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Integration of Access 2007 , Sharepoint 2010 and Info Path 2010

Q: Integration of Access 2007 , Sharepoint 2010 and Info Path 2010

Hi All,
I would like to know is there is any way i can Integrate of Access 2007 , Sharepoint 2010 and Info Path 2010, because as far as my knowledge we can upload Access 2007 into Sharepoint 2010. In Sharepoint i cannot able to use Access 2007 forms so i need to create another good looking way of showing the access lists.
Can you please anyone help me how i can implement this and if we can what are the requirements need to be done, like tools required and steps for the implementation.
If anyone can suggest some books also i can able to read it and learn it myself.
All the response are welcome and thanks for all your support.

Preferred Solution: Integration of Access 2007 , Sharepoint 2010 and Info Path 2010

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Integration of Access 2007 , Sharepoint 2010 and Info Path 2010

I see no one is offering anything on this post. Not a great site for SharePoint(SP) information. But SP its self is relatively new for developers. We can't afford real SP developers so se make our own. Not a great plan but we are supporting a large SP site.

I think with Access 2007 the best approach is to use it to update list and make reports from list. There is no integration to InfoPath forms that I know of. You have to build them on top of your list with SP Designer.

I did find this video in my favorites that says publish access 2007 to SP2010. I haven't whatch recently...
If you really need Access (in SP) you have to go to 2010. I waited till Access and SP 2010 were available on a test site and build a relatively simple db with a couple of reports and queries that did funcion correctly (without too much alteration). I did have to key each table before it would 'publish'. The 'publish' wizard will walk you thru needed fixes. I looked for the DB to refresh my memory but someone has rebuilt the test site and dropped it.

Any way good luck. I wish I had some recent experience on the issue to offer. Maybe this will 'bump' your thread and get some more information!

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I want to make a metro app and want to use Sharepoint 2010 data. In the javascript library there seems to be no Sharepoint connection. Am I wrong? Is there a javasript example of accessing a sharepoint list, or sharepoint document library?

A:Access Sharepoint 2010 with metro app

Hi Mike,

I am looking for the same.... did you find any solution to this?


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Looking for comments on your experience using SharePoint 2010 and linking to\from MS Access. It seems there are many methods to push/pull data between\within these two products.

Our organization is upgrading from SP2007 to SP2010 and I've been taxed to review options available SP2010 and MS Access 2010/2007 and see what might be some 'best practices' and solutions to persue.

I have googled and read/watched many articles and videos discribing THEORIES and simple examples of how SP and MSA can work. I'm looking for comments from a real application not Contoso or TradeWinds (what ever that sample database is).

I'm looking for good and bad. Links to blogs or other post are welcomed.

A:SharePoint 2010 and MS Access - your experience

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Is there a way to connect Access and Sharepoint together so that the following can happen.

User adds a new record to an Access 2010 database published onto Sharepoint
They then run a mail merge from Word 2003 which picks up the new record.
At the moment only 1 PC is running Office 2010 and Windows 7. The rest are still Office 2003 and Win XP, hence the use of Sharepoint.


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I need to access a workspace on Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, But I do not have Office Pro 2010, and I can't find a download link.
Does anyone know any way I can connect to this workspace?

A:How can I access a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Workspace?

Is this work related? From my little experience with SharePoint, the "owner" of a site must grant permissions for users to access it.

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I've developed a database in Access 2010 and am using the Navigation Form for users to access the different forms and it's working very well. The problem is we still have some workers who are on Windows XP boxes with Office 2007 and the Navigation Form won't work for them. I've been asked to develop an Access 2007 Switchboard which will mimic the Navigation form so there is some continuity between them and so that once all the systems have been upgraded the users willbe familiar with the interface. I easily designed a form with the look or the Navigation Form but haven't been able to figure out how to handle opening the different subforms on the one main form. Is it possible to place an Unbound Frame on the form and with a click of a button open a subform in the Frame or have a button just open a subform? How would that be coded?

Thanks for your assistance

A:Solved: Access 2007 Switchboard & Access 2010 Navigation Form

I am a bit confused because Subforms normally open when a mainform opens.
I am not familiar with the Access 2010 navigation form so I am not sure what you are trying to do.

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Hi Guys I'm hoping someone out there can clarify my issue.
I have Office 2010 installed on my 64bit win7 Pc; I have a training video for Access 2007
As I am not familiar with either Access 2010 or Access 2007 would it possible to have both versions? installed on the same Pc?

Basically I want to be able to relate my 2007 training video (Trainsignal) to the correct application or is there NO real difference between them!

If the latter is true what IS the difference between Access 2007/2010?

Thanks in advance

A:Access 2007/2010 what is the differences


I'm unsure if both can be installed at the same time, but perhaps this helps to summarise the differences:

MS Access Version Comparison - Main differences between Access 2000 through Access 2010 | OpenGate Software



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how to incorporate images while designing a table in ms access 2007/2010 so that the reports originating from the tables have images also for the records

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Hey guys long time no hear! Anyhoo, The office has recently upgraded all the computers to Microsoft Office 2010 except for mine because of my Access 2007 database. Hey they're more network/server oriented then software oriented so understandably they're a little gun-shy. Well, just wondering what consequences lie out there if I upgrade? Don't like what I'm reading out there right now, but I have always liked TSG's input on matters.

A:Solved: Access 2007 versus Access 2010

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I created a database in Access 2007 but my client has just upgraded to 2010. I have not upgraded yet. My problem is that when I took a copy of the program home so I could tweak it some, my 2007 will not open it. I get a message that the format is uncrecognizable although the extensions are the same. With earlier versions of Access, I have noticed some loss of function or changes in the appearance of forms, but I have never experienced a databse being unrecognizable. The options under 2010 allow a database to be saved down to 2000-2003, but not 2007. I can't figure how I can work on this at home unless I go ahead and upgrade. Please advise.

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According to what I've read, Access 2010 uses the same database format as Access 2007. So this should mean I can open and run a 2007 database (with a lot of VBA code) in Access 2010 with no trouble, yes?

So why do I have the feeling that something is not going to work? Is it because I have been through to many Access upgrades?

A:Any problems using Access 2007 database with Access 2010?

Hi bbinnard,

If you have not purchase Access 2010 yet, what I'd recommend is....download the Trial Version and play around with it for quite a while.

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Hi, I have set up a new Access 2010 database (saved as .accdb) (copying tables, forms and queries from my current one then deleting the old data and modifying a lot of fields). I have a query in with some simple calculations. All the calculations work perfectly in Access. When I merge this into Word 2010 (set up as a letter document) it doesn?t use/show the correct data.

The calculated fields in the query are ?number of people * price tea & coffee = cost tea & coffee? and ?number of people * price buffet = cost buffet". I then use these costs in the same query to work out ?VAT? (another calculated field adding up the calculated "cost tea & coffee" and calculated "cost buffet" as well as a number of other non-calculated fields and multiplying the total by 0.2) and ?Total Cost? (a calculated field adding up various non-calculated fields, the calculated "cost tea & coffee", calculated "cost buffet" and the calculated VAT field).

There are two errors in the data that ends up in the merged Word document:
The "VAT" doesn?t add in the two calculated fields, it only uses the data from non-calculated fields in the query.
Also the "Total Cost" doesn?t add in any of the calculated fields (teas & coffees, buffet and VAT), it only uses non-calculated fields from the query.

It doesn?t ping up any error messages. Why is it changing the data between Access (where the query works per... Read more

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I have a new issue that has come up since we converted an Access database to 2007 file format.
Here is the history.

We have an access database that was created in the old file format. In that database there is a button that opens up word and a mail merge file. Word's mail merge then uses a query from the access database to populate the mail merge document.

We recently converted the Access database to the Office 2007 file format and now the merge process will not work.
I have tried to relink the files and have done some research and it appears that the DDE way of connecting is no longer used in Office 2007. I did finally get to the point where I could see the queries i needed but once I try to open that data source Word give me a general error that it can not open the data source.

How can I get these merge files working again?

PS. We are running Windows XP if that is needed.

We are quickly moving to office 2010 also but that uses the same file format as 2007 so I assume it won't be an issue. Any help you can give me would be GREAT!.

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I have a word document set up with fields that I want to create a mail merge from a Query. When I go through the steps to add my query as the source then click on edit recipients there are no recipients. I have tried the same steps with other queries that I have and it works. I'm not sure why the query I want to use isn't working. The query I have set up does have a lot of expressions. Here is an example IIf([fie dt] Between #8/1/2010# And #7/31/2011#,[fie dt]+1096,Null) I have tried to change the expression and it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks!

A:mail merge issue with Word 2010 and Access 2010

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Can this be done?

A week ago, I bought a new CD of MS Office Home and Student 2010. Before I did that, I asked my wife, who has occasionally used Access 2003, "do you still need a database program?". I SWEAR she said "no I don't use it any more". The FIRST time she sat down to use MS Office 2010 she asked me "where's the database program?" aarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh....

So is it possible for me to buy a way to upgrade the version I have now, or must I buy a completely new stand alone CD for just Access 2010?

A:Adding MS Access 2010 to my MS Office Home and Student 2010

I have NOT seen any upgrade to a higher package.

I think the only way is to buy the stand alone package.

Now that you know, you will be buying the Pro version when you upgrade to 2013!

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New to InfoPath, but have been doing some 'how to' lessons at work, and we jotted all notes down. Went away, and created the Infopath form, which worked.

Managed to publish to our Sharepoint site, and then when we clicked on our form's Submit button, its supposed to email people, and it didn't.

So, went back to the original form, and all our rules have gone. Someone from IT just had a look when we said it wasn't working, noticed the rules were not there and said that is the reason. I explained we put them there, so he put one back in so we could get it working, and he published it again.

It worked, apart from emailing.

After he went (was doing this via Lync), the rules had gone again.

We saved the rules before publishing the first time, is there something that is needed to select to stop this from happening?

Many thanks


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I?ve been teaching myself and I?m stuck

I?ve created a form which has 3 ?Action? fields (Action 1, Action 2 & Action 3) along with an ?Assigned To? option. I?m trying to work out how to create a workflow in Sharepoint Designer 2010 that will email the contents of these Action fields to the user in the assigned to (connected to a global address book) field.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Folks...

I have recently joined an organization and the very first task is assigned to me is as follows.

We have a Sharepoint Server 2010 deployed over here. There's an site in it which was working perfectly fine till yesterday. Last night sharepoint had some automatic updates. and since then, site is no more accessible.

Following are the updates installed last night, I'll bold the one which i doubt created the problem.

MS Sharepoint Project server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
MS Sharepoint 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

I Guess project server 2010 SP1 created the problem.
When we try to access the website, it shows the error as follows.

"Project Web App cannot connect to Project Server. For more information, contact your system administrator."

Any Quick help is highly appreciated, Guys please be quick as its my new job and very first task assigned.
Thank you in advance for your kind time and help.


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Hi guyz, (just learning a few new things here so please bear that in mind)

right this may be long so bear with the explanation.
Just got a windows server 2008 r2 build up and running, made sure and got all AD services, dhcp, dns all working fine etc.
Main reason I did this was to run an application server with remotely accesible web apps.

So got sharepoint 2010
installed fine, let me work away on whatever sites i want to fine.
I now want to start testing these sites and access them over the internet.

So where do i start? hoping someone knows of step by step guides to doing this?

I have my site/sites ready to go.
I have a FQDN for my server. The sites are listed in IIS. I have a dedicated adsl line (static ip) which the server is connected to, and made sure all the ports needed to access my sites are open. built in windows server2008 firewall setup to make sure access is allowed to the sites. (no isa)
LAN is all setup for internal and external IP addresses.

now obviously i realise this isn't just enough since i obviously cannot access my servers sites over the internet yet.

Where do i go from here, now i have been looking at other soloutions to my problem, but they are all split down into so many different catagories that im getting a bit confused of where to start and where to look for some of the settings i need to change.
From what i understand so far. I have to create a DNS record linking my FQDN to my ip address?
now i assume this is already done since i alr... Read more

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Is it possible to create a custom form in Outlook with dropdown fields that will populate from a program called Practice Master? My goal is to create a "Take a phone Message" type form in Outlook. I want a field for the name of the person who is calling. When that name is chosen, I want the phone number fields to populate. We have Outlook/Practice Master integration so I am wondering if that is possible. Practice Master is a program by Software Technologies, in Nebraska. Their support people did not know if it is possible. Thanks.

A:Outlook 2010 - integration with Practice Master

You can export data from PracticeMaster to a coma delimited file then import it into Outlook:
Exporting Tabs3 & PracticeMaster Data
How to import a CSV in Outlook 2007 | eHow.com

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Hi all,

this maybe a tricky one, im not that techi so please bare with me

I am using MS office 2010

when I try to link an access database to an outlook folder using the:

home ribbon > External Data > import & Link > more > outlook Folder.

after I click on the "outlook folder" option, nothing happens.

absolutely nothing. no warning, no error, no not responding.. nothing at all.

I spent hours and hours looking for solutions, messed other parts of my computer and still no success

I need to link to my outlook contact. please help

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF1RYvwpeeE this may sound silly I uploaded a video on you tube asking for help.

A:Access 2010 Linking to outlook folder 2010

As a work around...Export your contacts from Outlook to csv then import (text) to Access. File > Options > Advanced...Export is midway down the page

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Hi all,

this maybe a tricky one, im not that techi so please bare with me

I am using MS office 2010

when I try to link an access database to an outlook folder using the:

home ribbon > External Data > import & Link > more > outlook Folder.

after I click on the "outlook folder" option, nothing happens.

absolutely nothing. no warning, no error, no not responding.. nothing at all.

I spent hours and hours looking for solutions, messed other parts of my computer and still no success

I need to link to my outlook contact. please help

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF1RYvwpeeE this may sound silly I uploaded a video on you tube asking for help.

A:Access 2010 Linking to outlook folder 2010

Works like a charm on mine.

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I have found from several forums and support sites including Microsoft that many users are asking solution for the error generating by MS Access 2010 or 2007 while running their custom made Access 2003 database usually after after upgrade.
The error is showing as "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Office Access can't find."

The solution is as below:
This error is causing due to disabled macro setting by default. So you will need to enable the macro as per the following method.
Go to File > Options > Trust Center
Then Click on "Trust Center Settings".
Here click on the Option " Show the Message Bar ... ..."
Re-open the Access File in exclusive mode
Now click on the yellow message bar on to to enable macro..... ..... problem solved.

A:Access 2010 or 2007 upgrade error for 2003 database

Welcome to TSG and I appreciate the pro-active post.

A another solution is to learn the Trust Center. In there you can enable all macros.

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I was recently put in charge of managing SharePoint for my organization and have wanted to post a batch file for individuals to be able to use. It is saying that I amnot allowed to save a .bat file for users to access. My objective of this .bat file is to allow my users to open internet explorer and have about 20 separate web pages all pull up in different tabs. Any ideas of how to get around this if SharePoint is not allowing me to do this? I have the .bat file written already, and I have also converted it to powershell too... But to no avail that does not work either.

A:SharePoint 2010 and Batch (.bat) Files

Sharepoint will not allow certain types of files to be uploaded - .BAT being one of them.

The simplest way to do something close to this is to save the .bat file to a network share location where everyone (who needs it) has access, and then put a "link" to the .bat file under the Links section in Sharepoint. IE will most likely force a user to "save" the file locally though. Which means that they must save the file, then double-click on it to run - so this sounds like it would defeat the purpose of what you are trying to do.

The only other suggestion would be to put each individual URL link under the links section in Sharepoint and put that link page under each user's "Bookmarks" (or Favorites).

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I don't see any questions in here about SharePoint but wonder if anyone can help with this one. We have a corporate SharePoint that we create systems on for various business users. We do not have server access to the Share only front-end.

For one of our applications I created an email announcement list that is emailed by a SQL Server Integration Services package task. When our package runs it sends an email that displays the message on the webpart frame above the data view as to the current state of play with the data.

This is fine except that when a user creates a custom view of the data view, which they do a lot, this Webpart does not show up above the data view. I could add it manually but this would be an administration nightmare for me trying to maintain and delete view on 8 different sites with no idea when and where views are being created.

So I wonder if anyone can hazard a guess as to how I can make this Webpart appear on each custom view as well as the default view (it is imported here as a Webpart); I imagine there is going to be some sort of programming involved, which I don't mind to much but not got much experience in doing this in SharePoint?

Thanks for any input


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I am designing a sharepoint site for my office. I am giving each department their own page on the site. The problem I am running into is giving a person specific rights for a page. I.E. the director of the department needs to be able to modify their page to add, remove and modify their page only and view only for all other pages in the site. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks in adavance.

A:Sharepoint 2010 Rights per page

I'm a backup support with SharePoint (SP), by no means an expert. The group has struggled with getting permissions managable. This is a large site collection (7000 members and 100+ sites) and has gone through several configurations over the years. The big thing to learn first is to make multiple site and use a 'site collection'. They learned the hard way.

Using multiple sites (not pages) for the departments allows permissions to work like they want. This also protects the 'other sites' from someone screwing up and taking the whole thing down. Each site has Owner(Full Control), Member(Contibute) and Guest (Read). A mix of Active Directory and SP groups seem to work best. Owners can control membership through AD and the SP group controls and where these groups go in SP.

Some departments have a development site (and a developer) where things(business rules for one) can be tested and not affect every one else. Breaking members out of 'group permissions' is a constant head ache, especially if a member leaves or changes department. That's where mixing SP groups and AD helps. I.E. when removed from AD group they are removed from SP. If you use only AD groups its hard to see\understand the permission on the SP side.

The SP team is understaffed, undertrained but still keeps the SP site collection running and most people happy..Our organization get a lot of production out of SP. AND do not let it become 'document storage'. There are ... Read more

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Not sure what I did but I recently modified a document on our SharePoint and saved it locally. Now when I open that master document on SharePoint it opens the one I saved locally a while back and asks if I want to update the server. I've searched on various forums for a fix for this but have yet to find a solution.

How can I open these master documents on sharepoint without having it ask to update the server. I'd hate to accidentally save over the master document.

I'm using MS Office 2013, and SharePoint 2010.

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Dear all,
Some of our business users have been complaining that since the time of installing Office 365 recently on their systems, they are not able to open SharePoint lists/libraries.
Is there any issues/fix identified regarding the same ? If so please advise . Appreciate your help

Thanks & Regards

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The scroll bar does not appear on the loading of the sharepoint site. It appears only after refreshing 2 or 3 refreshes. We have found that SP.Ribbon.js does not load on page load it gets delayed as it appears after the refreshing.
 We have tried various CSS work around but could manage to get the scroller in browsers but the ribbon will not still appear. from CSS we are able to bring scroller but its a Page scroller but ribbon wont work, somehow we need to load sp.ribbon.js
after all webpart loads at one server request by the browser.
if any more information  required please get back to me.
we tried.


Guruprasad Marathe

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I've created a new enterprise WIKI and uploaded documents to the 'Documents' Library on the WIKI site. If I browse to the document library and click on one, it opens the document within the browser (Office Web Apps are installed). It allows me to view and edit the document inside of the browser without having Word installed on my machine. However, if I create a link to the document on a WIKI page, it prompts to Open or Save (Open meaning download and open in Word). It only will open in Word and not in the browser.

For some reason I can't get it to open within the browser even through the default action for both libraries are to open documents in the browser. Is there another configuration option I am missing? Maybe a setting when I create the link? Or is this just the way it works?
This is Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise. The documents in question are Office 2010 .docx files.

The way I am creating these links:
Create Wiki page, highlight text for link, Click Insert, Link > From Sharepoint, double click on document I want it to open. Save page.

A:Sharepoint 2010 Links to Docs Prompts to Save


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Anyone has any idea about Microsoft SharePoint 2010 servers?

I am trying to click "Manage User Profile" under the Service Application. But whenever I do so, I get this below error.

The service is already running. I am trying to setup personal sites for each user to access their /my page. But I keep getting that above error.

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I am in the process of assisting some users in switching from Win XP/Office 2003 -> Win 7/Office 2010 and have hit a roadblock. I have a user that has an excel macro that opens an ADO connection to a SharePoint and grabs a record of the excel files on the SharePoint. The macro works perfectly on XP/2003 and XP/2010 but fails on 7/2010.
They are using this connection line:

davDir.Open "", "URL=http://SharePoint/Directory/URL", _
adModeRead, adFailIfNotExists, adDelayFetchStream

Set davFiles = davDir.GetChildren()
Once they have the record they iterate through each Excel file on the SharePoint to open and parse them.

On Win7/2010 I get these errors when it gets to the davDir.Open line:

When they error trap it throws this error:

Object or data matching the name, range, or selection criteria was not found within the scope of this operation.

Without error trapping it throws this error:

Run-time error '-2147217895 (80040e19):Automation error

I can connect to the SharePoint fine via IE or File/Open in Excel 2010. I have tried every variation of the URL I can and I just keep getting the same error.

Does anyone have any ideas? The fact it works on XP/2010 screams Win 7 issue to me, but beyond that I am lost. I have spent the last 2 days scouring Google and I am starting to lose my mind.


A:Excel 2010 WebDav Connection to SharePoint Errors

I've had just this problem and have narrowed it down to making the connection. The following code produces the same error on SP 2007 from Win 7:

Dim Conn As New ADODB.Connection
sURL = "http://sharepointtest2/personal/kraviss/Test docs/ACT Contracts Data" RepositoryRepository"
Conn.Open "URL=" & sURL

I've found WebDav to be most unreliable when uploading files to SP doc libraries and a little less unreliable when reading properties. I use the Frontpage Server extensions to do most uploading. FilesystemObject calls work most of the time to get file and folder properties - the following code fragment will get folder contents. sFolder is the UNC path for the SP doc library

Dim objFSO as New Scripting.filesystemobject
Dim objFolder as Scripting.Folder
Dim colFiles as Scripting.Files
Dim colFolders as Scripting.Folders

sFolder = "\\sharepointtest2\personal\kraviss\Test docs\ACT Contracts Data"
set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(sFolder)
set colFiles = objFolder.Files
set colFolders = objFolder.Subfolders

This will need a reference to Microsoft Scripting Runtime scrrun.dll in C:\Windows\SysWOW64

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we are about to upgrade from IE9 to IE11. While testing we found a problem when opening our sharepoint 2010 site. At the bottom we get the following message:
"This webpage want to run "NameCtrlClass" which isn't compatible with Internet Explorers enhanced security features. if you trust this site, you can disable Enhanced Protected Mode for this site and allow the control to run." 
You can choose between "Run control" oder "don't run". But the result stays: The message still pops up every time.
I searched the web and realized that the NameCtrlClass is used to display the availability of a person in sharepoint. As this feature is not used we disabled the NameCtrlClass through GPO. But its not helping either :(
Ah, we are using Office 2010, and the NameCtrlClass Version is 14.0.6109.5000. So we do not have the common error, that the NameCtrlClass wasn't updated while installing Office 2013.
Any ideas how we solve this problem?
Thanks a lot for every hint

A:IE11 - NameCtrl Class not compatible on Sharepoint 2010

It is unclear from your question whether the
"This webpage want to run "NameCtrlClass" which isn't compatible with Internet Explorers enhanced security features. if you trust this site, you can disable Enhanced Protected Mode for this site and allow the control to run."
occurs with IE9 or IE11.
you can try
1. File>Properties .... which IE security zone does the sharepoint site map to (expected Intranet).
2. Tools>Internet Options>Security tab, click "Reset all zones to default"
then Intranet sites icon, uncheck "Enable Protected Mode"... close all open IE windows and restart for the full changes to take affect.
3. Tools>Manage Addons>Show all addons..... locate NameCtrlClass in the list and double click on it to show its properties... also make sure that is enabled.
Please post back with your answers to my questions if your sharepoint site currently does not map to the Intranet zone.

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Hoping that someone can help me with this problem as it's really got me stumped.

I have read many posts regarding problems with Sharepoint 2010 not opening pdf files from IE. Unfortunately none of those issues directly relate to my problem. They seem to be saying that Sharepoint is asking you to save instead of open. 

In my situation, when a pdf file is clicked with Sharepoint  on premises site, the file will try and open, and then return an error of "The URL you have provided could not be reached. Please verify that the URL is correct and that the network location
is reachable". I am convinced this is due to a password issue. We had a separate issue of people being asked for passwords every time they opened a document. When it came to PDF's, if a user pressed Cancel to skip typing in a password, the pdf would open
fine. If a password was entered, the error above was displayed.

Now we have resolved the issue of the password prompt, it's possible that Sharepoint is sending the username and password to Adobe reader to open the pdf. And because Adobe is not Microsoft technology, it wont accept the values of username and password and
will not open. Also probably why it worked when Cancel was clicked.

In addition I have tried another sharepoint online site, and PDF's open fine in the browser. It's obviously something within the Sharepoint 2010 on premises installation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


A:Can't open PDF from Sharepoint 2010 on premises site, IE or Windows Explorer

sharepoint sites work by keeping tables of meta data that describe the file attributes and permissions of files stored on the server. Usually PDF documents are read-only.

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I'm wondering if there is an easy way to share one list across all subsites from a root site using SharePoint 2010. The purpose behind this is to have a change on the list from the root site affect the same list in all the other sites. Templates don't seem to allow for this.

Help, please?

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I have a form to update the hardware of a PC for an asset database (see image attached), it features a main form which shows the current information for that computer and a subform which creates a new record for that PC with all the new information. The problem is that when i enter new information into the subform and click onto the main form it automatically creates and saves the new record which is what i want to stop.
I would like the subform to save/cancel the data entry through the save and cancel buttons i have rather then it creating a new record automatically.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Microsoft Access 2007-2010: Stopping Automatic Saving On Data Entry Form

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Hi Gents,
I have rollout IE KB Update KB4025252 and after the update, few users are not able to access SharePoint 2010 links. Users are able to view SharePoint home page but not able to access links. IE Keep crashing "Internet Explorer has stopped working"
I was able to resolve the issue by removing the above KB and reboot.
My question is I have 2000+ Users to run rollout job and it will be helpful if there any update fix update released by Microsoft.

Thank you and regards,


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We were using internet explorer 9 in our production environment but then client requirement came for Internet Explorer 11 so we manually installed internet explorer 11 on that machine running windows server 2008 r2 with sharepoint 2010.we also installed KB3008923 update
for internet explorer 11.But since when we installed internet explorer 11 with this update the vertical scrollbar which was coming on our sites has disappeared.
We installed KB3008923 update for internet explorer 11 because without it in Internet Explorer 11 there was no DOM Explorer in IE Developer Toolbar.

Require urgent help.


A:Vertical Scroll bar disappeared in Internet Explorer 11 for SharePoint 2010 site

Compatibility changes in IE11
to debug your sharepoint web app... f12>Debug tab, refresh the page.
post questions about web site development to stack-overflow.... Include with your question a link to your website (if possible) and the full error messages from the developer console.

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Help! I would like to convert to computerized recordkeeping. The only software available to me is Office 2010 suite. I have created an Access 2010 budget database that includes purchases, vendors and users. I also have created an Excel 2010 spreadsheet with beginning budget amounts and purchases that works very much like a checkbook. However, I don't want to have to enter information in both. Early next week, I have to produce a report that shows what percentage of our available budget we are spending on a vendor. This report will be used as a visual to ask for more money. Any suggestions on the best way to do that for a someone who is not familiar with VBS or SQL or any other real techno language?

A:Access 2010? Excel 2010? or both?

If all of the information is in Access already just create a report based on the vendors and money spent with each. You can easily do this if the data is set up correctly in the database.

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This is a Sharepoint 2010 question. I have a list with a decent number of entries that is being displayed on a site page and is being filtered by a few different textbox controls. The problem is that when I click one of the list items after the list has been filtered the view/edit/delete controls are grayed out. I am the administrator with full control. Any ideas on why this is happening?

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Please help point me in the right direction.  I checked the File association on Internet settings and document type docx is associated with Word, but it won't open.  What do I need to change?
I received the following information when I clicked on the troubleshoot link:
Windows has the following information about this Protocol. This page will help

you find software needed to open your file.
Protocol Type: ms-word
Description: UnKnown
Windows does not recognize this Protocol.

A:SharePoint 2010 document broken link due to unrecognized File protocol: ms-word

Title:  SharePoint 2010 document broken link due to unrecognized File protocol: ms-word
Please help point me in the right direction.  I checked the File association on Internet settings and document type docx is associated with Word, but it won't open.

Try refining this symptom description.  What exactly do you mean by "it won't open"?  Answering that might explain why you are posting this in an IE forum.  E.g. right-click, Copy Shortcut whatever it is that you are calling
a "broken link" and Paste it here.
Otherwise, try right-click, Save target as... to put the file into your Downloads (Ctrl-j) and then use right-click, Properties to find its
full path and name.  Note that that would be quite different from what the Copy Shortcut step would have shown.
Next I suspect that the Set Associations GUI tool may not be showing you the correct information.  FWIW it certainly doesn't show me the correct information in W8.1.  So, I would try checking if you have an explicit association and file type combination
by using the assoc and ftype commands in a cmd window.  In fact, instead of just showing the ftype for the current association I would use this:
    ftype  |  find  /i  "word"
Then you could take the most appropriate template (not necessarily the one pointed to by the assoc command) and fill it in on a Run... dialog (or a ... Read more

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I came up with an issue trying to use SharePoint designer and InfoPath from a custom list.  My problem was I could open SharePoint designer or InfoPath.  Every time I tried to open SPD, it will send me to the download because of the add on missing
(hence I already had SPD installed on my machine.) the same was with InfoPath. I was getting an error "Microsoft InfoPath 2010 is required to use this feature." I researched the internet and everyone recommended to enable the
SharePoint Document Class Add on Missing in IE within IE add-on. my problem was
SharePoint Document Class Add on was missing from the IE add-ons list. Other blogs recommended to install SharePoint foundation which never heard of installing SharePoint foundation on a user computer.  One site recommended
to uninstall/install outlook. This ringed the bell and let me to do a repair on my office suite. After doing a repair I was able to open SPD and InfoPath. Hope this helps someone out there.

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After formatting laptop and re-installing Outlook, I added my backup but my 3 email accounts are separate rather than all accounts going into one place. This means I have to open all 3 accounts each time to view my mail.

I went to File -> Accounts -> Data Files and all 3 accounts show separately as:
C:\ Users \(my name)\Documents\OutlookFiles\(email address).pst I am pretty sure they all were in OutlookFiles\Outlook.pst before. If I am right and changing them all to Outlook.pst would correct the problem, is there a safe way of doing this without messing things up?

Also, I read on a site to enter %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\ into the address bar of Win Explorer to locate where the pst files are. When I do this, the path is different: C:\ Users \(my name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and in that there is a folder RoamCache and 2 .obi files.

Now I am totally confoosed! My backup worked in the Doc path, so why does the other path show up?

A:Outlook 2010 path - 2 questions


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Runing Microsoft Office on Windows 7 and just started receiving a series of messages on opening Outlook:-

The path specified for the file G:\deleted items backup.pst is not valid

Clicking "OK" opens my folder "Documents"

closing that provokes:

This data file has not bee configured. Select an existing file to configure, or type the name of a new file to create

Clicking OK automatically opens a folder "Outlook" and closing that folder provokes:

Propeties for this data file must be defined prior to use and closing that finally get me into my e-mails.

What is the cure please anyone?

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I have an Access db that updates a large number of sharepoint lists (over 800). The lists that it updates are on a large number of workspaces that are always changing.

Right now the database uses the DoCmd.TransferSharePointList to link to the sharepoint lists one at a time, then deletes the table after it's updated. This causes a lot of bloating and slows down the database until it's nearly unusable.

I would like to find a way to simply change the sharepoint list that the tables are linked to instead of constantly creating and deleting new tables. Is this possible? Maybe there's a way that will reduce the bloating?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Access 2007 Updating Sharepoint Lists

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I have a series of folders and subfolders with a lot of different presentations that are all hyperlinked to one main navigational powerpoint. All the links work fine on my computer, but if I move them to a different location on the network, the links still point to the original location. How can I move the files without breaking the links?

A:Automatically update hyperlinks in PPT 2010 when changing file path

Does anybody read this stuff?

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