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How to change login from a hotmail account to a local login?

Q: How to change login from a hotmail account to a local login?

Sorry for the length of this post but I think it needs explaining.

I bought this laptop for a gift to my grandson about three years ago. Against my wishes, he has used it primarily to play high usage PC games. About 6 months ago it was hardly working anymore, viruses, malware, you name it.

I did a complete factory restore but he set it up to open with his hotmail user account on the "Lock Screen" in Windows 8.1, but he did give me his how hotmail email address and password so I can login. Well, within about two months later he had all the same issues back again and so he just quit using the laptop completely.

He gave it back to me and I cleaned everything up again (without doing a factory recovery) and also upgraded it from the original Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

Everything is working perfectly, it's very fast now and I love it.

Only issue I can see is if he (my grandson) deletes or changes his hotmail account I won't be able to login and also his emails are available for me to read (but I don't) and I don't use his email account. I use a webmail account of my own.

As I mentioned earlier, this laptop is running and set up perfectly for me with this one exception.

Without doing a complete factory recover, how can I chnage this laptop from requiring his (my grandsons) hotmail address and password to no login being required at all (as I am the only user now) or to run with a local account (as I believe it is referred to)?

Preferred Solution: How to change login from a hotmail account to a local login?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to change login from a hotmail account to a local login?

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I must create a roughly a dozen LOCAL accounts on a MS Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 that is shared in a workplace. The workplace has a Windows 2003 Server and a domain; the Surface is in the domain and known in the Active Directory.
I would like to create each account with a dummy password, and require the user to change the password immediately on first login.

How do I do that? Is the technique for Windows 10 the same?

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I have a Windows 8.1 system on a lap top that was used by a former employee. Her name was still on user name and I couldn't change it without Admin privileges (otherwise was asking for a smart card). Found out how to get in to admin in safe mode with Net
User Admin yes- then discovered that the old log in and information / desk top is no longer available. The docs are under Users (old employee's name) in C drive, but the docs and settings no longer show up and the admin log in is the only one available - no
option to change users.
When I went in and said Net User Admin no - thinking if I disabled admin user it would go back to the old log in -  there was no log in available at all.


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Hi there,

Just got my wife a new desktop (Dell XPS 8700) and it came with Windows 8.1. I am not familiar with this version of windows but am with Windows 7 as I use that every day for work.

When I turned on the desktop there were several setup steps that had to be completed and one of them was signing on with a hotmail account. It may have been phrased a little differently but I was not able to skip this screen. My wife does have a hotmail account but does not want that to be her login/password just to get into windows, which I can fully understand.

So, is there a way to set up a regular user account like we could in Windows 7?
Also, how the heck do I get to the control panel? Is there even one? Took me ages just to stumble across how to set the workgroup to what I wanted it to be.

I know it's just a learning process and any/all help will be much appreciated

Many thanks.

A:Have to use a hotmail account to login?

Hi Dave, welcome to the Eight Forums.

Originally Posted by DaveInFL

When I turned on the desktop there were several setup steps that had to be completed and one of them was signing on with a hotmail account. It may have been phrased a little differently but I was not able to skip this screen. My wife does have a hotmail account but does not want that to be her login/password just to get into windows, which I can fully understand..

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Create a normal local user account.

The same in an Eight Forums Tutorial, step 18 tells how to use a local account instead of a Microsoft (email) account: Clean Install - Windows 8

See this tutorial, too: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

Originally Posted by DaveInFL

Also, how the heck do I get to the control panel? Is there even one?

Right click the Windows (start) button to open Start Menu, alternatively press WIN + X:


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cant login to my hotmail account.
i can send and receive mail thru outlook erxpress but when i try to log in at msn home page i get opening some url with a large name and then nothing. i have a firewall and cookie crusher so i tried turning both off and still no luck. tried to find a contact address for hotmail but all i could get was faq.
any help woul be appreciated

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I used to be able to access my hotmail account on my mobile phone, but just recently when I try to login I get a message telling me that either my login or my password are incorrect. Which they are not! I'm about to go on vacation and would to solve this before I leave. Any suggestions?

A:Can't login to my hotmail account on my Cell

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I'm writing this on behalf of my wife.

She's tried to login to her Hotmail account today (for the first time in over a month).

As soon as she types in her password she gets the message (something along the lines of) "Can't be overprotective" . . . enter a code. Don't have a code . . . get one here" etc. Also, on this screen, the email address being shown is one character different from her actual email address i.e. her actual email address is [email protected] and the one that's being displayed is [email protected]
Tried to get a code by asking it to be sent to my (alternate) email address and typed this in.
Then got taken to a screen that wanted the profile to be edited and the password changed.

Basically, the very last step stated that all details for [email protected] would be deleted after 30 days (so I clicked 'don't update'!
There is no way to actually get in touch with a Microsoft person for personal support because it requires you to be logged in to raise a private support request . . and of course, she can't login!!

I've tried raising a temporary email address ([email protected]), just so I can get in touch with a Microsoft person and it has created an account but then I'm faced with question about configuring this account and whether I want to 'bring in emails' from other accounts.

All we want to do is to enable her to get into the email account that she'... Read more

A:Can't login to Hotmail account - can't get support!

Further info . . . . .

On the webpage that asks where it should send the 'code' it displays the incorrect email address (as above) and so I choose 'I don't have these anymore'. It then takes me to another screen which states . . .

"To replace all your security info, you need to do two things now:
Add a new email address or phone number. We'll send you a security code immediately to make sure it works.
Schedule your old security info for deletion.
Your old security info will be deleted and the new info will replace it in 30 days. You can still use your account as usual during the 30-day waiting period. This waiting period makes it harder for a hacker to get in to your account with just a stolen password."

If I continue to follow the instructions, receive a 'code' it then confirms that the email address (not the 'old security information') will be deleted.

This is so frustrating.

My wife needs to retain her original email address @hotmail.com because all of her family, friends and business contacts use this address.

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hi I am new here ....thanks for your help in advance
Running OS 8.1 and i would like to stop having to use Microsoft account login (only inadvertently changed last couple of days looking for an offline app) i want to change back to local account ....the only demo i could find on-line is for windows 8 not 8.1, it's a bit different. Hoping some one can help.. Thank you

A:How do i go back to using a local account not MS login

Hello Sony, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to switch back to a local account.

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8

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Hi all, my friend isn't able to sign into his computer anymore after starting it up. It's asking for a Microsoft Live account instead of his local account and there appears to be no buttons to switch user. There's no "create account" option either to get through this.

I don't have access to his computer currently, but I was hoping someone might have encountered this issue and know of a solution. It seems sketchy to me, he's not extremely adept at computers and I'm suspicious he might have some malware. He said this happened suddenly, one day he turned on his computer and it asked for a Live account instead of using his local account. Maybe it was a Windows Update or configuration change he made though, not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I got today boot call error and then i restarted my pc.

After that i was unable to login into my windows 8.
I am using Live account (note that i checked multiple times i am able to login into other msn services using the same password even tried changing the password).

I have also enabled default administrator account but cant login through it as there is no option to switch.

in cmd using net users my live/local account is not visible.

Please note that as i cant login so any option will be through command prompt

Could some one point out to recovery?


A:Cant login into my live or local account.

Hi, welcome to the forums, try these and see whether it helps:
SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8
Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8

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Over the past 72 hours, I have only been able to access my Live/Hotmail email account 2 times. With the exception of the two successful Live email logins, when I hit the login link I get "Page Cannot Be Displayed" like there is no Internet connection. I do not have any problem accessing any other Web site, just Live/Hotmail. I can access MSN.com, though.I have optimized my IE 6.0 and insured that *.live.com, *.passport.com, *.msn.com, and *.hotmail.com are in my Trusted sites.I saw at http://windowslivehelp.com/community/t/11532.aspx that other people were experiencing the same issue, but to acquire the answer I have to login to the MSN Windows Live Help site, which I cannot do.Does this sound like a malware, virus problem?I can receive Live/Hotmail email on my Blackberry phone, but not on my PC (Windows XP Pro, IE 6.0).This problem has been ongoing for about a week now.Thank you for any help.

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Hi there. I just tried to access an old email account of mine that I forgot I had blocked due to spam. Now every time I visit hotmail.com I get redirected to a "Your account has been blocked" page, trying to get me to reactivate the account.

I have no interest in reactivating this account, I just want to log onto my main hotmail address but it won't let me. I couldn't even post this in the hotmail help forums because you need to be able to access your account to log on >.< (even though they have entire sections on login issues... go figure).

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Old blocked hotmail stopping login to new account

Hello Voorn.

Try restarting your computer then going back to the hotmail page. If it still does it, then you will need to clean up your browser cache/cookies/saved data, it should be fine after that.

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Please delete, didn't realized I already asked this question : /

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as you can see, local accounts are present on this computer
but I cant log in to them. Please help me fix this thing.

A:Cant Login to Local Account after Windows update

Hello BananaPhone,

If you have not already, then you might see if restarting the computer may sort it.

If not, then you could try doing a system restore using a restore point (if available) dated before this happened to hopefully fix it.

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I set up a new tablet with windows 10 and began with a Local account so I could choose my user name. Then I signed in with my MS account to sync settings.

When I start the tablet the login screen asks for my pin. I want to be able to automatically login without entering a pin or password. To do that I use netplwiz and uncheck the option to require a password for login. So far so good.

But when the tablet restarts I am presented with a login screen that now shows two accounts, my MS account and what appears to be a local account but with the same name. If I then reverse the process and enable the "require a password" option in netplwiz there is only one account shown on the login screen but then I have to use a pin or password.

How do I remove that second local account on the login screen and then login automatically? There is only one account listed in the user account settings page.

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Any way to prevent Windows 10 from changing from Local Account Login to Microsoft account login? I go through the process of changing my login to Local and a few days later Windows 10 says it updated files and the next time I start to login the system has been reset to Microsoft login and after logging in when I go to reset it to Local login it won't let me choose the same User Name. Is there anyway to prevent this other than installing Linux?


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I can't log in to my computer because I forgot my password. I didn't set up a Microsoft account, so I only have the local account. I'm really stuck! If anyone has a solution for me, I would appreciate it so much!

Thank you so much!

A:Forgot Windows login password, only have a local account

This is a tough one unless you made a password recovery disk, had a MS account or have another user account. Ways of making another user account you will need a Windows 10 installation disk to boot from. Other option is to call MS or reinstall windows.


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Hi, we upgraded from sbs2003 server to sbs2008 server. We removed the pc from the old domain and then added it to the new domain. Something went wrong after we joined the new domain it doesn't see the new domain for login and the local Administrator account has been disabled. The only account available is the guest account. Is there a way to enable the local administrator account again?

A:Can't login to local admin account after joining sbs2008 domain

You can try this but without any slides or full explanation.. I don't know....

If you can go into a user account with administration rights than you can go into command prompt and type:

Note: elevate the dos command to admin

net user administrator /active:yes

If you cannot log into an admin account: than you have to boot into dos from a bootable CD

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A limited account one of my computers logs in as guest after name change! How can this be corrected?

Account Names changed to protect the ignorant

I have changed the username of a limited account to 'User', because it would not accept the name I had changed it to before (User03). I have also gone to the 'Users' section in 'computer management' and changed the user name. After these changes, the account logs in as a guest account, with the name and password I gave it, when it is actually just supposed to be a limited account.

I had also disabled the guest account before this, and it still is!

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Hello nice people !

Windows is asking me for a password despite I've never had a password.

Here's what happened:

I've never had a password and choose during the win install to have 1 local account without password.

I used to have a user/login name with an non ascii character (?), and it was causing me some trouble. Hence I decided to change it with ascii only characters. Control Panel, users etc ... properties, changed the name of the local user.

Reboot, and boom, Windows asks me for a password and is displaying the former user name !! But there's no option to change the user name, I've read that there should be a back arrow but it's not here (probably because windows "thinks" there's no point since there is only 1 user).

I don't know what to do, I used a Linux live usb distro to use some tools that can reset password and unlock account, however:

1/ it can only reset password, which seems not to be the issue here, the issue is the wrong user name
2/ the linux tool shows 1 local user with the last update name

So I'm guessing windows is not using the proper name to login, but doesn't provide any mean to change it.

If anyone has an idea, that would be greatly approciated.

A:Changing the local user login name on the login screen

Hello Bob, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check in Netplwiz to do step 4 to set Windows to automatically sign in to your user account at startup. If you had this set before, then it may not have been updated after you removed your password, and needs to be setup again.

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

Hope this helps,

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I am working on a laptop. Trying to get it to log on locally. It is trying to log into a server. How do I make it try to log into one of the local accts (not on a network)? Example: I want to log in with Administrator. What do I type before Administrator, so that it will know not to look for a network to log into?


A:Windows 7 Login Problems - Local vs Network Login


Try this format "computer_name\user_name" ; eg. MARK\Administrator

Though settings such as group policy can change this and completely deny local access.



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We've got several user accounts setup on XP Pro with Fast User Switching enabled. Is it possible for me to login to the computer via Remote Desktop while someone else is logged in locally, or vice versa? I don't see why it forces them to logout with Fast User Switching enabled... since programs run in the background anyways. Any way around this??

A:Possible to use Remote Desktop login AND local login at the same time??

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I started off using a local account called "Default" with no password. I have since switched over to logging in with my Live account. Whenever I reboot or the screen locks it defaults me back to the local account. Now all I have to do is click the back arrow and select my Live ID but there has to be a way to default it to it.


A:Change default login account

Hello Scott,

Usually, it will show the user account that had just last signed out, restarted, shut down, locked, etc.... the computer by default at the sign in screen.

Was the Live Account the only one signed in, and the one that did the above?

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I want to change my login screen into the blue one on windows xp. This is so that it is easier to view all the users. However from the administrator account i can't do it because i forgot the password. So is there any way of doing it via limited account?

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I currently use a yahoo.com e-mail address to log in to my Microsoft account. I have created a new outlook.com e-mail account and I want to use that as my Microsoft account login (I will eventually close the yahoo.com e-mail as there is too much downtime).

When I go to "Your Info" and then "Manage how you sign in to Microsoft", I click on "Add E-Mail" and I have 2 options 1) Create a new email address and add it as an alias and 2) Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias****************

When I click on option 2 and enter my outlook.com e-mail address, I get an error which says "This email address is already taken. Please try another."

I posted in Microsoft Community and got a reply that I should contact their Answer Desk. I made contact and gave the above information. The assistant gave me instructions on how to create a "New" account (something I did not ask for). When I pointed this out, the assistant said that if he could have access to my computer, then he could resolve. I said no and asked for a step-by-step.
This is what he sent:-
1. Please Press ?Windows? and ?I? at the same time.
2. then select accounts.
3. select sign in with local account.
4. sign out from the present Microsoft account.
5. then sign in with the local account, which you created.
6. after signing in with the local account.
7. Please Press ?Windows? and ?I? at the same time.
8.then select accounts.
9. then select... Read more

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I have a unit i want to have 4 user accounts on and one of them should auto login.

How do i change to one of my other 3 accounts?
Change user doesnt work, just auto login.

Im running Windows embedded standard 7

Best regards

A:Multiple user accounts, 1 auto login , how to login to another account

Can you log off the user that was automatically logged on?

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I always liked using a non admin account to (help a little bit) protect against spyware and Trojans and all of that. Now that I have W8 and linked to my Microsoft account I was going to do the same thing but it is not letting me.
W8 was installed and when I logged in for the first time using my MS account it set me up as an admin. I created a second local account that was an admin and used that one to try to set the MS account to a standard but it didn't let me.
Is doing this possible and should I even bother?

A:Change my Microsoft login account from admin to standard?

Hello Jezo, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Odd, it let me change by default administrator account created during installation to standard after creating another local administrator account, sign in and out of local to finish setting it up, then sign back in to the administrator account to change the types.

Double check to make sure that the new local account is actually an administrator type. By default, when you add a new account in Windows 8, it's created as a standard account.

User Account Type - Change in Windows 8
If it just won't let you, then I suppose that you could do this below as a workaround.

Change the new local back to standard.Switch your administrator Microsoft account to be a local account.Switch the new local to a Microsoft account with your email address.
Hope this helps,

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How can I change Useraccount order on login screen in windows 7? 
Any help (preferably without messing around with stuff like registry keys)?

thanks in advance!

A:Change User-account order on login screen

Hi,It seems no option for that. Even gpedit.msc only provide the option to change " Apply the default user logon picture to all users" under Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Control Panel, and User Accounts.Logon screen shows the user accounts in alphabetical order based on the names first given to the account when it is created. If you change the user account name later, it does no longer change the order accounts are presented. Reason is simple: even if you change the user account name later, the user account folder keeps the original name. Renaming the user subfolders in C:\Users does not change the situation.What all this means is that you have to think the logon screen account order already when creating accounts.

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Hi all,

I have a strange question: On my laptop, I have only one account. At the login prompt, you see a decent size of your account picture.

Now, for the kids laptop, there are 4 accounts. At the login window, because there are 4 accounts, windows show they account pictures but they are very small.
All the accounts pics are shown 4 in a row.

Is there a way to increase the size of these account pictures at login prompt?

Or is there a way to change the way they are displayed, I mean, instead of having them 4 in a row, we could have 2 rows of 2 account pictures?

Is my explanation clear enough? Let me know.


A:Change the size of account pictures at login window?

Hi lebrocoli,

I'm fairly certain this is not possible. But I'm bumping your thread just in case anyone else knows...


Windows Outreach Team

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when I try to login to either of the accounts, it flashed for a second and then goes back to the login screen. I did an offline defender scan and remove a few adware, but I don't think they were the cause.
Is there any way I could monitor the login process and see what's failing.

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- Did a reset of Windows 10 on a virtual machine
- The default account name is then the first 5 characters of my email account
- I changed that to my real name
- Rebooted
- I was then offered 2 login accounts
- logged in using my real name
- went into account administration (Settings->Accounts-Family & Other users
- under 'Other users' removed 'Guest' (the first 5 characters)
- rebooted

Now, I was still offered two accounts, but my password did not work.
100% sure I was using the correct password and I have tried a dozen times on both accounts.
Windows then suggested to do a 'Recover your windows live account'

But even with the new password I could not log in...

I was lucky to have a snapshot of an earlier Windows - so I restored the snapshot and Windows is running fine now.

This is a bit of a weird situation.

What if this was on a real machine?
I may need to re-install Windows from scratch. Not so much of a big issue in this case.

However... Windows will surely again offer the 5 character account, 2nd item above.
Q1: Will that then work with the new password? (the new password is combined with my full email address)
Q2: How was I supposed to proceed to avoid this?

Note that:
- on the virtual Windows (VMware) C:\Users\[AccountName] still reads the first 5 characters of my email address (outlook.com)
- on the host-pc C:\Users\[AccountName] is different , being the first 5 characters of hotmail account

Changed from hotmail to ... Read more

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This should be an easy problem to solve, but I have been unable to figure it out...

On the windows login screen, right below my login name, there is a little note that says how many new mail messages I have- This however was set up by my ex-boyfriend under his hotmail account. I'd like to change it to one of my accounts if possible, (I primarily use a university based webmail account), and if I can't change it to anything but hotmail or msn then I would like to remove it.

I haven't been able to figure out where to find this setting.

Any ideas or help would be most appreciated.


A:Solved: Login screen email account settings - change or remove

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Hi, I recently did a clean installation of Vista Ultimate on my laptop. I have a valid 15 months subscription of Mcafee but it wasn't compatible with Vista. So I called Mcafee tech support, we tried logging in to my account using my valid email ID and password, I got a message that I was already logged in and get a prompt to goto the home page. We tried several reboots, nogo, finally, we were able to download the vista compatible version of Mcafee from http://us.mcafee.com by going to 'safe mode with networking' and clicking on the option for registered user reinstallation. Though its installed correctly, I'm still not able to login to my account to update as I still get the message that I'm logged in. I spent over 2 hours on the phone speaking to the Mcafee tech, no go. I cleared cache, cookies, temp internet files, etc on Internet options, no go. Mcafee works fine and I just ran a complete scan on system before posting this. On Security Centre I do get to see the expiry date (expires in June 2008). Its just that I'm not able to login to my account. I was able to do so when I had XP Pro on my system prior to installing Vista. Any idea how to fix this?.

A:Cannot Login To Mcafee My Account/login

this is just a shot in the dark, but i have my XP system configured to block cookies in the internet options>privacy>advanced>override automatic cookie handling>first party cookies, prompt; third party cookies, block. with this arrangement i need to allow cookies for that site, or go to internet options>privacy>sites, and make sure that that site is not blocked on the list that is there. i don't know if vista has that same setup.
mcafee may not let you login, unless you permit a cookie.

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I recently had to update my brother-inlaw's new laptop to the 8.1 version. He doesn't use email so when I was prompted to enter an email address when you installed he update, I just put in a random email address and password not knowing I'd need that info to sign into the laptop every time you turned it on. Once I finished the install, I didn't restart it to check to see what it would do. Now he tells me when the laptop starts up, it wants the password for the account I entered when I put in the random account during install. He tells me you cannot change the user name (email address) so I'm at a loss here on what to do to get him logged onto his laptop. Is there something I can do to get that info changed or at least get him logged into the computer so that info can be changed? I have created a new email for him to use but it does no good when I can't even get into the computer.

A:Change Login Name on OS Login

8.1 requires a Windows live login, in order to work. You do not use the Windows Live login, you cannot use the computer.

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I have a local user account that comes up as the default user when Windows10 boots up that I would like to remove.

I have tried the usual user modification menus but this account does not show up. It is annoying to have to go through this false log in every time I start the computer.


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I'm the only user on this laptop and my admin account was called "HybridPC" and I disabled the windows login screen. (Turn computer on and goes right to desktop). One day the welcome screen popped up out of nowhere and I had to login. I tried disabling the login screen to where it was before and now I've screwed things up royally. I cannot login to my original admin account or find it. All the files are still there on my C:\Users\HybridPC folder, but I've lost the profile and user.
I think I messed things up further by trying to create/delete other new user accounts. I've attached 3 screenshots showing my C:users folder, User account screen and the netplwiz.exe profiles.

I've been adding/deleting and can't get back to square one. I don't see my user at all on the welcome screen.
Thanks for your help!

Top User Folder is new today and odd looking as I was attempting to fix on my own.

A:User Profile/Account problem (can't login to original admin account)

Hello tytlyf, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Let's start to see if you disabled or deleted your "HybridPC" by using the tutorial below to get details about all accounts on your computer while you are logged in to your "Admin" account, then post back with them. Afterwards, we can go from there.

User Accounts - View Detailed Information About in Windows

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Hi everyone and merry Christmas!

I followed the procedure found on the web, I entered "netplwiz" and did uncheck ?Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".
There is no password set.
THere is just one user/account which is obviously also the administrator.
(the Account tab shows also HomeGroupUser$, but I guess is a default option...)

the point is that when I switch the pc on, I have to click on the icon of the user account in order to see the desktop. Is there any chance I can login automatically without even clicking on the user icon?
thanks a lot in advance

A:Auto login, one account, no password: avoid to click account icon?

Hello Lorcar, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Go ahead and create a password for your user account, then do the tutorial below again to enter the new password and set your user account to be logged into automatically at startup.

Log On Automatically at Startup

Hope this helps,

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We have a new dell business computer (don't have model with me now, but its an optiplex with serial and ps2 ports in the back, purchased a few months ago with i5 processor + 8 gigs ram) and our hard drive went bad and dell replaced it. Then a little later we had an issue with our windows genuine activation saying its not genuine when we had windows 7 and it blocked the admin account on the sign in screen (only account). Meaning you can't do anything, there are no other options, no option to enter key code or make genuine or anything like that. 
So I reinstalled Windows 7 (Dell CD) + downloaded drivers (except sata drivers which it didn't show it needed in device manager and I was pushed to finish quickly) from dell  today, thought all was well. It showed genuine and activated, etc... 
Employee upgraded to windows 10. Guess what? The login screen when you turn on the computer has once again blocked the admin account which is the only account. What is going on and how do I fix it? This is ridiculous. I can't even login to try to fix it.

edit: forgot to mention that this computer was added to a domain at work, not sure if that makes a difference or not

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This is very strange. A few weeks ago someone in my household created a user account with administrative privileges and changed the other accounts to standard users. Problem is that now we can not log on to the account. It isn't on the log in screen. All I can do it see it through the manage accounts option in the control panel. From here I can attempt to add a password among other things. Since the account I do have access to is standard. What I want to do is, get on the account or get rid of the account. I need administrative privileges on an account I can access. Why can't I see this account on the log in screen?

A:Weird account problem Admin account not at login screen

Hello and welcome Chas mate I would find the culprit and recover the password for that account from whoever it is and change the admin back to what it was previously.

Now given you state it is someone within your household I am thinking this person or persons need a good talking to if that person is still there of course if not then you have a problem.

I don't think even a system restore will do it either.

The alternative is to back up all your data and reinstall.

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For the past few weeks I have had to sign in twice to my Hotmail account. I sign in once and get the usual red text message that there is an error in my address or password. Then sign in again and it's fine.

I am certain I have not made errors in the address (which usually displays automatically because I have checked "Save my e-mail address") or the password.

I have had this account for years and never had this problem before. I use the same login page I have used for years.

This problem happens the first time I sign in after the computer has been hibernating or after I have shut it off.
I use Firefox 3. XP Home SP3.

A:Why do I have to login twice with Hotmail?

I don't have an answer for you but I am guessing from reading most of the posts that there are issues with the newer version of Firefox.

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I can't sign into my hotmail account from my laptop and my husband can't login to his hotmail account from it either. We enter our email address and password and press "sign in" and a huge long message appears in the address bar which to me is gobbly gook but don't want to cut and paste it here in case to other folks it gives vital info compromising the security of my hotmail account (paranoid!!). Apart from this the address line msg is highlighted in green, the screen is totally blank and the word "done" appears in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Nothing else happens and it never takes me into my hotmail account. Any ideas as to why or what i can do to remedy it? Thank you.

A:Can't login to hotmail-HELP!!

try restarting your pc and everything should be fine.

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Using IE7 I go sraight to my hotmail inbox on login. With IE8 I have to enter my username and password everytime I login. How can I set IE8 for autologin?

A:hotmail login


Open up IE8 go to Tools =>Internet Option =>Content Tab => Auto Complete settings => Checked off Usernames & Passwords on Forms click ok and save the settings. Now try logging on to your Hotmail Account.

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After I type in my email address and passcode and then hit enter, it will not then access my mailbox

A:hotmail login

Have you lowered your browser's security settings for that site? MS pages require a lot of cookies and activeX controls running; it may be that something is blocking those.

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I haven't been able to access Hotmail recently ... even thought all my collegues and friends say that Hotmail works fine for them.

I'm able to access the Login Page, but when i click to Log in ... the next page loads in ? a second and displays a white page only ... no error code !?

I'm able to access my internet banking (secure servers), i've tried to modify my security settings on internet pages and/or cookies ... but still no success. I have the same problem when i try to get my e-mails throught my MSN messenger which works fine.

I recently formatted my hard drive, i did get a lot of problem with the Agobot/Morphin virus prior to installing all of my Windows updates, but all viruses/ad-ware are now removed/fixed.

Here is my currect HJT log file:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 12:10:42, on 2004-08-11
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\System32\devldr3... Read more

A:Can't Login @ Hotmail.com

I partially solved my problem, i now found a way to get to my e-mails ...

Remember... i said i couldn't login ... everytime i entered my Hotmail Password, i was directed to a white page ... with the message "done" in the status bar.

I just had the great idea to viex the "source" of that white page, here it is:

<HTML><HEAD><meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" content="text/html; ch****t=iso-8859-1"><META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="0; URL=http://www.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/sbox?did=1&t=5f7S0EQzGD114jovC5gwMy3TG76EpO8JDLz2PGIfHWwyCjRATnCCOUTv0DnA14***i removed a bunch of letters and numbers here for my protection***X36akwEp!htmTPv1OCrSkv3R55kadr1yVYNG*0!hxJ49fTiYtOBRhNiSlRPyReytn8gRZ5q4pFnusxuqQ04WhUf&lc=1033&js=yes&rru=/cgi-bin/HoTMaiL"><script>function OnBack(){}</script></HEAD></HTML>

so i copy the URL found in that script onto my IE address bar ... and voila ... i can access my e-mails !

Does anyone know how to fix that annoying situation.


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Basically... there's one computer and two persons. We both use hotmail and frequently check out inboxes.
Not that I'm lazy but after a while it gets annoying having to retype the mail address everytime I want to check my mail.

We got FireFox 3.6 as primary browser.
What I noticed when using IE by accident is that it remembers the last used accounts.
Screenshot: (pardon the swedish)
Question: Would it be possible to get this multilogon feature in Firefox?

A:Hotmail login

Firefox should be remembering as well. Are you putting a checkmark in "Remember me on this computer"?

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since yesterday i havent' been able to log into my hotmail-account
when i type in my username and password and click the login-button, i get a blank screen for a few seconds and then the well-known "can't display the page" screen. pressing the "renew" button doesn't help and strange thing is, i've tried to access it on several computers now (another one at my home, one at my grandparents house, so it doesn't have anything to do with the computer/router/isp/spyware/...) and i can't login on any off them.
also, when i use outlook express to check my mail from the hotmail-account, he doesn't give any errors

anyone know what to do, cause i'm pretty desperate because school starts this monday and i won't be able to check my mails at college if the problem isn't solved

tnx in advance

A:can't login @ hotmail

i as well am having the same problem with hotmail. i can login into my messenger and it works fine. it tells me how many emails i have but i just can't access the emails. when i try to login it goes to a blank screen and then times out, and an error window come up saying "connection failure has occurred". i have tried to access it on other computers and it does the same thing, and all of my friends, family can access their accounts on my computer, yet i simply cannot.

please help
thank you in advance.

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