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Best Boot Drive Imaging Software

Q: Best Boot Drive Imaging Software

Hey guys, would like a general consensus on what you think is the best to use to backup a boot drive to an external so that if anything goes wrong on the internal boot, I can just pop a new drive in there and image/recover it back over easily, no frills, high reliability... and of course free is always good as long as it works for this one purpose: Acronis True Image Norton Ghost Clonezilla (free/open source) G4L (free/open source) BackupPC (free/open source) Bacula (free/open source) (Any Linux app, Ghost, ddrescue, etc....) (If applicable, Windows XP Pro and will have many programs installed, and possibly large files, i.e., HD video files, going from a 1TB internal to a 1TB external)

Preferred Solution: Best Boot Drive Imaging Software

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Best Boot Drive Imaging Software

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Can anyone recommend a good drive imaging software? I currently use Acronis True Image Workstation v9. The backup works quickly but I tried to re-image my machine off an external drive and a 13GB image was going to take over 2hrs, it froze too so it actually would have taken closer to 3hrs.

A:Drive imaging software

Acronis really is the best but the newer versions are faster...How much are you backing up? Are you on usb 2.0?
I mean I have used Ghost 14 and it's much slower and Nti backup, same thing.

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I am looking to buy and imaging software that I do not have to install, just pop the disk (or USB stick) in let it boot image the entire drive to external device.
When the PC crasher or I just want to start again I want to boot from the disk tell it where the image is and restore the entire drive to square one.

I am looking for software that does not have to be installed, just booted from.


A:Imaging software with boot option

Acronis True Image, just boot from the CD.

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Hi all!

I have recently installed a fresh copy of XP, with the relevant security updates, the programs I want and my personal settings.

I'm looking to create a disc like the Windows XP operating disc, just with all of my programs and settings.

Are there any free programs which will let me image my hard drive, then burn that image to a DVD?

I have been googling around and I did come up with a website which recommended some > williamaford.com/CloningaHDD.php I just don't know (if any) would suit me.

Thank you all

A:Hard drive imaging software

Are you specifically looking for freeware? I'd suggest investing $50 in good backup software that can image a drive as well as provide file/folder type recovery, do full and incremental backups, etc.

I use Acronis True Image (if your drive is a Western Digital drive there is a free version of Acronis as well)

/* edit */
EASUS disk copy is free for creating a full disk copy

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Hello all. My company (small - about 10 computers) recently did some computer upgrades that took forever. I had to go individually to each computer and install every program to each one. So, I am looking for a drive imaging program so that I can just make a clean snapshot and go from computer to computer and get it done easily.

So, anyone got a suggestion for a drive imaging program at minimal cost?


A:Solved: Drive Imaging Software

I haven't tried it, but the Easeus Todo Backup is free for "home use, noncommercial, small business and enterprises"
Most of the other free ones from companies are for Home use only, and the commercial versions require a license for each PC, so that can add up.

You might find an open source program from this list:

I've seen Clonezilla mentioned a few times.

If you have a Seagate HD, you can use this, which is based on Acronis:
Seagate DiscWizard
Western Digital has a free version as well I believe.

Acronis True Image
DriveImage XML
Macrium Reflect
Norton Ghost

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I am looking to use an drive image program that can just take an image of a SATA drive that has my windows xp prof on it. Then to be able to write that image on a new drive so that the two are identical.

I stumbled across this website here while doing some research:

Just wondering what some of the experts thought, thanks alot all!


A:Drive Imaging Software Suggestions Please

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8.1 installed on SSD,
Easeus backup doesn't see my HDD any more, so I can't make an image of it. It only sees the C drive and my external hard drive, but not the internal HDD (Hitachi 500 GB) that I use as a second drive for storing personal data.

I tried with Macrium Reflect, and same problem.

A:imaging software doesn't see second hard drive

Check to see if the drives are listed in the BIOS. You should also check to ensure all connections to the drive are secure. Then try again.

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Anyone know of good drive imaging software that can create images while the drive is in use, using Shadow Copy ?
I'm getting tired of vista and am just going to reinstall, back up the entire drives before

A:Looking for good drive imaging software, freeware

There is a free trial version of macrium reflect.
Macrium Reflect Backup and Hard Disk Image software for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008

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I often have to backup entire hard drive and to copy back some files when I format PCs. I usually use Acronis True Image Home with no compression but it is pretty slow to copy back (extract) files. I recently tryed DriveImage XML but it is also slow, it copy at 5-10 mb/s. Does anyone know a software that can do this much faster? Or a better method. I have a caviar black 2TB, thanks.

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Here is my situation:

I have upgraded a few days ago my daughter's PC from Windows 7 home premium to Windows 10 Home. The upgrade (a clean install) was done on a brand new SSD (Samsung 860 Evo 250gb). After the upgrade, I loaded several programs and created an image of my C: drive with Macrium reflect v7.2 free.

When I installed the Samsung Magician software I realized that AHCI mode was not activated. So I went into the UEFI and turned AHCI mode on. I saved and rebooted the PC. On reboot what I got was a blue screen of death (BSOD). In the process, I lost my Boot manager and had a hard time reboting. Now, everything is screwed up. Sometimes the PC boots and sometimes it does not. It is a mess. It is not reliable at all. When it boots though, everything works normally. Every time, I just do not know if I will be able to reboot or not.

I did not know that I should have enabled the AHCI mode in the BIOS (or UEFI if you prefer) BEFORE installing Windows 10.

To solve the problem, I am thinking of running a restore with Macrium Reflect as I have an image of the boot drive dated the day PRIOR to the day I changed the AHCI mode in the UEFI. BEFORE I restore, I want to change the UEFI setting of AHCI mode to ON.

My question is this:

Question 1
If I do just that, will it save my butt ? I mean not have to re-install everything.

Question 2
Will windows install the necessary drivers for the AHCI mode (after the image is restored) or will it turn AHCI mode back to IDE... Read more

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After installing Spy Sweeper, all of my imaging software programs no longer work. Has anyone heard of a problem such as this. I have Photo Explosion and HP Image Zone. I deleted both imaging programs and have re-installed HP Image Zone, but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions??

A:Software Conflicts SpySweeper and Imaging Software

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Whats the best 'Free' imaging software available for manipulating your digital photos to your desire?

One that is pretty straight forward & no need to read masses of information first & can be done quickly?

Any help is appreciated !!

A:Imaging software !!

Not sure if I understand your question correctly...digital photos

But if you need a good imaging software which is 'Free' try -

Irfan View

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I work for an Audio Visual Rental company and I just started working in the computer department. We have an inventory of nearly a 100 computers going out frequently. Sometimes 2 or 3 a day, sometimes 50 a day. I am trying to look into options for imaging software as we image every computer every time it is rented. So looking for software that is easy to use. and able to image a lot of machine at once if needed. We do have a 16 port KVM switcher. I have heard of a few different types of software so just trying to look at my options. Although I don't have the specs we do have a new server to run it if needed. Any opinions would be appreciated and or suggestions would be appreciated.

Edit: For windows Xp

A:Imaging software

Norton Ghost (I use this one)
Acronis True Image (most users like this one, images and backup incrementally)
Acronis Migrate Easy (Just disk clone - quite good!)
Drive Image (Basically an alternative)
DriveImage XML (This one is free!)
MaxBlast (I haven't used this, but it's free)
pc-disk-clone(Home Edition: Up to 2GB/min, Pro Edition: Up to 7GB/min)

Imaging: Backs up your entire system, including Windows and data, plus your partition as well. The image can be stored on removable media, such as DVD. And usually takes under an hour (depending on size of image) to fully recover to a blank HardDrive.

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I'm looking for the "best" imaging software. If I had my preferences they'd be: free (or cheap) and easy to use (shadow copy for example). A really "nice to have" - hardware independence (able to install on another machine even if not 100% the same machine, like a MB change).

A:Imaging software

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i am looking for any software that is capable of taking images of servers which are using RAID (hardware RAID). I thought initially of Ghost, but on checking their website, this does not work if server is configured using RAID... Any idea's

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Doing some investigation for my dad who has a mac with snow leopard software.

Any suggestions on imaging software that work with a mac. That way, if his hard drive crashes he has his os and other programs on an external drive.

I found two-Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper, but both were free downloads which I am always hesitant to take advantage of do to possible viruses and malware issues.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:imaging software for mac

Go to the bottom of your page and click on REPORT Then ask to be moved to the apple forum You may get more help there . Thanks

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I've been a long time Norton Ghost user, but they still don't have a Win 8 compatible version. So I am looking into other brands. I've read some older threads here on the topic, I see Macrium comes up a lot, and I have used it a few times in the past, never on Win 8. I've used Acronis, but it has a bad record for reliability from the reading I've done on the Acronis forum and other places.

I've used the Win 7 imaging app. I don't really like the lack of flexibility and features. Especially when it comes to incremental backup.

What I need is an app that will do incremental images, that will backup and restore the MBR, and that is reliable.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


A:Need imaging software

For Windows 8, I purchased Paragon Backup and Restore 12 home. It has backed up and restored MBR as well as GPT with UEFI/SecureBoot enabled. I've created backups on 3 different machine types and have been able to restore on all 4.

It's $39 and you can build a Windows PE disc with the Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment Kit (free download), and easily pack in any drivers you need. Unlike Acronis which requires the Plus Pack to build custom Windows PE, you can do it with just the $39 Paragon software.

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I am looking for some imaging s/w so I can backup my PC and store it on an external HD. I prefer not to use Acronis. Can someone recommend some. Doesn't need to be free either.


A:Imaging software

This may be what you seek, Cobian Backup

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I'm interested in creating a complete image of my hard drive to an external USB drive. Eventually I would like to create images of 2 laptops to this external drive also. I've heard good things about both Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image. I know Acronis True Image is about $20 cheaper than Norton Ghost, but Buy.com has a good price on Norton right now along with a $42 rebate. The cost is not the big issue. I'm more interested in a product that's going to work and be hassle-free as much as possible. Any recommendations? Thanks.

A:Imaging Software

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can i make the images of my installed applications?

A:software imaging

Are you hoping to use these in case you need to reinstall the application? If so, the answer is no, because installation makes changes to the registry and it is these entries that you need to make the application run.

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Can anyone please let me know of any software that will allow me to image my servers... The servers have hardware RAID and i believe Ghost, etc does not support RAID configurations.

A:Imaging software

Server Magic from Powerquest would work but it's expensive.

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I have Ghost 2003 and while I have apparently made a successful image to my external drive and a successful integrity check, I want an imaging application that is a little more intuitive. Also, while it has been my experience that virtually all software support falls short, Symantic is in a league by itself.
Does anyone have a suggestion?

A:What is the best imaging software

I always used Ghost until I started working on a Netware network. Has always worked great for me. I still use it for my home network which includes my Linux servers.

I see alot of people recommending Acronis True Image.

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I am looking for some imaging s/w so I can backup my PC and store it on an external HD. I prefer not to use Acronis. Can someone recommend some. Doesn't need to be free either.


A:Imaging software

Hi bruinator.What OS are you using?I tested XXClone on XP a few weeks ago and worked well. It's also a freebie.Just make sure you duplicate the volume ID as some software uses it to function correctly.There is also the option of make the drive bootable in the "cool tools" menu.Not listed as Vista compatable though.

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I'm curious to know if someone can assist me in locating an application that I wish to use. I'm looking for an application that is similar to a part of the Altiris Deployment Solution.I need a program that will scan all the active files in the system then allow me to perform any actions, installations, and whatever else I want to do that I want to become part of the image and then have it scan the system again to find all the file and registry changes that were made since the programs were installed and then copy all that data into most preferably a self-executing file but if that's not possible a file that could be saved to be deployed to perform all the changes that were snapshot within that period of time.I really appreciate anyone who can assist me in my endeavor since I've lost access to Altiris' Deployment Solution.Jon MichaelEdit: Moved topic from All Other Applications to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Snapshot Imaging Software

Graphic Design and Photo Editing section? I was asking about computer system file/registry snapshot system, not regular snapshots like photos.

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Just been asked a question that baffled me. A friend of mine DJ's in a Local nightclub. The club has numerous TFT's around which display messages via a laptop which is running powerpoint. His problem was that when new messages were added the editing process was being projected on the TFT's.

My question ...

Is there any real time editing software that could get rid of this problem, so that the revelers don't see the editing process and just the newely created images / messages. Without disabling the shared desktop and re-enabling it.



A:Imaging Software for Nightclubs

I would imagine the problem is the data projector is going to show all actions shown on the laptop screen, so I doubt there would be software to overcome that. You could have another laptop for pps creation and then just transfer the file over with a crossover cable, WiFi or memory card.

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I am having a lot of my negatives transferred to a CD. I want to get software that will let me do such things as trim or crop, and lighten or darken. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what software I might consider? I am looking for something pretty simple because I don't plan to do anything very sophisticated. Thanks, grandpaw7

A:Photo Imaging Software---which?

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I apologize if I am guilty of double posting.

Earlier today, I started http://forums.techguy.org/windows-7/1029852-w7-creating-image.html , in hopes that someone could tell me how to use W7's backup utility to create an image to DVDs.

Thus far, I have not found an answer.

Thus, to my fall back position:
If not, are you aware of a 3rd party program available which provides me with the opportunity to create an image without installing the program? Why would I want to do that? Because I want to avoid the remote, but real, possibility of file corruption during /after the 3rd party program has been installed.

I am skilled in the use of Acronis True Image to clone my HDDs.

W7 Pro 32 bit, NTFS
Fresh / Clean instal

Thanks for your time.


A:Imaging [ to DVD ] software or method, please

I accept your apology, and closed the other thread.

I've never done it, nor would I want to, but it was my understanding that Windows 7's "Create a system image" works with DVDs (see attachment). Are you asking how to get to that point (attachment) or is something not working?

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I am the IT Manager of a casino and I need to find a hard drive imaging solution that won't make management laugh when I show them the price tag. The software I like the best is Acronis True Image, but best price I have found to image 22 PCs and 9 servers is almost $9000.

I've tried Symantec Ghost, but I am not crazy about it. The last version I used was slow, and unlike Acronis, you could not make images without taking the server offline.

I've also tried FarStone, but it consumes a lot of hard drive space to store the image.

Any suggestions? It would be nice to find a freeware version, but I've almost given up hope on that.

A:Suggestions For HDD Imaging Software?

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Hey all -

What is a good Disk Imaging Software available that can:

a. interface with a NAS to retrieve the image files for restore (and save to NAS)

b. can run in the background without need of reboot (ie. servers running 24/7)

Anyone have any favorites? I looked at Norton Ghost 14.0 but reviews are bad for the product. And nowhere did I see that it doesn't require a reboot.

I found Powerquest Drive Image 7.0 did these features but is no longer available.


A:Need a Disk Imaging Software

Acronis can do scheduled backups.

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i'm not sure where to start here. i have an older compaq 7470 that originally ran win98. it was giving me grief so a friend made some changes and installed drive image on it. it was running great so he made the image and we burned it to disks. he said i could use it basically like the restore disks that came with the pc. time went bye and i bought a new system!! but now i want to fix this one up for a starter-pc for my son...instead of a new one to learn on. i thought i could clean it up by restoring it and when it rebooted it said 'no OS was found on the system'. i found a download for the imaging software and put it on the new pc to create rescue disks, which got the pc back up and running. but its back on win98 again and showing the same errors it did before the fix up.

im not familiar with this powerquest drive image 2002 software and im at my wits end here trying to replace the old set-up with the image disks we burned. i havent spoken to this friend in awhile and theres no help there. all i wanna know is...how can i wipe this pc out and restore the last image we made?? ive been reading the help section and trying and im beginning to think i might be just adding more and more stuff to it. is there any way to just format the hd and start with the image disks? btw...i burned the image software in case i lose it on that pc again.

i just wanna get this thing back how it was so my kiddo can learn on it...(my mind is now warped so pretend im a first grader!... Read more

A:(Solved) help with imaging software

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Does anyone know of any imaging software which can back up large hard drives to a smaller image file, either onto a dvd or 2 or to a partition.

I would like this software to create bootable dvd/s containing the image.

This is basically to back up a system drive typically 500gigs with up to around 20gigs of files, & in case of system failure I would like to boot directly from the dvd/s or partition to fully restore the system.

I have used Ghost 12 in the past, but the compression does not seem to be high enough, It worked ok for Windows XP, But not Vista as it is a much larger operating system.

I have seen pc manufacturers restore discs which can do this, & some systems allow the user to create their own.
I have not been able to find any software like this which is commercially available.
Thanks for any replies


A:Imaging software with compression

This will compress to about 60>70% of the occupied space in any partition.
The trial DL is fully functional for 15 days.

Better price .. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832200008&Tpk=acronis

It's best to put your personal data in another partition .. If you have many gigs of it ... then back it up separately.
You can also store the Image file in another partition .. preferably a physically different HD.

It will make a bootable CD that will run it in your computer .. once loaded into Ram.
then you can tell it which recovery Image to restore from.

I would not suggest trying to use a DVD for the Image .. an External HD is the best.

Here's some freebee's recommendations ...

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Hey all, I've been using Macrium Reflect Free Edition for some time now to safeguard against catastrophic failure. I'm considering getting a licensed version of either it or something like Acronis True Image that will support incremental backups. As it stands now, with the free version backups take many hours which would lead me to think the process is putting undue wear and tear on my backup drive. I've also seen some free software that folks claim to be excellent, Clonezilla comes to mind. 
To get more to the point, I'm noticing features listed in comparisons for various backup software packages, some of which don't seem to be explained very well. I've read a bit about 'Restoring to dissimilar hardware' features and the like but I'm wondering if all of that is really necessary or can you just implement a Windows recovery and get the same effect?
If anyone has any recommendation or would like to share their personal backup formula that would be appreciated. Network backup would be helpful as well.

A:Imaging Software Features

I don't know what you are backing up...but I find my backups using Macrium Reflect Free take minutes.  I just back up the Windows partition (which also reflects programs installed) and I don't include data files (I already have duplicate copies of all).
I keep it simple .

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I now use MS Digital Imaging for correcting my photos, (red eye, croping, exposure settings, Light balancing, etc).

Can you recommend a good software package to do the same. MS does not have a new version of mine, they don't make it any longer.


I need many functions, since I make DVD's from these photos.

A:Software for Imaging correction

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hi guys,
i know about macrium reflect imaging software, what other free imaging/cloning software do you guys use and recommend ?????

thanks for your time, bluesfloyd

A:imaging/cloning software

Clonezilla, Acronis and EaseUS todo free.

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I would like a good image utility that would allow me to create an exact image of my hd including drivers and applications. I basically want something that would have a boot cd where I could load an image either off the cd itself or an external usb drive/HD.

I know a few people at work use acronis, but I don't know alot about it. Are there any other recommendations for reliability and simplicity?

A:Best imaging backup software

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Can Images be tranferred into paperport if they have already been scanned inot another imaging program?

A:PaperPort Imaging software

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I just had a bad experience with [email protected] Disk image and have sent them a support ticket.
I'm wondering what good imaging software I can use.
How is the Windows 7 File Recovery that comes with Windows 8.
When trying to restore an image yesterday I booted to [email protected] boot disk and after only a few minutes I got the following error:
"Failed to write (number of bytes) to disk at T1048576. Error=0"
Now unless I get a reply soon form them I will go with other imaging software.


A:Best Imaging Software Suggestions

I used Acronis True Image for number of years, But in Windows 8, the Shell Extension caused explorer to freeze so I switch to use a free version of Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download and really like it: fast, nice interface, very easy to use and ...FREE
To create a rescue disk, I downloaded a copy from one of the forum member
WHS: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=475A0...A6D4035%211812.

Make sure you always verify the image after every back up

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Hello Bleeping Computer folks,
I was wondering: If you use an image backup software (i.e. Acronis True Image) to re-image one drive to another, then will the licenses of the applications still remain? Or are they wiped as in a completely new installation?
I'm asking this because my HDD has signs of failing, yet I have some software that I couldn't afford to lose its license.
Thank you for answering.

A:Software licenses and imaging

All your licensing will be intact including your Windows Activation. I have reimaged many time with Macrium Free and I have never had a problem with licensing. The image you have is one that was done prior to the drive failing, correct?

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Okay, in your OWN personal option, which software would you get to do the following:

1. Shink the image before writing.
2. Make a recue disk.


A:Disk Imaging Software

I use Macrium Reflex Free which lets you select the degree of compression of the image and has two types of rescue disks, one Linux and one Windows PE.


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Hi, i need to image a harddrive of a computer and was wondering what the best way to do this is? any good programs to try?
many thanks


A:Harddrive imaging software

try macrium, it's free.

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I'm looking into creating an image my computer but before I began, I was wondering if anyone had any recommended software to do this with. Thank much.

A:Recomended Imaging Software?

Are your system specs correct in saying you are using XP?

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you can use the built-in backup program. See this tutorial: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...ge-backup.html

If you're not using Vista or 7, look at Acronis or Macrium Reflect.

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Hey guys, i want to move a windows XP system to another hard drive. What disk imaging programs are available to me? Any free options beside having to buy norton ghost?

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Disk Imaging Software

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I have looked around on the forum and I found that most people recommended Acronis True Image 11 for disk imaging software. Is this the best software for the job?
Thanks for a reply

A:New disk imaging software

Yes, unless you need serious forensic type copy.

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Ok I had a virus on my laptop recently. I got the virus off of it but it was messing with my search and internet and popping up multiple things. It's a school computer that I'm using and I will need to send it back. To get this stuff off of my hard drive I used the reimaging software sent by the school.

My question is is there any way that the school will be able to recover the internet files that were on there and if so how can i delete it so they won't.
It's a thinkpad with windows XP.


A:Re-imaging software Question

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After many hours of work, I finally have my Laptop set up the way i like it. Clean install, all drivers and updates, AVG and Adaware, Firefox 3, Wininternals goodies, etc., etc.

For the next time Micro$oft Winblows messes up, I'd like to make a disk image to restore it to the exact state it is in now after dumping the trash into the Format c:\ waste bin.

Is Norton Ghost the best option? Or is another better? Thank you in advance. You guys are great!

A:What Is The Best Disk Imaging Software?

Independent reviews of free drive imaging progs at TechSupportAlert as a start, I'm sure others will make useful suggestions too:


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I love starting my day with a freebie so here goes, Look I know that Irfanview is a wonderful do it all program for your pictures, but just found out that Google bought Picasa Software and while I tried it when it cost $$ its even better now that its FREE! You can get it here at Picasa
So hope you can use it, good luck,

A:FREE Imaging Software!

Thanks, cooldep. The site looks great.

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