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[ASK] How to change Default Ms Office 2007 from Ms Office Enterprise 2007 ?

Q: [ASK] How to change Default Ms Office 2007 from Ms Office Enterprise 2007 ?

Need Help !

I want to install Ms Office (reguler) 2007 or Ms Office Professional 2007,

but my setup is always go to Ms Office Enterprise 2007 Setup !

1. How can i fix that setup normally ?
2. My Problem number 2 :


(how can i fix this warning ?)

What should i do ?

Thx very very very much for help.

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Preferred Solution: [ASK] How to change Default Ms Office 2007 from Ms Office Enterprise 2007 ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


How do I change the default layout option of 'Layout this document as if it was created in Office 2007' to 'Layout this document as if it was created in Office 2003'
At the moment, this only applies to the current document but I want it to happen by default everytime I open up Word and without saving the document.

I want to do this because I want to revert back to the classic moving an image where only the outline is shown when moving the image. Look at this video: Video - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

Any ideas on how to do either of these things?

A:Change the default Office 2007 layout?

I understand what you are trying to do. But unfortunately it applies only to this document. I know of no other setting where you can do that permanently.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 113859 MB, Free - 60738 MB; D: Total - 110275 MB, Free - 61717 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Chapala , Not Applicable, LXAQB0X612826017F32500
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

For no apparent reason my version of MS Outlook has suddenly gone belly-up. All other apps. in Office work fine.
When I now try to open Outlook I receive the following "Cannot open your default email folders. The file C:\User\Maurice\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file"

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing Office from the original disks a number of times, I have successfully installed this on another Win7 desktop computer partition and it works fine. I have attempted to follow the MS repair online notification for .pst but it doesn't seem to work (or maybe it is me that isn't working). Most frustrating. Any word by word suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Hi there
much as I like Office 2010 and will continue to use it I find it a bit frustrating to have to re-activate it every time I use my Win 8 to go system on different computers -- even though I do have an Enterprise version.

The Enterprise version of Office 2007 seems much more tolerant -- I tested my win2go on 8 different machines - all with different hardware - some INTEL CPU's some AMD's.

Wasn't required to activate it again EVEN ONCE !!so I'm going to use Office 2007 Enterprise - Luckily I still had the old install disk from work.

Note this is a LEGAL copy -- no keygens / hacks / poodlefaking activation servers etc.

(You WILL have to activate it the first time after installing it).

It still gives security updates etc from Ms update and I believe its still supported until mid 2015 and there isn't a lot of difference if any in the document formats between 2010 and 2007).

So now I have a nice PROPER portable system with a decent version of Office on it.


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I recently formatted my HD and reinstalled MS Office Enterprise 2007, I last used MS Excel on the 08/06/2014 without a problem, today I go to use my Excel spreadsheet and for some weird reason it wants to roundup my cells.
I have cleared the cells formatted the number but it still keeps on rounding up 25799 to 258. I downloaded a stack of MS Office updates 3 days ago, is it possible one of these Updates has corrupted - broken my Excel program?

I am considering uninstalling all of those updates and turning off Updates for MS Office altogether.

A:Excel 2007 (MS Office 2007 enterprise)

Hi there.

To test if it's really a software issue, please try out on a new excel spreadsheet and see if the problem is still there. It might not necessarily be the software. Once we have confirmation that the problem exist on a fresh new spreadsheet, then try to do a repair first before uninstalling.

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I have a new laptop with Windows 7 preinstalled including Office 2010 Starter. I have installed Office 2007 as my preferred version at this time, and am at a loss as to how to make it the default. I tried unistalling the 2010 Starter version, only to find that that Office files were no longer recognisable, and all file icons had dissappeared. As I haven't seen much out there regarding this situation, my first instinct is to remove both versions and only reinstall 2007, but I thought I would check with TechSupport folks more clever than I. Assistance is much appreciated!

A:[SOLVED] Both Office 2010 and 2007 on Windows 7 laptop -- how to change default

If you plan on just using 2007 then unistall both and reinstall office 2007. The 2010 starter is more than likely a trial and will run out if not purchased.

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While working through patching our servers, there are several servers that MBSA is reporting that patches are missing:
MS13-002  Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2687499)
MS11-073  Security Updates for Microsoft Office 2007 System (KB2584063)
2526310  Microsoft Office Access Runtime and Data Connectivity 2007 Service Pace 3
The servers are running Windows 2012 R2 and were patched this week with the current May, 2018 patches.

I downloaded the items to WSUS.  WSUS reports that 0 computers need these.

Any idea why these are showing up and/or how to ignore them?

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hi all i have a genuine 07 office pro that i am trying to install, i have previously tried a beta version and have also had office pro 2003 version on my laptop

when i start the cd it starts to initialize then says office 07 cannot install as previous version of 07 have been found uninstall before continuing

i have gotten rid of all traces that i can find through the registry in safe mode with uninstaller pro but i still get the same error

i am running media center with an upgrade to vista premium

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When I try to open a 2007 Word or Excel document I recieve as an attachment in Outlook 2003, I get the following message:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". Office 2007 compatibility pack was installed and it still did not work.

I then uninstalled Office 2003, uninstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack and then I ran CCleaner to clean up the registry. I updated my OS (currently has Windows XP SP3) with all updates, reinstalled Office 2003, installed Office 2003 SP 3 and then reinstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack.

I still get the same message when I try to open an Office 2007 attachment in Outlook 2003.

OS is Windows XP SP3 fully updated
Office 2003 SP 3 fully updated

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any hel on this issue.

Feral Geek

A:Solved: Cannot open Office 2007 documents even with Office 2007 compatibility pack in

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is office enterprise 2007 works on vista ultimate 32bit?

A:Office enterprise 2007?

Hello kupalski & welcome to Vista Forums.
The 2007 Microsoft Office system programs client is a 32-bit application and can run on a Windows 64-bit platform
[To answer your question - MS Office Enterprise 2007 version 12.0 will be ok with Vista 32 - bit.]

Refer links.
Windows Vista Compatibility Microsoft Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise


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Recently office 2007 will not load--get error 1325 'publisher' is not a valid short file name. I tried to delete the program to reinstall and got the same message. I tried to reinstall from the disk (with out deleting the previous copy) and still got rejected. I have previously gotten the reject error 1325 data service is not a valid short file name. I would try a system restore point but I'm not sure when the problem started, could have been several weeks ago. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike
Windows XP Pro, Ver 2002, Service pak 3

A:Office Enterprise 2007


It is quite a common problem. Microsoft KB has a solution that should work for you


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I think I already know the answer but I just wanted to check to see if there are other alternatives.

I had to re-platform a customers PC who had Office 2007 Enterprise installed, I've got the license key but no Disks. Anyone know of anywhere where I could possibly download the product or just a trial and then enter the license that I have.

Any info would be great.


A:Office 2007 Enterprise

Have you tried this yet:
Microsoft Office Downloads
Or any of these:

I no longer use Download.com or CNet, got too many downloads that had malware/adware included.

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I have loaded office 2007 on my vista. When I go to open 'word or excel' the blue box comes up as if installing again ans say configuring. It does this everytime I want to use either one of them! The res are OK, anyone know why that happens?


A:Office Enterprise 2007

Your download may have been corrupted. Any chance you can uninstall Office and re-download it?

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Everytime I open an Office application I get the Windows Installer box. Is there a way to prevent this? I've tried the little installer cleaner app, no luck. Thanks in advance.

- VistaUsr

A:MS Office Enterprise 2007

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Hi I bought MS Office 2007 enterprise in Bolivia last week and now discover its in Spanish. How can I convert the OS to English please.

A:Office 2007 enterprise

Does it automatically start in Spanish or is there a language menu?

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I do not own a fax mechine in my home.

I have written a document and filled in a PDF form and saved in my computer.

I have written my document in the Office Enterprise 2007-Word on my desktop that has Win 7 Ultimate x64 OS.

Is ther a free software that I could use to fax my document using my broadband connection directly from my computer to a destination that request my document & the PDF form?


A:How could I fax in office Enterprise 2007 &Win 7 Ultimate x64?

Fax (or facsimile as it stands) for uses A Fax Modem, so an old fashioned 56k PCI Fax/Modem can be used to send Faxs using Windows built in fax facilities (see the Fax device in Devices and Printers) which can be configured to use the Fax/Modem.

A less well known way is Fax over IP, which uses VOIP (Voice over IP facilities), so you could use a Skype account and an add-on called PamFax (Use Skype As a Fax Machine: Send a Fax from Computer).

The only other way it so Email the PDF to the user, FTP it to a FTP file server, or use a Instant Messaging utility such as Windows, MSN, Google or Yahoo chat to send it over your broadband network to another user.

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hi there basicly im having problems installing my version of microsoft office enterprise 2007
basicly i start to install and when it gets to the end i see this error message on the image link below

heres the steps ive taken - admin account tryed to install - no success
ive done this below and the bit below that
what else can i do :S please help thanx


Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information.2.On the Tools menu, click Registry Checker. You may receive the following error message: Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry. Windows will restart the computer and repair the system registry for you.
If you receive this error message, restart your computer.
^^ couldnt find that

To check the permissions on this key...

Click on start, goto run..
Type "regedit" (without quotes)
find that key.
Right click on the key and goto permissions. Give everyone full permissions.

Try the install again.

A:microsoft office enterprise 2007

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I'm running Media Center Edition 2005 and have Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 installed but it does not show up in the Add/Remove Programs list in the Control Panel. All the updates are listed but not the program itself. I don't need to uninstall it now but would like to know why it isn't there in case I should ever need to uninstall and reinstall it. BTW, this is a legal and validated version.

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I recently had to upgrade my os from vista to 7 due to a virus and lost my Office Enterprise 2007 which was pre-installed when purchased. I don't have a back up cd so now what do I do? I have a valid VL product key.  I can't seem to find a support page for this and all the links keep taking me to a page that doesn't apply. Any help please.

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I install Windows 7 RC and try to install Office 2007 Enterprise edition, but I got one error message, that can?t be found Enterprise.WW folder. I got the right folder in the patch, but got the same error next.

Anyone has the same problem????? Can ayone help me???

Thanks a lot.

Gustavo PAssos

A:Windows 7 RC & Office 2007 Enterprise

Office 2007 Enterprise Edition is fully functional in Windows 7. Either your files are corrupt on your install disk or something went wrong on the install. And I don't think you should talk about patching/cracking programs, but I will let you know I didn't need a patch for Office 2007, just a serial.

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I have Windows XP. My Dell had XP Pro w/Front Page installed. My son installed Office Enterprise 2007. All my Office documents are 2007. Do I need the XP Pro? I only see it in the Control Panel Add/Remove area. I wasn't sure if Enterprise needs files from XP Pro?


A:Solved: Office Enterprise 2007 and XP Pro

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I am not sure when this happened, but there is no data in the 'Help' links to any of the modules. When I press the "?" help links, either nothing happens at all or a box opens and when I touch 'list the index' it appears on the left, but nothing displays on the answer box on the right. I have tried repairing, uninstalling and reinstalling - still the same.

I have searched the internet and there does appear to be history on this, but unfortunately none with any resolution to the problem.

If anyone can offer any suggestions I would be extremely grateful.

A:MS Office Enterprise 2007 - missing Help

When you installed it, did you select the option for it to access help online?

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Hi i recently tried to uninstall microsoft office enterprise 2007. It would not uninstall correctly with 3rd party uninstallers or add/remove. I got rid of all the updates and eventually it did not show up in the program list in add/remove. I went microsoft support and follwed directions to remove office thru windows folders and the registry. I used 2 recommended tools to remove it they didnt work. I ran 2 registry editors they found the keys and removed them.But then after i restarted and ran the same reg scan again the same keys appeared again. If it didnt cause me no trouble i would just let it go but, when i tried to start a couple programs that i hadnt run in awhile, an installer window would come up saying preparing to install,
then it would say preparing microsoft office enterprise 2007 to install. When all i tried to do was start a program one of the programs was Driver Genious Profeesional edition. So I have been trieing to figure out how to get rid of this problem. Does anybody know how to solve this.
In addition here is my system: Win xp pro with service pack 3
Also i do not intend to re install office i switched to open office so i would really like to get rid of all instances of it.

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as usual, i popped in the disc for my MS office 2007 to install things after a reformat. however, halfway during installation, this message popped up.since then it's been the same message whenever i try to reinstall it. i borrowed MS office 2003 from my friend too, but the same message actually popped up. how do i circumvent this? initially i thought it was the comodo defense blocking it from changing protected files, but even after disabling it, it didn't work.

A:unable to install MS office enterprise 2007!

Hi, Many people have had the same issues as yourself. try the following;1. From Windows install disk, open (Double click) the FP40EXT.CAB file. 2. Find fp4ault.dll in the list3. Double click and select extract to c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\40\bin4. Restart the 2007 office installMake sure to uninstall all previous installations (or leftover bits from attempted installations) of Office from both 2003 & 2007.E-Mu

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I have tried repeatedly (3 x) without success to complete install of MS Office Enterprise 2007 (from MS DVD media) to a brand new out of the box HP TouchSmart running Vista Home Premium SP1. I have loaded all recommended updates from Microsoft when first setting up the PC. I load the MS Office Ent 2007 DVD, enter my Product Key when prompted, and the installation starts as expected. After about 5 minutes, the status bar in the Installation Progress window is at 100% but nothing happens after that. A check of Task Manager shows the Setup process is stalled. Below is the error log. Any advice on next steps? Thanks.

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper
Program Compatibility
7/21/2008 11:30 PM
Report Sent
Problem signature
Problem Event Name: PCA2
Problem Signature 01: setup.exe
Problem Signature 02: 12.0.4518.1014
Problem Signature 03: Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper
Problem Signature 04: Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper
Problem Signature 05: Microsoft Corporation
Problem Signature 06: 200
Problem Signature 07: -1
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033
Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 11745768

A:Office Enterprise 2007 - new install fails

I'd recommend you use a registry cleaner and delete all the install files before you try installing again. After that, just for fun, try defragmenting your hard drive. Then reinstall.

The registry cleaning and clearing the install files should help a bit. I'm not sure about the defragmenting, but I'm often a fan of trying to trick a computer into doing what it should.

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I get error message when installing Office 2007 Enterprise

Setup cannot find Enterprise.WW\EnterWW.cab

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I would like to download a copy of office 2007 in case my computer brokes down.
I have the key but not the CD.I tried the Microsoft site where you can download a 
copy of office 2007 with your product key but it says that the key is invalid 

A:Where can I download a copy of Office Enterprise 2007?

To the best of my knowledge...
Since Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 was never sold outright (legally) on the retail market, or offered to OEM's and only offered with a volume license, you should be able to get the install package from your enterprise administrator (at work).
If you are the person in charge of the licensing information, you should be able to log into the Licensing Center, where the download is available...
Best of luck and Please keep BC posted!

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I recently installed Ofiice Enterprise Suite and all programs open except for Outlook.
The program opens to it's main screen but a warning message appears as follows:

When I click "OK" Outlook just closes

Please advise

Thanks and regards

A:Recently installed Office 2007 Enterprise

Hi and welcome.

Did you upgrade from a previous edition or is this a completely new install? If an upgrade, did you have the old version of outlook unistalled?

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I dowloaded and installed Office 2007 Enterprise 2 days ago (with a crack serial # that doesn't allow me to register the product anyway!) So now I want to delete it and go back to my 2000 version (I have a legal copy of this one!). So I went to control pannel and started the delete but I get an error message that a file is missing or corrupted and I should re-install. When I try to re install, I get the same message!!!
I can't I delete it!
Please help!

A:unable to delete office 2007 Enterprise!

Installing pirated copies of software carries a risk. Aside from the inability to remove Office 2007, you may also be infected with viruses and spyware. I would suggest formatting your system.

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Hi everyone,

I have been having an issue with my computer for the past few weeks and I was wondering if you guys could please help me out. So, I used to have Office 2007 on my computer. Recently, when trying to install 2013, I found out I had to first uninstall 2007. Simply using programs and features was not so simple, and I had to do it manually, which I probably ended up doing some steps wrong. Now, when I constantly click on certain things-- like control panel or personalization-- I receive an installer for Microsoft Enterprise 2007. Obviously, I do not want this; frankly, I don't even know what it is; I assume some part of Office. If I attempt to complete the install, I get an error of having insufficient files (the one thing that seems to make sense). If I click cancel, it does cancel, however; I get a windows explorer error. I don't know about you guys, but based on my knowledge of windows, the correlation--or lack there of-- between these errors seems to make no sense to me. Could someone please help me in removing this install and just making it go away completely? Thank you so much!

A:Office Enterprise 2007 constantly tries to install

Hi there and welcome to Eight Forums,

It seems to me like you screwed up the uninstallation of Office 2007 . There must be some files left behind so now the system is trying to repair the installation. But it cannot do that due to insufficient of files.

It seems to me you can do two things in this stadium. First of all, you could do a full reinstallation of your PC. That is a proven method but it takes time. The other option would be the more likely one ==>
First you must uninstall the Office 2013 installation (don't worry, after you've reinstalled it the software will remember your settings );
Then try to reinstall the Office 2007 using the origional installation disk;
If the reinstallation of Office 2007 succeded you can try a uninstallation of Office 2007 (via add/remove programs. Read first then click );
If the uninstallation of Office 2007 was succesfull you can reinstall Office 2013.
I recon there is a 50% change that the tips above will work. It all depend on how screwed up the remaining Office 2007 files are.

Good luck with it!


ps. If you use Outlook PST files don't forget to make a BACKUP first! And don't configure the software to custom specs until after the operation was succesfull.

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I have just bought The Office 2007 package for my laptop. I am using Windows Vista. When I load the cd to install it,it prompts me to enter the products key, which it excepts. Then I clicked Upgrade it began installing. Just as it reaches the end it stops and an error message come up saying 'Windows installer has encountered a problem and cannot continue'. It then searches for a solution but nothing comes up and it promts me to cancel in installation. Am i doing something wrong or is there something I need to change? All help needed. Thanks

A:Problems installing Office Enterprise 2007

Did you already have an earlier version of the MS Office suite installed on the laptop? Also when you get the error message, select show details if you can and post that info.

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I have a dell dimension 4700c. I had to re-load XP and re-load most of the drivers. Device manager shows all hardware working O.K and all drivers have been updated/reloaded. I have re-installed most of the software that came with the machine, and it has installed all the updates, including SP3. I cannot load the MS office enterprise 2007. After putting it in the cd drive, nothing happens. If I go to "run" to install, I get "install a disc in cd drive" warning. It's as if it doesn't recognize there's a disc in the drive. It also wouldn't recognize the AVG disc I have. It shows nothing in explorer, either. What can I do to install this software? Is there a hardware issue?
Thanks, respectfully,


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Right... you know about Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, correct? Well... whenever I try to install it, it does the installation, but as soon as it gets near the end this error pops up and rollbacks the installation.Error 1Error 2Error 3 *Why would it ask me if it DIDN'T install correctly?*Due to this error, I cannot install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, if you need to know what Computer I am using, here are some specs.Computer : DellType : Windows XP Home EditionI would really be glad if someone could tell me how to fix/bypass this error, as I need to install this otherwise I won't be able to get my work done.

A:A issue with Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

Sorry for the double post, but I got this issue resolved. It is now installed and working thanks to some online help.

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I installed this just fine in XP. First time in Vista crashed, saying something about needing permission to access the Registry.

Re-installed as Admin and same thing. Tried it a third time in order to snippet the error message. See below:

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.


A:MS Office 2007 Enterprise Crashes during Install

The only fixes for Error 1402 I could find from MS applied only to those O/S's that pre-date XP.

Seems to have something to do with a "damaged" registry.

Could not find any kind of registry repair tool for Vista. Is there one ?



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I'm having this problem since yesterday and I'm helpless. Whenever I press enter to go to the next line, it always leaves one line in between even if I don't want it to.
See the screen shot where I write "Hello!" and press enter only once.
Any help?

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

A:MS Office Enterprise Word 2007 problem.

That is default action for Enter key in Word or any other word processors, a new paragraph. To continue the same paragraph from the next text row without a paragraph break you need to use "soft Enter", SHIFT + Enter.

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My Microsoft Word would not open, so I decided to uninstall and then reinstall MS Office 07. Every time I try to install it, the green installation progress bar hangs at the same area (about 80% complete). It never moves or finishes from there. I've even left the program to install while I sleep, giving it several hours to finish installation, but the progress bar remains at the same place.

I never get an error message or anything. The only way I get get the installation to cancel is if I terminate it through Task Manager.

I've tried using Microsoft Fix-It and other programs to remove Office completely and start from scratch. I've used CCleaner to get rid of any Office-related registry keys that may be hanging around. Nothing has worked.

My OS btw is Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.

I also ran an sfc to see if a system file could be preventing Office from installing completely but it found nothing.

There are no viruses or spyware on this computer after running a virus scan and a Malwarebytes scan.

A:Office 2007 Enterprise will not finish installing

Try disabling your antivirus software temporarily

Also check the cd for scratches and clean if necessary.

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A few months ago I tried installing Office 2007 Enterprise Edition and encountered the 1704 installation error. After many failed attempts, I let it go. I am now trying to install it again, as I prefer MS Office to Openoffice.

I have read many, many different posts regarding people being unable to install Office 2007 due to the 1704 error and have followed all the steps from the MS site on how to 'correct' this problem, but to no avail.

It's believed that the error is due to the <CONFIG.MSI> setting file attributes to READ ONLY which borks the installation. It's also believed that is caused by a hotfix/hotfixes. This makes sense since I had not installed Office previously on this installation, but had installed SP1 prior to attempting to install Office.

The problem that I have is that I still cannot find a fix for this. Does anyone actually know WHICH hotfix/es are causing this? Is there actually a work-around available?

A:1704 Error Enterprise Office 2007 installation

The Config.msi death knell error:

ImageShack - Hosting :: croppercapture19dd6.jpg

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We purchased 6x secondhand Dell Vostro 230 PCs from a business that was closing down.
All have Office Enterprise 2007 installed. Using Belarc, it has been identified that all computers have the same product key. After Office was wiped on one, when the PC was 'factory reset', it could not be reinstalled and a call to MS resulted in being told we need to buy a retail copy, as we could not provide the licensing details.
With Office Professional 2007 costing several hundred dollars, any suggestions to circumvent this, as the PCs were a legitimate purchase?

A:Reinstalling Office 2007 Enterprise without licensing details

Hi there.

Why not just take an IMAGE from one of the other computers and restore it on to the "broken one". They are all "Identical machines" !!!.

When you get asked for Windows re-activation just enter the product number of the original computer I would assume these machines have either Enterprise or Pro version of windows installed on them.

I'd even suspect that as they are identical machines you wouldn't even have to activate Windows again !!! -- but to comply with the EULA you really should enter the ORIGINAL product key --so do it via CHANGE PRODUCT KEY (or type SLUI 3 from the Run command).

Office won't need activation -- no hardware change.

The BELARC data should give you the product key of the ORIGINAL windows key for the "Broken" machine. Alternatively the windows key might be on a sticker on the machine itself or perhaps on the invoice when you purchased the machines.

(To image the machines use Free Macrium to copy image to external device and boot from USB / DVD)


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Trying to install microsoft office enterprise 2007 with no luck. I get to a point where is says ( Setup cannot find Enterprise.WW\,EnterWW.cab. Browse to a valid installation source, then click ok). What to do???

A:installing microsoft office enterprise 2007 issues

is it a valid copy of enterpise???

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So now I need to strip down Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 to make it as basic as possible. The goal is for simple student use, not connecting to the internet or any network. Mainly in the "Office Tools" section. This is a text translation of the "Add or Remove Features" window. Please advise me as to what I can dump!

Office ToolsDocument Update Utility
Equation Editor
Hosted Webs
Language Settings Tool
Microsoft Forms 2.0 .NET Programmability Support
Microsoft Graph.NET Programmability SupportMicrosoft Office Document ImagingHelp
Microsoft Office Document Image Writer
Scanning, OCR and Indexing Service FilterMicrosoft Office Picture Manager
Microsoft Query
Microsoft Script Editor (HTML Source Editing)Web ScriptingWeb DebuggingResearch Explorer Bar
Smart Tag .NET Programmability Support
Smart Tag PluginsAddresses and Places Smart Tag Plugin
Bibliographic Information Smart Tag Plugin
Date Smart Tag Plugin
Measurement Converter Smart Tag Recognizer
Name Smart Tag Plugin
Stocks and Funds Smart Tag PluginSystem Information
Windows SharePoint Services SupportMicrosoft Office Access Web Datasheet Component
Windows SharePoint Services Support

A:Stripping down Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 - what to remove?

Quote: Originally Posted by Miranova23

So now I need to strip down Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 to make it as basic as possible. The goal is for simple student use, not connecting to the internet or any network. Mainly in the "Office Tools" section. This is a text translation of the "Add or Remove Features" window. Please advise me as to what I can dump!

Office ToolsDocument Update Utility
Equation Editor
Hosted Webs
Language Settings Tool
Microsoft Forms 2.0 .NET Programmability Support
Microsoft Graph
.NET Programmability Support
Microsoft Office Document Imaging
Microsoft Office Document Image Writer
Scanning, OCR and Indexing Service Filter
Microsoft Office Picture Manager
Microsoft Query
Microsoft Script Editor (HTML Source Editing)
Web Scripting
Web Debugging
Research Explorer Bar
Smart Tag .NET Programmability Support
Smart Tag Plugins
Addresses and Places Smart Tag Plugin
Bibliographic Information Smart Tag Plugin
Date Smart Tag Plugin
Measurement Converter Smart Tag Recognizer
Name Smart Tag Plugin
Stocks and Funds Smart Tag Plugin
System Information
Windows SharePoint Services Support
Microsoft Office Access Web Datasheet Component
Windows SharePoint Services Support

Hi there
Why not look at what the Student and Teacher edition contains and just use the same (or similar) components plus Outlook (Student and Teacher edition doesn't include an Email client).

EXCEL, Powerpoint and Word are ... Read more

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My Laptop is Vista Home Basic. I was given Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 (unused), I installed it, downloaded all the relevent updates and also made sure it has been activated. When I click on Microsoft Word, I get a small configuration box (attached) after a minute or so this box is replaced with a larger box (also attached) I then have to wait 4--5 minutes before Word opens. This happens every time. Your help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Problem with Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

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What is Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Blue Edition?

A:Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Blue Edition

While there is a Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 edition, I have never heard of the "Blue Edition." Based on what I have seen on Google, it appears to be an illegal version.

The Enterprise version, which is not sold (you have to get the Ultimate Edition) includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, OneNote, InfoPath and Groove 2007.

Courtney sends....

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I have got office 2007, and everything work fine apart from Word processor, it loads up the office word 2007 orange screen on desktop but then just does not move from that. it did once, but that was about half an hour after i gave up hope on the blooooming thing.

Any helps would be very welcomed with open arms.

A:Microsoft office enterprise Word 2007 start error

Have you tried detect and repair from the help menu?

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Hi. Anyone could help me here..

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 configures everytime I open it. Tried to reinstall a couple of time but got no luck. Tried to search on the web but didn't able to fix the problem.

Kindly help. Thanks!

A:Microsoft Office enterprise 2007 configures everytime I open it

Try this:

1. Un-install office from control panel>add or remove.
2. Delete the office registry key under both hives
3. Reboot your computer
4. Install office.

Here's a pic: http://tinyurl.com/UninstallOffice

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Every time I open Free Mp3 Wma Converter by Koyotesoft or Startup Delayer by r2 Studios,
I get a Windows Installer window which says:
"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007"
When I click cancel, another window appears with the same message! I need to click cancel 3-6 times to reach the program!
What is causing this problem?

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Help! I have tried every method. I have read that MS article, tried removers, deleted any trace of office myself with registry workshop and removed any related folders. It just won't uninstall. I just hear a noise from the floppy and then the error shows up. Help!
Meantime I am downloading Open Office

A:Microsoft office enterprise 2007 encountered an error during setup

Have you tried this?

If so, and you still cannot remove it, please answer a few questions: What is the exact error? What are your system specifications?

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