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Win 10 with share point opens all files as Read Only

Q: Win 10 with share point opens all files as Read Only

Hey everyone.

I have windows 10 with 2016 office. i have share point that i pull my files from and since my upgrade to win 10, any time i try to open a file it opens as read only which is incredibly frustrating given how many times i open files through the day. I have looked around and havnt found anything that has worked for me yet.



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Preferred Solution: Win 10 with share point opens all files as Read Only

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


hi all
first i am sorry i am so much biggenr in the networking issues

i have an access point device , and i have windows 7 on my computer , can i share my files through my the wireless so i can access to them by using another computer having a wireless adapter ?

if yes so how can i do that

i hope someone helps me

thank you

A:can i use an ACCESS POINT device to share my files through a network ?

If you have computers on the same local area network (LAN) they can communicate with each other. If you connect the computers to the ACCESS POINT device (I assume this is a wireless access point, or WAP) the computers can file share.

Short description for Windows 7 and 8 file and printer sharing:

Go into the Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel or from the Network icon in the Notification Area. Your network must be designated 'Private' (or 'Home' or 'Work'). Click on Change advanced sharing settings. In the Private or Home or Work section you can configure File and printer sharing, Public folder sharing, and Password protected sharing.

You may want to change the Workgroup name. To check it or change it right click on "Computer" and select "Properties."

You must uninstall or properly configure any non-windows firewall (security suite).

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One of my co-workers has been having this odd problem and I'm not sure what to make of it.

On occasion, she goes to open an INDD (Adobe InDesign) file which is stored on our Windows 2003 server, and it opens as "read-only." She opens the file to make changes and can't because InDesign won't let her save any changes to the file.

There's no apparent reason for this - she has full access to the file, the file's read-only bit has not been set, and there's plenty of space on the server.

What she usually does to get around it is to "Save As..." over the file she's just opened. That normally works. On occasion this doesn't work and she has to "Save As..." to her desktop, then "Save As..." back over the original. It's a pain for her at the very least.

She has this problem at least a few times during the week.

What's odd is that I've checked the "open files" list on that Windows 2003 server when she gets the error. Her workstation suddenly opens a whole handful of zip files located on the same Windows 2003 server (some of our digital artwork comes in zip packages). They are opened in read mode only (READ, not READ-WRITE).

When she does her "save as..." and gets past the error, the read locks/handles on the zip files are closed also. The ZIP thing sounded suspicious to me and I scanned her computer (as well as the ZIPs) for viruses. Nothing came up. I have since eve... Read more

A:INDD file opens read-only, ZIP files suddenly open in BG

I've encountered this same problem. Is she using a Mac? If so, I've noticed that OS X wants to create a little image preview when you select a file in the Finder. Some files take longer than others to render the preview. If she opens the file before the Finder is finished rendering, it will open as Read-Only. I believe this is due to the fact that the Finder is still using the file when CS tries to open it. Simple fix: Wait until the Finder finishes creating the preview, then open the file.

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Microsoft word starter using windows 10 opens my files occasionally in read only format and I have tried just about every suggestion in your forum within my limited skills but I offer this in the hope it might help - I notice it is most likely to occur
if opening a file from within the software, if one steps outside and opens it from the desktop it is more unlikely to happen.  When previously using compatibility mode it did not happen but that did not like files that contained any downloaded pictures
with the hyperlink still active. When re-opening them subsequently they could not be edited until clicking on "edit now" which is why I used the

conversion option only to get this problem which is annoying and not good enough.

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firstly about two years ago i was making a game when suddenly my computer slowed down to the point where it took 15 mins to load a working version of windows. about half a year ago my dad got it to work faster after a bout 3 installs after that i estabalished a network with my new PC then the old one stopted working. so i resorted to my dad's other pc(i couldn't get the file transfer on that one either). a few days ago i got my old pc to work properly but now i am having trouble getting a file share on Windows and even Ubuntu but so far i would just like to know how to fix this probvlem on Windows.

A:it works, it breaks then works to the point where i can't share files

Really need more information to be able to help.
What is the make/model and operating system of each computer?
How are they connected?
Do the compuiters show in each other's Network display?
Can the computers ping each other by IP Address and Computer Name?

This is a general trouble shooting guide for simple problems.

Each computer must have a Unique Name.
Each computer must have at least one user account with a password. Vista will not share with computers that do not.
All the computers must have the same Work Group Name.
File Sharing must be turned on for each computer.
Firewalls must be configured to allow sharing.
To Turn on File Sharing.
For the XP computers go to Control Panel, Network Setup wizard.
Click next.
Click next.
If you are running wireless, the ethernet card will be listed. If connected by ethernet and you have a wireless card it will be listed.
For right now, just select "Ignore the listed connections".
Click next.
Select "This computer connects to the internet by a residential gateway".
Click next.
Enter the Work Group name.
Click next.
Select "Turn on File and printer Sharing"
Click next.
Verify all the information is correct.
Click next.
I would select "Just finish the wizard" and not make a disc. It take about the same amount of time to run the disc as to manually enter the data.
Click next.
Click finish.

Vista Computers.
Not sure where to enter the Work Group Name on Vista. Been a couple of years and my ... Read more

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Good Afternoon,

I am active duty in the USAF and my squadron has recently stated pushing us to use Microsoft SharePoint more and more. This may be an AF wide trend, not sure; the point is I have no idea what SharePoint is, what it does, how it works, or what capabilities and advantages it might bring to me and my co-workers. I was looking for someone who might be able to answer these questions, and might also be able to discuss some of the disadvantages of SharePoint. Also, are there other programs similar to SharePoint that can do the same things, or possibly have even greater capabilities. Thank you very much for you time and help.

A:Share point

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Good Afternoon,

I am active duty in the USAF and my squadron has recently stated pushing us to use Microsoft SharePoint more and more. This may be an AF wide trend, not sure; the point is I have no idea what SharePoint is, what it does, how it works, or what capabilities and advantages it might bring to me and my co-workers. I was looking for someone who might be able to answer these questions, and might also be able to discuss some of the disadvantages of SharePoint. Also, are there other programs similar to SharePoint that can do the same things, or possibly have even greater capabilities. Thank you very much for you time and help.

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as anybody willing to work with me on deleting my Microsoft share point it wont delete from my computer and shuts my computer down every time i try to delete it and then it says groove is in use.. i just want to delete the program to get a better version AND USE MICROSOFT!!!!!

A:Remove Microsoft Share Point

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Have you tried this: Uninstall SharePoint Server 2010

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When I try to add users to a SharePoint site I receive the following message:

"Cannot add user because a user with that name already exists."

Some additional information:

1. I am one of the administrators of the site (there is one other administrator).
2. We both receive the same error when trying to add users.
3. We are using SharePoint 3.0
4. Under the "Manage Users" page the people we are trying add do not show up as users.


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A sbscription has been created for a report. When selecting "Manage subscription" option from the down arrow, the page doesn't load. The only way is to delete and recreate it. It runs fine, then when you want to manage it again, the page doesn't load or it takes a very long time to load (if at all).

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

A:Managing Subscription in Share point

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I am using a training package from Mindleaders to learn how to setup and run Share Point 2003. I'd like to setup share point on my XP Pro machine if that is possible. I tried to setup share point on a Server 2003 partition, but it just didn't work.

Do I have any alternatives? Is there a Share Point site that can be accessed for practice purposes? I'm open to suggestions. HELP!!

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Establish a new intranet using Share Point Server 2003 ???


We need to establish a new intranet for one of our customers using Share Point Server 2003.
We are looking for exemplary intranet sites where we can see what are the main areas that
are commonly covered by “todays” intranets to have an idea what is the typical content
in nowadays big intranets.
Links would by appreciated.

Thank you


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Hi Team,
I need help on the installation of SharePoint server 2010 Enterprise version in Window 7 64 bit Os 
Need urgently 
I am facing the issue while installation the prerequisites for the Share point in window 7 
I have the Window 7 Pro with 64 bit 
Please let me know if any information is required .

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our group uses 2003 share point, i recently have upgraded from 2003 office to 2007 office

i find that synchrniztion feature is not there in 2007, i downloaded in installed add-in 2007 synchroniztion but i am still not getting option of "synchronize with Sharepoint" when i right click on table..

Does this even suppose to work? if yes could someone tell me solution or workaround please..

A:Synchronize 2003 Share point and 2007 Office

Is your copy of Office 2007 fully updated? Are you running XP or Vista?

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our group uses 2003 share point, i recently have upgraded from 2003 office to 2007 office

i find that synchrniztion feature is not there in 2007, i downloaded in installed add-in 2007 synchroniztion but i am still not getting option of "synchronize with Sharepoint" when i right click on table..

Does this even suppose to work? if yes could someone tell me solution or workaround please..

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hi I want to 
1. get all the promoted links closer to each other with no whitespace space.
2. I want to remove the green colour when you mouse over 
2. remove the "see all"
3. Leave no space on the right of the promoted links- white space again

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Hi, I have a simple network at home that consists of 2 PCs connected via a crossover cable. They are both running Windows XP Pro. I ran the network wizard on both machines and can share the internet connection fine. However neither computer can share files with the other or share the printer.

When I set folders to ?share this folder on the network? the folder is not visible on the other computer. Both computers have IP addresses set, however neither computer is able to ping the other.

When Computer.A (host of the internet connection) goes to Start -> My Network Places -> ?view workgroup computers? all that shows up in the list is Computer.A.

However if I try to go to ?view workgroup computers? on Computer.B I get the following error message:

?Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator etc.
The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available?

I have searched the forums and found various steps that I have tried, but I still am not able to get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Can share internet but can't share files

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

The quickest fix is a router/hub rather than peer to peer cable.
Do you have file and print sharing turned on?
Try setting up network wizard to something other than "MSHOME"
You might have only internet sharing turned on.
Did you create the files for network or just "finish network setup",
in the wizard?

This has helped me by setting guest password.

spike said:

Protect your guest account - The guest account can be used by hackers and/or malware to gain greater access to your machine, even when turned off. The guest account can't be removed. However, you can disable it, but this can affect the functionality of your computer. Instead, what you can do, and what you probably should do, is put a strong password on it, and then leave it safely turned off. You do this by opening a command window (start -> run -> type "cmd" and press enter). at the command prompt, type net user guest <password> (where <password> is your chosen password, being something you can remember). After hitting the enter key, the guest account will be password protected. If your machine is networked and authenticating as guest, then you'll need this password to access network shares - if you tell it to remeber the password, it will only ask the once.Click to expand...


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hi, i searched but couldt find nothing specific about the topic... I have to computers conected thru a crossover cable and i can share files and i see the other computer on the network, but the one that doesnt connect to the ISP directly wont have internet, it is dial up internet and i have the tcp/ip adresses to 192.168 ... or whatever it is that i cant remember right now that you are supposed to use, i couldnt get it so i ran the assistant and then it is supposed to have internet because i can see it connected to the isp from the laptop but then im not able to connnect to the internet and i dont remeber where but i found an option where http and https where disabled, so i enabled them and tried to surf and i couldnt first i tought that was the problem but it didnt work, anyone has any suggestions??

A:can share files but cant share internet

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Hi All
I am still getting to know Win 7 and my new Dell XPS. I have Word 2010 on this machine I transferred over my older files, Word 97-2003. Most open fine in compatibility mode. I can change them and save no problem. I opened one particular Word 97-2003 file today that opens as read only. Properties box is not checked read only and other similar files in the same folder open fine. I can?t see any difference and am a bit mystified why this particular file will only open as read only.
Any Thoughts?
Best Regards

A:File only opens as Read Only

The file could have been already open or it is reserved for someone to open it by another user.

Try open the file then go to File Menu and click "file save as" then assign a new name to the file. In this way, you can delete the old file and rename the file that you just saved to the original file name.

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greetings, pc was hit by lightning got new pc, but still using old hard drive, installed new mother board drivers and office 2003, all works but when i try open an old power point file it give error power point cant open c:/....... Moderator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Power Point Cant Read C:\docs........

just did a test........i emailed one of the power point files to my lap top, and yey i could open it, i emailed it back to pc but just added a letter on the file name and i could open it on pc, any ideas what i can do besides email and remailing all files back and forth

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My PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I have shared a few folders using advanced sharing. I have given 'Everyone' read permission to the folder. To test this I use my laptop which is running the same OS, press WinKey+R and enter \\<IP-address>. Windows then prompts me for username and password. The same happens if I try to connect directly to the directory by entering \\<IP-address>\<directory>. How can I access my files without having to log in with my account on the PC that is sharing files? All I wan't to do is to give ANYone on the network read permissions. They shouldn't have to authenticate.

A:Public read permission in SMB share

Thanks for your reply!

The reason that I can't use authentication is that I will be hosting a file server for a LAN gaming event, and it has to be really easy for the clients so they don't have to make adjustments. I think I should just stick with a local web server.

You said that those steps were necessary to make Windows 7 work with older servers, but the thing is, both the server and the client that I have been testing are running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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What is the Security Configuration Wizard (MalwareTips.com)

Here you can share your PC security configuration with other members. Sharing your security set-up may help others too. You will receive feedback on how to improve your security and other advice if you ask. We politely ask not to hijack other members' config threads with off-topic posts. Your posts may be removed.

Where shall I post?
​We ask all members to post in the Security Configuration Wizard forum only.

Members are advised to keep 1 active topic for their current config.

You can read on How to update your security config without creating a new thread! as provided by @Jack
Before Posting Your Config.​

Naming your thread

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If you use "My Config" your thread may be altered or removed.

Warning: This may affect your eligibility for MalwareTips Giveaways.
Required Details

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OS Architecture - Determines the capabilities of your OS. Are you unsure? Find out for Windows.

Computer Knowledge - How knowledgeable you are when using your PC, are you a new or experienced user.

Having a hard time deciding? An advanced user would know the following:

Can distinguish a between a Signed installer from an Un-signed one.
How create and store a full system image.
How to terminate u... Read more

A:[MUST READ] How To Share Your Security Config

*** BUMP ***

All members are required to refer to this topic for How to Post their Config threads.

Avoid using "My Config" as a thread title, instead include your username. It makes your thread so much easier to find in the future!​

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I cleaned the Nimda virus off 5 (networked) pcs. Don't know if this is a leftover but the database opens "read only" and it never should. This isn't consistent, either -- sometimes it happens and sometimes not. How can I fix this??

A:Access: Database Opens Read-Only

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Im not sure if i am posting in the correct place. but.....
i have recently bought a Lacie 500GB NAS. i can connect without a problem, but everytime i create a folder the folder defaults to 'read only'.
when i right click on the folder and select properties, i can see that the 'read only' check box is coloured in green (i find this strange). i am able to click on the box to un-check the 'read only' property, i then click on 'apply' and 'OK'. but the folder is still read only, i know this because when i right click the folder and select properties the read only box is still filled in green.

i can still 'customize' the folder, and delete the folder, but i can not uncheck the read only attribute, or hide the folder or make the folder an archive folder.

can someone please help?

A:Network Share - new folder defaults to 'read only'

Normal operation, don't spend any time worrying about it. I'm not entirely sure why it happens, but it happens to both of my NAS drives too. However, no operations are restricted, it's just an oddity that is best ignored.

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Hi all,

I have a MS Access 2003 database and it opens as read-only on all other machines apart from mine.

The database is located on a network drive in which all the other users have full read/write access. They also have ODBC connections with full access. The database itself is not set to read-only through properties. I have not set up any security. The database is not open on another machine.

I just want this database to be fully accessible to all.
Does anyone know any settings could be preventing this?


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I have several Access database files on a network server. The Access database files were created in Access 2003/XP. The database files are access by two users. One user has Office 2007 and the other has Office XP. Occasionally, when the user who has Office 2007 opens a database file, it is Read Only... (This recordset is not updatable. You must save a copy). For this user, all database files also opens as Read Only. Before the Office 2007 user can make changes or update data, a copy of the database file must be saved. This must also be done for each database file on the network that this user accesses. Over the past 6 months, I have saved the database files (with a different name) a few times. After which, the database files are OK until a month or so later. The user with Office 2003 doesn't experience any probems with the database during the time.

I have done some searching on the particular problem but haven't found much. Much of what I found was make sure the file(s) are not marked read only and the locked file for the database was not still active. I've checked each time and the files are not read only and the locked database files were not hung up.
The other user is always able to access and update the database files without any problems.

Is there something in Access 2007 that I am missing or don't have set properly?

Thank you,

A:Access 2007 occasionally opens as Read Only!

This is probably a lack of access permissions in the SHARE portion of the shared folder/drive properties.
There are two permissions that have to be set for users to have read/write permissions (required for db modification).
Drive or folder Security, and
Share permissions

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I have a wireless signal coming into my computer, not wired, I don't have a wired connection, and I need wireless for my mobile device which has wifi capabilities, but my mobile device won't see the wifi signal. I was wondering if there is any way to use my computer as a hotspot without a wired connection, for my mobile device. I was wondering if I can do anything with the "Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter" thing in my wireless connections. I don't know what to do with it, maybe this will help me in what I need. If I need another wifi card to do what I need, I have multiple usb wifi sticks. How do I share my computers wifi with my mobile device? Thanks for any help!

A:How to share wireless from my computer to other devices - Read desc.

Quote: Originally Posted by CamCracker

I have a wireless signal coming into my computer, not wired, I don't have a wired connection, and I need wireless for my mobile device which has wifi capabilities, but my mobile device won't see the wifi signal. I was wondering if there is any way to use my computer as a hotspot without a wired connection, for my mobile device. I was wondering if I can do anything with the "Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter" thing in my wireless connections. I don't know what to do with it, maybe this will help me in what I need. If I need another wifi card to do what I need, I have multiple usb wifi sticks. How do I share my computers wifi with my mobile device? Thanks for any help!

Have you searched for the answer, on google or here? It is called ad-hoc sharing.

start here Set up a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network


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So here is the story.

I have 5 pcs. In past they had the same user name/login/password. When I shared drive all pcs could access it edit etc etc.

But now I have 5 pcs with different usernames/pws/details. Now I can still access the shared HDD but I can only read, No write, edit,delete etc etc.

I remember that before I made my accounts uniform I had them different as well and in order to get it to work I had to add some guest or other user permissions for full control etc etc. I cant seem to remember it.

Would any1 be so kind and help me out with it?



A:Drive share and permissions write/read/edit etc etc

Right-click on C partition [or only on the portions you want to share], Sharing, Advance Sharing, limit number of users, Permissions - check the boxes, apply, apply, ok your way out of there; do this on all five computers. Test via hard-wire internet first; I found wireless to be a little more fickle than my hard-wire.

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I'm trying to migrate a share from a old fileserver to a windows server 2008. I use robocopy to copy and it seems like it copies the permissions and all of the data. I have done this at least 5 times (i checked the permissions and everything looks the same as the source share) The problem is That the destination will become read only and i cannot take it off read only.

this is how im copying the share

robocopy C:\source D:\destination /mir /sec /r:1 /w:1

ive also tried it with /secfix ive also tried /a-:r

same result

its kind of like this

A:Migrated a share with robocopy Destination ends up being read only

What about doing it with xcopy?

xcopy C:\source\*.* D:\destination\ /s/h/r/i/k/e/y/d

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we are on a p2p network with 4) windows xp, and 2) windows 7x64. I have a problem with one pc opening files in a shared folder. Only one pc will open the files in the folder as read only and the others will open with full control. I have checked if someone has the files open and no one did. I have checked the share attributes and they are set to full control to all users. The files are in word and xl and did not try anything other type of files. Is there a setting that makes the files read only for one user? This system is the owner and boss (win xp) and need a fix fast.

A:shared documents opens as read only on one pc 5 others with full control

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I have an Access 2000 MDE application that works fine in Windows XP, but when I try to open it in Access 2007 on Vista (arrrgh!), it opens in read-only mode.

When I first tried, I got security warnings for each linked table, about 30 of them. I added a trusted location and those went away, but I still have the read-only problem.

Thanks for the help!


A:Access 2007 on Vista Opens 2000 DB read-only

You could try converting it to Access 2007
Or better still carry on using an older version of Access

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Hi, really annoying, because I always create restore points when installing software.
I tried the following command, in case, but no results:

> sfc /scannow
> DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

What can I do?


A:Cannot create manual Restore Point, nor read current ones >deactivated

Yes it seems Win10 has it disabled by default ......at least on some machines...

did you go through the Tutorial here :System Protection - Turn On or Off for Drives in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hi people im looking for something like this
please suggest me the same

A software that accesses an email account and then copies all emails older than 1 year to a google apps or another archive account(shared network folder) not on my email server.

I think the best option is to create a read only PST file as this is the same way Exchange does it.

Thanks in advance people

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Creating a new Folder as read only and would like to have all files placed into that new Folder become read only as they are added or moved into that read only Folder. If Windows 7 cannot handle this is there any kind of software utility Haddon I can get to perform this task?

A:Folder read only and want all files placed in to become auto read only

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
You might describe your environment a bit more = how many users and what is yours and their user account status ?
See if this helps,

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I have rather unique (at least I think so) problem, which I suspect have something to do with the ntfs file system somehow being corrupt.

Suddenly, many of my mp3 files points to video files - and vice verse.
When I try to play an mp3 files that has this problem, I either hear some music/speach from a movie or the file can't be played at all.

The same thing happens when I play a movie file - it can start playing e.g. a metallica song, instead of the actual movie.

I´ve scanned the entire drive using the built in scandisc - but no errors were found.

Has anyone come across this issue before - and does anyone know what might cause it? I´m using Windows 7 Ultimate, and the disk is a dynamic disk (preparing to use mirroring).

Thanks in advance


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Running Win7Pro 64-bit. Am unable to open older Office 97 files with Office2003 which is installed and running fine. I found a couple of files here and elsewhere with .reg extensions that were supposed to make the necessary registry changes. eg. "UnlockWord.reg" and a more elaborate-looking "office security.reg". All that happens when I left-click on the file and thenleft-click on "Run" is the files opens in Notepad and has no effect.

What do I need to do to have the .reg files change the registry to Unblock my Word97 files ?

A:.reg files open Notepad - do not change registry to read older files

Hello SausalitoWalt, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Double check in Default Programs to make sure that the reg file extension is set to have it's Current Default program set as Registry Editor (C:\Windows\regedit.exe). Afterwards, try merging the REG file again to see if it will now.

Hope this helps,

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First time on this forum, so I hope I chose the right category to post my problem. I just got a new laptop, and it has Vista Home Premium.

My problem.. I use a program/application called "DVArchive" (aka: DVA) for archiving my tv shows on my PC (from my ReplayTV). This application worked just fine on XP, but of course, Vista is giving me all kinds of crap.

The application IS working.. It can see my ReplayTV unit, I can access my archived shows, etc. However, Vista is giving me error messages, which are interfering with it and making it crash.

The problem has to do specifically with the applications configuration (.XML) files. I'm pretty tech saavy, but I'm not a computer expert, so I'll just cut and paste the actual error messages below. The listed pathways are where DVArchive stores it's files...
04/29 23:12:17 ERROR: XMLUTILS:: Error trying to create XML Output file C:\Users\badg671\Documents\DVArchive\Local_Guide\DVArchive.bak - C:\Users\badg671\Documents\DVArchive\Local_Guide\DVArchive.bak (Access is denied)

04/29 23:12:17 ERROR: Error flushing persistant store - C:\Users\badg671\Documents\DVArchive\Local_Guide\DVArchive.bak (Access is denied)

04/29 23:26:13 ERROR: LOCAL_STORE::SAVE: Unable to rename old store C:\Users\badg671\DVArchive.xml to backup C:\Users\badg671\DVArchive.xml~ - PLEASE BE SURE THE DIRECTORY/FILE CAN BE READ/WRITTEN TO
______________________________... Read more

A:Help - .XML files - Read/Write error - Vista won't allow app/pgm to copy/backup files

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First of all, I want to point out that I have very little knowledge of technology.

I have a NTFS Seagate 2TB Go Flex Desk external hard disk drive. A couple months ago, I found that it had a problem where my laptop could detect it, but couldn't access it and needed to "reformat" it. I left it alone for a while.

Recently, I tried plugging it in again, and behold, it seemed to work okay and I could see all the files and so on. I tried chkdisk without the fixing part (/f). I didn't want to "fix" it until as last resort because it seems to imply some data will be lost. It said there were a lot of bad sectors.

I couldn't read some of the files (most of them were rar files) in my hard disk, and had "read error" and "data error (cyclic redundancy check)". So I basically moved all the files which were normal out of the disk as I couldn't move the others ("can't read from source file or disk") and now I'm left with the broken files, most of which are important. 40gb of 16,000 files.

Is there any hope for me to recover those files? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: after this, how would I deal with the bad sectors?

A:Disk read error for files in the harddrive, want to recover files.

OK! The bad sectors are always one of the killers of data on a hard drive. That’s why we are always asked to back up our needed data at least on two separate drives. So, in the future, you should learn to keep at least two copies of your important data on separate drives or locations.
But, right now, since your drive still could be read on your computer, you could try to run some data recovery programs to take chances. Nowadays, many data recovery programs are developed to help people resolve these troubles.

But, if you are not sure, you could firstly try some drive data recovery freeware such as Recuva, TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.
But, if any data recovery software could not make a difference, you could consult a data recovery expert for help and prepare enough money for it.

Good luck!

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Gidday all, I have made a small power point demo at work and took it home to finish it. I made all the changes and went to save them, I get a "Read Only" , I attempted to change the name and location but cannot. I am the author of this and yet I can't do a thing about it, I went to the help file and it said to what I did........ any other ideas on how to either make my changes or unlock "Read Only" ,,,,thank you.


A:"Read Only" How to make changes/saves?? to a Power point demo

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Hi everyone

I have a computer running on Vista Home Basic and one running on XP Professional and they are connected through a Cable Router, I can get Internet on both but I cannot seem to set up for file/printer sharing can anyone give me a A to Z on how to do this please


A:share files

First off,

In vista you need to make sure that the File/Printsharing option is on

Start>Right Click Network> Properties

That will open up the sharing center. You need to make sure that the sharing option is on.

On the XP Machine

start>My Computer

Right click on the folder called "Shared Folder"
Tab "Sharing"
At the bottom under "Network Sharing"
Click on the text saying "If you understand......"
Select "Just enable File Sharing"

When this is all done, Go back to the Vista crate

Start > Network

You shoud then see your other computer apear after a Min or Two

You can get more info on Vista Sharing Here


P.S Please ignore all spelling and grammar mistakes

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im having a problem sharing files between my two computers. i have two desk tops. one is running xp and is connected to my cable/dsl modem and router. i have a linksys cable/dsl modem and a linksys wireless B broadband router. the second pc is running Me. and it is connected to the router via a linksys usb network adapter. i am able to connected to the internet with both computers, but i cant share any files between the two. i tried to use the network wizards and all that good stuff but ive been unsuccessful. can someone please help me out.


A:cant share files..

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I havr two XP computers in the same room that i want to share folders on. I have pinged the computers from each other, and the ping is replied. I cannot however see shared folders.

Thanks in advance!

A:Cant share files? Huh?

Can you ping by computer name or only by IP address?

Have you enabled file and printer sharing? Exactly what do you do to try to see shared folders, and what happens?

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OK, I can't create any sharing in my Vista 32 Ultimate.
Please help, what should I do?

Currently there is not "sharing" option at all.


A:Can't share files

First lets be sure that you are trying correctly
For both 7 and vista
Sharing and Permissions - Windows 7 Forums

If you are check out ownership
Do not change ownership of system files.
Take Ownership of file

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I am running a Compaq Presario with Windows Home Edition Service Pack 2 (2002) and I got a new laptop with Windows Vista installed on it and I would like to know how I can share files between the two for backup purposes. Both computers are currently connected to my home network.


A:how do i share files?

PC Chuck's Windows XP And Vista On The LAN Together

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Hello. I am new to this forum. I have a XP home SP3 laptop and my friend has a window 7 ulimtate. Now i have some files i want to share to my friend but it too large for memory stick. But i don't know how to share files between them and i would like to know how with steps by steps or links to useful websites.

thank you!

PS window seven rocks

A:how to share files with xp and seven?

Hi, a good website to have a look at would be Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP - How-To Geek ; it has a very detailed guide on how to configure both computers to get them sharing files and printers over a network.

If this fails to work, which can be the case with these temperamental machines, especially over wireless networks, and if both PCs have bluetooth you could try transferring it via that.

Hope this helps, Oli

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hi i am trying to share files across my network between win7 pc's and a xp pc

now what is happening is ,,,,,,,,,

the win 7 pc's will not let the xp pc see its files

all 3 pc's are visable on the network and all has internet acess

i just cannot acess files on the win 7 pcs using the xp pc

can anyone help plz


A:cannot share files

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