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Solved: Diff b/w wireless bb router and a wireless cable router

Q: Solved: Diff b/w wireless bb router and a wireless cable router

Is there a difference b/w a wireless router that will hok up to a broadband modem connection and one that will link to a cable modem connection ?

I was planning to buy the linksys wrt 54gs but i have a broadband modem which connects to the telephone jack at one end and to the rj45 jack on my notebook for which i also need to buy a nic card. is that the correct one to buy ?

Thanks !

Preferred Solution: Solved: Diff b/w wireless bb router and a wireless cable router

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A: Solved: Diff b/w wireless bb router and a wireless cable router

Yes. The key is the RJ-45 on the modem; you need a broadband router with a WAN ethernet port. That model will do fine. And you'll then connect the laptop to the router via wireless or a straight ethernet cable. You may need a cross over cable to go between the router and the modem.

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My wife's sister has Comcast Cable. They installed a Modem/Router that the wireless part seems to have died. Can a wireless router be connected via ethernet cable to the cable modem/ router?

A:Connecting Wireless router to Cable Modem/Router

Yes, adding a wifi router to one of the ports will set it as a node on the dhcp server{modem} and if there is a conflict in ip address, usually will change it to a

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I recently bought a Netgear Wireless N 150 router (although I haven't set it up yet). One reason I chose it is that I was told it can be used as a wired network between our two desktop computers, and as a wireless access point for the laptop. But frankly, I don't always trust what the sales people tell me.

I've read on many sites that wired computers have some advantages over wireless, including security and speed, so I prefer a wired LAN for the main computers (they are within feet of each other and will stay that way). But I would like the convenience of going online via the wireless connection with my laptop in the other room.

I've never done this before (I always just had a wired connection between the 2 desktops and didn't bother going online with the laptop) and I need to know if this setup will cause any problems I should know about.

Please don't suggest I go wireless for the entire LAN -- I'm just too set in my ways to make that leap right now. If my planned setup won't work, I'll stick with my current one and forget the laptop.


A:Solved: Can I use my wireless router as wired router & wireless access point?

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I've got a wireless ADSL router with 4 ethernet ports. I've a desktop using XP and connected via ethernet and a laptop running windows 98 connected using a wireless PC Card. I can connect to the internet from both machines but can't get them to see each other.

Laptop says it can't browse the network. I tried the network setup wizard in XP and created a disk when prompted. Tried disk in 98 and rebooted when prompted. On startup, wizard said it couldn't find network card and couldn't continue.

Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

A:Wireless ADSL router, XP Home connected via cable, Win 98 via wireless card - HELP!!!

Checklist for networking Windows Machines with TCP/IP
- PCs which are not XP must have TCP/IP installed.
- Each PC must have a unique computer name.
- Each PC must have a network share defined.
- ALL NICS must be on the same subnet (e.g. IP 192.168.0.* subnet mask
- XP PCs must have Netbios over TCP/IP enabled (only essential for XP to talk to W9X PCs).
- MS Client and file & printer sharing must be enabled on each machine.
- All NICs must have their node type = anything except p-node (peer to peer, or point-point).
* To check, open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL.
- XP's ICF firewall is permanently disabled. (Only necessary for pre XP SP2).
- All 3rd party firewalls are disabled, uninstalled and deleted (until connection is working).
- PCs have the same workgroup (helps, but not essential for XP/2K, necessary for 9X/ME).

Allow 15 mins after rebooting a PC for that PC to appear in the workgroup, or
for it to see all other PCs. Or you can search for the PC by its computer name.
Additional things to check if you still have problems:
- Check your Services are Started on all PCs: Workstation, Server, TCP/IP Netbios helper, Computer Browser.
- XP gives access to its shares via the Net Guest Account. (Note, not the same as the local guest account in user accounts which should be off). Net Guest Account is enabled by default in XP, but... Read more

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Heres the situation. I am renting an apartment in someones home. They have provided me with an ethernet cable from their router(not wireless) but the line is located in a different part of the room that i want my computer to be located in. I CANNOT snake the wire under the carpet or along the wall and do not want a line running through my living room.

So basically there is a cable modem in one section of the house with a conventional router attached to it. That router supplies me with a ethernet cable. I would like to put a wireless router on the cable that I have so I can use my computer in a different location. Will this work?

A:1 cable modem with 1 router and 1 wireless router...possible

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I need help in configuring my cable modem/router (SMC8104wn-res) and wireless router (CISCO RV120W). What I need is to be able to be able to successfully connect the site-to-site VPN. This is how it was configured:

RV120W > Modem (DSL) > Internet > Cable modem/router > RV120W
Site 1 Site 2

I don't have issue with the site 1's end. but I need help in configuring site 2 since I need the Cable Modem/router to act as a modem only (do not know how to set this in bridge mode, disabling it as a router) and making my RV120W as the main router and as the DHCP. Can you give me a guide on how to set this up? Thanks!


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I have a Motorola sr 5100 SURFboard cable modem that I also get foxtel on. I can run a CAT5 cable into the back of my PC and it automatically connects me to the internet. But I dont know how to connect the cable modem to my TP LINK TL-WR941 ND wireless n router so that I can allow my laptop to connect to the internet. I am able to connect to the wireless router from the laptop and it resolves an IP address no worries. I have connected the cable modem through the WAN port and also one of the LAN ports but it still doesnt give internet access. I am not sure about how to set it up properly

A:Solved: Access cable internet through wireless router

It's not working because your font is too small for the router to see. Actually, it's me that's having the problem reading it. Please use normal size if you want me to attempt to read any more.

Reset the router to factory default settings.
With the modem and router unplugged and the computers shut down connect the modem to the router's WAN port and computer(s) to LAN port(s).
Plug in modem. Plug in router. Boot computer(s) and you should have internet access. If not, clone to the router the MAC Address of the computer that gets internet access when connected to the modem.

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Hello all,
I recently purchased a Belkin N Wireless Modem Router with a single ADSL input and 4xRJ45 outputs. I have an old Belkin 54g Router at the moment and wanted to upgrade. Unfortunately when the item arrived I discovered that I had made a mistake as the router was for ADSL and not the Virgin cable modem. Before returning the item I would like to know if it is possible to convvert the RJ45 lead output from the cable mobem to the ADSL input of the router. I've had a look on forums and a lot of the answers seem to be way more complex but without answering this question.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

A:Solved: Cable modem to ADSL Wireless Router

Nope, you can't use that router with a cable modem.

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hi guys,

got a tooway satellite modem
want to make it wireless, tried with a netgear wireless router that had a wan point, after reading people were saying dont bother with this...too difficult to setup, instead buy another one d-link or something

can anybody say what is a good model thats easy to setup?

please help

A:Solved: can anybody please recommend a good wireless cable router

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I just activated Comcast high-speed internet, and at first I couldn't access websites. We tried a few combinations of cycling the power to the modem and router, and rebooting the computer, but no luck. Finally, he told me to disconnect the router and plug the modem directly into the computer. Then it worked fine. And since it's not Comcast's router, they can't and won't provide any support to get the modem to work w/ the router.

The modem comes with both ethernet and USB connectivity, so I could hook the modem up the USB and connect the router to the ethernet. But I think I'd have to reconfigure the IP addresses and/or modem to do that, right? And I assume the other computer on the wireless network wouldn't have internet access?

The router is supposed to obtain the IP configuration from the modem automatically. When the modem was connected directly to the computer, I copied the IP configuration. Then I tried reconnecting the router and manually entering the same IP configuration into the router. But I don't know what I should set the "Wan Access Type" to... the options are Static IP, DHCP Client, PPPoE, or PPTP. There's also a "Clone MAC Address" field... I set that to the same MAC address as the ethernet connection on the cable modem.

I also set the routers Operation Mode to Gateway.

I'm running WinXP on the main computer and Win98SE on the other. The cable modem is a Motorola Surfboard SB5101. The ro... Read more

A:Solved: Cable modem won't work w/ wireless router

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i have a motorola surf board cable modem sb5120
and a wgr614 v6 netgear wireless router i cant get them to connect, modem works without router

A:Solved: wireless router wont work with cable modem

This may be a simple case that you forgot to power cycle (unplug for 30 seconds) the modem when switching devices. Otherwise, ...

Reset the router to factory default settings.
Unplug modem and router and shut down computer(s).
Connect modem to router's WAN (Internet, Modem) port.
Connect computer(s) to router LAN port(s).
Plug in modem.
Plug in router.
Boot computer(s).

This should get you internet access on the connected computer(s). If not, please show for a Windows PC ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Hello, Here is the scenario:
I have been using Wireless ADSL Router (Planet ADW-4401) that has one WAN Port(RJ-11) and 4 LAN Ports (RJ-45). I used it to connect to the internet but recently i switched my ISP now I use cable internet (cat 5 cable that i directly plug into my NIC) and use username & password to connect through a PPPOE connection.
can i use my adsl router to connect to my cable internet?? so that i can use my desktop connect to the router througl lan and my laptop to connect through wireless.

thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Can Wireless ADSL Router be used to connect Cable internet?

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I have an inexq wireless broadband router, set up without the braodband connection working in network enviorment. We dont have adsl so I have had to purchase another router (cable) which has a 232 port to connect my isdn modem. This router is working ok. What I need to do now is to connect the wireless router to the cable router to allow the computers on the wireless system to access the internet (which is connected on the cable router)

Operating system Win 2000 pro, Wireless router InexQ model ISW050t (link - http://www.inexq.com/web1/english/news/newpro.asp?c4_new=ISW050t&new_type=prod) , cable router a HP400S (link to man page http://www.ellink.net/broad/hp400s.htm)

Appreciate any suggestions anyone has to offer as I am a little lost re the settings I need .. have tried a few with no success

A:Cable router to Wireless router

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I have a cable router at present but I want to connect it to a Wireless router so my laptop gets a signal in the house.

the configuration im thinking of is:

cable router
wireless router
Laptop + PC

Is this straightforward? Do i need to do any extra configurations on the new wireless router?

(edit) : The wireless router will get the internet connection through a Lan cable from the cable modem.
Networking gives me a headache

A:cable router + wireless router?

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Cable Modem Model: SMC8014
Linksys (Cisco) Wireless Router Model: WRT400N

Cable Modem Info:
DHCP is ON with range of

Router Info:
Auto-configuration - DHCP
DHCP routing is OFF, assigning static IP's

I've done a lot of testing, some of these scenarios may seem weird so that's why.

1. When I turn DHCP on for the router and stop using static's, I get no conflicts between the modem and the router. But I thought with both attempting to assign IP's, that would create a conflict?

2. If I set the router's ip to, in an attempt to place it in the same subnet as the modem, then it breaks the connection between the modem and the router. One can't ping the other, I tried using each's onboard diagnositic utilities (ping). Yes (please don't ask) I did save the changes, reboot, etc etc. Am I missing something? What do I need to do to get these two guys on the same subnet and be able to communicate with each other, the internet, and the intranet?

3. On top of the above questions, I'm trying to use port forwarding on both the router and modem. I just need to know how to forward one port for one IP through the router and have it continue through the modem. I'm running a HTTP port checker to see if the port's open and it keeps coming back closed. I think this problem is related to #2 because the modem won't let me assign port fowarding schemes th... Read more

A:Solved: Multiple Questions. Cable Modem SMC8014 + Linksys Wireless WRT400N Router

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Recently I purchased a new wireless N router, and have moved the older wireless G router downstairs, where I hope to be able bridge a connection between the two. Google results, ironically enough, have suggested Googling instructions on setting such a thing up.

Connected to this computer (which is upstairs) is the new one, a Belkin Wireless N model no. F5D8236-4 Version 1. Downstairs the the old Linksys Wireless G model no. WRT54GS Version 6. I have a friend who works a lot with networking, who is skeptical of the idea, but Googling it has returned hope that it is possible. The main dispute is how.

Here's the setup: This computer is wired to the Belkin router, which is wired into the modem and is also currently hosting the house's wireless network. The Linksys is downstairs wired only to my Xbox 360. My attempts at even trying to find where to configure these routers have proved pathetic, so I've been driven here.

Could this work, and will it work with these two routers? If so, how do I go about it?

A:Solved: Wireless Router to Wireless Router Connection?

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Hope this isn't confusing but, my internet provider (my cable company) came in to set up a wireless modem/router when we upped our internet speed today. We have three desktop computers which are hard wired to our existing Linksys router which we have been using previously. Would it be in our best interest to turn off the wireless function of that router (it's hooked up to the new modem/wireless router so the hardwired computers can function since the new unit has no ports to plug in the desktop computers into). Our wireless devices are all 'connected' to the new modem/router (using its passphrase and SSID). Can the wireless capabilities of each interfere with each other? They are sitting right next to each other.

A:Solved: Internet provider wireless modem/router and my hard wired router

It's confusing to me, but can make two comments ...

a. If you are not using the wireless network of a router it's best to disable or turn off the wireless--saves electricity and should extend the life of the router.

b. Two wireless networks whose channel numbers are less than five from each other can interfere. In North America if possible use channels 1, 6 and 11 to guarantee non interference.

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Dear friends.

One of my friend ask me this Question. What is better wireless or cable to received Internet connections and what role play router if he connecting 2 PC at home.
I was not 100 % sure.
Can anyone give me the right answer.

A:wireless or cable- router

If he's a gamer wired is by far better. If he is just a casual surfer and doesn't like the hassle of wires then wireless it the way to go.

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I went to a small office that has a DSL connection. It seems to be going through a router of some kind because they all have IP adresses with the first 3 octets being the same number. (e.g. 69.147.292.xxx). I hooked up a wireless router to one of the network connections and attached 3 pc's to it. Of course they now all have addresses like 192.168.2.xxx. Router is a Belkin 802.11g router.

Can I still share resources from the 192.168.2.xxx machines with the ones that have the 69.147.292.xxx addresses?



A:Solved: Sharing resources on a hardwired router with a ones on a wireless router.

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I just want to know how to bridge my comtrend 5071t dsl router with my linksys wrt160n wireless router

A:Solved: How do I bridge my comtrend dsl router with my wireless linksys router

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My family is finally deciding to get cable internet (YEAHHHHHHH!) But i have a few questions about routers and stuff... The computer that the main modem is being hooked up to is the downstairs one. (Windows XP, Network Card ect..)
The computer that i need to rout it too is upstairs, so I`m going to need a wireless router. Now.. I dont have a network card on the upstairs computer and according to my computer teacher, I`m going to need to purchase a external network card to hook the router up too..... Now i have three questions:

1) Why cant i just purchase a second cable modem, and have a cable jack drilled?

2) Is all this information right?

3) this is going to cost me tons of money.... is there a cheaper way?

A:Cable internet / wireless router

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My son has Comcast Cable and wanted to be able to connect his laptop wireless. He tried a Linksys WRT110 and was able to get connected and then both computers would loose connection to the internet. He spent several hours on the phone with Comcast and Linksys to no avail. Finally Linksys told him that his 2.4 MHz phones were the problem. Has anyone had this same problem?

A:Wireless Router and Comcast Cable

Wireless interference from phones,etc can indeed interfere with your wireless connection.
Try changing the wireless channel(1/6/11) in the US.
Are both pc's wireless?

You can also,for trouble shooting purposes,connect a pc directly to the comcast modem,bypassing the router altogether.If that works,then you may have a router issue.

In that case you can make sure that you have the latest router firmware updates and re set your router to it's default state.
These are just some basis things to try and the tend to correct a whole bunch of connectivity issues.

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Hey everyone, I just have a quick question that's been bugging me. I have cable internet that's going through a wireless router. The problem happens that the connection completely drops from the router to the PC's for no reason (at least that's what it looks like). I wanted to know if this a problem many people have had with wireless routers and cable modems.

A:Cable Internet w/Wireless Router

yea, it happens

step one is to find the mfg site and download any firmware update for
BOTH the router and the PC adaptor.

(hint: always post the mfg/model numbers

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Hey guys, this is my first post here. Hello to all!

I'm using a cable internet service which requires me to login every time using their login page which opens in a browser when i try to access a website. This has to be done everytime the modem restarts (which is frequent due to frequent power outages in my country )

I have to use a wireless router since my primary machine is a laptop and I can't sit at one place with the ethernet cable connected to the modem all the time. With the wireless router, the system is unreliable. Sometimes it will open the login page, sometimes it wont. Sometimes it will open webpages, sometimes it wont, and sometimes it will only open select pages.

I was wondering if i can use some setting on the router to save my username and password for the cable internet service that would automatically log it in so i don't have to do that manually every time. It could be done with DSL using the PPPOE setting, doesn't that work with cable internet?

I'm using the Linksys WRT54G.

A:Cable Modem and Wireless Router

You didn't mention which country, but I will make some assumptions.

No, PPPoE doesn't work on cable modems, so you can't use that. On most routers/cable modems, the web page thing is an configurable option on the router. You need to turn it off. Contact your ISP about turning it off.

In the U.S. cable service does not require a log in (by the user) The cable modem does this automatically before the modem even comes up. It is invisible to the user. ADSL always requires a login. This is where the PPPoE auto login comes in.

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I am new and this is my first posting.

I hope someone can help me?

My problem concerns my cable modem and my wireless router, I use a motorola surfboard cable modem. I got the Tv cable coming into the modem and by ethernet cable going to my linksys wireless broadband router. Which supplies a signal to my other two computer located upstairs. Also I got from the wireless router a ethernet cable to my computer. In the past I had this working. Working fine but lately it has a problem. I Found out that when I turn on my main computer down stairs the one connected hard wire that I lose the signal to the computers up stairs which are wireless. If I turn off my computer down stairs then the wireless system works. My system is Microsoft Windows Xp, HP Media center Edition Version 2002. I restored my computer hard drive back to the factory settings and I still am having the same problem. So if anyones has an answer I would be interested
Thank you John

A:Cable modem and wireless router?

Hi patrolunit_98 welcome to techspot. You may want to take a few minutes to read the threads at the beginning of this site. One is a message on how to post a thread. Good luck.

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Here's the situation, I just upgraded from DSL to cable due to the fact that my cable company was supplying a package which consisted of: Broadband, Telephone, and of course cable. What I would like to do is purchase a wireless router in order to provided access to one other computer and my Xbox 360 (Connected via: Wireless Gaming Adapter), but I'm unsure how to go about doing this. Here's the information I recieve when using IPCONFIG
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
DNS Servers:

I guess my real question would be, if I bought a router could I implement NAT in order to connect multiple computers to the internet, is a router compatible with this modem?
<b>(Cable Modem=RCA DCM 425)</b>

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Cable Modem To Wireless Router

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My friend has a motel .. and he has Cable internet into a modem, modem plugged into wired router and then into a wireless router so all the motel gets internet ... using Windows XP, auto obtain ip and all that is checked ... any clues ?? STRONG signal ... just limited connection couldn't obtain ip address. It was working last year, then shut it down for the winter and now its hookced back up but cant get ip or anything ... whats the easiest way to get it working ?

TIA Matt

A:Cable to Modem 2 router 2 wireless help PLS

Start by telling us the exact make/model of the modem and the two routers.
Here's a suggested configuration that should work, but it's based on the limited information we have to work with.

Here's what I'd do first, this is using the modem and the wired router.
Reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button down for 15 seconds with power on. The following procedure should get you a connection with any broadband modem that is configured to use DHCP for the router connection, such as cable modems, and many DSL modems. If you require PPPoE configuration for the DSL modem, that will have to be configured to match the ISP requirements.
Turn off everything, the modem, router, computer.
Connect the modem to the router's WAN/Internet port.
Connect the computer to one of the router's LAN/Network ports.
Turn on the modem, wait for a steady connect light.
Turn on the router, wait for two minutes.
Boot the computer.

When the computer is completely booted, let's see this.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:


PING <computer_IP_address>

PING <default_gateway_address>

PING <dns_servers>


PING yahoo.com

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to th... Read more

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Hello, I am in the market for a cable modem / wireless router combo. I have looked at reviews and can only seem to find a d-link. I have had problems with them in the past and I am now trying to avoid that brand.

Does anyone here have experiece with any good cable modem / wireless router combo's?

If you didn't have a good experience with one, which ones should I avoid?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cable modem / Wireless router

I'd recommend netgear.

Always worked well for me.

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Hi all,

I have a Linksys Wireless router WRT54G, the instructions say to click the cable from the cable modem, into the Internet port on router. What if I don't have a cable modem and I want to click a cable from the data jack on the wall into the router? Do I still plug it in the Internet port or do I click it in one of the other ports? Thank you in advance for your help.


A:where to plug cable in wireless router?

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I have a 2442VD Motorola for Vonage and a SB4220 Motorola for Cable. What is the best option for a wireless router for my laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Vonage Cable Wireless Router

Any standard Ethernet router should do the trick. FWIW, I'd put the Vonage adapter on the output of the router, not like Vonage recommends between the modem and the router.

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I have a Thompson cable router/modem that provides phone and internet connection. It runs the wireless LAN on which I have various computers and devices around the house.

I recently bought a Sony TV with internet connectivity through either an Ethernet port on the back or a USB wireless dongle. And of course the only dongle that will work is the Sony one that costs €80! I should add that a direct Ethernet connection to the Thompson router is not possible.

So rather than pay The Man, I thought I might use one of the old wireless routers I have lying around courtesy of various old ISPs. (I'm currently thinking of using a Huawei HG556 supplied by Vodafone). It strikes me as feasible to:

(a) run an Ethernet cable from the TV to the HG556
(b) set up the HG556 as a bridge
(c) create a wireless link from the HG556 to the Thompson router

and so provide the TV with access to the net (as well as to photos and movie files on computers etc linked to the LAN)

The problem is actually doing it!

The Thomson router's manual suggests that once I have configured a bridge, I only need to tell it the device's (i.e. the HG556) MAC address. The difficult bit is configuring the HG556. Its manual suggests that I have to configure PPPoA and VCI and all sorts of technobabble that makes me feel small and vulnerable.

Can anyone say whether this project is doable and, if so, talk me through it please?


A:Wireless bridge to Cable router

who supplied the router - often they have firmware specific to the ISP- virgin, talktalk etc
where in the world are you - ireland ?

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I currently have Virgin cable broadband and wish to establish a wireless connection to my PS3. I have a wireless router (Sagem model...old one from now defunct Sky Broadband service) and would like advice as to how to make the physical connections between cable modem, wireless router and the PC.

Many thanks in anticipation of help.

A:Cable modem + wireless router

Generally,the cabling is.
Cable connection to modem
ethernet connection from modem to router's wan/internet(could be called either)
If you want a wired connection,then from the router's lan port,ethernet connection to your pc's lan/ethernet port.

Before doing anything,power off both devices.
When completed with cabling,power on modem first,wait for it to settle(proper lights on)
Then power on the router and as above,wait for it to settle(generally,power light,wan light,internet light and ethernet port light if you have a hard wired connection.)

Then,log onto your router's admin page and set up your wireless network(security encryption,wireless mode,name,channel,etc.Hopefully you have a user's guide for your router)
Hope this helps a bit

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I got my cable modem working finally, but now I want to share the IP using a wireless router. I know regular routers are simple with pretty much just plugging the two machines into the router and it does the job. My problem is I can't get the wireless pieces to see each other.

I have one PC hooked into the router via a regular ethernet card and CAT5 cable and it works just fine if I plug the cable modem into the uplink slot. This is where I get confused because the instructions tell me to plug the cable modem into the WAN slot on the router and go to the default address to the router via my internet explorer and set everything up for the wireless access point setup. I'm having a problem with this seeing it won't let me to that address no matter how I set it up and I lose all connection if I use the WAN slot.

I have basically hit a wall and just need help. Anyone know exactly how to get this set up working?

Here are my specs:

2 PCs: both running WinXP (one using a standard ethernet card and the other using a 2.4 GHz linksys wireless card)

Router: Linksys Etherfast Wireless Access Point + Cable/DSL Router with 4-port switch. Model: BEFW11S4 V. 2

A:Wireless cable/dsl router problem

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I do a lot of P2P and assorted traffic. The router and modem die on a regular basis and it's really annoying. I have a linksys WRT54G v5 router and a Terayon TJ715 modem. It could be the cabling to my house, but I the connection is very unstable when doing P2P type activity.

I'm prepared to spend upwards of 700 dollars to get this fixed... but don't want to spend more then I need to.

What do you recommend.

A:What's the best Wireless Router and cable modem?

I use a Motorola Surfboard SB-5100 Cable Modem and your Linksys WRT54G wireless router should be ok

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I am switching to Cable access and have a Motorola SurfBoard SB5101 cable modem. I want to use the router in my old Westell Versalink 237W DSL/Wireless Router for LAN and WIFI. Are there any "gotchas" when I use this combo? Can it even be done?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+, x64 Family 15 Model 95 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1981 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 142305 MB, Free - 68227 MB; D: Total - 10238 MB, Free - 235 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc, 0UW457
Antivirus: Norton 360 Premier Edition, Updated and Enabled

A:Using Cable Modem with DSL/Wireless Router

Can it even be done?Click to expand...

No, you cannot use a modem/router as only a router.

You can use it as an ethernet switch and wireless access point, but you are going to need a router.

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First I would like to say hello to everyone in the community as this is my first post. I would like to set up Linksys wireless router(wrt160n) with a Dlink wired router(DLR-604),The wireless would be the host router and I would like to isolate the wired router from that network,to protect my main computer's(2computer's plus network printer) from from my children s and friend's machines I connect to the wireless or wired ports on the Linksys.Thanks in advance, any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated .Cheers

A:Solved: Connect wireless router and wired router

This should be pretty easy. Just connect the D-Link router's WAN port to one of the Linksys router's LAN ports. The computers connected to the D-Link router will be isolated from the Linksys connected computers by the D-Link router's NAT firewall.

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My small home network is connected to a Z100G Zone Alarm router via wires. This router has WiFi but I do not use it as it is not wireless N capable. I would like to have wireless N to stream movies to a wireless N BluRay player. I would like to keep the Z100G because of the firewall function.

Can I just connect a new wireless N router to the Z100G? If so, would it then be best to connect all the network computers to the new router either via wired or wireless?


A:Solved: Connect Wireless Router to Wired Router?

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Hey all,

I'm trying to connect my wireless router to my wired router.

Ideally I want the following: internet--> A --> 3 PCs + B -->itouch+ps3 +laptops

A: Gnet External ADSL modem with 4-port switch bb0055 (note: this is a modem/wired router)
B: Trendnet Wireless router tew-639gr

All 3 PCs have internet, so i'm sure my wired router is working properly. Using an ethernet cable, I've connected a Lan port in my Wireless router to a Lan port in my Wired router. My itouch, ps3, and laptops can connect to my wireless but I'm not getting any internet. I've also been able to access my wireless settings and change a couple of things.

From what I've read online, In B, I need to turn off the LAN DHCP and change my LAN IP Address. I've tried a couple of things but it still isn't working. Also what should I set my WAN settings to in my wireless router?


A:Solved: Connect Wireless Router to Wired Router

Nvm fixed it somehow...

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Ok lets get this started.

How you doing? Good? Great, glad to hear it.
How am i doing you ask? mmmm... at the moment... im a sad panda.

Now to the topic at hand.

Short version:
Im attempting to share my pc's usb wireless internet connection with a wireless router connected through my pc'sEthernet port. Is this even remotely doable?? I have done so much searching in the past few days that im starting to feel like im the only person in the english speaking world to have every attempted such thing. Hence.. the sad panda reference.

Why im even attempting to do such a ridiculous thing.

Short version:
Im broke and cant afford new equipment or even a used repeater. At least for the time being and probably for a while with xmass on the way.

The setup.

My friend lives across the street. We decided about a year ago that there was no real reason for us both to be paying for a 25mbs connection when we could split the bill and one of us could just use my self build usb wireless antenna. We both only have one computer so the setup was perfect.

The problem that has decided to show its ugly face is that another friend of mine is giving me his old droid. The cell phone not an actual android. At&t being the wonderful company that they are would like to charge me 25$ a month for 2g of internet access. This is when the cheep wad in me slammed the brakes and said, "no way dude, you dont even pay that much for unlimited 25mbs cable internet".

So the cheep wad in me... Read more

A:modem -> wireless router 1 -> pc -> cat5 -> wireless router? sad panda

Since we don't support sharing neighbor's wireless, we also don't help with problems trying to expand on that connection. Note that sharing like this is against the terms of service for your ISP. Think of it as stealing the monthly rental from the ISP.


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I have had Windows 10 for a while and haven't had this problem until today. My connection was fine until I woke up this morning. I have tried updating my drivers but none are corrupt and are up to date. I have tried several solutions and looked at many videos and I cannot find a fix. Can anyone help?

A:My Ethernet cable nor wireless detects router.

Hi Dez37, welcome to the forums. Go to start, search and type cmd right click on the returned command prompt and select run as administrator, at the prompt copy paste:-

ipconfig/all > 0 & notepad 0 (press enter) Please post the notepad outcome here.

Also go to start, search and type devmgmt.msc, press enter, device manager will open, expand the tree under network adapters, tell us what you see.

Try a power cycle, turn off the modem/router and remove all power to it, turn off your computer and remove all power to it (if a laptop take out the battery) with the power off press the computer start button for a second, this will drain any residual power, leave the computer off. Now repower the modem/router and wait until it acquires all lead lights. Once this happens repower your computer, test your connection now.

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I recently purchased a wireless router (netgear WGT624). I have it connected to a cable modem provided by charter communications. I am connected on one computer with a wireless card(it is compatable with the router, works fine) and on my computer i am connected by network patch cable to the router. Everything works fine for a while but then the cable modem will just die or the router wont allow me to connect to the internet but if i reboot the router and modem i can again connect but the same problem keeps on occuring. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this problem fixed?

A:wireless router crashing cable modem?

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I'm in the market for a strong dependable router. I used to use the belkin 54g NEver had problems with it. But I don't have it no more. I'm wondering whats a good cable wireless router with a strong signal. I don't require anything fancy, It's just for one computer. I don't require any advanced crypto. I just need something that is stable and strong. The reason being, It will be upstairs and I can't walk. So when it goes down I have to wait a day to get it back up.
I'm not sure what the latest and greatest routers are now days. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. I'm looking to keep it under 100 dollars. And I'm not sure If I honestly need one of them N or Pre-N routers. Maybe a super-G with Mimo would work. Thank you so very much for your replies and expert advice.

A:Need STRONG wireless cable router. Suggestions?

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Hi all,

Recently I purchased the above mentioned router, cos I have just got a new laptop that is WI-FI enabled so I thought that I would try wireless, but with no joy !!!!!!!!

I'm connected via cable to a modem then to the router. When I turned on the router it ran the quick test no problem. The internet light is illuminated and blinking occasionally, so I presume that there is a connection there. The Wireless icon remains unlit nothing from that (don't know if there should be), but I am unable to connect to the net the laptop says there are networks available, but I don't know if it has picked up someone else's router.

P.S the internet runs fine on my PC.

The laptop is running Vista as an O/S, which I do not really know much about.

A really dumb question "do I need to install the netgear software first"

Sorry for being thick.


A:Netgear Wireless-G Cable Router WGR614

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when trying to transfer files via network (both wireless and wired) from home NAS (connected directly to router) to laptop, connection drops every couple of minutes. My configuration is:

laptop: HP Envy 13-d006nc
system: Windows 10 Home 64bit
ethernet adapter: i-tec USB 3.0 Slim Metal Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
router: Cisco EPC3925

Thank you for any help.

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Hey all

So I am having this weird problem. I have Time Warner as my ISP, and previously had a Belkin router for wireless. All was well until Time Warner had a snafu in the system, and was down for about 12 hours. Ever since then, I cannot connect to the internet through the router. I have to unhook the router completely and plug directly into the cable modem or no internet for me.

I took back the Belkin and bought a Dynex, and get the same problem. It looks like it might be made by the same company as well, due to the same design in the serup options.

I called tech support, and the guy had me do all these tests, such as power cycling, manually assigning an IP address, reseting the router, using a different ethernet cable, erc.

None worked, so he finally said I cannot help you, your router is bad. Why did it work before? How can two different routers be bad?

When the router is plugged in, all the lights are on except the internet light is blinking. This is the same thing that happened with the previous router as well.

Any help would be appreciated before I take this back and try a Netgear or Linksys model.

A:Can get connected via cable modem but not wireless router

First off, let's see this when you're plugged directly into the modem.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

Next, try this procedure for getting a wired connection to the router, we'll work on wireless after this works.

Reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button down for 15 seconds with power on.
Turn off everything, the modem, router, computer.
Connect the modem to the router's WAN/Internet port.
Connect the computer to one of the router's LAN/Network ports.
Turn on the modem, wait for a steady connect light.
Turn on the router, wait for two minutes.
Boot the computer.

When the computer is completely booted, you should have Internet access. If not, I want to see this again.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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So I have the internet setup fine via ethernet. My problem is I got a dsl wireless Netopia router. and it has a dsl connection only and 4 ethernet ports. Can someonw please help me with figuring out a way to make this thing work with the circumstances.

A:How do you connect a cable modem to a dsl wireless router

More info needed, what modem are you using? You say you have a dsl wireless router then in the next breath say it has dsl only connection? So which is it a Wireless/Ethernet router or just an Ethernet router?

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