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Power input broke on laptop mobo....

Q: Power input broke on laptop mobo....

I have a Compaq Presario 2100. well the power jack broke off the motherboard, while trying to solder it back in place, one of the prongs bent, so I was taking it out again to start over, when my friend bumped into me. I accidently pulled it out of the motherboard. While inspecting the prongs, it looks as though a copper looking "sleeve" was still soldered to the prong. Is there anyway to fix this?

Also, the original jack was lost. I have another one, it's not a replacement, but it fits the plug. How can I solder this to the mobo for it to work?

Please help me.

Preferred Solution: Power input broke on laptop mobo....

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Power input broke on laptop mobo....

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Okay, this is I did something really dumb. Yesterday I was changing the thermal paste in my laptop for the cpu and when I was taking out the palm rest, I forgot to open the flabs to release the ribbons and I stripped the ribbons badly and also the part where the ribbons plug in on the motherboard. The little tiny metal pieces on the place where the power ribbon plugs in are all bent. I can't turn on my laptop on and I really want to be gaming right now lol Is there anyway I can fix this? Please anybody, please help me. If you guys need me to attach pictures to this post I will. Thanks! Right now I'm on my other computer Btw.

A:Broke my laptop power button


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I was gave a Compaq Presario laptop 12XL300 with a broke power connector. Could someone look at the images below and tell me where the the connector needs to be soldered. It seems someone had soldered it before but it had so much solder on it i couldnt figure out where it was broke so i tried to clean it off some.


A:Laptop power connector is broke

laptop dc power connector protector

A tip for laptop owners. After trashing two Toshiba laptops due to continual problems with the DC power plug connection, I discovered a quick, cheap ($6) fix that is being offered on ebay. It won't repair existing problems but it will prevent future problems by simply removing the stress put on the DC cord that eventually cracks the solder on the mother board or prevents good contact within the connector itself. Suggest that laptop owners consider this to prevent an expensive repair later. It is adaptable to any laptop/notebook and can be viewed at ebay by querying "DC power jack protector".

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I have an HP laptop and where you plug in the power cable to the computer. The slot for the power cable on the computer does not connect well at all. If you move the power cable around with some pressure... then the charging light will come on. I believe the slot on the laptop where the power cable is inserted is broken some way. Is it easy to get to that piece and remove/ repair it? If so how do I do it?

A:HP laptop power input slot

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I own a Zoltrix TV Max PCI tv tuner capture card for Windows 98. The video card is old and always had a loose cable-TV coax cable input. The cable TV input finally snapped off leaving me without tv on my desktop. I decided to open up the unit and found the connector had its back-end, rigid metal wire severed due to excessive twisting from the cable tv wire (the severed metal connected to the PCB stands vertical perpendicular to the board while the severed coax input end has a protrudng horizontal end). Even though I've never done this before but I was thinking about repairing the unit myself with a soldering iron?!

Is this how I'd go about repairing the Zoltrix TV Max cable input connector? The area to be repaired is incredibly tiny. Perhaps there are tools for reconnecting such a small broken area? BTW the outter metal is grayish, however the breakage area shows what seems to be a more copper-ish color on the inside.


A:I broke my TV Tuner's cable tv input -- HELP!!

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Hi, I recently let my friend borrow my Lenovo V570 laptop while I was out of town because he wanted to fix the keyboard which did not work at all. The keyboard was removed and reinstalled with a new one but a worse problem was created. The power button cable was removed and the plastic piece that locks it was lost. I cannot afford to pay for computer repair or a new motherboard, I know its still good since the battery light is on and charges when plugged in.

Now I cannot turn on my laptop at all and I need it for school ASAP. I read through the maintenance manual many times for this laptop but it does not say exactly what each one of these inputs are for. So my plan was to remove the plastic lock from the cable for the touchpad. At this point I dont care if the keyboard or touchpad works (I will use USB keyboard and mouse) I just need to be able to power it on and working USB ports.
So I unplugged the plastic lock from the input I believe was the touchpad and tried to install it in the power button cable input since it looks like the same size. Problem is it is very small and difficult to work with and when I tried to install it I slightly bent one of the pins (shown in photos below.

If I carefully straighten out the pin on the cable input and try it again (any tips would be appreciated in doing this) do you think the plastic lock I removed will fit in the power button cable input? Also are these plastic lock pieces hard to find if I need a replacement?

Also does anybody k... Read more

A:Need help with Power Button Cable Input Plastic Lock on Laptop Motherboard!

It may or may not fit, sometimes every connector is different. Personally I would use hot glue to keep the cable in place.

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Hi there,

Newbie to this site, but hope you guys/gals can help me out. I've had this laptop for about 4 years and ironically, the extended warranty ran out only 3 weeks ago.

3 problems:

This evening I turned on the laptop for about 15 mins and noticed the power light indicator was blinking on and off. Soon smoke started to come from the power/network port area and the system immediately shutdown. I immediately pulled the AC adapter out and allowed the system to cool. Upon disassembling the laptop, I could not find any burns on the board near the power/network port area. Is it safe then to turn on the laptop again? Anyway to isolate what caused the problem?

2. The AC Adapter has been problematic for awhile. It appears to be loose and will sometimes cause the laptop to auto shutdown due to loss of power. I often to jiggle this wire to allow it continue to provide power. How do I test if the problem is w/ the pin on the m/board or the external adapter?

3. The battery on the laptop has also not been working on its own for awhle. When ever I pull the battery out, it shows that a little bit of juice on the indicator, but when I remove the adapter and let the laptop run on the battery alone, it shuts down w/in 2-3 minutes. How can I test to see if the battery is still fully functional?

I really don't want to have to take the laptop into a service center so they can screw me over w/ diag costs and unnecessary parts - so any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks!... Read more

A:Compaq Presario 1800T laptop (smoke from the power input area)

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it looks like one of those very small pins with the red side and has:

i knocked it off trying to take a side panel off to install my sound card.

computer is working fine right now. THANK GOD it didnt fully destroy the motherboard.. atleast for now.

What will happen? am i fine? HELP!

A:HELP! broke something off my mobo!

It's a capacitor, used for smoothing supply voltages. If they are through-mount (the pins go right through the motherboard), then any electronics guy can replace it or solder the old one back.

Your mobo could keep on working without any issues too. Perhaps you are not using the component whose power supply the cap was taking care of or maybe the power is smooth enough and doesn't need the filter.

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I got a Gateway MX8711 laptop, it was supposed to be just missing an HDD, but the unit is completely dead. I've never got to see any indicator light, any whiff of a fan.

Since the alternative was throwing it away, I took the whole thing apart. All I know is that the PSU tests successfully at 19V, no obvious indications of burns or bad solders near the POS, and there is continuity on the board. The highlighted transistor S1040 gets 19V too*. The battery charge terminals give 0.85V.

Where do I go from here?

* See i39.tinypic.com/29dz2ir.jpg , I can't post links yet.

A:Gateway laptop completely dead, mobo gets power

Sorry to report this to you, but the Gateway Ml, M7, and MX series of laptops from about 2007 through 2010 or later, have a very high (my term) failure rate... the motherboard goes.... Some technicians believe that the motherboard fails because the CPU cooling fan plugs up with lint, and the board or processor overheats... We have seen perhaps 36 or 37 of them... dead and not repairable... since 2007... except by the replacement of the system board... The average cost of the system board is $127 plus shipping...
Others believe the failure is because of the manufacturer who was in control at the time they were built... The problems appears to be the same whether it was built by Gateway or the other two companies who have been in line for the building process. Gateway was bought out by other companies in Korea about 2003 or 2004... a pretty reliable machine until then
I would contact Gateway or a technician who specializes in Gateway to see what their cost of repair is these days... but we are not sure we would want the repaired one either...
A look on eBay will affirm that there are lots of Gateway parts, but almost never any working Gateway motherboards...
You might want to take it to a certified tech who works on Gateway laptops for his or her evaluation...
But your time will be better spent shopping for a better unit.
The hard drive is still good, as is the memory and most other components, in our experience, but it is the motherboard that is the one part that is unre... Read more

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Has any one modified a Power Suply to Take 12 volt DC Input?

I would very much like to hear from you, or any one you may of heard of that has done this.

I wanted to Put a desktop case etc. in my car and use it to listen to music...

Thanks to anyone who replies...

A:DC Input Power Supply (12 volt input)

A standard Computer PSU rectifies the incoming mains (120 or 240 volt) and the "chops" it in a switchmode type power conversion.

Therefore as it starts with a high DC voltage (120 or 240 V AC rectified to DC) there is no easy conversion to make it use 12 V instead. Without a complete rebuild and redesign of the PSU.

By far the cheapest and easiest way is to use an off-the-shelf 12 V inverter that converts 12V to 120 or 240 V AC, and then you dont need to bother rebuilding the power supply from scratch.

Has the advantage of easily sourced power supply units for the PC. You would likely get away with a small 200 Watt unit.

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The power button broke and I can't power on or off without opening the case. It is powered on and I'm just putting it to sleep. The warranty for this computer is expired in January 2016. I am wondering if there is somewhere I can order the power button to replace it myself. I only need the button, not the power button board.

A:HP Envy 15 x360 power button broke - can't power on or off

Sure. What is the complete product number or product name of your HP Envy 15 x360 notebook?  So far you have only partially identified your HP product as being in a particular model series.  Look on the bottom of your notebook for the product number. It is the the following form xxxxx#xxx.  x= an alphanumeric character. Once you provide that product number I will be able to get you abn HP part number for the power button. Sorry to hear that your notebook isn't useable for now.

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So my Laptop does accept HDMI as Input to. But i dont know about any program, that can watch what is being put in. Does someone know one?

A:Laptop with HDMI Input, but no program to watch the Input

you can try any of the tuner software and see if that works. things like Windows Media Center, XBMC, MediaPortal, GBPVR.

video editing software like Adobe Premiere. the best, easiest, and cheapest bets would be to try the tuner software first.

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hi all
just a quickie, not realy a problem just not quite sure lol.
i have just bought a new surround sound setup with 3 leads to conect 2 pc.
am i reading this right? the 3 inputs on my mobo are 1xmic 1xheadphone 1xaux.but wen using a surround system they all change 2 inputs for the speakers?
soz 4 being a dumb ass lol. just dont wanna kill anythin

thanx in advance 4 the help folks

A:mobo audio input help

it looks that way - i dunno what you're supposed to do if you want to use the mike whilst gaming in 5.1 - is there not a mike input on the front?

it seems to be a trend amongst hardware designers to double up the 'ports' like that - for instance, on my netbook, the same jack socket is used for headphones and mike. you have to buy a special gizmo if you want to use both at the same time. is it really an economy thing - how much money do they really save by not giving us extra sockets?

don't worry, you shouldn't break or fry anything if you stick it into the wrong hole...

*edit* re-reading your post, you haven't got three inputs? speaker sockets are 'outputs'. maybe i'm being pedantic, but there is an important distinction.

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I'm looking to buy a new mobo/CPU/RAM and I just want to be sure that everything is compatible and will serve its intended purpose (online gaming). I am on a budget of around $200-$250 but I am willing to spend more if necessary (I would like to keep it closer to $200 unless the hardware in that price range is too low quality for what I need). My full system specs are included in a text file attachment.

I was considering this motherboard:


But it seems like all the processors that go with this board are a little too expensive for me. Is this motherboard too low quality for what I need? It seemed like a good choice considering my budget.

This is the CPU that I was looking at:


Here is the RAM I'm considering:


Would I be better off getting 2 x 1GB sticks? Or should I go with the single 2GB stick listed above? I'm just looking for some opinions on this combo. Remember I am using this system for online gaming so if these choices are gonna be insufficient for that then I wanna know. If anyone knows of a specific brand of RAM that goes better with this board that would be great also. My video card is fairly large, I'm not sure if that's a factor when choosing a motherboard.

A:Buying new mobo/CPU/RAM - looking for some input

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I am ready to buy my business mobo and cpu. I have the antec sonata3 case which is a mid tower. The cpu Iam looking at will be a LGA775. I've been told to go with a foxconn or gigabite mobo. Are there any certain core cpu I should stay away from? I will be on the internet along with running quickbooks and excell at the same time. Please give suggestions as to best way to go . Thank you

A:Please give input om mobo and cpu.

LGA 775 is the socket on the motherboard. There is a big range that will fit this including core2duo, although not all LGA 775 boards will run core2duo - you need to check the board spec carefully before deciding!
Any core2duo chip will run the apps you have mentioned without stress - which OS are you going to use as this will help you decide how much RAM to have?

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Yesterday my laptop suddenly refuse to get power from AC source. Following the instructions on the web, I first assumed AC adapter faillure.But the adapter works well.The tiny LED next to the power inlet went off, although Windows catches the AC adapter driver and seems working.The last job I did before the problem was updating the BIOS, which is instructed by HP Support program.  I bring it to the service center, but they refused to take it since it's not a Korean-sold model (I bought it from the other country).Quite annoying because they did not take any questions at all, just repeating 'we don't accept that, go away'. Can anybody give me a solution?The battery is only half-filled, and after it dries I think it would be turned into a piece of brick.I really need a help. Thankyou in advance!

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Hi guys,

I recently built my computer, about 3 months ago. Everything has been working great great up until this morning. When I first turned on my computer it lead me to a black screen saying to put in a boot device or something. I thought it was a random error so I restarted it and from that point on it only goes to the "ASUS" screen.

In that screen has a list of four keys and their routes, "f8 - boot menu" etc. I cannot access any of these because the keyboard seems to be off or null at this time. I tried another keyboard (both non usb, traditional slot ones) and it had the same effect.

So I tried to figure out what the issue is. I have two sticks of ram and I switched them, than tried one and then the other, nothing changed. I have two internal hd's, one for my os and the other for storage. When I unplugged the storage one nothing changed. When I unplugged the os one it seemed to change. The keyboard worked during the mobo screen this time and I was able to press "f8" to open a blue window on black that allows me to switch boots... However, I don't know what to do since the os is on the unplugged hd, so what am I to boot to? And if I boot to the cd I can't change anything on the unplugged hd?

So, please any help! Why is my computer stuck on that (i haven't installed or changed any hardware since I built it) screen and what should I do to fix it?


I'm not a master about comps other than what I learned tr... Read more

A:Stuck at mobo screen, no keyboard input

Hello Gassnake, welcome to TSF!

Do you have a W7 DVD or Repair DVD/CD? If so, have you tried booting with that whilst the OS HDD is in but after making sure BIOS is set to booting from dvd-player first?

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Hi. Today I was on YouTube watching a video then my internet cut off, for maybe the 3rd time that day, and it is frustrating. Although, I can wait maybe 1 minute and it is back online, but it is still inconvenient. After this had happened, I was decided to come off of my laptop and go onto my computer. I went on over to my desktop computer ( which is located on the ground ) and pressed the power button, but something didn't feel right. After pushing it again, I realised that the computer was not turning on. Now, I'm starting to think that there is a pin located behind the power button that I have knocked out of place and the only way to fix it is to remove the case and investigate. Any ideas on what is wrong with it and do you have any knowledge of what I would need to purchase to fix this.

A:Power button is broke

You should be able to remove just the front of the case where the power switch is located and take a look

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Hi, i'm alasio, I just joined the forum. Sorry for my English.As a title, the power button no longer works. For 2 years I turned off the computer from the power button, for the problem that has this model of Lenovo with Linux. Then, a technician told me he could turn on the PC from the One Key Recovery button, but unfortunately this button stopped working yesterday.I would like to ask if I can do something from myself, or if I bring the computer Exclusively to some Lenovo assistance. Can someone tell me the exactly problem? 

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Was playing just cause 2 and the power suddenly turned off. I can't turn it on now, when it's plugged in all I can hear is a high pitched buzz coming from my power supply. When I turn it off, the sound gets higher in frequency briefly and then turns off. What has happened?

A:Think I broke my power supply

If it is broken, any suggestions for good, reliable and fairly cheap PSUs to replace it with? Preferably one that can handle being on for more than a few hours. This computer is relatively new and built by me

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Hi, I've recently had a truckload of problems hit my laptop; The back-lights in the screen smashed, the power supply broke (This always happens though >_>) The entire screen fell off. However these problems have been..... mostly, resolved. (And hopefully this one will too).

The problem is that when I plug in the power supply to the power receiver? No power is transfered at all or power is transfered but only when I press down in the inputer (Thing that connects power to supply), or or Power is transfered normally :/ But this rarely happens.

I think it may be the metal in the receiver has rusted or been shifted so in so that it does make connect with the metal in the inputer... Any help on how to fix this/what the problem actually is?

P.S This has happened with another laptop in my household too. That is also a Toshiba (Which I haven't mentioned >_>)

A:Power receiver broke?

More than likely,the DC power jack in the laptop has worn out,come loose from
the motherboard and needs the be replaced.
More a job for a tech and probably not too cheap.

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Well, around winter of 2008 my computer broke down. I have recently gotten sick and tired of using a 2002 windows COMPAQ, has too little ram for anything remotely modern.
So I am back to it, my Father looked at it and he thinks the motherboard is fried.

No one in my family has any PHYSICAL computer problem experience (though I have virtual experience)
It started to make a loud hoarse noise at startup. The monitor sayed "No Input Signal" and said "Monitor going to sleep"

We cleaned out the inside as it was ridiculously dusty, and now the hoarse noises have stopped. But the monitor is still messed up.

What I can provide
-Another computer to test things
-Pictures of the inside of my computer
-Specifications (To an extent)

another thing I want you to know
I am not prepared to buy most things, I have another computer with parts I can swap if it comes down to it but if we cant fix it we are going to buy a brand new computer.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I have little physical computer experience, as in none. So.. I dont know where anything or what anything is.

A:No Input Signal, Faulty Video Card? Fried Mobo?

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Installed a new power supply last night and my computer booted up great and worked normally for about 15 min, then suddenly shut off and started to boot back up, then it went dead. It won't turn on at all. This time rather than getting nothing, the little power light on the front is flashing. When I hold the power button in for a few seconds, it will turn off the light. If I turn off the main switch on the power supply or turn off my power strip and turn it back on, all lights will flash a little and then the power light will begin flashing again, but it won't turn on. I hope my crappy Dell didn't trash my new power supply. I'm at a loss here and I know which manufacturer I won't be purchasing in the future(hard drive went a couple months ago too). Is the motherboard the next issue? I don't know where to begin to replace something like that.

A:Power supply fixed! And it's broke again...

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can anyone tell me what power cord to buy? i recently bought one on ebay but it was too big.

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can anyone tell me what power cord to buy? i recently bought one on ebay but it was too big.

A:Hey my power cord broke, i'm trying to purchase a ...

Power adapters like this one should work. The key data are: 19VDC, 2.37A, 45W, and a 3.5x1.3mm center positive plug. Likely the one you bought has the larger 5.5x2.1mm plug.

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So In the past 2 months, I think I've gone through about 5 chargers, all of them have broke down at some point approximately they lasted about 2 weeks each. My current charger (A fully adjustable charger, Might I add) only works if the plug (while in the socket), is pushed anti clockwise, away from the socket. This is causing the tip to tilt out of the casing (And I just know, that it's going to break down sooner or later...)

So on to the jack anyway. I'm looking at and I'm not sure if it's in the right position or not. It seems quite away into the computer... Probably just enough to make contact with the tip... Also the metal appears quite brown/bronze... I'm not sure if it's just the lighting or if that's material's actual color, but it might be rust.

Anyway is there anyway to solve this?

A:I think my Power Jack is broke. Or pushed in too far.

The jack inside in the laptop may need to be properly re-soldered back to the motherboard, or even replaced if its broken.

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My friend got a Dell Vistro v13 and he pressed the power button and it is really sunken in and broke.
What part do I order to replace the broken power button?

A:Dell Vistro v13 and power button broke


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The small piece of plastic which seems to protect some pins in the centre of my X1 Carbon's power port broke off, and I'm worried about, well, what I should worry about. For illustration, the piece I'm talking about is the one in the middle of the port here: http://i.imgur.com/FMrpSIo.jpgI can push it back into the port temporarily as I've done for the photo, but when I plug in my power cable then unplug it, it comes off in the tip of the power cable, and I'm worried about losing it as I almost did today.It looks like this http://i.imgur.com/3anYfZA.jpg when the plastic plug is removed, and this http://i.imgur.com/CVwBbm7.jpg is what the bottom of the plug (broken end) looks like. From these, I'm guessing that it's there either to protect the pins from breaking, prevent them from touching each other, or both. So my questions are twofold:1. What's the danger here? Is it just the pins breaking/bending (I'm not too concerned about this; I always keep my laptop in a sleeve/case), or could something be shorted out/my computer blow up if things go wrong and the pins touch? Is it safe to continue using my computer?2. Is there any way to fix this? I can only think of trying to glue it back in, but there are so many little pins around there I'm worried I'd mess something up doing so, not to mention that the piece itself is tiny. My laptop is out of warranty, and while I'd be okay with paying to have the power port replaced, looking at the hardware maintenance manual it seems like the ... Read more

A:My X1 Carbon's power port broke - is it safe to us...

If you accidently short out the pins in there, you could blow fuses on the motherboard, that wouldn't be good.  If you give me your model number, (not the serial number), I could probably provide a video of disassembly and installation of the port.'
Depending on the model, the port is separate from the motherboard, it's attached by a cable and a plug.  

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My hdd power socket break from the corner little but it is still not working no power
The gold plating is ok all the pins are ok and attached to plastic part.
and the area under the plating is also ok the only broken thing is that L shape corner pls help.
I cant find the broken part.
Check the images.
And pls help.


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Having trouble finding it. It's a XPS L502X. The ribbon reads 20696 E221612-S 80C 30V VW-1. Is this something I need to order through a third-party or do you think I'd have any luck finding it at a local repair shop?

A:Broke the ribbon cable from my power button to the motherboard

Hi onlygothalf,
You may contact Dell's Out of Warranty repairs team from the link http://dell.to/1coLzuz (Applicable to US customers). If you are in a different region, go to http://dell.to/15qqGcr select the country/region from the top, scroll down and click on 'Contact Dell Sales' to get the contact information. If you wish you can check out a local store as well if they have the parts available. Make sure you buy genuine parts.
Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.

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Eh my Laptop is kinda new, so i downloaded a whole bunch of games and started to play them. When i was playing them my computer crashed a couple of times and I Had to use the power button to close it and restart it. I did this like 20 times i guess, and now when i play games my computer kinda lags. My friend told me that it my was my fault for pressing the power button too much. Ierno what to do, help me =P

Oh here's my info btw:
HP Pavilion dv6500 Notebook PC
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-55 1.80 GHz
959 Mb Ram
32 Bit Operating System

A:I think i broke my laptop

Were they legaly downloaded? Lots of illegal games have many viruses, also so do some "full" versions of online flashes.

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my laptop warranty just exp and anything on there that's broke i have to pay to fix and really don't know whats wrong with it cuz they charge like $80 to even diagnos the problem at best buy b4 they even tell u whats the problem? and then how ever much it is to fix after that!
and i don't have much money as i'm not currently working i staying helping my mom cuz my dad & grand dad just passed away and this PC i used mostly for work with our litta family biz that i started but now i cant do it cuz of this problem!

i have a Compaq presario c700 notebook with an Intel Pentium dual core inside and windows vista premium operating system! with sata 5400 80G hard drive!

and the error message im getting say
( pex-e61 Media test failure, check cable )

i don't have a recovery disk for this newer laptop only the old laptop and i did make a disk when i first got it and this was suppose to have a window partition feature to restore the PC
in case of stuff like this! but that screen is not showing when i press f11 or any of the other buttons,
and it says install the CD so i tried the CD i made but that doesn't work ether I'll give u guys more details if needed? ..thanks in advance
for any help!

A:hey im new new and my laptop just broke i need help

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The 'p' key broke off my Dell Inspiron 2500 laptop. I'm currently pasting the p in this message. Is there anyway to fix this. The little metal part underneath broke but the base is okay. Can I do this or will I have to buy a new keyboard and have it installed?

A:Broke a key on my laptop

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I set my laptop down on my bed and my computer froze so i restarted the computer and know the laptop makes the clicking noise like its broken. It detects the hd in bios but wont let me put infgormation on it. Its a gateway solo 9550 with an ibm travelstar hd 20 gb why would it break so easily

A:Laptop HD Broke

Hard drives fail. It just happens. Sometimes they fail after a few months, sometimes not for a few years. I can guarantee that gently setting it on the bed did not cause it to fail. Laptops are more prone to failure because they're moved around so much more than a desktop.

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When I turn it on it goes to the 'Windows Boot Manager' screen it always does, I press enter and it starts making this unbearable high pitched noise and the screen goes blank. So I turn it back off...

Any help?

A mate of mine says it's a Hardware issue... Okay I'm not even sure what that means just tell me how to fix it
(I'm completely stupid and useless at computers, guilty)

I haven't done anything different lately... infact it hasn't been used in a while because they keyboard is broke so I'm now using a USB keyboard.

It's fully charged.

Cheersssssss xxx

A:I broke the laptop

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Hiya, My laptop was cutting out whilst I was in the middle of essays, movies etc and so I was advised to re-boot the system.
I followed the instructions and as I was carrying out the "windows destruction" via the 'Techguys' program.. the laptop cut out.
The stage I was up to was it had re-installed vista and was finalising the installation (?)
Now, when I turn the laptop on, it says "Bootmsg missing, press ctrl + alt + del" and when I do this, the same thing happens.
It is an E:System laptop
Intel celeron 530
1.73 GHz
1024MB 80GB
Windows Vista
what else do I need to put on here?

Please Help!

A:Laptop Broke

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Today after a good day I messed someone's laptop pretty bad! She's a really good friend of mine and I have no idea how to compensate her for doing this. I was getting a book on the floor it slipped out my fingers i tried to catch it but that propelled it farther and hit my friend's laptop on the keyboard (not bad) then the book hit the SCREEN! I cussed out and i never cuss. When i first looked at it, the screen picture was cracked about half a inch. She told me it was okay (a precious laptop to her). Then about a min later it just turned OFF. I thought some kid disconnected the power supply but in the end it was my Fault.
I feel like an a$$ and an idiot, it was a stupid book. She says she not "mad" at me, but she be feeling sad inside. I'm only in highschool, and I can't pay her. Is there any fix at all, or solution.

Thanks for the help.
Wish me good luck, I see her tomorrow again...

Edit: It look like a Sony Vaio Laptop, I was to a shamed to take a look at it. Also it was like a 1 lb child hard cover book.

A:I Broke A Laptop

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well basically was working fine, then it decides to freeze and not work.
it will not load up vista at all.

even if i try safe mode or anything it doesnt work
i even pressed f12 tried to reboot from cd
and even that doesnt work

A:broke my laptop

hi you may need to change the boot order to cd\dvd drive in the bios try F2 on boot to access it

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I'm using the ABit NF7-S Mobo...

On the board there are two power connectors to connect to an ATX12V power supply

These are the 20 pin ATXPWR1 and the 4 pin ATX12V1...

Am I to connect both input connectors up (it is possible), or am I simply meant to choose between one or the other...


A:ATX Power Input Connectors...

Connect both.

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I was sitting using my laptop,When it just completley shut down,Turned off and went completley blank,It will no longer turn on,There is no lights going on when i push the switch,Its not the screen as I hear nothing when i turn it on,I have been using it on the mains since I bought it off of ebay as it needs a replacement battery,Its an HP Omnibook 6000,I had a look at the manual and it said to push the reset switch with a pin so I did so with no luck,Any help would be appreciated,As i said nothing when i switch it on just Blank,Thanks for any help.

A:Laptop,Broke Down and Now not Turning On

Hi I don't know if it burned out as it gets extremly hot sometimes,It is not the mains poower which I use it on as the light on the charger cable still goes green when plugged in but flashes when in the laptop so I dont thin it's the laptop mains plug.

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I was using his laptop and everything went well. Using his firefox for about 5 minutes, things suddenly changed. The browser froze on me so this is what I did. I opened the task manager hoping to delete firefox but it couldn't! I tried many many times and after 10 minutes, I did the most Horrible thing, I power off his laptop!. I power it back on but it shows a warning message, it says the laptop is missing a file. (I should have instead reseted it since he always tells me to do it that way if anything happens).It showed the option to boot normally and boot into safe mode, I tried the safe mode but nothing happened, It's just like pressing enter for nothing. I tried the normal bootup. It would show the white bar progressing but at the end, would tell me that a file is missing. I asked him to ask his sister to buy a new xp disc. He doesn't have any xp disc right now. So i dunno, I hope I'll be the one who can fix it. Is there any way to fix his laptop after what happened?

A:Broke my friend's laptop?

Well that is definatly not a fun position to be in. I will be more than willing to see if I can help you out with this. Can you please post what file it says it is missing that can help out a lot. Thanks

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IMAGE ATTACHED.  My Laptop top panel has a mouth widen on right side corner.Need info to how to fix it. Can i fix it with just open apart and fix again or will i need any new top\bottom panel to fix itKindly confirm.   IMAGE ATTACHED.

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Where can I buy the bottom outer part of my laptop (Serial Number ******** )?
Moderator note: serial number removed for member's protection.
Serial was for model is G50-80

IMG_20170522_101724.jpg ?670 KB

A:Bottom of Laptop Broke

The brass fittings you can see under the hinge have pulled out of the base.  You need to get those off first.  Adjust the hinge so yyou can get access to the screws that hold the hinge to the base.  You need to back out the screws while holding the brass fittings (1 at a time) with small pliers.  The fittings are trash; there will be new ones as part of the base.  It looks to me like the base cover for a G50-80 is 90205217.  I would search eBay.  There are several.  I have never worked on that model so I cannot say if there is anything special that needs to be done.  Just follow the maintenance manual.

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Hello and good day!

My Dell Laptop was updating Windows 10 and ran out of battery (of course Windows did this itself) and shut off (changed with the install of the anniversary edition). Now for ten hours it has the message, "Fixing hard drive errors, this could take over an hour". I have an ISO disk but that means a clean fresh install and this was a Windows 7 Pro System. Tried it and it won't install unless Windows 10 is started, but a fresh install it will do. So I have no serial number from Microsoft. Also I will loose all my software installed as well until the vendors get around to granting me usage again. CorelDraw stated to me last time that I had to submit and email and whilst the response didn't do anything other than restate the problem (as I remember), it was almost two weeks later.

That said, any help or thoughts P L E A S E!!!

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The hinge holding the screen to the keyboard halfly broke off, and the screen is popping out, and coming off. What can i do for it ?

A:My hinge on my laptop broke



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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My brother recently gave me a lap top. The only thing is none of the keys or power button works. The only things working on it is the mouse. Suggestions on what to do?

A:Laptop Keyboard Broke?

Google the make, model and version of the laptop ("'your laptop' keyboard") and look for a replacement keyboard and also look for "'your laptop' disassembly" instructions or "'your laptop' keyboard replacement" instructions.

Then, go at it.

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