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DVD RW on Laptop plays DVD movies and CD's but not sofware

Q: DVD RW on Laptop plays DVD movies and CD's but not sofware


My DVD player on my Dell Laptop plays DVD movies and CD's but doesn't load computer game software. It recognises the name of the software on the icon in my computer but and spins the disk but does not load the software..any thoughts ?? this is a new problem, the computer is only few months old and has been fine up to now. Not sure if somehow the settings have changed.

The only change I have made to the system was to change the DVD player from region 4 to region 2 temporarily ( I was still able to use software then ) and this has since been changed back to region 4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


Preferred Solution: DVD RW on Laptop plays DVD movies and CD's but not sofware

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: DVD RW on Laptop plays DVD movies and CD's but not sofware

I had almost the same problem just yesterday. Mine would read everyting except dvd program disks. I went to control panel, system, hardware, device manager. Right click on the dvd and uninstall. Reboot and let windows find and reinstall the dirve.
It worked for me. Good luck.

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Is there particular software I can use that when I play a video it goes very fast. Let's say a 30 minute recording (or multiple hours) that I have it blast through in 5 minutes.......I've been told Corel or maybe Adobe?

A:Solved: software that plays records/plays movies fast?

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Hey! My comp can play music but when I play DVDs or run .avis I only get background music and the vocal audio is so low it's almost muted. I can't figure it out. I have DivX installed and AC3Filter as well but I use WMP and Cyberlink PowerDVD, no vocals from either. Do I need codecs? How do I find out which I need?

A:Music Plays / No Vocals in Movies / Background Music Plays

I've been able to boost sound with the AC3Filter and get DVD vocals now through WMP but I still am not getting any vocals from my DVDs when played through my Cyberlink PowerDVD. Any suggestions? I'm sure I'm missing a codec or something but I can't figure out what. The website I used to go to to download audio codecs for WMP11 looks down for the count so I'm at a loss.

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Im using Power dvd and its a free trial. Is that why?
pentium 3.0 ghz, 1 gig memory, cooler maxed out, 500 wt power supply, 9800 pro, 128mb. I dont see why...
the movies play fine, but they are slightly slow...I guess I could watch them like this, but it gets pretty annoying and I wish it was smooth...

its ATAPI 16X...btw.

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Hello all, I have a lite-on dvdrw sohw-1673s dvd player/burner. When I try to play a movie, in this case the Superbad DVD, it clicks once and does nothing, and nero says drive is not ready. Yet if I put a game in, there is no problem reading it. Any ideas why this could be?


A:DVD Player. Plays games, but not movies?

does it play any movies?
is this a burned movie or original?
have you tried using Power DVD software?

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I have a sony vaio desk top vgc-rb30 . I made a music cd couple a days ago , when i played it I notice that there were only few songs that was burned on the cd , half of it was blank ... so when I tried to do it again it would do nothing. don't no what happen??? I'd really appreciate if someone would help me. please!!!

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How do I burn movies from my computer and burn it so I can watch it on my DVD player? Do I need a dvd burner or any special programs in order to make it work?

A:How do I burn movies from computer so it plays on DVD player?

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HI, i'm new to this forum and am at my wits end with the XFX GeForce 6600 GT 128MB DDR3 AGP card i just bought. My old graphics card is an nforce2 integrated into the motherboard. AFter a lot of frustration--turning bios to agp/integrated, buying a new powersupply (computer had 250watt needed 350), deleting all old graphic drivers--it seemed the new 6600 card still didn't work. I was testing it by playing videos. When a windows media player file is played the computer basically freezes, and i checked the cpu usage during the freeze at it is at 100 for the media player. Thats when i tried testing my direct X (which i updated) and it worked fine. So i tried a game and the card worked fine. It was quite an upgrade graphically from my old card. But i still can't get my computer, with the new card, to play any windows media files, real player files, or any video whatsoever. Any idea why my card can play games (half life 2, world of warcraft) great, but can't play movies at all? I looked at Nvidia settings and couldn't find anything that might solve the problem. It also seems my computer recognizes my new graphics card only, according to device manager. I'm stumped and EXTREMELY frustrated. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

A:video card plays games, but not movies. HELP PLEASE

don't think it's the card

I think maybe when you deleted ALL the old graphics drivers, it sounds like maybe you deleted some that applied to to your programs, not only the ones for your previous vidoe card. You might check through device manager, in sounds, video etc., and see if you accidentally deleted things needed for the media players you mentioned. Since your monitor works, and the games work, it's probably not related to the card. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling Media Player, etc? That might fix 'em. Good luck. :knock:

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Mornin' All - first time poster so apologies if this has been posted previously...

I've just acquired a machine from a friend with Microsoft XP Media Center 2002 installed. I'm going to build a lifestyle system integrated into the house but when I try to play a movie (.avi) in Media Center, the screen is red and you can only just make out a picture. Anyone have any ideas what that is please? I can supply spec of machine etc if needed.

I hate getting beaten by machines!

Thank in advance,


A:Media Center 2002 plays movies in red!

Hi sparkster, welcome to TSF

From what you're describing, it seems like a codec issue. Have you updated them?

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I am sure this is an easy fix, but I can't figure this out:

The DVD RW drive on my laptop can play movies, but it will not recognize blank DVD's. I have tried DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+RW and nothing works. I am trying to backup some data and getting really frustrated.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



A:DVD drive plays movies but won't read blank DVDs

Download DVD Info Pro

Install it
Activate Later (button, bottom right hand corner)

Now you know for sure, if it can write DVDs

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plz help with this dont know what the problem could be is it windows 10?

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I download my movies off a flashdrive and play them on my laptop. the movies with MPEG types play with sound and everything and everything else doesnt have sound. What do i do to get sound on those video types like MKV, AVI Type files. 

A:I download movies onto my laptop and the movies with a MPEG ...

Hi @Noath17bell, Welcome to the HP Forum. I grasp that you downloaded movies onto an USB drive,  when you try to play them , the ones in  MPEG format has both video and audio.but the other formats you get the video but no audio. As this does not appear to be a hardware issue, but a software one please contact Chromebook Help.  HP does not support the Chrome operating system but does support the hardware.  This link may also be useful. HP Chrome OS - Frequently Asked Questions about Your HP Chromebook or Chromebox. Good Luck! To say thanks for helping, please click the "Thumbs Up Icon" below. If you feel this post lead to a resolution, please choose "Accepted Solution "  to help others who may have a similar query find it with greater ease.

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Hello everyone,I have been having this problem for quite sometime, my computer plays constant music at random intervals, and I get redirected to random sites by a 50/50 chance on everything I click online (whether it be YouTube, Google, Dogpile, Facebook, anything). I followed the instructions here and so I have the DDS log. I will both copy and paste it onto this topic as well as attach it. I hope I can get help for this virus! I can't imagine why someone would make such ridiculous viruses. My computer is an HP Phoenix Desktop. I think the virus is a rootkit backdoor virus or trojan or something.DDS (Ver_2012-10-14.05) - NTFS_AMD64 Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.5.1Run by dragoon at 17:53:20 on 2012-10-15Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.3838.1335 [GMT -4:00].SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}.============== Running Processes ===============.C:\Windows\system32\wininit.exeC:\Windows\system32\lsm.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunchC:\Windows\system32\nvvsvc.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k rpcssC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcsC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k GPSvcGroup... Read more

A:Infected with an unkown virus that plays constant music plays in background as well as redirects on almost everything I click

Hello and welcome. Please follow these guidelines while we work on your PC:Malware removal is a sometimes lengthy and tedious process. Please stick with the thread until I?ve given you the ?All clear.? Absence of symptoms does not mean your machine is clean! Please do not run any scans or install/uninstall any applications without being directed to do so.Please note that the forum is very busy and if I don't hear from you within five days this thread will be closed. Download aswMBR.exe to your desktop.Double click the aswMBR.exe to run itYou will be asked if you want to use Avast! Free anti virus for scanning - select NoClick the "Scan" button to start scanOn completion of the scan click save log, save it to your desktop and post in your next reply.Please include the following in your next post:aswMBR log

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Hi good day all,
i am new to the site, anyways i made a movie using windows movie maker and burned using windows dvd maker, the burned disc plays on the laptop but does not play on a dvd player. My system is running on vista. can anyone advise or help so that i may be able to burn the disc and watch on a normal dvd player thanks.

A:dvd plays on laptop but not dvd player

What format are the files in? What application are you using to play the video?

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Hi folks i am new to the site, my problem is that i made a movie and tried burning using windows dvd maker on my dell laptop. now it works well on my laptop but the dvd does not play in any dvd player (home or portable). can anyone help??? thanks

A:Solved: dvd plays on laptop but not dvd player

What's the file format of your movie?

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my laptop wont play cds or installation cds so i cant install stuff does anyone know why this might be,thanks

A:laptop plays dvds not cd roms

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Hi - new here and hoping someone can give me advice. Have a Dell inspiron laptop and all of a sudden it will only play sound thru the headphones - not the internal speakers (not sure if kids did something or...??) . I am not computer savy - but found where I could run diagnostic at startup and testing the sound - it played just fine with the internal speakers during the test. I have tried all the diagnostic tests that I could find. Is there some type of internal switch that could not be turning on for the internal speakers? Again -don't know much - but can't afford a hefty repair bill. Thanks for any advice I think the computer has sigma tel high def...??


A:Laptop plays sound only thru headphones


i found this on my brothers inspiron 9400, there was a setting in the audio properties that was set, i cant remember it now but i found it by accident, he was running XP by the way.

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Winamp wont play my .FLV files but plays MP4, MP3 etc....

Tho MP4 are not fully supported stock (Full Version) it will play and gets sound. Plays .mp3 and will que .FLV files but will not play them period with or without sound.

It was working fine the last time i tried it just a few days ago. I've tried reinstalling it and changing settings to no avail.

Does anyone know of a complete uninstaller/sweeper or how to check/correct something corrupted in the .FLV area? VLC works as good as it did.

!! Thank You !!

A:Winamp Plays wont play .FLV but plays others...

Well as stated winamp was seemingly working. Played MP3 files and even MP4. Tho natively Winamp does not support mp4 without jumping thru a gazillion more hoops and add-ons. This thing comes bundled with more then the avg user even needs (IMO) or can track or understand.

Either way, (i've been thru this before too) .FLV are "Adobe Flash files" (i knew this too).

Ahem... adobe had been recently uninstalled. Of course winamp in all its glory ...

...day of age....

..realm of realism...

...is not able to tell a user "Hey stoopid... your ahhh missing something... its called "whatever" and in this case a well known file format ...ADoooooobie Macromedia Flash Support":




- Dooo dee doo... keep the dubers... i use Adobe, thank you!

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I had a HP XE3, Celeron 866. Recently 2 people tripped on the AC cord. Naturally, I disassembled and resoldered the power jack. No sweat. This happened again, so instead of resoldering again, I found a complete mobo/CPU/lower case deal on ebay from a computer store. The store is legit, positive feedbacks, tested parts etc. Even recieved phone calls from the seller.
All my parts, LCD, RAM, DVD drive, keyboard, HDD etc. fit perfectly.. except the cooling fan.
The my fan had 2 pins instead of 3 on the new board. I removed the negative pin from the connecter and placed it on pin 3, then placed the other on pin 1. Voila, fan works.
I re-assembled and went to boot up. No beeps. Got all the way to XP Pro splash screen, then the unit shut off. I hit the power button again, and didn't get quite as far. Now when I hit the power button, the fan comes on for 10 seconds or so, slows then comes back on again 5 seconds later..then unit shuts off. No picture at all now since the first 2 attempts.
I've tested with and without the battery, with and without drives and reseated CPU and RAM several times.
Here's the kicker-
The XE3's have media buttons on the front which allow you to play Audio CDs, change the volume and eject the tray etc. without booting the machine up. It WILL play CDs and works fine, so this tells me that the mobo is getting power etc. I've tried different RAM sticks and same results when I try to power up, on for 20 seconds or so, no video, fan wor... Read more

A:Laptop won't post. Has power, plays CD's..help!!!!!! HP XE3 1.13ghz

The my fan had 2 pins instead of 3 on the new board. I removed the negative pin from the connecter and placed it on pin 3, then placed the other on pin 1. Voila, fan works.
Click to expand...

Pretty sure that 3rd pin is for some form of RPM detection or a different voltage for fan speed control. It might be shutting down because of that not being right.

found this drawing. http://www.jmcproducts.com/products/dc_fans/pdf/92x92x25_12H_PWM.pdf

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I'm helping my father from 700 miles away with the best available resources I can, I believe it boils down to he needs a different DVD decoder, we've got DTS working etc.

He plays the DVD on his HDTV and it's blurry.

However, when just using the laptop with the HDMI to HDTV, everything looks crystal clear.

I had him do a simple diagnostic,

I had him set a screen saver to some 3d text, max the spin rotation all that, and as big as he could make the text.

It was clear as a bell!

However, the DVD is not.

If I'm correct, when processing a DVD to play on a monitor or HDMI to HDTV, the graphics card(Intel Media Accelerator X4500MHD), does minimal work outside of broadcasting the resolution(I believe CPU would be doing most of the work, converting the DVD to be capable to be understandable through a GFX card), where as if you were to play a game it would take a load on the GFX card, yet, I believe that the game would look crystal clear on the HDTV as the screensaver did, because the graphics card is rendering data and broadcasting it's true state.

However, with a DVD it does have certain differences.

He is using Windows Media Player, I got him a few code packs;

Media Player Codec Pack 3.4
K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.7.0

I'm not sure what version of DirectX he is running, I'll be able to help him get the latest version tommorow.

Any other ideas?

A:Laptop to HDTV - DVD plays but is slightly blurry.

Bump Bump,

I know someone has some perspective xD

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Hoping you can help me. I appear to something on my computer that causes it to play music or adverts periodically. The pattern seems to be that it will play something once for about a minute or so then stop. The computer continue to work fine when it's happening. Then the same thing plays again, maybe 10 minutes later; this continues to happen until I turn off the computer, and often it starts again.

Then it will stop for a day or two, and then start again, this time with a new piece of music or advert.

Apart from that, the computer seems to run fine.

I'm away from home so not sure if I have a Windows Install or Boot Disk. I bought the computer new a bit over a year ago so I will have anything that came with the computer at home.

I've attached the requested logs. I had problems with GMER - it kept crashing and causing the computer to restart. I then ran it using 'Sections' and 'C' only. I managed to save the log, but then the computer crashed again.

Text from DDS is below.

Thanks very much in advance for your help.

DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86
Run by simon at 14:01:00.39 on 18/08/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18943
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Business 6.0.6002.2.1252.44.1033.18.3002.1305 [GMT 1:00]

SP: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! *disabled* (Updated) {67844DAE-4F77-4D69-9457-98E8CFFDAA22}
SP: Windows Defender *enabled* (Updated) {D68DDC3A-831F-4FAE-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\... Read more

A:laptop plays musics/ads at random times

Hello, and welcome to TSF.

I am currently reviewing your log. I will be back with a fix for your problem as soon as possible.

Please subscribe to this thread to get immediate notification of replies as soon as they are posted. To do this click Thread Tools, then click Subscribe to this Thread. Make sure it is set to Instant Notification, then click Subscribe.

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My laptop slid out of the trunk of the car and it dropped onto asphalt. The screen is still in color, but most videos such as Youtube videos are in black and white.

A:I dropped my laptop, now it mostly plays YouTube videos in b...

johncordek Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Sorry, but I don't have very good news for you ...Notebooks are designed to be light and portable -- at the expense of ruggedness and survivability. Dropping a notebook can result in numerous internal failures that you don't see: motherboard cracks, chip damage, connector damage, hard disk damage, screen backlight damage -- NONE of which is easy or cheap to repair. Without extensive diagnostics, there is no simple way to know if the laptop is "OK". It may power up, but there may easily be different problems, as listed above.You can TRY running the built-in laptop diagnostics by pressing F2 repeatedly while rebooting and selecting the diagnostics. IF those all pass, there might still be minor damage that those do not detect.My suggestion is that if the PC is still under warranty, you contact an HP Service Center to see if they will provide you an estimate on the diagnostics and repair costs. Here is information on them:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00372730?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0004If the PC is no longer under warranty, then you would have to pay HP to look at it and run diagnostics. You might consider using a local laptop repair facility rather than sending the laptop to an HP Service Center.Good Luck

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DVD plays on laptop but does not project through projector onto screen While attempting to play a DVD from a Panasonic Satellite laptop using any Video Player, we can get the frame of the DVD player software to project through the Panasonic PT-LB20U Projector, we see the DVD image on the laptop, but no DVD image through the projector. We have checked all connections, restarted both the projector and laptop. We have toggled the Fn+F5 keys. We get other images to display through the projector, but no DVD image. The frame where the DVD is playing on the laptop appears but no video displays within the frame on the projector. The video is playing in the frame on the laptop.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5700 , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152617 MB, Free - 89244 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, DBQ02, Null, 0123456789AB
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:DVD plays on laptop but does not project through projector onto screen

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Audio was working fine on my laptop, when suddenly the laptop would not play sound through its internal speakers.  If I plug in headphones the audio is fine.  Running Control Panel/Sound shows "Speakers and Dual Headphones - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" enabled and set as the default device, as well as "Independent Dual Headphones" (enabled but not default), and "SPDIF (Digital Out via HP Dock)" disabled.  What can be wrong?

View Solution.

A:Laptop plays sound through headphones but not through intern...

Cured the problem by uninstalling the CODEC driver, then restarting Windows which then reinstalled it, and now things are ok again.

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I have an IBM T41 laptop with Windows XP installed. When I try to play a DVD, the movie plays on my laptop screen. However, when I attach a projector to the laptop, I can see the movie playing in my laptop but no video comes out of the projector. The only thing I can see are the menus but no video.

A:DVD plays on laptop screen but no video comes out using LCD projector

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I recently installed bearshare on my laptop and it was only a few days later that I have begun having problems with laptop.  Adverts opening on screen, adverts being opened on additional tabs by themselves and also audio adverts playing whilst there arent even any tabs open for them - as if they are playing themselves in the back ground. Looks like I will NOT be installing any P2P (I have been reading about this tonight) on my laptop or other devices again! Meanwhile.....I need your help!
First of all......I jumped the gun! Not intentionally though..
I uninstalled bearshare and a few other things that I didnt need/want from my lappy.
I then googled searched and read a few of your posts on the same issue.
I disabled Norton antivirus
I downloaded and installed Combofix
Here is the report below;  I realise 'now' that I should of waited for you guys.
It has not asked me to alter or change anything.  Just ran and then produced this report.
I also just read in your home screen under the software that I should of renamed it.....do you need to do that and how do I do that now?
Thanks so very much, Robyn.
ComboFix 14-06-30.01 - Robyn 30/06/2014  16:51:57.1.4 - x64
Microsoft Windows 8  6.2.9200.0.1252.61.1033.18.3546.1632 [GMT 10:00]
Running from: c:\users\Robyn\Downloads\ComboFix.exe
AV: Norton 360 Premier Edition *Disabled/Updated* {D87FA2C0-F526-77B1-D6EC-0EDF3936CEDB}
AV: Windows Defender *Disabled/Upda... Read more

A:Laptop plays adverts whilst no tabs are open...

Hello! Welcome to BleepingComputer Forums!
My name is Georgi and and I will be helping you with your computer problems.
Before we begin, please note the following:
I will working be on your Malware issues, this may or may not, solve other issues you have with your machine.
The logs can take some time to research, so please be patient with me.
Stay with the topic until I tell you that your system is clean. Missing symptoms does not mean that everything is okay.
Instructions that I give are for your system only!
Please do not run any tools until requested ! The reason for this is so I know what is going on with the machine at any time. Some programs can interfere with others and hamper the recovery process.
Please perform all steps in the order received. If you can't understand something don't hesitate to ask.
Again I would like to remind you to make no further changes to your computer unless I direct you to do so. I will not help you if you do not follow my instructions.
Please download the latest version of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.Note: You need to run the version compatibale with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.
Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy a... Read more

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I have a laptop that plays commercials randomly without anything open on the pc. Malewarebytes says its blocking but i continue to have the commercials play in the background no video just audio. Windows Vista 32 bit laptop. I have ran Malwarebytes , superantispyware , tdsskiller and nothing fixed it. Please help

A:Laptop Plays Commercials in background no Task open

Please download Rkill (courtesy of BleepingComputer.com) to your desktop.
There are 2 different versions. If one of them won't run then download and try to run the other one.
You only need to get one of these to run, not all of them. You may get warnings from your antivirus about this tool, ignore them or shutdown your antivirus.
 rKill.exe: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/dl/10/iExplore.exe (renamed rKill.exe): http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/dl/11/
Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.
If using Vista or Windows 7 right-click on it and choose  Run As Administrator.
A black DOS box will briefly flash and then disappear. This is normal and indicates the tool ran successfully.
If not, delete the file, then download and use the one provided in Link 2.
Do not reboot until instructed.
If the tool does not run from any of the links provided, please let me know.
You should see a text file on your desktop named Rkill.txt, please copy and paste that into your next reply.

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While attempting to play a DVD from an IBM Thinkpad T42 laptop using WinDVD or InterActual, we can get the frame of the DVD player software to project through the ViewSonic PJ402D, we see the DVD image on the laptop, but no DVD image through the projector. We have checked all connections, restarted both the projector and laptop. We have toggled the Fn+F7 keys. We get other images to display through the projector, but no DVD image. The frame where the DVD is playing on the laptop appears but no video displays within the frame on the projector. The video is playing in the frame on the laptop. Help!!! I present in the morning.

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i have a compaq presario cq60-211dx. everytime i close the lid i hear the device disconnect and when i open it i hear the device connect sound. nothing seems to b effected. the sound is still there and everything but im jus worried maybe sumthing going on that shouldnt b. any ideas?

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Hi my son has a laptop with windows 8.1 and he told me all his movies and tv series just disappeared after doing an update ...is this posilble ? i have searched the computor to see if they have been hiden...and right now as i speak i am doing a restore to see if that works ..but any help would be great thank ..and most movies are downloaded from torrents sties ?
 thanks for input ..by the way this is 1 of the best sites out there for getting the job done ...cheers ..my kid is driving me nuts ..i am running out of cold beer lol

A:movies gone from laptop ??

thanks ... dad for trying

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Hi, recently my dad's laptop has gotten even worse. It's gradually been destroying itself after he finished paying for it but now the sound's gone nuts. It plays system sounds and he can play things in Windows Media Player and hear it but when you double click the volume icon it says there's no audio devices.

One thing that comes to mind is drivers but i don't have access to his pc that often and he still thinks i don't know what i'm doing so i'll break it even more, even though i've proven myself enough times :evil:

I've checked device manager and there's no conflicts in the sound and multimedia etc group and it says the device is working ok.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem then any help would be much appreciated.

A:Laptop recognises no sound devices but plays system sounds and wmp

Hi Dave

Dads are pretty mean people aren't they ? there you are offering your services and the miserable old git thinks your gonna break it...

Thing is, is it working enough for your Dad ?, if so i'd just leave it be until it finally gets to the point where it needs fixing.

If however you do manage to get your hands on it, then I'd just remove all the sound related items in Device Manager, then reboot and let then reinstall, this usually clears things like this up, you will need the driver disk (maybe) so make sure you have it before doing anything.


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does anyone know if this laptop can handle HD movies like 720p or 1080p?

i will be streaming them over wireless N

A:laptop to play HD movies

HULU? lol

yes I think that that would stream in HD but I would suggest at least 8 Mega Bits per second down stream internet for HD streaming, else you will end up buffering every 10 seconds. If you can't get 8megs, 4 megs will run but you may have to buffer after every break.

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My laptop has S Video output. My TV has S Video input. I want to play a movie that's on my laptop's hard drive. I plugged the cord into my laptop and into my TV but nothing happens. The movie shows up on the laptop but not the TV.

(I thought it would be easy, since my DVD player was plugged into the TV's S Video. I figured I'd unplug the DVD player and plug that right into my laptop. Didn't happen.)

Any tips?

A:Play movies on my TV (from a laptop)

you have to have the TV ON and hookup to your PC and then restart your PC

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Grrr ... I hope someone here can help me!!!

I am trying to watch a movie from the website www.watch-movies.net , I have my S-Video Cable attached from my laptop to my satellite receiver. When I press my Function F8, the error message that I receive is, "No External Display Attached."

What step(s) am I missing?

(I run O/S Vista Home on my Dell Inspiron 1420)

Thanks a Bunch!

A:Watch-Movies from laptop to TV

This is not allowed here at TSG. The website you posted has illegal movie downloads.

Please read the rules:
Other Illegal Activities - As you might expect, we don't want anything illegal going on here. Users cannot post hacks, cracks, pirated software, or anything of the like. Furthermore, we do not allow instructions on how to complete illegal activities, such as pirating. Please don't ask for advice on using illegal software, as it will be removed. Click to expand...


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Ya how come I can't watch my movies on my laptop.
I can on my home computer after I downloaded a program called Videolan, but when I put the same program on my laptop I get an error message saying "Unable to open 'dvd://D"
I have a Pen. 4 Dell Laptop with of course a DVD player, and don't know a whole lot about compters.
Can anyone fix this for me or maybe know of a free program that I can download that lets you play movies on a laptop.

A:can't watch dvd movies on laptop

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Can i take my laptop and movies from the u.s. and play them in honduras for example?

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I have a laptop with movies that I would like to watch on my television. My TV is a Sony Bravia KDL-46S2000. It has a VGA slot in the back of the TV and the TV's maximum resolution is 1080i.

After I connect the VGA cable from the laptop to the television, what do I do? I dont see anything.

-Thanks in advance

A:use my tv to watch movies from my laptop...

on the laptop you need to send the signal to the VGA port
to do that usually on laptops you need to press the FN key and then F4 {but the F key may be different - look for a figure like a TV}
each time you press it it will toggle between three setting {not necessarily in this order}
1) Laptop screen only
2) laptop and VGA Port
3) VGA port only

you will also need to link the sound - so a jack plug 2.5mm or 3.5mm depends on what your headphone socket on laptop is - to what ever audio inputs you have TV - probably Phono RCA - coloured red and white for left and right channel

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when i put a dvd inside the laptop i can hear it but i cant see it. it keeps saying i need to download app but i never had to do that before 

A:i cant see the movies playing on my laptop

Hi, What is the Operating system of your machine ? For Windows, please try the following free player:     http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html    It will play nearly all video formats including DVD's. Regards.

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I'm hoping this is the right spot to post this if not, sorry and please tell me the right spot.

I have no idea if this is possible but I am wondering if when I hook up my laptop to my tv to watch a movie if there is any way to set it up so you can see only the movie on the tv and not whatever else Iím doing on the screen? Thank you for any help w/ this.

A:Watching movies from laptop to tv

It all depends on what kind(s) of video and audio outputs you have on the laptop and what kind(s) of video and audio inputs you have on the TV.

EDIT: As for showing different things on each screen, that would depend on if your laptop supports dual monitor mode with different information on each screen. Then it would be a matter of how easy it might be to have the DVD player software run in full screen mode on one display.

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i want to be able to watch movies on my laptop but i cant.when i put the disk in it used to come up with "what do you want to do with this disk" and it would never load and it wanted me to download a app to play the movie.i just tried to play a movie on my laptop but when i put the dsk in nothing happened, so i went it files and my laptop started loading really fast and making lots of noise. when i went into the DVD file in files the only thing that came up was audio and video. i clicked on video but it came up with a whole bunch of other files and when i click on the first on nothing happened. it would be really awesome if you can help me solve this problem.  Cheers,Grace

A:i cant watch movies on my laptop!!!!!

HI @gracechov, Welcome to the HP Forum!  It is a terrific place to find answers and tips! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide. First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More . When posting it is important to include your precise model of HP notebook and the operating system you are running to help us to help you. What is your model of HP notebook? HP Notebook PCs - How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number?. What operating system are you running? When you tried to play the movie and you saw the option to download a program, what was the program? If you are running Windows 8 or 10 as they don't include built- in support for playing DVDs, you may need to install a program. For troubleshooting purposes, I will assume that you are running Windows.Have you done all your Windows updates?Have you run the Windows troubleshooter?Have you run the HP Support Assistant?This link may help in the meantime. HP Notebook PCs - Playing DVD or BLU-Ray Movies with PowerDVD. I will wait for your reply. To express appreciation for my post please click the ?Thumbs Up Icon?.  If my post resolves the issue you are experiencing, please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find what worked for you!

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I want to play movies from DVD's from my laptop to my TV so I can watch on the TV. I got a cable and connected from the laptop to the TV and I get the picture but no audio. What do I have to do to get audio?

A:Solved: Play movies from laptop to TV

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Using an HDMI cable, I connect my HP Pavilion dv7 laptop (Windows 10) to my TV utilising a Yamaha HTR-3066 AV receiver to improve sound quality and options for both TV programs and movies played from the computer. There is no volume problem with TV broadcasts. However, when playing a movie from the laptop, I need to crank up the Yamaha's volume to maximum (-80 dB) just to be able to hear the soundtrack. (The TV's native volume control is deliberately muted.) And if I forget to turn the volume control down before switching to a TV program, windows are nearly shattered. Any suggestions gratefully received!

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i am using google chrome and all my movie channels wont stream, any ideas? netflix code is 8050 amazon 

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Ok, I have a Toshiba DvD-rom SD-C2502 in my laptop and is skipping all the dvds I play, the skipping is ramdomly and sometimes it skips with audio. I load the disk and after 3 to 5 minutes it starts skipping all the time, and this is on every single movie I try to play. DMA is enabled so I guess that is not it. Is it a problem w/ the soundcard or the videocard configuration (I have an Ati radeon 7500)? I tried cleaning the lens and it didn't worked, I also loaded the movies to different programs like WMP, and WinDVD, but that didn't worked either. Can someone help me with this, I am extremely desperate, please help!

A:Help with laptop DVD-drive, is skipping all the movies!

Has this always done this or is this something that has just recently started? Do you have DMA enabled on this drive? Check the properties of the drive in the device manager to find out. If it is not enabled, enable it. If it is enabled you just might have a bad drive. I know that Toshiba does not require any kind of special driver for windoze.

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Hello,, I'M Dennis i   have hp pavillion g4-2120tx laptop with amd radeon hd 7600 series graphics card and intel hd 4000 graphics.can i watch 3d movie on my laptop and if yes what sort of 3d glasses should i have . Thanks

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