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Odd Difference Between BIOS Temps and Program Temps

Q: Odd Difference Between BIOS Temps and Program Temps

After installation of new motherboard and AC F64 Pro, BIOS shows 28C for the CPU. SpeedFan's "Core" shows 31C. However, it's "Processor" shows a WHOPPING 51C!!! Everest shows same 51/52C!

I'm sure it can't be that high. Are th "Core" and bios ones that are correct?

Preferred Solution: Odd Difference Between BIOS Temps and Program Temps

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Odd Difference Between BIOS Temps and Program Temps

I'd trust the BIOS temp reading. It should be more accurate than Speedfan or Everest.

Regards :wave:

BTW, how good is the AC Freezer? I may buy one for my future CPU...

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and if it doesn't which works best ? I use to use SIW but that was on vista


A:[SOLVED] Does windows 8 come with a program that monitors temps other than BIOS ?

There is no stock software but we all use and recommend this:

HWMonitor - CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

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hi all
i hv a core 2 duo cpu and i use speed fan program to test the temp's and it gives me :cpu 25c and core0 35c core1 36c,and in everest program gives only cpu's temp 25c
why is there difference between the cpu temp and core's temp ,aren't they the same?
and which one i can trust cpu\core??

A:Difference between temps

Speed fan is a pretty good program.

From what i think know,

Core temp is taken inside the actual processor.

Cpu temp is taken from between the heatsink and fan.

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I strongly urge all readers concerned with high temp readings displayed for Intel P4 CPU temps in BIOS and SpeedFan etc to read the following article.


It clearly shows how the temperature shown for CPU such as in BIOS and SpeedFan etc. is always higher by a delta of 15C +/- 3C from the top of the cpu case. The Thermal Design temp referred to in Intel spec sheets is the Tc temp.

Therefore my temp readings are well within the norm which is 63C and that is why throttling is not occurring even when I have thought the temp to be excessively high.

Heat originates within the Cores, and is hottest where the dual Tjunction sensors are located. Heat is then dissipated throughout the CPU die to the socket and motherboard, and to the Integrated Heat Spreader, where the single Tcase sensor is located between the Cores, and the temperature is ~ 15c cooler. Heat is then transferred to the CPU cooler, and finally to air inside the computer case. All 3 C2D temperatures are then determined by computer case cooling efficiency and Ambient temperature. Regardless of Load, Tjunction is always ~ 15c higher than Tcase, and Tcase is always higher than Ambient.

A:Temp Difference between Tj and Tc temps of CPU

Thanks, interesting article.

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hi, ive got a amd athlon 2600+. my temp used to be 55/57 (idle/full load) before i applied as3. after applying as3, the temps were 48/52. now, a week after i applied the as3, the temp is 53/60. why did it jump suddenly, and why the wide difference in idle and full load temps. also, i dont thinkive appliead the thermal compound properly, i might have applied too much

A:wide difference in cpu temps

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I have recently purchased Acer V15 Nitro VN7-592G, I am using it for video editing and rendering.i7-6700HQGeForce GTX 960M GeForce GTX 960M8GB DDR4 CPU was overheating to high 90?s C and would sometimes hit 97. After a while I have decided to repaste the CPU and GPU as I got too worried about stressing the package so much. An hour or so of fiddling and old paste was gone and new Arctic Silver 5 was applied. My only concern was that CPU area was way smaller than the heatsink, original paste was smudged all over the heatsink and on the CPU. I applied paste on the CPU only, guessing that the remainder of the heatsink would stay clean and cause no issues.Few stress tests in and a rendered video the temperatures went down:Idle ? 30/34CLoad ? 80/90CRoom Temp ? 24CAt this point I have discovered another issue or so it seems. Differences between core temperatures are substantial during load. Idling they are all at 30C to 34C. At load though it is a different story:Core 0 ? 90CCore 1 ? 73CCore 2 ? 89CCore 3 ? 66CPackage ? 90CThat just looks bizarre. 90C and 66C that is 24C difference. Should I reapply the CPU paste and put it on the heatsink as well? Wait more for paste to settle? Any ideas, thoughts or comments?

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ello fellas

i have a query regarding the temps of my Dual P3 babies

I have OC'd them from 1GHz EACH to 1.35GHz (180 FSB, multi locked)

ive noticed a V V SMALL temp increase, before OC, my temps were:

IDLE P1: 27C
IDLE P2: 27C
M/B S1: 26C
M/B S2: 25C

LOAD P1: 33C
LOAD P2: 34C
M/B S1: 32C
M/B S2: 31C

After Overclocking the temps are as follows:

IDLE P1: 28C
IDLE P2: 29C
M/B S1: 25C
M/B S2: 26C

LOAD P1: 37C
LOAD P2: 37C
M/B S1: 33C
M/B S2: 32C

The load temps were taken with running Prime 95 AND UD agent for 9 hours.

The only cooling i have is a silent 80mm fan on each processor and one 80mm silent fan blowing air in. I am also using Coolmaster Premium Thermal Compound.

I am currently running as i said at 1.35GHz at 180MHz FSB.
I would like to overclock these further. Is there ANYWAY i could have a custom BIOS made or perhaps push these Processors even further?

My PC Specs are:

Dual P3 1GHz OC to 1.35GHz (180 FSB, multi locked)
2GB PC133 SD-RAM (180mhz bus)
4*200GB Western Digital Special Edition HDD's in RAID 10
1*18.3GB IBM UltraStar 36LZX Fiber Channel Boot drive
Mylex MegaRAID i4 ATA100 64MB
Epox EP-D3VA Motherboard
GefForce 2 MX 400 Dual Head 64MB (Core 350MHz, Mem 472MHz)
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum EX
52x24x52 Sony CD-RW
CTX EX1200 21" CRT
NEC PlasmaSync 84VP4 84" Plasma Screen

A:CPU Temps + BIOS

The most I have ever heard of was about a 40% increase from over-clocking before the units (PIIIs) became unstable.You are already at 35%,so you are probably at about the limits on those PIIIs,before you start seeing smoke anyway...
Although I am a big fan of dual processing PIIIs,you are probably better off looking at upgrading board+processors to something a bit newer and higher powered,rather than pushing the envelope and smoking a good working system.

Just my opinion...

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ok, i have just switched my amd athlon 1 ghz for a 1.67 ghz, just mostly wanting to test the cpu to make sure it works.... it is running at 1250, im assuming that's because the mobo i have only supports that? (Asus A7S-LE) or maybe it's because the bios isn't reading it right?
and, the temp in bios on the new cpu says 53 celsius, but motherboard monitor is reading the temp as 33... big difference there, am i missing some settings that need to be corrected in mbm?
thanks in advance for anyone's help...

A:cpu temps, mbm or bios?

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good free program that tells you the temps of your CPU and GPU? My motherboard is an ASUS M2N-32 SLi Deluxe with an AMD 4200. And my video card is an NVidia 8800 GTS. Thanks to all who can help! -Dennis

A:Anyone know a good program to tell you temps of CPU/GPU

Hey how is it going? I found one you might want to try, It is freeware
and can be found here under downloads and Utilities, it is called
SpeedFan 4.32 , check it out! also nice car!

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The title pretty much says it all..
If anyone knows a good program to monitor my hardware temperatures, please tell me!

A:Good program to tell my hardware temps?

The free Everest programme from HERE, or the Speedfan programme from HERE

Wil both give you temperature info for your system.

Regards Howard

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Anyone know a stable program for monitoring a gpu's heat. Just curious if there is something out there im not aware of.Want something that wont harm my computer.

Nvidia Geforce GTX560

A:Safe program for finding GPU temps!

I vote for - MSI Afterburner


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Is there a good program that can monitor the temps in my comp? At the very least, the CPU. I'm running Vista Home Premium SP1 x64.

A:Good program to monitor temps?

if you built your own computer, there may be a monitoring application on the motherboard disc. as far as freely downloadable programs, try either (or both) speedfan or coretemp.

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Is there a program that I can use to record the temps that a laptop has when it crashes. Because I havnt been around when it crashed I can't tell if it is a heat related problem.


A:Program to record laptop temps

Very few laptops include the sensors to monitor the processor or MB temperatures. The first step is to find out if your machine has the capbility. Download Everest Home Edition and see what it says under Sensors.

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What program is best to use to see gpu,cpu and fps ingame? I have seen some youtube videos of people having that I really wanna know temps with my new cpu cooler while playing games.

A:Best free program to see temps in game?

MSI Afterburner allows you to show GPU temps in-game. FPS can be had with 'Fraps'. I don't know about CPU temps.

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Is there a program to monitor the Intel 4th generation processors that's pretty accurate? or am I better off checking the temps in the motherboard Bios? I'm using the latest version of Core Temp but, it reads about 10 degrees (C.) cooler than what the bios reads. which is 38-40 in bios and 28-32 in core temp with stock cooler. I've still got to get a better cooler. I broke two push pins on my Arctic 7 cooler removing it before I figured out they pulled straight up. It was 4 years ago since I installed it and my memory isn't what it used to be.

A:Best program to monitor intel i5 4670k CPU temps.

Core Temp isn't very accurate below 30C or so but is at higher temps, I'm told. There is hwmonitor, Real Temp, or Speccy too.

Checking BIOS won't help you see temps in Windows and is usually a bit higher than at idle.

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Has anyone noticed with this ASUS Motherboard that the CPU temperature measures are different after upgrading from the 0501 BIOS (all ASUS releases for the Board). The temps went down about 10 Celsius. One explanation I saw said it was Tcase vs Tcore/Tjunction difference.
1) Why suddenly change
2) It now doesn't align with Core Temp, Real Temp, SIW...
3) More importantly the FAN Xpert control curves in the ASUS AI suite are still the same. This means the CPU isn't getting cooled enough???

I'm now back with the 0501 BIOS but definitely confused.

Has anyone any experience with this issue?

A:P8Z68 Deluxe CPU temps and BIOS version

mjf, I don't have an Asus board, but from reading reviews of Asus boards on Newegg I have read where several people said the same thing.

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ok I am running (for now) a Gigabyte Mobo with an AMD 3000+ CPU I was always curios to see how hot my CPU temp was, so I ran speedfan, it says my CPU (as u can see in the Screenshot) is running close to 56 degrees Celcius with the stock cooler, Now thats right after running counterstrike source, and (before I blew out the case), now it runs around 52 degrees after a game, Is that a safe temp I think it could be cooler, so I purchased a Cooler Master Hyper 6+ to see if it would cool my processor better and when i do upgrade to my 4000+ processor, will it still be cooler than the stock heatsink for the 4200+... I know the rule of thumb for case cooling is same blowing in as same blowing out correct, becuase I have a PCI cooling fan too, think its a Cyclone think i should take it out its right under my 6800 GeForce card so its sucking the air right out from the Video card.... any input would be thankful, I know someones gonna say just watercool, lol

A:CPU temps

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Just overclocked my laptop. Is 95 degrees a reasonable temperature?

A:Are my Temps OK?

For what component (cpu, graphics, etc)? Celsius or Fahrenheit? If it is Celsius no; change back to the default immediatly. Note that overclocking is controversial. Many here will say that it is ok to do so while others will say not to.

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 HELLO.                     My PC fans were noisy as hell and were giving me a hard time.So I used  SpeedFan . I know that it's kind of a pro user utility. but I watched a couple of videos and tweeked my fans speed with it a little bit and BAM I could hear the most beuatiful sound I've ever heard; I  could hear the sound of the hard drive spinning.  The RPM's and temps before tweak ( watch the Fans speed):      All I did in Speed Fan is chnage all the fan zone settings from " controllled by hottest of ambient remote " to " remote auto" and the fans became quit:  this is my  temp as well as my RAM and CPU usage after " tweak".   My questions are : since the RPM of the fan dropped significantely (1827 RPM) the motherboard temp  augmented to 59/60 C , is this temp safe. I mean would my mobo be damaged or anything ?when I  try to play L4D or any game the CPU temp get to 58 C and the MOBO's to 62 C which scares the hell out of me; that I  quit the game. is that OK should I just keep Playing ?what do you suggest I do ?  All I want to know is whether these temps are Ok !! MY SPECS: Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64-bitCPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86GHz 41 °CConroe 65nm TechnologyRAM2.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15)MotherboardHewlett-Packard 0A54h (XU1 PROCESSOR) 50 °CGraphicsL1952HQ... Read more

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Q: Temps?

Was just curious on what the normal temperature was suppose to be for a 3.0 g p4.And also the normal temperature for a hard drive to run at.My current readings for temps are cpu=41c Hd's between 34-39c.
asus pc4800-e deluxe
Antec 550w Psu
p4 3.0g
geforce 6800 gt oc
(2X) hitachi 80g hd's in a raid0 array
dual channel 1g kingston ddr ram
aspire case 5 led fans


Thos tempatures are fine if they go over 60 degress Celcius then you should worry but those are great temps

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Hello ! I had some mysterious shut-downs (PC just shut off) and opened the case up and cleaned out a ton of dust. Also, some loose cables were possibly blocking airflow. I tried to get everything cleaned up, and ran SpeedFan 4.43, and this is what I got. This is AFTER minor clean up and cable organization

Windows 7 64 bit Pro
Intel Q9550 2.83 GHZ
8 GB Memory

Temp1 - 40C
Temp2 - 35 C
Temp3 - -128 C (minus 128 C) ??
HD0 - 32 C

Core 0 - 53C
Core 1 - 51C
Core 2 - 47C
Core 3 - 47C
GPU - 51C

Thanks guys !

A:How are my temps ?

are the cores at load? and what are you using to read them? read them with realtemp, and temp 3 its always like that and normal lol. EDIT: sorry saw speedfan and i suggest you use realtemp too.

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I'm using a freezone cpu cooler by coolit, had to reinstall it, put some new AS5 on the heatsink, my cpu temp is at 15C right now, I know AS5 usually takes a couple days to burn in and you could get up to a 5degree drop. Should I be worried right now. I know too cold is not good for cpu's either

A:cpu temps


Its true that too cold is not good for the CPU, but you probably won't acheive those temps without spending a really huge sum of money. And you definately won't reach those temps on anything thats easily available to the general consumer/enthusiast.

TEC coolers may not be that easily available, but it still does not reach those temps . I'm not an EE, but given that CPUs are overclocked for fun on LN2, and that the best overclocks are NOT on lowest possible temps (these guys claim that a few degrees over N2 boiling temp is best), I'd say I wouldn't worry about your 15C (which is a temp I'd love to run my comp at )

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What is the usual range for CPU and MB temps...My CPU is running 62-69 C normally and M/B is 42C Ive been having crash and freeze ups with blue screens.
ATI Radeon x1950 VC
Asus MSN-SLI Deluxe MB
AMD Dual Core FX-62 processor
650 PS
Corsair DDR 800 (2 sticks 1GB apiece)

A:CPU and M/B temps

Whoa! Those are high temps you should buy a new Heat-Sink/Fan combo immiedately!

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Q: temps

Hi all just wanted to know if this is a ok temp I got a I7 950 stock fan a 912 haf case 200mm fan on top and 120 mm on front, side, and back my temps are 41c to 43c idel and 58c gaming asus sabertooth mb


Kinda a little high idle but more important 58c gaming is fine.

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Ok lets start back a few weeks ago i had a cpu fan error a few times at cold boot, so i eventually came to the idea that the cpu fan was going bad, anyway today i got my new CPU Fan/Heatsink and replaced it, temps seemed fine when i let it run a while but when i did a virus scan with Kaspersky & Malwarebytes (also had a few other programs open) my temps jumped around but generally kept going up eventually at one point reaching 75 C (was using Speed Fan to check temps)

My CPU is a Intel Quad Core Q6600, now my temps are lower but im still idling around 50 on all cores according to Speed Fan and when under a load it shoots up into the mid 70's (although the CPU itself is much lower, currently 22 C with not much running)

This probably isn't normal but is it dangerous, i dont know why its doing this but i just want to know is it dangerous, and how can i fix it, if need be.


A:CPU Temps

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Just overclocked my laptop. Is 95 degrees a reasonable temperature?

A:Are my Temps OK?

For what component (cpu, graphics, etc)? Celsius or Fahrenheit? If it is Celsius no; change back to the default immediatly. Note that overclocking is controversial. Many here will say that it is ok to do so while others will say not to.

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As you can tell by my sig i have got my new A64.
i have started overclocking i can get it to 2.5 but i wanna test stability on 2.4 and for that i need a program that will moniter my spu temps as well as fan speeds and so on.
does anyone know fo such a program if so waht is it called and where can i dl?

thanks in advance,


A:A64 Temps

Probably Speedfan: http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

it's free

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Q: Temps

Where can I find the average temps for my HD, RAM, CPU, and video card? Are there any web sites I can check out? Any FREE programs?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS-don't know any of my temps


You can try Speedfan whcih is one of the most popular: http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

There's also MBM5: http://mbm.livewiredev.com/

And most motherbaord come with one as well. Check your motherboard CD or Intels site.

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i bought a new asus 7600gs 512mb fanless and its around 60 degrees C at idle and 80-90 after gaming is this too high? the nvidia temp monitor logs a green line up to 85 ish ,
my earlier 6600gt (when it was working) was only 80 max at load is this down to the fanless architecture or bad venting for a bigger card?

A:Gpu temps

1. video cards have a much higher heat tolorance than CPUs do. that temp is normal and safe.

2. software based temp monitors are not very accurate

3. due to the ATX standard, the video card's heatsink is on the underside of the card. this area of a standard ATX case gets very little airflow.

that being said, if you are still worried about the temps then you can:

1. replace the fan-less heatsink with a heatsink/fan... or

2. modify your case to get more airflow to that hotspot. if you have enough empty PCI slots under the video card, then you can remove 3 plates/covers and simply install a case fan there to exhaust the hot air or intake cool air. or you could drill/cut a hole in the side panel of your case and install a fan there as well.

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Can anyone tell me what the temperature limit is for a P4 3.0Ghz processor with a 800mhz FSB, it runs with a stock fan and H/S.

Many thanks


A:CPU Temps.

Maximum temp is 70C as stated on page 69 of this document.

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hi all
id like to know if anyone has any tips on how to get mother board monitor to work for
the packard bell orion mother board ms-7168 the packard bell site claims msi is manufacturer
cpuz says nec computers international although gives the same model no
mbm doesnt have the model listed any one have any other programs or work arounds? bios gives temps so must be a sensor

ive just built this pc and im slightly paranoid about cpu temps

nvidia 7600 gs pci-e
athalon64 3500+
530w psu

A:cpu temps

If you are trying to find out the motherboard then google Everest, install it, then go to motherboard --> Motherboard to get the mobo details.

I think that is what your post was on about.

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Q: Temps

Ok I know this is a old ? but just to ask idle tems 38 to 40c load games cryis2 at dx11 bf2 bad comp all at maxed setting.. temps hit 62 to 66c my room is at 79 degrees what do yall think
i7 950 sabertooth x58 gtx560ti cpu cooler v6gt,


Not sure if I could answer your question or not, mostly because I can't really understand your grammer. It looks like you are asking about temperature spikes in your motherboard that occur when you load certain games. I'm guessing your system is overclocked, but I'm still trying to decipher what your question is.

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My EVGA GTX570 Superclocked GFX card has some serious temperature issues.

The Card idles at 36c and under load, playing games gets as hot as 97-105c, using 2 monitors the idle temp is 69-70c, while gaming still 97-105c(Crysis 2 1980*1050 all the bells n whistles on).

The card is less than 8 months old, clean as far as i can see. I have removed the card and cleaned away any dust build up with compresed air, can't remove the plastic shroud because i dont have the proper security screw heads. Its not my case/air flow as airflow is optimal. 2 120mm front fans pulling also 120mm side fan pushing, 240mm top fan pushing, 120mm back fan pushing. My question is if i reTim the card will this help and if so whats the best thermal paste to use? I have Actic Silver 5 compound will this be sufficent? Also where can i get the security screw heads?

A:GPU temps again!

If it is less than 8 months old and you are sure it isn't case airflow causing the problem I'd look at getting it replaced by the retailer or manufacturer. Which ever is applicable under card warranty. You'll probably find that messing around with it could invalidate a warranty and if the application of a new thermal compound doesn't help you then have something you can't send back as faulty. I'm not sure but I'd check what is used for the heatsink on a GPU. I have a feeling it might be a thermal epoxy rather than a paste. Someone with experience of changing cooling solutions on graphics card should be able to confirm/deny my feeling on this...

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Should I be Worried about my Athlon XP-M 2800+ idleing at 51C?? I think that this is a high temperature but it is a laptop processor so I really don't know what to think...

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I have just installed HWmonitor on one of my computers to monitor the temps I have attached a screenshot of what is displayed I know that TMP 0 is the motherboard and that TMP 1 is the CPU. But I am not sure what the TMP 2 is for and its running at 79c which seems on the hot side.

The specs for this systems are as follows:

XFX ATI Radeon 5770 1024MB GDDR5

AMD Phenom II X2 555 Processor running at stock speeds 3.20Ghz

OCZ Fatal1ty 550w Silent SLI Ready ATX2 Power Supply

Corsair XMS3 TwinX 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit Code TW3X4G1333C9A

Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Temps Okay?

Probably a phantom reading, meaning that the sensor chip supports it but there is no sensor for it. Pretty sure that HWMonitor works the same as Speedfan in that it takes the readings directly from the sensor chip and not from the bios, which is why readings like that show up (and in Speedfan can be turned off).

Leave it open and run a game or some other system intensive program and then check the readings again. If it is a phantom reading and that 79? reading doesn't change, then you can ignore it.

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hello, was playin left 4 dead demo and it crashed again, here are the temps after id been playing for bout 3 hours on my 8800gts.
temp 1 38C (102F) 2109 RPM
temp 2 42C (107F) 0 rpm
temp 3 23C (73F) 1009 RPM
temp 4 47C (116F) HD
temp 5 33C (91F)
temp 6 21C (69F) core
im not sure what counts as a high temp so what do you guys think ?

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I was thinking it might be a good idea to post your temps here so other users can see what temps they can expect to get with their CPU/cooling combinations.

To standardise this, we'll use the same program, coretemp, which is free, easily downloadable, user-friendly, etc.

And to make it easy to read, it'll be good to list things in a particular order:
CPU/cooling/voltages/idle-temp/load-temp (in celcius). If you have not messed with voltages (and don't know values), stock is fine. If you've changed it, enter the voltage applied.
e.g: E6300/stock/stock/25/50

If you're using watercooling, just state the waterblock, and number of 120mm fan your radiator holds.
e.g: E6300/swiftech storm/stock/20/22

If you've overclocked, just put the speed after your CPU.
e.g: [email protected]/LN2/2.0/-150/-140

I understand that this doesn't give ambient temp, but we don't really have a good way to standardise that, so the data would be useless anyway. This data is still good for measuring difference between idle and load temps.

To get load temps, use Prime95. However, if you're using an Intel Processor, the Intel Thermal Analysis Tool would show higher temps, and should be used instead if possible.

Mention anything else which you might think is relevent (e.g. modified, lapped, etc)

If enough people post, I might just update the list on first post to make it even easier to read.


Please post your temps in the format as ... Read more

A:Your CPU temps

You should have voltage in there.


So mine would be:

[email protected]/CNPS7000B-Alcu(silent)/1.5125V/37C/53C

I think this is a great idea... if enough people post, it should be a sticky.

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Are these temps right you think? I am stock speeds with a Xigmatek Dark Knight at half speed....
What is VREG? that seems hot, but CPU seems a little cool to me.

A:Are these temps right?

hm... it prolly is correct.......... go to http://www.cpuid.com/ and get the hardware temp monitor

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CPU 44 Celsius

System 38 Celsius

GPU 53 Celsius

I think these temps are ok?

A:PC Temps

Yes. Those are healthy temps.

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Just curious what would be a good temperature i would want my stuff to be when playing high intense games and what are so easy ways to reduce it

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hello guys i have just installed a new fan and was wondering if these temps were ok thnx guys... the temps are 25 degrees/77farenheit thnx agen

A:Are These Temps for the cpu ok?

What's the Processor?

The Temps are really good; they are at what they should be maybe even better.

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Is it safe to be working on my laptop when it is registering these temperatures?


A:CPU temps

Click the link below for information on ideal cpu and gpu temps. What is the system model and the CPU installed? 
CPU and GPU ideal temps

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Hey guys
I recently built this pc, still playing around with it, first dual-core build. 5200+ amd. Stock amd cooler.

This is how its full load when im encoding 2 videos at a time to mpeg4

this is low load when its only set to min power idle says 1ghzx2.

But when it idles at regular power 2700ghzx2, cpu temps read 1cpu 41c 1core 15c 2core 15c

I'm glad that the mobo is only 28-30c most of the time, my other mobos usually get a toasty 50c ~_~.

Never done overclocking before, so everything is prety much retail as is.

A:Are these temps ok?100%

The 59c for an Amd X2 is really high but still safe as long as not much over 60.

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I have just had a major update MB Processor ram and SSD,The fans seem to be a lot louder and thanks to this forum I now know how to check temps,I dont want to fry my new set up on the plus side has not had a shut down so I am guessing PC have a fail safe ?The fan is the one that came with the processor looks pretty good but I have no idea about this sort of thing and there is a fan in back of the box which came with the case

A:Are these temps ok ?

They look fine for idle on a stock CPU cooler.

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Q: Temps

Wasn't sure where to put this thread but the 'games' section seemed appropriate as that's what my new pc is for.

My idle temps are around 40-45

and gaming temps around 40-50

Any reason why idle is so hot and gaming is fine?


Maybe some program is always running in the background ?

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This is not so much a thread about my cooling, as I know I am fine in that area, this is more a question about safe / comfortable operating temperatures.

The reason I say this is because right now, with it being summer, my room can get rather warm. While running games such as Bad Company 2, or any other graphically intensive game, I run just under 60, with the occasional spike to 62. Idling and doing basic tasks keep me at around 35-40.

While I know the 35-40 degree range is good, I am wondering if 60 is a reasonable operating temperature while under load, or if I should be stepping up my fan speeds.

I have a 2600k clocked at 4.4 GHz.

A:CPU Temps

I would keep an eye on it but the chip should hold into the 70+ range without damage. If you ever push 80 I would just shut it down or reduce the clock, then you're pushing it too far.
If 60 is as high as you are going the chip should be fine though.

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