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Email dial-up problem in India

Q: Email dial-up problem in India

I would really like to find some way to automate my email access in order to get around the connection problems I have.

I work for a non-profit foundation and am currently based in rural India. The location where I am is only 50 miles from Bombay. Although Bombay is a huge city with sophisticated facilities, in my area the phone lines are awful. Electronic exchanges have constant problems, overhead lines get pulled down or felled by falling trees and underground cables are regularly dug up. Things get fixed according to who paid off the officials involved. Often the few working lines are overloaded and constantly busy. I attempt to access a major ISP (VSNL) in Bombay and thereby to connect to my company’s email server in New York to access email. It should be straightforward enough, but the lines cause several problems.

I have to run a Dial-Up Networking Script (.scp file) upon connecting to the ISP. Currently I use Outlook Express 5.0 (though I could switch to Outlook 2000 if there is any advantage). Because of the script (I think) when I click ‘Send & Receive’, the dialog box requires me manually to check ‘Save Password’ and ‘Send Automatically’ before proceeding. If the lines are busy I cannot set it to automatically retry later by checking for new messages at a preset interval because of the dialog box.

Another problem is that sometimes a connection is made to the ISP or to my company server but the quality of the line or something causes errors and Outlook Express presents an Error Message which then has to be manually cleared before proceeding.

Ideally I would like to set it to try 25 times, wait an hour and try again without manual intervention. Is this too much to hope for???

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Preferred Solution: Email dial-up problem in India

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


No battery available for Lenovo Ideapad 510 bought 14 months back. Service Centres in India and neither the Lenovo India Management have any clue or ETA about the battery availability or its pricing as confirmed by them. Few other Lenovo exclusive charging or rather black marketing with different high prices with various warranties for those batteries. They do not have any uniform pricing patterns which raises issues on its authenticity.
Feel cheated and deceived for putting trust in such a company leaving aside other brands like Dell and HP.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Our office uses a small LAN. There is a Windows NT (version 4.0, Build 1381: SP 6) file server in a backoffice with MS Backoffice SmallBusiness Server 4.0 installed on it. We have a modem connected to the file server. We just got new workstation computers with Windows 2000. I can now connect to the internet just fine using a LAN connection, but cannot use a LAN connection in Outlook 98 to receive internet email.

When I previously had my old Windows 98 workstation, I could connect thru the LAN modem for both internet email and Internet Explorer. We only have one email address, so there's no use trying from other workstations - everything comes thru my computer. Right now I am having to connect using my local modem. Why can't I use a LAN connection? (Sorry, but I don't know much about networking)

A:Cannot dial into ISP for internet email

Is the LAN connection going through your ISP?

At our ISP I have the mail server set up to where you must be logged in to our network before you can send and recieve e-mail through us. It's basically to thwart spammers....


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PoP3 email service not working with dial up (works with DSL)

My pop3 email service configuration is working when I connect thru DSL. When I use a dial service, the following error appears: Please verify your SSL port settings.

Email service: SBC

Dial up ISP: Covad

According to both companies: their not blocking other ISP's from downloading their email or blocking port 25 on dial up. Is one'fem lyine to me.

A:PoP3 email service not working with dial up (works with DSL)

Could you type up the EXACT wording of the error or provide a screen shot?

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Thought if anything, I probably wouldnt be able to connect- go and figure - I can connect, just cant hear the darn thing connect nor a dial tone, but I'm definately connecting @ 50.7kbps....speaker selctor is switched-on in both modem and audio stages-what do i need to do to get the modem (analog/dial-up) to become audible?

Many thanks in advance

A:analog dial-up modem works super, but I can't hear the bloody thing dial-up!

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I'm looking for a software program/script (?) to automatically dial/redial dial up 3+ differrent dial-up network connections.

Overview: My ISP has 3 dial up numbers and I would like to find a program/script that would automatically dial-up an Internet connection I have for my ISP and keep hanging up & redialing my ISP until it reaches a preset speed (for example, at least 41K-). Then (if it can't make connection on that line at a predetermined speed I selected, it would hang-up and automatically dial the next of the 3 ISP #'s I have for the same ISP (or a different ISP) and keep doing that with all 3 phone numbers (one after the other of course).

I would want it to do that over and over, automatically, until it finally reached a connection speed I preset (for example 43K). That way when I wake up, I could start the program and let it run for an hour (or however long it takes) while I get ready, until it was able to connect at target speed I preselected, which could take a long while on my voice grade line.

The phone lines are lousy around here, so I DESPERATELY need something like this. Does anyone know of any software program or any way to jimmy-rig something, fairly easily, to do that? (the point of all this is to get as good of a dial up speed as I can get where I live on my voice grade phone lines here, because there is NO Cable/DSL where I live!

Thanks For Reading This and any help would be GREATLY appreciated. (I'm not a Techie, so I have no... Read more

A:Need Software/Script or? to Automatically dial & redial, dial-up Network Connections

Dial up networks are a strange breed. But connection speeds aren't what you're looking for. In fact, you want to know what bandwidth you have. I've seen 28k connection with a good solid bandwidth. Check your numbers and find the one that gives you the best return. I don't know of any automated scripts like that, but some programmers here might be able to help. Keep in mind, that when you hit a jump station your connection drops, and your overall connection speed is decided by the weakest link between you and your telephone number you're calling. So changing numbers changes the direction of your signal. I hope a programmer jumps in and has an automated solution for you.

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I'm looking for a software program/script (?) to automatically dial/redial dial up 3+ differrent dial-up network connections.

Overview: My ISP has 3 dial up numbers and I would like to find a program/script that would automatically dial-up an Internet connection I have for my ISP and keep hanging up & redialing my ISP until it reaches a preset speed (for example, at least 41K-). Then (if it can't make connection on that line at a predetermined speed I selected, it would hang-up and automatically dial the next of the 3 ISP #'s I have for the same ISP (or a different ISP) and keep doing that with all 3 phone numbers (one after the other of course).

I would want it to do that over and over, automatically, until it finally reached a connection speed I preset (for example 43K). That way when I wake up, I could start the program and let it run for an hour (or however long it takes) while I get ready, until it was able to connect at target speed I preselected, which could take a long while on my voice grade line.

The phone lines are lousy around here, so I DESPERATELY need something like this. Does anyone know of any software program or any way to jimmy-rig something, fairly easily, to do that? (the point of all this is to get as good of a dial up speed as I can get where I live on my voice grade phone lines here, because there is NO Cable/DSL where I live!

Thanks For Reading This and any help would be GREATLY appreciated. (I'm not a Techie, so I have no... Read more

A:Need Software/Script or? to Automatically dial & redial, dial-up Network Connections

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hi there,

i connect to the internet via dial up. No, not to AOL, just an ISP you haven't heard of. Everything works fine, just that few days ago, when i started dialing, it stopped making any sounds where you can hear the number being dialled and when it connects.

Is there a way to switch the sound back on, I checked my Volume control, Line-In and they aren't on Mute. So whats the problem?? Bear in mind, everything works! just no sound like it used to do.



A:I can't hear my dial up modem dial tone

Go into dialup networking and click on the connection and see if the option is there.

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This is something very strange, and if this is a big problem to fix, I am just going to have to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch.

I have a Gateway PC with I.E 6 with Windows 98 as my OS. I also have a DSL Internet Connection and this problem just started today.

I can play media content just fine (or, I should say....so far with Windows Media Player 7) However, when I go to this one particular website:

www.tpirtv.com which is a website devoted to the TV Gameshow, the Price is Right, I can not play any of the videos, even though I could play them fine last week. What happens is, shortly after Windows Media Player opens, my Internet-Dial Up connection appears even though I have no dial-up connection. (I run DSL) The user name is blank, the screen name is blank and it says that I am off-line (like I am using dial-up, which I am not.)

Second issue, if I open OE 6 to read my mail, the dial-up connection wizard also opens! What's going on??!!!


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Good Evening,

I have working (according to Windows XP trouble shooter) Realtec AC'97 Audio for Via sound card except that nothing comes out of the speakers or headset. I have run all the troubleshooting panes, downloaded all the latest drivers from Realtec, reinstalled SndVol32.exe. The only sound that will play is the dial tone and connection sounds when I use a dial-up server. That plays well but you can't dance to it.

Anyone have suggestions on what else I can check and how?

Thanks in advance,


A:My speakers only play the dial-up dial tones

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Here is my story i had dsl with sbc but got rid of it cause it wasnt the best well for some reason when i had sbc installed it disabled my modem so if lost it i wouldnt be able to dial up to aol cause it wasnt detecting it.well i had to end up taking it to the shop and it cost me 160 to put a new modem and i dont know what else he did ,ok i have earthlink now but my question is i might be getting rid of it soon i have the modem still installed that the shop put in is there anyway i can use my dial up i dont feel like blowing 160 for a simple problem finally the modem he put in before i got earthlink i used it and it was very loud does this mean he put in a used modem

A:Dial up problem

Uhmm, I'm a little confused here, what exactly is it that you are asking?
Are you saying that you are thinking of going back to dsl and are worried that it will cause a problem with the newly installed modem? Or is it just a concern that the modem you now have isnt working properly?


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Anyone got dial up connection problems with windows 7 while connecting to internet?
It seems that error 711 and error 1068 occur 2-3 days after installing windows 7.
I got those errors.
Please reply fast!

I have installed the right drivers for my onboard nic. downloaded them off giga-byte's site.

A:Win 7 Dial up problem

Here is your request: fast!
Seems it could be caused by firewall or a/v. Are you running Kaspersky by any chance?

Did you tweak your services at all?

You might want to check this link out: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/330163

This will help you too: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/827328

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I'm having trouble when I set up a dial up connection. For some reason my computer creates a duplicate of any connection I make.

If I go to 'Start' then 'Control Panel' then 'Internet Options' then 'Connections' then look in the window where my dial up connections are listed I see 2 of the same connection listed and both are marked as (Default) only one works and I cannot delete the other. If I try to remove the one that works, both are removed.

Don't know how it started but the problem I have is that when I try to go online through the dial up it puts the computer into a loop and locks it up.

A:dial up problem in XP

What is your version of XP? E.g. XP home with Service pack 1 or 2 installed. What type of modem are you using? Internal or External. Do you have the latest drivers for your version of Windows.

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Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone could help, i have been having some rather strange activity on my computer over the last 3 days. One of the things is when my computer loads up i get linked to a website with some sort of Forigen Language and i also foind i have a shortcut with the word CLick me on my desktop. I also have a dial - up connection called happy which continuley flashes and is un-deletable. This is causing me great concern as this is a brand new computer and i already have this very strange thing.

If anyone could help i would be most grateful

Thanks alot


P.S i have spy-bot and ad-aware both updated and tried to use the progorms but it continues to come back.

Im can also get a Hijack this report if needed

A:Problem with Dial Up

i have spy-bot and ad-aware both updated and tried to use the progormsClick to expand...

What does that mean? Has Ad-aware found and removed anything?

Have you tried Sysytem Restore?

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Hi, on my mums computer (win 98) as soon as the desktop programs load, the dial up window appears & dials automaticaly. How can we stop this & only dial up when we want?

A:dial up problem

go start programes accesories system tools system information
go tools system configuration utility
go startup
take the tick out of all but systray.
if you need anthing back later reverse the tick isue.
regards Alan G

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My sisters pc got a dialup connection to the internet and now everytime she starts up the pc theres a dialer named axis that tries to make a connection but cant ( when you listen very carefully to the modemspeaker you can here an automatic operator telling that its forbidden to use that nummer with this provider) So i tryed to delete it but had little effect. I used spybot but didnt help, used cws schredder, Regcleaner , hijackthis (deleted some entries but cant show you log file atm cause i dont have the pc here.) Did a search with norton but nothing showed up neither. Then i manually searched for anything with the name axis and with first search i found a few things deleted them and when i rebooted that dialer just came back and next search didnt show anything anymore (no program or file with the name axis present on the harddrive).When i try to make a dialup connection with my normal provider it says that the modem is allready in use. When i delete it in my network connections it keep ons comming back out of no where

Anyone heard of this dialer before and can give me some info on what to do with it or how it can be found??

A:Dial up problem

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System is running Xp with SP2 installed.

Trying to get a friend`s pc on line using dial-up. No matter what I try, I always get this message. DUN error 720( no PPP control protocols configured. I have tried a lot of suggestions found with a goggle search using this error. As far as I can see, everything looks alright. Any ideas would really be appreciated.

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Hi, I'm having a problem with my dial-up connection. My OS is Windows XP Media Centre Edition v2 sp2. I can connect ok but each time I do I have to re-enter my password as windows seems to be changing it. Can I stop this happening?
Thanking you in anticipation

A:Dial Up Problem

IF windows keeps changing it, how do you know what the new one is? I think you meant that windows is not saving it. Let's start off simple, did you enable the "save password" option? And please respond with specific details.

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Just got a new Dell inspiron for kids for xmas with Home Basic. Problem is I can set up account but when I connect via dial up the notebook freezes! Any suggestions???

A:dial up problem

Since It's brand spankin new, I would call Dell tech support.

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I am having an automatic dial up problem with XP. I have internet Explorer set NOT to dial and this is not happening when I am on IE but with Juno. When I am on Juno and I try to go to the internet the auto dial goes to my ISP. (garbersoft)
It will also dial when my computer is on but not being used. I find that I am logged on and have been for quite a long time.
What would cause this?
Thanks for any help. Buddy

A:dial up problem

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I am having a dial up issue with an unknown program. I use a DSL modem but some program is using a dial up connection phone number. This happens every day of the month and has been going on for several months. The calls are made to a phone number in Asheville, NC - (828)-251-1626. The calls show up on my landline phone bill and since it is a local call there is no dollar charge for the calls.

My question is how do I determine what program on my computer(s) is making the calls? I also have DirecTv and the system is hooked up to my phone line. I have spoken to Tech Support at DirecTv and was informed they only access their system periodically.

Any help to allow me to stop the calls to the 251 number is appreciated.

A:Dial up problem

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my xp dialer is frequently changing my isp account every time i open it to start connection. pls post ananswer to my problem

A:Dial-up Problem.


Originally Posted by Famio

My problem is that whenever i switch on my PC, the dial-up starts connecting on its own. If i cancel it once then it pops u again and this goes on and on. What is the problem ? First i thought that it was becasue of Kazaa, maybe its dialing on its own but even after closing Kazaa, it keeps on dialing ? what is the problem ?

your problem is also my problem... i deleted all my previous downloads prior to that and it resolve the problem. my prob now is my dialer always change an isp account.

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Hi All,

I'm trying to help my girlfriend get MSN dial up working on her lap top and have run into a bizzare error that I've never heard of before. Connecting to the 1-800 number to download local acess numbers works so the modem is not faulty; however, when she then goes to dial the local access number to sign on she gets:

"MSN is unable to find the proper dial-up credentials on your computer."

The modem doesn't even trial to dial. She just gets that error. Her laptop is running Windows XP and it's a fresh install. (I just did it last week). She is also set to administrator. I've tried to google this error but the closest thing I can find is a post about damaged credentials, but in that scenario the modem did dial. We tried that fix (something about ctrl + shift + F12 and then clearing the credentials) to no avail.

I'm completely stumped. Thanks for any help!

A:MSN Dial Up Problem (Very Odd)

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Forgot to ask, now that I went through all this, when I dial in, IE would always launch, now it "dings" and does nothing, how do I get my homepage to open automatically? Thanks!

A:IE Dial up problem

Go to control panel, internet options, set home page there.

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i have a situation where i have a dell dimension something

the modem is communicating with the pc (when i querry it)
but when i dial up it just beeps and does nothing then
i get (the line is busy error) or no dial tone.

i checked the cable and it was very loose into the jack.
i thought this was the problem...but i tested it on my laptop
and it worked perfectly...first time!!! so its not the line

i have also tried 2 new modems that doesnt help either...

what could be causing it? how can it be solved???

please help

i dont really want to reinstall the pc...

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I am trying to create a new dial up connection if i go into network connections and click on create new connection after saying i want to connect to the internet and then set up the connection manualy the option to connect using a dial-up modem and a boradband connection which needs a user name and passowrd are both greyed out. I have a modem install with the right driver and TCP/IP is also installed, anyone have any ideas short of formatting and re-loading the system before I throw it out of the window?

A:Dial up creation problem

Have a look at what microsoft has to say about it Here

Might be of some help, if you are comfortable editing the registry.

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We recently switched our ISP from Iowa Telecom to Netscape, for reasons that it was cheaper. Well my problem is that my PS2 wont connect with the Netscape sever, the message my PS2 gives me is Authenticaion Failed, you get this when you havent entered your screen name or password correctly, I have entered all of the information that was needed and I know for a fact that I entered it correctly. I have talked to a friend of mine and he said that it could be like a pop-up blocker or firewall or incorrect DNS numbers, but we dont have a firewall and the DNS numbers are set on automatic just like our home PC, and I guess it could be the pop-up blocker that Netscape uses that is giving me the trouble, but I dont know for sure. Obviously its working through our computer or I wouldn't be posting. But I have noticed that when my PC connects it makes a different sound than what my PS2 makes when connecting,(I also noticed that when I had my old ISP, when my PC and PS2 were connecting they made the same sound) I dont know if this is a componet or not. My old ISP worked fine and didnt have any problems. So, im looking for some help on this issue and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:PS2 Dial-Up Problem with Netscape

Hi and welcome!

Go to this post and click on the link I put there. There are some issues with some ISPs.

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My internet service provider is verifying my user name and password twice whenever I try to connect to the Internet. This causes unnecessary delay in connecting to the Internet. I wrote to the ISP and they didn't fix problem. The only thing that may have contributed to this problem is that when I signed up with this ISP, I inadvertently submitted the information to sign up twice. Despite this, my ISP has told me that I only have one account, so I'm at a loss to understand what is going on.

Please help!


A:Dial-up Connection Box Problem

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I still have dial up only because thats all that is available. Anyway - I recently unpluged my modem and when I pluged everything back in it would not connect. So after fooling around a little bit I established a new connection. But I still have an icon on the lower right hand corner with an icon with a red x on it. I can get a connection but just can't get rid of the icon. I want to know how to get rid of it and if I did anything wrong. If you need more information just ask - I'm running windows 2000. Thanks so much, I appreciate it very much.

A:Solved: Problem with Dial-Up

Goto Control Panel/Network Connections.If this should shows two Dial-up connections, right click on the one no longer used and select delete or disable. That should clear the icon for the unused connection.

Next question...... Where's the icon for the connection you are using?

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After I install Service pack 2 on Windows XP I have problems with my dial up connection.
I click on my short cut to my window that shows connection speed & connection
status and it opens up the suddenly disappears. The problem is at random and only
occurs on occasions. The problem only occures after I install the service pack on on windows XP. I did not have this problem before installing service pack 2.
thank you,

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Hi There...

I have a small network (2 computers) both with win2000 on them, so I setup internet sharing dial up on them and it worked great yesterday, now today the Host computer is always dialing up the internet... What have I missed or set wrong

A:Dial Up Sharing Problem

Dial up is amazingly slow. Split the slowness between 2 computers and you are left with basically no speed. The software should have stopped you from doing it in the first place. I would recommend getting broadband. Dial up is becoming more and more useless as the rest of the world gets broadband. Most computers no longer even ship with dial up modems.

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Hi, Last night my power flashed because of snow when i was online and then when it came back on my computer wouldnt load windows properly so i had to load in safe-mode and then normal worked after a few tries and has since. But now i can only dial-up to the internet once every time i start my computer (i have to re-start my computer everytime i dial-up in order for it to work). So i used a diffrent provider and still had the same problem. When i went to dial-up again it would have some stupid error or keep switching access numbers...the modem dials...makes sound...clicks off...redials...repeats. Then i restart and it works again. I know its not my ISP and was wondering if anyone else had similar problems or could help me. It would be much appriciated and save alot of time and money

Sam Martin
Hanover VA

EDIT: oh ya and i have 2 modems...1 usb one internal ive tried both and there both doing same thing

A:Dial-Up - Modem Problem?

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Hi techies!

I am having problem with my windows XP OS. The problem is with the dial up and the startup time.

>I had installed a trial version of Norton Internet security 2004 in my system, which expired after some time period. I installed aTune Up utility

>The Norton Internet security often blocked my internet traffic due to some rules, so i was determined to get rid of it. instead of unistalling it i removed the contents of norton internet security manually through the delete feature in tune up utility.

> after that i faced problems with connecting internet. i would dial up , but there would be no internet traffic. for e.g. when i would type yahoodotcom in the address bar of ie or any other browser and hit enter or click go button there would be no response.

>usually the yahoo messenger signs in as soon as it detects the active dialup, but it would report some error message

> the norton internet security would come up with a dialog box saying some external process had interfered...

> whenever i reboot my system i would get the login page immediately but it would take a long time say around 10-15 minutes to shown my desktop

> MSN messenger reports a windows socket error

please advice me what i am to do.

A:Dial up problem in winXP


1. Definitely try the software lspfix.exe......It should replace any corrupted winsock files.

2. Look for a program called Registry Crawler and manually remove any Norton or Symantec file sin the registry or try a registry cleaner.

3. Delete you ISP connection and recreate an Internet connection...This will certainly help you.

All the best


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Whenever i tell XP to save my DialUp password, it (in internet explorer dialer) saves one that I never typed (one that is about 25 characters long), and the windows dialer doesn't save a password, even when I tell it to save either for me only, or for all users. Just a minor inconvenience.....

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I am in the process of performing a fresh install of NT 4.0 Server on a new drive.

So far the configuration is as follows:

* WinNT 4.0 Server
* Option Pack
* SP6a
* MS Updates (all “Critical” and “Recommended”)

After SP6a replaced IE 4.0 with IE 5.0, I entered all Modem configuration settings, RAS settings, DUN settings, and IE 5.0 properties settings. For several days everything worked OK until I installed all of the updates available from Microsoft (one of which was IE 5.1 and other associated files). It was at this point when I realized that the dialog box which displays the User Name and Password had dropped this information. No problem, right? Just re-enter it, check the Save Password and the Connect Automatically boxes—problem solved. Yeah Right!

I have now spent the last 3 days trying to alter or replace every variable I can find. I’ve changed device drivers. I have found no clues in the event viewer. I installed TweakUI, hoping I would find something on the “paranoid” tab. I now spend evenings wading through Microsoft’s KB articles. (You know, that KB search utility really needs a serious overhaul.)

Aside from the inability to save the User Name and Password, everything is working OK.

Any possible solutions to this problem will be greatly appreciated.


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I have an HP7275 Pavilion(1996) with an Apache 56kb modem(made by Rockwell). Lately I have not been able to dial out to any ISP. I get the message that there is a problem with "Dial-Up Networking" and no dialing tones are heard. All the modem settings seem to be correct and I have tried various configurations with the modem cable. A phone on this line dials out OK, so I don't think it is the line. Also sometimes I see a message saying "Device installer error...setup cannot load installer netdi.dll for the net hardware." When I tried to re-install it, it said “There is already a dial-up adapter”. Of other note: one of my kids recently installed a copy of AOLv6. Could that have caused this? I am currently trying to establish a connection thru Juno…

A:dial-up networking problem

if you cannot dial into your dial up networking then how did you write this post or did you write it out on someone elses computer???


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I have a winXP desktop which takes about 5 minutes to load AOL (dial-up).
Any ideas what would cause this?

A:Dial-up connection problem


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When i networked my desktop with my brothers laptop in our home (used a crossover cable) both my comp and his laptop pull up the connection to our dial up service and automatically dial out. is there anyway to correct this problem? I'm new at networking so anything would be helpful.

A:Networking Dial Up Problem

Try assigning each pc a static Ip address (like & set the default gateway as Also make sure u can ping each other!

The one pc that has all the correct settings & so forth, on the other one u might have 2 use the Wizard & u know, tell it ur using another pc to access internet, etc.

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I'm running Vista Home Premium and a PCI Soft Data Fax Modem with Smart CP.
I have a dial-up internet connection with the computer connected through the phone line.
Now up until yesterday the connection was running all right, then something odd happened.
I was online, and the connection unexpectedly dropped. A phone call came in at basically the same time as the connection was redialling, and the call was cut off.
After this my dial up program repeatly gave me error message 680, there was no dial tone. I did the diagnostics, checked the cable connection and phone lines, everything was fine.
Now the weird part, the connection will work if the phone receiver is off the hook, or the speaker phone is on, if only for a few minutes at a time.

Any ideas?

A:Strange problem with dial-up

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hi, i'm running windows xp with a dial-up connection (i'm from australia where broadband is really behind) and i'm having a strange problem where 75% of the time i connect to my isp through the phone line, the computer will sort of freeze up, although i can still move the cursor and use the current window/task i'm viewing, but can't switch to any task and can't use the start menu, and the keyboard is not "keyjammed" either.

the only way that i've found to get out of it is to continuously press ctrl+alt+del many times, which will eventually make many instances of the task manager come up, which will somehow unfreeze the computer and make it go back to normal. this makes it especially hard for my parents who don't know much about computers...

i'm unaware of any registry changes that were made, or any changes made by installing a program. personally i've never experienced such a problem using dial-up internet... i find it kind of weird. any help at all would be much appreciated.

thanks and regards,


A:weird dial-up problem with xp

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My OS is Windows 2000 and approximately 3 months ago my internet browser (V5.5) and my dial-up connection started acting up.
- My dial-up connection will lock-up after few minutes being connected, making it impossible to disconect. I have to manualy unplug the phone line or turn off the computer to drop the connection.
- While browsing the internet, some links would not respond, others would take me to a wrong destination...
- Ctrl-V/ctrl-C commads do not function.
I am pretty much frastrated enough to reformat my HD and reinstall everything from scratch. However, this would be a very painfull task. Is there a way to avoid this? I ran the repair function for IE in the control panel, but it did not do the trick. Can anybody help, please?


A:Dial-up connection and IE problem

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I just had to reinstall Windows 2000 pro and when I tried to log onto the inet my dial up wouldn't work. I went to dial up netoworking and it had been removed so I added a new connection. Everything worked great until I tried to name it my ISP name and it gave me an error message about it had to contain a character and could not begin with a period. Tried several different combos to get it to take it but would not let me complete. Anybody every had this problem and how did you solve it. Thanks

A:Dial-up network problem

it doesnt really matter what you put in there, it doesnt necessarily have to be the exact name of your ISP. You can name it whatever as long as your phone number, username, and password are correct the connection should work.

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I have a dial up internet connection. I just wanna know is it possible to automatically start the internet connection on windows start up.

I have a dialer which dials the ISP no. Is it possible to dial the no automatically when windows starts.

if yes plese tell me how to .

thanks a lot............

A:Dial up Internet Problem

Not sure if there is an option there may be but you could setup windows to do it.

Go in to Internet Explorer
Select Tools and internet options
Select connections and select dial whenever a network connection is not available.
Make sure the correct Dialer settings are your default
Now just put and internet shortcut in the startup folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Unless someoe comes up with an easier option.

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I just started using a new computer with XP pro, I have norton AV installed. Every time I connect with my dial up The connection goes active immeadiatly even though I have no programs running. When I disconnect a window pops up after a few seconds saying the "you or (a program) is trying to get information from bot.atz.com.ar. do you want to connect now". If I cancel in a few seconds it is back. I found that if I shut down the computer and reboot this doesn't happen until I sign on the internet. Any ideas?? Is this virus or spy wear? How do I get rid of it!!

A:Auto dial problem

Hi ranger610,

I suggest you to check the connection settings of your modem.
Also to make sure there is no malware installed on your system, I recommand you to download HijackThis from here :
- extract the zip file into a permanent folder (example : C:\Program Files\HJT);
- close all open applications;
- run HijackThis : click the Scan button, click the Save log button to get a file called hijackthis.log;
- post the log file in attachment to this thread.

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Hello, I have just installed a new internal modem, ESS chipset PCI V.90 ESS 2838. It took several attempts, but the computer finally recognized the modem on COM 3. When I try to make a dialup to my ISP, however it begins to dial, but then a blue screen comes up and says, "A Fatal Exception 00 has occureed at 0028:C18F53F7 in VXD UNIMODEM (03) + 000003D7. The current Application will be terminated."

Then it says press any button to continue or Ctrl Alt Del to restart computer. When I push another button to continue it just goes to a blank screen and the computer freezes.

Does anyone know what I can do to make the modem dial out instead of going to a blue screen and freezing? Please help and I thank you beforehand for any information you can give me. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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Every since I upgraded my computer I have the following problem:
When I connect to the Internet (Dial Up DUN) the first time every thing works fine.
If I disconnect and reconnect I am unable to do anything (use my browser to surf the internet etc).
The only way to correct this problem is to restart my computer.
I think in some way it has to do with the "AMD Athlon 64 3200+". (AMD says no way) (SOLTEK say not there problem)
I have another computer with a "AMD Athlon 1700+" and don't have any problems.

I have a Actiontec 56K Internal PCI Call Waiting Modem v.90 & v.92 compatible. Model No.PCIV9212-01CW.
The 1700+ system is identical except for the CPU. Running WinXP Pro SP2 & using the same brand and model modem.
I sign on at 26.4 Kbps. sometimes 28.8 Kbps.
Being that the 1700+ system has no trouble with the Actiontec modem and WinXP Pro SP2 I doubt that is the problem.
I have tried with the security set to Low, Zone Alarm not running, NOD32 unstalled and all other programs shut down.

Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Kingston 1GB PC 3200 400 MHz 2x512MB Dual Channel Ram
SOLTEK "SL-K8TPro-939" VIA K8T800 Pro Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket
939 CPU
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 Color quality 16 bit & 32 bit
ZoneAlarm Pro verison Firewall
NOD32 Antivirus System
2 - Western Digital Hard Drives 80GB each - WDC WD800JB-00FMA0

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