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Outlook Web Access (OWA) Permanently Deletes Opened Messages

Q: Outlook Web Access (OWA) Permanently Deletes Opened Messages

At work we recently switched from using Outlook to using OWA. Everyone else's email in our office works without major problems, but when I open an email in my INBOX, when I change folders or exit and return, it has vanished. Also, I cannot create new folders. If I move the message to my DELETED folder, it behaves normally. I have had our sysadmin look at it and he just shrugs and walks away. I need help.

Any takers

Preferred Solution: Outlook Web Access (OWA) Permanently Deletes Opened Messages

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook Web Access (OWA) Permanently Deletes Opened Messages

Fire him!! It should not get deleted unless you mark it to be deleted. Which version of Exchange server are you using. If it only happens to you I would check out my browser settings.

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On one of my computers, when I delete an item from say the inbox, it permanently deletes it! I would think it should be in the deleted folder, but it isn't. I permanenly deletes it.

I can't find this issue anywhere.

I had this issue on a vista computer, i just moved that pst to a win7 computer, and still have the same issue. I did a scanpst, but nothing. I know if you hold shift while delete, it does this, but I am not holding shift. Any help would be great!

A:outlook 2007 permanently deletes wo holding shift key

What is the checkbox setting at Tools->Options->Other->Empty the deleted items older on exit?

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I have just reinstalled my pc using the distructive method.

After I installed OUTLOOK I did import settings using the microsoft save and restore settings method within my start menu.

Adding all my email accounts I click 'send/recv' button and all the emails i see are coming. but as soon as they are on the pc they are deleted 'completely' ! not in the delete folder just gone.

I then done a OUTLOOK repair and added all the accounts manually, but still the same thing.

I done a reinstall as I thought I may have had a rootkill or major mailware programme which was slowing my pc to a crawl.

Has anyone had this or does anyone have a solution as Outlook Express is not what I am use to.

A:OUTLOOK deletes messages after downloading them!

Jason,Not sure if this will solve your problem but one thing you might check is this:Go to Tools>Options>Preferences tab and under the Email section click the Junk Mail button. Under the Options tab and in the section that says, "Choose the level of junk email protection you want," make sure, "Low: Move the most obvious junk email to the junk email folder" is selected.Also, make sure the box that says, "Permanently delete suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk Email Folder" is unchecked.Its possible that your Outlook is viewing all your emails as junk mail and deleting them immediately instead of saving them to your inbox. Also, you didn't mention what version of Outlook you're using so the instructions here are for Outlook 2003. However they should be similar for both Outlook 2000 and 2007.Hope this helpsRobert

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I had this problem with Outlook 2003 and now with 2007. If I leave my computer on overnight, all the messages in the Sent folder are purged, and they are not in the "deleted items" folder. I have tried restoring the Sent pst file, but they are not there. I have the box checked in the settings for saving copies to the Sent folder.

Does anyone know how I can get Outlook to stop doing this?

A:Outlook deletes all messages in Sent Folder every night

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I recently purchased a Mac Air and installed Office for the Mac 2011. When I setup G-mail as my account it downloaded all my old G-Mail message Headers. When I started to delete these messages, these messages were also deleted on the G-mail server. Is there a way of deleting messages locally but not on the G-mail Server

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New incoming messages are lost (apparently deleted) by Outlook Express when the program closes. This is occurring for a resident of a retirement community shared domain that I help to manage. The messages come in to a central network server which is its own ISP, as IMAP mail and are held in a shared server storage drive. They can be accessed by authorized users from any of a half-dozen separate computers through which incoming and outgoing messages can be routed. Each user has a separate userid and password-protected account. This behaviour started very suddenly and has not been experienced by any of our other resident accounts. I watched today as she opened Outlook Express, read a couple new messages, then closed Outlook Express without doing anything. When she re-opened Outlook Express, the messages were no longer there. I have searched as best I could through the Microsoft Knowledge base but have not found anything that addressed this issue. Does anyone have a suggestion of what setting might have been disturbed or what file might be corrupted.

A:Solved: Outlook Express deletes Inbox Messages on exit

A bit of a long shot really, but in Outlook Express, go to Tools -> Options ->Maintenance and in there, there is an option to "Purge Deleted Messages When Leaving IMAP Folders.

If this is enabled, it may be what is causing the problem

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I have over 4500 old messages in my Outlook Express deleted folder and am looking for a way to delete everything older than say 3-4 months back. Is there a way to delete everything older than a few months without deleting them one by one?

A:Can I Permanently delete Outlook messages by date ?

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I use Outlook 98 at work, Outlook on my laptop and Outlook Express through my ISP at home. If I actually "open" a message to view, whether in inbox, deleted, etc., they no longer appear in the viewable content (All versions of Outlook). Essentially, they appear permenantly lost. I have gone to "view" and cannot find/correct a noticable format mistake. I have found some messages by going to "Action" and "find all related" messages. My "Sent messages no longer are saved to the "Sent" folder either. How can I remedy this, it just started in the last week???

A:Opened Outlook messages Lost

It sounds as if your View is set to only allow you to see unread messages.

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I have a puzzler for the Outlook wizards. I'm wondering if somebody can help me recover my colleague's lost folders and messages. The short version is that I changed the Root Folder Path setting in Outlook 2013 for his IMAP account, resulting in the loss of several nested folders and contained messages that were apparently not synced by IMAP. Reverting the setting did not recover the folders/messages!
------- Long version ------------
Please bear with me on the explanation and please please do provide any relevant input that might help with this issue.
My colleague is using Outlook 2013 and had 2 IMAP accounts configured: 1 Gmail account and 1 other account (let's call it "Work"). At first, his issue was that several of his "Work" account folders nested under the Inbox were not syncing to his iPhone email client. I attempted to help by configuring IMAP folders in both applications.
The provider of the Work email specifies that the path for IMAP folders should be configured as "INBOX." Therefore I set this path on his iPhone and changed the Root Folder Path in Outlook 2013 for the Work account to the same, "INBOX".
Upon the change in Outlook 2013, his nested folders immediately disappeared, including all of the contained messages. I reverted the setting back to the default (blank), which restored only 1 folder with a handful of messages, one that apparently had been configured as an IMAP folder, but the rest of the folders were ... Read more

A:[Outlook 2013] Changed root folder path, permanently lost folders and messages?

I'm experiencing this same issue and am currently in panic mode.  Did you ever find a solution to this issue.  I can't seem to find anything online.  Thanks in advance for any information that could help!

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Windows XP
Internet Explorer

When opening browser, multiple error messages pop up such as:

Runtime Error! Program:C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security\SfCtlCom.exe

Ad Aware was shut down and has generated an error report

Searches to virus/malware security sites are blocked and additional browser windows open

I am unable to run Ad Aware

I was able to run Superantispyware from a flash drive, but only found some problem cookies

I was finally able to run Malwarebyte and found two trojans but problems continue.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated


A:Error messages when browser opened/cannot access virus software sites

Hello, please post that MBAM log.Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking How to enter safe mode(XP)Using the F8 MethodRestart your computer. When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu. Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode. >>>> Download this file and doubleclick on it to run it. Allow the information to be merged with the registry.RKill....Download and Run RKillPlease download RKill by Grinler from one of the 4 links below and save it to your desktop.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Before we begin, you should disable your anti-malware softwares you have installed so they do not interfere RKill running as some anti-malware softwares detect RKill as malicious. Please refer to this page if you are not sure how.
Double-click on Rkill on your desktop to run it. (If you are using Windows Vista, please right-click on it and select Run As Administrator)
A black screen will appear and then disappear. Please do not worry, that is normal. This means that the tool has been successfully executed.
If nothing happens or if the tool does not run, please let me know in your next replyDo not reboot your computer after running rkill as the malware p... Read more

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so i have an issue where the recycle bin perm deletes everything without prompt.
i've tried deleting the C:\recyclebin$ folder but it doesn't work.

works ok in safe mode and under another account so it seems to be just the one user account. and yes, i'm aware i could just re-create the user account but i'd rather not and try to fix it if possible.

any idea's? attached screenshot of the recycle bin settings.

A:Recycle Bin permanently deletes

Follow the tutorial and thread posted below you'll find options to block your system to permanently deleting files without moving it into recycle bin:

Recycle Bin - Permanently Delete Items Automatically

One more reference URL:

If that didn't helps you, consider repairing your system using Installation CD DVD or inbuilt system recovery options. Moreover, you can also try creating a fresh administrator account for your system and then try performing the same functions.

Hope it helps!!

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I am just looking for a light, fast, and well-known program that can delete files permanently. Thanks!

A:Looking for a program that permanently deletes files

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In Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1 64-bit I am not given the option to move files to the Recycle Bin. Instead, when I delete a file I am asked "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?"In the Recycle Bin properties for each hard drive partition I have not selected "Don't move files to the Recycle Bin" and I have check-marked "Display delete confirmation dialog."

I can't remember precisely when this started to happen, but I did install Update 1 recently. I don't know if that matters.

A:Recycle Bin Permanently Deletes Regardless of Settings

Problem solved. I restarted my computer. No change. Restarted again. No change. Restarted a third time. Now the Recycle Bin works properly. Strange!

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running windows 7 service pack 1 64 bit.
Cannot put files in recycle bin as they get only deleted permanently. Cannot change options.
Here is the screenshot:

Thank you for your help.


A:Recycle Bin only deletes permanently and cannot change settings


Check for a key called "NoRecycleFiles" in


If present, try setting the value to 0. Alternatively, delete it.

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For months now every time I 'right click' and delete, items don't go to recycle bin. They permantly delete instead for some reason and never go to recycle bin whatsoever.

I am fed up with this because I have deleted things by accident and I want the recycle bin to work so I can send them back if I accidentally delete a file.

Is there any way I can fix this? I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.

A:Problem with deleting files, permanently deletes and doesn't go to bin

Quote: Originally Posted by Dreamer92

For months now every time I 'right click' and delete, items don't go to recycle bin. They permantly delete instead for some reason and never go to recycle bin whatsoever.

I am fed up with this because I have deleted things by accident and I want the recycle bin to work so I can send them back if I accidentally delete a file.

Is there any way I can fix this? I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.

This is the first thing I can recommend doing:
Right-click the Recycle Bin
Choose Properties
Select "Custom size" (you don't have to change the number in the Maximum size field, but you can if you wish)
If you have more than one storage drive, then select them and do the same thing
Click OK
If this doesn't work, then there may be other things to try. Although, I haven't checked yet.

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I work from my home and retrieve emails from my office. I have the options set to leave the messages on the server so we can retrieve emails remotely and have copies on each PC. Friday I began receiving duplicate emails, then discovered that they were being removed from the server when I retrieved them from home. This is not a good thing. I am running Windows XP v5.1, Svc Pak 1 - I.E. 6.0 on a Compaq Presario. My PC did not come with a Win XP disc, but I have tried to repair Explorer using Add/Remove in the Control Panel.

I don't know if there is any connection, but I noticed an error message when I reboot: "Invalid Backweb Application ID 1940576". I have Spybot and I have run it since the problem started. Please help!

A:OE deletes messages on server

Here is a link to some info on your backweb problem. Even thought the number is not exactaly the same I think the info still applies.


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Seems like the latest version of thunderbird email client is deleting messages off the server - even unread ones. If you back out of the program and go back in, your new messages are gone. Is there a fix? I have ensured the settings state, leave messages on server until I delete them. Is this a known bug?

A:thunderbird RC2 deletes messages off server

Go back to version 1.0.6
Yours is only a Release Candidate, which is still not finished!

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Hi everyone,
after the update to 1.5 some gateways wanted o restart and some not. Why is this happening, i think all servers should restart or not?
I've checked all services and data. I noticed that all "Health Center" Messages are gone....were they deleted in the update process or are the only not displayed?

Regards and a happy new year ;)

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I can't seem to find the setting for "leave mail on server" for Windows Live Mail.

I click on the account, go to properties and go to advance. The little box is not there that allows me to keep mail on the server.

A:Windows Live Mail deletes messages on server

That only applies to POP3 accounts. IMAP and MS http accounts already do that.

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I need to mirror messages that come into Outlook XP so that it copies the messages.

I' ll explain. Quite often I check messages through web mail. But once I open Outlook XP on the home desktop, when those messages are updated, they are deleted or gone when I next open the webmail.

I know there is a way in Outlook that will keep messages in both places.

A:Mirroring Outlook XP messages to web access

Hi holymoly

In Outlook 2002:
Tools > E-mail Accounts
View or change existing e-mail accounts

Select the e-mail acount:
Change > More Settings button > Advanced tab
Place a check mark in: Leave a copy of messages on the server
Do this for both machines.

In one e-mail client, add a check mark for: Remove from server after xxx days
Or remember to login to the mail server and delete messages to avoid overfilling the mailbox.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Running Outlook under XP, suddenly the Deleted files are gone. There one day, and gone the next time logged on. Has anyone experienced this before?

A:Outlook Deletes Disappear

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I have a user who is using Outlook 98 and when ever she sends out a meeting requests and people accept them they are processed straight into her delted items folder. I have searched every option but cannot replicate this on my own system.
Does anyone know what would do this?
Any help would be most appreciated.

A:Outlook deletes appointment acceptances

For Outlook 2002:

Tools > Options > Preferences (tab) > Email Options . . . > Advanced Email Options > Clear "Delete meeting request from Inbox when responding."

Also, Email Options . . . > Tracking Options > Clear "After processing, move receipts to . . . " and/or clear "Delete blank voting and meeting responses after processing."

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For no reason I can think of, when I open an email in the inbox folder in outlook 2000 and then close it, it disappears. It is not in the deleted items folder, spam folder or any other. This started a couple days ago. I did not change any setting I know of. This only happens in the Inbox folder. I can not locate any settings that would cause this.

Outlook is configured for workgroups although I am the sole user of the computer.
The OS is XP Home edition.


A:Outlook 2000 deletes email

Hi... It sounds like you have a VIEW filter set in Outlook 2000.

In Outlook, go to VIEW and click on MESSAGES. It sounds like you have it set for UNREAD MESSAGES, which will hide all your messages except for the ones that you have not read!

Have fun and I hope this helps!


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Since upgrading to OE version 6 I have not been able to read any attachments. I get a message every time saying that OE has removed access to the unsafe attachment. As I know the majority of attachments that are being sent I think something is not quite right. How do I go about sorting it out please ?

A:Outlook Express 6 deletes all attachments

change your security settings in:

- 'do not allow attachments...'

this is the default setting now

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Here's the scenario:

Office XP, Outlook integrated with iManage, sporadic unpredictable problem. User attaches a Word document and either a Visio file or PDF to an email (which is not necessarily to say it couldn't happen with other types of files, but we've only seen it with these two). When it is sent -- and it doesn't matter if it's internal or external -- the Visio or PDF is deleted from the email and replaced with a Word document with the exact same name as the one attached. It has identical contents as well. The only difference is that copy always comes out to be roughly 3kb smaller than the original. It does not only appear this way for the recipient; the user can go to his Sent items and see that this is the case.

Any ideas why this would happen?

A:Outlook deletes one attachment, creates copy of another

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Hello, I am trying to compose an email. When I mistype and try to go back and fix the typo, it does strange things. For example, if I type the sentence:
The cat ate mouse.
I now want to go back and insert "the" before mouse, making the sentence:
The cat ate the mouse.
But when I try and do this, the "the" replaces mouse instead of inserting it, resulting in:
The cat ate the.

Actually, my not so computer savvy brother is trying to do this and I have NEVER used Outlook (Mac person, never any problems ) so if anyone can steer me to a setting that might have been set mistakenly it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't been able to find a good manual online either, so if you have an address, great!

A:Outlook 6,when editing email, deletes words

Try hitting the INSERT key on your keyboard.

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Please help.

MS OE 6 is removing access to attachments as they are unsafe. Can I override the security levels ? MS Outlook does not do this and I have just upgraded.

Thank you heaps


A:Solved: MS Outlook Express 6 deletes attachments

MSKB Reference

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I have now seen this problem on 2 different computers. Even though the box "Leave copy of message on server" is checked, all messages are removed from the pop server. I found a Microsoft patch that addresses this problem, but they said it applies only to OL2003 and was fixed in SP3. Apparently not. Any ideas?

Also, in OL 2000, you can uncheck a box so a particular account does not synchronize or download from server. I used this for special situations for an outgoing only account. This seems to have disappeared in OL2007. Is this feature still possible?

A:Outlook 2007 deletes msgs from server

You said this issue occurs in two computers. Do they both have the same email address or from the same domain ? IF they do try a gmail account , config gmail to not save a copy and enable leave a copy on the server. See if this works.

Second issue. This setting is available in the Send / Receive Settings.

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i run outlook 2003 on windows xp. Send and receive does not start immediately when I open outlook, as it used to do. How can I fix this???? it is very annoying.

thanks in advance,

A:Outlook 2003 send and receive does not start up when outlook is opened

Usually, it would not do so immediately, but rather on a schedule per your settings.
To get email upon startup, just click send/recv to get the first downloads for the day.

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I'm using Outlook Express 5.5 on Windows 98. The emails get downloaded from a Pop server & are removed from the server. Any time I start reading emails in a separate window & scroll through them by using next arrow & go back to the main window I find that the emails I have just read have vanished & don't even appear in the Deleted Items folder. Any ideas what causes them to vanish?

A:[RESOLVED]Outlook Express deletes emails after viewing

Start OEX and click on View>Current View and be sure "Show All Messages" is selected.

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I have a customer with Outlook 2007 who uses IMAP mail. He asked me to create folders for 3 people and setup a rule to move the message to their respective folder upon arrival in the inbox (simple enough?).

Works great, except when you open the email in the new folder, there is no message, it's blank. The odd part is that any emails that were currently in the inbox when I created the rule and ran it for the 1st time, retained the message body. Only emails received after the rules were setup are doing this.

I appreciate any help.


A:Outlook 2007 Rules Deletes Message Body

if you have setup imap accounts on outlook by default all emails will go into there respective IMAP INBOX FOLDERS. remove the rule and then check.

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Everytime I open outlook express, all of the messages (with the exception of 1 old message) that were in my inbox the day before, read or unread, have been permanently deleted. I am trying to figure out why this keeps happening, and how I can stop it. Any advice greatly appreciated...!

A:Outlook express, deletes all emails but 1 in inbox, everytime i open?

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I recently purchased a new computer that has Office 2010 installed. I would like to move the contents of my .pts file from my old computer which has Outlook 2007 to my new computer which has Outlook 2010. Before, when I wanted to transfer my .pts file from one computer to another I would just copy the file to a portable hard drive and then transfer the file to the other computer. However, Outlook 2010 is completely different animal. When I go to C:, Users, App Data, etc., new computer, it is completely different from my other computer that had Vista. My question is, how can I transfer my .pts file and/or my address book, calendar, contacts, etc. for my older Windows Vista computer that had Outlook 2007, to my new computer that has Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 installed? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

A:Solved: Moving Outlook Messages and Address Book From Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010

Hello referee07;

Copy your .pst file from your old computer to the new one or your portable hard drive.

To launch the Outlook 2010 Export/Import wizard, first go to File menu, navigate to Open, and click Import.

In the Import And Export wizard, select Import from another program or file option and hit Next

Under File Type, select Outlook Data File(.pst) and hit Next

Now choose the file to import, select the options, and hit Next

Once done, finally select the folder to import from(if you want to import complete data don’t change any settings) and make sure Include subfolders is checked. You can either import the file to the current folder or choose the folder.

Hope this helps!


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sometimes, outlook express beeps after checking for messages, states 1 or x messages received at the bottom...

and when i go to in box, there are NO new messages.

any ideas?

i've updated and run norton antivirus and no viruses found...


A:outlook express 5 - messages received, but no messages in in box

hello, Do you have any mail(s) blocked ? They would come in to the trash can intead

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Is there any way to remove Skype from Outlook.com permanently?

On the Outlook.com (web email, not to be confused with the desktop Outlook email client) header, I get a Skype icon as seen in screenshot below. Can that icon be removed?

A:Remove Skype from Outlook.com permanently

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hi, do these entries in hosts still work in disabling the new outlook web mail messenger geo.messenger.services.live.com geo.gateway.messenger.live.com

i can't tell i seem to be always 'available'. this new facelift no longer tells u 'failed to connect to outlook server, attempting to re-connect ...'

is this method still working?
if not, what should i do to completely disable the outlook messenger service. i don't have windows messenger


skype is still active

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I am running MS Outlook 2002 SP3 on Windows XP Pro. My email provider is comast. I had several hundred emails in my deleted items folder which I permanently deleted last weekend. I now realized there were emails I needed and I'm trying to recover them.

MS Outlook help has instructions for doing this, but it doesn't appear to work in my case (the recover option doesn't appear). I'm guessing it's due to my server configuration with Comcast (due to Comcast not keeping emails on the server once they're downloaded), but I'm not sure.

Can anybody out there help?

A:Recover Permanently Deleted MS Outlook emails

Are you using the free Outlook backup program from Microsoft? If so, you should be able to recover some or maybe all of the deleted emails if you have been letting it perform regular backups.

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How can I permanently delete emails in outlook 2010 w/o first sending them to the deleted folder?

A:Permanently delete emails in Outlook 2010?

Hold down the SHIFT key while deleting them.

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Operating system: Vists 64
Application Office 2010 Outlook

Outlook has apparently been corrupted. When I try to open it I get a message "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook". I have tried suggested methods for repairing corrupted messages with no success. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Office (2010) with no success.

I was able to open Outlook on the same machine under another user name however I cannot open past emails or contacts.

I renamed the pst data file on the chance it might be the problem. This did not help.

On possible part of the problem may be that the messages may not have beeg archived and the data file is too large.

If possible I would like to know how to open the data file. When I ran the file repair on the data file is daid there were errors and they were corrected. If I cannot get the Outlook file to open is it possible to open the data file in the other user Outlook? If so is it safe to do so?

Any suggestions for a) Getting the Outlook file to open, or;
b) opening the data file so I can get the address book and messages back, would be greatly appreciated.

A:Outlook can't be opened

I would recommend to uninstall it using Revo uninstaller free to completely uninstall it and re-install

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In a Contact, Notes field, when I select all and change the font, it usually reverts back to the small default font the next time I open outlook. How do I prevent this, and, how can I set a new default font for Contact notes for all new contacts? (I am not talking about Notes, I am talking about within a contact, the notes field.) Thank You

A:Outlook 2003 permanently change font for notes

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Hi there
I've got a GMAIL account which I access via OUTLOOK 2010 (IMAP)

I've googled for this but the solution doesn't work --there's there's no TRASH folder under GMAIL.

How though do you delete PERMANENTLY Email -- If you delete it from the BIN folder it goes to Deleted folder -- if you empty this folder and then click on the gmail all mail folder it all re-appears again.

I've got something like 4500 mails now that I can't seem to get rid of -- if I have to do this via gmail itself then it rather makes the whole point of using OUTLOOK pointless in the first place. The only reason I opened a GMAIL account was because of its integration with OUTLOOK.

Deleting emails goes to the delete folder - now if I empty that the mail is seen again in the ALL mail folder - deleting that goes to the BIn folder and deleting that goes back again to the delete folder -- endless roundabout.


A:Permanently delete email from gmail with outlook 2010

Maybe something here which could help:
How to Delete Emails from Gmail IMAP Access Mail Client ? My Digital Life

In Outlook 2010 and some email, you can set Outlook to automatically move the deleted items to [Gmail]/Trash folder on the server. To do so, go to the ?Account Settings? of the Gmail account, and change its account settings. At ?More Settings?, go to ?Deleted Items? tab, and select ?Move deleted items to the following server on the server?, and select the ?[Gmail]/Trash? folder in the tree list.

An email message in Outlook can appear in many folders (applied with many labels). Typically, once you delete the email and move it to Trash, the email should be removed from other folders by Gmail too. Perform a sync or Send/Receive All Folders (for Outlook) so that mail client can synchronize the change that takes place on Gmail cloud after deletion. If for some reason Gmail and mail client does not automatically remove to Trash a delete email from all folders (labels), and the supposedly deleted emails on folders other than Trash folder, then manual deletion from each and every folders is requires. This including from [Gmail]/All Mail folder which archived all mails.
Once the e-mails are moved to Trash folder, it will be automatically purged by Google server process after 30 days. You can also configure your mail client to process purge permanently items mark as trashed or deleted in the original folder automatically f... Read more

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what is the name of the file, outlook archives every now and then it's contents? Problem is, a friend of mine accidently deleted the complete contents of his Inbox and also permanently deleted them in Outlook, since he thought he was in the: "Sent items" folder. I know there is still a way to re-create all those email of the Inbox but not sure exaclty how.
Doesn't usually Outlook archive the contents of the INBOX in some *.pst file (archive.pst) or so? If so, what is the exact name of the file and where is it located?

If this is not the way to do it, maybe you have any idea how to do so. I know it's possible, but the question: "HOW" is still present.

PS: I ONLY DO need the contents of the INBOX, NO OTHER files.

Thank you very much,

A:recovering of permanently deleted emails in MS Outlook 2003

You would have to have auto archiving turned on. In Outlook, go to Tools> Options> Other tab> click the AutoArchive button. See if Run AutoArchive is checked. If it is, then Move old items to: will have a path to the folder.

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I did not do anything, but just left the computer on with Mozilla and Outlook opened. I went to the kitchen for ONE minute. When I came back, the computer restarted by itself. I was NOT warned at all for restarting. Usually, when the computer is trying to do some diagnosis or analisis, it would tell me that the computer would be restarted in 10 minutes (or whichever the time I specify). However, this time, I was not warned AT ALL. When I signed on again after it restarted, I opened the Mozilla and expected to be asked if I wanted to restore whatever I did with the Mozilla windows before it was NOT PROPERLY shot down. This time, the computer restarted as if it was properly shot down, and I was not asked if I wanted to restore whatever I did.

When I tried opening the Outlook, it says "Cannot open Outlook window." Ok, so I properly close all the windows and shot down the computer. Wait at least a few hours. I turned the computer on, but the Outlook still could not be opened. I tried restarting the computer, but Outlook seems gone.....
I don't know what happened during the time I was in the kitchen...... What could have happened? How can I get my outlook back. I have important emails and calendar and notes in the Outlook, so I cannot reinstall it.. What can I do?


A:Outlook could not be opened all at sudden!

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While opening Outlook 2007 I receive the message that the .pst file cannot be opened. I tried almost everything and it didn't work out. The outlook.exe/resetnavpane isn't working (Windows cannot find ...), scanpst could repair the file, but I still can't open the .pst file, I tried everything and I am really lost right now, as my boss starts to get angry about this.

Could someone please help me?

We lost some files few weeks ago and finally found out, that they were just hidden. Since we made them "visible", the problem with Outlook occurs.


A:Outlook 2007 cannot be opened

This might be due to the severe corruption of the .pst file. The inbox repair tool(scanpst.exe) works, if the .pst file corruption is at minimum stage where it is able to repair only the corrupt header. To get back your valuable data from corrupt .pst file, I suggest using reliable software that help you to guide how to repair pst and restore the Outlook data from it. Download trial version and you can estimate whether your data has been recovered or not.

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I've had this problem before, and I think it relates to an email that was downloaded that corrupts the .pst.

When we open the Outlook, it stays open for a short time, 1-2 seconds, then immediately crashes to desktop. I have tried the following

outlook.exe /safe
outlook.exe /resetoutlookbars
outlook.exe /F

My next attempt will be to run the scanpst program, but I don't expect that to return anything worthwhile. My guess is that there is an email at the top of the inbox that is corrupting something and until that email is removed, I can't do anything.

In the past I have had to create a new PST, but that is a pain in the butt having to download a couple years worth of emails again and losing calendar and contact information.

Thanks for help.

A:Outlook XP crashes when opened

Have you tried restarting the computer?

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I am running Vista Ultimate 32 bit and when I try to open Outlook 2007 the screen turns
completely white and there is one sentence at the top "Welcome to the Outlook
Startup Wizard, which will guide you through the process of configuring
Outlook 2007." I just uninstalled the office suite and reinstalled it. This
didn't work.

Any ideas about what I need to do? Have had this computer for a little
while now and outlook has never opened.

A:Outlook 2007 has NEVER opened

Originally Posted by Laura B

I am running Vista Ultimate 32 bit and when I try to open Outlook 2007 the screen turns
completely white and there is one sentence at the top "Welcome to the Outlook
Startup Wizard, which will guide you through the process of configuring
Outlook 2007." I just uninstalled the office suite and reinstalled it. This
didn't work.

Any ideas about what I need to do? Have had this computer for a little
while now and outlook has never opened.

Hello Laura B & welcome,
Read carefully through this link to see if it might help you -
Failing that I think that you should contact MS Office Outlook Support particularly as you haven't yet managed to use Outlook.
Microsoft Help and Support

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