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drivers win 7 for e-system 3090 fr

Q: drivers win 7 for e-system 3090 fr


I try to find drivers W7 for a laptop E-SYSTEM 3090 FR can you help me?


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Preferred Solution: drivers win 7 for e-system 3090 fr

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


cannot start up this lap top. keep getting start up problems, a blue screen appears with writing but flicks off staightaway so I can't read what ist says. The techguys on the lap top have tried to fix this but the startup problem cannot be fixed by them. Also tried system restore, that did not work either. I dont know of anything else to do now lost. Can you please help me with this problem, it would be much appreciated many thanks

A:vista E-System 3090 UK

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Hellosince yesterday my old pavilion dv7 3090 stopped working.When I push the start buttom, the leds on the top row quickly blink and then nothing more happens.I tried a hard reset but no success Any clues?

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 Dear all,  About 2 years ago i upgraded my win 7 to win 10 version and wirelss stopped working. this problem is well known. Many attempts with netsh id config, reset IP, reinstall drivers, trough a USB whatever, nothing worked. I must conclude that the intel WIFI 5100 driver is incompatible with windows 10. I cannot anymore revert my win 10 upgrade sadly.  My question is whether i can install an older version or another driver type that is compatible on windows 10 ??? if so i would gladly have the driver link or zip file posted  Thanks PS, also my touchpad scrolling feature stopped working, i dont know if this could be related, just in case it could help figuring out where the problem is but i guess its just incompatibility.

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Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance
Date:          1/17/2017 6:19:45 AM
Event ID:      351
Task Category: Standby Performance Monitoring
Level:         Warning
Keywords:      Event Log
User:          LOCAL SERVICE
Computer:      USER-PC
This driver responded slower than expected to the resume request while servicing this device: 
     Driver File Name :
     Driver Friendly Name :
UHCI USB Miniport Driver
     Driver Version :
6.1.7601.18328 (win7sp1_gdr.131126-1436)
     Driver Total Time :
     Driver Degradation Time
: 55ms
     Incident Time (UTC) :
     Device Name :
     Device Friendly Name :
Intel(R) 82801G (ICH7 Family) USB Universal Host Controller - 27CB
     Device Total Time :
     Device Degradation Time
: 0ms
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
    <Provider Name="Microsof... Read more

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Hi there,

I have an HP Pavilion DV7 2185dx laptop running a freshly installed windows 7 upgrade from windows Vista. Ever since the upgrade my CPU is constantly running at 98-100% all the time meaning I cannot do anything on my PC. After researching a bit online it could possibly be the driver errors I see in device manager?

In device manager I see that I have some drivers missing and all attempts to update these have failed and i've seen other users here post the missing drivers and be directed to the fixes.

Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: PCI bus 6, device 0, function 1


Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: PCI bus 6, device 0, function 3


Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: PCI bus 6, device 0, function 4


Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: on Intel(R) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919

So if the updated dr... Read more

A:Base System Device drivers error - unable to find drivers

Have you downloaded the Windows 7 drivers from the HP site.
Link: Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv7-2185dx Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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I hope I can post this. I recently bought a second hand Packard Bell IMedia 4608 PC. Unfortunately it says in my device manager that the drivers for the system speaker and the system timer are not present and I cannot roll back the drivers. Where can I get some from? I have tried to register with PB forum but I am still waiting for their e mail reply, and have been for 2 days! Can anyone help?

A:System speaker and system timer drivers for imedia 4608

Download and install Everest (available free from HERE). This will provide you with an Explorer-like interface that will list all your hardware, and in some cases, provide links to the appropriate drivers. Even if it doesn't provide a link, at least you'll know exactly what hardware you have, and you'll be able to search for a driver more effectively.

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Hello all,

I have a question that is relative to all OS's, so I thought here would be a good place to ask.

I would like to reformat my hdd and reload windows, but I don't have all the drivers for the cards. Is there a software program that can scan the system for applicable drivers and save them to a file?

Thanks for the help, bob

A:Drivers on a system

Try http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/index.html?dir=dload&location=sware_dl_x86&langx=en&a=
I have it on my computer and it will tell you anything you want to know about your computer.


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how do i replace/repair this file? I cannot boot my machine because of this file being corrupt or missing.

I have tried to run my windows xp disk and i get "error code 7" and cannot enter the recovery console (whatever that is)

the only thing i've been able to do is run an old windows 98 emergency startup disk to give me a dos prompt, but don't know what to do after that. I can search the Windows XP CD but i don't know how to get the file from the CD to my installed windows ... to replace it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.




To copy the file in dos you type the word copy then the letter of the hard drive that has the xp cd. then the address to the file, then you type the letter of the hard drive that you want the file to be copied to with the address that you want to send it to.

Example copy d:\systems\32\drivers\pci.sys c:\systems\32\drivers\pci.sys

NOTE: when you find the file on the XP cd look at the address this is what you type into your command to copy.

If you find that your file is compressed it will look like this pci.sy_ you will need to expand it like this type expand D:\systems\32\drivers\pci.sy_ C:\systems\32\drivers\pci.sys

this will not only expand the file but it will copy it to your Hard drive at the same time.

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When I start up I received message "system 32\drivers\pci.sys is missing or corrupt" I insert XP CD and then nothing happens. As I am a not all that proficient with computers I would appreciate any help. Thank you

A:system 32\drivers\pci.sys

huh? what are you saying? I don't even understand what's wrong. Please give more info. are you talking about when you reboot with the xp cd? make sure it's clean and free of scratches, press F12 when you boot up and choose cd. if you have to, go into bios bootup settings, press "spacebar" on all of the items except cd, and it should make it where ONLY the cd will boot up, this way you can definately get it.

What the heck is pci?


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The issue is: Dell will not allow the drivers I need to be downloaded on a PC other than the one they are intended for.
The issue has arisen because these drivers are the very ones required to access the internet, I.E. Ethernet Controler, Net Adapter, etc.- So, very simply, I need to transfer them via a flash drive, and Dell is requiring that they verify the PC I need them for with additional software, which is IMPOSSIBLE. I would greatly appreciate your help my friend!

A:How to download drivers to another system?

Started a new thread. The thread you replied to was 5 years old so the users may not see it.
To start, for what specific Dell system model do you need drivers? What operating system?

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I just did a reinstall for xp after which I installed sp2 and let it restart,win xp didn't reload as it should have.the sys stopped after covering one bar and froze for 20min b 4 the missing system32 driver pci error came up,tried a few things you've mentioned and nothing so far works even tried copying a few files, nothing seems to work and this is not my first install of an o\s on a drive but this error is a first.Is there a problem with sp2 or is this an phantom am just stuck(win xp is my favorite o\s) could I skip to sp3?

A:win xp pro missing system drivers pci

Since sp2 is no longer supported download sp3 and see if that helps things.

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Hi, everyone Im new to this fourm and i need some help i can not find drivers for this system all the name is thats on it is (Extreme Home Media Center) i cant find a product key or anything on this system, it did have windows xp on it but there was a problem with the harddrive, its a 3GB cpu, 1GB ram, and a motherbourd that says extreme, i have looked up on google and can not find any thing, right now im formating the harddrive i bought and its a 200GB, and i want to put windows 7 on it if i can if not then i would like windows xp, please help me and thanks for reading my post.

A:Cant find drivers for this system

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I had the internet 2010 virus and ran the malware to un install it. Now when I goggle and click on a particular site that I want to go to I am redirected to a totally different site. The instructions in the Remove Security tool Uninstall guide said to delete C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file and download the Hosts file form the link provided. I Can't find this link anymore. Cand anyone help?

A:windows system 32 drivers

Remove Internet Security 2010 (Uninstall Guide) - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-remo...t-security-2010 Louis

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Since I've had to install from an SP2 update disk, I need to know about drivers, I have a scad of drivers that are stopped and or disabled, I am not sure which ones should be set in which way.

There are a couple that have a critical status.

Is there a tutorial that can instruct me in setting up my systems drivers ?

A:System Drivers Question

Are you referring to the services list?

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Is it important and/or necessary to update any driver to the most current version? I have run a couple of utilities to determine the need to do this and they (the utilities) have indicated that I have 17 drivers that are outdated. These include the ATI video drivers, Intel ATA Storage Controller, Pro 100 VE Network Connection, Intel PCI Bridge, Intel USB Universal Host Controller-each of which have more than 1 or more driver. There are no issues with my computer that would indicate the need to update any one or all of these drivers.

Thanks in advance for any input.

A:System and Hardware Drivers

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
It really isn't necessary unless you're having problems with a device

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Good Morning,
I have tried to read much about drivers, but still have questions, here is my dilema. I have a emachine with Windows XP. I have paid to have a reinstall a couple times, but yesterday after windows didnt seem to load {black screen after rebooting} I decided to use the system recovery disc and reinstalled XP with backup, I think. Easy I thought! Anyhow I cant get on the internet, called my cable co, and they said I needed the drivers, {network}. I cant get on the internet so I figured I could download drivers to my nephews laptop, put it on a Thumbdrive and install that way. I just want to download {?} but not install obviously. I put a thumbdrive in the USB on the laptop, and it shut the computer down, thankfully nothing happened I dont think. So now I am asking for help because I just want to do this the correct way, and get the desktop going. If there is anything else I need to do after a system restore, let me know too. I appreciate anyones time and thank all in advance. Where there is a will, there is a way, I know this can be done! Have a good day everyone!! Pat

A:Drivers after a system reinstall

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i have a hdd that is formatted with a fat32 filing system (inorder to go back and forth between mac and pc platforms) and my new computer won't recognize the filing system for some reason.

my computer info is in my profile.

if anyone can help i'd really appreciate it.

thanks in advance to anyone who attempts to resolve the conflict.

A:File System Drivers?

Is it an external USB drive? Do you get any error messages? Try assigning a letter to the drive.How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP

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Right now i missing these and i cannot seme to find them anywhere and I cant get online on my laptop until I do. I need teh following.

network controller

video controller

base system device

standard VGA graphics adapter

I reinstaling new copy of windows in my laPTOP becuase ti was having issues and i despertatly need the ones above

I have a dell inspiron 1525 with windows vista home basic operationg system please help

A:looking for drivers after reinstalling system

You should go here- Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

and look for the drivers you need. Download them and copy to a CD or flash drive and transfer them to your laptop and run them.

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Dear all,

I'm writing with regards to my Ez Capture V1A3-D PCI capture card which arrived in the post today. Much to my disappointment, there were only 32-bit drivers provided with it and I face a similar restriction searching online too. The most relevant one I can find is the 32-bit XP driver.

I've tried installing the drivers I do have through Device Manager, but I get the message asking me to ensure my drivers are designed for a 64-bit operating system. Without the driver, it seems that no video capture software will detect the device because I don't think it's ''plug and play''.

Any help here would be most appreciated.

Best regards!

A:How do I install 32-bit drivers on a 64-bit system?

If you find out how to do that - please let me know.

One of the problems of using 64 bit windows I am afraid.

If you really need that software - install 32 bit windows .

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I have had two laptops which both developed the same disease at similar times.
Both lost the system drivers for speakers resulting in no audio output. Reinstalling drivers did
not help either PC.

At first I thought it was a hardware issue... but I solved the problem on one laptop by restoring my System to an earlier date. However the second laptop is more stubborn.

Does anyone know of malware or Virus that would cause this problem? How can I find cause of this problem?

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I know how stupid it was but I was at wits end and it was 3 in the morning.

I acquired a computer with a larger HDD than was in my old computer.

1) I wanted to clone my old HDD to the new one, however, the new one was in SPANISH, I can't read spanish, so I wiped the new HDD and went ahead and copied my old HDD to it.

2) So of course it will not boot up because there are no drivers for this machine in the copied files from Old HDD.

3) Can someone help????

Thank you in advance!


A:Drivers for unbootable XP Pro system

Okay I assume you cloned the old HD to the new HD to be used in the New Computer, because it should work in the Old Computer.

Get an XP Installation disk and do a Repair Install over the old installation. Make sure the disk will work with whatever Product Key you are using otherwise the install process will halt half way through and you won't be able to do anything until you get the right Product Key or the right XP Installation Disk.

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Hello All!

I have a problem recently developed with WPD system drivers. Can anyone tell me how to get new downloads from Microsoft to fix . My system is repoering ..unable to find device drivers. I am using Windows business Vista, and want to access the SD card reader to download pics. This has work well before without a hitch. No new changes, although this is the first tiem i am using since Vista service pack installation. Thanks Guys!

A:WPD System divice Drivers

Originally Posted by [email protected]

Hello All!

I have a problem recently developed with WPD system drivers. Can anyone tell me how to get new downloads from Microsoft to fix . My system is repoering ..unable to find device drivers. I am using Windows business Vista, and want to access the SD card reader to download pics. This has work well before without a hitch. No new changes, although this is the first tiem i am using since Vista service pack installation. Thanks Guys!

Hi Broadshaw,

Who is the manufacturer of your SD Card Reader?

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I know there is a driver for Windows to use the EXT3 file system.

I am looking for drivers for the others like JFS....

Another quick question...what would be the best file system for a flash card? I guess it would depend on the "camera" but if it didn't?

[just remembered flash member wears out. so there are special file systems for it.]

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My desk top is running win XP, sp3 it has five built in USB ports. According to all the tech info about win XP all ports should be USB 2.0. When a device is plugged into any port the system delivers a message " this device will operate faster if a USB 2.0 port is used". The system tells me that all devices are working correctly and the latest drivers are installed on all ports, VIA rev 5 or later USB host controller. My internet dongle tells me that it is connected at 3.6 Mbps. Is there a simple way of checking the actual port speed. I suspect that the system message is wrong.
Any suggestions please.

A:USB 2.0 drivers system message

Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and pres enter. Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers do you have a USB Enhanced Open Host Controller? If not, then you do not have USB 2.0. You only have USB 1.1

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How do I locate the right drivers for my system? I have run Belarc, but that's left me in confusion. My system is a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ I need the video, audio, ethernet and chipset drivers and any others that might be needed. I located what I hope is the right Nividia driver for the network by going to their site and scanning my system. A little confused though because it says it a 32 bit. Display adaptors are showing: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405, but I can't find the driver. Please help.

A:locate drivers for system

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Hello there .

I have just been given a computer my brother received .It had a harddrive but had no operating system .

It has a 100 gig harddrive andonly capable of 1 gig ram in it so i figured i would use Windows XP as i felt 7 would be to hard on the computer . I need to find drivers for this laptop and was hoping someone could help me .Most importantly i need to fine a driver for the wireless then i can update the drivers no problem

It is Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

A:How to find E-system drivers .

How are you installing XP from a OEM disk or the recovery partition.

need specs of the machine.

NIC/wifi adapter

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Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. ** Here are your computer specs> http://support.hp.com/bg-en/document/c05366605** Here are the drivers for your PC model > http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-15-be000-notebook-pc-series/10862306/model/146890...  Yes, your computer does come with no operating system installed (actually it is FreeDOS but I can safely say there is no OS). This means you have to obtain a license for the operating system and install it on your own - e.g. Windows 7, Windows 10 or Linux-based one. Since you already have Windows 7 and if you like it, you may continue using it. Drivers - this is basically a software that controls the hardware - the bridge between the operating system [e.g. Windows] and the hardware, tells Windows how to use the hardware. You need to visit the URL above, select Microsoft Windows, then Windows 7 and download/install all the drivers. Probably this wasn't done by your friend. Example:> http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp76501-77000/sp76532.exe  (HDD firmware update)> http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/sp75512.exe  (Card reader driver)> http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/sp75510.exe   (Intel RST driver)> http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp75501-76000/sp75522.exe   (LAN driver - Realtek Ethernet adapter)> http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp76001-76500/sp76419.exe   (bluetooth driver - Realtek ... Read more

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hi, i just formatted a friends ei systems laptop and he hasnt got the drivers disc, from what iv heard this laptop is made by the "great" people over at pc world.
iv searched the internet for two days now and im still coming up blank. iv found the video driver but no sound drivers...... Can anyone help me please?

thanks to anyone in advance


A:In need of drivers for ei system 3089

humm; next time get the drivers BEFORE formatting

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My dad has been having problems with his pc. He talked to his ISP & they suggested looking for driver updates for his system. Is there something on his pc that tells him what to look for? I did a search for drivers for myself the other day (I'm having problems too.), and found drivers, but nothing to tell me which ones I needed personally. They had some components of my system listed, but didn't tell me if I needed the updates. Is there some way to tell. If we install drivers we aren't sure we need are we gonna mess something up?

A:Updating System drivers.

If its a wondowsXP system then do a system restore backup before updating any drivers, then if there is a problem you just restore to the point before you did the driver updates.

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I have a hp 15-af006ax, i have been using this laptop since 10 months. The specs are listed belowProcessor : AMD A8-7410 apu with integrated R5 graphics.RAM : Laptop shipped with 4gb ddr3, i added another 4gb stick in the other slot. so total is 8 gb ddr3 .GPU : AMD Radeon R5 M330 .while using the catalyst drivers given by hp on the drivers page which are TOTALLY OUTDATED, the laptop runs lag-free, but i can't play a few games like forza motorsport and grid autosport which demand to update the graphics drivers.So i went to amd drivers page and downloaded their latest drivers i.e., crimson 16.7.3. and the installation went fine, but after restarting, "EVERYTHING" IN THE SYSTEM LAGS. from typing on a notepad , scrolling on a browser or in file explorer to playing games and watching videos. Even as i type this here there is a lag, the leters appear on the screen with a lag of 1-2 seconds.I have tried all the crimson editions (very tiring) and all the crimson editions give the same lag or worser give a BSOD.Only the outdated catalyst drivers work. This totally FREAKS me out and makes me slap myself for purchasing this product. I totally regret buying this laptop.

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I recently installed Windows xp in a new computer I built, At the time I put everything together, I installed a connector fron the dvd/rw drive to the motherboard. Later, after everything was up and running I was informed that this connection really wasn't neccessary, so I "pulled" it, Everything still seems fine, however I get a message that says: Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: system 32\drivers\ntfs.sys The message goes on to tell me that I can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup by using the original set-up cd rom. The question is, if I do this, won't I have to re-activate all over again? I know there are other options avaible in the start-up program, but they don't address the problem. The computer runs and will go into windows ok, but only after I hit esc a couple times after the message comes up. Its kind of annoying but maybe I'll just have to live with it!

A:System 32 drivers question

This might help you, Jerome. Welcome to TSG


A repair won't require you to reactivate Windows, no.

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Good Day, Recently i was experiencing some issues with my system and a guy asked me to reload the system but uncle helped me activate another windows 8.1 on it but some drivers like network controller, microsoft basic display adapter, PCI device, PCI simple communication controller and SM bus controoller are not installed and also the screen dispaly looks somehow off. And also before i acctually made this change the bluetooth device has not been working. I need your assistance on this. Thanks


Hi: You need these drivers... SM bus controller: This package contains the Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver for supported notebook models and operating systems. This utility enables the operating system to show the correct name for the installed Intel hardware in the Microsoft Windows Device Manager. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp69501-70000/sp69585.exe microsoft basic display adapter: This package provides the driver that enables the Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. If high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) video output is supported, this package also installs the HDMI Audio Driver. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp69501-70000/sp69588.exe  PCI device: This package contains the driver that enables the Realtek Card Reader in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. The card reader enables users to read from or write to supported removable storage cards, which are typically used in digital cameras, digital music players, and cellular phones.  ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp69501-70000/sp69610.exe PCI simple communication controller: This package provides the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver for the supported notebook models and operating systems. The Intel Management Engine Interface enables communication between the host operating system and the Intel Management Engine... Read more

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Hello. What software does everyone recommend that will check and update all or most of my system drivers and help keep them up to date. Driver Detective, Driver Max, etc.... There has to be a good program that does this and is safe to use . I am running Vista Home Premium Ed. Thank you

A:Updating System drivers

Driver scanners are useless and inaccurate and a waste of money.

If your computer's devices have the drivers installed and are working fine, it's not mandatory to update the drivers.


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I have a Dell Latitude D800 Intel Pentium M 1.4. Reloaded Windows Xp on it, but alot of system drivers are missing, such as Base System Device, Ethernet Controller, Network Controller. In the network adapters all I have is 1394 Net adapters. I've been to Dell there support site, can't seem to get the right drivers. Getting a little frustrated transferring drivers back and forth from main puter to laptop, can anyone point me in the right direction here for the right drivers or system discs. Thanks again for any help. This is the same laptop that was bios locked before I cleared it.

A:system drivers are missing

Here you go the link to the page you need



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Ladies & Gentlemen. I am living through the biggest portion of bad luck in my life. I have built my new system nearly two months ago, but I haven't used it yet.

First I had problems with my GPU, and it took NewEgg a month to refund my money so I could buy a different GPU.

Then I installed W10, and that was the worst decision of my life, a waste of money. Errors around every corner. So, yesterday, I made a clean install of my W7 Professional.

And here is where the new trouble starts. When I logged into W7, the computer wasn't able to connect to the internet through the ethernet cable. And here's where it gets worst, my nephew last weekend, decided that hitting my discs with all the drivers with a hammer, so now I need to find a way to get these drivers.

I tried to find drivers for my motherboard, and I am not having any luck.

My motherboard is: ASRock Z97 Extreme3 ATX LGA1150

My search results lead me to http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z97 Extreme3/?cat=Download&os=Win764 But there are many downloads here, and I do not understand what I need.

A:Requesting assistance with system drivers

ASRock Z97 Extreme3 Motherboard
We need to know 2 things:
1. If your computer is running Windows 7 SP1 32-bit or Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.
2. The description of the primary devices(chipset, graphics, audio, ethernet, wireless) in your computer.


Go into the Device Manager, then expand these headings:
Display Adapters
Network Adapters
Sound Video And Game Controllers
then advise the exact names of those devices.

That motherboard appears to have an Intel z97 chipset and Intel HD 4400/4600 graphics and Realtek ALC892 high definition audio and Intel gigabit Ethernet, but we need to confirm that.


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Hi, I'm having trouble with my laptop and I can't figure it out...I'm having the Base System Device Driver error and my computer won't recognize one of my external drives, I'm on a Dell Studio 17 and any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

A:Base System Device Drivers

Hi ststeven91, Welcome to the forums, The base system device driver is normally the Ricoh card reader driver Drivers & Downloads Select your model number and download the correct driver

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Before my laptop bombed out last year I had the free Windows 10 upgrade installed.   I had just ordered and received the System Recovery  software for Windows 7.  Should I have ordered it for Windows 10 instead?   Also my laptop came with the capibility to play Blu-Ray discs.   Would this system recovery restore this feature?

A:System recovery software and Blu-Ray drivers

Hi,The recovery disks will bring back the computer to the state it was in when you bought the computer. So all the original drivers will be installed and any drivers you need you can also find here:https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-dv7-6b00-entertainment-notebook-pc-seri... You could perform a clean install of windows 10 which will be automatically activated since it was already installed once on the computer. You could download the media creation tool from Microsoft and run to create a bootable USB drive. Afterward you could boot the computer from this device and install. Windows will install all or most of drivers and any missing drivers can be found by looking at device which needs them or with help from this omunity.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Hope it helps,David

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I'm having a few problems and it only started yesterday after i restarted my computer when it crashed because of the tv card i rebooted it and now it wont load all drivers and icons to the system tray, its missing

Creative Mixer
TwinhanDTV remote detector
Nvidia Control Panel
Daemon Tools
Picassa 2 Image Detector

and a couple of others,

i cant figure out how to get them back either, all your help would be much appreciated...

Regards Daniel Hobson.

A:drivers and system tray not loading

..what can u see in the desktop?....can u still CTRL+ALT DEL?

also try using the last known good config option before starting windows

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USB\VID_03F0&PID_231D&REV_0306USB\VID_03F0&PID_231Dthese are the hardware ids,,,,, can anyone reply with the links to requried dirvers?


View Solution.

A:base system drivers missing

Try the following HP bluetooth driver and software.http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-81348-2&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0001

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I have a few T410's that I've installed the Lenovo bridage on. When I choose scan, I receice can't find system. When I manual enter the machine type 2522-22u, or the S/N I receice system not found. Has Lenovo removed this system from there website ?

A:Drivers and system update for T410

Hello and welcomeI can't say anything about TVSU on T410 presently, take the drivers, HMM and UG on EOL site:https://download.lenovo.com/eol/index.html

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Trying to restore an old Dell System 210 286 machine and I am having a real tough time finding the EMS or expanded memory driver for this machine.  Looking on the old support pages there is a reference detail to the Expanded memory driver and the switches.  They say the driver is MM.SYS  Does anyone that works for dell or has access to some archived files might have this driver file.  I know its 25 years later, but it would be an awesome testament to get this 286 working again 100 percent like it did.  This is about the last step to having the system back up and running like it would be back in 1991.  
Thanks so much for any help someone can provide.

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I have HP DV4-1199ee laptop with windows 7 32 bit and my friends has HP DV6-2005ev laptop with windows 7 64bit. However when I checked the available drivers for ethier computer, there is driver for 32bit and 64bit.

What does this mean? I can install either 32bit or 64bit OS, or there is two version of the HP laptops(ie 32bit and 64bit)

A:32bit and 64bit system drivers

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A couple weeks ago I updated 8 drivers recommended by Registry Commander. However, I restored the original because System Restore started acting up. It would take considerably longer to make a SR point, and while processing I couldn't do anything else or the computer would freeze. If left for a bit it would come out of it. After I restored the drivers from the backup, this problem went away.

However, today when going to Performance and Information Tools/Advanced Tools, there was a warning that drivers were interfering with Windows resuming from sleep mode. See Drivers 2 screenshot for the drivers referred to. So I decided to go ahead and install those 8 updated drivers again. See Drivers screenshot for the 8 drivers updated.

Now I have that same problem with System Restore again. Can anyone offer any advice on this?

Thank you.

A:Problem with System Restore/Drivers

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I know this may seem like a dumb question.. But..
I have a totally messed up Windows XP-Ro Install...
The owner wiped and re-installed Windows XP-Pro and then used an online "pay for" Automatic Drivers installer. Well - it is messed up...
To make matters worse - their teenagers immediately installed iTunes and filled the C; Drive to 95% capacity. The second Drive only had 74& available capacity....
The owner attempted a Windows Defrag - but it wouldn't Defrag...

So then the owner attempted a Windows disk cleanup - It Failed too....
He told me he put the Windows O.S. Disk in and attempted a "repair" _ It failed (apparently because he didn't have enough room on the hard dtive).
I relocated the iTunes folder to the second drive and freed up 12Gb of hard drive space. Then I defragged the drive - boy it looked like an out of control christmas display - totally fragmented (never saw one that bad - too bad I didn't get a screenshot, you wouldn't believe it).
Defragged the drive, then did a disk cleanup...
Used the Aronis Disk Clone Software to clone the 40Gb Drive to an 80Gb Drive. Everything went well. But...
Now I don't have Systems Tools - Defrag, and Disk Cleanup is gone (????).
I replaced the cloned drive with the original boot drive - System tools is gone there too....
So, Do I have to reinstall windows from the get go - if so I need the system Drivers (since I cannot locate any for this IBM ThinkCenter PC (the one... Read more

A:Where are the System Drivers located in Windows

What is the make and model # for the ThinkCenter laptop?
Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager Any devices with yellow flags need to have drivers installed. All drivers that are not supplied by XP should be downloaded from the Lenovo site.Just type in the make, model # and type # download the drivers specifically for that model #

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I have as trange problem here. Some of you will be familiar with this one from my other post.
This is what I have narrowed it down to.

Evert time I install (or have installed) any nVidia drivers for my Geforce3, my system locks after about 30 seconds within Windows. If I dont have any drivers installed (like now) I can get through windows and carry on like normal.

This is a major pain becuase my system is primarily used for games!!! What would be causeing this?
Youcan see in my sig that there is a 9700PRO, well that has gone back to the store I bought it as it has a faulty power connection. Im using a Geforce3 Ti200. I have tried all versions of drivers..

This is my MOBO - GA-8SG667. I have the latest AGP drivers, and I have tried all versions of these; ever without them installed.
IDE drivers.....are the same story as the AGP. I have the latest BIOS, and this error was happening before the flash.


A:nVidia drivers cause system lock

Did you properly uninstall the previous display drivers before adding new ones?

Was the faulty card tested to make sure it wasn't the AGP slot that was the cause of that problem?

How many different versions of nVidia drivers have you tried?
The 28.32 Detonators seem to be the best I've found for GF3 and older cards.

How much Overclocking have you done?
Try setting everything to the default settings.

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