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Built Computer Problems

Q: Built Computer Problems

I just built a pc. The specs are as follows:
P4 1.8ghz
512mb ram
20gig HDD
Two optical drives
floppy drive

When I first turn on the computer, there are no errors with the POST.
It shows the cpu temp. and cpu fan speed at the bottom (both ok). It then recognizes the hard drive and then tries to boot. I changed the BIOS to boot from a CD first and I put my XP CD in. I restarted and when it came to the point to hit any key to boot from CD it froze. I hit the enter button and after about 5 minutes it still hadn't done anything. I then turned it off and went to bed.

This morning I turned it on again and it went through the POST, still no problems, and when it asked to boot from a CD I hit the enter button. The Windows XP install started, but about half way through the loading of the files needed it froze again (before it asked me what I wanted to do with the install). So I turned it off and on again, and it froze a second time at the "Press any key to boot from CD" point. I turned it off again and haven't tried anything else yet.
Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Built Computer Problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Built Computer Problems

Check the jumpers on the drives.

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I just spent about $1000 building my computer. It started out great. But then i notice if it goes to sleep it won't wake up. And slowly it started taking longer for the screen to pop up after i power it on. The power button light is on, and the ram and graphics cards are lit up, and the keyboard lights up in the beginning but goes out while everything else stays on and the screen still isnt on. Please help i know little to nothing about fixing computer problems.

A:Problems with Self Built Computer

I'm not the forum expert on build issues, but you do need to describe your hardware in detail, all of it, brand name and model numbers plus the operating system so that someone can help.

Good luck.

Johnny b

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hello, i am at a loss, i have built a few older machines in the past and never had any problems like this and have just about run out of ideas, aside from dropping it froma great height

here are the specs

antec smartpower 2.0 450watt psu
abit aa8 duramax mb
p4 lga775 550 3.4ghz
1gb stick of corsair ddr2 mem
ati radeon x700pro 256mb pci express
300gb sata hard drive

the problem:
When i boot the machine it gets as far as press del to enter the bios and then pretty much shuts down completely. At first i thought it maybe the psu as i bought a cheapy from ebuyer(500w, switching). so i bought this new antec psu, as i had heard good things about them and still nothing. I have tried an older graphics card and the problem is still there. I can't even get into the bios, the screen intialises and the abit logo comes up sometimes and then the whole system shuts down.

any ideas guys

A:problems with new built computer

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I recently built a computer for my boyfriend and it's been kicking my butt. I'm now having problems with it locking up (at any given moment), installing some programs (none in particular - it's not being picky), and rebooting (it doesn't like to reboot at ALL and it drags real bad when it is). I've come to know CMOS very well as I've gone in and checked and rechecked the settings several times - I've also disabled the onboard codecs because I thought that might be the problem with it running so slow when it's rebooted.

This is the system info:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
VIA Technologies, Inc. model VT8365 motherboard
x86 Family 6 Model 3 Stepping 1 AuthenticAMD ~801 Mhz
Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Maxtor 40GB 7200 rpm hard drive
256 RAM pc133
Soundblaster sound card
NVidia TNT2 32mb video card
D-Link ethernet card

If anyone can offer some insight on what the problem might be, I would appreciate it sooooooo much!


A:Having problems with this computer I built...

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I am helping to build a computer at the moment. I am using some good stuff from the old one and a new case, motherboard, graphics card, soundcard, and hard drive.
One problem is that the monitor won't stay on. This is new and it is powered when I press the button the green light vomes on then changes back to yellow. The computer is running at this point. However, I have not been able to install an operating system. Is it necessary to do this before trying to see a signal on the monitor? It will be Win XP, by the way. What order should it be done in? OS - Programs - BIOS?
Also, the two disk drives I took out of the old computer (DVD-ROM and CD-RW) won't work in this one. They are powered and light up but no matter how long I hold down the drive open button or press it the drawer on neither drive will open. A person I spoke to said that perhaps the motors have failed in both drives but I think that for them both to bre affected at the same time is highly unlikely. he thinks it would be best to replace the drives.

You thoughts on these please.

A:Built computer - having problems

check for bent pins on the video plug - common problem with video.

make sure everything seated correctly

instal OS - then install motherboard drivers, for video, audio, lan etc etc - then your additional programs.

if you are having problems it would be a good idea to connect it up outside the box with the minimum componets - DO NOT put on static bag as this is conductive - put mobo on the cardboard box - sometimes the mounting bolts on the case short out the mobo.

i dont htinkk theres a hardware problem with the drives - it maybe a symtom of the other problems you have - but lets get the PC basic config running 1st

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hi guys,
I really got it. I could do it. But there are some problems:

On start up after the asus mobo page the com scan for devices.
After detection it writes a warning:
Warning! An Ultra ATA 66 ( or faster ) drive is connected with a 40-pin IDE cable on a secondary channel. Drive speed is downgraded to Ultra ATA 33 mode. ( I tried to change the cable but the same problem)
What's the problem?
Second main problem that I can't start up without having the win xp pro cd in the boot drive. After the scanning and warning it writes then: found bootable disk on drive 2. After press any key to boot from the cd.... the system starts up. If the cd isn't in it tells missing NTDRL (?) File press any key to restart the system.
Thanks for any help.
Asus P5LD2
Pentium 4 630 3.0 Gigs
win xp pro sp 2
hdd 80 GB Seagate

A:problems with new built computer

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Hello. I just built a computer from scratch using a

MSI KT4A-V motherboard,
AMD Sempron 2400+,
512mb ram,
Sapphire ATI Radeon 9200SE,
New Lite-on CD-RW drive (Just bought it because I thought other was defective)
Maxtor 40gb hard drive
Sidewinder gaming case

Problem is, I press the power button and it does not ALWAYS start. It powers up the fans, and lights, and psu but doesn't beep or goto bios. When computer does boot up I see the drives in the bios perfectly, but it wont boot any disks. I am trying windows xp pro. I know the cd works. When I disable the network boot & floppy boot, it says Boot failure when I try to boot from cdrom, and tells me to enter something into drive and press any key to continue. I notice when I reset the CMOS it says i am using a sempron 1000 cpu when I am using a sempron 2400+.

Any help on why the thing won't start every time? And why I can't boot from cdrom? I believe all the cables are correctly on.

Thank you for any help at all. I'm desperate

A:Just built a computer/problems

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Hey this is my first time trying a tech forums, so if they are a helpful as people say they are i plan on using them more often to solve problems i encounter.

I built this computer using parts i had left over from an old computer that was faulty.

I had a brand new hard drive which was compatible, with all this parts, thinking that the problems i had with the old computer was software related. I put it all together and started to install windows xp, but during the copying of files stage the computer shut off and when started back up wouldn't work.

So I put in my brother's spare motherboard (which is compatible with all the left over parts). Hoping that to solve the problem, it finished the copying of files part but now gets a blue screen flash and shut off as windows is still installing (Beyond the blue screen installation part). Says windows needs to restart, and keeps restarting to the blue flash screen. It continues to do this...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. specs on computer

4GB DDR2 667
Intel Core2duo E6600
Nvidia 7600 512MB

A:New computer built and having problems

Is this a SATA or IDE hard drive? What motherboard are you using?

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I start up the computer and it goes into BIOS
I have the <DEL> option to go into setup
The screen says "Detecting IDE Devices..."

Then it goes to another screen:

Scan Devices, Please Wait...
Press <Tab> key into User Window

If I wait it goes to PCI device listing and then crashes
If I hit <Tab> it brings me to SATA RAID BIOS where there
is a notice:

NOTICE: The number of disks is not
adequate to create a RAID!!

Then I have no options but to exit the menu and start the computer

Please help if you know what's up

A:Just built a computer, but having PROBLEMS

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I just put together my own computer and it was working fine till all the sudden i noticed it started to just stop and the computer would lock up. so i restarted thinking that would fix the problem and it happened again. at first i thought it was a heat problem then i cooled it down and tryed it again and that didn't help and i noticed later on that it was only in dark places in games that it had blue squares everywhere and that problem continued and i was puzzeled and i don't have a clue why blue square/dots and locking up of my computer is happeneing? anyone got any idea as to what is going on???

A:Having problems with newly built computer!

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I am familiar with installing cards and so on, but this was my first bare assembly of a PC, first off I purchased a Epox 8KHA+ with an Athlon xp 1500, and I asssembled it paying attention to the spacing of the board to the Case and using the felt and proper spacers the CPU was already installed and jumpers were set, I turned on the computer and it went through the Post and memory check was ok, and cpu speed was correct, now i tried to get it into the bios and there it froze, each time it froze tried like 5 times to get it in, I assumed the CPU was burnt, well the company called today and said the CPU was fine, and to my discovery I inserted the DDR memory in the 4th bank, would this make a difference if there was only one chip in there, could this be what caused it to freeze? Or could my board be bad? I am going to take it to a local computer store and have the board tested with another chip while mine is in transit back to me. Any ideas???

A:built first computer system..Problems though.

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It's made of

Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case
ASUS P6TD Deluxe
Intel i7 920
Kingston HyperX 3GB (3 x 1GB)
BFG GeForce 9800 GT 1GB
OCZ GameXStream 850W
My power supplies keep burning out. I think it has to do with my old hard drives 8+ years old. They make lots of noise and sometimes aren't detected when i power on the computer. Is this likely?

At the moment, I am using two. one to power the harddrives 650W and a 350W to power the motherboard. I was using an 850W for both, but it kept messing up.
Not sure about the models of current ones.
By burning out I mean it messes up. It gets to where it will shut off and the computer will start over. I have it set in the BIOS to resume previous state after power loss. If I disable that it will stay off. As soon as I replace the power supply it will start working again.
It varies at when it happens depending on how long I have had the power supply. When using a single one it lasts about a month. With this current 2 power supply combo it has lasted about 3 months. This is a overall time frame not constantly on.

The 650W had already started restarting constantly. It would still however supply power, so I was using them separate to test the harddrive theory The 350W to keep the motherboard on to keep it from restarting and the 650W to power all the drives. I accidentally plugged a drive into the 350W, so it may still be the reason for messing them up.
Also, the 350W would not power the computer. Look at the specs above. The f... Read more

A:Custom Built Computer Problems...

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This is the first time I've tried to build a computer. Before this, I have only done as much as installing a new video card.

When it came time to start up, I looked at the bios a bit and then quit and restarted before putting the windows CD in. Everything worked fine, the computer read the CD and started installing files. However, when it said that it was about to start windows XP, I got a blue screen of death.

Now, when I try to start up, sometimes i just get to the screen with the blinking cursor, and the computer eventually shuts down. Other times, it shuts down almost as soon as it starts up. I've also tried running the bios, but eventually it will shut down here as well. I'm kind of lost, but it seems like it might be a power problem? or really multiple problems...? If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it

Here are my specs:

-ASUS P5K PRO LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor
-CORSAIR Dominator 4GB (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Quad Kit Desktop Memory
-XFX GX260NADDU GeForce GTX 260 896MB 448-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card
-Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250410AS 250GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
-Antec True Power Trio TP3-650 650W ATX12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Active PFC Power Supply with Three 12V Rails
-Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002

A:Built a computer....but problems on startup!

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I am relatively new at building computers. I just configured my rig:

XFX nForce 780i SLI Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz 6MB
OCZ 700w GameXStream PSU
*BFG GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB PCIe video card
*500 GB SATA II hard drive
*3GB DDR2-667 memory
*DVD-RW Dual layer drive
CoolerMaster CM690 Nvidia Ed. ATX Case

*The starred items I took from a previous computer of mine. The motherboard fried in the old computer, so I am not sure if any of these parts are damaged.

My problem is that I just connected everything and plugged in the PSU and the motherboard's light went on, which was a good sign, but when I pressed the power button on the case the power light went on for a brief second, then the computer didn't boot. The light was still working on my motherboard so I knew it wasn't the motherboard. I am pretty positive that the video card is broken, but my computer should be able to boot without it right? What could cause my computer to act like this? Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Problems booting built computer

Since you have SLI Mobo You can only check if you Graphic Card is faulty by changing it with another one.
before that you should troubleshoot with what you have i.e
Disconnect your DVD rom from PSU & Mobo
Use only a single RAM first
you should Swap each RAM in Each Slots i.e 1st slot try 1st ram the boot, if not booting try the 2nd one in the same slot & so on.
So if you have 4 slots you will have to try 12times
if its not working even then, you then try to check your graphics card by putting it in another computer/ another computers card in your computer.
If everything if working when you disconnected the DVD Rom then either your DVD Rom is Faulty or the connecting cable is.

Best of Luck

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Hey I've recently built my own computer and lately ive been getting completely random BSOD errors and sometimes the whole system just hangs and I can't move the mouse or anything and need to turn the power off

Video Card - Leadtek Geforce GTS450, 2GB
Power Supply 500W

This is really irritating to me because I just want to enjoy my new computer

If any of you guys could help me it would be HIGHLY appericated :)

I've read the instructions and attached the file.

A:BSOD Problems Newly Built Computer

STOP 0x101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Troubleshooting

Info on the STOP 0x101 error.

Please refer to this link...

STOP 0x101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT troubleshtg - Windows 7 Forums

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i think it might be the power supply i have that casues the frezzing! it frezzes will loading games and when i try to install things or watch movies on the internet

A:Built my own computer havin problems w/ it freezing

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This is specs of the PC

Asus Z-87-PRO
Intel i5-4670
Asus GTX 750-ti
650 Thermal Take Power Supply
8GB Hyper X Fury Black
120GB Sandisk SSD
2TB Green HDD

It works fine when starting from a powered off machine, but after reboot it fails to boot (I meant there is no video , even the mouse and keyboard has no lights)

Please help, Thank you

A:Newly built computer having problems ,after reboot

Yeyo mate try running these first


http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html < use the /f option in Option 2 ifnecessary

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Hello all,
I'm new to building computers and new to this forum..
I had bought all my parts in a day, and had a friend of mine install/built the computer for me, but I've been having quite alot of problems with the computer itself.

On bootup, it writes that it doesn't have any BIOS installed, so I was wondering if I just install the flash bios thing automatically? or do I have to read the guidelines carefully?

The monitor dies out randomly everytime I boot up my computer, the monitor goes black and the power light blinks. It's weird, but when I try getting into geocities to signup (to upload a picture on my wattage thing, I'll be writing up more details later about the wattage) it shuts off, or when I screw around in World of Warcraft it dies out after awhile(3+ mins). When it dies while in WoW, there's a message on screen showing "Sync. Out of Range".
(I have already set my Power options>power scheme(always on) and turned off hibernation)

I have installed some MSI programs, and one of them showed something strange. PC Alert 4 showed that my wattage (3.3v) was .58(in red numbers). and some of the fan numbers were 0. So I believe it might be something wrong with the wattage/voltage settings?

My ram the 512 corsair doesn't show up as 512 on my computer, but 256. Is it some type of defect? or do I have to do something in BIOS? (because I've looked all over my bios, and couldn't figure it out)

The Power Su... Read more

A:Newly built computer, having monitor/ram/no bios? etc problems

fan problems

dude, i think you have problems with your fan, if the system info said that your fan speeds were at 0, then they werent working, or they were running below the required fan thresh hold. which would explain that when you go and play WoW it uses up a lot of ur cpu power, which heats it up, and above the thresh hold which cuts out your computer. so what you need to do is reposition your fan/fans. ie turn them clockwise or anticlockwise, until they work properly. also if your screen is going blank at a different time, with blinking power lights.(not at the same time as cutting out in Wow) then it may be a bios problem... try the fan/fans first, and then get back to us...

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SO I JUST BUILT A NEW COMPUTER, RIGHT? I'm pretty confident I got the BIOS set up correctly, and I go to install Windows 7 and I have two options - Custom or Upgrade, being that this is a newly constructed PC I go Custom so I can fully install it, and lo and behold, it's not detecting my hard drive. I tell it to look for the drive and it says it needs the drivers in order to detect it, I put the driver disk in there and nothing.

So I restart it, **** around with the BIOS, I find that it wasn't enabled, enable it and I try again, same message.

I don't know why my computer isn't detecting the hard drive but I'm having an extremely frustrating time here trying to figure out what's going on. Is my hard drive dead? Is it not wired correctly? Wrong version of Windows 7?

A:Newly built computer; having hard drive problems.

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We just built a new computer and its running fine and showing the bios and all that. Now we want to install the operating system and it says to insert the boot disk and press enter. I burned the Windows 7 64-bit ISO onto a blank dvd-r disk and when i put in the disk in the computer, it just says that it failed to open or something like that and it says to put in the disk and press enter again. So we thought that the problem was with the cd drive so we swapped it with another one we have and we had the same problem. Anyone know why this is happening?How can we fix it?

A:Solved: Problems installing windows 7 on newly built computer.

You are rebooting after inserting the disc aren't you? Make sure your Cd/DVD drive is setup in the bios as the first boot option.

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GAMES CONSTANTLY CRASH! FX-53,X800XT,1g ram,built pc myself

any known compatibility issues w/ kingston memory, sb audigy, abit mobo, and ati gpu's??? i'm on a mission to solve these crashes!

i built a pc in october of last year and ever since then i've had a problem with games always crashing. i am to the point of throwing it out the window b/c i built the system just for gaming and it wont work! anybody who can help, i owe you big, like $2,000 big. i'll describe best i can...

Abit av8 pro mobo
amd fx-53 cpu
ati oem x800xt video card
audigy 2zx sound card
kingston kvr 2x512mb (1gig memory)
antec 550w ps
thermaltake cpu cooling fan

almost every single time i sit down and start playing a game my computer randomly crashes. it varies in the ways that it crashes
--sometimes it throws a blue screen reboot (this is always accompanied by a very high pitch noise that emits from the speakers right before rebooting???),

--sometimes i get crash to desktop w/o any error message.

--sometimes i get crash to desktop with an error message relating to physical memory dump: critical error.

i have tried multiple forums, browsing to find a solution, but never figured it out.

i have the latest catalyst drivers from ati (fast write disabled)..i've been told some people have compatibility problems with audigy sound cards..maybe this??? i've heard kin... Read more

A:ati x800xt, fx-53, abit av8 mobo, gig ram, crash problems, built computer myself

well it sounds to me that you have a heating problem,, maybe you should download a tempiture monider and see the cpu and gpu temps, also if u think its the sound card wh dont you remove it and see if the games still crash

just a thought good luck, i hope u get it fixed soon


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Dear Experts, dear freaks

I just set up a new computer and built in the old harddrive from a Windows XP machine. The new computer is running Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1 (German).
I can access my XP Harddrive (NTFS) but when I try to open some files (Word Documents, PDFs), i am running into problems that Windows 7 is telling me that I don't have enough rights to open that file.
"The document can not be opened: The user has no rights"

I have read about this problem and I know that it is a problem of the user rights. The XP user that created those files is now with the new Windows 7 computer not available anymore which is causing some problems. I have to take over the rights of these files again and I am severely struggeling. I have about 1000 files in several subfolders.

Could someone help me with a step by step explanation? I would really like to sort this problem out! Any help is highly appreciated!

Thank you very much!

PS: If any further explanations or screenshots are required, please let me know.

A:Windows XP harddrive built into new Windows 7 computer, right problems

right click folders properties (folder you want to take ownership to)
security tab
highlight the name you want to be owner of those folders and all check items are marked with check marks.
if that don't work click on advance and go to owner tab then click on edit. Highlight who has the right to be owner of that folder(s) and check where it says something about replacing the owner....

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i have a hp pavillian dv6000.. (well its my brothers) it has a webcam built in and it seems to work fine for chatting purposes (yahoo, msn, etc..) but i was trying to find the program it uses to take pictures couldnt find anything, so i did a google and it directed me to the windows movie maker which is installed on the computer but.. does not take pictures from the webcam. it has the capture image button grayed out and i cant find any way to change the settings so that wmm will acknowledge that a webcam is present on the computer. if anyone has any ideas or recommendations that would be very much appreciated thank you.

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Here are my specs..
e4500 + stock heatsink
MSI neo combo
8800GT XFX
Generic DVD IDE drive(set to master)
vw450w corsair psu
2x1gb g.skill
31c cpu idle
34c case idle(hot room, no side on it)

It posts fine, reads my optical drive + tells me my BIOS version, then the next screen just has a line at the top left.

I have tried running MEMtest on a cd but it does the same thing, along with XP.

A:Just built my new pc, having some problems.

Check to make sure your hard drive is connected to the first SATA channel.
The should be numbered on the motherboard.

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New Built PC Keyboard Problems - Please help

Hi there

I have just built my first PC. I wanted to learn more about PC-so thought I would try and build my own would be good start.
Its gone NOT too good at present, but I guess thats the learning curve.

I seam to have a problem with the PS 2 Keyboard. It doesn't work and all I get is the 3 lights of Num Lock/Caps Lock/Scroll Lock are all LED lit up.
I tried another Working PS2 keyboard and this did the same, but I could get a USB keyboard that worked in the USB socket. Any ideas on whats going wrong with the PS 2 keyboard and what should I do? - could this be another MOBO thats not working?
Could it be my BIOS settings?
The PC starts fine in XP

Look forward for some help and advise, really would be grateful, best regards:giddy:

AMD 64 3200+ (+ CPU Heatsink and Fan)
MSI KN8 Neo2 Platinum MOBO
MSI 5500 256 AGP Graphics cards
1 GB RAM - Crucial
Antec SmartPower 400W PSU
Iomega ZIP
Floppy Drive
CD-ROM - Ordered a new ROM

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Well got my new laptop. Has a webcam which worked for the first day and i started installing games and crap on my pc and now it wont work... I get the message Preview not available when i open up the software. I even tried bison cam and it doesnt work. So idk lol. If anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it. Btw the software that came with it is AveoCap version 1.0. Dont know if that helps any.

A:Built in Webcam problems please help.

wow that was a pretty simple fix... I updated my graphics drivers off the company website and it works. wow....

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A while ago I accidentally uninstalled my cyberlink youcam off of my hp dv9823em laptop. I've tried to system restore it and each time I've restarted it, it hasn't reappeared. So I've gone online and tried to download all of the driver downloads etc but still nothing - it says I don't have one installed when it's staring at me in the face can anyone help, I'm useless at this sort of stuff :/

A:In-built webcam problems!

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Most of the time, my computer will no longer access my webcam. However, the device manager says it is active. The one time I can always use it is when on the Edge browser in WebSkype mode. There is a question asking permission to access the camera. When I hit "Yes," there it appears! How do I tell other programs such as Camera to make use of the webcam?

A:Problems with built-in webcam

Might need to right click and select "run as an administrator"https://www.thurrott.com/windows/wi...illions-webcams-windows-10-anniversary-update

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So I just built my brand new pc I went to power it on for the first time and I got no video signal 'Monitor ok No Signal, video cable connected'(this is my default monitor message). I got beeps from the bios. 1 Long, 1 short. I looked it up in the manual that came with my motherboard and it says 1 long 1 short = "Memory or motherboard error"

Mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128330
CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819115036
CPU cooling: http://www.newegg.com/product/produc...82E16835186134
Memory: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820227297
GPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814121247
PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16817171023
HD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16822136012
Case: http://www.xoxide.com/cooler-master-centurion5.html

Is my Motherboard defective? what should my next step be?

A:Just built my PC, boot problems

Most of your links don't work.

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recantly i have built my self a computer from scratch, every things has gone perfectly to plan apart from one thing.

not often but every now and again it shuts itself down, reboots and tells me a serious error has occured, is it something to do with my hardwere, this is what i have been told and whaat can i do to fix this problem.

A:Problems with a home built.

Bad memory possibly? Hard to tell without more knowledge of your system and details about the error.

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Firstly, Hi guys, great forum! This is my first post.

Ive just built my first PC, took a couple of hours but got there in the end, here is the specs...

Athlon 64 5400+ X2
BFG 7950 512MB Card
Asus M2N-E Mobo
420W PSU

Ok, on powering up for the first time, everything lit up the BIOS loaded and then it tried to load XP off my HD (the only part I took off my old PC) and obviously failed with BSoD due to different hardware. The HD is quite old, its a Maxtor 120GB IDE drive.

I inserted my genuine XP CD, after the PCstopped turning off randomly a few times the CD began to load, it was setting up installation but then froze. I tried again and the same, at a different part. This is the setup blue screen before the partition sequence comes up.

I thought it must be a RAM issue, so took one out, swapped them, tried different ports, still the same. I tried another (equally old XP CD) with the same problem. I installed XP successfully on my old PC yesterday using the first CD just to check.

I have had no luck. It still freezes at random parts of the initial setup sequence. Stops loading, the DVD drive eventually stops spinning, and then the PC restarts.

I have not made any adjustments to the BIOS.

The HD is 4 years old, but is now setup on my old PC and works fine (i have been swapping it back and forth to test new ideas)

Both the XP CD's tried are SP1 and are 5 years old.

If you need anymore info on my setup, I will be happy yo tell ... Read more

A:problems installing XP on built PC

You know what, A lot of people here use the non existing word Firstly lol.

Anyjehews, It sounds like your memory is Non-ECC, so your going to have to setup your own memory timings in the bios. Same goes for your processor information. Check with Manufacturer website for and timings(Latency) or BIOS settings.

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Ive just built my first PC, took a couple of hours but got there in the end, here is the specs...

Athlon 64 5400+ X2
BFG 7950 512MB Card
Asus M2N-E Mobo
420W PSU

Ok, on powering up for the first time, everything lit up the BIOS loaded and then it tried to load XP off my HD (the only part I took off my old PC) and obviously failed with BSoD due to different hardware. The HD is quite old, its a Maxtor 120GB IDE drive.

I inserted my genuine XP CD, after the PCstopped turning off randomly a few times the CD began to load, it was setting up installation but then froze. I tried again and the same, at a different part. This is the setup blue screen before the partition sequence comes up.

I thought it must be a RAM issue, so took one out, swapped them, tried different ports, still the same. I tried another (equally old XP CD) with the same problem. I installed XP successfully on my old PC yesterday using the first CD just to check.

I have had no luck. It still freezes at random parts of the initial setup sequence. Stops loading, the DVD drive eventually stops spinning, and then the PC restarts.

I have not made any adjustments to the BIOS.

The HD is 4 years old, but is now setup on my old PC and works fine (i have been swapping it back and forth to test new ideas)

Both the XP CD's tried are SP1 and are 5 years old.

If you need anymore info on my setup, I will be happy yo tell you, but I am stumped, I certainly do not want to have to take it in to a repair... Read more

A:Problems installing XP on built PC

What are your processor temps? . . Have you updated to the newest Asus BIOS?

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I've recently been having some troubles with my built-in web cam. I have a Gateway LT series 1005u netbook. When I first got it, the webcam worked just fine. I don't know what happened, but I didn't use it for a while and when I started using it again, it had some issues. If I made any sudden movements while using the webcam it would freeze, or if I moved the laptop/adjusted the moniter it would freeze, and I would have to refresh the internet browser I was using. Often times, it would display a striped pattern. I would restart the computer and then it would work fine. But just this evening, it didn't show up under the list of webcams, or my computer, but it showed on the Add/remove programs. I looked around for a bit and read somewhere that I should try uninstalling and re-installing the driver. I un-installed it but didn't realize I didn't know how to re-install it. Yeah, stupid. It still shows up on the add/remove programs page, though. I'm not sure how to get it working again.

A:Built in webcam problems

Please do not double-post. Please read the rules, especially the section entitled "Multiple Postings".


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Heyy...Um, well, yeah. I'm having an issue with my webcam. It's built in to my Gateway LT series 1005u netbook. Like on Skype and stuff, if I try to webcast, it doesn't list the web cam anywhere, or anywhere on my computer either. It just...disappeared. It was doing weird things before it just suddenly stopped working. Sometimes it wouldn't work and sometimes it did, and if I made any sudden movements while on cam or moved my laptop at all it would freeze and I would have to restart the computer to get it working again. I looked around on the gateway website and it said to try un-stalling and re-installing it. So I went to Device Management and un-installed it but then, I realized I had no idea how to re-install it. Yeah, I'm stupid. Ok, so, the thing to do would be to look for the driver online, right? I tried.On the manufacturers website, and gateway. I can't find the driver for it anywhere. ALL I know about the webcam is that it's made by Sonix Technology and it's version 5. something. I'm really frustrated... can anyone help?

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How you test your notebook built-in Webcam using the resources of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits OS?

A:Built-in Webcam Problems

Welcome to Seven forums vik1919.
In Control Panel open Devices and Printers, it should list your webcam. Right-click the icon, then Trouble Shoot and follow the prompts to test it for problems.

There may be an entry specific to the webcam in Control Panel too, it should have its own software.

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I connected up the components for my new PC, checked everything was connected properly, and turned it on. Early signs were good; it powered up fine, the audio worked, and it seemed to recognise all my hardware. I managed to get into the BIOS, and I quit and powered down without changing anything. The only thing I changed before powering up again was to move a cable that was obstructing a fan; when I turned on again, all I got was a blank screen; no start-up beep, nothing. I've tried resetting the CMOS by switching jumpers about and even by removing the battery, but neither has worked.

The last time I turned it on, it powered down, powered up, and continued to do this over and over, with the intervals between power downs getting progressively smaller. I'd say this was a fault with the CPU, and it wouldn't surprise me as I was the one who fitted the heatsink and fan, but it was on for minutes the first time it powered up with no problems, and the heatsink seems to be fitted in place absolutely fine. Any idea what might have happened?


EDIT: Specs are as follows:

Asus GeForce EN7300GS-HTD 256MB DDR2 TV-Out/DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail
OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) PC2-5400C5 Dual Channel Vista Upgrade Gold Series DDR2 (OCZ2VU6674GK)
Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 "Energy Efficient SLACR 95W Edition" 2.40GHz (1066FSB) - OEM
Samsung SH-S203NBEBN 20x DVD±RW SATA Dual Layer Lightscribe ReWriter (Black) - OEM
Samsung SpinPoint T 500GB SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (... Read more

A:Newly built PC, problems

Try booting with only one RAM module in place and then shutdown, switch and boot again. Perhaps one of the RAM sticks is defective. If so, you'll have to return them as a set.

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I have a custom built xp on it. not a dell whrn i click start it says HP but its custom built.its preowned it says the PCI modem is not installed. it will not let me look at drive details please help so i can getit working good

A:Custom built xp problems

Sounds like it has a HP motherboard . . You can download and run Everest to find out what Brand and Model the mother board is then look for drivers

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I've recently been having some troubles with my built-in web cam. I have a Gateway LT series 1005u netbook with windows XP. When I first got it, the webcam worked just fine. I don't know what happened, but I didn't use it for a while and when I started using it again, it had some issues. If I made any sudden movements while using the webcam it would freeze, or if I moved the laptop/adjusted the moniter it would freeze, and I would have to refresh the internet browser I was using. Often times, it would display a striped pattern. I would restart the computer and then it would work fine. But just this evening, it didn't show up under the list of webcams, or my computer, but it showed on the Add/remove programs. I looked around for a bit and read somewhere that I should try uninstalling and re-installing the driver. I un-installed it but didn't realize I didn't know how to re-install it. Yeah, stupid. It still shows up on the add/remove programs page, though. I'm not sure how to get it working again.

A:Built-in Web Camera Problems.

Here are the XP drivers for the webcam

http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/getFile.asp?id=22520&dscr=LiteOn Webcam Driver Version:

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I have a gateway desktop with a built in drive bay that can accommodate CF, SD, MS, and SM cards. The SD is working, but the CF slot will not recognize a CF card. The indicator light goes on to confirm the card is engaged, but in "MY Computer" the OS asks me to insert a disk.

any troubleshooting thoughts?

A:built in cf drive problems

Are you sure, is the CF card working properly? Maybe try to update Card reader driver or troubleshoot from Gateway website.

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Good morning all,

I am new to this forum and hope to god someone can help me, I was up until 2AM this morning trying to fix my new rig :(

Let me explain the issue and what I have done so far:-

I have an Asus Crosshair II Formula mobo, 8GB of OCZ 1066MHz Reaper X RAM, AMD Athlon X4 Black Edition and Windows Vista

When I first built the machine and switch on for the first time (with all 8 GB RAM in) I got a DRAM error on the LCD display of the Mobo and nothing shown on the screen.

I removed 2 of the sticks of RAM so down to 4GB and it booted, I installed Windows Vista 64Bit Ultimate and all worked well.

I now want to be able to use my other 2 sticks of RAM.

I have put the other 2 sticks back in and again I cant even boot to BIOS. After reading some forum posts I lowered my RAM down to on DDR2 800MHz and turned off Ganged mode??

This allows me to boot to BIOS perfectly and recognizes all 8GB in BIOS.

Now when I go through the BIOS and try to get into Windows, I immediately get rebooted, and this just keeps going in a circle.

I have tried to reinstall the OS but after I get past the intial black install screen I immediately get a BSOD telling me its stopped my computer to save it blah blah blah.

So, I cannot get into Windows, I cannot reinstall Windows.

I desperately want to use all 8GB..

Any ideas?

PS I have also updated to the latest BIOS on the Mobo....

Thanks in advance

A:New Rig Built, Booting Problems, Please Help

Of course I ment AMD Phenom X4 not Athlon ;) old habbits.

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On my Toshiba brand new laptop im havuing a lot of trouble with my built in webcam. when i try to use it over MSN i get this

"\Your conversation cannot begin because your camera is currently in use or not plugged in. make sure your camera is available and try again"

any ideas?

A:Problems with Built in webcam

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When I try to use XP's built-in burner I get the error Cannot Complete the CD writing Wizard. - "there was an error in the writing process" Any ideas on how I can fix this? the burner i have is a lite-on LTR 12101b from hival I believe, thanks

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Last year I built the following system:

Mobo: ASUS P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe ATX - nForce4 SLI X16Compatible (NVIDIA nForce®4 SLI™ Intel Edition)
Processor: Core 2 Duo (2.9)
Chipset type: NVIDIA nForce4 SLI X16
BIOS type: Award
Hard Drives: 2X WD / Caviar SE 16 / 250GB / 7200 / 16MB / SATA-300
RAM: Corsair TWINX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory (2 x 1024MB)
Graphics: Two XFXGeForce 6800 Extreme 256MB, SLI, PCIe
Case: GIGABYTE GZ-XA1CA-STB Black:Aluminum SECC ATX Mid Tower
OS: Windows XP Professional
Ran like a dream for a year--no problems.

Problem 1:
All of a sudden, my two front USB ports stopped working (started to get those annoying Windows pop-ups that there is an unknown device). I opened the case, disconncted and connected the plug from the front chassis USBs to the MOBO and restarted, and nothing--the USBs are still dead. Any ideas where the problem could be, on the mobo or on the case? Anyone ever have this happen before?

Problem 2:
My Mobo has four slots for DDR2 RAM. I originally put in two and recently decided to add another two (paired) and bought exactly the same type (Corsair) that was already installed on the system. I know that this version of Windows will probably only recognize 3-3.5 gig tops, but I put in both new RAM chips. When I fired up my system and checked the memory, it still only listed the original amount of RAM (it's like those two new sticks aren't even there). I made sure they were seated correctly and that the clips that snap dow... Read more

A:Couple of Problems With Custom Built PC

Does same type of ram mean same model number? If not these systems are getting tougher and tougher to add to.

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ok heres whats going on, i just finished building my new pc and i had it up and running for a little while i had installed windows xp and it was lookin good. then i encountered the first problem, the computer shut off and restarted with an error report saying: the system has recovered from a serious error. i thought ok whatever and continued installing drivers and whatnot. this repeated several times before i realized this was a problem and got worried. i figured id just start over again, reformatting the hd and reinstalling windows. well guess what? now it wont even let me do that. i get to the windows setup and either while im formatting the hd or the setup is beggining, the system either restarts randomly or a blue screen comes up with all this mumbojumbo on it. somebody please help.

specs are:
amd athlon xp 3200+
512 mb ram (which it read as 480 mb of ram when it worked at first)
20 gb hard drive thats from my old pc (which im guessing could be the problem)

by the way, when the system worked at first i did install a video card and was having problems with the drivers installing so i dunno that could have somethin to do with it i guess.

A:my newly built pc is having all kinds of problems

This is happening on a new system build correct.

Have you tried reseating the PCI cards/memory/processor.

you also stated that you have a 512MB stick that is recognized as 480MB.. where does it recognize as 480 in windows or bios.

Do you have onboard video? if so that could explain the 32MB of memory not showing up. The onboard video gets its memory from your installed 512MB stick.

You say it comes up with "blue screen comes up with all this mumbojumbo on it" exactly what is the mumbojumbo you are getting. although vague the BSOD will give hints to what to look at.

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Can't access rollback, net user administrator /active:no denies me, I don't even know where it came from and why its on my computer without me enabling it and it blocks me from changing my password and from installing most programs.

Someone please help.

A:built-in admin account problems

Are you issuing the net user command from a Elevated Command Prompt?

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Hi, My name is Trevor or Trev and i've been building my desktop over the last 4-5 months. Everything has been going great until a couple weeks ago. I had a couple BSOD. (which i'm not sure if they're related or not to current issues) Also my windows live account said my account had been accessed by someone else and recommended virus scan and my Origin account also did the same. I've experienced some strange things in windows like I'll notice my anti-virus service isn't started and can't be fixed w/o a restart, random system hangs, poor browser performance in google chrome, today i tried to shutdown my computer twice both times it was at the shutting down screen and finally went to a BSOD, and there's been a few times that i've been playing a game or switching from a full screen window back to windowed and my computer will turn off both monitors like it's shutting down then it will turn itself completely off for a few seconds before coming right back to life with windows still loaded and the applications i was using usually still open. Anyway I've put allot into my computer and I would greatly appreciate some help in trying to figure out what exactly is happening.
Here's the logs and any other info needed just lemme know.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 2 ... Read more

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