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X1 Yoga 3rd Gen Crash on LTE (Fibocom L850-GL) during high speed download/heavy use

Q: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen Crash on LTE (Fibocom L850-GL) during high speed download/heavy use

I have a X1 Yoga 3rd Gen equipped with the Fibocom L850-GL LTE modem, using a Verizon LTE sim. I ran into this issue whenever I'm using the LTE connection at high speed, Windows 10 has a high chance of crashing (BSOD). This can be easily reproduced by running a speed test on speedtest.net. I'm in an area with good LTE signal, and my speed on the Verizon sim can reach around 200 mbps. When running the speed test, whenever it goes past around 130mbps, it has a pretty high chance of crashing. It's almost as if the module cannot handle that speed (maybe heat/power related). I'm on a clean installation of Windows 10 1809 with the latest Lenovo drivers (including the Fibocom modem) installed. Anyone else is having this issue?

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Preferred Solution: X1 Yoga 3rd Gen Crash on LTE (Fibocom L850-GL) during high speed download/heavy use

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A cat 9 is orderable with X1 Yoga 3rd Gen. Could it be installed in my X1 Yoga 1st Gen to upgrade the current em7455? If the bios whitelists are shared perhaps the vid/pid for the Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A cat 9 is in the list and it will be accepted. Or is it a pipe dream? I want to stick with 1st gen as the 3rd gen lacks OLED screen option, which I have.

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So I just added a WWAN card (Fibocom L850-GL (FRU 01AX792)) to the X1 Yoga 3rd Gen, but the typically "pre-installed" Antenna is not pre installed, I guess next year the Sim slot won't be there if you don't buy it out the door with it.  Does anyone know the Lenovo FU... i mean FRU... Part number for the WWAN Antenna for (Fibocom L850-GL (FRU 01AX792)) These connectors are tiny.  

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I am considering buying an X1C gen 6.The model that is available in my region is: 20KH007JIVAccording to https://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkPad/ThinkPad_X1_Carbon_6th_Gen?ch=20kh007It has a Fibocom L850-GL. Does it work with ubuntu 18.04 ? I mean does it work reliably after editing some files here and there or it's a mess ? (I am ok to edit some configs if required). Should I check anything before purchasing ? (I am plannig to only have Ubuntu 18.04 on it for development).I know there seems to be some problem with sleep mode but there are acceptable workarounds. Thank you in advance !

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I want to know if a Lenovo P52 WWAN card will permit me to use that laptop as an additional device in our Google Fi account, which we use for our Android phones.  The card Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A cat 9 is listed as available for P52 workstations.  A Fi chat said that I should use a "data only SIM card", but that does not help me unless I know how to use that in the P52.   I understatnd that the Fibocom card is supposed to work with Verizon, but I want to know if it will also work with Google Fi.


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I know this is an old issue, but I can't solve the problem.I've downloaded the last drivers (June 2019) from Lenovo website but still WWAN doesn't work. Diagnostics says SIM is blocked by PIN2 but there is no way to add PIN2 (or PUK).Should I send the laptop to a repair center?Thank you in advance for your helpMassimo 

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Hello,   I consedering buying a THINKPAD X1 CARBON (GEN 7), the Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE CAT9  is included in the price, I guess it is used to acces 4G network with a SIM card exactly like a smartphone. But in this case what is the use of the wwan option ? As far as I understand it is also used to acces  cellular network ?What is the difference ? Please feel free to explain if I got this wrong  Thx

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I want to know if a Lenovo P52 WWAN card will permit me to use that laptop as an additional device in our Google Fi account, which we use for our Android phones.  The card Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A cat 9 is listed as available for P52 workstations.  A Fi chat said that I should use a "data only SIM card", but that does not help me unless I know how to use that in the P52.   I understatnd that the Fibocom card is supposed to work with Verizon, but I want to know if it will also work with Google Fi.


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I can't seem to establish a cell connection with my 6th gen Carbon X1 and new Fibocom L850-GL WWAN.  I'm using a Verizon SIM - all seems fine from the VZ side, and the machine is correctly recognizing the SIM, but I can't for the life of me get it to make a connection.  All I see is "No Service" from the Windows wifi manager, although the VZ "advanced options" confirm that there is an active account.  Anyone got any ideas on how to make this connect?  The Carbon X1 is fully updated and only recently imaged - latest drivers/firmware applied. Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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I bought a wwan card (Fibocom L850-GL). Installed it and was everything all right. I ran System Update today, which found an update V., which I installed. System Update suggested me to restart my laptop. I did so an since than the following happens: System Update finds the very same update again and again. (And shows it in the history as installed update.)Cellular connection does not show up among available networks.No trace of the device in device manager, so I am not able to reinstall it or go back to an older version.Windows beeps sometimes, as if a new device was found, but nothing happens.Any idea is wellcome! Thank you!

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I am receiving an error when I try to connect to the cellular network with my X1C7: "Can't connect to this network. Enter an APN and try again" I have tested this SIM card in T420 and it can connect successfully. Win 10 is updated to the latest, all drivers too, but still no success. Output from the cmd shows that the SIM card is recognized and registered on the network, but still no successful connections: One thing I did notice is that my driver is "generic mobile broadband adapter" released by Microsoft and no matter what I try to install the Lenovo one - removing, choosing manual update, it still stubbornly chooses the generic one.   

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I bought X1 Carbon 6th and X280, both with Fibocom L850-GL. WWAN with Linux do not work. I searched and found the reason. The PCI-E must be disabled, so that the card can run with USB. It seems that Lenovo did not offered a solution since July 2017.  I searched but do not find any direct contact to Lenovo to ask the question.  The WWAN is important for me and Windows is no option anymore. Anybody know if there is an other WWAN card wich works with Linux  and X1 Carbon 6th / X280 ?Anybody know if there is a chance that Lenovo solve the problem with a bios update? Many new Lenovo Thinkpads have this Fibocom L850-GL inside and many business user use Linux...

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I have a T480 with a Fibocom L850-GL WAN card. Frequently, but all the time, when waking up from sleep, it fails to appear in my Wireless options, and when I look at it in the device manager, under Device status Windows gives the message "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" I see others have had some problems with this card, but I haven't found this specific issue. I've installed the latest drivers as of today (2018-07-28) but I'm still having this problem. If I manually disable and re-enable the device it always comes back, but it's pretty annoying to have to do that.  Before I contact Lenovo for repair (the laptop is only a couple of weeks old) I wanted to check the forum for any ideas. Thanks!  

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Windows device manager shows it as not connected. But it has been working just a week ago! Hardware or software?

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Hi ,I have issue about WWAN Fibocom L850-GL+Antenna  after i bought it and installed already.I has follow this step:1.update bios to version 1.4 and enable wwan2.all update new drivers include fibocom 850-GL from lenovo websiteProblem is why i can't see the cellular network show in my network connection?Can anybody give me advise?My laptop is X1 carbon gen6th Machine Type Model: 20KGS45M00Processor: 1x Intel Core i7-8550U Processor(Core i7-8550U)Memory: 1x 16GBLPDDR3-2133Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64(EN:English)Hard Drive: 1x 256GBSATAM.2Wireless Network: 1x Intel Wireless-AC 8265 2x2 ACPorts: 1x Microphone/Headphone JacksCamera: 1x 720p HD Camera with Array MicGraphics: 1x Intel UHD 620Monitor: 14.0 WQHD LEDThank you very much for your time and assistance in this matter.     

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Over the last few weeks, I've had at least a half dozen T480s that have severe spikes in latentcy and packet loss when using the Fibocom L850-GL, making them pretty much useless for our users who need them for remote desktop.The usual "working" baseline for these machines on our network is around 40-70ms pings. Show below are the occasional spikes past 3 seconds and timeouts along with the current firmware.    The work around I was using to fix this problem was uninstalling the drivers/firmware from Device Manager, and letting Windows reinstall them, but that doesn't seem to be working anymore.  Any help would be appreciated.

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https://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-x/ThinkPad-X280/p/22TP2TX2800Because I need LTE900 (Band 8) for my LTE module.  Is my model support with Fibocom L850-GL 4G LTE-A Cat9 which in the list of x280?Lenovo Part no. : 01AX786

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We have ~750 T480s (model 20L8S4HL00) laptops running Win10 Enterprise 1703 in our environment, and at least 35 of the laptops have non-functional Fibocom L850-GL WWAN modules. What makes matters worse is that this issue can also cause repeated BSoDs, sometimes multiple per day. Problem Symptoms and Actions TakenThe "Intel(R) USB Flash Loader utility" / "Fibocom USB Flash Loader Utility" repeatedly connects and disconnects roughly once a minute, and when doing so the Windows "device unplugged" sound is heard. The HWID of this device is "USB\VID_8087&PID_07F5\5&1AD8E564&0&6". Refer to the screenshot below The frequent and repeated hardware disconnections cause problems with the enterprise security software we use for encrypting external media, to the point that after a certain point the computer experiences a BSoDThe only associated driver that remains active in Device Manager is the "Intel(R) XMM7360-P WWAN", all other associated WWAN drivers show up as hidden with code 45 (disconnected)If all WWAN drivers are uninstalled and the drivers are deleted, the only devices that are subsequently discovered are the flash loader utility and the Intel XMM7360, all of the others are no longer found and Windows cannot seem to find them againInstalling all of the latest device drivers and firmware using the Lenovo System Update tool do not mitigate this issue, nor does manually uninstalling/reinstalling the WWAN driversTemporarily disabling the built-in... Read more

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Hi allMy WWAN was working previously. I have updated my Windows to 1809 October update.However now my WWAN toggle is missing in windows 10 I can see in device manager -Network\ Fibocom L850-GL is missing (shows up in hidden devices) - as error 45 - not connectedSystem\ Intel XMM7360-P is listed as working I've sinced downgraded - but still can't find the toggle.Anyone have problems after updating windows?  Or anyone NOT have problem after updating?  Thank you 

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 Hello All, New T480 with the Fibocom L850-GL wwan card. Clean install of Windows 10 Pro x64, Redstone 4 (v. 1803). All Windows Updates applied. All Lenovo updates applied through the Vantage app via the Microsoft Store, and manually checked from the support page of the website (BIOS, WWAN, etc. updates). Following the manual, I pulled the external battery, disabled the internal battery, then inserted my T-Mobile USA sim card, then reassembled everything, then rebooted. Manually installed the latest L580-GL drivers from Lenovo. First off, the L850-GL is being shown as a USB device, as opposed to PCIE, with a hardware device instance path of USB\VID_8087&PID_0AC9&MI_00\7&4FA6012&0&0000, and a hardware location of 0000.0000.0000. in the properties dialogue screen in Device Manager. The Driver tab shows the provider is Microsoft with a date of 4/10/2018 and a version of 10.0.17134.1.... I suspect much of that to be a sign that something isn't right from the get-go... Second, every time I close the lid of the machine or leave it running long enough to enduce the proper level of sleep/hibernation, the card simply stops (with a hardware error 43 warning in Device Manager). At that point, my "T-Mobile LTE" network option no longer appears in the Windows 10 notification/network connections sidebar. My only recourse thus far has been to uninstall the L850 in device manager, "Sca... Read more

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Recently, I reinstalled my Netgear wna3100 driver. Ever since then, I've been experiencing problems with high pings in games where I normally never had problems with. Pages load slowly even just the home page of Google.

I've attached my ipconfig picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:High download speed and signal, high ping in games, slow page loads

To Disable Selective Suspend:

open the control panel
go to power options (you may have to set view to small icons)
click change plan settings
in the window that opens:
click change plan settings
click change advanced power settings, expand usb and ensure usb selective suspend is disabled.

I would also (while the device is plugged in)
go into the control panel - system - device manager - click the properties for it and make sure it's set to always on there as well.
I don't think the ipconfig can tell us much here since it's a data rate problem of some sort and not a actual connection problem from the sound of it.

The two things I mention above will hopefully keep your system from putting the device in 'low power mode' which may , or may not help your current problem.

I'm also curious if your system has recently slowed down in any other ways?

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I have this very annoying problem and I'm really out of hopes. I don't know what to do anymore. I'll make a summary of the problem and will be as concise as possible

So I have this Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop with a broadband connection (direct cable, no router) and 3 weeks ago I reinstalled my Windows. Everything went well until 2 weeks ago when the internet speed went down, dial-up like. Pages won't load, and if they do they load just partially. I called my ISP and they said they had no problem. I couldn't find any solution so I thought maybe, some sort of virus or spyware is doing this so I formated the whole hard-disk and did a clean install of Windows.

Unfortunatelly nothing changed, the download speed is the same. Here is a speedtest.net evaluation:


Drivers are up to date, no windows firewall, no antivirus and no windows update. The ISP support guy told me to deactivate IPv4 and IPv6 from Local Area Connection, but nothing changed. I did a TCP/IP reset which raised my down speed to almost 1 Mb, but after a few minutes it went back to "dial-up". With the down speed being the same, Speedtest sometimes shows me upload speed in between 50-70 Mb which is unbelievable (I will make a ss next time I see this).

And the very weird thing is that I have another netbook (pretty weak config, Intel Atom CPU, 2 GB RAM) and with the same cable it has normal speed (the kind of speed I had on this Dell too). An... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Very slow Download speed, Very High Upload speed

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

Lets first try this:

Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
Now click on Network and Internet and in this window click Internet options.
Now click on the connections tab and select the button to never dial a connection.
Now click Apply and click OK.

Try if this works

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Anyone know where to buy the antennas for this product Thinkpad Fibocom L850-GL CAT9 M.2 WWAN. I would be a great help. Also do I need a professional to install these cables?

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Hi, i'm trying to download a torrent, and it says my download speed is 0.1 or 0.2 kbps, so it says it will take a year to download it... Thing is, i have high speed, so i need some help because i don't know what to do.

A:Download speed 0.2kbps, i have high speed!

Hi kendoka15, and welcome to TSG.

You may want to read our site rules about requesting help for any P2P software or torrent applications.

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I have a 2Mb/s connection. At least that is what online speed test shows. But why are my downloads much lower? I mean less than 1Mb/s

A:High Speed Connection - Low Speed Download?

Your connection is 2 megabits per second I assume....that comes out to about 256KB/sec in a browser.

Are you saying you only get 128KB/sec in your browser?

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This describes my experience with a T580 (20L9CTO1WW) which has the above Fibocom WWAN adaptor. Everything was fine on Win 10 1809. But after the Win system updater prompted me to update to version 1903 the adaptor is no longer functional. In Device Manager it is no longer listed under Network Adaptors but now appears under System Devices as "Intel XMM7360-P'. That is the internal LTE chipset which suggests the card is still functional but not being correctly recognised by Windows. Yesterday, I spent around 2 hours with escalated Lenovo Tech Support trying to resolve this to no avail. We tried the following:updating to the latest firmware/driver package (https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/nz3wj21w.exe)uninstalling and reinstalling all driversforcing install of Lenovo driversrolling back to Win 10 1809rolling back to previous firmware/driversphysically removing and reinstalling the card So it seems there is a compatibility issue that will have to be resolved. Hopefully the next iteration of drivers/Windows updates can fix this. In the meantime, I would suggest anyone with a similar hardware setup not accept the 1903 May Update if offered. As Tech Support's final suggestion was to do a completely fresh install of (1809) Win 10 - somewhat undesirable for a lone driver incompatiblity. Alternatively, if anyone has successfully updated, please let me know and consider sharing your driver configuration. Or if anyone has any ideas on how to resol... Read more

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hello everyone,

I am really confused to why even with this down load speed I can download with full speed in some places like uplay! but in anywhere else like: IDM, regular download and even on websites such as youtube, I get only about a 100-150kb/s. (even torrent is stuck at 100kb/s).

please if anyone can it would be greatly appreciated.


A:high download speed but slow download

What speed are you paying for ? Wired or wireless connection ? What Network card is in the computer ?

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ive been havign a problem with my internet for the past few weeks, i have had an extremly high ping, making it imposible to play video games on my xbox 360, and making it imposible to use websites like youtube, however my download speed remains uneffected.

my ping can range from 400 all the way up to 5000

i was wondering if something within my network could be casueing the high ping,

my modem is connected to a linksys router, which connects to sevral computers downstairs, also it is connceted to a long ethernet cable to my bedroom where a ethernet hub splits to two cables one for my xbox 360 and one for my pc. would this cause a proplem with ping?

i will submit some more speed tests later to show the higher ping, it fluctuates all day, its not time depentant which makes me think its not the isp's fault(nothing to do with everone usign the internet at the same time)

A:High ping - download speed un effected

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I bought a router and I connected:
PC Windows 7 32bit (fast browsing fast downloading)
iPhone (fast browsing)
Laptop Windows 7 64bit (slow browsing but fast downloading)

How to make browsing fast in Laptop. It's very very slow.

A:slow browsing but high download speed !!!!

Are you running a torrent application that is seeding torrents? If so set your maximum upload rate to about 75%-80% of your total upload speed. More information is needed to furthur assist you. What browser, what router, Internet speed, Apps installed, firewall, Antivirus, blah, blah, blah. This is a really hard problem to diagnose with the information you provided.

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I have a new SATELLITE S50-B 15, i7-5500U, 8GB Ram, SSD etc. and iv been having a few issues with it.

for reasons unknown the CPU fan will start running at high speed even though the CPU temp has not reaching 35%.
it has also frozen about 10 times since I got it (April this year).

The only way to get it working again would me to hold the power button until off and start it back up.
Once started back up there is no mention of any problem in the event logs other than the forceful shutdown.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced any issues?



A:Satellite S50-B 15P - Fans running at high speed and system crash's

The only way to get it working again would me to hold the power button until off and start it back up.

Forcing shut down resets the fan activity and the performance?
Hmm? this sounds like there must be some kind of system issue? probably the some background processes locks the CPU and therefore the fan activity increases.

You could start the task manager and in the tab called ?Processes? you will find all background applications which would use the CPU.
Click on the CPU column to show all processes loading the CPU.

At the other hand you could also try to modify the ?cooling method? option which is available in Windows advanced power options.
Go to control panel → power options.
Here click on the power plan which is currently in use.
Then click on Advanced power options and navigate to Cooling method.
Here you can change this from active to passive.

Additionally you can decrease the max CPU state to 90%-05%

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Did something get into my computer?
Defender didn't find anything
Avira didn't find anything

Trouble with slow downloads. Linecheck for DSL shows good upload speed and slow download speed. At times the CPU use is 50% and above in the windows task manager. Verizon DSL help desk said problem seems to be in computer because of CPU use.

Download DSL speed shows 5 kbps instead of 3000 kbps which is line speed.


DDS (Ver_09-12-01.01) - NTFSx86
Run by Fred at 17:55:01.67 on Fri 01/01/2010
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.2.1252.1.1033.18.3071.2582 [GMT -5:00]

AV: AntiVir Desktop *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {AD166499-45F9-482A-A743-FDD3350758C7}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\sched.exe
C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\avguard.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Seagate\Schedule2\schedul2.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SoundMAX\SMAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPW... Read more

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It started about two days ago, I was using this connection for ages now. The download speed seems fine at the moment but my ping goes through the roof.
I tried restarting the router, I have no process running in the background stealing speed or any of that stuff.

A:Relatively fine download speed, extremely high ping

Maybe you should move closer to your router, or it could be your firewall slowing down your ping. You could also use a wired connection (like a Ethernet cable) if you haven't already. Also, did you do anything to affect your connection those two days ago? Or did it happen out of nowhere? Make sure to scan for malware or other malicious software on your computer that could be messing with it. Most people here ask for ipconfig/all, it usually reveals the problems of your connection issues. So make sure to put that in your thread soon. You can also put your PC statistics as well for us to see if anything would be incompatible with your computer and router.

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Hi! I am having a problem with my ping. I do not understand why I have a good download speed but my ping is so high. I tried an IP configuration before and it worked for a while but now, it says that the default gateway is not on the same network. Please help! Thank you

A:Good download speed but ping is very high and abnormal

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Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out. I use Virgin Media in London as my ISP and the past week the internet has been running really slowly on my computer, which is not ideal as I play online games.

My ping has been around 150ms most of the time and it's normally below 30ms but a few times a minute it's spiking up to 10000 and frequently disconnecting and reconnecting.

I ran a speed test through Ookla today on my computer and the ping was 146ms, the download speed was 2.3 Mbps (I pay for 100 Mbps). When I ran the exact same test on my phone straight after my ping was 17ms and my download speed 60.49Mbps, so I'm starting to think the problem might be with my computer. In both cases the upload speed was around 5Mbps.

Has anyone got any suggestions on what the problem might be? I'd be really grateful, thanks a lot!

A:High Ping and Poor Download Speed on Computer but not Phone

Is your computer(which you didn't describe) using an ethernet or wireless connection?
Is it running Windows XP or Vista or 7 or 8.1 or 10, 32-bit or 64-bit?

Go into the Device Manager and expand the Network Adapters heading.
What's the exact names of the devices listed there?
Open the properties window for those devices and then select the "Driver" tab.
What's the exact driver version listed there?


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Hello my internet speed is 100/5, before i got full speeds on my laptop 80-95/5 etc. At the moment i tested with my desktop, gives 90/5 and on phone 65/4 and on the laptop only 8/5. Any advices? I've tried booting the modem/router and also reinstalling the network adapter (software).

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I live in Arkansas. I have a crappy ISP named Cablesouth Media 3. My download speed is supposed to be 10 mbps, upload is supposed to be 1 mbps. My ping used to be 30 to 40 ms all through the day and I could game to my heart's content on my high end rig. Now during the afternoon. My ping jumps to 200 to 300 ms and my download speed can flux from 9 to .5 mbps, my upload going from 1 to .3 mbps. Here is the trace route I ran this afternoon.

Tracing route to google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 7 ms 9 ms 12 ms
3 9 ms 8 ms 11 ms
4 336 ms 315 ms 270 ms
5 294 ms 259 ms 274 ms
6 363 ms 357 ms 352 ms cr2.dlstx.ip.att.net []
7 325 ms 333 ms 350 ms ggr1.dlstx.ip.att.net []
8 306 ms 334 ms 307 ms
9 293 ms 335 ms 290 ms
10 267 ms 276 ms 246 ms
11 328 ms 336 ms 307 ms dfw06s47-in-f206.1e100.net []

Trace complete.

Please help.

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I received my X380 Yoga with the i7-8550u a couple week back and the first thing I noticed was the fan running almost constantly. I checked task manager and noticed that even though the CPU usage is remaining low, the clock speed is running at around 3.80 GHz.  My power profile is set to balanced with the minimum processor state set to 5%. If I change the maximum processor state to 99% then the clock speeds drop to below the base speed of 1.99 GHz and the fan quites down.  The problem is the CPU will never go above 1.99 GHz when set like this, so performance is noticeably reduced. I've played around in the bios and the only thing that seems to drop the idle clock speed is to turn off Intel SpeedStep which again stops the CPU from going above 1.99 GHz. From my experience with my past computers the CPU should clock down when the load is low. Is this normal behaviour for this computer and processor? I am I missing a setting, or maybe a program or process is demanding full clock speed from the processor? Any help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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Is this even possible? Ive never seen a download speed so low, I cant even watch youtube, and forget netflix. Yet my upload seems to be through the roof. What is causing this? .58mb/s DL with a 43.26mb/s upload @ 5 ms ping.

A:Extremely low download speed and extremely high upload speed

Might I ask what time of day you did that test? In My Opinion, the Internet is like the Interstate. You can't go fast at rush hour.
You should try it at different times of day to see if it changes.
You could even try another test site http://www.internetfrog.com/mypc/speedtest/
http://reviews.cnet.com/internet-speed-test/ http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/
Good luck

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I have the new x1 yoga 4th generation with LTE verizon sims card. It seems like about every 5 minutes or so it knocks me offline. To reconnect I have to restart the computer. I see that they say there is an update that fixes this. But I updated everything and it start doing the same thing. Is anyone else still having this issue? Any suggestions?
Moderator comment: New post created. Subject edited. Was: : X1 Carbon 6th Gen - Fibocom LTE crashing

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After the upgrade to 1809, my computer randomly BSOD with the error Page Fault in Non Paged Area, netadapatercx.sys I manually downloaded the Fibocom drivers from Lenovo, but they won't install because they say the generic drivers Microsoft has installed are up to date.  Lenovo Vantage shows no updates are available.  Installation history says the drivers were installed 1/24/2019. Device Manager shows Microsoft driver is 10.0.17763.168 dated 11/29/2018

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem downloading the amd graphic driver. I've tried it several times, on different days, computers and networks, but the download stops everytime around 120-170 mb.

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks so far,

A:Cannot download AMD driver for my Satellite Pro L850-1NQ

5 min ago I?ve tested AMD display driver for Win8 64bit version 8.982.7-120808a and everything went well.
Which driver version you want to download?

By the way it can be temporary server issue. Test it tomorrow again.

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I bought a 'refurbished' L850 1D5 from a CEX shop on eve of departure from UK. Unfortunately it kept crashing and autoreinstalling Windows too frequently for me to even start loading backed up user data from other pc and eventually the HDD stopped working completely, kaput. (not long after purchase, I discovered the SDslot didnt work, and Windows reported only half the 8GB memory stated on the paper label description on the lid, and in the Toshiba spec) While away I logged onto Toshiba Forums to enquire where the driver set is for my SKU. Before you suggest I throw more money after bad by add even more to the cost of what has been a rotten 2ndhand purchase, buying a Toshiba Windows Media DVD, I have already lost ?310 for a laptop unusable from the start, and so need to minimise any further expenditure repurchasing the Windows I already paid for.

Fortunately I made a note of the MS Registration KEY soon after purchase. Had it not been on eve of my flight, I obviously would have returned it for refund. Unfortunately all attempts overseas using variousPC's to download drivers failed. It turns out I guessed correctly, Toshiba downloads are region locked, as now I am briefly back in UK, downloads now appear possible. (only now realised default Forum I registered on US only) As CEX been of no help, I urgently need advice on the following:
1) I have only a slow 3G connection with a low datacap during my short stay, so all file downloads must be done at a Public Lib... Read more

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