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Windows Easy Transfer from Windows Xp computer to Windows 7

Q: Windows Easy Transfer from Windows Xp computer to Windows 7

Will this work if I install it on the XP now and then run it to move files over to 7 later? I am asking because I have the XP on my netbook at my place and the files are to go on my mom's Win7 which is at her place.Edit: Split from: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/511628/windows-easy-transfer-from-windows-xp-computer-to-windows-7-computer/. ~ Animal

Preferred Solution: Windows Easy Transfer from Windows Xp computer to Windows 7

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)

A: Windows Easy Transfer from Windows Xp computer to Windows 7

Can you please elaborate on what sort of files you want to transfer? A cloud service such as Box or Dropbox might be a better solution.

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I recently purchased a WD Passport external Harddrive, and have attempted to use it with transferring files from a laptop running Windows 7 32-bit to a desktop running Windows 7 64-bit. Windows Easy Transfer won't allow me to do this, giving me the error msg: "Windows Easy transfer can't transfer files from a 64-bit computer to a 32-bit computer"

My question is...Is there any way around this OS conflict? (So that I can still use my external HD to transfer files between computers)

A:Windows Easy transfer can't transfer files from a 64-bit computer to a

If it's just document, pictures, music, etc. You could just use the drag and drop method and move them to the second computer like that.

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My laptop is running Windows 7 32 bit. I just purchased a new computer and it is running Windows 7 64 bit. Can I use the Easy Transfer option to transfer apps and data from old to new?

A:Easy transfer windows 32 bit to windows 64 computer?

We see problems with WET so I would not use it. It can lose data and reimports Appdata settings which are corruption path into a new install.

Instead sort your files into User folders, then drag each to external HD or flash stick. On the new PC, open each User folder, on Organize tab Select All, drag the group to the corresponding User folder on Explorer bar. Don't release the left click hold until it confirms in hypertext where you are copying them.

To see how to back up other important items look over these steps which would also give you a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 with out the crippling factory bloatware which interferes with Win7.

At the minimum afterwards I would Clean Up Factory Bloatware

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I got a new laptop with Windows 7 and was transferring the files from my desktop computer over to it using Windows Easy Transfer over the wireless network. The transfer of the files was done, but it still had the shared files to get through, which according to the estimated time was going to take another 10 or so hours (200 + gb of files). I let it do that while I slept.

When I got up the next day, I saw the laptop was at the log on screen. Turned out it had automatically updated itself during the early morning. The old desktop computer's WET window said "attempting to re-connect" or something.

Anyway, it seems like most if not all of the files I wanted have been transferred over anyway, but I'm afraid that the broken transfer may have screwed up my originally brand new and pristine Windows 7 and laptop. Windows Live Messenger seems to keep getting an error now when Windows boots up. And there's a few folders that I can't access (they have a lock symbol next to them)

Please help! Thanks in advance!

A:Computer restarted during Windows Easy Transfer HELP!

most likely you will have to take ownership of some files you cannot access at this time. see the following


if you had xp on the old computer (going by your profile) then some settings just may not work in win7 so you may need to manually do some adjusting.

as far as the error, we will need the exact error message.

You can always do a system restore point to a previously save restore point and try again.

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I bought a new Windows 7 desktop. (ZT 7618)

I have a 3TB external hard drive. (Western Digital My Book Essential)

I loaded windows easy transfer to the old XP computer (HP m7250n Windows Media Center 2005)

When I try to use Windows Easy Transfer, the Xp computer gets as far as starting to transfer the files to the external HDD, but then locks up.

How do I get the files onto the external HDD so I can transfer them to the new computer?

Thanks for any help,


A:XP computer locks up, windows easy transfer to ext HDD

Quote: Originally Posted by Gyrobob

I bought a new Windows 7 desktop. (ZT 7618)

I have a 3TB external hard drive. (Western Digital My Book Essential)

I loaded windows easy transfer to the old XP computer (HP m7250n Windows Media Center 2005)

When I try to use Windows Easy Transfer, the Xp computer gets as far as starting to transfer the files to the external HDD, but then locks up.

How do I get the files onto the external HDD so I can transfer them to the new computer?

Thanks for any help,


Is the three TB drive one partition? XP cant handle a drive of that size. You might want to create a smaller partition and test.

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I'm trying to use Easy Transfer to transfer the files & settings from my old Vista 32 bit laptop to a new Windows 7 64 bit laptop via a network.

I've loaded WET onto my old machine and followed the instructions but when I enter the transfer key I get the message: WET can't connect to your other computer - to complete the connection , you might need to install the latest version of WET.....

My McAfee network map on my new laptop shows my old PC as being connected and online.

Any suggestions? Or should I should just try using an external hard drive?



A:Windows Easy Transfer can't connect to your other computer

I would not use either WET or MucAfee which is an atrocious AV that causes many problems. Replace it now with Microsoft Security Essentials.

As to WET it is easier and safer to sort your files into the User folders, then drag each to your backup device. The problem with WET is that it can fail and lose access to your files, and it also transfers AppData settings which are a corruption path into a new Install.

After copying to external, move it to target PC, in each of the User folders you saved click on Organize>Select All, then drag the group to the corresponding User folder on Explorer bar at left margin. Don't release them until it stops unfolding and the hypertext confirms the correct destination.

You can also follow these steps to Clean Up Factory Bloatware which throttles Win7 performance.

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Having problems with the above subject.Can't seem to get decent instructions from Microsoft.
Any help,
Please advise.

A:Windows Easy Transfer from Windows Xp computer to WIndows 7 computer

According to the instructions at the Microsoft Download Center you need to install Easy Transfer on the XP computer, it is already installed on Windows 7.
Start the Easy Transfer on the XP computer.
Type Easy Transfer in the Search programs and file box, right click on Easy Transfer in the pane above the search box and choose Run as administrator.
Once Easy transfer starts follow the instructions provided by the Wizard to select and transfer your data.
You can use the following to make the transfer:
A USB easy transfer cable.
A network connection.
Removable media, such as a flash drive or an external hdd.

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I just got a new computer, and was on the process of transferring my files from my old computer using Windows Easy Transfer.

It was taking a while so I left it on overnight. When I checked on it again, it had reboot to install windows updates. Now, I've got a folder in my Users section that apparently weights 0 bytes, but that is taking up easily 100 GB, which I also cannot access; for trying to do so leaves me with the same explorer window, and unable to return using the address bar or the back arrow.

Is there anything I can do about it?

And do you recommend me try again, or just copy my files manually using an external hard drive?

A:Windows shutdown to install update while using Windows Easy Transfer

If it's just files then the external drive is the way to go. If you want to transfer more, like favorites, E-mail, history, application data, then WET is the way to go.

As for the file in your users directory, can you access it after a reboot?
What is the full path name of the folder/file?

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Vista was officially released today. If your thinking about using Vista or upgrading, you may want to look at "Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP and Windows 2000". This will allow you to automatically copy your files, photos, music, email, settings, and more to your new Vista based PC...

A:Windows Easy Transfer For Windows Xp And Windows 2000

There is also a very handy tutorial here at Bleeping Computer which can be found here:Using Windows Easy Transfer to Transfer Your Data to a New Computer:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/transfer-your-data-with-windows-easy-transfer/

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I'm trying to copy across files and settings from my old pc (XP Professional Edition) to my new Windows 7 PC, using Easy Transfer. I have tried twice so far, and each time, when I reach the end of the process, I get a message that says ?Type the password for your old computer?, and ?Protected content was recently transferred to this computer. Type the password for your user account on the old computer listed below to update the content protection on your new account.?

When I input my password from my user account on the old machine, I get a message ?The password is incorrect.? However, I am certain that the password is correct.

The only option I have to continue is to press cancel. When I do that, I have no access to any folders or files in My Documents.

I also the program settings have not been transferred (Or at least do not seem to be acknowledged by the various programs).

Thanks for helping

A:Windows Easy Transfer; XP to Windows 7; Password Problem

You should use a USB disk to transfer file and do not use any passwords in the process.If you are transferring over a network cable, make sure you are logged on in both computers.Have a look : http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/3179/migrat...nd-a-usb-drive/

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Have just spent two unproductive days trying to use WET to move items from my Vista system to my new Windows 8.1 machine. The tool will evidently work for Vista --> Windows 8, but not to 8.1. I now read in places where Microsoft expects us to use SkyDrive for the transfer. In fact you get an unhelpful error message that reads: "Windows Easy Transfer can't be used to transfer files from Windows Vista or Windows XP". The pages wherein you download WET to Vista and to 8.1 have nothing to say on this until you get to the point of actually transferring. Ok, now trying to learn SkyDrive; also have Dropbox as an alternative.

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I have previously posted on here and on TenForums about the requirement for dual booting my new laptop. This has been done successfully so far. The problem lies with what happened afterwards.

I tried using Windows Easy Transfer in order to transfer all of my programs from the old laptop (Acer Aspire 5742, notorious overheating issues) to the new laptop (HP 15-AC153SA, runs nice and cool).
Unfortunately, it didn't transfer many of my programs at all, and corrupted a load of other programs. Google Chrome, SlimJet, McAfee and Windows Movie maker all needed a reinstall.

However, I think that the damage is more severe than this - despite using Advanced SystemCare for error checking (and cleaning up the mess), and System Restore (to get rid of the bulk of the mess), Windows Movie Maker refuses to open even after a reinstall. It says that one or more of the effects files is corrupted.
I can only assume that the transfer of files via Windows Easy Transfer has corrupted the OS. This also ties in with the fact that the svchost.exe and System/Compressed Memory processes are using more CPU than before the "Easy Transfer".

To make matters worse, when I tried using the WD MyPassport tools to transfer programs that way, it decided to shove things into the C:\ drive, which is what my old laptop has as its main OS install. The problem is that C:\ is the Windows 10 install, not the Windows 7 install! So I may well have corrupted Windows 10 as well, though the ma... Read more

A:Windows 7 possibly corrupted via Windows Easy Transfer?

Advanced SystemCare by IObit can screw up a one car parade.

I would start up with backing up all the data that you want to save to a external drive.

Then I would do a Clean Install of Windows 7 including the updates.

Use this tutorial by Brink.

Clean Install Windows 7

Then install MSE and update. Or a anti virus of your choice. NO IObit products.


Next install all your programs. NO IObit products.

Then make a image using Macrium Reflect.

Tutorial with video by whs.

Imaging with free Macrium

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I saved my files and settings from a previous installation of windows 7 to an external hard drive using windows easy transfer. Now when I try to transfer those files and setting to my new installation I get the following message:

Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer your files and settings.

The message pops up only a few seconds after the transfer begins.
Why is this?! I need those files and windows has screwed me. Everything is basically the same as before I reinstalled. Same computer, same windows 7 installation just recovered to factory settings. Same system language as before. BTW I'm on a Toshiba L505 laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I have tried all the usual suspects such as a clean boot and uninstalling my antivirus to rule out third party interference. I have more than enough space on both my computer and on the external hard drive. I have tried only transferring a user account a few MBs large. I have reinstalled the OS twice just in case something went wrong there. I have clicked on the .MIG file directly. All lead to the same error message.The transfer file seems to be intact and not currupt

Is there another software other than WET that can use the same transfer file that WET created to restore my files? Please help me solve this if you can or at least point me in the right direction because right now I'm clueless. I can't emphasize how important those files are to me. I've searched for solutions on several forums and it seems that... Read more

A:"Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer your files and settings." Why?

I notice that you have been looking for this for a while now -Not sure if this will help, but Here is what seems to be a simple / good tutorial for W.E.T. by the Elder GeekThe Windows7 version is lower down the page a bit -Good Luck -

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I bought a new laptop with Windows XP in it, I wanted to transfer some files from my Desktop PC which has Vista to my laptop with XP, I bought a Belkin USB Data Transfer Cable to transfer files with help of Windows Easy Transfer but when I installed the soft provided with it, it seemed that I can only transfer files from XP to Vista, but not the opposite. Is there a solution or must I go back to my retailer? Those unfinished Microsoft's products really annoy me.
Is there a soft which can do the same without changing the cable?

A:Transfer files from Vista to XP with Windows Easy Transfer

Did you install software on both?
Generally you will need to do so.

The simple approach if you have a router is just to make sure that the network name is same on both computers, then enable file and print sharing and make sure that the LAN and file and print sharing are not blocked by the firewalls on either machine and share the drive or folders you want and then you can see them in my network places , view workgroup computers on the other computer.

You can also do this with an ethernet crossover cable ,just connecting the ethernet cards of the two (*a crossover cable has the wires at opposite ends re arranged so the in wires on one end connect to the out on the other and vice versa)
Both windows and vista have file and settings transfer wizards and networking wizards designed to make this easier; but you can just do it all manually.

With your product did it say it was vista compatible?

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I used Windows Easy Transfer to wirelessly transfer from Vista to Windows 7. When looking at the Vista computer this morning, I saw a message that the transfer had been successful with the exception of files blocked by the Windows Firewall (which I thought had been off). It asked me whether I would like to proceed with the transfer of the blocked files and I checked that I did. It began trying to reconnect with the new computer again. I looked at the new computer with Windows 7 and saw lots of icons from the old computer as well as a message that various upgrades to Windows 7 had been downloaded. I reopened Windows Easy Tranfer and it asked for the transfer code again, which I typed in from yesterday. For over an hour the two computers tried to connect. So, I stopped the process on the old computer and restarted the transfer again with a new code which was then input into the new computer. The new computer is showing the total amount of files that it showed yesterday, so I can only assume that I am going to have duplicates of everything from yesterday. What should I do? I really do not want duplicates but would like to have the whole of the files from the old computer transferred.

Thank you in advance!

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A good solution for XP users.

This software installs Windows Easy Transfer on a computer running the 32-bit version of Windows XP so you can copy your files, photos, music, e-mail, settings, and more to a computer running Windows 7. If your computer is running another version of Windows, you can download other versions of Windows Easy Transfer by following this link.

This software is already built into Windows 7, so it is not necessary to install it on a computer running Windows 7.


A:Windows Easy Transfer for transferring from Windows XP

Need help...anyone?

Is there a way to recover your files if you forget your password on your WET .mig file? Thank you.

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I am trying to transfer the program MagicInfo from a machine I believe is about to crash over to a different computer. Both computers run Windows 7. The old computer says it runs Windows 7 under properties, but the display looks like it is pre Windows XP, with
the grey taskbar. I called MagicInfo tech support and they told me I needed to change the formatting of the USB in order to get the program to transfer. In all formats except NFTS, I could not get anything to back up to the flash drive and had to copy the
files from the C drive. In the NFTS format, I can get it to back up directly to the flash drive, but when I bring it to the other machine, the restore wizard still cannot find a backup to restore from. I am not sure how to proceed from here, and I have to
get this done soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Enabled Sharing on the USB and tried to get it to work via the network. Found it in the network and it says Windows does not detect any files to restore from. Is it even possible to restore this program in this way? 


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Evening Guys,

I see in Win 8.1 that they have taken the ability to save all you files and settings using the "Windows Easy Transfer" tool, you can only transfer settings in from Win 8.

I know that Windows 8-8.1 saves settings to your Microsoft Sky drive account automatically but what settings does it back up.

Windows Easy Transfer used to backup and restore email accounts, favourites, address book, windows explorer settings, office settings etc etc etc. I always found it very useful when reinstalling and it saved quite a bit of time setting all the fiddly things up.

I just wonder how good the account sync would be, has anyone used it to set up another PC from a Win 8.1 to a Win 8.1 set up?



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I successfully completed this migration from a Windows XP device with four logon IDs to an existing Windows 7 computer. I created an Admin account with password on the Windows 7 computer and now the original account (auto logon with no password) seems to have disappeared. There are Outlook e-mails and countless files that need to be retrieved. What are my options? Thanks in advance~

A:Windows 7 after using Windows Easy Transfer

Hi Finnegan, welcome to the forum! Let's start with your emails, which may very well still be in your system. The problem of course, is to find them. One of your options would be to go into Outlook and do a search from within Outlook to see where on the system those specific emails are being stored.

Another option would be to do an Advanced Search for all of your emails through Windows.

You can't go directly to Advanced Search. Press the Windows Key + F (or go into the Start Menu, and from inside the Search pane, press F3). That brings up the Search page, then click the Advanced Search button to the far top-right, to open the Advanced Search Set-Up page.
To narrow your search to locate only emails, at the top of the screen, go to Search Only, and check Email. Under Location, select Computer, or Everywhere, and in the Name box, fill in the name of the email you’re looking for, or some key word that will identify the email. Be sure to check the box that says: 'Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files.'

Click on the Search button, and when the emails come up, if you single -click (highlight) them, you will be able to see where they are being stored. (Or check the "Location" column heading.)
If the emails are being stored in multiple locations on your system, you can do additional searches, using any other key words you think might be associated with your emails --- until you locate them all.
In regard to your other types of files, to locate them,... Read more

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Hello all,

I recently got in a Dell Precision M6500 system. After using it for about a week, I finally have it all set up with all of my software and such... only to find out that Windows Firewall is broken. The service won't start, and I'm not getting anywhere fixing it. I honestly always disable it, but when I went to do that, I couldn't as it was already broken. The problem with this scenario is that some networking features aren't working.

I'm ready to clean install AGAIN. I don't mind doing this as I have that routine down to a science. I was just wondering if Windows Easy Transfer actually works well for backing up program settings and configurations... especially Outlook and the rest of Microsoft Office 2010.

If anyone wants to take a stab at my Firewall problem, I posted that on the TechNet Forums. I looked around here and didn't see anything either.

A:Anyone Use Windows Easy Transfer?

Yes, I use it a couple times a week for customers. It does an excellent job.

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Hi,I have windows 7 home premium 64bit had it for a couple of months,Working well the only thing is when I had it first one wasn't sure how to copy music & documents etc over from my old xp machine.
Now I'm thinking of re sorting things out good and proper,This is my plan
Save all my Documents,Music,My Pictures & Videos all on to an external drive.
Sorry I should have said move not save all my doc's etc.
Now will the windows 7 transfer work to get the documents etc back on to my pc in the correct order?.If possible can someone please put me in the correct order in doing so.As said all my doc's etc will be on an external hdd.They wont be on the 'C' drive.Is it possible to be done with the windows easy transfer,Will it recognize my ext hdd?.
I do hope that it will work,On the link it looks so easy.
Many thanks.
Documents > Doc's Folder.My Music > My Music Folder and so on?.

This is the link to the item in question...Windows Easy Transfer - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

A:Windows 7 Easy transfer

Do exactly what you said. Copy (backup) the files and folders you want to save, reinstall then copy them back. WET is not needed for this. Having said that, you can use WET if you want.

Use WET to copy the files and folders to an external drive then again to restore. Good write up here: Using Windows Easy Transfer to transfer your data to a new computer

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I'm wish to upgrade from WinXP 32 Bit to Win7 Home Edition 64 Bit. In doing so it was recommended that I do Windows Easy Transfer. I downloaded Windows Easy Transfer and followed the Microsoft instructions but got a little confused during the process. I wish to do a transfer to an external hard drive but the Microsoft instructions does not conform with the listed procedures of the Windows Easy Transfer. It kept stating a transfer from one PC to another PC while the MS instructions stated from PC to an external drive. I have an external drive connected. Am I missing anything here?

A:Windows Easy Transfer

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Is it possible to unzip files from a *.mig to a new xp computer?

A:Windows Easy Transfer

Quote: Originally Posted by msnuser193

Is it possible to unzip files from a *.mig to a new xp computer?

Is it really A "MIG" file? just did a google and the only returns were abt the fighter. could you give us more info?



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Hi, Why use Easy Transfer if you can just copy the whole user profile and paste ?
Whats the difference?

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I downloaded Windows Easy Transfer and transfered all my files in XP to my external hard drive as I intend to buy a desktop with 7. I opened the HD up and tried to verify the files were ok but windows could not open the files. There are several files in format MIG format. Can any one explain why the files will not open?????
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6700 @ 2.66GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 131059 MB, Free - 77771 MB; F: Total - 953626 MB, Free - 808255 MB;
Motherboard: EVGA, 132-CK-NF78
Antivirus: Panda Global Protection 2014, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: THANKS!

A:Windows Easy Transfer

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I just used w.e.t. to put files on my "new" computer (same comp i had, just upgraded). where does everything that was transfered end up? theres a ton of stuff listed under program report, but i cant find anything new on my comp.

A:Windows easy transfer

also, when backing up files using easy transfer on my "old" computer, I performed the action multiple times and it saved as 2 copies, each had different amounts of data in them, of Windows Easy Transfer - Items from old computer2. ones is a easy transfer file, and the other is a MIG01 file which wont start windows easy transfer if i click it. the easy transfer file is about 4GB, and the MIG01 is about 3GB, and when i ran easy transfer it transfered 7.1GB. so did it include the MIG01 file even tho i cant open it with windows easy share?

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I used Windows Easy Transfer years ago and it worked fine. I recently acquired another comuter (both of them running Windows 7 Ultimate) and I cannot use WET. No matter what, I set it up to transfer, the files appear on the new computer, but when I click transfer I get the error message that it cannot connect to my domain, and the transfer can't be done.

So, I thought I would try the data transfer cable route, by-passing the net. Of course, I couldn't find mine, so I had to buy a new one online and wait for it to come. I then hooked up both computers to try again.WET ignores the cable and will only try thenet method. If doesn't even offer me the choice between net, data cable, or USB anymore. It just goes straight to the net, and gives me the same error message.

Now, I am not savvy to net stuff. I am online wirelessly, no problem. I have a new router ID and password from AT&T, but WET wouldn't accept that either. I don't know about domains. I did go online, and it said the domain was your internet service provider. I went to mine (AT&T) and spoke with their "TECH" who had no idea what a domain was, and told me to just type in AT&T Uverse in the domain name box. I did. Nothing. He did say they had a DNS number but it was too long to give to me.

So I am dead in the water. I have searched my computer and cannot find a domain name. I can find the section that says I can join a domain, but it needs my domain name, which I have no idea ab... Read more

A:Need help with Windows Easy Transfer

Your specs says you have Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit, but your post says 2 x Windows 7 Ultimate? That sounds more like corporate computers and more likely to belong to a domain. An account is either a local account or a domain account. A domain account basically means it's not local and that it's part of a network. Here's an example of an domain account with screenshots: What is a Domain Account? - Columbia University Medical Center Information Technology

This MS thread might help you: https://social.technet.microsoft.com...w7itprogeneral

I also noted from the WET FAQ that you can't transfer files from a 64-bit to a 32-bit PC. Might be good to know

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I'm getting ready to replace my son's hard drive (Dell computer) plus upgrade his OS from XP Pro to Windows 7 Home Premium. I've downloaded the XP version of Windows Easy Transfer and ran it backing up the files to an external drive but I'm wondering if something went wrong.

Looking at the backed up file (on the external drive) it doesn't look like what I've seen in tutorials which shows an icon named Windows Easy Transfer - Items from old computer.

The file I get is a file that doesn't know what program created it although the size seems right. I've ran Windows Easy Transfer twice with the same results.

Does this seem normal why wouldn't my file look like a normal file (knowing which program created it) with the icon and name as above?

A:Windows Easy Transfer

If transfering from Win XP, download the update WET from here:
Download details: Windows Easy Transfer for transferring from Windows XP (32 bit) to Windows 7

Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

Warning do not use the old Win XP Easy Transfer, will not work with Vista or Windowds 7.

Recovery WET IMG
How to extract files from MIG

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Hi all,

I've just purchased a laptop and want to transfer files from my old computer.

I have XP SP2 and have downloaded the easy transfer program...

When i start it up though, upon pressing next on the opening screen, it just crashes...any ideas?!?!?!??!


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I am about to use WET to transfer my files from a Vista Comp to a Win 7 Comp.
I know I cannot Transfer Programs, and what I'd like to know is must I first Install the Programs on the New Comp.

eg. I have used Office 2003 (I still have an unused copy with License Key), as the New Comp has a limited trial of Office 2010 pre-installed.


A:Windows Easy Transfer

I did that last week (install your programs first) and all the settings transferred over nicely. I would say "yes".

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Hi -

I just bought a new Dell PC - with Windows Vista and a Belkin Easy Transfer cable.

I cannot get the Windows Easy Transfer software to run on my 2 year old PC - which has Windows XP (up to date).

Has anyone else had trouble getting Windows Easy Tranfer to run? I've tried everything I can think of (logging in under different profiles, safe mode, etc.)

The WinXP computer is virus free, spyware free, etc. I can install the software (from the CD or a USB Memory Key, but when i run the software it just hangs up and won't keep running - I need to CTRL - ALT - DEL to get out of the program.

Any suggestions?


A:Windows Easy Transfer

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i have this old computer but my user profile is under d drive. i just got this new pc install with windows 7 and i want to transfer my old pc entire d drive to my new possible. i try using windows easy transfer but it will transfer c drive and d drive to my new pc. is there anyway to automation it to auto transfer to d drive instead of me clicking the customize and tick the d drive box. any solution towards its be it anyway. as my company need this option. please advise. thanks.

A:need help with windows easy transfer.

No, none I know of. You need to do it manually.

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Im getting a new computer in a week and I ordered Win 7 Home Ultimate which I'll be installing. My current PC has Win XP which I religiously do a full backup every 2 weeks to a external USB HHD....btw there is no partition for XP so that it would have been easy to do recovery if anything happened. I did download the correct 32 bit Windows Easy Transfer program to my current PC.

My question is after I load Win 7 on the new PC and use my last backup for Windows Easy Transfer the files and folders (and any programs which will work) will Windows Easy Transfer disregard my XP OS and only transfer the data or will I have to painstakingly pick and choose what I want (which is everything possible).

Thank you in advance.


A:Windows Easy Transfer

Whatever you do, don't trust either the XP files and settings transfer wizard or the Windows Easy Transfer alone. Backup the entire XP Documents and Settings folder or Vista / 7 Users folder too. Use the command prompt's xcopy command. Example:
xcopy "c:\Documents and Settings\*" d:\backup /cevwh /g
(this will copy everything from D & S to folder named ?backup? that you previously created)

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Mod Edit:  Split from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/606201/problems-with-windows-easy-transfer/ - Hamluis.
I am trying to do an easy transfer from a windows 7 laptop to another windows 7 laptop.
I restored the receiving laptop back to factory. The receiving laptop has a partition so I cleared that as well.
There is 600 gb of space on C:\ and 100gb on the  E:\ partition.
I am only transferring 350 gb, that I put on an external H/D, but when I hit transfer it says there isn't enough space.
Can anybody help?

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I'm trying to transfer settings, files and bookmarks from an XP machine to a new Windows 7 machine.

I got the transfer key from the old computer and entered it into the new computer to start the transfer over the network.

The transfer started and it says it will take over a day to completer.

I was expecting somewhere along the line to be able to select which files and settings to transfer. I never saw anything like that.

1.- Can I stop the transfer and start again?

2. If yes, how do I get to where I can select what to transfer?


A:Windows Easy Transfer XP=>7

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I got it for my XP Desktop computer, and on my Vista laptop... Ive tried to send files, and it finds and recognizes the files i want to send... but when go to transfer them, hte flashes the disconnected sign near the exit button. This is after about 30 seconds into it aswell...

I got both windows firewalls turned off, and both computers have a wireless conenction, and are beside eachother.
How can I get this to work?

A:Windows Easy Transfer

Hmm...i think its the Wireless.Check and make sure the connection is alright.
Alternatively u can use the Easy Transfer Cable available.
Maybe this will help :

Windows Vista Team Blog : Using Windows Easy Transfer

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used easytransfer when I changed OS from win XP to win 7. incredimail cant find my mail files and contact Files. can anyone help?

A:windows easy transfer

Incredimail can be a beast to deal with . . have you installed the windows 7 version?


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I had the original download of Windows 7 since last December, I was concerned it would quit after they offered the beta version so I followed instructions and did a backup on an external USB hard drive. I used the original Gateway restore disc and restored my laptop to the factory system with windows Vista. When I try to open easy transfer on the hdd I see the files I saved but when I browse to open them in easy transfer they won't open. I'm wondering if when I get my Windows 7 disc from Egghead if I will be able to restore all of my files, like PS 3 and tons of other programs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at [email protected]

A:Easy Transfer windows 7

The Easy Transfer is not designed to restore files to a previous version of Windows, its to migrated data to a Windows 7 install. If you were to get Windows 7 again then you should simply need to run the Easy Transfer program again to restore the files and settings.

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So as the title says. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro, I backed up most of my important stuff from my Windows 7 and used the Windows Easy Transfer. I saved it on my NAS.....Installed Windows 8.1 all well and good. I go into Windows Easy Transfer and try to bring my stuff back, however there was some stuff on my Desktop on Windows 7 and when it says it's completed the transfer however none of my stuff is moved over. Uh what am I doing wrong?


A:Windows Easy Transfer Help

Windows Easy Transfer really doesn't transfer much, mostly settings. They used to have a supplemental app that would transfer everything else, including apps -- but they got rid of that.

The info in the link can answer some of the questions about what it moves: Question about what data "Easy Transfer" moves? - Microsoft Community

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I recently did a backup of my Laptops HDD(Laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium) using "WET" and transferred all the files to my desktop which is also running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Everything worked out just fine, but I don't really know where ALL the files went from my Laptop, along with my User Profile and ETC.

I did the backup because my laptop was running like crap and needed to do a system restore back to factory settings and just start from scratch.

Now what i need to do is get all those files i transferred to my PC back to my Laptop. Anybody have a guide or advice? thanks as im new to this sorta backup procedure.

A:Windows 7 Easy Transfer


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Hello I have been looking for some help and am not very good at finding results on the computer or web for that matter. I am a blue caller man with very little computer experience and am seemingly entering my wits end(s) every time I try to do anything related to computers. I purchased an external hard drive to do, what was supposed to be, a very easy and painless transfer from my old (windows 7) to my new (8) computer. I watched youtube videos and really thought this will be easy but I was hammered once more. Both computers have windows easy transfer on them, I have a new hard drive (external), and I'm supposed to plug it in and go.>???? Not happening. Long story short I had to copy and paste over 3,000 pics to the external and then drag them into my new computer. then I thought I had it figured out so Plugged into old computer and got everything downloaded to my external hard drive, YES:), Plugged back into my new computer and hit go and almost everything transferred ok, then got an error message saying my D drive (recovery) was full. Not enough disk space! What??? This is a brand new computer, I thought......! come to find out everything had transferred but apparently to my Recovery (D) drive I guess. I really don't know what I did or how to fix it?????? PLEASE HELP. That's my story and thanks for listening Edit: Moved topic from Introductions to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Windows easy (not) transfer :(

You can move the files from your recovery partition to the C: drive using Windows Explorer (not internet explorer).

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Hello, I have used the Easy Transfer to move all my stuff from my old Acer with windows 7 64 bit, Home edition, onto my new gateway laptop, using same op system. I am now having to install each program and then open the files as needed, any idea if the transfer can be done including the programs to save this last step ?

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I am having a problem transferring files using Windows Easy Transfer. I am using my network for the transfer from my old computer with XP to my new computer with Vista. Every thing goes well until the actual tranfer starts. About 15 minutes into it I receive an error that there is not enough disk space. The files, etc. being transferred are 22.8gb. The data is being transferred to the D:/ drive on the new computer which has only 12gb. Why does it not go to C:/ drive where all the free space is? Can it not be done? If it can, how do I do it? Thanks

A:Windows Easy Transfer

How do you place it in there? Do you drag and drop? Because if you drag and drop- just drag multiple folders into the C Drive.
Are you going to My Documents and then doing it? Make sure the destination you set is on your C: drive, instead of your D: drive.

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I guess I have a basic problem understanding just what this program is for.

Found a Belkin easy transfer cable in the bargain bin and thought that would be a quicker way of transferring some very large files from my laptop to my desktop than doing it over the wireless network. It appears, though, that this hardware and software is designed specifically for transferring users and settings from an existing computer to a new one.

In the equivalent of Windows Explorer where you select what to transfer, your choices appear to be limited to only a few folders that easy File Transfer selects for you. There's a "miscellaneous folder" entry, but there's no way I can see to find out what those miscellaneous folders are.

Anybody know if it can be tweaked to transfer only a user-selected set of files or folders? Thanks.

A:Windows easy transfer


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Hi there, hope this is in the right spot. My problem is I don't know if I can merge 2 different pc's into the new laptop using easy file transfer or will it wipe out the first transfer that I have already done? Different users on both old computers.

A:Windows Easy Transfer

Hello DDVKilroy, welcome to Seven Forums!

When someone that has experience with the issue you're asking about has the time you will be helped.

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Windows 7 Easy Transfer.
I saved some settings from my xp computer using 'easy transfer'. The files came from a folder on user 'Bob'. But on my windows 7 computer, I don't expect to have a user named 'Bob'. Will I have any problems transferring over those files?
And where will they put them?

A:Windows 7 Easy Transfer

No I have used Easy Transfer and it is great. A few people have mentioned that they lost data. I suggest another back up just in case.

You transfer to an external HD etc. Then when you have the new OS, you trasfer that.

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