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Save contacts without opening outlook?

Q: Save contacts without opening outlook?

Is it possible to save outlook contacts without opening the program?

My mom DLed a virus that has crippled everything, and since the computer needed to be reformatted anyway, I want to just save her files & start over.

I basically can't use any programs except folders, otherwise I get spammed with alerts & BS.

Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Save contacts without opening outlook?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Save contacts without opening outlook?

Unless the virus directly affected them, you should be able to copy the Outlook files containing your mom's Outlook contacts lists, e-mails, etc. to another drive without opening Outlook. The exact locations and file names used will depend on the versions of Windows and Outlook that are being used.

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I have Outlook 365 on my desktop for emails , calendars and contacts
I use Icloud for Windows to sync my Calendar and Contacts from iphone to desktop or from desktop to iphone.
Was seamless until a few days ago when trying to edit a contact on Outlook it would not allow me to save it
Error message was "Your changes cannot be saved because you don't have permission to modify some or all of the items in this folder. Do you want to save a copy of the item in the default
folder for the item?
I can edit the contact on iphone and it updates though to Outlook on desktop.
Calendar appointments (new and amended/edited) are seamlessly working both ways.
A new contact inputted onto Outlook icloud contact will save but if you then try to add a new number or note then get the above error message.
Please advise

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Hi, I was hoping you could help me with something. I have lists of names and emails in excel spreadsheets and I have to upload them in to an outlook address book. So i have to make them contacts. The problem is only some will upload and save. For example there are more than 1,000 emails and only 400 will save as contacts. It gives an error message saying there was a problem saving them. I researched the problem and it says there might be an issue with the format of number 301 so it said to delete it which I did but it still does not work

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Is there a way to export my contacts, and personal calendar from this program? To load it to a disk or otherwise?

Will a print out of the contacts include ALL of the "tabs" of information, or does each one have to be printed separately?

How do I transfer all the info I have in one computer, to another? (for the same software)


A:OUTLOOK 2000, how do I save contacts?

The easiest way is to just copy the entire Outlook PST file to any other computer. Then configure it to use that file.

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Hi all,

I have a quick question:

I need to create a contact from a message. The way I do it is, I right-click the name and select Save as contact. This works great but it just gets saved to my default personal contacts.

What I want it to do is save to a contact folder I've created inside my default folder....is there a way to specify which contact folder it gets saved to?

Any help appreciated.



A:Where to save Outlook 2000 default contacts...

someone has an idea?

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Im upgrading and wiping out a disk, she has office 2000 and wants to keep all her contacts, and she is upgrading to XP... can someone tell me where those files are and the best steps to accomplish this without losing her stuff?


A:Outlook 2000 Contacts files, where and how to save

Search for the .wab files. This is the windows address book. It's usually in the Windows folder, but it may be best to do a search. There may be more than one. When you find them you should be able to put them on a floppy or burn to a disk if too large.

Once upgraded to XP, just replace the address book under her user name in the Documents and Settings folder. You may also need to do a search for the location.

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When you start typing an email address in Outlook 2007 it shows options to autocomplete the address from all the thousands of previous email addresses you've used in the past, not only those ones you've saved in your contacts list.

I need a solution to save all those 'extra' email addresses that show up.
I deal with sales and in one day I can send up to 1200 emails and saving each one would just weigh me down time wise.

If there's a program that will save these addresses please let me know, thanks.

A:Solved: Save all email addy's in Outlook, not only contacts.

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Hi guys, when I wanna save my contact by right clicking on the address then choose properties, then I click on Save and Close. My Outlook Hangs.

I am using Windows XP SP 2 and Outlook 2003. Any suggestions or solutions pls? Many thanks to u guys.

A:Outlook 2003 Contacts Unable To Save (Hang)

ChaosDoom said:

Hi guys, when I wanna save my contact by right clicking on the address then choose properties, then I click on Save and Close. My Outlook Hangs.

I am using Windows XP SP 2 and Outlook 2003. Any suggestions or solutions pls? Many thanks to u guys.Click to expand...
You can try going under Help and clicking on Detect and Repair to try and fix any problems. Sounds like you have a corrupt file. Have you done an update to Office 2003 lately? Just wondering if that might have caused the problem.

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Has anyone come across the problem in which when you click on the Contacts icon in the Outlook Bar or when you attempt to change from Global Address List to your own Contacts (listed as an address book), Outlook2000 promptly crashes?

I have tried searching Microsoft's site but found nothing. Maybe my search fields are wrong so if anyone has come across a solution would it be possible to point me to the right places to seek it out?


A:Solved: Opening Contacts Crashes Outlook

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Hi, I was trying to backup my contacts on my Nokia E-71 phone using Outlook 2007, this is my first time doing it. So apparently the current Outlook in my pc already has a whole bunch of contacts which belonged to someone else and so both of our contacts are now merged together, is there a way to undo the sync?

A:Accidentally synced my nokia E71 contacts with someone else's contacts Outlook 2007

Short of deleting the contacts on your phone which don't apply to you, I don't know what else you can do.

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I want to move some contacts from my google account to my hotmail account, without having to manually enter them. Is there a way to accomplish that? Thanks.

A:Moving Google Contacts to Outlook/Hotmail Contacts

Download the contacts from Google online in CSV format to a folder then import into Outlook.

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How can I import the 251 contacts that exist in my Contacts folder into Outlook 2007?
When I drag all of them into Outlook contacts they create a single contact.

Thank you for looking.

A:Importing contacts from the Contacts folder into Outlook 2007

Hi johnbigbootie89,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Let me apologize that it took so long for someone to reply to your request - but it is now active and I think we'll be able to resolve it. In fact, I think I have just what you need.

Check out the following article: Importing contacts from Windows Contacts folder | MSOutlook.info. Make sure you use the Vista procedure. It seems the article was designed specifically for this purpose so I have high hopes it will accomplish your objective. You do not drag the contents (which is essentially copy/paste) - you use import/export instead.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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Hello, I have multiple issues regarding address books and contacts. I am currently trying to organize multiple address books on my Win 2000 desktop(outlook express) my laptop XP (outlook 2007) and my IPhone 3G. They are a mess because of old cell phone backups combined with address book entries. I now have multiple entries for numerous contacts etc.
After organizing all these contacts/address books I would like to import to my new Win 7 desktop (outlook 2010 beta) and retire my Win 2000 desktop. These are all stand alone computers that are not networked other than through a router to share broadband access.
I tried searching for software to help combine and organize all three of these but had no luck.
I then tried manually updating all my contacts on my laptop and Iphone but I ran into a glich of sorts. After making the changes on my Iphone and doing a ITunes sync, some of the contacts disappeared. Right now I am not sure how many, but I noticed a few of the ones I use alot are gone on both my laptop and Iphone.
I do not subscribe to or use the "mobile me" feature.
I have spent quite a bit of time searching the net without finding a solution.
Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!
Thank You!

A:Fix, Organize and synchronize Outlook contacts and Iphone Contacts

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Im trying to get outlook contacts to show up under my windows contacts under


I send a lot of faxes and it's annoying not to mention inconvenient to manually add contacts so they show up in fax and scan.

A:export outlook contacts to windows contacts?

The way I got this done was to export the contacts from outlook, import them to gmail, then after gmail did its magic and merged + fixed all the duplicates I exported them from gmail as a .vcf and opened the .vcf with windows contacts and it added them one by one.

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I exported contacts from OL 07 to a .pst file, and then added the .pst to OL03 on a new PC. the contacts came over fine, except that I had 1873 on my old PC (OL 07) and only 1825 on new one OL 03 --

why did the other 48 contacts not go with the pst? yes, they are recently added contacts that are missing.

OL 07 not connected to MS Exchange when I created PST, but is this a synch problem?

Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone know how to do this without losing any information?

I have a large .WAB file and could really do with it in my contacts so I dont have to go into the .WAB file every time I want to find a contact.

thanks in advance

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Prior to Vista I was using Thunderbird. Now Vista was able to covert all my addresses from Thunderbird to the Vista Contact folder. Now I am wondering how I can transfer those contacts to my Outlook 2007.

There really should be a quick and easy way to do this.

A:Vista Contacts -> Outlook Contacts.

Export the contacts to a CSV file (tick all boxes) then import again into Outlook

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Hi to all, I am getting ready to download a clients outlook express contacts to his new computer which will be using MS Outlook. His old PC is running windows ME, his new PC XP Home. I already have both PC seeing each others shared folders, just do not know how to import contacts from express to outlook.

Any help guys and gals???

Thanks in advance..

A:Outlook express contacts to Outlook contacts

You have to export them first....then import them into Outlook. Save to a file or a cd.

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I installed new Windows Live Mail 2011 and it upgraded on its own to 2012. Can you tell me where to go to setup my email accounts to save contacts in our contact folder for addresses we send email to, I know I've seen that option some where?
I just had a computer person reinstall Windows 7 on my computer. He saved all my documents and pictures. Failed to save our two email accounts. Wife is complaining about losing her old emails, is there a folder where I might find them?

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Hello all:

First time poster.

In the folder/tree view on the left in Outlook 2007 (Windows XP Pro) the Contacts folder is not showing up.

In Outlook 2003, it was right there underneath Calendar, which, by the way, is also missing from the Folder/Tree view.

I can access my Contacts via the big tab at the bottom but I want the tree/folder view as it broke up the hierarachy very nicely.

Any ideas?

Thanx in advance,


A:Outlook Contacts not showing up in Tree/Folder view (Outlook 2007)

Use "Folder List" view to see all of your folders in a single list. Either click the little folder icon in the Navigation Pane on the left-hand side or click Go | Folder List in the Menu Bar.

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 6000 with 1.5 GHz Pentium M processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Windows version: XP/Pro SP 3 (V. 5.1 Build 2600.xpsp.080413-21111 : SP 3)

Word version 2002.

I have 2 problems with using the Outlook version 2000 Mail Merge feature.

Problem 1:

I want to Mail Merge Outlook contacts into Mailing Labels. however, there is a field missing from the available fields after I complete the all the steps.

I tried this 2 ways:

1. All contacts in current view/All contact fields

2. All contacts in current view/Contact fields in current view--after adding the Categories field to the Current View

I also tried adding a user-defined field and then tried both choices above.

In all cases,the Categories field or user-defined field is missing from the available fields: missing from the Insert Merge Fields and missing from the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box.

Here is the sequence I use:

Open Outlook

Click on Contacts shortcut (or View/Go To/Contacts)

Tools/Mail Merge

Select All contacts in current view/All contact fields from the dialog box choices. Select Mailing Labels from the Document type drop down box.

Click OK

Click OK on the warning message: "Outlook has created a MailMerge document...."

In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, click on Main Document/Setup

Select the label product/type from the Label Options dialog box. Click OK

Click on Data Source/Get Data/Use Address Book. Select Outlook Address Book. Note that the Categories field is not include... Read more

A:Missing field(s) in Outlook contacts using Outlook Mail Merge

I would export my contacts to an excel spreadsheet then run mail merge. You never know whats going on inside outlook...

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OS: XP home

I recently re-installed my entire computer, incl. MS Office 2002.
When restoring the .pst files, something went wrong. Maybe I needed to re-install more than just .pst files, maybe it screwed up because I renamed the back-up files?

Either way, the problem is that the Contact folder is not displayed in the Outlook Address Book, and I cannot manage to make it so.
I tried the following:
- Right-clicking the Contacts folder, Properties, Outlook Address Book tab. The checkbox "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" is greyed out, so I cannot check it.
- Tools, E-mail accounts, View or change existing directories or address books. Outlook Address Book - MAPI is listed (as only one). When pressing Change..., I get an error message: "This E-mail account cannot be configured. Please run Outlook and choose this profile before attempting to make changes to it." There is only one profile (I had 2 before re-installation, but no longer needed the second).
If I try to Add... an Additional Outlook Address Book, or a Personal Address Book, I get the error message "The account you have added is not fully configured. It might not work properly until re-configured correctly."

Nice, but how to re-configure it correctly??? I prefer not having to re-install the program...

I tried to Remove the listed Outlook Address Book, but then could still not Add... one (same error message), so the originally listed one re-appeared.

What can I do?

A:Solved: Contacts not in Outlook Address Book (Outlook 2002)

Did anyone respond to this 2.5 year old problem with a solution? I have exactly the same problem now and hope there is a solution out there. I'm puzzled and cannot find the solution on the net. Thanks.

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Could you tell me how to export the contacts from Outlook 2007 to Outlook Express please?

A:Solved: Export contacts from Outlook 2007 to Outlook Express

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We've purchased a new laptop and are using Office 07 now, Windows XP, instead of the old office 03. Regarding Outlook, when I tried to save the old .pst file(Outlook 03) and then import old emails and contacts, the emails imported very easily into Outlook 07. However, none of the contacts were imported. Is there a simple way to export or save Outlook 2003 contacts to a file that can then be imported into Outlook 2007 on a separate computer??



A:Trouble transferring Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2007

Export the old contact as a .CSV file and then re-import into the new installation.


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I am so confused about where outlook 2013 keeps things.

I have installed Outlook 2013 and would like to import my contacts from my outlook 2007 in another computer. I have already prepared the contacts.pst file from outlook 2007 and made it available in my public folders. I then imported the .pst file into Outlook 2013 via network. However the contacts shows up as a separate contact list rather than integrated into the outlook 2013 address book . How to correct it?

I must have got the process wrong.


A:outlook 2013 import contacts from outlook 2007

OK. I found the imported contacts in a separate list inside the address book. There are 2 lists one is "In This computer" the other is just "contacts" . How do I make the "contacts "list as the default so I get an address book when I click on 'To" ?

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I have reinstalled OL2003 and my account was imported from Outlook Express. However, I cannot figure out how to get my contact folder to show in my address book when I am looking for an address to send an email. The Address Book properties shows 'Contacts' as the address source, the first list to be searched and checked the option for it to be the contact folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Outlook 2003: Contacts not in Outlook Address Book

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Hello Folks!
The PC's running xp. When I open the wab file, the details are not displayed. They however show up within outlook express 6 and are usable.
I wanted to copy the addresses to another puter.
When copying the wab file across, OE6 in the second machine refuses to see anything in the wab.
When trying to export the address book, I only have the option to do csv file . But when I want to import it into the second machine, I only have the option for importing wab file.
How can I get around this mess?
All help greatly appreciated!

A:Opening wab file does not display contacts XP_HE

Any takers for this issue?
Thank you!

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Does anybody know how or if it's possible to get my contacts from Outlook 2000 on my PC to Outlook 2003 on my laptop? I can't seem to figure it out.

A:Outlook 2000 Contacts to Outlook 2003

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I have a problem when I import my contacts from my desktop Outlook into my laptop Outlook. The way I do this is to export them from my desktop machine onto a flash drive, then I move that to my laptop and import them. The problem is that once completed, my laptop Outlook sorts the list by the first name, rather than by the last name as my desktop does.

My list is about 5K names, and while I do have a few occurrences where there are a couple of people with the same last name, there are FAR more with similar first names. You wouldn't believe how many Dave's I have!

I have gone into the "Tools, Preferences, Contact Options" on the laptop, and it IS set for "sort by last name."

Both computers are tunning XP Pro, and Outlook 2003.

A:Importing Outlook Contacts Into Laptop Outlook

I hope this will help... I've just sorted my contacts by last name by doing the following:Go > Contacts, then I selected phone list from Current view. Then right-click on the empty place of the contacts table and select Customize Current View > Fields and Last name field. Now when I click on the Filed column in the contacts table Outlook sorts my contacts by last name.Also, you can always move your contacts and other outlook data using this utility.

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Subject says it. Saved a backup of the pst file (outlook 98) onto the shared file of another pc on my home lan. When I go to import that pst file into Outlook XP it appears to happen but the contacts, calendar items, tasks etc are not there. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Importing contacts and mail into Outlook XP from Outlook 98

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My stepdad used Microsoft Outlook 2000 for contacts only, not e-mail, just contacts, before his Microsoft Windows 2000 computer blue screened beyond repair. Luckily, we recently saved a .pst file, and now we need to restore his contacts. We reinstalled Microsoft Windows 2000 but are trying to avoid re-installing Microsoft Office. We have Open Office to replace his Microsoft Word and Excel, and it works great. The last piece of the puzzle is how to restore his Microsoft Outlook contacts from the .pst file. I've got too many issues today, or else I'd do the usual searches for an answer, I'm usually more resourceful that this, but in the name of time as my stepdad will get impatient without his contacts, should we try 1) Mozilla Thunderbird, 2) Outlook Express, 3) Windows Address Book, 4) Other? Much thanks.

A:Restore Outlook Contacts From PST Without Reinstalling Outlook


been looking up stuff on .pst and it seems that this is a proprietary format (and you know how MS is about their stuff !).

anyways there are a few tools on the net tat claim to be able to read .pst files

one is mailnavigator
and guidancesoftware>v4readmail
they may not do the exact job as you wanted but at least they can bring up .pst files.

let me know if you found another way


overthinker said:

My stepdad used Microsoft Outlook 2000 for contacts only, not e-mail, just contacts, before his Microsoft Windows 2000 computer blue screened beyond repair. Luckily, we recently saved a .pst file, and now we need to restore his contacts. We reinstalled Microsoft Windows 2000 but are trying to avoid re-installing Microsoft Office. We have Open Office to replace his Microsoft Word and Excel, and it works great. The last piece of the puzzle is how to restore his Microsoft Outlook contacts from the .pst file. I've got too many issues today, or else I'd do the usual searches for an answer, I'm usually more resourceful that this, but in the name of time as my stepdad will get impatient without his contacts, should we try 1) Mozilla Thunderbird, 2) Outlook Express, 3) Windows Address Book, 4) Other? Much thanks.Click to expand...

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I have a friend who, at work, has an outlook contacts folder that he wants to export and then import into outlook express. the problem he's facing is that after he's exported the contacts file and emailed it home when he tries to import it from outlook express the only option he's given to import from is a wab. any ideas on how to make this import work?

A:Import Outlook Contacts into Outlook Express

Export from Outlook as a text file, import into Outlook Express from the text file. Let me know if you need specific steps. Most of this can be done right from the File-Import/Export menus.

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I had to remove all of my contacts from my phone (reason is too long to explain) and now want to sync my contacts from Outlook to the phone via Outlook.com EAS. My concern is that when I start the sync process, the phone will send the empty contact list to Outlook, thereby wiping out all of my contacts. If this possibility exists, is there a way to ensure that the sync goes from Outlook to the phone only, and not the other way around? Thanks.

A:Syncing Outlook Contacts with Phone via Outlook.com

I thought that if you manually added your account to the phone the contacts list for that account gets downloaded from that account and added to the phone.

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Iwant to change my my default email to microsoft outlook, all my contacts are in express..how can i do this...the easy way of course...

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I need to save my MS Outlook Contacts from my PC at work (using Outlook 2003) to my PC at home (using Outlook 2000). I know how to use File> New> Outlook Data File> Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst)> OK to start, but that doesn't populate the new directory (or file or whatever it is) with the contacts.

How do I copy/paste, translate, whatever the contacts into that new directory?
Please reply to [email protected].

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

A:Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2000

Go to you current Contacts.

Hightlight them all - Ctrl-A

Copy them to the buffer - Ctrl-C

Go to the Contacts location in the new pst file

Paste them back in again - Ctrl-V

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I use Vista Ultimate (German Language). The messages are perhaps not translated exactly.

Problem: When I open the program „windows-contacts“ (in "All Programs")
and click the folder „contacts“ (in German: „Kontakte“), the folder will be opened, but when I click any contact, or „New Contact“ or „New Contact Group“,
the message appears: "Error during opening the windows-adressbook-file"
(in German: Fehler beim ?ffnen der Adressbuchdatei).

This is obviously the reason that Windows-Mail cannot be started.

The error in windows-contacts appears also whe in Windows-Mail is totally removed from the computer (registry and AppData).
This error started after trying to remove the folder „Contacts“ from desktop to D:.

It ist the computer of a friend, but he will thrash me, when his mail-program does not work.

How can I repair (or reload) the „Windows-Contacts“ ?

Thank you for your help.


A:Problem: Contacts cannot be opend. „Error during opening the windows-adressbook-file

Hello Albert, First thing to look at if this has just happened is trying to do a system restore to a date before the problem occured. Here is a tutorial that can assist you with that;

System Restore - How to

IF this is unsuccessful i have had a look at both of your posts. Have a look at the tutorial for SFC this will be a good start. As sfc sometimes can not repair all problems at once you may have to run it three times;

System Files - SFC Command

If i am reading your posts correctly your username/contacts folder is missing? This next tutorial may help with that;

Personal User Folder - Restore Missing Folder

Hope this is of some help

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How can I move my Outlook Express contacts (and messages) to Outlook?
I tried the export/import functions under the tool menue on the Contact List toolbar but Don't understand the instructions.

A:Outlook Express contacts to Outlook

Since I don't know what versions you're using, these are the instructions for Outlook Express 6 and Outlook 2000. Other versions should be, if not the same, similar.

For the address book, you first have to export from OE into a file in a format Outlook can use. That format is "Comma Separated Values (Windows)."

In OE, go to File>Export>Address Book. The only option given is "Text File (comma separated values)" so click on it to select it and click Next. Then use the browse button to navigate to the folder where you want to save the file, type in a name for the file that will be created, click Save, then click Next.

Put check marks in the boxes next to whatever information in the address book you want to import into Outlook. Go through the whole list, unchecking those things you do not need or want. When done, click Finish.

Then, in Outlook, go to File>Import and Export, choose "Import from a file or program," then "Comma Separated Values (Windows)," browse to the file you made, tell it to import that.

Messages are simpler. With Outlook closed, in Outlook Express go to File>Export>Messages. It will tell you it's going to export to either Exchange or Outlook, tell it okay, select what you want to export, click OK and when you open Outlook, the messages should be there.

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I have microsoft outlook installed on my new computer. I imported all the address, and now that I am trying to send an email I have found that when I click on the to: field to get an address, there are not entries. Even though when I select contacts from the outlook bar on the left side of the window, there are all my addresses. I have tried changing the drop down box from the Select names window, to contacts, (of which there are 2 selections) thinking that this might allow me to select from the Outlook contact, however
when I do this, I get an Outlook error message
"The address list could not be displayed. The contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions. For information on how to remove this folder from the outlook address book, see Microsoft Outlook Help."
I have tried to find a solution through the help menu, but can't find anything
I get the same message when I try to select the other contacts info.
so far I am at a loss.

can anyone help me ?

Thank you

Mark Slatter

A:Solved: Outlook not using outlook contacts

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Hi all

I'm having trouble opening a Word file. The last sequence of events relating to it were when I saved it whilst still open, as a PDF, (for uploading to a website), then tried to save in the .doc or .docx format also.

Now I'm getting error messages - see attached, and although I have tried converting from Word and from 'other', and trying the different unicode suggestions, I am unable to open the document.

I do have the document now as a PDF, but obviously converting back to Word is a royal pain in the neck, and even though I have tried it using the various online resources, it is not keeping all the styles/fonts etc, so I wanted to see if there is any way I can retrieve the document first!

Things to consider: the file is massive - 47MB, which seems strange. It is a newsletter style and does contain lots of images, textboxes, etc, but all images have been processed first so they are only a small number of KB.
I'm on MacOSX, and the version of Word is Word 2008 ver 12.2.5 (100505)

I hope you can help - sorry if I'm in the wrong place or the answer is already someplace else - I'm new to techguy!

I haven't attached it but let me know if you need me to? Unless 47MB is bigger than England itself?!



A:Word not opening after PDF save

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When I try to open IE11 a dialogue box pops up asking if I want to save the web page. When I click it or cancel it IE closes. This also happens in other programs such as Foxit Reader but I can still access the program after I close the boxes. One program (H&R Blck Tax 2014) pops up the box and I save or cancel and the program stays open but the page is blank. I've tried all flavors of fixes I know and then some. Anybody have some ideas as to what might be causing this?


A:IE11 wants to save web page instead of opening it.

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
First thought would be to use the link and exe file type restore reg files see what happens,
Default File Type Associations - Restore

You might need to do this using clean boot or safe mode with networking to download the reg files ?
Use Clean boot,

Safe mode with networking,
Shut down your machine, Unplug-Hold the power button down for 30/45 seconds (Power Drain)
Power up and Tap the F8 key continuously until you see a black page with white text,
Use the down arrow key to toggle to safe mode with networking/ hit the enter key.
Login as usual
Other advanced methods,

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I saved an online receipt using the firefox "save page as" feature. I have both the html icon and the file folder containing the elements. They are in the same location, my desktop. Yet, for some reason when I click on the html icon, all i get is a blank page. Can someone help me retrieve this, please. I critically need this receipt. Thanks.

A:Help opening "save page as file"

I got it resolved. In case anyone else runs into this, here's what I did. I went to firefox and installed ieview addon, then opened the receipt in ieview after it came up empty in Firefox.

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When I try to open a pdf on a website or sent to me by email Adobe opens and prompts me to save the file - how can I get round this so I can read it and/or print it without having to save it then reopen it?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, x86 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2014 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 217999 MB, Free - 140642 MB; D: Total - 20471 MB, Free - 18162 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, GF7025-M2
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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I'm trying to duplicate AOL mail's behavior whereby any email message that I read is automatically copied to the saved mail location on my computer, so it remains available even when I'm offline. I want to do this in both Outlook and Outlook Express. I've investigated Mail Rules in both programs, and can't find any rule template that resembles this. Also searched in these forums and tried Microsoft's Outlook support site.

A:How do I auto-save mail in Outlook & Outlook Express?

...I forgot to mention I'm using Outlook or Outlook Express with an IMAP (America Online) account, not POP3. With POP3, all email is already downloaded to my computer, but with IMAP it stays on the server. I can manually copy individual items to my Saved Mail folder, but I want it to happen automatically, triggered by opening/reading the email item.

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Where on my hard-drive can I find my contacts file?



A:Outlook Contacts

For Outlook.


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I used activsync to load all of my contacts from the PC (XP) to an ipaq. I then deleted contacts from the ipaq that were not needed. I then found that the activsync had removed all of the deleted contacts from my PC also. I need to recover the contacts on the PC.
Any hope?

A:Outlook Contacts

Do you make regular backups of your pc data including outlook data files? Other than that, no idea if it's been deleted from Outlook contacts already.

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Hi there,

I have searched for the answer to this and so far have not found any answer so here goes :

When I compile a new message and press the "To:" button to display the address book, Outlook will display all my contacts even if they have no e-mail addresses and no fax numbers (some only have a business phone number). I would like it to display only those that have an e-mail address specified. This must be possible? Please help!!


A:Outlook contacts

Welcome to the forum.

What version are you using, because it is not working that way in Outlook 2003?

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