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X250 Power Issue

Q: X250 Power Issue

I got this X250 (Product Number 20CMOOE5US) last week and it has this weired power issue. When pressed the Power button, it flashed the green light 3 times and nothing happened. Unpluged the AC adapter and removed the external battery; opened the back cover and disconnected the internal battery and the coin battery. Connected AC adapter and pressed the emergency reset button on the back for several seconds; turned off the AC adapter power for a couple of seconds and then turned it on again. Without press the power button, the laptop came back alive with a boot screen message saying the CMOS checksum was bad and time/date need to be set. Pressed F1 key and updated time/date and then F10 key and RETURN. The laptop loaded Windows 10 with no other problem. While it is still powered on, I reconnected the internal battery and the coin battery, put the back cover on and inserted the external battery. Surfing the Internet, running Windows 10 updates and virus scan, including write this post; all without any problem, except the following: The laptop goes back to the initial dead state again if I use the mouse to click on the "Shut down" power off option. I will need to repeat everything from the beginning - disconnect all power source (AC adapter, external and internal batterys as well as the CMOS coin battery) and use only AC adapter power with the emergency reset button, ..., get into BIOS page to update time/date, ... This doesn't look like a motherboard failure to me. Then, I have not been able to make sense of the problem. Please advise.

Preferred Solution: X250 Power Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: X250 Power Issue

Look in the windows event log to see if a device is failing to shut down completely. Sometimes they throw a message. Try an Ubuntu DVD and see if shutdown followed br restart works there. It may be the motherboard power circuitry.

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Hello there, like the title says I'm having a weird issue with a x250. Here's what's happening: laptop won't boot, period. No lights at all, even plugging the charger does nothing.I tried the usual (reset switch, which used to work until yesterday), remove the external battery, press the power button 10 times with 1 second interval, then 30s press, then put the adapter back. Nothing. The only way to revive it is to pop the cover, unplug the internal battery and plug it back. From there, it will power up, as long as I don't put the cover back on. If I do, and start screwing it back into place, it's over. Dead again. If I don't, I can use the laptop normally.I tried to unplug the internal battery and use only the external, I get the exact same behavior: I can power on as long as the cover is off.Needless to say, I can't do much with it in that state. What's going on ? Is the cover shorting something ? Or the pressure causing some internal failures ? Is the motherboard dying ? I'm stumped  Thank you for your help.

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Hello there, like the title says I'm having a weird issue with a x250. Here's what's happening: laptop won't boot, period. No lights at all, even plugging the charger does nothing.I tried the usual (reset switch, which used to work until yesterday), remove the external battery, press the power button 10 times with 1 second interval, then 30s press, then put the adapter back. Nothing. The only way to revive it is to pop the cover, unplug the internal battery and plug it back. From there, it will power up, as long as I don't put the cover back on. If I do, and start screwing it back into place, it's over. Dead again. If I don't, I can use the laptop normally.I tried to unplug the internal battery and use only the external, I get the exact same behavior: I can power on as long as the cover is off.Needless to say, I can't do much with it in that state. What's going on ? Is the cover shorting something ? Or the pressure causing some internal failures ? Is the motherboard dying ? I'm stumped  Thank you for your help.

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After using my x250 for about a year with occasional issues where it wouldn't detect when i connected the charger, it now completely refuses to boot or give any signal of life. Connecting the power cable doesn't even light up the power button. Tried a different charged with the same results.

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I've installed w10 Creators Update on my Thinkpad X250 CL20 and I downloaded the Power Manager from this site http://support.lenovo.com/it/it/downloads/migr-4gxpeg. I installed it, but it not works. I tried to download Power Manager for W7/Vista from this site http://support.lenovo.com/it/it/downloads/ds014924 but it does not install (see attachment). I tried with compatibility W7 and Vista without success.Any suggeriments?Thanks

2017-04-28_153653.jpg ?35 KB

A:Power Manager X250 Windows 10

Power manager is not supported on win 10.  Power manager driver is supported.Download Lenovo settings from the windows store. Also download Lenovo Companion.

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I have a new x250, about 1 month old. I opened it, expecting it to wake from sleep, but it did not. The lights on the keyboard (f1, f4 and fnlock) are still on, but otherwise unresponsive. The red light on the back that usually blinks to indicate sleep is off. The power button does not respond. I tried holding it 30 secs, but no effect. I tried pulling the battery, but since the x250 has two batteries, and one is internal, this did not work. I'm currently hoping whatever it is doing will drain the second battery eventually, but if it's only running those lights, that could take a long time. Is there another way to hard shut down the x250?


Go to Solution.

A:x250 stuck in sleep, can't power off

Tech support guy told me you can stick a paper clip in a little hole next to the battery between the battery slot and one of the rubber feet on the bottom, above the number 1 battery lock, and below the screen hinge. Worked for me.

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We have a couple users with x250 (20CM0086US ) running Windows  10 Professional that are not able to power on their laptops unless they are un-docked from their ThinkPad Ultra Dock 90W (40A20090XX). Both of the machines have the BIOS that looks to be v1.25 and the current one looks to be v1.27 They have done the firmware update for the docking stations and that has not resolved it. I have suggested that they run System Update to confirm they are running the latest drivers and firmware? Any other possible causes or possible soluitons? Thanks in advance.JJ

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I am trying to change the power settings so the computer goes to sleep when I close the lid but the setting just goes back to "do nothing" after a while. Have any one had that problem? The power management it set to "balanced".

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Hello All:

I have a HP DV6275US, Pavillion DV6000 with Vista Home Premium on it and I am trying to go to XP. Dual booting is too much of a ruckus and I do not like it anyways, so I bought a Scorpio to install it on.

When I installed the Scorpio, it initially would not detect the drive, so I disabled SATA Auto. in the BIOS, and it then recognized it.

So, I start to install XP, formatted fine, copied sys. files fine, but when I got to the actual GUI install it asked me if I wanted to install a driver for my battery, which could possibly disrupt installation, so I choose yes and anyways and it proceeded fine for about a minute, then power failure. Tried again, and again, and same thing.

I put my Vista HDD back in, a Seagate 160GB, and things worked fine.

I have read something about having to manually load the drivers for the nVidia RAID chipset, as the ones XP Install loads do not suffice. I could not find any problems about the battery, so please, ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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Had to up upgrade my power supply on my hp envy 750-116. The new power supply(500b evga) does not have a power cord for the slim laptop like drive. looking for possible fix for the problem

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Hi Again All -

For reference here I would ask that you please look at my post yesterday , the 6th at 9:52 pm, which has a sad smiley in front of the title. I finally got my computer in order and it did not turn on and off repeatedly while attemptng to load (thanks to all the helpful advice posted). However, I am in the habit of setting it at night to go to either stand by or hibernate. Last night I learned that I no longer had those options available, so I turned the system off. Probably 5 or 6 times during the night I faintly heard Bono and U2 singing away (yes, I'm delusional). Actually, it was my screensaver and apparently my computer was turning itself on. After the obligatory 20 mins. the screensaver would come on. The system must have shut down and the whole processes started again repeatedly throughout the night. This is too bizarre. I turned off the computer with the Start button and the button on the machine. I guess I have to crawl under the desk and unplug the thing, but I shouldn't have to. Can anyone think of what is going on here?


A:Yesterday's Power Problems Create New Power Issue

If you change the power settings in the BIOS, the machine won't come back on when power is lost and restored, which is the setting I always use.

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I've got a computer that's turned off. I press the power switch, and nothing happens. Now, I unplug the network cable and the computer turns on.

Why does having a network cable connected prevent the computer's power switch from functioning? And why does unplugging the network cable cause it to power up?

The computer has worked fine for a year, but was recently moved to the other side of the room, and a new switch replaced the old network hub at the same time.

A:Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

I swapped network cables and the problem still persists.

Any ideas?

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Hi, Having a 90B error (fan having troubles) prior to booting up the system, I consider it a good time to clean the fan. So I completely dissassembled the laptop down to the fan to remove dust. This in order to have less sound and less heat. After reassembling it back to its original state, my laptop started with two errors. Firstly one I cannot remember (skipped to fast) and secondly the recurring 90B error. But skipping those the system started up and everything worked. The laptop was running slowly but I thought it was normal behavior. The day after, my laptop wouldn?t startup. I?ve pressed the start button and the lights went on of both the start button and speaker on/off. Immediately after that it shut down and started back up, producing a startup loop as long the laptop is feed by power (battery or charger). Anyone can help me out? If further details are needed, I will certainly provide those. Kr,JeromeBertrem  

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Hi Guys,

I'm currently suffering from a random power shutdown issue. The PC boots up correctly and is totally useable and in working order.

However after different varied amounts of time. 20mins - 5 hours on occasion. The PC will just randomly power down as if the power cable has been removed.

I am getting the following error within Event Viewer 'Event 41, Kernel-Power' - "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

I have checked all power settings and have currently set to High Performance Mode, with Hard disks 'Never' to turn off etc.

After suggestions and help as to what may be causing this issue.

Thanks in advance,

A:Random Power Down Issue - 'Event 41, Kernel-Power'

If this were a desktop machine my first question would be "How old is your power supply?"
If this is the Compaq laptop shown in your specs, I am wondering if the connection to your battery is not as good as it should be. I'd double-check the contacts or connections. There may be a loose or broken wire, or even a failing connection inside the battery itself if it's old.

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Hi there, I have a toshiba A75 laptop that does not boot when on ac power without a battery beyond bios. It shows the splash screen but then dies on normal boot.

When I have the battery in and the unit is powered off It does charge the battery.
When the battery is fully charged, it will run and boot into windows but does not recognize the ac power at all. It just drains the battery, then when the battery is at 0 it shuts off and this is while connected to AC power and the LED see's the AC power.

When on AC power I can boot into bios and it will sit there for days without a battery, but when I try to get to the OS it just shuts down. I have replaced the mobo twice. I have replaced the hard drive as well. The odd part is that with the hard drive out of the laptop, I can get the laptop to run with out any power failures. It just recycles the media device failure message but does not crash.

I have tested the power supply on other laptops and it seems to work just fine.

Any one have any ideas?

A:Toshiba Satellite A75 boot/power issue with AC power

Since you have replaced the system board twice, this probably does not apply to you... but we have seen a number of Toshibas with the same or similar motherboard where the power jack on the board became loose or disconnected. A new jack had to be obtained and soldered back into position.
If you bought used boards or refurbished boards, this difficult jack problem could have been the cause. It requires a special cold solder technique and is awkward to access, but when done properly by an experienced tech, it can save a laptop.
There are several Dell Inspirons and Sony laptops with the similar problem.
We have seen costs in a shop as high as $160 for this repair... but the part is only $6.00 so I don't know how they justify the high cost.

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So since recently my laptop shuts off randomly. The battery is also getting old and with battery, my laptop runs only for about an hour. Sometimes it runs just fine, and other times it shuts off suddenly, usually when I turn it back on right away, it shuts off again while booting. And also, since that started to happen, my games run with extreme lag.
I hope/think its just a power issue that makes it suddenly turn off. The reason I think this is the problem is because there is a Mic, webcam, hdmi screen, speakers and sometimes Phones, connected to it, only the screen and speakers are self powered.
Before i buy new battry and adapter, first I want to make sure what you guys think it might be?what to do to find out more?

Alienware M17XR4

A:alienware Power issue, power issue or something else?

Does it do it if it's on charge? It could be over heating

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I purchased a Lenovo 110S a week ago. I?ve found that I have issues turning it on sometimes whereby the power indicator flashes a few seconds but the laptop doesn?t power on. This happens with enough battery power, for example it?s happened when I have had 50% battery power remaining. I plug the laptop into mains AC power and it will then power on.  But im stumped as to why this doesn?t happen all the time. If anyone can offer help it would be appreciated! PS: my battery is a concealed one ie; in the laptop casing with a cover that?s screwed on.

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I am at my absolute wits end with this. I have built many computers but never run into anything so persistent or destructive to my sanity:

Almost exactly 1 year ago I built a computer, here is the original configuration:

5-7year old case (exact name/manufacturer unknown, is gone now)

Apevia ATX-AS680W power supply (680w) - carried over from old build

Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard

AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz

G.SKILL Ares F3-1866C10D-16GAB (2x 8gb ddr3 1866)


WD D50 01AALS-00L3B2 (500gb standard HDD) - also carried over from old build

Running windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Computer is built, runs fine, no issues for (if I recall) at least the first few months. One day it shuts down randomly. No power down, no BSOD, no power surge, no extreme load, no extreme heat, no freeze, screen artifacts, nothing that would give a clue, it simply instantaneously (almost faster than pulling the plug) ceases to be on. I search for error logs, check wiring, check PSU, seating of cards, etc, install CPUID HWMonitor to watch heat, etc. Issue does not repeat itself for days, then happens randomly again. Over the course of a couple of months it recurs constantly, but never for a "reason", there's no power issues, no loose wires, not based on heat, not based on load, not based on specific software or anything I can find.

So assuming it's a PSU issue, I replace the PSU, it now has a Corsair GS700 700w p... Read more

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We went away on vacation for 2 weeks. I unplugged my computer, but my father-in-law left his in (plugged into a surge protector). We come back from our vacation and his computer won't turn on. I take it downstairs, plug it in and as soon as I plug it in, the light on the motherboard comes on and the fan turns on, but that's it. No post, no running hard drive.

I tested each stick of RAM individually with no results. In order to turn the computer off, I have to unplug it. The power button is orange (should be green unless Dell changed that for some reason), and the hard drive light stays on (though it isn't running). No matter how long I hold the power button, nothing happens.

His computer is a Dell Optiplex GX270, service tag 8R70H31. That's all the info I can give ya.

forgot to mentioned that I checked the mobo for any burn marks and didn't find anything. And everything is plugged in good. Took it all out and plugged it all back in.

A:Power issue? mobo issue?

So far from what i've been able to tell, it appears to be automatically turning on and booting into stand-by mode, and just won't come out of it.

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Hello all, I have both model's (X250/X260) I would like to know if the LCD panels are interchangable? As in can I take a working X250's panel and install it on a X260 and have it work? Thank you all in advance.

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I Am Having A Power Problem on my system the mother board is a gigabyte GA-81945PL-G it all works fine till you do a total power off then when you turn it back on only the processor starts up it doesnt boot but if i turn the power supply switch to off then on again and then turn the system on it boots up fine anyone have any idea's what may be causing this im at a total loss

A:Power Issue

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It may be your psu is faulty/underpowered. particularly if it`s a no name brand.

Take a look at this PSU wattage calculator. Add a further 30% to whatever figure it gives, as a safety/overhead margin.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi Fellow Vista fans,

Way back in April/May, I began having trouble with my battery not charging. Thought it was the AC Adapter and checked it with a tester which proved it was not good. Bought a new Adapter and it worked great for a few weeks. Then it started to not charge again. The Adapter port was a touch loose, so I took it in to a computer shop and the guy put a new port in it, but that didn't help so he ordered a new Mother Board and installed it. I picked it up on Thursday of last week and it worked great till Sunday.

As before, the symptoms are that the screen flashes from bright to dull. Last time the LCD would show up in the upper left corner of the screen upon boot and would show through out the whole time it was turned on. This time it does not. When I plug it in with the battery, it does not show it as being plugged in and does not charge. If I pull the battery out while it is plugged in it shuts down hard. Will not run with the Adapter.

E-mailed Gateway yesterday (Sunday 7/25/10) and they gave me instructions to do a power reset. It worked till I re-inserted the battery, then it shut down as soon as the battery was re-installed. Not sure what to do from here but to take it back in and have the guy check to make sure the MoBo is not bad that he put in. He had it for 3 1/2 weeks the first time because the first MoBo he ordered was bad and had to wait for a 2nd one to be shipped.

Can a MoBo go bad after 3 days? I don't want this guy telling me it is something... Read more

A:Power issue?

Sounds like a problem with the battery...
It could also be a problem with the power board...
The laptop *should* run without the battery...

I would check the battery contacts on the laptop and the battery itself to make sure nothing is getting in the way or shorting the battery out...

Hope this helps,
Please post back with what you have tried to fix the problem.
Daniel =)

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When I try to power up the fan runs for about a half second then shuts down.  It automatically repeats the process until manually ended by unplugging the power source.  The power supply is outputting 20 volts as expected.  

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Here's an interesting one that I think only Microsoft can fix (and I hope they do)
I have my USB 3 external drive connected to a 2 port USB PCI-E card. Every time I "wake" the PC from sleep, I hear the sound of a USB device being disconnected and reconnected followed by the Auto Play options. This does not happen if I plug it in to an onboard USB 2 slot. Same thing happens on my work PC with a PCI USB 2 card.

Does anyone else have a PCI/E USB card that can see if it happens as well? There aren't any BIOS settings I can change (that I can see) so I think it is a Windows 7 issue.

A:PCI/E Power Issue

After a few years of no problems, this issue has recently cropped up for me too. Did you ever get it solved?

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I purchased a HP Desktop model A6541 in December 2008 which came pre loaded with Window Vista.As soon as Windows 7 was released I upgraded to that trouble free.Since then apart from replacing a video card a couple of years ago the computer has more or less run trouble free In December 2015 I upgraded to Windows 10 ? the actual upgrade was trouble free but I did have an number of minor issues in the following weeks which I have resolved as I went along. The main major issue that I have since upgrading to Windows 10 is relating to Power but am not convinced it is a software issue.This issue started towards the end of January/early FebruaryI shut the PC down at night having run the normal Norton antivirus  & CCleaner scans.The following day the PC won't turn on so I change the mains lead and the PC turns on. Before I insert the spare mains lead I hold the on off button for a short periodI insert the spare mains lead and the computer turns on and boots up.The green light at the rear of the computer remains on The same thing happens every day I shut the PC down and start it up again so in effect he same spare mans lead is used on alternate days I have tried searching the Internet for a resolution but so far have not find anything to resolve the issue  As far as I am aware all the drivers are up to date ? they are monitored by Driver Support I have run the power troubleshooter but that did not resovle the issue Any suggestions?&n... Read more

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My PC won't start. Once I plug it in to the power source, the power button lights up for about 3 seconds then shuts off. The computer never boots up.  nothig happens if you press the power button. Please help me. 

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Would appreciate any help on the following problem. I have a tosihba sattelite laptop. Won't stay charged. Power cord works, but will not run computor. In order for the power cord to charge batery, I have take out the battery, hold down power button to drain, then replace battery. Battery will then charge with the power cord, buts drains withing seconds and turns off. Is this a battery issue? Why won't it run solely with the power cord? Thanks for any help available.

A:Power Issue

It sounds like the battery may need to be replaced, based on the fact that it won't hold a charge.

Whether or laptop should work on AC alone, and no battery in the bay I am not sure. Have you checked your manual for AC usage?

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I have two HDDs in my computer. Every so often one of them will slow WAY down (sometimes to the point of locking up my computer). I have been restarting my computer when this happens only to find that the HDD is no longer found in my bios. I have gently tapped the HDD (I leave my case open) and hear it kick in, then restart again, and everything is ok. Lately I have just been tapping it when my computer slows down/lock up and I will hear it power back up and everything will be fine. Is there an app I can use to determine what's going on with my drives? At first I thought my HDDs were going bad, but this has been going on for almost 6 months now and, when they are working, everything is fine.

A:I think I might have a power issue.

Try running a SMART test on the hard drives. A test is included in a little freeware app called SpeedFan. Just go to the SMART tab. If either fails something in this, the drives are on their way gone.

I suppose it could be a power issue, but you should definitely run those tests (and some additional ones if those pass) on them first.

FWIW, I've had a 160 GB Western Digital drive that runs 40 GB of backups once per day, and it has been returning me a failed SMART test (spin-up time) for almost a year, but I've ignored it because it still acts fine. Sometimes they go longer than you think before they completely die. I really should have mine replaced under warranty before it dies completely and I'm without backups, but I don't want to go through the hassles of that.

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Hi! My unit HP Pavilion x360 11-k099nr signature edition has no power at all eventhough you plugged in or charge. The unit has bought last December. What must be the problem or diagnosis? HP SUPPORT or anyone, pls help me. Thanks.

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I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop with a nvidia graphics and a AMD Turion X2 64 processor. I am having troubles keeping it turn on. Sometimes I can turn it on and be using it for a little bit and with no warning it will just go black like someone unplug the power and battery. Normally you can get through a download like download avast. Once it goes off if you push the power button it will light up and sometime get to the welcome screen or hp screen before shutting right back off and sometimes it will go off before the hp screen comes up. Once you let it set a bit it will finally come back on and repeat the same process again. I first thought maybe it was overheating and put it on a air vent and had the air blowing on it the whole time. It stayed running the whole time the first time it was on the air vent. I tried it again a little later on using the air vent and it shut off while on it. It was plenty cold enough to the second time when it shut off while on the air vent. Can anyone give me some advice on what's going on with it or how to fix it or even if it worth fixing?

A:Power Issue

It sounds like it is in need of an internal cleaning. If the heatsink and fan is clogged with dust it will overheat and shut down as you described. This is just a possibility. Booting properly after letting it sit a while is what led me to believe this.

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Lately my computer has been just making a solid tone when I turn it on, instead of posting, and will not boot. If I unplug from the wall for a few days then it works again for a few days. I was getting errors saying the vid card was not getting enough power. So, I swapped out the 650 PS for an Antec Blue Trupower 750w. The BIOS says the 12v is getting 11.8 volts, but PC Wizard 2010 says the 12v is only getting 1.5 volts or so. This is with the HD fan plugged in and running. Without the HD fan plugged in, PC Wiz said the 12v was getting 11 volts. Could the HD fan really be sucking that much power, and shouldn't 750watts be enough?

2.66 Dual Core
8800 GTX 768MB - (has two power ports)

A:Power issue

I've had server power supplys completely fail because of bad connections to hard drive trays. I can't say that it is definitely the fan, but I would say if you have an extra fan laying around trying swapping the fan. Maybe even try just swapping the connector the fan is attached to (if you have another available connector coming off your PS). If some short in the fan or that specific PS connector is feeding back into the PS it can cause all sorts of problems including causing the PS to fail.

Hope that helps.

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Hello, I recently built a new PC and am having problems with power, I think. It worked fine to start and I was able to install XP on it no problems. But after rebooting the first time, it starts to just turn off. Now the longest it will remain on is 3 minutes.

It has a 450W powersupply and has a 100GB Maxtor HD, ATI Radeon X700 graphics card, a no name CD drive, several fans, and an AMD +3700 prosc.

Do I need to get a bigger power supply or is it maybe something else?

A:New PC, possible Power issue

if the computer completely turns off then it could be a power issue indeed. what brand of power supply are you using?

do you have an extra spare power supply that you have laying around? if yes then test the spare power supply and see if its a power issue.

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Hi there. Trying to figure out a new motherboard ASUS M4A78LT-M with a 3-core Athlon CPU, running windows 7 64bit. I had never had this problem before on other PCs. When I press the power off button on the front, it automatically restarts the PC after a few seconds. The only way to keep it 'off' is to turn off the powersupply switch in the back. I have tried every setting in Windows, in BIOS. Nothing helps. What I am left with is the connector on the board itself. There is a 2 pin connector called 'PWRSW' described as ATX power button/soft-off button in the manual. Should it be connected at all? If not, how will the front switch act when I press it? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Power Off issue

Quote: Originally Posted by gallicbear

Hi there. Trying to figure out a new motherboard ASUS M4A78LT-M with a 3-core Athlon CPU, running windows 7 64bit. I had never had this problem before on other PCs. When I press the power off button on the front, it automatically restarts the PC after a few seconds. The only way to keep it 'off' is to turn off the powersupply switch in the back. I have tried every setting in Windows, in BIOS. Nothing helps. What I am left with is the connector on the board itself. There is a 2 pin connector called 'PWRSW' described as ATX power button/soft-off button in the manual. Should it be connected at all? If not, how will the front switch act when I press it? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello gallicbear

click on start, type "power" (without the ") in search programs and files, select power options. In the new window on the left hand side you will see "Choose what the power button does"

I hope this helps

Edit Make sure that you haven't swapped the power/reset plugs

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when I power my HP Compaq system unit, it Js blink red light without booting and the screen does not display too

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I'm using a Dell Optiplex GX270. recently the computer shut down automatically and when restarted, the screen displayed that it was due to a thermal event. the power button light was an amber color instead of the normal green. according to the Dell troubleshooting website, this indicates a basic power loss. It was suggested to me to replace the PSU. I just did it yet still getting the amber light on the power button. What should I check next? and how would I go about fixing it?

A:Power Issue

Well, if you received a message about a 'thermal event', first thing I would do is check the temperatures of your hardware.

You can do this using a program like PC Wizard:


It will tell you everything you need to know about your computer, including the operating temperatures.

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I recently built a system with a Gigabyte P4 Titan mobo and a Celeron 1.7 for browsing and office applications.It is in a Antec SX1030 case which I have been using for about a year with a dual cpu system. Every once in awhile the computer will not turn on. I can see the ethernet light and also the diagnostic light by the ram both are on. If I pull the power cord and let it sit it will turn right on. I had to use a 12volt adapter for the board. Could this be a power supply issue the board has 3 fire wire,6 USB 2.0.2 USB1.0 ,onboard ethernet and sound. I have a Kenwood TrueX 53 and Toshiba DVD.
Thank You Chuck

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Hey, i am currently in the process of building a new tower and its been about 4 years since my last build, so im afraid i may have lost some knowledge in that time frame. just got last of my components in today and went to assembly.

no power evident running to mother board when i attempt to power on. some google fixes i checked and werent successful:
-clearing CMOS
-removing 1xstick of RAM and trying again
-checked all physical lines again with no success

to be more clear, there is no fan spin, no light up, nothing when i attempt to power on. really would appreciate any help yall can throw my way. thanks
AMD Phenom II X4 920 Quad Core, 2.8GHz
MSI 785GTM-E45 Motherboard
PowerColor AX5750 1GBD5-HV2 Radeon HD 5750 Video Card - 1GB
Seagate ST3500418AS Barracuda 7200.12 HDD
2 x Corsair 2048MB PC5400
Coolmax CU-700B Power Supply - 700-Watt

A:Power issue with new rig

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Hello.Today. My hp z820 stop responding to the power button . When pressing it. The button light turn on as much as I keep holding it.the problem happened when I added nvidia quadro k2000 to my nvidia quadro m4000 and turn it on . Suddenly it turn off before it boot .Anybody knows what's going on?Thank you in advance.

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Recently my pc crashed and didnt turn back on. After making sure that wires and whatnot were connected properly, i decided that the psu was the culprit. however after more testing, i realized that the power slot for my cpu, which is a 4pin, was the culprit. having plugged in the bare essentials and leaving the 4pin disconnected, my comp turns on. with the 4pin connected, it sends a small surge of power then shuts down. is this fixable, or could it actually be something else, or will i have to get a new mobo. im running an ecs a780gm-a. and plz no replies about how i should get a new mobo because ecs is bad. i know a lot of ppl think this and frankly ive never had a problem with ecs.

A:Cpu power issue

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Hello, my neighbor has a computer someone made for them, big green box with 3 gauges on the front door, open the door to power it on, if it sits for a few hours it will power on and stay on seems to run fine when up (win XP Home), if you shut it down, you cant power it on until you wait so much time. It just blinks on and shuts off. I have tested the power supply with a paper clip and seems to run ok, ran memory tests and it comes up with no errors, does this mean the mother board is shot? It is an ATX motherboard with an AMD processor.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A:Power issue

You need to post your system component specs. Motherboard; EXACT make, model and revision (if applicable). Processor; EXACT make, model and stepping. Memory; EXACT make and model. Graphics Card (if installed); EXACT make and model. Power Supply; EXACT make and model. Provide links to the components. No one can diagnose a problem without knowing the EXACT components used in the build.

You can't test a power supply with a paper clip. All "shorting" the power on to ground tells you is the power supply starts, but doesn't tell you anything about the rail power output, power good response time, etc.

Preliminarily (based on the lack of information) it sounds like either a power supply problem or very possibly defective motherboard capacitors.

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Having trouble an older Dell Optiplex 740...its runs WIN XP pro......Every time I power it up it goes through boot then turns itself off.....Can anyone help me??

A:Power issue... I think?

How much tech knowledge do you have and/or do you have friend who can help? An easy way to test if it is your power supply is to use a multimeter.

Another thing you could do is to detach all peripheral items such as DVD drives, monitor , video/sound cards etc. until you have only PSU, cpu and RAM installed.

Boo up and then one at a time attach a piece of hardware and boot up. Keep doing so until you experience your issue.

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This is my Current System:-

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (fully updated)
Windows XP Profesional x86 (fully updated to SP3)
Zalman GS1200 Pro Tower Case
Fractal Design Newton R2 1000W Modular PSU
Asus Crosshair IV Formula
AMD Phenom II 1100T x6
Zalman CNPS9900-MAX CPU Cooler
Corsair Vengeance 4x 4gb 1600mhz
XFX Radeon HD6870
2x WD 20EARS 2TB Sata drives
1x Samsung Writemaster sata2 DVD ROM
Netgear DG834PPN Wireless Router (Connected via LAN)
2x200mm Zalman 'Built-in' Fans
1x120mm Noctua NF-S12 (the Prototype of NF-S12B)
2X92mm Fractal Design Silent Series

I had a problem recently, my PSU stopped working slowly. so i bought
this PSU 'http://www.quietpc.com/gb-en-gbp/products/powersupplies/fd-newtonr2-psus'

my question:- is there a way to find out if my PSU is overtaxed
(without external devices)?

this info is taken from the bios on system startup/idle, will it help?

CPU 1.323v
CPU/NB 1.158v
cpu/vdda 2.527v
dram 1.574v
HT 1.217v
NB 1.118v
SB 1.111v
3.3V 3.312v
5V 5.059v
12V 12.158v

thank you for your patience.

A:power issue

You can find out HERE!!

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Hey I have an hp computer with windows 7, and my power options are set to never turn off display and never put the computer to sleep. But after one or 2 minutes it will go back to the login screen, I'll still be logged in but it goes back to the login screen. How do i fix this?

A:Power Issue

Check your screen saver settings. It may be set to require a password on resume.

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I had diagnosed my pc power test found thesese error and warning any way to fix these????
Platform Power Management Capabilities:PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) Disabled
PCI Express Active-State Power Management (ASPM) has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer.

Platform Timer Resolution:Platform Timer Resolution
The default platform timer resolution is 15.6ms (15625000ns) and should be used whenever the system is idle. If the timer resolution is increased, processor power management technologies may not be effective. The timer resolution may be increased due to multimedia playback or graphical animations.
Current Timer Resolution (100ns units) 10000
Maximum Timer Period (100ns units) 156001

Platform Timer Resolution:Outstanding Timer Request
A program or service has requested a timer resolution smaller than the platform maximum timer resolution.
Requested Period 10000
Requesting Process ID 3184
Requesting Process Path \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

Power Policy:802.11 Radio Power Policy is Maximum Performance (Plugged In)
The current power policy for 802.11-compatible wireless network adapters is not configured to use low-power modes.

CPU Utilization:Analysis Error
Analysis was partially unsuccessful. Some results are available, but they may be incomplete.

A:Power issue help Need

I believe these are the result of some default settings, and you shouldn't worry about it. At least about PCI-e Active-State Power Management and Wireless (802.11 radio Power ...). These can be found in Advanced Settings of Power Plans (Power Options).

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Hello I am new to this forum. I needed a little advice about an issue i am having with my pc. A couple of days ago i went to turn on my pc I pushed the power botton and waited for it to turn on nothing happened. The pc isn't powering on at all. I checked all the power connections, tried unplugging and plugging the power cord back in, removed the case and checked all the connections. I didn't find any apparent problem. I am suspecting that my pc's power supply is dead, and hoping nothing else is! What if anything else should i test or try before i swap this power supply out with a new one?
Thanks in advance

A:Power issue with PC

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