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Looking for a reference of available predefined performance counters by Windows versions

Q: Looking for a reference of available predefined performance counters by Windows versions

I was only able to find a reference of these counters in the Windows 2003 Resource Kit archives (28 thousand ! pages pdf). Nothing more recent. Is there any reference guide having these by Windows versions?
I managed to pull some of these through Powershell and .Net classes, but it only works if I know at least the categories that are predefined. I would really like to have an official list released by Microsoft or something.

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Preferred Solution: Looking for a reference of available predefined performance counters by Windows versions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm looking for a way to quickly reference a predefined selection of files.

For example, folder "Photos" contains:


In another folder, "Best of Photos", I want to reference a few of the photos in "Photos". I say 'reference' because I don't want to actually move or copy any files from "Photos" to "Best of Photos".

One way to do it would be to create several shortcuts, one for each selected photo, and place them in "Best of Photos". The downside is that it can become a mess when there are many selected photos.

A different way would be to use a saved Windows Search. I could use the query "1 OR 2 OR 4 OR 8" and than save the Windows Search to the "Best of Photos" folder. In theory it's an elegant solution but as soon as there are more than about 80 OR's this method no longer works.

The way I'm currently doing it is by adding some sort of suffix to the selected photos filename, e.g. 1_SEL.jpg and then searching for SEL to select the right photos. This is probably the best solution I've come up with, but it's not ideal since I prefer to keep the filenames untouched.

Would there be a better solution to this problems than the ones I've come up with?
Thanks in advance!

A:How to reference a predefined selection of files

Use a Library. Help/Using Libraries. There may even be a tutorial on it on this forum.

Library - Include a Folder

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I'm trying to explain to my manager why we need to run Performance Monitor to monitor and t-shoot SQL Server and Windows subsystems.  She is coming from a Oracle and DB2 background, and doesn't seem to be familiar with this important, free, and commonly
used tool in a Windows environment.  She is concerned that monitoring with Performance Monitor will put overhead on SQL servers that we manage but don't own.  I need to reassure the manager that PerfMon and performance counters are safe to use and
overhead is negligible.  I know what PerfMon is and why to use it... for baselining, benchmarking, and problem solving.  But I confess, I don't understand at a deep level what performance counter objects are and where they come from within Windows. 
Can anyone help me out with a technical explanation or reference?  I searched but can't find a reference.  Thanks

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I created the following performance counter using logman.exe. 

logman.exe create counter US_Triton_Perf_Log -b 9/23/2015 09:30:00 -e 9/30/2099 18:30:00 -r -s $server -si $frequence -cf $folder\$server.txt -f $logtype  -o C:\local\logs\Perfout_$Server --a -v mmddhhmm  -rf  $max_duration

When I do this across multiple servers specifically for Windows Servers 2008/2012, the counter is created to repeat and run everyday at 930PM and stops running everyday at 430PM. This works perfectly fine as intended. However, When I do this for a Windows
2003 server, my created counter is very different.
For example, in this case, I have set to the counters to start at 930AM and end at 1830PM, because I have set a maximum duration of 9 hours, the job terminates and begins on the next day, since I have the repeat option on. However, this does not apply to
our 2003 server; logman creates the job to run once a week in this case it would be on a Wednesday. In addiiton, I noticed that the job doesn't not even start at it's indented time. It actually does not start at all. I also notice that the jobs on all windows
2003 servers are created in a pending status, which then prevents me from removing the counter remotely. 

I would like to know if windows 2003 is capable of working like my win 2008/2012 servers using logman, and if historically, the job has to be kicked off through scheduled task. 

Both Jobs are using the same criteria, but a... Read more

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Can anyone guide me as to how can I monitor the following for Messaging Queues:-1. Incoming messages/second (Queue Specific counters).2. Outgoing messages/second (Queue Specific counters).In the performance monitor, I kept these counters (they are general. i.e. Not Queue specific),but they are reulting to Zero. I checked the Queues, there were messages in them.Basically I want to check how long a message stays in the queue or the processing speed of the queue.

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Performance Counters used to work with a dot for the (local) computer name eg:
C:\>typeperf "\\.\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"

"(PDH-CSV 4.0)","\\.\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"
"08/16/2016 14:32:22.558","0.002560"
"08/16/2016 14:32:23.558","0.002560"
"08/16/2016 14:32:24.558","0.002560"
"08/16/2016 14:32:25.558","0.002560"

This was with WS2003 & XP. Now I find that some systems - Windows 7 and beyond - tend not to like this, but are OK with the non-dot form.

H:\>typeperf "\\.\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"

Error: No valid counters.

H:\>typeperf "\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"
"(PDH-CSV 4.0)","\\BJAMES7010\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"
"08/16/2016 13:03:07.509","0.747864"
"08/16/2016 13:03:08.512","3.568674"
"08/16/2016 13:03:09.515","1.624497"

However, there is some variability between W7 systems, which makes me think that there may be more to it than a simple change of interpretation. Could it be that the resolution of \\.\ as a machine varies from system to system?


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I have a performance monitoring running on Server. It recorded several counters from SQL Server, Server, Web Service Performance, Web Service Cache Performance, IIS Performance, and ASP.NET Performance Object. After seeing the results I can't decide whether
the Server is running normal or not, because I haven't found the threshold documentation which cover all of counters from Performance Monitoring. Does any of you could give me some references ?
Any kind of help are really appreciated. Thank you

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Anyone know how to fix this? Only real things I found on google related to Windows 2000.

Here's a screen shot:

I'm not seeing anything jumping out in the event log, and when I goto "Performance monitor" under "Monitoring tools" I cant find them in the list of counters to add.

Diskeeper is complaining in the event log about,

The Windows performance counters do not appear to be available to Diskeeper. As a result, InvisiTasking is not currently available on this computer.
Anybody got any ideas?

A:[WIN7] Performance monitor: Unable to add these counters: .....


Recieving the same errors except with different counters.

Event Log also shows

Unable to read the performance counter strings defined for the 012 language ID. The first DWORD in the Data section contains the Win32 error code.

- System
- Provider
[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-LoadPerf
[ Guid] {122EE297-BB47-41AE-B265-1CA8D1886D40}
EventID 3006
Version 0
Level 2
Task 0
Opcode 0
Keywords 0x8000000000000000
- TimeCreated
[ SystemTime] 2009-11-21T08:12:27.160413100Z
EventRecordID 3348
- Execution
[ ProcessID] 3204
[ ThreadID] 3208
Channel Application
Computer xxxxxx-xxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxx
- Security
[ UserID] x-x-x-xx

- UserData
- EventXML
param1 012
binaryDataSize 8
binaryData 020000002D010000
This also repeats with the 011 and 009 Language ID.

Any ideas?

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Hello Team,
Currently I am monitoring directory service health for multiple DC at my prod environment. Through PowerShell I got the list of 166 counters (from Win 2016 server)that can be monitored. But unfortunately I am not aware about the safe / considerable value
for each counter. Could you please help me by guiding which counters I should monitor and the safe value for them. I hope you already have the counter list, so I'm not mentioning those here, if required I can share it, please let me know.

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I have watched episode 82 to 84 on Defrag Tools channel on Channel9 (https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools/Defrag-Tools-84-Performance-Counters-Part-3?ocid=EntriesInArea) and tried to experiment with the example they used there.
But I had a problem. They used a version 2.0 of the schema of the manifest file.

Version 2.0 seems not to be documented anywhere in public. Running ctrpp.exe on that manifest went well, but installing performance counters with lodctr leads to error code 1150 on my windows 7 machine.

When I fall back to schemaVersion 1.1, i finally manged to get the example working, but i really like to now, what's the issue with the new version.
So: where can i find some current documentation?
Best regards

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I have opened the logs in Remote VM and found the below traces.
Error (2020-01-30T06:30:45Z): Counter - MAEventTable: Level:2 ActivityId:00-weurfvsdjkfhsfgfsdfjtyj-a65cbb58189e4fa4-00 MDRESULT:0x00000000 ErrorCode(-1073738824): Message:PdhAddEnglishCounter(\ASP.NET\Application Restarts) failed with PDH_CSTATUS_NO_OBJECT (0xC0000BB8)

I also checked the counter [\ASP.NET\Application Restarts] values from command prompt in Remote VM. It indicates
Why ASP .NET metrics collection is getting failed ? Any suggestions?
Note : Other performance counter[CPU, Disk, Network, Memory] values are getting collected in Diagnostics Storage Account.

Log :


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Am having major performance problems with Skype running on a Packard Bell PC with one of the on-board Realtek sound cards.

The computer runs fine, no malware detected, no viruses detected, etc. Everything generally in good working order.

As soon as you launch Skype and it trys to sign on, it becomes massively 'laggy'. When it does respond and you verify the audio settings as required you can just about make a call to someone on skype, or the test call and it disconnects you almost immediately and you get a loop of the disconnect sound about 10-15 times.

Tis a P4 2.8HT, 512MB RAM, 1024 Virtual Memory - 100GB+ Free HDD space. XP HE SP3.

My money's on it being poorly written sound drivers, but have tried both versions on Packard Bells site and the generic ones available on Realtek's site to no avail.

Also tried version 3.0 and 3.1 of Skype from Oldversion.com with no change.

Any ideas?

A:Skype - all versions - poor performance

Hi SH Consultancy and welcome to TSF !

Wireless or wired network ?

If wired and if you believe it's a driver issue there's not much you can do. Try deactivating HD audio in the BIOS and reverting to AC97.

512MB of RAM is considered the bare minimum if you want XP to be responsive, see if adding another 512MB helps.

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I am trying to remove OEM branding from IE 11 in Windows 10. For the most part I have managed to get rid of most of it but there is one last thing that is proving tricky. This is a pre filled url in the dropdown IE address bar, which points to the manufacturer's
support site unsurprisingly.

Obviously you can click the cross next to it and it will go, but will return upon any reset of IE.

I thought the answer may lie in the reg key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\
plus the corresponding HKLM keys also.

Having deleted the entire key, which contains every setting for IE, I sill see that upon any reset of IE (from advanced tab of internet options), the url returns.

So the question is really where is IE getting this information from at the point that it is reset. More to the point, where have the manufacturer hidden something somewhere that IE then pulls into it as it's default.

Many Thanks

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I am looking for an app or browser extension that instant searches every text that appears on the screen and alerts me when a predefined text appears somewhere (In Webpages and WebForms).

I am using a WebAplication with Chrome built in Java in a intranetwork, where i work.

I tryed looking for a Chrome extension but no luck so far.

Any ideas? Thank you.

A:Predefined Auto Search. Everywhere.

Hello BlitzMX, I have given a good look for something similar to what you are looking for, but I am not sure if there is such a browser extension, probably not enough people have the need for it.

Why are you looking for something like this anyway? The only application I can think of, would be IRC, where you may wish to say something based on a reply that appears (making a bot).

If you are making a website, then you could use JavaScript/PHP (depending how you implement it) to show messages once certain text appears and/or is inputted.

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I would like to add my own rule (VPNserver=xxx.xxx.xx.xx,xxx.xxx,x..x..)  in the predefined set of computers (gateway, localsubnet etc..) but i don't know how to do it ??
Because i'have a number of rules to created which allow only a set of ip to connected from.
Anybody get a answer for this problem thanks.

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I am in need of a Excel tool (may be VBA/Fucntion..) where in I get the data from a spread sheet into another based on the 3 cells of a row.
EX: Excel 1 is having 3 columns defined (A, B, C) & each row in these columns will have predefined numbers as shown below:
Using these I need to get the data from Excel 2 (where we have the columsn A, B, C) for columns D, E....
Compare row 1: X1,Y1, Z1 in excel 1 & excel 2 to get cells D1, E1& F1 data to be filled from Excel 2.

A:Data from one excel into another by using predefined rows

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Does anyone know of a website that provides predefined rules I can import into my ISA Server 2004?

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An odd one maybe.

I have created a template, the template is named as such. when a user goes to save it, they tend to just click save, so in the job folder it says 'template', this is no good - they are fools.

is it possible to define a save name? say 'job programme'? then id want them to enter a bit of id to it, but its better than 'template'.

it is odd i know, long way round for a short cut maybe, but the original template has to be called 'template' otherwise my co-workers will never find it - or assume theyv done it.

maybe choose the name from a cell? dont know if thats possible either (i know they could change it then, but the problem is that they dont)

any advice will be welcomed.

A:Solved: XL predefined save names of templates

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Hope I'm in the right Forum for this.

Windows XP Home
IE6/Firefox0.8 Browsers
ScreenPrint32 v3.5
UploadIt! for Image Hosting
Dell Picture Studio Image Expert for Image Editing

Whenever I capture and save a pre-defined screen area image using ScreenPrint32 I am not entirely happy with the image quality.

Notice the "white spots" or "speckling" that surround most of the text as seen here in this unedited version:
I use Dell Picture Studio's Image Expert to edit my pix and again I mention that the image above is unedited or resized it's 1:1....this condition exists when I first view the image after saving into Image Expert and prior to using UploadIt! So, it would have nothing to do with the UploadIt! Image Hosting process.

If I want to resize the image from, in this case, 792x143 Pixels down to a more practical 492x87 Pixels size for Forum Thread viewing, the image quality and text clarity/sharpness is even more deformed as shown in the following image.
Here I simply resized the image:

How can I optimize the image quality?
Switch to an alternate Image Editor?

Thanks for any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?


A:Predefined Print Screen Image Quality

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My mother is 77 yrs young and has trouble, too often for my liking, with dragging and dropping files to the correct folders. She imports pics from her digital camera, which get sent to a newly created folder (date-time) insode her main picture folder. Then she edits the file-name and sometimes crops and tweaks the images. When she is done, she needs to move them from this temporary date-time folder to any number of specific folders.....Thanksgiving, Christmas, John, Mark and Terry...etc.

I'm looking for a more fail-safe way of the move process. My first thought was to create a "move to" link for the right-click. But from there she has to continuously search for the "Specific file." I thought there were programs out there that allowed one to have a group of 'specific folders" to move files to. In other words, Right-click on a file, select move to, have a list of folder that one could move the file to, select the folder, and its all done.

any ideas??

A:Finding an easy way to move a file to a predefined location

If there are not too many target folders, you could include them into the sendto right click menu. That would work with up to e.g. 10 - after that it gets a bit messy.

If that's something you want to try, post back and I give you the details. Here is an example of my right click menu that I have set up that way - but only for 1 folder => A1Temp.

PS: tell your mom this advice is from an oldtimer - I am 76 -

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Hi there!

Is there a way to have a Document to be printed on a predefined Printer NOT beeing the System Default one?

Let me explain:
We're using an Excel that needs to be filled with Information which then fills the gaps in a special designed Paper we used with our old Printer.

As of recently we aquired a 2nd Printer ( System Default ) which is having problems with the special Paper so we have to use the old one but the one person which handles this work is a little overwhelmed when it comes to switching Printers.

( I know... it's just one click but meh... )

Thanks in advance for any help ?:}

A:Print Documents on predefined Printer ( not System Default ), how?

Which version of Excel and printer are you using?

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The two tools collect a large amount of data. However, how to map the data to the issues on the PC? For example, when a video freeze or mouse frame freezing problem occurs, how to locate the issue by using the data collected by the tools?

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Free vs. Paid AV Solutions
In this review, 15 free AV solutions were reviewed and compared against their paid counterparts --- that vendor’s cheapest paid antivirus software. 
Products reviewed include Adaware, Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Comodo, Fortinet, Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Microsoft, Panda, Qihoo, Sophos, Tencent and ZoneAlarm

(65 pages, 4.14 Meg)

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Hello all, I just got a new machine. Acer-5542-5462 with windows 7.

Of course it comes with the McAfee and Norton trials. Is either one worth purchasing when the trial runs out? If not, is there another AV that I can buy thats worth a darn?

I'd also like to get one or two free AVs for backup..Malwarebytes is one I'll probably get right away, any other good free ones I that you folks would recommend?

Thanks in advance!

A:Best protect paid versions and free versions?

As far as purchasing one, I don't see why you should when you can get a free program that works well. I've used Kaspersky and it was good. Now I use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and since it's made by Microsoft, I figure they know Windows better than most companies..

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Can anyone recommend a decent free hit counter that doesn't require me to run a BIG ad for them on my site? I don't mind small ads so long as they are no pop ups and they don't look to out of place for the site.

A:Hit counters

I know of a good one, sitemeter.com . No banner or popup ads at all, and it shows statistics about what time zone people that visit your website are in and what their referring page was.

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And why do I have them on my system?


A:What are Counters

are you talking about website counter
if so the count the number of times the webpage is loaded - or the number of times a unique visitor loads the page.
also they can supply statistical info about who is visiting the site

the browser version
the screen resolution
the refering site
the country they are in

this allows you to modify the website to take advantage of your traffic
here is a free version http://www.321webmaster.com/goto.php?listing=5160
this will give you the details

otherwise be more specific in your question

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Hello everyone,

I have a question and I know this isn't the best possible place to find the answer, but I need to know.

Do bookmarks affect hit counters and then search sites?

This doesn't sound right to me but, some of my managers at work want us to do this and I'm looking to verify my hunch that this doesn't work.

Here is how it was explained to me - put our websites in your bookmarks, this will show up as a hit everytime you log in and therefore will put those sites higher in search results on Google, Yahoo etc.

Thanks for anything information you can provide.

A:hit counters & bookmarks


I've never heard of this before, but I cant see how that would work. Hit counters measure requests sent by a visitor?s browser to a server. Each time a visitor?s browser requests to see a page on your site, this request is relayed through your server, and is called a hit. If you do not take your browser to the page how is it requesting anything

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Does anyone know of any free counters that log IP addresses? I have someone that continues to abuse my site, and I would like to block them for good.

A:Counters with IP Logging

have a look there

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Does anyone know how to check "real" traffic numbers on a website,(amount of visitors) if they don't have a hit counter?

This would help us when choosing a site to advertise. I know people do alot of bragging about their traffic, but how do we find out if it's true?

David D.
D&D Promotions

A:Hidden Hit Counters/Trackers

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can any one help ...when i get mail , say from novatech,ebay etc all i see where the pics should be is a white box with a red x in it, this also applies to ebay where the counters should be, be it something i am selling or looking at. this is very frustrating as i can not see how many people have hit my item, or how many have looked at a item i am looking at. i have reset defaults on my browser and have even used firefox with the same results. if i send the link of what i am looking at to someone ,they can see the pics/counters, so i know it is something in my settings its driving me mad help..........

A:cant see counters and pics on mail and web

Sounds like you are using outlook express and have an improper setting so try the following.

Select Tools | Options... from the menu.
Go to the Security tab.
Make sure Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail is unchecked.
Click OK.

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I have employed a performance tweak involving the download and utilisation of EXCTRLST.exe in order to disable performance counters.

Now I am reading about the "Performance Logs and Alerts" service and I'm wondering why it is not simply recommended that this service be turned of rather than downloading EXCTRLST.exe, etc.

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I can't see counters on eBay auctions.
This is what I see:

I've tried deleting cookies/temp, refreshing the screen, adding andale and honesty.com to my trusted sites-nothing works.
EBay is no help.
Wondering if anyone else has this problem or has a suggestion?

A:Solved: Can't view counters?

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I use counters and animated GIF files on my web pages. I will post one in this message if possible. You will be able to see it move...but it doesn't move on my screen. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this? It is a recent problem...they have always worked before. I have had several people check them on their screens and they can see them just fine!
Just attached a gif file of a playing card that rotates... on my screen it is still!

A:Can't see GIF files & counters work on web pages. Help

It would help to know your OS and version numbers along with names of programs involved in your problem. Always better to post too many details than not enough.

Empty your cache/cookies/history. If you save cookies or history for some particular reason, then selectively delete those.

Check to see if Anti-Virus, firewall or popup blocker might be the cause. Turn them off 1 at a time to check.


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As of July 09 Bravenet has eliminated the free counter graphics they once offered. Now all they offer is a plain text, ugly square display with a small area on top for your hit counts and the rest is a text ad! Ugly! And I'm not advertising for anybody! As of now I will not use their service.

A:Bravenet Dumps Graphical Counters

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Hey Guys,

im down to my last option, a complete format and intalling win98 on my system to get my video card working. (hopefully)

Here's my problem, i have a geforce2mx/mx400 agp 64mb video card. i was running gta3, and it says i need at least 12mb of free memory. So i thought ok.. maybe a driver update needed, so i updated. BIG MISTAKE.

i tried to run counter strike that afternoon, and suddenly it wont support in openGL at all and some Direct3d.. and in some direct3d modes i can see through walls.. as impressive as this is.. it gives u a headache after a few minutes. Ive tried everything, updating several nvidia drivers for my video card, ive updated the motherboard, bios.. everything. I just dont get it.. then to top it off.. im running windows 2000 and the display on the desktop wont go above 16 colors.

so im lost.. im gonna format at teh end of the week cause that's when i have a few spare hours.. so please.. someoen spare me the waste of a weekend.

A:CounterS, nvidia g2mx/mx400

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I recently changed the driver version I have for my nvidia video card, and I am suddenly no longer able to find the nvidia counters that I was working on adding, got halfway through, then realized I needed to change my driver version. I have tried rebuilding
them with the steps found here (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/300956/how-to-manually-rebuild-performance-counter-library-values), and no luck when I run the findstr drivername command, nor do I know what service specifically would handle the counter
for nvidia. Any help is appreciated.
this is on a 1601 windows 10 system with nvidia driver 347.25

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Hello Experts,
I need to know about the important counters that are instrumental in detection server network bandwidth anomaly,
Also which perfmon paremeters are important when it comes to monitoring RRAS [VPN Servers] performance.

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The counters for the Inbox and Delete folders in my Outlook 2001 are not working. How can I fix them?

A:Solved: Outlook counters not working

What counters?

What is the exact software and version you have? There's no 2001 version of Outlook. There's Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, and 2010.

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The following sample program is from 


What ever counter I select the length at :
else if (wcslen(CounterPathBuffer) == 0)
Is always zero telling I did not select any counter. Please advice what counter would work. I selected ProcessorInformation/ProcessorTime even that did not work. 


#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <pdh.h>
#include <pdhmsg.h>

#pragma comment(lib, "pdh.lib")

wchar_t tmp[] = L"Select a counter to monitor.";

int wmain(void)
DWORD CounterType;

// Create a query.

Status = PdhOpenQuery(NULL, NULL, &Query);
if (Status != ERROR_SUCCESS)
wprintf(L"\nPdhOpenQuery failed with status 0x%x.", Status);
goto Cleanup;

// Initialize the browser dialog window settings.

ZeroMemory(&CounterPathBuffer, sizeof(CounterPathBuffer));
ZeroMemory(&BrowseDlgData, sizeof(PDH_BROWSE_DLG_CONFIG));

BrowseDlgData.... Read more

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I am looking for a guide to Windows XP. I have the Home Edition. The one I am thinking of is Windows XP Inside Out. Would this be a good reference. I have heard it focuses more on XP Pro. Are there any other good reference guides?


A:Best Reference Book for Windows XP

Anyone any suggestions. I just don't want to waste money as they all are fairly expensive.

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Microsoft has released a Command Reference downloadable file which contains details on all the commands that can be used at a Windows Vista or Windows 7 command prompt. While designed mainly for system administrators, this file is handy for the average user to keep as a detailed offline reference source for explaining all the parameters for every command. Aside from allowing advanced users to alter settings not available in graphical user interfaces, such commands are also extremely useful when performing such actions as system recovery or system formatting.

Download details: Windows Command Reference

A Guy

A:Windows Command Reference

seems to be a useful resource

if only i could read it

*edit* fixed - i had to unblock the download

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Please suggest me what counters should be used to get the utilization of CPU, memory and network in Windows server 2016.
I see there are lot of counters and instances available in Perform. I want counters that can show the values we see in task manager.


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I recently purchased a new Windows 10 laptop (HP), which I presumed is a 'clean install' and I'm mooching around looking into how to create a recovery disk. Anyway, when I go into control panel, underneath System and Security I see a link that says;

Back up and Restore (Windows 7).

I'm wondering why there's a reference to Windows 7 on my Windows 10 device?

A:Wndows 7 reference on my Windows 10 device?

It's on all Win 10 systems. See http://www.howtogeek.com/220986/how-...ecovery-tools/

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Hi everyone. I have an Acer Aspire 9410z laptop with Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2. I can't seem to get the Performance Monitor function to load correct in the Reliability and Performance monitor. If I bring up the R&P monitor, and then click directly on Performance Monitor, I get an error message: "MMC cannot initialize the snap-in". However, if I select Reliability Monitor first, and then click on Performance Monitor, I get a blank white graph. If I then attempt to add counters via the green "+" sign or a right click, the dialog box that comes up is completely devoid of all object and counters.  Here's what I've tried thus far...
- Ran "sfc /scannow" which found no file corruption.
- Verified that "Performance Logs and Alerts" and "Windows Management Instrumentation" services are running. 
- Rebuilt performance counter library with "lodctr /r" from admin command prompt, and then verified that most of them were actually enabled with "lodctr /q".
- Reviewed similar issues on Microsoft website (kb127207, kb300956) to no avail.
- Don't really see any errors in the Event Log.
Been working on this for 3 days now and I'm about out of ideas, so any advice would be kindly appreciated. Thanks in advance...

A:Perfmon error: "MMC cannot initialize the snap-in", also no objects or counters

Just an update. I've trudged through some additional similar threads on various websites and as a result have run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, and the System Update Readiness Tool for Vista. Still no luck though. Any thoughts?

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so you've recently changed the toner cartridges and it's still giving you a replace pc kit/ replace pc drum error..[/FONT]
just to make sure, try to check if you can cancel out the message. if not, try turning off your printer first and remove and reseat the toners and drum cartridge and power on printer..if error still persists, then that's the time you can reset the drum counter for the printer. here's how:
>>power off the printer. open the front cover
>>hold down the "continue" button while powering the printer on. keep on holding down the continue button and release the button Error light is lit.
>>close the front door
>>the Continue button, Ready/Data, Toner Low, and Load Paper LEDs should all be lit up.
>>press "cancel" button 4times slowly until all the lights begin to cycle in sequence until just the "Toner Low LED" is lit.
>>press and hold the "Continue" button until the LEDs cycle through and release only when the LED stops at Toner Low.
>>afterwards power off the printer for 10secs and power it on.

this should get you to ready mode..then try printing. Good luck!

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I have watched episode 82 to 84 on Defrag Tools channel on Channel9 (https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Defrag-Tools/Defrag-Tools-84-Performance-Counters-Part-3?ocid=EntriesInArea) and tried to experiment with the example they used there.
But I had a problem. They used a version 2.0 of the schema of the manifest file.

Version 2.0 seems not to be documented anywhere in public. Running ctrpp.exe on that manifest went well, but installing performance counters with lodctr leads to error code 1150 on my windows 7 machine.

When I fall back to schemaVersion 1.1, i finally manged to get the example working, but i really like to now, what's the issue with the new version.
So: where can i find some current documentation?
Best regards

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