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[SOLVED] Resolution adjustment on HP DV 9700

Q: [SOLVED] Resolution adjustment on HP DV 9700

cant get an high enough resolutions adjustment to be used properly with my HP DV9700
my max is 1024 X 768 Any Ideas

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Resolution adjustment on HP DV 9700

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Resolution adjustment on HP DV 9700

try updating your desplay driver.

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I just bought a new laptop, and a glitch has developed where by lowering my resolution, the size of the screen decreases, leaving black space around the outside. This is particularly annoying in games that do not play at my computer's native resolution, and therefore run in a rectangle half the size of my screen. If anyone can help with this, I'd be very grateful. thanx

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The slider for screen resolution adjustment will not move from the current low resolution position on two older comuters I am working on.

A:Screen Resolution Adjustment

you need to install the drivers for the display cards on those two computers

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On a 1920 x 1080 display, windows 8 looks too small, is there any way to increase it without changing the resolution ?

A:Adjustment for high resolution displays

Hello Yousaf,

If you like, you could adjust the DPI scaling in Windows 8 to a larger percentage to make things appear larger without changing the screen resolution.

DPI Display Size Settings - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums

(modern UI)
DPI - Change for Modern UI in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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either by mistake or plain stupididty, i have lost the adjustment to 800/600. in addition, my graphics are flashing all the time. what can i do?

A:lost display resolution adjustment

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After reformatting my PC with windows 7 it will not allow me to adjust screen resolution.

A:After system recovery, screen resolution adjustment not allowed

is it stuck at 600 x 800 or similar?
If it is then you need to install the display adaptor (Graphics card) drivers.
Let us know what model of Dell you have and we will help you out.

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Good day all I have installed Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on an old Lenovo G550. It used to work well on Windows 7, but now I cannot install or update the display drivers in order to connect an external display (LG 49" TV) at 1920 x 1080. Windows installed its own useless drivers that obtains at least 1366 x 768 on both the laptop and the TV when displays are duplicated. Then the highest I can go is 1366 x 768. When I select "Show only on 2" (which is essentially what I want to do), it goes down to an even worse display resolution, but this also disables the Resolution drop-down.  I have downloaded every version of drivers know to God and man from Lenovo's and other sites, but all of them tells me: "This computer does not meet the minimum requirement for installing software." I have deleted the driver and reinstalled via "Scan for hardward changes" as well. I have done a Windows update as well. I have no idea what to do next. How do I fix this stupid problem? Please help me. Thank you in advance.Kind regardsRenier

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My problem is that the my desktop image is full screen and seems aligned ok, but when I open a webpage it is too far to the right and down and I cannot move it with the cursor on the left edge, top edge or left top corner.
I do not know if this is a problem with monitor adjustment or computer.
The monitor is an HP1706 flat screen, operating system is Windows XP, graphics is Hercules 3D Prophet 128 Mg DDR Radeon 9000.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:Solved: Screen adjustment

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I recently tried an independent, i.e., non-windows, Theme Manager program. I did not like it so I uninstalled it. Now I am unable to get the personlization program to work so that I can choose between centering or tiling or stretching the picture.
a. What happened?
b. How do I fix it?


A:[SOLVED] Desktop Background Adjustment

start control panel personalization themes(in classic view) or start cp appearance personalization or try system restore to a time before using the other app

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Some time in the past, I adjusted the width of my cursor (to wider). Now I want to go back to the thin version. I've opened both the mouse and keyboard control panels, but I can't find the window which allowed me to change cursor width. Please help.

A:Solved: cursor width adjustment

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I purchased an HP 6735b laptop, designed for Windows Vista, without a hard drive. I purchased a hard drive and installed Windows 7 Professional. I did all of the important and critical updates from the Microsoft website and updated all drivers using Slim Drivers. Somewhere along the line the screen brightness dimmed and wouldn't allow me to adjust it.

Through the device manager, I found the display adapter, which is ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics. Went to ATI website for updated driver and found the latest for 3200, which I installed. It appeared to work, I was able to adjust the brightness back up.
However, when I shut the laptop off and start it again the screen is dimmed. The hot keys (FN + F10) will not work, but when I type in "adjust screen brightness" and go to the screen that allows you slide the bar up and down to adjust the brightness it suddenly pops into the pre-adjusted brightness setting.

I've tried to go to the AMD website and download their program that makes sure the drivers are updated, but after the program loads, you click on the button to search, I receive an message that says "Sorry, something went wrong".

Why won't it hold the setting after shutting down?

A:Solved: Screen Brightness Adjustment won't hold

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I am trying to adjust the brightness (lower it) on my Dell monitor. The problem is that after pressing the brightness/contrast button on the monitor it seems that I am then required to make the adjustment useing a Dell keyboard with its - and + keys. I didn't like the black keyboard when I first got it and gave it away to continue using my old IBM white keyboard. Is there now another way to adjust the brightness on my monitor other than searching for another Dell keyboard? The automatic brightness is just too bright for me and is killing my eyes at night.

A:Solved: Brightness adjustment on a Dell monitor.

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I just replaced my 13inch Sony monitor with a 20 x 12 inch Hannspree.
The screen view doesn't allow me to view whole page without scrolling.
Please tell me how to adjust this wide screen view?

A:Solved: wide screen monitor adjustment

You need to right click somewhere on the Windows desktop then click Properties, then Settings. Use the slider to adjust the screen resolution to be the same as the recommended resolution for your monitor. If it won't let you increase the resolution, let us know what graphics adapter you have (manufacturer and model).

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I just received this monitor as a gift. It has no manual. Never used a LCD monitor before and not sure if what I see is what I must accept as normal.

Issue One: The reds are more of an orange. I tried to adjust the color on the on-screen monitor adjustment buttons but did not have any luck in getting the reds to show red. I may not be using the montor on-screen buttons and settings appropriately.

Issue Two: The right and left side of the screen look slightly faded out to yellowish. Is this normal and can it be corrected?

Issue Three: Is there an on-line manual for this product? I have not been able to find one. Or, this there a manual of some kind that will tell me how to use the on-screen buttons to adjust color and do whatever the buttons are supposed to do?

Issue Four: I downloaded a driver file with an .inf extension. Where do I put this .inf file?

Thank you in advance for any replies.

A:Solved: Adjustment Problems - Sceptre DCL9A+ Monitor

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I have a syncmaster 920NW monitor and had the same problem as mentioned in the thread: Samsung 943NW monitor - Vertical adjustment is messed up.

After pressing the auto adjustment button the image repositioned downwards so much so that the windows task bar is half hidden. Repressing the auto adjustment button and trying to reposition vertucally through the menu button did not do a thing.

The other thread is closed without showing the solution. Does anyone know how to get the image right again?


A:Solved: Samsung 920NW monitor - Vertical adjustment is messed up

Solved. Under image and under OSD you can adjust the horizonal and vertical positions. Adjusting vertically under image did the trick. Apparently I only tried to adjust the position under OSD.

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WindowsXP Home SP1
AMD AthlonXP 3200+ (New install, upgrade) 400MHz FSB
Gigabyte MB
512 MB pc2700
NEW Radeon 9700 PRO 128MB 256-bit


First off I am in the process of updating and upgrading my PC. I have installed a Hitachi 160 Gig HD (still running off of 80 Gig), two new case fans, AMD AthlonXP 3200+, Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12 fan with all copper heat sink rated for up to AMD 3400+ and using the thermal paste which was included with fan/heatsink and finally a new ATI Radeon 9700 Pro with 128 MB DDR....and that is where my problem starts.

I replaced my Sapphire 9000 Pro 128 MB which played all the games I own. I recently purchased MoH Pacific Assault, which also played well on old card as well as Sims2, Call of Duty:Unified Offensive, all no problems. After I installed with my new card I am seeing triangular boxes flicker wildly all over with no texture to them, just a sky'ish color, cant see anything beyond them. Definitely cant play any of my games under these conditions. Also, when I close the game my wallpaper will have horizontal, static-like lines from top to bottom of my screen which affects my icons as well.

I went to the official ATI site and downloaded the most recent drivers with no change. Then downloaded the latest Catalyst Drivers, no help. I even reinstalled DirectX 9.0c. I tried multiple setting changes and I am still having problems with my Video.

Is there a certain setting that I am not trying?...or worse yet, did I get a crappy video card... Read more

A:Solved: New Video Card, Radeon 9700 Pro Problem

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I play Call of Duty alot. I've been reading about fps. How do I adjust it? No clue, as I'm TOTALLY new to gaming...CoD's my first game. (see below for my system specs)

A:fps adjustment

Finest Ranger,

Check out this game benchmark as they use a range of cards - you can get some sense of what performance you'll get using various graphics settings in your graphics card control panel.

See this this forum / thread as there is a discussion on changing in game parameters :

Possibly bookmark this site :


These people periodically release tweaked drivers for ATi and nVidia cards (check the site links also.)
As regards what will give you the optimum experience with this game - you will have to just tweak the game features such as draw distance, sky, blood textures, sound, bullet holes etc ... until you get the right balance between realism and gameplay.

Good luck.


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i find it very difficult to adjsut my system sound control.when i click on start,click on control panel,click on sound speech and audio device.the next window i was supposed to be able to adjust the sound level but everything there is grayed.pls someone should tell me what i must do.

A:sound adjustment

Are you saying you have sound now but cannot adjust volume?

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I run on win.98
I have suddenly lost sound on win.media player.
I can just about here tracks playing,and volume control is on full.
Any suggestions?
Many Thanks

A:Volume adjustment

Re above
I have system sounds,full volume,but very very faint sound from win.media player & windows sound player

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I keep trying to install itunes v8.0.1 and vista keeps giving me a dep error. When I try to adjust the DEP list to allow itunes, it refuses the change. What can I do?


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on quite a few of my games, they start out fine and then all of the sudden the stupid auto adjustment comes on! after the auto adjustment the color in the game is terrible. it's has a REALLY low resolution, all "splochy." what do i do!?

A:Auto Adjustment

In game auto adjustment? Or the screen doing something weird..

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I just bought a Lenovo laptop e-series. How do i turn off the screen adjuster when Im browsing the internet? Would prefer screen size stay the same from page to page.

A:Screen adjustment

If you are using the touchpad and you have a synaptics driver, it may the the pinch zoom feature giving the problem. You can disable it as shown here.

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Does anyone know how so set the color adjustment in Vista Ultimate/IE 8.0.

The color is too intense and gives one a headache in minutes.
The Dell monitor only has a contrast and brightness setting on the frame.

A:Color adjustment


I would suggest.
right click on desktop.
click Display Settings
when that pops up. click How Do I Get The Best Display Settings ?.
this may help you
good luck

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So, here's the scenario:

I was a Windows XP Pro user for years (since it came out, basically). I got to know the ins and outs of XP very well indeed, and I rarely would need to refer to a forum such as this. However, I've recently upgraded to Vista, and there are a few sharp contrasts to XP.

Now, I'm a musician. As such, I use a program called Guitar Pro 5 to arrange music. Guitar Pro uses something called RSE (Real Sound Engine) to produce realistic sounding playback of your basic rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums). However, the rest of the instruments it plays back are played through MIDI (which wasn't ever a problem... it didn't sound as good, but it was there, at least). RSE runs through WAV. Everything else (piano, strings, etc.) is run through MIDI.

Now, here's my problem: WAV is loud. MIDI is quiet. On XP, I was able to adjust the SW Synth and WAV volumes individually in order to achieve the balance I desired. However, on Vista, the volume mixer, as you well know, has changed drastically.

My question is simple: How can I balance these two volumes once again? I'm willing to do anything, no matter how complex, because it's incredibly difficult to write music when you can't hear all the instruments!

Note: For those of you familiar with the software, I realize that Guitar Pro allows you to play in completely MIDI format for all instruments, which is what I'm doing now. However, I would like to get the full function out of the program. After all, I didn't... Read more

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Is there a way to adjust how my cursor works? My cursor now only responds to operations such as cutting and pasting, moving up and down on a page, selecting text if I click twice on the page, etc.

Thanks for any help,


A:Cursor Adjustment

did your settings under mouse in control panel get changed? happened to me after kids used computer.

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having problems adjusting my ibm c72 monitor. everything ok except pincushion & trapezoid... nothing hapens at all. at the moment any woman would be proud of the shape my monitor displays. any ideas, anyone or am i about to buy the huge flattie that i've always wanted but couldn't (and still can't) afford? many thanks

A:monitor adjustment

Yup, probably not good. Problem tends to indicate the magnetic fields have changed around the neck of the CRT, usually having to do with the deflection yoke. Probable cause is maybe some shorted windings in some coils or could be some bad connections somewhere.

Trying giving it a couple good slaps and see if there is any effect.

Other thing is to try adjusting the scan rate of the video card.

Just for chuckles try degaussing it. Maybe try on another computer system. If the size adjustments normally won't correct it, for all intents and purposes it is close to buying the farm.

For wild experimentation, you can try positioning refrigerator magnets along the sides. If any placement seems to dramatic improve the situation, just duck tape them in place. Only do this when all hope is lost.

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im running windows xp the other day the power went off and this auto adjustment screen keeps coming up in the middle of my screen.i have a neovo flat screen and hp tower can anyone help me outto turn off the adjustment?

A:auto adjustment

The auto-adjustment on an LCD monitor auto "maps" the converted analog pixels to the digital pixels as best it can, there should be a monitor button control/menu to invoke it.

Once done manually it should not return, it should store the setting.

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Hello! I would appreciate any guidance on how to adjust the time interval for the Welcome Screen. I have windows 7 and it seems like the screen locks every 30 seconds.


A:Welcome Screen Adjustment

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have a look at this Microsoft article: The Welcome screen may be displayed for 30 seconds during the logon process after you set a solid color as the desktop background in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2

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So ever since build 6100 the volume knob on my speakers wont allow me to turn sounds down all the way i turn it down on the speakers but istill is very loud. and i cant get my sound to go down even in windows like if i listen to music on zune and am playing a game my g15 volume knob only turns down the windows that is up front. any help would be great have been dealing with this for way to long.

A:Volume adjustment

Welcome to the sevenforums! Spoons896

Are you using onboard or an addon card? It sounds like the Windows sound mixer is all the way up. If you set WMP as the default player the volume control on that will effect the play back of wav files assigned to Windows functions.

The software for onboard or a card installed generally has a sound mixer as well if that went on good. Another place is clicking on the "sound" link in the Control Panel and highlighting the "what'u hear" item in order to click the properties button. On the next screen that comes up open the "levels" tab for a slide adjuster there.

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How can I fix the Notepad function on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit so that you get an automatic carriage return when you reach the right hand end of the page? This new version doesn't seem to have any, and just carries on writing right off towards the right into infinity. This makes copy harder to read as you have to keep scrolling along to the right as you're reading and if you have to edit what you've written you just end up with a mess. If you make the carriage return yourself it still doesn't work out right and you end up with twice as much editing. The old XP version of Notepad automatically made a carriage return at the right end of the page and was simple and straightforward to use.

A:Notepad adjustment

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums!

In Notepad, check the "Format" menu.

Hope this helps

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I use an epson L200 MFP. After getting it serviced, While scanning there is a dark shadow vertically about 1/2 inch wide. Is there any scanner adjustment program to correct this problem? Please tell me.

A:Scanner Adjustment

KVenkat said:

I use an epson L200 MFP. After getting it serviced, While scanning there is a dark shadow vertically about 1/2 inch wide. Is there any scanner adjustment program to correct this problem? Please tell me.Click to expand...

How about a picture/screenshot?

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i dont know why but i am not able to change (increase or decrease) brightness of my laptop.function keys for brightness are not working and also i am not finding brighness options in power options.please do reply soon.

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Hi I had a problem lately with my HP2311f monitor. It keep prompting the "auto adjustment in progress" everynow and then. Can anyone assist to help me stop this problem.  Thank you

A:Auto Adjustment in progress

Hello xiaohui,The first thing you should try is just doing a power reset on the monitor.1. Disconnect the power from the monitor2. Disconnect the cables from the back of the monitor to the computer3. Reconnect the monitor back to the power4. Connect the monitor to the computerIf that still causes it to present the problem try resetting to factory1. Press the menu button to access the OSD (on screen display)2. Use the plus and minus keys to navigate the menus and select Factory ResetUse the monitor for a bit and see if the problem comes back.

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I have a Gateway M-6823 and prior to installing Windows 7 my mouse pad worked great. Since I installed Windows 7 (32 bit) my mouse pad has gone crazy! I can only control the mouse by using the lower left corner of the pad. I went into the settings in the control panel but I don't see a place to calibrate the pad. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Mouse Pad on Laptop Adjustment

You probably need to update the drivers and/or firmware for your mousepad.

These are Vista drivers but should work in 7, if they don't, just install the drivers in Vista Compatibility mode. Compatibility mode is enabled by right clicking on the installer file, clicking properties, clicking the view tab and then selecting the check box and the applicable operating system (Windows Vista) from the drop down.

Right Click D-20023-002-001.exe > Properties > View Tab > Check Box, Select Operating System in Drop Down.

Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) Synaptics Touchpad DriverVersion:

All drivers for your system:

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Has anyone experienced his or her system automatically adjusting the volume control louder? I have an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium. The volume control keeps adjusting upwards (louder) and doesn't stop - just keeps clicking. I fear an infection. I have performed a system restore however to no avail. I have seen this before on someone else's system in a thread. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks.

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I have an e7440 but the brightness function doesn't work. The only want to change the brightness is from the BIOS but it cannot be changed dynamically when windows 7 (32 bit) has booted.
Other functions using the Fn key work.
Any help would be great.

A:e7440 Brightness Adjustment

Hi space 77,
Thanks for your post. Unfortunately the Latitude Exx40 systems do not have an on-screen meter within a Windows 7 OS for LCD or keyboard brightness. Please see the following article for more details:
Latitude Exx40 - No on-screen display when changing brightness of the LCD or keyboard backlight

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When i increase my microphone's amplification thru windows settings, the playback audio of videos, etc is also affected and have crackles and lot of noise. I did this so my friend hears me on Skype. What should i do?

A:Amplification adjustment of microphone

Quote: Originally Posted by Marios

When i increase my microphone's amplification thru windows settings, the playback audio of videos, etc is also affected and have crackles and lot of noise. I did this so my friend hears me on Skype. What should i do?

Well.. Microphones are not nice freinds with humanity -.-
So there isnt very much to do if you just doesent want to download a ton of 3:d party programs or if you have a motherboard with a good soundboard you may be able to fix some stuff. If you have a tab for like enchancements or something like that try playing with it. Otherwise set the amplification to a level where it sounds good. And also set Skype so it doesent automaticly change soundlevels instead set it manually to 100%

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We have just purchased a new HP desktop 510-p020, Windows 10. The brighness of the display is headache inducing. There are no physical controls on the monitor and nowhere to adjust via the control panel, hardware & sound, display, monitor, etc. No shortcut keys. Per windows, all drivers are current and up-to-date. Starting new job soon and I cannot sit in front of this screen for any length of time currently. Assitance would be appreciated!

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Hi,I'm consireding to buy the Elite x2 1011 G1, L5G47EA.Various reviews mention that TDP has been locked to 4.5 W, that limits performance. It seems that it could handle more, since it appears to have active cooling. Can the TDP be adjusted in BIOS or using some tuning tool?

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Hello, I was wondering if I should adjust my pagefile size. I have a computer thats less then a year old that runs windows vista (I have no vista problems).
I have 288 GB of memory, 230 GB free (I will probably never have less then 150 GB free) and 3069 MB RAM, and use a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS video card. The automatic pagefile size was like 3300 MB, but I think my computer might be able to do better. The recommended pagefile size is 4602 MB. I play alot of games like CS:S and EVE, so reducing lag as much as possible is always a concern of mine, which is why I use cable internet with LAN (I used to use wireless through a router).

Anyways, another site told me to multiply my recomended pagefile size by 2.5 to be my max. So I just set my "Initial pagefile" to 4602 MB and "Maximum pagefile" to 11505 MB. My question is, should I push for more/less? Should I just use automatic?

A:Page File Adjustment

With 3GB of ram,you should not need a large page file and should not
see alot of page file usage.
1500MB high and low limit should be fine and run smoothly.

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I am using hp 15-be003tu Notebook laptop, in that i am not able to adjust brightness. I have already setup the driver required for that from hp site. even then also its not work. Please suggest me something. How do i solve this issue.  Thanks.

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Sir,        I having HP 15-be003tu  notebook laptop, i have installed all drivers from hp home site. I am not able to adjust the brightness of screen using shortcut key on keypad, also there is no option in control panel to adjust the brightness.Please suggest me something as per as possible.   Thanks.

A:Brightness adjustment issue

sir     i like to driver   250 g4

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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. Does anyone know how to adjust the volume for all the songs on the ipod to +100%? instead of doing it individually for each song.

For those who dont know what i mean go to itunes then on your ipod right click a song and click "Get Info" go to the "options" tab.


A:iPod volume adjustment

How about simply selecting all the songs on the iPod, right-clicking & selecting "Get Info", you tick the volume check box & set it to 100% & then click apply. It will set it to the all songs you had selected.

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Hi, i've had this new computer i built this summer that was, until recently, working perfectly.
The problem is that when i put my cpu under a moderate load, after a while the temps, starts rising up to 100C. It stays at that for about 15-30 secs, and THEN the fans speeds adjusts and brings it back to a normal temp. The Idle temp is around 40C. I know when the temperature goes up because the game im playing (dota2) gets extremely spiky and laggy.
I have been thru the BIOS (my motherboard is an ASUS P8 Z77-V) and tried upgrading the minimum speed of the cpu fan (from 200 to 400 and then to 500 which is the max). Also i have changed the thermal paste of the heatsink of the cpu (twice)
Is there a problem with this cpu in particular or can it be a problem with the motherboard thats not monitoring the temps properly? Apparently some people had the same kind of problems on macs, but they were fixed with updates.
Does any1 have a clue on what might be the problem?

A:CPU I5-3570K temps/fan adjustment

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Hi, i have just purchased a Yoga 520 laptop, and am wantin to find out if there is any way to adjust the area of the touchpad, so that the area where the buttons are not part of the "touch" area, i quite often while working will have my left finger on the left click button at the bottom of the touchpad while navigating and swiping etc with my right hand. Because the buttons are part of the touch area, it keeps thinking i am trying to do gestures because of 2 fingers in the touch area at the same time, is there anyway to change this so that the button area is not "touch" before i put some tape there so it doesnt see my finger. Thanks in advance Danny

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How do I stop the Auto Adjustment in Progress pop up?

Yesterday an "Auto Adjustment in Progress" pop up started flashing on my screen stating I needed to change my resolution to 1680x1050. I did that but then the Auto Adjustment in Progress started popping up without the change the resolution line. It pops up in the middle of the screen every 5-10 minutes.

I looked for an answer to this problem and tried disconnecting the monitor cables and reconnecting them. Reset the Factory Settings on my monitor but the pop up continues to be a problem. I saw a download for a PC cleaner that supposedly helped a number of people but an uncertain to try it. From what I read it appears to be a monitor problem from what I read, although I'm not sure. I have Windows 8.1 and my monitor is an HP f2015.

Can someone help me stop this pop up?


A:Auto Adjustment in Progress Pop Up

I also tried the monitor on another computer and the Auto Adjustment in Progress message still pops up.

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