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mails lost in outlook express after changing the store folder

Q: mails lost in outlook express after changing the store folder

I'm using outlook express 5, last night i changed the store folder for outlook express. next time when i opened the outlook express all my mails and mail folders were gone, i even checked the folder that i used as the new store folder and all the datas were replaced by the default outlook files.

how can i retrieve my lost mails in the outlook express?

Preferred Solution: mails lost in outlook express after changing the store folder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: mails lost in outlook express after changing the store folder


Outlook stores its folders as DBX files, the path to them is

C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxx\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook, where xxxxxx is the name of the account.

Look there and see what folders are listed and the size, blank folders are usually 1k or 2k, folders with stuff in will be bigger, it may be a good idea to search other users outlook settings in case something went screwy with XP, a quick cut and paste of the folders into the right directory shoud resolve the issue.

However if you cant find any DBX files of the right size then there is a good chance that the mails are gone.


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i was using outlook express for the past few years (outlook express 6) & i did have all my official mails in it, and today i found most of my mails in the inbox & some in the out box are missing , these are very impotent to me , can some one help me ....
need to find them some how

need to find these before my boss fires me

please help

A:mails lost in outlook express

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Using Outlook express 6, got some virus and a couple malware so I backed up my DBXs and reformatted. after importing the DBX files into outlook express following the reinstall, I don't have any e-mails past march 13th. so I'm wondering what happened to the other 6 months worth of e-mails.

Original path of store folder:
"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express"

New path after being imported:
"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application\Data\Identities\{C7528B0B-D49A-467F-A9CC-9586B425E676}\Microsoft\Outlook Express"

Any ideas?


A:Lost E-mails from Outlook express 6

How did you import the e-mails? Did you just copy the dbx files into the folders? Or did you use Outlook Express's import feature and pick import from folder?

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I was having trouble today opening Outlook Express on my old resource-challenged system. When I was opening HWiNFO32 at the same time as Outlook Express, I got OE opened, but HWiNFO32 froze, so badly that I had to reboot with the power button.

(So now I know I can't do anything simultaneous with opening Outlook Express on this system.)

A number of the e-mails that are there now have this instead of the e-mail text:

Message has not been downloaded
Outlook Express has not yet downloaded this message.


To download the message:

Click here [athcmd:download].
Press Space.Click to expand...

So far that has not worked for me.

When I brought OE back up on the next session, dozens of other e-mails are missing, apparently e-mails that were being loaded at the time HWiNFO32 got hung. How do I get them back?

Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
2.05 GB of RAM
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV
Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drive Size 114.4GB
Free Space was 35.8GB; now under 20GB because after backing up My Documents on Google Drive, Google Drive has duplicated the whole darn thing on my hard drive
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0G1548
Antivirus : Webroot Internet Security

A:Have lost dozens of Outlook Express e-mails. What do I do?

Don't know if this will help but you can view all your folders this way. Open OE>tools>options>maintenance>highlight the store folder and copy it be sure you get all of it.
Now start>run and paste that store folder link>OK. You should see all the folders.

Supposidly this app will allow you to open those email folders and be able to read them. I haven't tried or had an occasion to. http://www.pcworld.com/article/260778/mitec_mail_viewer_makes_accessing_old_messages_easier.html

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I was having trouble today opening Outlook Express on my old resource-challenged system. When I was opening HWiNFO32 at the same time as Outlook Express, I got OE opened, but HWiNFO32 froze, so badly that I had to reboot with the power button.

(So now I know I can't do anything simultaneous with opening Outlook Express on this system.)

A number of the e-mails that are there now have this instead of the e-mail text:


Message has not been downloaded
Outlook Express has not yet downloaded this message.


To download the message:

Click here [athcmd:download].
Press Space.

So far that has not worked for me.

When I brought OE back up on the next session, dozens of other e-mails are missing, apparently e-mails that were being loaded at the time HWiNFO32 got hung. How do I get them back?

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Can somebody offer some help for my predicament? I was recently at my mother-in-law's house and she was having problems with her old version of Outlook Express. I had limited time, so I downloaded and installed Outlook Express 6 without backing up her old e-mails. Well, Murphy's Law kicked in to high gear. Apparently, she has old e-mails that contain information she can't live without. The upgrade seems to have removed them.

Am I in for a long, long cold spell or are they somewhere waiting to be recovered?

Thanks for any and all help.

A:Outlook Express 6 Upgrade lost old e-mails

Hi Terry P

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!


Hopefully, we can bring you in from the cold

Do you remember what version of Outlook Express she had before the upgrade?

Beginning with version 5.0 Outlook Express started to use .dbx files for messages.
Outlook Express version 4 used .idx and .mbx file pairs.

What operating system?

Do a Find for:

If your search yields the .idx and .mbx file pairs, do a
File > Import > Messages > Microsoft Outlook Express 4 > Browse to the directory containing the .idx and .mbx files (not the files themselves)
follow the prompts from there to complete the Import.


If your Find only turns up .dbx files, try the
File > Import > Messages > Microsoft Outlook Express 6
The next window should either ask you to Browse to a directory location or give you another Identity to Import from.

If no other Identity is listed...

This is where I would need input from you...

If the Find only turns up .dbx files, is there more than one directory showing for these .dbx files?
If so, you will need to determine which directory is the Current Identity for Outlook Express.

In Outlook Express
Tools > Options > Maintenance tab
click the Store Folder button to see the path where the Current Identity keeps its .dbx files.
Close Outlook Express.
Open Windows Explorer, navigate ... Read more

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I had some problem with Outlook Express - it loaded the same mails many times and then crashed. I rebooted the system, opened the application, ans the same thing again. Maybe after the seventh time, the sapplication seemed to function well. However, all the mails on the INBOX-folder were lost except the new ones. Following the advice in a relevant article in EE, I used the Express Repair Tool nsware.com .
On the first run, it recovered some hindreds of lost mails. I did not know how to save them, and I closed the application, and opened Outlook Express. They had not appeared there. And when opening again the Repair Tool, the recovered mails were not there, either. In the proper folder the size of the file INBOX.DBX had diminished to a fraction of the previous one, meaning a total loss!

I suppose I did something wrong, but I haven?t know idea what!

A:Outlook Express crashed and mails lost.

Welcome to the forum. It's worth trying to download Thunderbird run that and then try importing from outlook it may just sort it and recover

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I had my e-mail addresses there forever in OE; and then poof they were gone! I tried everything. View, layout, contacts.I tried searching this forum, bad idea, I think I messed something up even worse? I went to:c:\documents and settings\owner\application data\microsoft\address bookand there were two things there:owner.wab (address book file) and pictures of a book? 1,439 kbowner. wab (wab ~ File) picture of ? 822 kbsame date and time were listed for each (which was today)I clicked on the first wab and it said something about sharing and I clicked yes; hoping that would help. didn't, and I don't know if I shouldn't have done that? I clicked on the second owner.wab and it said: "windows cannot open this file: To open this file, windows needs to know what program created it. Windowns can go online to look it up automatically, or you can manually select from a list of programs on your computer. Neither choices helped; couldn't find it on the list; and the web couldn't find it." aaarrgghhhhI searched in google; I've spent about 2 hours on this already! I sure hope someone can helpI have a sony computer; xp; not old; plenty of space; no viruses; updated macafee; etc.thanks! ~Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Outlook Express, Lost E-mails; Did Do View, Layout

Found this one suggestion:" The Windows Address Book data file is kept in C:\Windows\your-username.wab by default. The update points your Windows Address Book to H:\Address Book.wab. This allows your address entries to follow you around as your favorites do. This also allows your address book to be backed up on a regular basis. To recover your address book, user Windows Explorer to Copy C:\Windows\your-username.wab to H:\Address Book.wab "A few more here:http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/403378...cts-disappearedMark

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I am using Outlook Express and I have lost one year and a half of mails while the compact software was running. Is it possible to recover them?

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I recently started using Outlook 2007 on my PC. It was installed on my C drive and now that drive is almost full. How can I move all my old messages and put any new ones into a new folder on my D drive? Thanks!

A:Changing store folder for Outlook 2007

You'll need to go to the "Mail" icon in control panel. Locate where your current pst file is and copy it to your D: drive (with outlook closed). Then in the "Mail" icon add the "new" pst file. Set it as default. Setting it to default makes all new mail go to that PST file.

Open Outlook and then you can remove the old pst file in the Mail icon. When you change the default PST file it will not allow you to remove the old one until Outlook opens with the new one first. Removing the old PST file will not delete it, it just makes it so that it does not open with Outlook anymore so you may want to save it as a backup or if you're looking to get that space back, you can delete it.

BTW: The PST file saves all your messages, contacts and calendar info.

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Appreciate some assistance.

In Outlook Express Tools>Options>Maintenance Tab, there is a Store Folder button. Pressing the Store Folder button goes to an address such as:
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{9D2E2800-5A11-11D6-8A36-E573C96B8C40}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

At this address, the following files are found:
Deleted Items.dbx
Sent Items.dbx

If one of these .dbx files is deleted, how can it be reinstated?

The reason for the question is the following: a friend has MSN Explorer 7 installed on the PC, and with it, web based email. The web-based email is received in Outlook Express.

In the OE mail tree it has the normal Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, etc., etc. folders, and following these, lower in the tree, is a reference to the web-based email with another set of the same (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, etc.) folders under it.

The owner of the PC (senior citizen) keeps getting confused with these folders. Instead of going to the Inbox of the web-based account, he keeps going to the Inbox of what would correspond to a POP3 account, which he does not have.
Would like to trim the mail tree down so that it only displays the web based email and its set of folders (.dbx), but would like to know if this action would cause OE to go belly up.

Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance.


A:Outlook Express Store Folder

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Hallo, all

My C: drive is a smallish 'system' partition, and it's an ever-recurring job to keep enough 'headroom' on it.

I'm also somewhat anal about old emails (and have had several occasions to be glad I am). My store folder is currently up to over 2 GB - space I could well do with freeing up. It is in fact already backed up elsewhere.

I do also know how to re-set the store-folder elsewhere.

I suppose a simple approach would be to cull hard on C: - maybe set a fairly arbitrary date a couple of months ago, and delete everything older, knowing I've got them backed up. Then reset the store location to somewhere not on C: Will that store be empty when created? If so, will it be straightforward to import from the slimmed-down folder on C, before deleting it?

I'm open to warnings and suggestions here.



A:Outlook Express - store folder


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I have somehow lost the INBOX dbx folder in Outlook, a new folder has appeared named box.dbx with a create date of today.
If I do a file search with the word INBOX, my old folder is showing together with the new one.
If I try opening it it justs opens Outlook in the new Inbox file?

Can anyone help, have I lost all my eMails?

Also why is the new folder showing box.dbx and not Inbox?
There appears to be no way of renaming it!

Any assitance will be most welcome


A:Outlook Express, lost dbx folder

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I have an accidently deleted outlook express folder. It exists on the computer - see windows explorer - but I cannot access it with OE6. Any offers??


A:Lost Outlook Express folder

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I deleted a folder by mistake, in Outlook Express that had some important information in it. I tried restoring my system to an earlier date and the folder was still missing. Is there any place on my computor that might have a copy? Thank You.

A:I lost a folder in Outlook Express.

Welcome to BC.Is it in your Recycle Bin? You might look at something like, Free Data Recovery Software!

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Using Outlook Express, I typed and sent a message and instead of OE sending it it went into the outbox. Went to that folder, opened the note and sent it. Checked my sent folder and that mesage was there but all the others previously sent messages disappeared. Can you tell me what might have happened and can you help me recover them? Thank you.

A:Lost messages in Outlook Express Sent Folder

To try the easiest thing first, in OE, select the Sent Items folder. Then up at the top click on View, point at Current View and make sure "Show All Messages" is checked. If it's not, click it to check it. See if the missing messages reappear.

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My Deleted Items.dbx is gone from Windows, Applications, Identities, etc. When I try to make a new folder, I get the message that it already exists, but it doesn't or at least it's not visible. I was told that I had to "rip" the file, but I have no idea what that means or how to do it. Help! Thanks...Liz

A:Lost Delete Folder (dbx) in Outlook Express

If the delete folder was deleted don't worry about it, close out Outlook Express and restart it. It will recreate a new one.

Just had another thought also. The properties on the file may have gotten changed to hidden in which case you will have to go into folder options and change it to show all files and then once it appears again right click on the file and change it on the file to archive instead of hidden.

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Just going through the frustrating task of switching to new Win7 machines from old XP machines.
I have several thousand important (business) e-mails on my old XP machine under Outlook Express 6.  Six different accounts, each with their own inbox.  Four are POP3, 2 are IMAP.  The new machine has Office 2010 with Outlook, and I have set up all 6 accounts and they are sending and receiving fine.
I have read several articles on how to move (or export/import) all my old e-mails into Outlook, but they all seem to be written as if I have both Outlook Express and Outlook on both machines - not the case.  Some say to install Outlook temporarily on the old machine and make the conversion there - is this really necessary?  Where would I get just Outlook 2010?  Download a trial version?
The articles all seem to make reference to a PST file.  I have located the store files on the Outlook Express (old) machine, and they are all in a .dbx format.  Additionally, there are literally dozens of these dbx files, many for old folders that I no longer have on the old machine, even some old e-mail accounts that have been closed for years..
Can someone walk me though how to move (export/import) my e-mails from my old XP machine, with Outlook Express 6.xxx only, onto my new machine, with Outlook 2010 only?  Can I migrate individual folders, or do I have to move everything (all 6 accounts plus the sent items folder) at ... Read more

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when I write longue mails with outlook express, the person who gets the mails complains the my mails are cut in the end, as if they are not finished. Even I write them till the end, the person receives them cut, not finished .
Why ???
Thanks for your answer.

A:outlook Express mails are cut in the end

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Hi, I'd greatly appreciate some help, please as I appear to have lost all my stored e-mails. I'm running Outlook 2003 under Windows XP Home SP3.

When I went to open my e-mails, I got the following message: "The path specified for the file C:\Documents and Settings\<my name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.pst is not valid". The system invited me to open an Outlook file and I was able to recieve new e-mails, but I also got the message, "Unable to open yopur default e-mail folders. The file C:\Documents and Settings\<my name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.pst is not valid".

I have no idea what has happened, but there are some important e-mails stored in the now disappeared Personal Folders. Any help anyone is able to provide so that I can retrieve them will be most gratefully received.

Many thanks.

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Recently I had been repeatedly getting pop-up windows asking if I wanted to compact e-mail folders in order to save space. Each time I would simply close this box and continue what I had been doing. Last night I thought I X'd out of the box again, only to notice that the compacting process had begun. At that point I let it continue and went to bed. At that time I had 200 unread e-mails in my Inbox

This morning I went back to my PC and immediately noticed that I had only 61 unread messages in my Inbox. At first, I couldn't understand how I could've lost all those messages. Then I suddenly remembered the compacting process and figured out that that was the source of my problem.

Today I've been doing research and trying some things, but I still haven't been able to recover everything. In fact, as I was trying one thing and another I noticed that all of my Outlook Express Local Folders, all of a sudden, were completely empty! In other words, the remaining files from this morning are also gone. I am mainly concerned about the contents of my Inbox, which this morning had been missing all e-mails between August 15th and August 30th.

I had been running two programs, DBXtract.exe and Macallan Outook Express Extraction, but wasn't able to follow their instructions all the way through. On my Desktop I currently have a Macallan OEE icon which opens into a large, lined window with columns. Also on my Desktop is an icon for a folder I created and named &q... Read more

A:Outlook Express: How can I recover my e-mails?

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I have been having problems deleting e-mails for 6 days now. I cannot delete them either separetly or from Deleted Items Folder. Actually, when I try to go into Deleted Items Folder can't do that either. I just get "program not repsonding". I have searched & found solutions to this in the Forums & tried compacting all the E-mails - it did not work. Help. I have about 80 mails pilng up on me!

A:Outlook Express 6 Deletion of E-mails

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I use Outlook Express..It has been happening since morning that after I click on send/Receive, all mails - the new ones and the ones which I had recieved & already read before - all are being saved.. Like generally I recieve 10-15 mails daily.. Now it's receiving around 5000 mails..What should I do?

A:Outlook Express loading all mails again

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Hi Guys,

I opened up OE this morning and my mails from a particular sub folder within the Inbox are gone, yet the folder is still there. I would not have have deleted each mail !!!

Any chance of retrieving these mails ??

Possible folder corruption ??

Oh, its OE version 6.


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when I open my e-mail messages. The e-mail messages does not show a.m. or p.m. in the messages.

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A had a computer with a hard drive that started to become corrupt to the point where windows was having problems starting. I have a new computer now, with the old hard drive plugged in as a slave, and I am still able to access the data. However, I had a bunch of e-mails in outlook express on my old computer, and did not back them up anywhere. Assuming the e-mails are still accessable on the old hard drive, how would I go about getting the e-mails / contacts, etc. that are on the old hard drive onto my new one? As in, where is the file located that OE stores its e-mails in?



A:Outlook Express stores e-mails... where?

Hi, Welcome to TSG....

Here is some info on what to do>


Here is the entire search result of old threads here on TSG:


The Search feature is always the best place to check- nine times out of ten the problem has been answered before, you don't have to wait for a reply, and you get a variety.

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Greetings !

I have set up a network between a desktop and an ibm laptop, both are using win xp sp2,
the desktop acts as server(i hope its the right term, real noob )
I can access all the files from my laptop, but can't seem to view the mails on my desktop, email client outlook express.

Internet access is available on both the machines, connected both the computers with lan cards.
any help


A:Cannot get outlook express mails onto second comp

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When I am trying to send mails through Outlook Express, I am getting a message saying
'Your SMTP server has not responded in 300secs. Would you like to wait for another 300seconds?'
What should I do to get this off? Help me...

A:Not able to send mails through Outlook Express!!

From OE - Tools | accounts| mail | increase server timeout to long - break apart message (in case you have a huge message which could be causing timeout.


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I can put a smilie on to an e-mail in Outlook Express but it has disappeared on arrival.

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Hey Everybody

I've just installed Windows 98 SE (danish version) on my fathers computer and installed all updates from Microsoft's web page.
After setting up Outlook Express I found out, that I'm able to receive mails but not to send any.
When I try I get the following error message: "The message could not be send. Some of the receivers of the message are not valid. Correct the names. (I'm using the danish version of OE, so this is a translation.)
The e-mail address is correct and the e-mail account is setup correctly too.

So what is the problem? Can anyone help med?

By the way - I'm using version 6.00.2800.1106 of OE (after updating)

Mads, Denmark

A:Outlook Express won't send my mails

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i have been using a pop3 account with my outlook express 6 for 3 years, now i am going to change my email client from outlook express to microsoft outlook 2003, the problem when i configure the same account in new outlook here it starting to download all old mails ( 60000+ mails which are the server right now ) .
I tried to login through webmail client "horde" and emptied all folders. still my outlook trying to download 60000 mails . To download all those mails it needs 3.5 gb , and a lot of time. i can't spare that bandwidth and time.
But in my outlook express this setting is already unchecked "leave a copy of messages on server"
what should i do now. how can i stop downloading old mails. How can i set outlook to read mails which are only from today ?
or how can i clear my mail box ?. webmail client shows there are zero items.
please help me ,

Thanking You,

A:outlook express 6 old mails problems

tie up bandwidth?????

send/recieve, do something else.

that's what happens when you leave mail on the server.

no way that i know of to just get todays email.

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I run Windows XP with a hp psc 2110 all in one printer scanner copier. All is working fine except that E Mails from Outlook Express will not print. It has been OK for years untill recently. Printer will print attachments. The following notice appears,
Char: 1
Error: Unspecified Error
Code: 0
URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.dlg

do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

yes no

very much appreciate any help


Charles T Orr

A:E Mails from Outlook Express will not print

Make sure that all programs are closed!

Create a system restore point!
Follow the rest of the prompts

Go to Start
Click on RUN
In the OPEN dialog field type in CMD, then press OK
Type the following into the &#8220;black window&#8221;
regsvr32 ole32.dll
(Note the space between these two)
press the ENTER key

Try to print and see if this fixes the problem.

If the above did not fix your problem, you&#8217;ll have to run all of the below listed registrations and then try to print again.

regsvr32 urlmon.dll
regsvr32 shdocvw.dll
regsvr32 msjava.dll
regsvr32 actxprxy.dll
regsvr32 oleaut32.dll
regsvr32 mshtml.dll
regsvr32 browseui.dll
regsvr32 shell32.dll
regsvr32 iepeers.dll
regsvr32 ole32.dll

I hope this helps!



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When I write longue mails with Outlook Express , it cuts my longue mails, I can see in the sent items that they have been "cut". Also the receiver doesn't receives my longue mails. For shurt written mails no problem,only the longue ones are "cut" . Thank you for your answer.

A:Outlook Express 6 (XP Pro) cuts my mails

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I have several Outlook Express e-mail accounts, one for business, the rest for personal uses...for some odd reason, I just noticed that all my e-mails in my inbox prior to April 8 disappeared...all the way back to one year (yes, I keep older e-mails as well). I have no idea what happened...now, my other e-mail accounts are ok. I use cox.net...there are no settings that say to delete automatically...and this is now the second time this happened. Is there a way to retrieve them somehow?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...I use windows xp, internet explorer 7, outlook express 6. Thanks.

A:vanishing e-mails in Outlook Express

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I am testing my Outlook Express setup. When I am sending email from my outlook express to other email addresses, it works fine and emails are received at other accounts. I have configured my gmail account with Outlook Express. Now when I try to send email from outside account to my gmail account which is configured for Outlook Express, this email sent to gmail account should show up in my Outlook Express. But it does not. It shows up in my gmail account, but not in my Outlook Express. Why is it so ?
From my gmail account

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I get the following eror message:
The host 'SMTP' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'POP3', Server: 'SMTP', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 11001, Error Number: 0x800CCC0D.

H E L P !

A:Can't Send E Mails On Outlook Express 6

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Have a question,I sent some e-mails with outlook express and cox is my internet provider.I sent them to an officer in the company i work for about an imcompetant supervisor.I think they are friends and doctored my e-mails.They claim they got them at 3 or 4 in the morning and i suspect the content was changed.I know the time and content are on my computer but main office 2 hrs away.This could jeopardize my position if they doctored them as i suspect.How can i prove to the owner of the company the content has been changed? If i lose my job cant i get it off cox's server the original e-mails? I know it may take a court order.Any suggestions appreciated,thanks

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I recently received a huge e-mail from my sister-in-law containing pics. They were too large and therefore were useless. I deleted them and it took forever to delete. Now ever since, I cannot delete anything. Outlook Express just locks up and the only way out is to end task. Anyone ever heard of this ?? HELP !!

A:Can't delete e-mails from Outlook Express

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During my work on my PC I've received Pop-up message:
'To save space on your disk Outlook Express will (or can ) compact your
e-mails' OK or Cancel.
I clicked OK, and later in awe learned that all my e-mail folders were empty
(including very important ones). After that I spent several hours trying to
locate my "compacted" e-mails with no avail. You are my only hope now.

A:Compacting e-mails in Outlook Express 6

When posting, always state your OS and version numbers along with names of programs involved in your problem. Always better to post too many details than not enough.

Compacting itself does not remove emails. Here is a page that explains compacting and the best way to do it:


Never use any of the default folders for long time storage of large amounts of emails (Inbox/Outbox/Sent Items/Deleted Items/Draft). OE is known for emails disappearing particularly from the Inbox. Custom folders should be used.

You can search your hard drive for DBX files. It is possible your emails can be extacted from those with Macallan Outlook Express Extraction or DBXtract.



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Hi, I'm new here. Found this site in desperation. When I booted up my computer yesterday morning, Outlook Express started with a blank screen and there were no mails saved. However, I know that they're still there as the storage folder still shows them. I've tried copying the storage folder and importing them again both in Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Mozilla. I've even tried copying them it onto another computer and trying to import them.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Vienna, Austria

A:I can't access my E-Mails in Outlook Express

Well, what it sounds like to me is that maybe Outlook needs a kick in the ****. Go into Windows Explorer (not IE) and find the location of your storage folder. IF you're running XP, it's likely going to be within your personal settings folder unless you moved it (Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook) If not, do a file search for 'outlook' or put in a wildcard *.dbx

Once you know where it's stored, make sure Outlook Express is set for that folder. Go to TOOLS>OPTIONS Click the Maintenance tab, click "Store Folder" button. It will show you the current path that is set. If that doesn't match the actual location of the storage folder, change it.

Try that, and post back with the results.

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Hello all,

A day before yesterday, when one user in our organization opened his Outlook Express, he found there was no emails in some folders. I checked corresponding .dbf files, their size is OK (i.e. size if email messages are there), but no message is there in OE. Then 'Compact All Folder' ran and such folders' .dbx size came to 59k.

I want to recover data contained in those folders. Can anybody please help me?


A:Outlook Express mails disappeared

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I was trying to establish an MSN e-mail for my son and in doing so, it made MSN my defaoult account. I was able to get my Verizon e-mail back with Outlook Express but it must be an older version and the e-mails in my inbox and addresses are from 2005 and before. Everything Current is gone. Where should I be looking for to regain this information??

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Today I lost all the saved e mails for 2006 but still have 2005
I was deleting what I did not want and then started having problems with outlook express opening and closing.
It kept getting stuck so I shut off the computer and kept rebooting it but still would not open.
Finally unplugged computer after shutdown, unplugged internet and rebooted
Did not find anything in delete folder either.???????

A:e mails dissapeared Outlook Express

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Greetings Y'all!

I have a unique one! -
I cannot find my accounts on Outlook Express. As such I am not getting any eMail (since April 14th) and I am waiting on my eReturn confirmation!
I cannot even see the "Accounts" link on the "Tools" Drop Down Menu next to "View"
Please help if anyone experienced this before. How do I not only get my accounts link back, but how to restore my 32 email accounts that worked fine for years! I still have the eMail Inbox in OE, but the last one received was the 14th. When I click on Send/Receive it looks like it is checking and get approvals and all seems fine... but no eMail comes in!
By the way, I do see that there IS mail in my mail servers that have not been gathered by my Outlook Express!
Please help!

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I'm using XP and have Outlook Express 6. Recently, I encountered a problem with OE. I have a desktop folder of edited mails. When I open these mails, they open in UNEDITABLE format, i.e, there is Reply button on top instead of the usual Send button.

Things were working fine earlier, i.e., when I used to open the mails, they were editable and had a Send button on the toolbar on top. But now I have to hit the Forward button to make the mails editable (to make any last min. changes), reome the fwd: info. block that appears on top of the mail content and then make changes and send it. This is very tedious when sending many mails!

I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me what might have went wrong and have caused this and how can I put it back to normal.


A:Outlook Express 6: Uneditable Mails!

Hi greenspace,If you are saving the messages as Drafts, you will be able to edit them at a later time.

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I lost all of my incoming e-mails. Don't know where they went to. Can you help me find them? I still have the sent e-mails. But, the e-mails in the inbox are gone . . somebody did something to change this.

Please help !!
Thanx !

A:Office Outlook . . I lost all my e-mails

I managed to find my e-mails and started cleaning up but, I don't know why the flagged items are on the top of the list. How can I change that? I'd like the flagged items to be in the date order they were received just like all the other mail in the inbox.

I also lost the tool bar in my e-mail program. How can I get it back? I don't know what options to select to fix this. I'm afraid to touch anything for fear of making it worse.

Thanx for any help !!

PS I have Microsoft Windows Office 2007.


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