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Access and mail merge problem

Q: Access and mail merge problem

I have a problem with mail merge and an Access database. I did not set up any of this so I don't know too much details or where to start. The user just told me that she would just open the Word document and a pop up window would show up, she'd update some data and then the mail merge would be created with the entries she updated. These files were stored in a network drive and were moved from one server to another. Since then, the Word document tries to open the Access database using the old network path, this of course doesn't work, so it prompts for a location. Once the location is given I am presented with a list of tables, no matter which one I pick, the pop up window from Access never shows and a mail merge with just the names of the fields repeated many times is created.

How can I fix this problem? I am not an Access expert so I would like to leave the database untouched as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Preferred Solution: Access and mail merge problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Access and mail merge problem

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I've run a search on this problem but nothing came up - hopefully someone can give me a hand.

The problem comes when I try to produce a mail merge from data in Access. I've got a query based on a table with a number of dates in it. In the table, I've formatted the dates as the long setting e.g. 9th December 2004.

Once I run a mail merge on the query, the dates come out in Word in the short form. However, they don't even follow the short date that's set in my regional settings (for English dates) instead coming out as the American version e.g. 12/9/04

I tried right-clicking on the merge field and selecting Edit field, but this only enables me to change the case of the field - as if Word is seeing it as a text-only field.

Is it possible to change a setting so the date will merge into Word in the format I specified in Access? I'm running Office 2003.

Thanks for any help

A:Access mail merge formatting problem

Doh! Don't worry, ignore this - it's sorted now. I did a bit more digging around and found out that what I didn't know was you can change the merge codes.

For anyone with a similar question, what I did was press Alt + F9 to display the merge codes, then add \@"dd MMMM yyyy" to the end of the merge code. This changes the format.

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I have an access database that I use a word mail merge with. In the database I have several yes/no combo fields. In the mail merged document the fields show up as either '0' or '-1' based on the yes/no value. I need to change this to a yes/no answer in the document. In access I'd just set up a check using vba but I've never used any vba in word and I'm not sure how to error check the data in a merged document like this.

Any ideas?

A:mail merge with access and word problem

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Hi again guys. Not being a database specialist can anyone help with an Access/Word problem?

I have a database application which performs a query and outputs the result to Word for mail merging. The query works perfectly and gets the results I would expect. Word opens correctly on request from Access. The Word merge document is a simple test case so should have no faults in it. The data is passed across as a .txt file and can be seen saved where it should be, and correctly formatted by simple inspection in Notepad. However Word cannot recognise this .txt file as its database for the merge procedure and point blank refuses to let me merge. The .txt file has its first line as the data fieldnames and then has tab delimited fields and "End of Line" delimited records after.

It seems to me as if the problem is within Word rather than Access but I am no expert. Is there some simple Word option I have set incorrectly, or is it something within Access after all?

Any suggestions appreciated.

A:Word/Access mail merge problem

What version of office are you using first of all?

Also, there are two ways to merge access/Word. One way is from Word and one way is from access. I'm assuming from your description that you are merging from Access.

This is where you kind of lost me. I've done thousands both ways, but I've never seen anything about the data saved as text fields.

You might try starting over. If you are merging from Access:
Open the query you want to use.
On the toolbar choose Tools, office links, then merge with word.
A dialogue box will pop up and ask you if it new or existing document. Choose the correct one.
When the document opens, it will prompt you for more responses. However, at this point the mail merge options and appearances are different on different versions of office.
Good luck!!!

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I have used MS Access for about 12 years, and design the applications that run a non-profit organization in my state. The Office version I use is 2000 Professional. I recently had to reinstall Office due to some issues with my PC. Seems to work fine. . . except for two VERY odd things:
Each time I now try to do a mail-merge with a Word document, I have to open the mail-merge form and go thru the process of defining the form (active file) and opening the data source (a query) to merge it. Previously, once the mail-merge information was created, when you opened a MM form, the MM toolbar automatically appeared and you could merge or not as you wished.
It also used to be that when I right- clicked the toolbar area, one of the toolbars I could load was the MM toolbar. Now it's not on the list, and appears only after recreating all the MM information mentioned in 1.

In addition, when I run the MM on the PC in my office, it produces 1,279 letters. I put BOTH sides of the client/server database on a jump drive, went to the non-profit organization (which used Office Pro 2003), did the mail-merge (which occurs automatically; don't have to re-enter the data source, etc.), but with the SAME query based on the SAME table with the SAME # of records, the MM produces only 1,232 letters!?????

I haven't a clue as to what's causing these strange behaviors. Did I miss installing some feature when I reinstalled Office? Why does this MM letter require redoing the entire MM ... Read more

A:Access and Mail Merge

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I am completely new to the site, and found a response to my question from Tech Support Guy on Google.

I have a fairly simple Access Database that tracks athletics equipment and which player it is issued to. Once the equipment is issued, I'd like to send an email to the player confirming which items have been issued to them. I know how to do this as 1 email/piece of equipment, but how do I include multiple pieces in one email. The post that I saw was in reference to invoices and seemed applicable, but it also used VBA. I have no experience with VBA. Thanks for your help.

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I have an Access database which tracks individuals that are calling customers. They sometimes need to send the customer a letter. I have used MS Word and mail merge to do the mass letters that go out. Since this is an ongoing affair, I somehow need to flag the database that the letter has been sent.

How can I tell the database, that I have merged that customer into my Document to send the letter?

A:Mail Merge and Access

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Hi, I have a few questions:

How can a report be generated, based on a particular record? For example, I have a form, which displays records. How can I generate a report based on the records I am currently viewing?

Is it possible to mail merge using a macro. I would like to click a button on a form, to mail merge, based on the records currently on the screen.


A:Access - reports and mail merge.

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I need set up an ability to send reports to different people through access. It would be nice to hit one button and have all of the reports sent to each job site. Right now we have to save each report and then email the report out separately. I noticed that this was answered by OBP years ago, by using snapshot from Access, but like everything else, Microsoft has changed things, so that won't work. https://techguy.org/513064

Is there a way to do it now that Microsoft has changed everything? I've been using Access for a while, but I haven't gotten into VBA yet.

A:Mail merge for Access Reports

Although the Snapshot Viewer no longer comes as part of Access you can still download it for free from here

Alternatives would be to save the report as RTF or pdf format and use code to send it as an Attachment, I have also posted dbs with emailing code that sends an attachment.
I think later versions of Access can save in pdf format.

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Is there a way to do a mail merge using two databases at once?

A:Mail Merge from Access 2007

kogle, you could link one of the databases to the required tables in the other database and then mailmerge the result.
But it really depends on how the data is stored and what you want to do with it.

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I have an access db that has .bmp files linked by SIS ID. I would like to merge the .bmp into a mail merge with Word 07.

I have never successfully been able to do this but thought I would try again. I have the word doc setup with a text box that I want the pic to merge into.

The SIS ID always shows up but not the .bmp.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

A:Access DB with .bmp/Mail Merge to Word 07

Can you post a copy of the Word Doc and a Bmp file?
I have never used mail merge in word, but I could try using VBA to do it.

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I have a Database in Access with a Picture field, I merge information from this database to a word doc. I want to start to merge the picture, I thought this would be easy but I am struggling. I have set up a new database with just 2 fields to try different things but as yet no success. Below is an example of my merge attempt in work

Name {MERGEFIELD"name"}


After seting this up I am clicking finish & merge then Ctrl + A then F9, But I am getting an image box with the error "The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved verify that the link points to the correct file and location".

Not sure if this is how you do it, or where the link point comes from, Access I presume.

Anyway, I hope you can help and thank you for your time.

A:Mail Merge images to Word from Access

In the access database there should be a url or image location property for the Picture field.

make sure it is properly pointing to the photo image location.

and when hardcoding the file path as in...


Be sure the two agree


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I'm trying to take data that I entered into an Access 2007 database and merge it into a Word 07 document.

What I want it to do is that after the mergefield, Word would read the merge field and spit out information from yet another source (a word document and/or excel spreadsheet).

So it goes like this:
«Gift_1» (which would be like, a camera in one circumstance, or a TV in another) would in the Word document post merge say camera or TV. Now, instead of saying Camera or TV, what I would like it to be able to do would be to replace camera or TV with a specific other source of information (i.e. if it is camera, it would say in the merged document - "Camera: Nikon D3" or if it was a TV as gift one, it would say "TV: Phillips XGs2").

I hope that make sense to someone, because I'm wracking my brain trying to make it make sense to me. Essentially, I'm stuck with having to pick 3 things out of a 2.5 page list, and I want it to reference in «Gift_1»«Gift_2»«Gift_3» just what they are without having to hand do it.

I'm also tired and have spent hours dinking with the set, ask, fillin, if...then... commands. I don't know where else to go.


A:Access/Word mail merge question

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Im trying to merge into a word doc. In the access databse there is a table that consists of

Recommended By
Area they live in

I was wonder if anyone can help me with the VBA for the button?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Access 2003 mail merge VBA

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Is there away to make a button on a form that will merge the selected record with a word document print it and close the word document?



A:Access Mail Merge with Word from button

Not unless you're (very) comfortable using VBA and automation. To make that happen at the click of a button, you have to have a pretty good mastery of coding.

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I am using Office 2000 with Access 97. When I try to do
a mail merge with my access database I get the following message: You can't make changes to the database objects in the database "Golf & Tennis: 2002. This database was created in an earler version of. To convert this database to the current version of, close the database, point to database utilities on the tools menu,and then click convert database. I tried to do this but the convert to database option is grayed out. I have tried doing the mail merge on another machine with the same software, and database and there is no problem, so it is definitely a problem on my computer.

A:Access 97 w/word 2000 mail merge

What version do you NEED the Access database in? You may want to export your query to Excel first?

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I am needing help with a mail merge issue. I have my database in Access 2007

Let's say I have two to tables. Table one consists of customers who have purchased items and their locations. Table two is of the items that were purchased by the customers. The two tables can be joined by their ID's. CID = ID

Table 1
Name Address ID
Bob 123 Main st 502
Kim 13 State st 503

Table 2
Item price CID
pen $1.00 502
key $0.75 503
ball $3.25 502
key $0.75 502

I want to send letters out to the customers telling them what they have purchased, but I do not want to send multiple letters to the same customer if the have purchased multiple items. For example, Bob, has purchased three items. I only want Bob to receive one letter

My question is...How can I join these two tables to make one mail merge and not send out a single letter to a customer who has purchase multiple items?


A:Access 2007 Mail Merge question

You could also do this in a report directly in Access bypassing Word altogether.

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Hi guys

We have a help desk inquiry at the moment that I have no idea about. I have attempted several things over the last hour and cannot for the life of me get it working.

Am I able to mail merge a letter in word with fields in a LOCKED Access DataBase?

Your friend

A:How can I mail merge with a locked Access DataBase?

I would presume that the author of the database locked it to prevent such activity.

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We are now on Office Pro 2007. We use Mail Merge in Word extensively, using our Access database as the source. We have 2 computers in the office.

When we open the mail merge document, it links to Access properly (we generally open the Access db first because it is quicker). We then merge to an individual record and save the merged document as *.docx.

When we re-open the document, it should be a normal Word document. Now what is happening is that when the merged document is created on MY computer, it opens the link to Access. When the merged document is created on THE OTHER computer, it opens as it should, without the link to Access.

Any ideas on what is going on???

A:Mail Merge - Word & Access 2007

I have never used Mail Merge, but it sounds as if on your Computer the merge data is being "Linked" instead of "Imported".

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I recently moved from Windows XP to Vista 64 bit. In XP, I was having no problems selecting the recipients in the list in Microsoft Access and merge into Word. However, in Vista after I "clear all" and select one recipient, and click "ok", the Access list closes, but then adds some recipients that I didn't check. So when I merge, there are many more records that what I originally checked. Any thoughts?

A:Mail Merge Recipients Microsoft Access

Are you using Office 2003 or 2007?

These links may provide help -





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I have a large Access Database (2003) that generates individual invoices. Each person's invoice is a single page of 60 page report. I would like to have each page automatically e-mail to each individual.

Report can include each email address on the page. Each Invoice includes multiple events on multiple lines.

Is there a way of setting up a function either through word, access or outlook to send these invoices automatically?

A:Solved: Mail merge an Access Report

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I have run a query to find out which schools we are offering a specific course to. and the query works fine. but when i go into Microsoft word and do a mail merge the school name appears as its ID number instead of displaying the school name (see attachment)??

A:Solved: Access mail merge Query help

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Hi All,
I have 2 Access tables containing customer details. One for 2 different companies. I want to produce a mail merge of both sets of data but DO NOT want to send to the same company twice. Both my tables may have duplicte companies in them!

In Access, I have appended both tables into one MAIN table. I then run a find duplicates query, which finds the dublicates OK. I now want to delete these duplicates but keep one record of the company.

Can anyone sugegst how I can do this?

Table 1.
Company A
Company B
Company C

Table 2.
Company C
Company D
Company E

I have combined both tables:
Table 3.
Company A
Company B
Company C
Company C
Company D
Company E
I want to delete 1 record of Company C but keep the other one!
Is this clearer?



A:Solved: Duplicate Mail merge - Access?

Hello Simon, long time no see.
Why don't you just set the "New Combined" Table to have no Duplicates in the Company field, that way when you append the data only one record will be accepted.

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Win 7 Home Premium + Pro upgrade/ HP Pavillion Elite 112y

Hi All,
I'm trying to email to around 320 recipients out of my MS Access program. I've created a good email list, with proper field names that "match" Publisher. The list "loads" into Publisher, and when I send/merge, the screen had me believing that the mail was being sent. Didn't happen, though. The only "clue" I have as to why, is that (contrary to other times when I've used Publisher/Access merge) I couldn't get to see "recipient previews." Tried starting over several times; same results. Any ideas? I love working with Publisher/Access for personalized emails that don't show the others on the recipient list; hope someone can help me find the answer to this problem. Thanks.

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I'm using Word 2010 on a Win 7 machine. I'm having problems with mail merge in that when the merge is complete and I click on "OK" once the mail dialog has been completed, nothing happens. My e-mail client does not open up, nor do I see any messages in the outbox. This used to work just fine with Windows Live Mail and Word 2007. I then installed Word 2010 and it does not work now. Any suggestions from anybody? Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated. Microsoft is no help - impossible to contact.

A:Solved: Word 2010 e-mail Mail Merge Problem

Word and Outlook have to be same version.

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At present I am running Windows 7 64 bit with Microsoft Office 2007.

I also use a bespoke piece of software that uses access 97 databases. I am not able to port over to access 2007 due to the bespoke software needing access 97.

A major part of the bespoke software uses mail merge functionality into word. Due to hard drive issues I have had to re install the software on a new pc (windows 7 64 bit running ms office 2007.)

When ever I try to do a mail merge, there is an SQL error for linking to the access 97 database.

I am unsure how to correct this issue since I only have access 2007 on my computer. I suspect it has to do with the datasource or odbc driver.

Any help would be mutchly appreciated.

A:Access 97 / Word 2007 Mail Merge Issues

You will need to install Access 2.0 however, I'm not sure if Access/bespoke will integrate with Office 2007, especially if it is the 64bit version.


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I suddenly have a problem mail-merging labels and letters in WORD from an
ACCESS Database. I am guessing it is an incompatible problem but I just
can't seem to fix it - any ideas would be really appreciated. I can get
round the problem by exporting from Access to Excel then merging into Word
- but of course that is a bit crazy - and the records are not "up-to-date"
from the latest Query. I have also "Googled" the problem to no avail.

I was using Word 2000 and Access 2000 - during that time - the Access
database (with just under 1,000 records) merged beautifully with Word -
and I have lots of documents saved in Word with "permanent" links to
certain Queries - so that I can print out labels and sometimes merge

I have recently upgraded to Office XP and am up-to-date with all the patches(and come to think about it - also 'successfully' downloaded SP2 for Windows XP Home too). I have tried my database converted from Access 2000 to Access 2002 (which apparently 'is' XP) and I have also retained the database in the 2000 format - but either way.....
Now I have a problem - HOWEVER, all my original mail-merged Word documents still work successfully (thank goodness) - its only brand new mail-merges that I create which go wrong........

Any new mail-merge I attempt now - ends up with the recipients list
"empty" - I either get a warning saying the "data records were empty"
and/or "no recipients ... Read more

A:Word Xp Mail-merge Fails Using Access Query

Hi Sue,

I'm having the same problem. One method of getting round this is to convert letters to reports within Access, which I accept is long-winded. My understanding is that there's a bug in Word XP. You may be able to fix this with service packs from Microsoft - check their knowledge base.

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I have an Access query with data that I want to merge into a document. When I'm in Word setting up my merge document, I go to select my recipients, select my saved Access file, but then I can't find the query I want to use in the list of tables and queries. In fact, it seems that only some of the tables and other queries in that file come up in the list. Why is that and can I do anything about it? I know I can export the query as an Excel file (I've done that and it works) but I should be able to pull data directly from the query. I've looked for a solution in other posts here to no avail. Frustrated.

A:Solved: Can't find Access Query when using Word mail merge

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Hello everyone, I am new to this so please forgive me for being a bit.... well you know:

Here is my big problem that has consumed me for TWO WEEKS!!!

I have linked access with a word mail merge. To start at the beginning, I have created a query to link three tables, one with my customers mailing info (customer id, customer name, address 1, address 2, city, prov, postal code), one with contract info (my sales man name, telephone, and customer id number), and the third table with the customer product information (customer id, product id, product name, cost, and price). I then created a table to combine the info. I then created a mail merge to send letters to my customers with their current information. Quick note, I have aprox 10,000 lines of information. So when I used the table that combined all the information in the mail merge, I created 10,000 letters, because it created one letter for every product (one customer will get 100 letters). So then I went back to my access, and created created just two tables, one for customer info with salesman name and telephone number, and another or the customers product. Then I did the mail merge with just the customer info, and I had over 150 letters (GREAT!!!! THIS WORKS). then I clicked on the icon " mail merge to new document" and imported customer products into the body of the letter through inserting a database. This worked too, it gave me only the fields that I need, prod code, prod desc, cost and price........ problem i... Read more

A:mail merge with access but need a filter on the body referencing a field

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I have a form with a button. I need to be able to press the button and have Access export a query to Word 2007's mail merge. Is this even possible? All the tutorials I can find say I need to select the query from the Navigation Pane, then go to External Data -> Export -> More -> Merge it with Microsoft Office Word. The problem is that I don't want to give the user access to the Navigation Pane.

Thanks in advance.

A:Access 2007 - Query export to Word mail merge w/Command Button

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I'm trying to print envelopes using mail merge. The addresses merge correctly on screen, but on "Print Preview" the pages are blank and in the bottom corner says "Page 0". Any suggestions?

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I did a search in the forums, but didn't see the same problem we're having

We're running Windows XP, Word and Excel 2003. We set up a mail merge with information from Excel, about 1300 addresses, to print mailing labels, Avery 5160/8160. When we printed it out, though, the first page prints fine. Then, the second page prints, but only the first column changes.

Thank you in advance for any help!

A:Mail Merge Problem

By the first column, do you mean the name - and that the addresses are remaining the same?

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Suddenly my computer (and everyone elses) is unable to mail merge an excel document into word. I'm using windows 98 but other operating systems are having problems too. It just says - word was unable to open the data source.

I have tried saving as something else and on other drives (it is currently on a shared drive) but to no avail.

Any ideas greatly received


A:mail merge problem

Does this only happen with one specific Excel file? Could be that the file is corrupt. If possible, try opening the file and copying and pasting the data into a new Excel document (rather than using the save as function). Let us know if that doesn't help.

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Hello all, I'm having a problem using mail merge with Outlook. We usually send out a mass email once or twice a month, and have had no problems with it, up until a few days ago. The problem being that the option to mail merge has just disappeared from the tools tab, nor am I able to find it in the customize tab either. I'm fairly useless with outlook as it is, and am even worse when stuff goes wrong in short, help!

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I am having dome issues printing labels using mail merge.

Everything is fine exept when i try to print it, it does not print inside the labels. Some addresses are inside and some are outside the lables. Who can help me please.

Thank you

A:Mail merge rinting problem


Can someone help please

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I have this problem using mail merge. We cant fix it at all.

We are using office 2007. We have a huge list that we created in excell. Now when we merge that list in word the are box shapes in the address. Either in the address between the words or after the last word in that row. How the hell do you get rid of this. No one else has this problem i have searched high and low on google and other search engines and no one has put an article up on it. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!!!

A:Mail Merge in 2007 problem

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One of my colleagues at Work has discovered that following an upgrade from Word 97 to Word XP, the Data Source fields within Mail Merge no longer show the field's contents in full. Instead only half of the sentence is visible in the right hand pane. Then, when she selects the source to add it to the document, it is still only showing half of it. This did not used to happen with Word 97.


Is there a way of increasing a fields character length, so that the full intended sentence or data to be merged shows up after adding it to the document ? If so please advise on how this can be done.

Many Thanks


A:Mail Merge Problem In Word XP

See if this article will help you:


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I have an excel spreadsheet with about 156 addresses, I am using word to try and merge them into labels so they will print. I am able to merge but it only takes 30 of them and prints them, somehow I am missing the other 120 or so. What am I doing wrong and why is it only printing one page?

A:Solved: Mail Merge Problem

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I am having a problem creating labels using mail merge in Word Xp . I am using the wizard and have about 120 or so contacts that I want to make mailing labels for but after I click Update I only get the first page of 60 labels.


A:Having a problem with WordXp mail merge

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Hi folks

I'm doing a merge.

The address block is fine and I;ve used the <<company>> filed in the body copy of the letter to and that works fine.

I want to use another filed called <<Page>>. When I preview the merge, the <<Page>> field shows 0 rather than the field content which is "lower than page 4".

The data is in Excel.

Can anyone help please?


A:Word mail merge problem please

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I am using Windows XP and Office 97 to mail merge. Data is stored in excel, converted to word for merge. When I go to print address labels (dot matrix sheets, printing roughly 30,000 at a time) it will print 12 labels, skip two, and continue printing. No data is lost, and the monitor shows data as complete. I did not have this problem with Windows 98 and Office 97, and have used Office 2000 with XP and still have the problem, so I assume it is an XP verses Office problem. How can I correct it?

A:XP mail merge printing problem


Just a long shot, it you dot matrix set to continuous paper or single sheet?

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Word Mail Merge function does not work. Word sends merged mails to Outlook (Connected to Microsoft Exchange) but outlook refuses to send them.

Hello M.F.Tolga Soyal,

To continue sending messages, please sign in and validate your Outlook.com account.

This helps us stop automated programs from sending junk email.

Thanks for your help and patience!

The Outlook.com Team

Although I had completes account validation nothing has changed.

I'm just trying to send app. 50 mails to my colleagues.

Thank youç

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The data file contains two columns labelled as Day and date respectively.

The Date column contains sequential dates in the format " 26th September 2008".
The main word document contains the <<Day>> and <<Date>> mergefields.

However when the word document is merged with data file the date is displayed as 26/09/2008 and not as 26th September 2008.

The day is displayed correctly.

How do I rectify this problem ?

A:Solved: Mail Merge problem

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I am trying to pull a mail merge off between Excel and Word. When I pull Interest Rates off of my excel sheet into word, instead of coming out as "5.00%" they come out "5.0000000000000003E-2)" instead. And then another interest rate "17.00%" gets pulled like "0.17000000000000001." Its really weird. Also my dollar values lose the dollar sign during the merge. Am I doing something wrong? I have setup mail merges before its just these arent working. Any help would be huge!

A:Problem with Excel-Word Mail Merge

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Can anyone tell me why I am getting the below message when I try to access my Outlook contacts while selecting recipients using Mail Merge in Word 2007?

Unable to obtain list of tables from the data source.

I could do this no problem from Office 2003. A couple of users here can do it in 2007 and a few of us can't. Must be a setting of some sort but I can't find it.

Thank you!

A:Word 2007 Mail Merge problem

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I'm attempting to use the mail merge wizard to merge envelopes using and Excel file. Everything works fine until I come to an envelope that goes outside the US. I have a field set up for Country and when I go through the Match Fields box under Optional Information, that field is selected. However, it never prints the country. The country does add a sixth line to the address. Is this the problem and, if so, is there any way to get it to recognize more than five lines in an address?

Another problem that is not major but bothersome. I have over 300 names on the Excel list but am printing envelopes only for the first 190. Is there any way other than selecting Clear All and going in and selecting each envelope ONE BY ONE to get it to print only the first portion of the list?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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