is a X260 with Win10 installed. What can I do? Thank you!Magistus 

A:SSD Firmware Update FAILED!

Hi Magistus, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
Try this solution:

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I am trying to update but after some time it shows fail. firmware v 1.17 to improve touch pad

A:firmware v1.17 update failed plz help me

laptop model?which windows OS version is installed?

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Hi, I have a X1 Yoga 1st generation with an intel SSD. When I try to run the SSD firmware update utility (fwwinsd.exe), I keep getting a failed update with error 0x35. I already disabled bitlocker but keep getting the same error. Any suggestion? Thanks! I'm including the error log...

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I am trying to update but after some time it shows fail. firmware v 1.17 to improve touch pad

A:firmware v1.17 update failed plz help me

laptop model?which windows OS version is installed?

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I took a firmware update downloaded from Windows Update. The machine shutdown and began flashing the bios. It then restarted and now does not boot at all. It does not even get to the BIOS. It simply restarts and goes to a black screen with no messages or failures. Is there  a way to flash the BIOS and/or Firmware from a USB key or DVD? Regards,J.M. Wiley

A:C40-05 Firmware Update Failed and Machine won't bo...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.  Are you sure you got a BIOS Update from Windows Update?  If you did, that is a scary thought.  Windows 10 is good for giving you OS and driver updates whether you want them or not. Giving a BIOS Update is kind of over stepping their bounds IMHO.
Have you tried this.....
1. Unplug the charger / adapter. 2. Press and hold the Power Button for 15 seconds. 3. Plug in and power up the system to see if the problem was resolved.
If that didn't correct the problem, can you access the BIOS Setup by repeatedly tapping the F1 key when you first power up the computer.  If you can access the BIOS Setup then your problem is most likely an operating system problem with a driver update Microsoft gave you. 

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I have an E420 Thinkpad; NO problems ever with the laptop...a great machine.  I ran some updates and the Lenovo update wanted to update the battery firmware; there have never been any problems with my battery (I have an extended battery), but wanted to update as recommended. - When I ran the update, I got a "the tool was unable to update the battery firmware due to an internal error"...and then it automatically rebooted. - Once it rebooted, I now get a DOS warning (on initial boot) "this system does not support batteries that are not genuine Lenovo....." and I have to hit escape to continue.- When it boots up, I get a battery icon that shows either "plugged in and charging" with a RED X imbedded in the icon.- The laptop does not recognize the battery.  Even though it was in good condition and had a 95% charge when I first ran the firmware update....the laptop will not operate without hte power plug attached.- When I go to the power manager and the battery tab, I get a "battery was completely discharged and needs to be recharged verbiage- I have tried to re-run the firmware update from the update tool, but to no success. - I have tried to run the firmware update by downloading the install .exe file and running from my desktop....to no success.- I have tried to do a system restore, but it did not work.- I have screen shots of the screens mentioned as needed. Help!  I now have a small desktop that has a closeable lid.  It will not run if t... Read more

A:Battery Firmware update - failed and now will not ...

I have the same issue.Waiting for the software update or workaround

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NV SSD firmware update failed on T470I run the System Update Tool for the first time, it shows Firmware update for the SSD.I start to install it, Laptop starts with a Linux Update Tool and fails and now it is inforever loop: Starts - Fails - Start again How can i fix it or interrupt this.   

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Hi, system update shows me an update of the SSD Firmware, but on updating it throws me the following error:  I'm on a X1 Carbon 4th gen, using System Update 5.07.0070. Can you please help?

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I am trying to update the firmware of my iriver T30. I am using the tool provided by iriver. I am able to delete the firmware from my T30 but I cannot install the new firmware on the T30. It just hangs, and I have to close the program after many hours, and kill the process on my PC and try again with no luck.
Can someone help me?

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I have a 1TB Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003-9YN162 like the one shown on this firmware update page:

Barracuda (1TB/disk platform) Firmware Update

Because i've been having problems waking from sleep mode I wanted to update the firmware on it from my version now CC9B to its current version of CC9D. I downloaded its windows update utility and ran it. Everything seemed ok, it shut down windows, restarted, ran the updater, then it said "FAILED" in big red letters then asked me to go back to Windows. I did, everything was ok nothing got messed up.

Why did it fail to update the firmware? Was it because I didn't have CC9C and it didn't want to skip from CC9B to CC9D? Do I need to update to CC9C first? What should I do?

The update utility says that it cant be run on "RAID Systems". My system is capable of RAID but I dont have a raid setup i use ACHI. Do I need to go into my BIOS and disable something that has to do with RAID? As far as I know I have nothing enabled that has to do with RAID. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Seagate HDD Firmware update failed. Why?

I suspect that if your drive is not listed here: ALL FIRMWARE UPDATES - see here - Seagate Community Forums
Which I don't see, a firmware update is not needed nor compatible with the update.

Also read this: Does my drive need a firmware update?

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I have tryd the lenovo update tool and the seperate ssd updater for updating the ssd Firmware T470 The update starts, and the laptops starts again in the linux kernel. Then i get a error in line 95 acces C/temp The laptop starts again with the error update failed. Does anyone have a solution? Kind regards,Leon

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Using dell inspiron 5448 with HDD 1 TB + SSD 8 GB, windows 10, 64 bit working fine.
Found the new Seagate fimware on the dell support as follows

Seagate ST500LM000/ST1000LM014 Firmware Update

File Name: Kahuna V_ZPE.exe
Importance: Recommended

Description: Hard-Drive (47.16 MB)
Release Date: 09 Nov 2016

Version: DEMM/DEMN ,A05
The installation failed on my laptop with an alarm box showing unable to identify the boot partition, please use the USB boot key or CD ISO image of this utility instead.
Confused since installation instruction said just download and it will be automatically installed.
Called Dell but the agent said nothing they could do.
Any suggestions?

A:Seagate firmware update failed

I suggest you right click windows logo (or click yellow folder), click and expand 'File Explorer', 'This PC', and then check to see if Seagate update is either in your downloads or documents. If yes, I suggest you open the file and click 'Run As Administrator'.

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I tried to install a battery  update on my Lenovo T520.  The update fails with an "internal error" message being reported.  The battery does not fully charge and now lasts only a few minutes once the charger is unplugged.  The battery is a Lenovo replacement less then a year old.

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Hello Everyone!So here's the situation. I updated my m6-1045dx to Windows 8 Fresh Install. Among those that I applied was sp58572.exe found here which I will refer to as "patch". However, for some reason, the updater quit and now, my touchpad DOES NOT WORK. I think it's a firmware issue in the sense that I've already reinstalled Windows 8 TWICE and yet it still does not work. I think what needs to be done is to update the driver correctly and then use the patch to correct the firmware. The problem is that I tried restarting, shutting down multiple times, reinstalling the driver (both the one provided by HP for my model and the one on the synaptics website) to no avail.Everytime, I try to run the patch, I only get the error message "A synaptics pointing device driver is required for reflasing. Please install a synaptics driver version or newer".The problem is that it doesn't work EVEN if I install a newer device driver. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Thank you.

A:Touchpad Not Working After Failed Firmware Update

Hi kaswistry, Welcome to the HPCommunity, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I see that you are having some issues with your TouchPad. Go to your Device Manager and under ?Mice and other pointing devices? you should see Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad. If it is listed there right click and select uninstall then restart your computer and try to install sp58572.exe again. If there is an yellow ! then right click and select Update Driver Software. If anything else is listed there let me know what it is. Thank you,

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My notebook is one of the first to come out of the assembly line and came with firmware 1.02.There's 1.08 BIOS that came out, so I tried to update it from Windows 7.  It took a long time, but it completed and the tool said to reboot.  That's all it said as far as I remember. Upon reboot, it started to give beep code.  I don't remember which it was, but it was something like 1-long 2-short or 2-long 2-short.  It kept at it for a while and I got tired of it, so I pressed and held the power button to kill it and then restarted it. This time, it got into BIOS, which said it was updating USB Type-C Controller Firmware from v12 to v13.  This FAILED and gave me the option to "reboot and try again."  I picked that, but it never retried. I didn't feel comfortable with this, so I flashed 1.08 BIOS again, this time from within the BIOS using a USB-stick (\Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\New\N73_0108.bin).  It went through much quicker than in Windows and at the end, it actually warned me that the machine may beep for a while after reboot.  Umm, thanks for the warning, now that it's too late.  Why didn't Windows update program give me the same helpful warning? Anyway, the machine rebooted, but it did nothing to try to update USB Type-C Controller Firmware.  I'm guessing it set a flag somewhere saying we're already at 1.08 so there's nothing new to do. When BIOS configuration is dumped using BiosConfigUtility.exe, it shows US... Read more

A:Failed USB Type-C Controller Firmware Update

The 1.11 BIOS update posted 31 March 2016 corrects this issue.http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=7815285&swItemId=ob_163435_1&swEnvOid=4192#tab4 

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Using Lenovo Vantage:I was trying to install "Lenovo SSD Firmware Update Tool for Intel PS - 7 [32,64]/8.1/10 [64] - version 03".The installation was interrupted by the message on the screen:             ERRORVerification failed: (15) Access Denied            OK {button} A message about the failure stated as follows:Firmware update was not processed because software condition is not ready to update to some reason.  The attachment shows the command prompt below the above message. I tried to renew the installation twice (after rebooting) - the result was the same. What should I do to correct the situation?

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A couple weeks ago I had a virus that redirected all my browsing attempts. I backed up all my music, jpgs, vids etc to Magnavox DVD-R using Roxio data files. It said they were backed up successfully. I didn't bother to check. I did a fresh install of XP and when I tried uploading my files from the disk it read zero space used zero space left. I checked google where people suggested isobuster, so I downloaded the trial. It showed my files on the disks. Most disks I tried would not read but store bought dvd concerts etc have worked as well as my os software. I had read a few recommendations of flashing the drive and decided to get the firmware from dells site. After flashing the drive I downloaded cdvdinfo and got this msg..

Firmware Revision: B109
Vendor Specific: 06/12/21
Drive Region Locked: Yes
Region Setting Status: Not Permanent
Number of User Changes Left: 4
Number Of Manufactor Reset Left: 4
Current Region Code: 1

After doing this I would get an error msg with Roxio or my Nero 6 where it wouldn't even attempt to backup data. The firmware shows an error on smartflash 6.09N ERROR!!! - Wait for finishing flash 00/00/00
It has been froze on this error for a few days now. I haven't attempted to reboot because I don't know if it will with the dvd drive not working. The tray won't open and don't flash or anything. I don't know if a simple reboot would fix the freeze. Will my pc start if I reboot? I believe I need a new drive now. I have go... Read more

A:My HL-DT-STDVD+-RW GSA-H31N Drive is not working-Firmware Failed

The computer was rebooted unintentionally and I am able to get online and the drive tray opens/closes. The drive is reading my xp disks etc but not most of the ones I made copies of data to over the past few yrs. Still unable to copy to blank ones. After reboot I checked cdvdinfo again and got this msg...

Firmware Revision: B110
Vendor Specific: 07/06/25
Drive Region Locked: Yes
Region Setting Status: Not Permanent
Number of User Changes Left: 4
Number Of Manufactor Reset Left: 4
Current Region Code: 1
CDR-Read Speed: 48 CDR-Write speed: 16

That test is with no disk in the drive.

Also, I had a blue error screen when it rebooted but it went away as I was trying to write down the info and it auto loaded to desktop.
Is there any possible way I can still backup my files to disk or is the drive shot? Checking google regarding the driver region lock it offered some software to bypass but I don't want to install anything else that could potentially harm the drive further. I purchased this Dell E520 directly from Dell summer 07 and the hardware warranty has since expired. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks

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I've been using my Dell XPS 15 9550 for a couple of months now and everything was fine, i decided to connect it to an external monitor P2715Q through a Dell WD15 Type-C docking station, which working fine except for having the Monitor at 30Hz versus 60Hz. i've been facing alot of Blue Screen Errors, and one day found there was a firmware update for the Docking Station, the Monitor went blank and found the firmware was updating usually when i startup my laptop and it's connected to the docking station it gives me a warning message about the power being less than 60W so i unplugged the Type C cable connecting the dock to  the Laptop mid installation, it rolled back and i then figured i shouldn't have disconnected it. This morning i connected my dock as usual but it wasn't being recognized it's as if the Type C wasn't reading the Dock, i connected a Type C to Display port cable direct to the monitor to check if it was the port but that worked instantly, please help what should i do? 

A:DELL WD15 Type-C Docking Not working with XPS 15 9550 after failed firmware update

Unplugging mid firmware update is a no no. Try the firmware update once or twice or so again, with nothing else connected to the dock. If that fails, try Dell service. Mine updated the second time but said failed at the end, then third time reported to be updated, and now seems to work just the way it did before.
I've had horrible issues with the WD15 initially, all sorts of devices disconnecting and not working properly, including plain wired USB mouse and keyboard. After tens of driver and BIOS updates, things eventually stabilized (although the screen developed a flicker meanwhile). Now it seems to work stably, as long as the laptop is in airplane mode, otherwise I still get temporary freezes. Many people blame it on some sort of the Dell Wireless 1830 adapter with USB - some say wifi power should be reduced to 75% in driver settings, but that replacement with the Intel 8260 is a better solution. Please report back if the airplane mode helps with stability (wired Ethernet now stable here, if you're on wifi regularly and worried about withdrawal symptoms during a possibly prolonged airplane mode testing period).  
30 Hz is max for a 4K display on the WD15, there's not enough bandwidth for more via the USB protocol. Recently a revised version of the Thunderbolt 3 dock, the TB16, has been released, and perhaps even works finally with a fan built in, supporting even two external 4K displays @60Hz. 3rd-party TB3 docks have started appearing too, but make sure... Read more

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Sorry, I am not a native speaker so that the description below may not be clear. Last night when my laptop attempt to upgrade its Intel ME firmware, the system appears a blue screen with words "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed". After that, the procedure of boot of my laptop became "auto power off twice after press the power button, then it will boot into BIOS itself". In other words, it likes: t0: Power button pressedt1: Screen was turned on for about 1 sec, then the whole laptop powered off.t2: happen the process of t1 againt3: boot into BIOS I guess the Intel ME firmware was broken. I tried to googled for related information but found nothing. I swear I will not upgrade my BIOS or Intel ME firmware anymore... Then I downloaded the Lenovo Recovery Image and used it to reset my computer into the factory status, but the issue still exists. I think it is because the Intel ME is a independent chip to the OS, so even recovery cannot help. Thanks for your kind help.

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I have just done a fresh install of windows 10 which worked perfectly. I then went to hp support to download the drivers and used the auto detect program to do that I then installed the drivers which went well. I then ran the bios update program. This failed. The computer was plugged in and fully charged. Now it is in the situation where it will not start and will not switch off. The screen is blank and the on off button is illuminated. I just tried holding the on off switch for ages but it had no effect. How can I switch it on? Any suggestions. Thanks for any help.

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Hello Folks,
On Tuesday I opened my laptop and was greeted by "Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC. The message stated my options, "advanced options" or "shutdown" and where to find the log file C:\Windows\system32\logfiles\srt\srttrails.txt.
tried the advanced options. Continue to Win10 - system rebooted, Troubleshoot -reset nothing, Restore, reset startup repair, sys recovery. Either they caused rebooting which launched attempting repair or just shutdown. Restarting generated another instance of attempting repair. which always ended up at advanced options. Tried Command Prompt which launched a DOS (those were the good old days) window with admin privileges. Command line automatically showed "x:\windows\system32>" Now where the devil did an "X" drive come from??? I tried numerous times to change to C:\ with no luck. Can't even backspace to remove the entry. I also tried DISM with an error 87, PXE with E18 and one other thing that I can't remember. Oh, can't boot into safe mode either. Wasn't thrilled about being require to upgraded to Win 10. Matter of fact I was waiting to the deadline to upgrade but thanks to the little updates with hidden agendas I woke up one morning , woke up one morning and there it was. So, I've been doing a lot of reading on this subject and it looks like this situation has been around for awhile (just like the NVidia/Vista memory allocation situation no body could fix). I sure hope I don't have... Read more

A:Windows Update failed, now laptop is locked up...

Please do a Repair Install
Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade
You can keep your files, settings and apps.
No product key is required.
Activation is automatic.

If that still can't fix the problems, then you will need to do a Clean Install.
Windows 10 - Clean Install
Backup the files you want to keep first.

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I just purchased this Laptop yesterday, was installing programs and updates. The updates finished installing, asked me to restart the PC which I didn't do right away because I was installing programs. One of the programs asked me to reboot into safe mode so I did. When the PC rebooted, it said the updates were installed 100% but then says SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF "Updates failed...reverting changes". This loop as been going on for hours now.

I have had success in getting into the BIOS by pressing F12 upon startup. I tried changing the boot order to boot from my bootable startup repair DVD but it didn't work!

I'm really frustrated and I hope my laptop isn't bricked on the 2nd day I bought it!

Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated and replied to ASAP!

A:Locked out of computer with failed update loop!

This is the 1st image of the updates being applied 100% upon restart of PC:
The 2nd image of the failed update screen:

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Used Lenovo OS recovery DVD's for Win8.1 to setup machine (old system crashed and couldn't be recovered) back to factory default. Once in Windows, used the Recovery tool (Control Panel -> Recovery) to create a recovery USB drive. Followed instructions from https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht080887 and created a recovery USB drive. I then wanted to test this drive before I loaded all my applications and again followed the instructions in that article to "reset pc" using the USB drive. It appeared to reset the pc (I watched it go from 0% up to just about 100%) and then it rebooted. After reboot, it went right back into the USB recovery drive. I removed the USB drive and rebooted it again, and got a "no operating system..." error. When I insert the USB recovery drive back in and use the utility, it tells me the drive is locked. This tells me it didn't "reset pc" like it was supposed to do, but I followed everything to a "t". Any suggestions?

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Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools   

A:Can't boot USB after update firmware and all from update software tools

I'm close secure boot and setting boot order and use boot menuThis USB disk its ok before I update all from Lenovo updateAfter this action, I lost my boot USBPlease Check your firmware.And Help me how to fix this

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Hi to all! I face a new (?) variant of the well known "efi usb device" or "efi network 0 for ipv4..." Problem:  My box is a B50-70 Notebook.After installation of a new hdd months ago, I used several linux systems without any problems. There is no windows os installed. The last week i confused the machine by installing a new uefi boot system aside of a legacy boot system, and things went wrong: When I start the computer, the well known message "efi usb device (generic usb storage) boot failed" is shown. The hdd is detected, shows the bios information mask, but it will not be shown on the mask, where I can decide between legacy and uefi boot. I tried every single hint which is given in the net to that topic: every change of the bios will not be saved nor executed. I cannot choose between legace and uefi boot, secure boot disabling will not be executed, uninstalling and reinserting the hdd or the small battery will not work, nothing works at all. I tried new install with usb formatted in fat32, ntfs and whatsoever. I even tried to boot with a new windows 8.1 from usb and it didn't work. DVDs, nothing, is recognized by the bios. Updating this bios seems to be only possible via windows and a special windows tool. But there is no windows install. I'm locked out from my computer and the key is inside. Any hints? Regards Martin 

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Hi to all! I face a new (?) variant of the well known "efi usb device" or "efi network 0 for ipv4..." Problem:  My box is a B50-70 Notebook.After installation of a new hdd months ago, I used several linux systems without any problems. There is no windows os installed. The last week i confused the machine by installing a new uefi boot system aside of a legacy boot system, and things went wrong: When I start the computer, the well known message "efi usb device (generic usb storage) boot failed" is shown. The hdd is detected, shows the bios information mask, but it will not be shown on the mask, where I can decide between legacy and uefi boot. I tried every single hint which is given in the net to that topic: every change of the bios will not be saved nor executed. I cannot choose between legace and uefi boot, secure boot disabling will not be executed, uninstalling and reinserting the hdd or the small battery will not work, nothing works at all. I tried new install with usb formatted in fat32, ntfs and whatsoever. I even tried to boot with a new windows 8.1 from usb and it didn't work. DVDs, nothing, is recognized by the bios. Updating this bios seems to be only possible via windows and a special windows tool. But there is no windows install. I'm locked out from my computer and the key is inside. Any hints? Regards Martin 

A:EFI USB Device (...) boot failed - Notebook is locked up

Sorry - wrong thread, should be in the Lenovo Notebooks thread, not in "Yoga Series". Admin, can you transfer this thread please?

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My Lenovo Z410 came with v37 BIOS dated 2013.I went to Lenovo website and downloaded and ran 8DCN40WW.exeInstead of taking normal time to flash, Windows started rebooting after only a couple sec. No bootup. No beep. No Lenovo logo. Power light comes on. Blank screen (no backlight). After 50+ bootup attempts I sometimes get the blue error message at bootup:InsydeH20 invalid firmware image. After changing RAM positions, and trying the Lenovo "rescue" bootup button, I got a bootup.CPU-Z still shows the BIOS is V37 (ie it didn't flash). I know I have Secure Boot enabled. So, to fix this I believe I need to force flash the old v37 BIOS image. SUGGESTIONS?HELP?

A:BIOS v40 flash failed on Lenovo Z410. No boot (screen blank). InsydeH20 invalid image firmware!

Forgot to mention.I already tried "draining power". IE disassembling my laptop, and disconnecting the battery and AC adapter, and holding power button for 60sec+ many times.It doesn't fix the issue.Also, the RAM position etc, obviously has nothing to do with anything. I was able to bootup with exact same 2x DIMM config as originally.

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i have been trying to update the driver/firmware for my pioneer dvd writer, and im having a problem running the software. the drive is the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108 and im trying to install the firmware version 1.20 i think its called(filename: DVR108_FW120B.EXE). i follow the vague instructions from pioneeraus.com.au and run the .exe file. and it comes up with a command promp window and i get a dialogue box pop up in front of that titled "UPGDVD" and it says "available target is not found".

i also tried to update the driver through device manager but there is no .inf file that i can find on the net so im pretty sure thats a no go.

if anyone knows a way around this problem or if there is another way to update my driver i would be very greatful if you could help.

im running xp with a P4 3gig CPU with 1gig ram and a 80gig HDD.

A:DVD R/RW Drive Firmware update help

First of all a firmaware update is not a "driver". all optical drives use the windows native drivers and only MS updates that. I have never seen a firmware update as you describe open a command prompt window. if Pioneer actually uses this method then you will probably have to set the command prompt to the location of your drive. ie; type the locaion ( drive letter of the drive you are updating) if your pioneer is the D drive then you would type D:\ and then press enter

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Hello, I'm from Mongolia I Have HP desktop computer, I have a problem. I can not log in Windows. Windows is locked. I know password, but wrong. I can not recovery. Help me

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Hello, I'm from Mongolia I Have HP desktop computer, I have a problem. I can not log in Windows. Windows is locked. I know password, but wrong. I can not recovery. Help me

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I installed the latest round of Windows updates for my Win7 x64 install and it never completed (ran for about 24 hours) so I powered off the machine. Upon restarting, it said:

"Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause" and has instructions for using system repair, then at the bottom:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: Oxc000000f
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data
So I booted off a Windows recovery disk and figured Startup Repair would fix it. Alas, after it says "Windows found problems with your computer's startup options" and asks me if I want to repair, I click "repair and restart" and it says "Failed to save startup options".

The "repair details" are:
Name: {bootmgr}
Identifier: {...}

The following options will be added:
Name: Windows Recovery Environment (recovered)
Path: Recovery\...\Winre.wim
Windows Device: Partition=D:
I've tried running Startup Repair from the manual options screen and it says it cannot repair automatically. I have two partitions, the 100MB windows System partition, which Recovery Console mounts as C:\ and my main windows partition, which it mounts as D: and I can see all of my files on it.

Running "bootrec /repairbcd" gives me "Total identified Windows Installations: 0"

I'm not sure if there might be something fishy with the way it's detecting my partition table... Read more

A:Windows 7 update failed and laptop won't boot. Startup repair failed

Have you run bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot?
Then, if it doesn't boot, run bootrec /RebuildBcd (from this KB article: How to use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows )

c0000005 is STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE - which means it can't find File: \Boot\BCD

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Hi. I ran the Samsung 840 EVO Firmware update that was provided because of the degrading problem said to be with the product.

It went all the way through and said complete. There were no problems or interruptions there. I closed the application and rebooted my machine.

The computer will get to the windows screen but right when it is supposed to go to the login it goes black and the monitors stop detecting a signal. It just sits at a black screen.

The scary thing is that when i try to run a recovery all executables associated with a given recovery error out. I.E. StartRep.exe fails to run. Trying to load previous working fails to run to. They get memory exception type errors!

I put in the windows 7 disc and have had it come up with "hit key to boot from cd or dvd". all repair attempts are the same as above. They fail the same way.

The only thing I have not figured out is how to get the machine to load into safe mode. i have been hitting F8 and doing what I can but I get no such options. My options are only the repair dialogs or boot normally. I do not understand why this machine has never given me a choice to boot to safe mode. How can I get that to work?

Please help! Is there anything I can do? I can't find any samsung forums or info.

Windows 7 64 Ultimate.
Asus X99 Deluxe.
Intel 5960X 3.0 x 8 core
G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series 4 x 8gb (32gb) DDR4 2400
Samsung 840 Evo 500gb SSD
Corsair RM1000 1000wPSU
Corsair H100i
Nvidia 780GTX

A:Samsung Evo 840 Firmware update - Now windows won't boot.

What degrading problem ? Samsungs are the best IMO, what did you think upgrading the firmware would help ? Or what did Samsung say it was for ?

How old is the drive, how often is it used ?

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i was trying to update my SONY DVD Drive fireware yesterday,
but it failed, i mean can't complete process.

After i reboot, theres no Drive display in MY COMPUTER &SYSYTEM Properties(Device Manager) and the DVD Drive's power bottom is not working too(can't eject/close)

My DVD Drive
Sony DDU-1621 DVD-ROM 16X/48X

A:DVD DRIVE Firmware update Fail???

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Hi I am using Dell Latitude 3570 model laptop and some time back i found that it is affected with Intel-SA-00086 vulnerability using the Tool provided by Intel!
So as to fix it i updated the firmware release by Dell from:
And after the updating the firmware i did re-check using intel's tool to verify if problem was fixed and got below message:
Risk Assessment
Based on the analysis performed by this tool: This system is not vulnerable. It has already been patched.For more information refer to the INTEL-SA-00086 Detection Tool Guide or the Intel Security Advisory Intel-SA-00086 at the following link: https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00086&languageid-en-frIntel(R) Capability Licensing Service Client software is installed and healthy, but re-key has failed. Please contact your system manufacturer for support.
INTEL-SA-00086 Detection Tool
Application Version: date: 27/12/2017 1:50:32
I want to know what caused below message to appear and what would be the effect of this on my laptop:
"Intel(R) Capability Licensing Service Client software is installed and healthy, but re-key has failed. Please contact your system manufacturer for support."

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Hello, I tried to upgrade to windows 8 and found that the touchpad became super sensitive and jumpy. Reading online I found a firmware that claimed to fix the issue and found it on HPs Support site. Mid install, it reported that it failed and forced a reboot on the laptop. When it was back up and running I found that the touchpad no longer worked. Its exactly the same issue as in these links: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Software-and-How-To-Questions/Touchpad-Not-Working-After-Faile... http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/Touchpad-Firmware-Failed/td-p/23... I've tried to reflash and to get new drivers but they are not able to go through. The drivers install but don't fix anything. The flashing will quit saying I need drivers first even though I have them.  I've even reformated and put the factory windows 7 image back on but it still will not work. The solutions posted in the above links didnt work for me.  Does anyone have any idea on how I can fix this?

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I am dual booting Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu 17.10). I was on Windows 10 when I was updating my battery firmware using the Lenovo Battery Firmware Update Tool. It prompted me to update my battery and I confirmed and clicked next. Immediately, my screen turned black. I waited 10 minutes and then did a force shutdown on the computer by holding the power button. Now my battery won't charge. It is an official 55+ Lenovo battery and last week Ubuntu's acpi said that the battery was at 67% capacity and could run on battery for an hour and a half at full charge. Now all of a sudden, after the failed firmware update, my battery will not charge: whether the laptop is on in Windows 10, on in Ubuntu, or while the computer is turned off and plugged. When I do connect the AC cord the battery indicator blinks with a steady green, to a stready orange, to a rapid orange, and then off within a span of ~10 seconds. I have tried deleting the battery drivers on Windows and restarting and it does not work. I have also tried to update the battery firmware again using the Lenovo Update Firmware Tool but it repeatedly gives me the same error "The tool was unable to update the battery firmware due to an internal error." I have also updated to the latest BIOS to no avail.

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This is a heads up message as I was able to recover my system by doing a grub2-install booting from a recovery USB. I must say I had used `fwupdmgr update` before to update my Thinkpad's firmware and it worked flawlessly. However, this last update left my boot pointing at the wiped out Windows boot in UEFI, which rendered my boot broken. If anyone from Lenovo is listening, please try to avoid breaking Linux user's systems . It is more disapointing when this happens using a Linux only toolchain (Btw, kudos for the support of lvfs!) This is my `fwupdmgr get-history` output in case it provides some useful info: 20LDCTO1WW System FirmwareDeviceId: d3db6c5633d83a940028fc88d8102d1f1563e3a4Guid: fc5552dc-7882-409b-9b98-699361c74fc4Plugin: uefiFlags: internal|updatable|require-ac|supported|needs-rebootChecksum: SHA1(804154ccc003a77e9b0d88fcb2d52cf12050e434)Version: 0.1.29Created: 2019-06-06UpdateState: success[Release]RemoteId: lvfsVersion: 0.1.34Checksum: SHA1(269cea4389dd420e58b88f182eabeaab23d74e85)Flags: noneBootMgrDesc: legacyCompileVersion(com.redhat.fwupdate): 12DistroVersion: 20190607CompileVersion(org.freedesktop.fwupd): 1.2.8SecureBoot: EnabledCompileVersion(com.redhat.efivar): 37UEFIUXCapsule: EnabledESPMountPoint: /boot/efiCompileVersion(org.freedesktop.gusb): 0.3.0RuntimeVersion(com.dell.libsmbios): 2.4DistroId: opensuse-tumbleweedCpuArchitecture: x86_64BootTime: 1559848020RuntimeVersion(org.freedesktop.appstream-glib): 0.7.14RuntimeVersion(com.redha... Read more

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Firmware 1.32 for OCZ Sandforce drives, ( Vertex 2, Vertex LE, Agility 2) is available.
If you want to see what firmware you're currently running on, go to Device Manager and follow to here:

Changelog is here: Release Notes

Quite extensive changelog this time around. Looks like it's worth updating to. If you update, read all the instructions and warnings.

This is the OCZ toolbox update.
OCZ Technology

There's also a standalone.
Guide Sandforce Firmware update 1.32 for OS/System drives

General Discussion Firmware 1.32 Released at OCZ.com

April 20, 2011

Firmware 1.33 released.

Release Notes

Newest toolbox version from download link above - 2.36

Updated from my other non system Win 7 drive. Went just fine.

A:OCZ Sandforce Drive Firmware Update 1.32/1.33 released

Thank you sir!

Have you done your update yet? Thoughts?


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I have the LG model GH22NS50 CD/DVD disk drive installed on my computer (Winxp Pro OS).
I contacted LG to get the latest Firmware Update File and was provided with the correct one to install.
When I tried to install it ( A zip file) it keeps coming up with the error message "Can't Find The Target Drive" and I have to exit the installation. I checked this problem out on the internet and apparently a lot of people are experiencing the same problem.I could find no solution among the offerings.

I contacted LG tech support which after the incredible luck of having connected with a tech support person the first time, I spent two days without being able to do so again. They have a "Chat" offering which is utterly useless as it keeps saying the person I need to speak to is out of the office and repeatedly gives an utterly useless phone number to call. I held on for 30 minutes listening to a recording of how important my business is to them and no one ever answered. Was then given a second number with the same result. I would NEVER buy another LG product.

Does anyone know what the solution is to the Firmware installation problem is? I am wondering if burning the update file to a dvd and trying to install it from the drive ( thinking it surely it will find the target drive since the software is being installed from it) I don't want to risk it lest it cause the now working drive to not work at all. Although the drive is working, it seems to be very slow ... Read more

A:Solved: LG CD/DVD Drive Firmware update error?

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I've just had a 2Tb Samsung HD204UI drive installed. (I got 6 months out of the Western Digital )

A quick Google has brought up the following link.......

SAMSUNG HD204UI important firmware patch required

I'm wondering if I need this patch? How can I tell if I do? Will Vista updates look after it automatically if I do need it?



A:Do I need firmware update for newly installed Samsung drive?


I suppose there is no way to tell, but it would be a good thing to do as there appears to be several issues to cover off!

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I am frantically trying to upgrade the firmware on my Tpad G41 28865YU CDRW/DVD drive (GCC-4241N).  I located the driver update fix in the FWod01 CD firmware update package.  Unfortunately, this package only is available on a multitude of diskettes which most laptops - including do not have.  Fortunately, Lenovo at some point accumulated the 1st 8 firmware packages (FWod01-FWod08) into a CD-boot disk update .iso file for download and CD drive install.  Fine.  I brought down this .iso file and created the appropriate boot CD and ran it:  *FWoD08 here* I had traced the needed firmware version to 0202 as documented in the documentation for my GCC-4241N drive.  Unfortunately, the 0202 firmware never somehow made it into the FWod08 package which only contains the original 1.04 version which is the problem.  So, the documentation and the contents of this FWod08 is incorrect.  Any chance of getting this rebuilt, or made into a new CD boot iso with the GCC-4241N 0202 firmware?  The updates have gone upto FWod09 but that is back to diskettes.  Or - is there some way I can get the 0202 files to add to my current FWod08 CD disk? PJV  

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I've spent my whole day trying to figure out what is going on with this to no avail
What I've Done:
Installed Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit OS on Crucial M4 drive that was acting up and freezing
Continued freezing after installing drivers, stable for 10-30mins then freeze, requires hard reset every time
updated FW to 000F as recommended, same deal
swapped ports with platter drive, same deal
took drive in to where I bought it from, they said all stress tests etc went fine

Pretty much at my wits end. I'm fairly convinced its nothing else since I am running on the seperate mechanical drive fine. ANY suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Specs as follows:
Acer Aspire 8943G-5636
Intel Core i3-350M processor @ 2.26GHz, 3MB L3 cache
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
8GB memory
500GB Western Digital mechanical HDD
128GB Crucial M4 SSD

A:Crucial M4 drive freezing after 000F firmware update


Have you tried power-cycling your system yet?

Try doing a power cycle of the SSD. The following steps should be carried out and take ~1 hour to complete.Power off the system.
Remove all power supplies (AC adapter then battery for laptop, AC adapter for desktop)
Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and drain all components of power.
Reconnect all power supplies (battery then ac adapter for laptop, ac adapter for desktop)
Turn on the system and enter the BIOS (see your manual for the steps to enter the BIOS)
Let the computer remain in the BIOS for 20 minutes.
Follow steps 1-3 and physically remove the SSD from the system by disconnecting the cables for a desktop or disconnecting the drive from the junction for a laptop.
Leave the drive disconnected for 30 seconds to let all power drain from it.
Replace the drive connection(s) and then do steps 4-8 again.
Repeat steps 1-4.
Start your computer normally and run Windows.
See if that helps.

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