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Will moving Downloads folder change program default save location?

Q: Will moving Downloads folder change program default save location?

The Downloads folder by default is at C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

I have another hard disk D:\ that I use it to save data files only and I would like to move the Downloads folder to the D:\Downloads

I will follow User Folders - Change Default Location to move the Downloads folder.

Many programs (e.g. internet browser) "save files"/"download location" by default is pointing to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

Q1) After I have moved to D:\Downloads, will the programs "save files"/"download location" automatically point to the new location D:\Downloads ?

Q2) If the programs "save files"/"download location" is still pointing to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads, will the programs still save downloads to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads ?

Q3) Do I need to manually go through one by one program settings to change the "save files"/"download location" to D:\Downloads ?


Preferred Solution: Will moving Downloads folder change program default save location?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Will moving Downloads folder change program default save location?

Why bother with moving the folder? Every browser I've used may default to the downloads folder on the C: drive but also allows you to specify a different folder. I simply point the browser to the downloads folder on my D: drive and oftentimes I even create a new subfolder for that download. Works for me.

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The Downloads folder by default is at C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

I have another hard disk D:\ that I use it to save data files only and I would like to move the Downloads folder to the D:\Downloads

I will follow http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/18629-user-folders-change-default-location.html to move the Downloads folder.

Many programs (e.g. internet browser) "save files"/"download location" by default will point to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads

Q1) After I have moved I have moved to D:\Downloads, will the programs "save files"/"download location" automatically point to the new location D:\Downloads ?

Q2) If the programs "save files"/"download location" is still pointing to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads, will the programs still save downloads to C:\Users\User-Name\Downloads ?

Q3) Do I need to manually go through each program settings to change the "save files"/"download location" to D:\Downloads ?


A:Will moving Downloads folder change program default save location

It won't normally change the location that individual programs save their data files.
The download location is a setting in your browser and is NOT system wide. You could have IExplorer downloading to one location and another browser downloading somewhere else.

If you want the programs to change, you will have to change each one .

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I have a few game sinstalled on my machine for which I would like to change to folder where saved games are stored and read from.

Neverwinter Nights and Prince of Perisa: Sands of Time are the two games I am most interested in right now.

I am trying to move all data files to a separte hard drive. However I can not fiqure out how I can change where the games look to save and load saved games. Any ideas?


A:Moving the default save game file location

I have the same issue with different games. I hate it that they have changed the save game directory to My Documents. Unfortunatley I have found no fixes yet.

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Hi -- thanks for taking the time to read this.

On my laptop, I am dealing with a very small primary boot partition of 17GB. This was my own fault for not realizing how much larger Vista was than XP. I have tried to extend the partition to no avail (even using mspart from the command prompt).

Basically it is not a problem except MS wants to download 5GB of updates. I don't have that much room on the partitiion. Is there any way I can change the default location of where MS downloads and installs (sources) its update files? With about 2GB free and NOTHING on that partition except the OS, I can hold out for a while before I have to do the cursed reinstall if I can figure this one out.


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Is there any way to set the default save location folder for downloads in IE8 to the last folder that the same file type was saved in? It makes no sense to default to a single folder and have to browse through to the desired folder for every single download, so I assume there has to be an option somewhere.

A:Setting default save location to last save folder

Limited choice here. Pictures (right click, save picture as) will save to My Pictures. Else, right click save will save to the last folder used.

No other option by file type.

But,you can do this... Adding Entries to the Standard Context Menu

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You guys worked a miracle for me yesterday....now I want to fix my machine so I don't have the problem again.

When I originate a Word doc, and use the SAVE AS/SAVE TO feature, it automatically opens to MY DOCUMENTS as the default.

HOWEVER, when I try to save an attachment to an email, it opens up some hidden file area that if I don't remember to redirect the file to My Documents, it's gone.

I want to change the default to My Documents. This MS article is probably the right thing, but I do not have the registry value in my machine that they reference:

The link below may be useful for you in the future. It explains how to change the default location to the "My Documents" folder when saving e-mails and attachments.


The path my computer uses to save attachment/docs is:

C:/Documents and Settings/(My Name)/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files/OLK 149


Anyway, if anyone has a way to change this, I'd sure appreciate some help!

And, as always, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

You guys ROCK!



A:Need to Change default SAVE TO location

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Can anyone tell me how to change the default save location for LibreOffice

Preferences>Load/Save no longer gives the option to change the Save location.

I would like them to save by default to my Dropbox.

Thank you.

A:Change Default Save Location in LibreOffice 5

Its Tools-->Options-->Libreoffice-->Paths. This for windows but it should also be there under Preferences on a Mac.

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As the title says: I want to change the default file save location for the Windows Snipping Tool to a folder of my choosing.

Any tips?

A:Change Snipping Tool default save location

Click file, select save as and select the location you want to save it to. You can also change the format if you wish. It will usually remember the last location you chose.

Attachment 365705

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Vista has decided on a hierarchy of Desktop/Network/Libraries/My User Name/My Pictures/My Documents

I can not find files saved in Works by using Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer shows Libraries with Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos subordinate. But documents saved by Works aren't stored in those sub-directories.

Furthermore, I now have subdirectories named: My Documents and Documents; My Pictures and Pictures; My Videos and Videos.

Some applications seem to change the hierarchy around and use or omit the word "my" arbitrarily.

Works uses a different hierarchy than WordPad. I end up going in circles trying to decipher the directory structure. It is circular.


A:How do I change default save location for Works documents

I have Works 9.0 [last version published by Microsoft] on Win7, my Save and Open goes to my Username\My Documents. Unfortunately Works is more limited [call it simpler] in what can be done when compared with Microsoft Office/Word that Tools, Options has no way to make a lot of change to the Defaults. Works is aimed more at home/student use which usually doesn't require a lot of the adjusting of how things are done.

Now if you have Works Suite, the word processor portion of Works has been replaced by a version of Word, apparently in deference to folks who work on documents at home and need to share at the office which doesn't have Works. That Word should be quite similar to Word in the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

It used to be Works was included on new computers [only cost about $50] while Works Suite cost about twice as much. For awhile OEMs were including a Starter version of Office, Word and Excel, but even that on the Win8 I've set up was replaced by Office 365.

For those without much resources who want/need something more powerful, I've set up the free LibreOffice 4 which can open Works file formats along with a bunch of others such as WordPerfect and Lotus AmiPro [maybe its replacement WordPro?] and Lotus 1-2-3.

As for the "My" part, I think you'll notice it is part of a change in Windows that leaves it off, e.g. Win7's Start menu, but retains it on subFolders of the Libraries Folders. If you open Windows Explorer to C:\Users you'll see th... Read more

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Hi all,

I'm soon to be installing RC1, and I was thinking of abandoning my raid array and using the two discs thus:

Disc 1 ( ; system and page file

Disc 2 ; Programmes

I had my other discs organised thus:

Disc 3 ; my user's disc

Disc 4 ; My partner's users disc

Disc 5 ; storage / backup / and music stuff.

My question is this, how does one change the location of the programs folder so that it would read:

D:\programs instead of C:\programs?

Many thanks in advance

A:Moving the location of the program folder

Hi saverio, sorry for the late reply.

You might wan to read Need advice-I think I made C: partition too small! to see if anything helps.

I've not personally tried the registry hack but if you are clean installing then there may be a good many people interested in your results

Hope this helps


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Anyone cracked this one yet?

A:Save File dialog default folder location

Seems to depend on the application.

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Hi folks, got a question re: Excel 2010, running on win7 Pro 32-bit (it's not the machine in my stats).

I looked up tutorials to change the default save folder location for MS Office, and pretty much all of them reference MS Word 2010. Like for example the one in this forum, MS Office Word : Set Default Save Location -- which works fine when I try it, no problem with Word 2010. However, Excel 2010 is being a **** and refuses to following spec.

When I click on File -> Options, then navigate to the "Save" tab, it displays a screen similar to the equivalent one in Word... except that the "Browse" button to change the folders is missing.

No big deal, plus the default file location is already pointing to my user folder: that's fine. However, when I go to save or save-as, this is what pops up:

Yea-- no. Why is Excel showing libraries? I don't want to use libraries. I don't want to see libraries. I've used the registry hack from this forum to remove libraries from showing up in the left pane of Explorer.

How do I get Excel to use my documents folder as the default?

A:Changing Excel 2010 default save folder location

After changing the location in the Excel Options --> Save tab... did you reboot?

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I am trying to create a template with specific styling to be used by our group. Any document created with this template should be saved to a shared network folder. I'd like to know if this is possible...

When I right click on my template and choose NEW, the resulting document should use...

- the default text font face, size and colour that I specified.
- the default paragraph spacing and indentation rules that I specified.
- Default to saving at location as "Z:\Shared Info"

All help is appreciated!

A:Change default text and paragraph style + save location in Word 2007?

I would suggest 1st creating a new folder in any one of your Shared locations. Then open a new Word doc within that folder, click on the Styles icon, select any template and click on the little down-arrow to the right of the template's name, click on Modify, and set up your customized template exactly as you want it. You can also change the name of the new template to anything that you want.

When you're done customizing your template, be sure to check (at the bottom of the screen) "New documents based on this template." So long as you create any other documents within this folder, they should automatically be saved to the new folder. And just be sure that for each one, you remember to utilize your customized template.

Here's some additional help:

How to manage templates in 2007 Office programs and in 2010 Office programs
Templates -- Create Word Templates Quickly (Word 2007 but should work in Word 2010 also)
Templates -- Create Word Templates Quickly
Word Templates -- Saving Your Document as a Word Template

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First of all just wondering if I can change the default destination folder of "save picture as" to another folder.

I once had a tweak for the middle mouse button to open new window in IE, lost it now, and wondering if someone may help me with that tweak as well.

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Hi, I want to change the default browse for folder dialog to point to Computer in any application that uses this dialog.

I do not use the explorer task bar icon, I have set my task bar to look like vista's

The first image is the current state, the second is what I'm after.

Had a look at the post by Brink Windows Explorer Taskbar Icon - Change Open To Target, but as I said, I dont use the task bar explorer icon. I'm trying to set this up for applications that open "browse for a folder".

Perhaps this is what I need - %windir%\explorer.exe /n,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

But I don't know where I would put this setting. I scanned the registry, but didn't see anything that suggested where the setting should go.


A:Change default Browse for folder location

You need a shortcut to be able to change the target to

%windir%\explorer.exe /n,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

You cannot change that on the orignal explorer.exe

A Guy


OK, played with this for a while, I think I have it:

1) Start> In search box type Windows Explorer
2) Right click the first result> Select Properties
3) In the Windows Explorer Properties dialog box, on the Shortcut tab, make sure that the field box to the right of Start in is empty
4)Type the following command in the Target text box and click OK:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /root,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

That should do it

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Hi all,

This friday i plan to do a clean install of Windows 7 because im running the RC right now but bought the Retail version. Im going to plan out my partitions so that i have one pertition for the OS, and another for my personal files and Program Files.

So i just wanted to know, how would i change the location from my C partition of the program files to lets say the D drive (other partition)?

Am i supposed to do it manually by cutting the folder and pasting it, and whenever i install a program i change the directory, or is there an automatic way like changing a registry value?

Look forward to your answers!

edit: after further research it looks like u can change a reg value, but it may cause problems with some Microsoft software. What do most of you people here do cause i've read that some people here have separate drives for program files?

A:Change Program Files default location?

The program files are a part of the OS .. I see no reason to put them in another partition.
A different partition for your personal data is a good idea if you plan on having a lot of data.

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Trying to move certain folders in my Documents folder on my home directory C:\Users\XXX to another drive following standard procedures as outlined by Microsoft: How to Change the Default Location of the My Documents Folder

The problem is when yu go to step 4 as directed the target window does not allow you to edit it to insert a new target destination. And several tabs at the bottom are missing. See screenshots of how my window is suppose to look and what I actually have.

Any advice or comments will be appreciated.

A:Change My Documents Folder Default Location ^not enabled?

Hello mycdnprince, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Did you right click on the folder from it's "C:\Users\(user-name)" location, and not from any other location?

If you like, you could also use METHOD TWO in the tutorial below to manually move the folder.

Personal User Shell Folders - Move Location

Hope this helps for now,

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I've tried to search this but I'm finding answers to everything else instead.

I want to change the default location of Windows Explorer after left-clicking the icon on my taskbar. I want to set it to the username (C:\Users\Tim) folder where my 'Downloads' folder and all those other folders are. Is this possible?

I've been accessing this username folder with pins, but I wish opening this folder was quicker. I don't use the 'Libraries' folder at all.

A:how to change default location of Windows Explorer folder?

You can change the default locations for the Documents, Pictures, etc. folders - but not for the whole user set. Go to the folder Properties > Location tab.

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I tried the recording tab for in properties of the drive and it didn't do anything. I haven't found one single decent tutorial online to mess with my regedit, I will mess it all up.

I have a small master drive and terabytes of externals, I just want to move any burn folders to my larger drives so I can actually burn more than 1gb on a DVD

Any help is appreciated

A:How do I change the default location for temp burn folder?

Hi pSick, welcome to 7F

I found this:How to change the temporary folder if you run out of space while burning a DVD in Media Center - Aaron Stebner's WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

It is a little dated, but I ran through the steps and it works on my machine.

You would need to change the path to whatever Drive you want to send to.
Steps #5, and 6 refer to the scroll (System) box below the box where you can add or edit the fixed (User) Variables.

My instinct tells me that you might, and it maybe better to create new user variables to accomplish your task, but I am not sure if it would (or how) it would affect System variables. I will check on that, and get back.
This may be a easier to do: User Folders - Change Default Location

Make sure you create a Restore Point before changing those variables!

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Hi Experts

I have been through these two links below

MS Office Word : Set Default Save Location

Library - Set Save Folder

If I want to change a default saved location folder for any of those file's types : Excel, adobe , jpg, access, email attachment , ,,,,,etc

Do I need to repeat the procedure explained in the above two links for each individual file type ?


A:Change the Default Save Folder for Windows 7 Something else

Hello Zillah,

You cannot change the default save location for file types.

The methods you linked to use a library to set a program to save to, then set the library's default save location usually works best though.

Hope this helps some,

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I want to know how to set the default folder when I right click on an image and select "save image as" to be My Pictures. And/or how to set the default folder for specific file types to be a specific folder.

Thank you for your kind assistance!!!


A:change default folder to save files to

Take a look here: How To Change Windows Default Save As or Open Location

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I need to be able to change the default save as folder in Microsoft Query. I know where to do it in Excel, but I don't see an option in MS Query.


A:Change the default save as folder in Microsoft Query

well that doesn't make sense, you use MSquery through Excel, get your Data and then use Excel to save it somewhere.

You can Save an MSquery file (.dqy) and then record a Macro that opens it and returns your data and then saves it to a specific location.

Do you follow what I mean? I've done this for years, some MS query's are saved with criteria, or you can replace hard coded criteria ( in MS Query) with Square Brackets like... [Enter Part Number] and you will be prompted works great with Macro's.

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Hello all,

Let me start of by saying that I have followed this tutorial: User Folders - Restore Default Location and have not had results.

Additionally, I have 2 hard drives: An SSD solely for the Windows OS and an HDD for everything else.

I'm having issues trying to restore the My Documents folder to factory settings. I did something stupid ( I know, it's shame on me here) and tried to re-route the My Documents folder to my HDD from my SSD because my SSD has considerably less memory. I did this by following a tutorial from the Microsoft website.

Needless to say, I dern ****ed up and accidentally routed the My Documents folder to BE my HDD (as in E:/ instead of the intended E:/My Documents folder) which I didn't want to do. The folder then "disappeared" but still existed somewhere in the computer. I then spoke to a Microsoft support rep, who then proceeded to dig the hole deeper by remotely accessing my desktop and fiddling with the registry. Now the contents of the My Documents folder exist in my HDD default directory (E:/) and a makeshift My Documents folder exists in the Library section. How can I just undo this whole mess and restore the My Documents folder to its factory conditions, including the files that were originally stored in said folder?

SOS, I'm about to tear my hair out here!


A:Restoring default location of "My Documents" after moving folder?

I have always been able to restore any misdirected or lost User folders by following those steps in User Folders - Restore Default Location - Windows 7 Forums.

Exactly what problem are you having when you follow those steps?

If you can't find the actual Shell User folder which should be under your User name, in order to relocate it correctly using it's Location tab as shown in Optiona One, then use Option Two to reconstruct the folder itself.

If by following those steps precisely you still cannot recover the User folder, then ask for more help from the author in the tutorial Comments section, or post back here the exact problem with pictures if possible. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

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OK, I've googled and searched for this as much as I can. I'm a new Windows 7 user. I have a library (Documents) with three folders included. Call them folders A, B, and C. I understand how to set the default save location. Let's say I've set it to Folder A. Now, I want to save a file in *Folder B* by using the convenient Libraries button. Let's further say that Folder B is the location "C:\FolderB". It seems that IF there is a subfolder, say "C:\FolderB\test", I can save it there by clicking Libraries, expanding FolderB, and double clicking on "test". HOWEVER, if C:\FolderB has no subfolders, I can't seem to save there by using Libraries.

That is to say: IF you have a folder in your Library that is not the default save location AND that folder has no subfolders, there's no way to save there by starting from the Libraries button. Is this correct? (If so, it is rather disappointing and seems to undermine the idea of Libraries so I hope I'm missing something...)

A:Saving to a library location that is NOT the default save location

I might be missing your intended idea, but if you name the folder, such as "Test B", then you should be able to save the .ext (if named) to that particular folder by clicking on the "C" drive... wait for it (the drive) to show up, then save.

If you name a .txt file (or another extention) and save it to your desktop, you can also move it to that named folder on "C" drive.

Just curious as to why you want to have different named folders on "C" drive when you can use the Documents folder?

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Good Evening.

So, with no prior testing I decided to move to Window 7 and I'm having two main issues.

1 - I have for the past few years always put My Documents on another drive. So it would go C for Windows, D for Progs and E for My Docs. I cannot for the life of me figure it out in Windows 7 (Home Prem. 64bit). I found a guide on here to move all the things inside the default user folder (the one you get from that desktop) but any file made inside that file is on the C:\ drive. Which I don't want. I've yet to install anything yet and I read a rather complex guide to moving it via an unassisted installer but I'm paranoid about these things so would rather do it myself. Either via a command or regedit (does 7 even have that I wonder).

2 - How do I get Media Player to play via all my speakers at once? I know the surround sound works but I'm very used to sound coming out from all 5 when I play any audio / video file.

Anyway, any infor would be loverly. I'm sorry for any bad spelling. Yet to install firefox and it's dictornay (see what I mean).

A:Moving Default User Doc Location?

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

This is for Vista, but works the same. Personal User Shell Folders - Move Location - Vista Forums


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Hi Guys
I am getting the following error
"Could not find this item"
"This is no longer located in Drive:\ Verify the location and try again"
If I click retry it continues as if nothing happened.
Just started happening a couple of weeks ago and I don't recall any special happenings or installs at the time.
Does anyone have any ideas to the cause or rectification.

Windows 7 Ultimate

A:Folder not found error when moving folder to another location

Only if you copy from D drive? Always folder TEMP that's in problem?

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I am trying to set my default file save location to my Desktop. I searched the web and found solutions but I must be doing something wrong.

For instance, I recently saved a Notepad file to My Documents / example_folder. Then I thought I had set the default to Desktop by the following:

Start > [my_username] > Documents > Properties, highlighting Desktop, clicking "Set save location" so that the checkmark is at Desktop, clicking Apply, clicking OK.

So the next time I save a Notepad file, it defaults to the last folder I saved in ( example_folder ), not Desktop.

How do I get the default Save File to be Desktop?

A:How to set default Save location

you need to change your 'documents' folder.

in xp this was easy, but in win 7 it needs a bit more work.

User Folders - Change Default Location

click on your user name on your start-menu, and you'll see a bunch of folders.

find 'documents' - right-click on it and choose properties >> location >> move... >> select desktop.

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In word for example when you save your document, it opens the save box at the default location, which you then change to where you want to save it. if you then start a new document and save it it will remember where you saved the last one and open that location.

Is there a way that you can set it to always use the default location and not the last location?

A:Save box always to go to default location

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I'm still on Firefox 2 for the one single reason that I can manage and synchronize bookmarks between computers in a very simple way that later versions of Firefox does not allow.

Currently, I have five computers in my home/shop/office that all use the same bookmarks file and here is how it is done: I keep the bookmarks file for all systems at D:\AC\Netscape\bookmarks.html. Every two hours, a batch file is run that synchronizes the bookmarks file among all five systems. I can also run that batch at will if needed more often. This keeps all five systems using the same bookmarks.

Firefox 3 sadly eliminated this capability and from the Googling I've done, I'm in a very large group who need a way to change the default location of the bookmarks.

Is there a way to change the default location of the Firefox 3.x bookmarks?

A:Solved: Moving Default Location of Firefox Bookmarks?

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Every time (almost) I download a file my PC places it in

Since this directory is a read-only, I have to go to the temp folder every time an uncheck the Read-only box and then redownload the file.

Someone said that downloads are not suppose to default to here but did not know where they went or how to fix the problem. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] How to change location of downloads

can we ask what o/s you are using, and what browser you are using?

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Can someone tell me how to change the default save locationto "desktop" in Vista?

A:default save location in Vista

Hello Howie, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Do you mean for Internet Explorer??

Internet Explorer - Change Default Download Location - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I don't even know if this is the right place to post this, and I'm pretty much tech illiterate, so bear with me.

I logged into my dad's PC, and noticed that all of his files were missing from his desktop and documents folder. I thought someone deleted them all by accident, so I did a restore to a few weeks ago, which was the last time I saw the files on his computer.

That didn't solve the issue, but then I noticed something. I can access all of the files by clicking the following, in order:

-Computer (on the start menu)
-OS (C:)
-His log-in name
-And then finally, either the Desktop or My Documents folder

I'm not sure if this is a clear enough explanation, but basically what appears to be happening is that when I log in with his user account, it just loads some kind of default public desktop and documents folder, which doesn't have any of his actual files.

When I click documents it says the documents library includes 2 locations, and then when I click on it it tells me that the locations are the public folder and the user folder (which it says is unresponsive).

My question is, how do I fix the computer in such a way that when I log into the user account, it actually brings up the desktop and documents of that user instead of the empty public desktop and documents?

Thank you for any advice or guidance!

A:Default save location unresponsive

Go to C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents, and create a desktop shortcut.

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I have a friend who is asking me for some help with her computer. It's a fairly basic issue but I'm afraid I don't know the answer so I thought I'd try here.

Some of her programs are saving to OneDrive, otherwise known as The Cloud. She strongly prefers to save to her own computer. I'm not sure which program(s) are doing the saving; I think she might have said that Excel was one of them but I could be wrong and there may be others.

Is there any setting in Windows 10 that would effectively tell *all* programs to save to the hard drive by default? (That should be a *reversible* option, of course, in case she ever changes her mind.) Or even a setting to not show OneDrive as one of the options?

A:Setting default save location?

Each time you want to save something, there is a Save As option.
Clicking at the Save As option will let you navigate to the location you want to be saved at.

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Hi - I have an issue with saving files which I am hoping someone has the answer to!

When I am in work I am connected to the work network and have access to a number of network drives which I often save work to. When I am working offsite and try and save a file I have been working on, the explorer save as dialog box will open the last save location. If this last location was a network drive it can no longer see (which is the case when I am not in the office) the explorer window and application will freeze as it tries to resolve the network path (sometimes up to 10 minutes).

Is there any way (via Regedit or the like) to force it to always open the save dialog box at a local location so this doesn't happen? I have a default local location setup in office but it always defaults to the last location.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Everyone,

At my workplace we have a File Server; one of the Shared Folders on the File Server (Windows 2008 R2) features a folder called 'User Files', and a number of staff member sub-folders, e.g.: 'David's Files', 'Mary's Files', etc.

Each Workstation (either XP or Windows 7 Pro) has its 'Documents' folder mapped to the appropriate Shared location. This is done by first mapping a network drive, in my works case "S:" drive, to the location of the Shared Folder (on the File Server).

Once the mapping is complete it is then possible to alter the location of Documents as illustrated below -

This approach to storing User Documents has many advantages, not the least of which is performing data backups. Usually there are no issues, and everything works smoothly, however I am encountering the issue shown below on one workstation -

As can be seen above, the "Default save location is Unsupported", if anybody can shed any light on why this location is not supported, and more importantly how to fix this issue it will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:Default save location is unsupported?

I had this same issue. I believe it is because the share path is not indexed. depending on the share host you may be able to index the files.
To enable indexing of network locations:
Download and run the following patch: Download Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Files on Microsoft Networks from Official Microsoft Download Center
Restart your computer.
In the Start search box type: “search” and click on “Change How Windows Searches”.
On the new Indexing Options window click on “Advanced”. You will see the “Add UNC Location” tab where you can add your network location (ex: \\MyNAS\NetworkFolder”).
Now you can add the network folder to your library because it’s indexed.

Or you can Symbolic Link
To create a symbolic link to your network folder and add it to your library:
Create a local folder anywhere on your computer. (ex: C:\symlinks\Documents)
Add the local folder to the library.
Delete the folder created in step 1. Do not remove it from the library.
Open a command prompt as an Administrator. (In the Start search box type “cmd”, right click the entry and click Run as Administrator)
Type the following in the command prompt: mklink /d “C:\symlinks\Documents” “\\MyNAS\NetworkFolder” (changing the names of course, remember your local folder comes in the first set of double quotes, and your network path comes in the second set of double quotes!)

Hope this helps.

I had to use the 2nd... Read more

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We have a number of users who use Adobe Acrobat. When we do a "save as", by default it directs us to a folder called OLK and that is a hidden folder.
Can anyone help me with instructions on how to change the default "save as" to a folder of our choosing?
I apprciate your time.

A:Problem with DEFAULT save location

I'd look for a setting within the program itself. There should be an option to assign the default save / save as folder.

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I have a new HP Gaming laptop running Windows 10 which has a separate flash drive (labelled as Drive C) and the main hard drive labelled as Drive D. Windows and all pre-installed programmes are loaded on the Flash drive, but this is already running out of space so I would like to save future programmes and apps to the Hard Drive (D).  In Settings>System>Storage> I only get the option to change save location for Documents, Music, Pictures etc, but the location for saving New Apps is greyed out and set to C (Flash drive) by default. How can I change this please and keep main windows boot programme on the Flash drive which works really well for a fast PC start up. Thanks 

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I recently upgraded to Office 365 (OS is Windows 10). In previous versions I was able to specify a default "save" location for Outlook. For example, I often need to save a copy of an email message (in it's original format) on my desktop for storage in a folder outside of Outlook. In older Outlook versions I could select a message, and when I'd click "save as", my desktop would always be selected unless I opted to change the location manually. I've done some searching and can't seem to find any useful info on how to set this preference. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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I have put Desktop in Library, but "Set Save Location" is greyed out. I have many folders on Desktop, so if it will default to Desktop when I want to save a file or web page, I can quickly chose the folder to save to. This worked in XP, but I can't figure out how to do it in 8.1.


A:Make Desktop default save location in Win 8.1

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Quite a basic question that I can't find the answer to ...

How do I change the default save location for Office 2013 apps for all users in a domain?
To do it locally I see you can by Options > Save > Default Local File Location ... but what about all users? Is there not a group policy? A reg entry?

Ideally I want all users to save to c:\users\%username%\onedrive for business

Please help - this is such a simple thing but so problematic!

A:Office 2013 Default Save Location

Hi, Welcome to Seven forums.

Try this link. Set the Default Save Location to Computer in Office 2013 | trekker.net

There is a method of policy you can apply.

Keep us posted.

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Ok, i am about to confuse some people. BUT I have my main monitor set to my 1920x1080 screen but have my taskbar set to my 2nd screen (1680x1050) but my icons still keep going to my 1920x1080 screen. I have tried displayfusion and ultramon to see about a option to set icons to 2nd screen by default but with no luck.

how could I make my second screen be default for my icons but not as my main screen.

A:Help With Default Icon Desktop Save Location

guess i am asking too much lol

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this question has probably been answered before but i can't find it. if it has sorry about the repeat.

on the properties window for my music, pictures, and video folders there is a 'location' tab so that i can change where the files in those folders are actually stored. there is no 'location' tab for my documents folder, is it not possible to change the target location for the documents folder in vista?


A:moving location of documents folder

there is no 'location' tab for my documents folderClick to expand...

There should be. Can you check again.

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Hello all!

I was always wondering,

Is there some way that I can change the default save location of things? For instance.. Games... Virtual machines.. I want JUST documents to be in documents rather then a bunch of BS stuff. If I make a folder in documents like "BS Folder" and put everything I don't want in there then it confuses the software.

Is there anyway I can change something or work around it so when I click Documents in the start menu a select folder pops up that is full of stuff I want it to be full of.

Hopefully that makes sense..

As you can see in the photo.. I want stuff like that out of my Documents and somewhere else.


A:Changing the default save location of things from Documents

It sounds to me like you are talking about the Documents library and that you have folders "included" in this library that you do not want to be included anymore. Is this correct?

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If I choose to save an attachment that has been mailed to me, the default location is always:


I would like to nominate a different location. I have searched the Options, but cannot find anywhere to change this location.

Can anyone help with this?


A:Outlook 2010 setting default save location

Like this:Open Registry Editor (regedit), browse to HKEY_CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Options
Right click an empty spot on the right pane
Choose New > String Value
Rename the String Value you created to DefaultPath
Double click DefaultPath
Fill in new value data typing the full path of the new default Save As location

Restart Outlook, should work now.


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In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint I have the default file open and save locations pointing to a folder on the network. Whenever I choose to save an attachment in Outlook it defaults the My Documents folder. When I choose to open the attachment from within Outlook, whatever application (Word, Excel) the file opens in, when I click on Save As it defaults to a temp directory. Is there a way to change those default file location settings? Is this a setting in Outlook that I am missing, or is it built within the program? Any clues would be helpful.

A:Outlook 2000 default file save location

No, you cannot change it. You CAN, however, change the location of the save as when you click on the attachment icon, and hit File-Save attachment, but it requires a registry edit.

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I'm not sure if I posted in the right forum, as this involves Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, and Office 2010, but here goes.  I have a domain environment running Windows Server 2012 R2.  Only one domain controller is present.  We originally
had folder redirection enabled for all users (about 6 users).  Everything worked fine.  Then suddenly one day, the folder redirection GPO and security group disappeared.  The users were still redirected properly on their own PC, but if they
tried to login to another PC, they would not be redirected as the policy did not exist anymore.  I couldn't find any trace of the policy, so I had to recreate it from scratch and apply to all users.  For the most part, everything was successful. 
The folder redirection GPO was reapplied to all users and their My Documents folder was correctly redirected to the DC/File Server.  However, since recreating the GPO, when a user attempts to save a document in Microsoft Office (Word, excel, power point,
etc)  it defaults the save location to their desktop.  In the past, it use to default the save location to their "My Documents" folder.  I have checked the default save location in office (File -> options -> Save -> default
save location), and it correctly points to the "My Documents" folder.  It actually lists the UNC path to that users redirected documents folder on the server.  However... Read more

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