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Unable to boot xp pro/xp x64

Q: Unable to boot xp pro/xp x64

I just installed new bios chip v1805. I don't the bios chek sum error. Both os's do not load due the file ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupted. I'm unable to find a way to copy the file in the cab dir. I cann't get to a dos promt.I'm using a Asus A8N SLI deluxe mobo, 2 gig ram, amd fx57, and dual boot with XP pro 32bit and XP X64. I have my Xp X64 install cd. It will not install due to I get file \AMD\ntkrnlp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 4.The installation stops.
Thanks for your help Randy

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Preferred Solution: Unable to boot xp pro/xp x64

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Win 7x64
Everything seems to be working fine, but as the title suggests, when i tap F8 the Advanced boot options DO appear, but when i engage "Repair Windows" it just goes into a normal boot. Ive tried booting from my installation CD that i've purchased from Acer, but does nothing. And Yes My CD Drive is working, as well having this set as top priority in BIOS and CD is in good condition.

In addition to this, ive tried using the "Advanced Recovery options" from within Windows itself but when i go to click restart computer, i get an error message, with red-x, stating windows is unable to restart.

Additional info that may be relevant, is that a few months ago, i had a friend work on my computer, because windows wouldnt boot at all. When My laptop was returned to me, everything was fresh, but there was missing programs etc...He said, he had to format the hard drive to get it up and running again.

Anyway i appreciate any help as to what i should i do next, or answer any questions you may have-Thank-you!

A:Unable to access System Recovery in Boot Menu, and unable to boot disk

He said, he had to format the hard drive to get it up and running again.

What type of Windows DVD was used?

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Question Re: XPS 8700 with Windows 8.1.  if computer is no longer able to boot into Windows.
And Restore is not able to correct issue. 
And Refresh is unable to correct issue.
But Dell Backup and Recovery indicates no issues were found and now asks to Reinstall Operating System.
is Installation Restore/Original Image Media required to complete the Reinstallation usind Dell Backup and Recovery?
Alternatively if the Reset My PC option is used is Installation media required?

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When I try to start my laptop the 'Acer' logo flashes with 'press f2 to enter setup, f12 to change boot device, then to a black screen with a flashing cursor but unable to type, then screen turns off and it just repeats over and over. I'm unable to start in safe mode. I don't have the original Windows disc and no access to another computer, at this stage. I have a wireless keyboard and when I plug in the dongle am able to use it. 
If I press f2 then I'm able to access 'Phoenix Securecore Tiano Setup' with tabs for Information, Main, Security, Boot and Exit.
Before the laptop refused to start it was having an error about not being able to write to drive. I ran two programs, one anti malware and the other I think was Glary. I was able to start both in normal and safe mode at this stage.
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Dumbed down advice would be great! 
Acer Aspire 4752
Windows 7
Intel Core i3-2350m cpu @ 2.30ghz

A:Windows 7 Acer laptop unable to boot, unable to use safemode

It sounds like your HDD is broken.
Sorry, it really sounds that way.
Ultimate Boot CD has a range of tools that will help you confirm this. (look in the HDD Diagnosis section on the list)
Burn the disk and boot it, run the tool you choose...

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This morning I went to use my laptop and it is no longer booting.  The power will come on and the power button lights up, the keyboard lights up.  If I let it sit it will stop running after around 30 seconds to 1 minute.
If I click the power button after it started, I can hear the fans spin up then the system shut down.  I have ran the LCD test and it works.  Their is no boot screen at all or dell screen.
I updated the bios last week and I had run it since.  I also took the whole thing apart today to remove the bios battery for 1 minute and put it back together but it still does not run.
Is their a way to diagnose motherboard issues?  why would it not boot or is their more steps to look at?Thank you

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I accidently installed grub onto the seven boot partition. I can't boot into seven. It loads the ubuntu select os screen, I select WIndows 7 (Loader), and it justs goes back to the ubuntu select os.

Please can someone help?

I still have windows 7 installed, and I have full access to ubuntu.

A:Accidently installed grub onto windows 7 boot partiton. Unable to boot

To Remove Linux take look at this post:
Error 0xc0000225 on boot

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After deleting the partition on which Ubuntu was installed and enlarging the windows partition to fill the old space at the same time( stupid I know), I am unable to boot to Windows 7. All I see is a command line message that says Unknown File System and on the next line says Grub Rescue> with the option to input commands. After looking at this forum and Ubuntu forums I'm still unable to resolve the issue. I would like to be able to boot into windows 7.

A:Unable to boot Windows 7 after unistalling Ubuntu Dual boot

You'll have to restore your Master Boot Record. See this tutorial:

MBR - Restore Windows 7 Master Boot Record

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My pc (win 8, IE9, 64 bit) started behaving oddly suddenly before refusing to go any further now saying unable to find boot drive, please insert boot disk and press any key.
Is this terminal and have I lost all data on that pc? Will taking it to a pc wizard do any good?
I am in Australia
I hope someone can offer productive advice

A:Unable to find boot drive insert boot disk

I'm assuming that you are currently communicating from another computer.
Do you have the installation disk? If not, then the trip to the PC wizard sounds like a wise choice.
The data loss will depend on what is wrong and when you made your last backup. It could be very little to total.
Keep us posted

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Hello there,

I have a problem. I have a dual boot computer with Xp on C: and Win2k3 on D:

As my XP is behaving very weird lately, I intend to reinstall my C: again with XP again. But if I do so, my Win2K3 on D: will fail to start. I have done this experiment on a spare machine.

Does anyone know how I can reinstall XP on my C: and yet make sure that my Win2K3 still works well on my D: ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Win2K3 unable to boot after installing WinXP as a dual boot

Yes. You need to restore the boot environment that was installed with Windows 2003 server. Its more up to date than the one that was installed with XP, and is capable of booting both, whereas the older XP one you now have can only boot XP and not 2003.

I believe you will be able to get round this:

Install XP.

Backup your boot.ini file.

Boot from your Windows 2003 CD and begin an installation.

After the text based stage, where the files are copied to the hard drive, STOP THE INSTALLATION BEFORE THE GRAPHICAL STAGE, AND DON'T FORMAT!!!! You can do this by booting from the Windows 2003 CD instead of the HDD.

Then, boot from the Windows 2003 CD into recovery console, and rename your old boot.ini file as the new one.

Basically, you are wanting the Windows 2003 installation program to write its boot environment to the HDD again, but not to reinstall the OS.

You get around this in future by installing OSes in the order they were released, from the oldest to the newest, so that the following would be installed in this order:

Windows 95
Windiws 98
Windows NT 4
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 2003

I hope this helps. Sorry if this is a little vague but its early in the morning. Post back if you still have questions, but I've encountered this problem many times and that was how I fixed it. I don't recall fixboot or fixmbr from the recovery console helping.

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I own a HP Pavilion Tablet with Vista Business. I haven't noticed it until just recently that the CD-ROM drive disappeared off device manager. In an attempt to remedy the problem (hoping it was a software problem), I do what I usually do: rstrui. When recent restore dates didn't work, I turned the clock back the oldest state I had, which was back in late September. Next thing I knew, it wouldn't boot properly. It would pass the initial stage but would eventually end up on a blank screen. However, the cursor is visible (and movable). I can't progress through this point. BIOs is unreachable and it cannot boot from CD. I am unsure as to how to proceed from here. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

A:Unable to Boot; Unable to detect CD

First and foremost, read your manual as to how to do a system recovery. There will be a key or key combo to hit when powering up like F11 or whatever. This starts the system recovery.

Note many of these will overwrite ALL data on the drive. If there is info you need ie work files, data files, etc; I would pull the drive and slave it to a working system. Copy whatever data you need. Reinstall the drive and do the recovery.

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Hey all.
This is probably the biggest problem i've encountered with windows ever and i actually suspect its my hardware but not sure how to prove it and what step to take next if it is.

I have w7 installed on a SSD 64gig (C ) and most of my apps/games etc on a standard 1tb HDD (E )

The problem:
-as of yesterday, on starting the computer, windows 7 fails to boot, it goes to the w7 splash screen for about 15secs and then the monitor flickers off and the system restarts. W7 then gives the option to start normally or in repair mode.
-I've gone through repair mode now and tried both the startup repair (9 times, it finds no specific problem),
-the system restore, which lists 3 possible restore points (each one says success but then the same loop as above occurrs anyway)
-Ive also tried the bootrec commands via the command prompt available in system recovery.
-When i try to boot in with safe mode it goes black with a cursor and stops there
-when i try to boot via the dvd, it loads the windows background and cursor and stops there.
-In safe mode via the dvd it loads black screen and the 'safe mode' text in each corner and white cursor and stops there.

so at the moment i can't actually even do a repair or even clean reinstall via the disc which is pretty disturbing.
I've also tried chckdsk and used chkdsk /fix. this did report problems on the C drive and the /f run did say it corrected things on the ssd but still i am unable to load or boot via safe/system recover or ev... Read more

A:Win7 boot failure, DVD unable to reinstall/boot


All these symptoms point to a hardware issue to me as well. In particular, the part about the monitor flickering off draws my attention, because I wonder if it is a video card problem.

Do you have another graphics card you can use? If you are using a real video card, use the onboard graphics to test with if you have them.

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hey guys,

i m having a hardware error,on my windows vista...recently due to battery problem.. i had to do alot of restarts during the windows was being loaded.... and after one point it stopped ... so what happens is the bar keeps on comming and .... after one point is kinda freezes.. and if i try to go via safe mode... it stops after one particular file...hangs
on trying to reinstall... it hangs ..when it says press any key to install from this disk"...

so i believe my hardisk might have been corupted..and also.. ido hear strange noises from hardisk at startup....(screeching noise.. 3 to 4 times )... otherwise... when i put the other hardisk...my computer is fine

for information: it is vista genuine. with 4 gb ram and 100gb hardisk.... intel centrino.

also i dont get any kind of error.that i can tell you about!!

A:hardware error!unable to start,boot, or do anything on boot up

Sounds like the Hard drive is having problems....you should not hear that type of noise from the Hard drive.

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So I recently got some laptop parts to upgrade my laptop with from my friend who had the same model. Everything was working until I switched the harddrive (Big mistake). I thought since the model of laptops was the same, it could just be swapped in, but I was wrong and now I can't completely bootup my laptop with either drives. (I'm currently trying my fixes on my original drive)

On a restart after it downloaded some drivers, the device scanned the harddrive for consistency which deleted a few things. Since then it is mostly unable to boot (there have been a few times that it booted up but they are few and eventually they shut itself back down) and throws me in a bootloop even after I switched the original harddrive back in. I can boot it up successfully into safemode and use my windows recovery disc to boot up my laptop but neither of those are permanent fixes.

I've tried using the built in startup repair multiple times but it says it is unable to fix the problem. Looking at the logs of the scan, it says the root of the problem is a corrupt system volume disk.

I've also tried using system restore to earlier time but no luck. I've tried last known good configuration but didn't work.

I've tried performing a chkdsk function which was not able to fix the problem.

I've tried using bootrec. one of the functions showed that I had 0 windows installed. looking up and following the /rebuildbcd function from the microsoft site I fixed that problem so that it shows ... Read more

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Hi there!
My samsung laptop is unable to boot and it is showing an error 0xc0000001 ( you will need to use the recovery tools on your installation media). I don't have any recovery tool and I am unable to boot in any mode. I have also tried to install a new OS but no external media is working. Please help me.

A:Inaccesible boot device, Unable to boot in any mode.

welcome to the forum

first to unplug usbs, battery and power if plugged in. press the start button and hold for 30 secs. replace power, battery and reboot.

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Dear All,

My computer has been infected with a Boot.TidServ.B virus.

Norton Recovery Tool has detected it, but can't fix it. Is Norton Power Eraser likely to be able to kill this kind of virus? What other options are available? NB the computer can't boot up, including in Safe Mode, so any solution would have to be run from CD/DVD ROM.

I've done a bit of research and come across an application called "TDSSkiller" from Kaspersky - is this likely to work? Note that, again, it would have to be run-able from CDROM.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Boot.TidServ.B virus on computer, unable to boot

dantilley & MarrzlHello and to the BC forums.Please sit tight and be patient.I have requested that an experienced helper who specialises in un-bootable computers respond to your topic.Thank you.

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The problem about which I'm posting is with a Gateway 820gm XP Media Center 2005 PC. Some background information on the state of this PC before the incident:The system's main hard drive died last week (no mystery, I dropped the friggin' thing), so I recently put in a new HD and reinstalled the operating system. After many hours downloading all of the Windows Service Packs and other updates (the most recent of which was the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack), the PC was finally back up and running, and was doing so quite smoothly.I typically leave my PC on overnight and use an alarm clock program to wake myself up. When I awoke to my cell phone alarm instead, I noticed the usual signs of a power outage. (12:00 blink on microwave, stereo, etc.) Naturally, I switched on my computer. Then...The computer began to boot as normal and prompted me for the boot password, which it took as expected. It then continued to the usual Windows splash screen that precedes the Welcome Screen or the Desktop (depending on user settings). However, after the Windows splash screen, my monitors remained blank. After several minutes and, wondering if this was just a display failure, I began to take actions that would normally result in sound output (activating Windows Media Center, keying Shift 5 times for the StickyKeys beep, etc.) No result. I tested the "sleep" button on my keyboard which also yielded no result. I then did a hard reboot. Once more, I entered the boot pa... Read more

A:Unable to boot/incomplete boot after power outage

Only a question do you run a battery backup or just a power strip? It is possible that you got hit with a mild surge, only a guess!


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When I start the machine (XP Pro), it wonít boot in any mode. Going via F2 I can get to boot from CD but I donít have an XP recovery CD for the machine as it was an OEM with pre-installed XP (Tried a friendís XP Pro Recovery disc but it just gets me to Unmountable Boot Volume)

Have run Ubuntu (which works) and have recovered my files but would like to recover the XP OS if possible. Is there any way I can use Ubuntu to recover (as the HDD is obviously ok). Sorry havenít got any info re the machine apart from its a Toshiba U400.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated

A:Solved: Unable to boot XP - Unmountable Boot Volume

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Having problem with son's HP desktop.  When it boots, press the Esc key, get a boot menu. But ... unable to select ANY of the items.  Keyboard is not recognized when in this menu. Tried several different keyboards -- same symptoms on all. Also, despite having the CD/DVD device first in the boot order, when have bootable CD or DVD in the drive, see the text come up to press a key to boot from that device, but it does not boot from the disk, instead it puts up a message about booting from the system -- and once again, the keyboard(s) appear to be nonfunctional at this point. Product number: XX094AV Looked on the HP site to see if there is a BIOS update, but there is no BIOS listed. Could use some help on this. thanks

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In my hard-disk i have total 4 partition ©:windows, (D):data, (E):HP Recovery Manager and (F):Windows 7. Therefore Initial Stage where Windows Boot Manager loads i use to get two option whether want to load from windows 7 or Windows vista.

But some few days back my pc were infected with trojon, etc. Then i used HP Recovery Manager to restore my PC to default factory settings. After re-installing Windows Vista from the Recovery manager, I reconize that i am unable to boot to my Windows 7. I think Boot Manager has been disturbed. If i place Windows 7 DVD then windows files load and then hangs for few mins and then message displays that
"Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.
This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing. Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer.
If you continue to receive this error message, contact the hardware manufacturer.
Status: 0xc00000e9
Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred."

I dint Attach any removable storage to my pc.

I have tried EasyBCD 2.1, but installation stops in middle and program exits without installing it.

Therefore how to boot from Windows 7 and fix the Boot Manager, where i can load in both the windows version.

So can anyone help with it as soon as possible, bec... Read more

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Hello all,

First-of-all, thank you for reading this thread...any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

I have a Dell Dimension 8400 (circa 2006?). Not used very often. New 1 TB hdd placed approximately 1 year ago. Since it was still running slow (about 6 months ago) with occasional BSOD, took it in to local "tech guy" who added some RAM, "cleaned things up", and replaced XP Home with XP Pro....

Since then, it has been working OK (minor problems not worth mentioning here)...only used for Quicken, Rhapsody, and very light internet surfing...NO questionable websites...have ZoneAlarm firewall and AVAST antivirus...

PROBLEM showed up last night...BSOD...on rebooting, following message comes up...
The instruction at "0x77c47e9f" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".

Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program
Regardless of which option I choose, the computer offers the same message again once or twice. After 8 to 10 minutes, my normal desktop appears. Unfortunately, there is no START or Taskbar. Whether I do anything or not, after 2 to 3 minutes, I get the following message...
System is shutting down...initiated by NT.AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

Windows must now restart because the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service terminated unexpectedly.
I read that I should do the following ....reboot and press F8...I was given alternative reboot options...c... Read more

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My hard drive will not boot without using a bootable CD to reference the Windows partition.

When I power on my computer, the BIOS POST displays, then a black screen with a blinking cursor (_) in the top left appears. Nothing happens after this, no error messages or anything.

Current Workaround
I can place Hiren's BootCD (Hiren's BootCD 15.1 - All in one Bootable CD ? www.hiren.info) into the drive, and allow the computer to boot to this CD. Once it is booted, I can scroll down to the menu option "Boot from Disc 0, Partition 2", and the Windows 7 install on my C:\ drive will boot like it should.

BackgroundThe drive originally shipped with Partition 1 as a 10gb recovery/restore partition, and Partition 2 is where Windows 7 was installed.
At some point, the recovery partition had data on it accidently deleted, rendering it useless.
Ubuntu was installed as dual-boot with Windows 7. This shrunk partition 2 (Windows 7), and added partition 3 (200gb) and partition 4 (50gb) for Ubuntu. It then booted to a GRUB bootloader which had Windows 7 as the last option on the list.
Uninstallation of Ubuntu. I used the methods shown at this link: The Non-Geek?s Guide To Safely Uninstall Ubuntu From A Dual-Booting MachinePartitions 1, 3, and 4 were deleted using EASUS Partition Manager in Windows.
Partition 2 (Windows 7) was moved to the beginning of the hard drive and enlarged to use the entire disc using Disk Management utility.
EasyBCD was started to... Read more

A:MBR/BCD Missing/Invalid Unable to boot without Boot CD

Hi Foxnet.
Welcome to sevenforums
Can you provide us your screenshot of your listed partition on disk management
just like mine

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When i boot up my computer it doesnt reach the user login screen before it loads of startup repair. It looks for a fix but it doesnt find one. In the diagnosis the only error it shows is 'Boot critical file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\vmbus.sys is corrupt'. I have booted kaspersky repair disk and run a full scan which found no viruses or malware etc. From the startup repair window i have tried a system restore which had the same problem when attempting to boot. I can only access the system recovery options screen.

I am running windows 7 32bit, and i dont have a windows 7 disk but do have the windows 7 32bit iso file that i used to install windows 7.

I would be grateful for any help to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to boot into Windows 7: Boot critical file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\vmbus.sys is corrupt

but do have the windows 7 32bit iso file that i used to install windows 7
so burn the win7 iso to dvd and see if you can boot to it and run the repair

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I had this system which was working for a year, till now i had problem unable to make the monitor working.
It is a similar problem with this thread a year back,


Basically, my cpu is able to boot into windows, ( by hearing the sounds and so on ),
however my monitor is in sleep mode.
I cant access anything right from dos since i cant see anything.

I had tried replace VGA cable and monitor, but it didnt work.
below is the spec of my computer.

19" samsung monitor
Winfast PX 7600 GT (used a DVI > VGA convertor )
AMD dual-core 64x2 3800+
ASUS board, forgot wad is the model. ( No integrated graphic port )
2 gig ram


A:Unable to boot monitor at boot up

The video card may be bad. Swap it out with another to test

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About 3 days ago I reinstalled Windows 7 and though I would XP on this same HDD rather than my seperate one the installed Linux Mint. So I installed it in this order - Windows 7, XP and Linux Mint

Rather than using the Linux boot menu because it showed me Windows 7 twice rather than Windows 7 and XP So I used EasyBCD in Windows XP and added XP to find the drive its self and linux as well. Linux and windows 7 I can boot ok but when I choose the option for XP it just goes to a black screen no windows loading screen or anyhing just a black screen.

Does any have ides with this for me?

A:Triple boot unable to boot XP

My first view of this is that you failed to check the box in EasyBCD
Run EasyBCD.
NOTE: This is required to repair the Windows 7 boot file and add XP to the Windows Boot Manager list.

9. On the left side of EasyBCD, click on the Add New Entry button. (See screenshot below)A) In the top section under Operating Systems, click on the Windows tab. (See screenshot below)
​B) To the right of Type, select Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3 from the drop down menu. (See screenshot below)
WARNING: Be sure to leave the Automatically detect correct drive box checked.

C) To the right of Name, you can leave the default Microsoft Windows XP as the name to be displayed in the Windows Boot Manager, or you can type whatever name you would like to have instead. (See screenshot below)
​D) Click on the Add Entry button. (See screenshot below)

​10. On the left side of EasyBCD, click on the Bootloader Setup button, select (dot) the Install the Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR option, and click on the Write MBR button. (See screenshot below)
​11. Close EasyBCD.

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Hi, I'd like to ask you for your help. This morning I turned my PC on and immediately after that there was a crazy fan loud noise, nothing on the screen at all, all mobo lights were on and there was one beep, bit louder and longer (about 1 sec long) than the usual POST beep. And of course it didnt boot.

I need the computer for work real bad so I cant afford to leave it somewhere for a week for repairs.

I didnt see or smell anything burned.

The configuration is:
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3 (rev.1.0)
Intel Core i5-750 BOX
Kingston HyperX XMP Genesis 4GB (kit 2x 2GB) 1600MHz
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB DDR5 21162-00-50R
Enermax PRO82+ II 525W Bronze
Intel X25-M (34nm) 80GB
Seagate Barracuda LP 3.5" 1.5TB ST31500541AS
OS: W7 Home 64bit

After googling up the problem and reading several similar threads (interestingly though all of them had no beep so I dont know how much relevant they were to my problem) I tried:
- reseting mobo battery
- vacuing the dust in fans
- reseating videocard
- booting up with just one of the two RAMs (both of them of course)

None of that helped.

What I do for about two years and might be relevant to this problem because I don't think it's standard on desktop PCs is that I don't turn the PC off, just hibernate it.

What would you guys please suggest?

Sorry for missing aposthropes etc., im posting from a tablet.

Update: If I leave the PC turned on long enough, the lights will turn off, but the PC still wont boot or show anything... Read more

A:Unable to boot, please help

The first thing to check is your PSU. Do you have another one to test with?

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Hi all,

I was getting continious BSOD so i reinstalled XP on my desktop.
It worked fine for a while and now it's not booting up, it just gets stuck on the windows XP screen with the green line moving.
I tried using Ubuntu live CD and it worked completely fine, which makes me believe my hardware is fine.
Unable to understand the issue please help.

System Specs.
AMD Athlon? X2 7750 2.7 GHZ processor.
Gigabyte Motherboard with nvidia 6150SE onboard graphics card.
2 Gb kingston RAM
500 GB Seagate HDD.

A:Unable to Boot XP

Did you run a drive fitness test of the drive, zero wipe the drive and long format the drive before reinstalling windows?

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After attempting to install some USB device, my computer bugs out and I have to restart. Now, whenever I try to restart, I get this pattern:

Quick welcome screen (MSI motherboard)
Black screen
Black screen with typical error message when you don't start Windows successfully (the one that lets you start in the three safe modes, last known good config, or starting Windows normally).

So I can select any of the choices, and they all give me the same result:

30 second pause
Windows load screen (10 seconds)
Quick welcome screen (MSI motherboard)
Back to the black screen w/ error message.

I can access BIOS fine, but my floppy drive doesn't work, so I can't use a boot disk. My new Windows XP CD doesn't affect it either.

I'm guessing that my hard drive fried, any other ideas before I go out to buy a new one?


P.S. In case you want to know a few of its specs (it's about 3 years old):
Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ OEM 478 CPU
MSI 845E-MAX Motherboard

A:Unable to boot up XP

A bad hard drive wouldn't affect your floppy drive, so it's not likely your hard drive. I'm not sure why the floppy doesn't work, but it sounds like your Windows installation got corrupted. I didn't quite understand, but are you able to boot to your XP installation CD? If so, do a general repair. If not, does your optical drive show up in the BIOS?

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Long story short my computer cant boot from a bootable usb.

Long story long, Yesterday i tried to format my computer with my windows 7 original disk, my computer does not have a slot for a cd player so i plugged one in and it was just laying there on the ground, i put my windows disk in and it was vibrating like crazy so i wanted to move it on a pillow, while doing so i tilted it a bit at it and it completely ruined the cd, i cant boot from it anymore so i lend a bootable usb with windows 7 on it, and put my bios priorites to boot from the usb and it gives me a screen with lines going down in different colors ( Blue, green, light blue, red) With Weird compination of letters ( C ? L O( @ C, ) and so on. Like the same effect of a blue screen, i cant press anything and only thing i can do is turn it off and on. What causes this? Its not just this usb its also if my computer boots from my extern harddisk ( Without windows7 files on it just picutres) So im guessing the usb isnt bootable? Or is there a setting im missing in the bios.

Thx for reading my rambeling


intel i7 3930k
gigabyte x79 ud3
gtx 680
840 series samsung ssd
Kingston usb.

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Dear Team, I bought HP Notebook from Flipkart.com with product number: V5D75PA#ACJ which is of free doss. my problem is that i am not able to boot CD rom for OS installation. I gone throuh your site but in BIOS the secure boot and other options are unavailable/inactive so what should i do now to boot my OS DVD plaese let me know ASAP Thank you Regards Sudarshan 

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When I start up my pc it is unable to boot and comes to a sreen that shows these:

"We appologise for the inconvenience, but Windows didn't start successfully.
A Hardware or Software change might have caused this

If your pc stopped responding, restarted automatically or was automatically shut down to protect your files & folders, chose 'last known configuration' to revert to most recent settings that worked.

If a previous startup attempt was interupted, due to power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed, or if your not sure what caused the problem, chose 'Start Windows as Normal'.


Use up & down keys to highlight your choice.
Seconds to Windows start : 28 "

I think the problem started when, just as i was shutting down my pc,say a minute after, a power blackout occured. then now whenever i boot my pc the above screen shows. i have tried to use the option "START NORMALLY" but it just reboots back to the same options.
I have also tried SAFE MODE but it also doesnt work, i think it opens up to something like a cmd then i just shut it down. But before loading into cmd it displays these, :

(the first 5 that i managed to get, there are more)

multi (0) disk (0) partition (1)\ WINDOWS\system 32\ntoskml.dll
multi (0) disk (0) partition (1)\ WINDOWS\system 32&... Read more

A:PC unable to boot, how to fix???

Hello badskater99,

I would suggest trying to boot into the Last Known Good Configuration and see what the results are.

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'Houston we have a problem.'

I think I have a problem for which there is no easy solution but I thought I'd post in case any of you guys can help.

Came to switch on my desktop PC yesterday which runs XP Home and has been happily running OK for many years but after the initial boot up the message "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM. You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original Setup CD-ROM. Select 'r' at the first screen to start repair."

I tried the above but it then appeared that the CD drive wasn't being recognised, despite its LED flashing, since the CD was ignored on the re-boot and the same message then appeared. I trawled the web looking for solutions, tried a few things but have got nowhere. I managed to download an XP recovery .ICO file and burn it onto a CD but again that seemed to be ignored on a re-boot.

I seem to have big problems but can anyone suggest how I can fix this in the easiest way, if at all, and at least get to a point where I can copy in the missing file(s), as explained on the Microsoft website, or at least get to where I can reload Windows XP again from the CD. Otherwise it looks like I'll need a new hard drive at least or another PC.

A:Unable to boot up


You can try booting with a Win98 floppy disk (google for how to make the disk and where to get the source), copy there the missing file and move it to your HD.

Another thing is to ensure that the computer can boot from CD, check on this within your pc bios settings.

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I am working on an Inspiron 3721 and am trying to boot to the USB Thumbdrive in UEFI mode. .I have turned off Secure Boot, disabled Legacy, Boot List Option set to <UEFI>.  I have added USB as a Boot Option .  The File Path System is "Acpi(PNP0A03,0)/Pci(1D10)/Usb(0, 0)/Usb(1, 0)/HD(part1,Sig3DDE4903).  The File Path is "F:/Isolinux/"  and I have tried "F:/Isolinux/BOOT".

What am I doing wrong?  The Thumbdrive is a bootable drive.
Thanks for any help ..

A:Unable to Boot to USB

What distribution and version of Linux ?  Only some very new releases support UEFI.  Most do not.

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Hi allI am not able to boot from USB HDD on my brand new Probook 470 G4 .I take the message "selected boot image did not authenticate".I followed suggestions from other topics like disable secure boot and enable Legacy Support but w/o any result.I tried to boot from various different bootable USB devices but always I take the same message.I tried to make bios upgrade but I have the latest version for my machine (P85 Ver. 01.02 08/30/2016) I use HP Computers the last 17 years I am very pleased and familiar with all features and I never had any issue but this time I am stack I would apreciate if somebody has an idea or any suggestion. 

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I have a Vista machine that is unable to boot in normal mode, but can successfully load in Safe Mode with Networking.

When booting in normal mode, it will bypass the Windows loading screen and hang on the black screen before the login screen, before restarting automatically after a good few minutes.

I have noticed that there are several errors in the event logs that essentially say;

spldr wanarpv6 failed to load

These are two drivers I understand, Microsoft Windows Security Process Loader (this actually has a Yellow exclamation mark next to it within Device Manager, but is this to be expected as it does not load in Safe Mode??) and MS Remote Access and Routing ARP Driver both of which I believe do not start in Safe Mode (could this be why I am able to boot in Safe Mode with Networking without issues?

Both of these system files within C:\Windows\System32\Drivers to indeed exist, so it is not as though they are missing.I have checked the disk for errors using ChkDsk and SeaTools both of which have come back clean.
I have also run a sfc /scannow which also reported no issues.
I have uninstalled AVG, as there were also several AVG system files (.sys) showing up in the same event entry as those above, but the two described above remain.
I have run Startup Repair multiple times and it shows a message stating that it is unable to fix the errors. I can supply the technical information, regarding 'Problem Signatures' if this is required/would help. I think Problem Sig... Read more

A:Unable to Boot

Hi I would run malwarebytes again and let it finish also did you try system restore from safe mode to a time prior to your issues starting.

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I am new at this, I have a dell with xp, very slow dialup conn. I tried to download microsoft sp2 and it said it would take about 10 hrs, so I did this at night and when I got up my comp was shutdown,I tried to reboot and all I get is a mssg. that says error loading operating system, and will not go anywhere else. Does anyone know what I can do for this? I am unable to find my xp disc, please help:

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I wasn't able to boot into safe mode, so I did msconfig and ticked Boot.ini /SAFEBOOT MINIMAL radiobutton in.
Since then, when computer starts up, I see Win. welcome screen and then everything stays black.. No reaction what ever..
I have to mention that I have Nero 6 Ultra Edition installed on that machine, and I've heard of conflict with safe mode but I didn't uninstall it thinking if I did what I did it would overwritte Nero's conflict.
Before I did that I switched System Restore off (because I wanted to run spyware/antivius scan) so now I can't startup with last good configuration..
Is there any way to get my Windows working again?
Thanks for your help in advance..

A:Unable To Boot In Xp

Hi Notorious. About the only thing you can do now is to boot to Recovery Console from the XP CD and edit the boot.ini file directly and take the /SAFEBOOT switch out of the boot line.Also, System Restore does not need to be turned off to run a virus check. The only time you would want to turn System Restore off is to clear all restore points and then you would turn it back on immediately afterward to create a new restore point.Cheers.OT

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When my friend attempts to boot his computer, it loads to the black page with white writing then reboots.
It will not go past this point.

Any suggestings please. Thanks

A:Unable to boot

New build or has it run a while before?

Specs are needed including the video card and the brand name and wattage of the power supply.

What type of thermal paste is on there?

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Hi all hopefully you guys can all help me with a little(major) proproblem im having with my desktop. Hopefully i give enough information (although im stumped myself)

My desktop computer is about 5-6 years old pentium 2 average specs. Yesterday it was working with out a hitch and shut down as normal after use. This morning I turn on the wal switch as normal but when i press the power button on the front of the computer, the red light turns on you can hear the fans etc going, the green light does not start nothing appears on screen, the computer for lack of a better word is dead.

Just the red light turned on, it doesn't blink and the computer doesn't sound like its processing anything, no boot up screen or anything.

I've checkd all connections and they seem to be fine.

Hopefully someone may have an answer to help me out.

Thanks for your time

A:Unable to boot up

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I'm using an Asus VX1 laptop, running Windows XP w/ Service Pack 3. When I try to start up, it seems to fail and then retry. It has the same issue when I try it in Safe Mode, and with the "last known good configuration". When I try to start the Recovery Console, I get a blue screen (contents below). I haven't installed any new hardware or software since the last time I successfully started and I can't try the suggestions below since I can't even use Safe Mode.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Contents of blue screen:

A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any Windows updates you might need.

If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.

Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x000000ED (0x89AF7850,0xC0000006,0x00000000,0x00000000)

A:Unable to Boot

Hi .Unmountable boot volume errors...are normally overcome by running the chkdsk /r command from the XP Recovery Console.Do you have an XP CD? Is the Recovery Console installed on your laptop?If not, you can search the Web and download an .iso of the XP Recovery Console.Then...burn that to CD, using a program for burning .iso files to CD.How to write a CD-DVD image or ISO - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/write-a-cd-dvd-image-or-iso/ Then...run the chkdsk /r command, following the instructions at How to use CHKDSK in the XP Recovery Console - http://pirules3.14.googlepages.com/recovery_console_chkdsk.Louis

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Hi,I wish to partition the 1TB drive that this laptop came with. Now I have Win10 on it.I have been in the BIOS and chnaged boot order and disabled Secure Boot.Received the passcode prompt for change and entered it. Reentered BIOS and Secure Boot is disabled, yet the boot manager option on F9 only shows OS Boot ManagerEUFI File? The CD is bootable (it is Acronis Tru Image boot CD). I have tested it on an Acer laptop and it boots fine. I tried a USB stick created by Windows media Creation tool and it will boot from that, but I want to use ATI to make a backup before repartitioning using windows disk management. What do I need to do to get this laptop to boot as I wish?Order is CDUSBOSUSB CD/DVD TIA

A:Unable to boot from CD

Hi,You probably have to enable legacy boot in the Bios.  Hope it helps,David

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hey all, my friend knows nothing about computers and wanted me to fix her HP pavilion PC, i dont have exp with prebuilt PCs, but i've built my own PC from scratch so figured i'd give it a shot, would've never if i'd known the amount of trouble this is though. My issue is, i'm trying to reinstall windows(her gfx card wouldn't work, needed to reformat), i had installed windows 10 fine, but she wanted 7 so i wanted to switch back, all i did really was boot up a few times, trying to figure out how to boot from disc on this machine, and then it just stopped and now says "Operating system not found" At first i didn't mind since she doesn't want windows 10 anyways and i'm just trying to get this back to 7, but now i've been looking at dozens of guides and threads and can't seem to find how to fix this issue. My bios is v7.16, i've tried : F9(boot menu), then boot from my DVD drive, it simply logs in normally, and tells me i dont have windows, the disc is in fine & tested. F10, enable legacy mode in bios>security, everything i see tells me i need to go to secure boot configuration, but i don't have this option in there I've ran out of ideas, and would really appreciate if anyone could give me any advice on how to get this machine back up and running, i've installed windows on many custom built PCs before, but these locked pre-built OS seem to have so much less options. Thanks in advance.  

A:Unable to boot via DVD

You can order HP recovery media below, or call HP on the phone to order 1-800-474-6836http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/bph07143  If HP no longer has Recovery Media for your model, order them herehttp://www.computersurgeons.com/Default.aspx .  

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Hi, HP Compaq DC7800, When I turn on the electric switch desktop turns on without pressing power button, light and fans start working but display remains blank. After 10-12 seconds it shuts down automatically, and after 5 seconds again lights and fans starts working while the display remains blank. I have disconnected every thing and pressed cmos button for 10 seconds but problem remains. What to do, plz help

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Hi, i cant boot from usb. there is a possibility bios to be locked?  When i go to BIOS-Configuration-Boot options there isnt USB option.if i go to the more options, there is diskete usb. even if i put this in the top of the list, nothing happen. Any idea? Thank you

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I've been trying to put Linux (fedora 6) onto an old windows 98. I've made the CD's and they work because i've tested them on other PC's but when I start the computer it won't boot from the CD. I've made sure the BIOS is booting from the CD drive but that doesn't help. It says there isn't anything in the device however once i've logged on it can read the disk perfectly.

A:Unable to boot from CD

the your test on the other computers include booting from it? Considered using another cd drive?


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Hi, i cant boot from usb. there is a possibility bios to be locked?  When i go to BIOS-Configuration-Boot options there isnt USB option.if i go to the more options, there is diskete usb. even if i put this in the top of the list, nothing happen. Any idea? Thank you

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Recently I have been unable to get the BIOS to boot a CD first. All that happens is that, regardless of the priority I've set it at, it will just skip right ahead and boot Windows. There is no white text at the top saying 'Press any key to load from CD....' etc.

I cannot understand it.

I have three partitions on my HDD, one with Vista and the other with Vista, and I wanted a third with XP. Both my DVD and DVD RW drivers are working perfectly in Windows, there is nothing wrong with them - the DVD is on the Master IDE and the DVD RW is on the SATA 2.

Addtionally and probably directly related to this is the fact that up until recently I was able to choose which Windows partition to load, now there is no such option when I start up or restart the PC.

What has happened? I've tried fidling with the BIOS, even reset the damn thing to default settings, disabled every other boot device but the CD Drive option and nothing. Not even the F8 boot thing works. All it will do is just skip right ahead and load Windows.


Windows Vista 32bit (2 partitions, but unable to access one now)
ASUS Striker Extreme Mobo (latest BIOS version)
Samsung HD400LJ 400GB HDD
2x1024 MB PC8500 RAM

Soul destroying this, I want XP on this machine.

A:Unable to boot from CD.

upon the bios loading, try pushing F12...on most BIOS systems, it allows you to choose where you want to boot from.

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