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HDMI stopped working, (Intel 5500 HD Graphics)

Q: HDMI stopped working, (Intel 5500 HD Graphics)

Yoga 500-14IBD i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz Usually I have/had a 24'' monitor connected to it with HDMI cable, sometimes I connected it to Sony Bravia 47'' TV. Everything was fine for some time but it STOPPED WORKING. Yesterday during watching a movie TV screen was flickering time to time, really rare and randomly. Suddenly, today it just stopped working, 24'' monitor got black and from then none of the screens is recognized when connected to hdmi. Wind+P is as extended mode.Is it possible that my motherboard HDMI slot got damaged? or maybe its a Intel HD 5500 damaged?What's strange is when I try to install old drivers: win64_154028.4501 im getting an error. What might have happened to my Yoga? Is there a way to fix it or do I have to just buy new(used) motherboard? thanks

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Preferred Solution: HDMI stopped working, (Intel 5500 HD Graphics)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello, The title pretty much says it all.  I have a Lenovo Edge laptop with a Intel5500 graphics chipset.  I'm connecting to my external monitor via the HDMI adapter, but I'm not able to achieve 60Hz refresh rate at 4k resolution.  Can anyone help or confirm that the Lenovo Edge HDMI port is version 2.0 and or if there's anything else I should try?

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Hello, I have been using this computer for 2 years without having any issue. I have it connected to my TV through HDMI. Since last Sunday the computer seems to have lost the HDMI output signal. I've tried it in 2 different TVs and it doesn't show anything, not even Windows loading..However if I plug it to an VGA monitor through its VGA port, it works fine. I've updated the latest Intel HDMI drivers (found a link in this forum) but it didn't work.Could it be a driver update issue? I'm using Windows 7, but don't remember a system update ultimately... I'm afraid it can be hardware related.. Cheers 

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Edit: I fixed it! (I was causing the problem myself but uninstalling the chip in the first place when i should have been disabling it instead)

Ok... I looked for about an hour and decided i would have to make a new thread for my specific problem... so sorry if im making my first post in an odd place

I recently installed a NVIDIA GeForce 5500 FX PCI 256MB DDR video card
followed directions as best i could, and disabled the Intel integrated graphics... but my PC insists on REinstalling the intel integrated graphics controller upon restart... It left me alone for awhile and i could run Counter Strike : Condition Zero moderately well (low frames after playing for over an hour) but after allowing my computer to update itself (while using IE to dowload firefox for a reinstall, IE randomly decided my home page was going to be the microsoft site for the day) and since then no matter what i do the computer insists on trying to reinstall the intel integrated graphics thing...

so my question is, how do I make this stop? how do i keep the computer from giving me the dreaded "found new hardware" bubble when im using a FAR superior (REAL) video card already?

is there something i do in the BIOS (i hope not, i dont like messing around in there) or on the motherboard itself?

i have some basic info about my comp in my signature but im going to use "PolSystemInfo" to find all my PC specs and just copy paste them below, I just hope its enough info to help so... Read more

A:NVIDIA GeForce 5500 FX-vs-Intel Integrated Graphics... please make intel go away!

Hmm that didn't happen to me when I put mines in. Did you install the NVIDIA drivers? Try disabling the onboard in the device manager. That?s what I did. There doesn?t seem to be an option to turn it off in the bios (my bios) maybe there is for you however. It isn?t too complicated. Just simply look for onboard graphics or integrated graphics controller or w/e and select disable, but first try disabling it in the device manager. It should be listed under display adapters -> properties -> disable this device.

You should upgrade to DX9.0c...

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Have problem with intel 5500 HD graphics driver on dell 7548. Getting  error code 43 since updating to windows 10. After longing onto windows it return to sign in screen looking to missing driver. No one seems to have an answer.  I tried installing every driver possible from intel and Dell

A:intel HD 5500 graphics

Uninstall all the video drivers (if it's Intel only, there will just be one set;  if it's a hybrid video setup, there will also be an nVidia or AMD driver).
If this is Windows 10, reboot the system and make sure you're online.  Windows should pick up and install the video drivers for your system, at least the Intel one.  If not, the correct driver for Windows 10-64 bit is this one:

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Hi, I hope someone can help me.
I was using the Paint app on my vista when it started to become very slow and unresponsive.I was still able to use it but it was very very slow...then it started to totally freeze up my computer to where I couldn't even get task manager to come up
so I could end the program.. it got progressively worse and now I can't use the paint app at all.

I checked the laptop with a diagnostic tool that I found and it said there is a problem with the
Intel Graphics Driver Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset family
This was not really an error message that popped up, it just was a "statement" that said it
was not working properly and gave me suggestions on what to do such as checking for driver
updates, cleaning registry.
I checked both MS and Intel sites and there are no updates for this driver, it is up to date. I scanned the registry and swept it and I'm still having the problem.
Still can't use the paint app at all.
Can I fix this driver? Should I do a restore to an earlier date? This only started happening a day or so ago.

Also when I checked the status in device manager it says that the device is working properly!
That really confused me..because one part of the computer says there's a problem and the other
says it's working fine. I am praying that you're not going to tell me to uninstall and re-
install the driver ...I'm afraid that may be too advanced for me.
(I am only assuming that the paint app stopped working ... Read more

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 3 unit that has an Intel Graphics 5500 card onboard which constantly runs the GPU at around 100%, this causes major lag on the machine with even the most basic tasks. In a bid to resolve this I have completed a fresh install of Win10 but unfortunately the issue remains. Shutting down all apps will reduce the load but any app can trigger the increase, be it Browser, Outlook, Netflix etc. I have increased the dedicated Video Memory to 512Mb, tweaked the power/3D settings in the Intel control panel, updated grpaphics drivers and BIOS none of which has made any major difference. Any assistance/advice would be much appreciated (outputs attached).  

A:Lenovo Yoga 3 Intel Graphics 5500 GPU 100%

For the benefit of others who may have the same issue, I now have a workaround for this problem (thanks to Stefan on the Intel forum!): Download the 4474 beta driver from here - Downloads for Intel® HD Graphics 5500 To bypass message "best driver is already installed", "customized computer manufacturer driver" or "computer is not validated" install driver via have disk method as described at:https://www.windowscentral.com/how-install-intel-beta-graphics-drivers-surface (ignore prolog about MS surface). The utilisation dropped like a stone once this driver was installed.

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hello to everyone i using now notebook g5 250 i3 2.0g/hz with intel hd 5500 graphics(128mb dedicatet) so how i can incrase shared memory(for now is using 1600Mb from 8gb ram i will upgrade ram but how shared memory?) or how can upgrade graphics for my laptop? 

A:how to increase or upgrade graphics intel hd 5500

Hi, Firstly you can't upgrade intel hd 5500 without spending an arm and a leg (ie buy new machine). aand secondary: system will assign available system RAM to video up to max GRAM supported. You can't do anything about this and adding more RAM  to 8GB will help. Regards.

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After having issues with my W7-64 bit HP Envy 15 laptop, I decided to reinstall the OS. Everything went as planned until I installed the win64_153619 graphics driver from the Intel website.

Although the driver installed OK, the control panel interface is now different (now called Intel HD Graphics Control Panel)

There's no longer brightness control. The power options in W7 only has 10 steps for brightness of which are either too bright or too dark. My question is, how can I have more control over brightness? Third party software?

A:Brightness Issues - Intel HD Graphics 5500

I don't have this setup, but will on a new Toshiba Laptop with the Intel 5500 graphics that I just ordered. I'm posting to track this thread to see what transpires.

Sorry for hijacking it.

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Hey everyone, its my first time posting so please be gentle lol.hope you can help.  I have a Lenovo Z51-70 with intel graphics 5500.  I would like to upgrade or add another graphics card to it so that I can start playing better games on my laptop and to also increase the fps.  Can someone please tell me if this is possible and suggest a suitable graphics card? I will look to upgrade the ram at a later date to the max 16gb.. Processor - I7-5500U @ 2.4ghzRAM - 8GBOS - Windows 10 Many thanks for your help and suggestions

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Hi all, Bought a new Aspire F5-571 two months ago with Windows 10 preinstalled. Recently, I've started getting the error message in the subject line of this post. Doing some research reveals that it could be a problem with the display drivers. I've checked Acer's website for my model and the only graphics drivers available are Intel's VGA drivers. Intel's web site reveals that the drivers for Intel HD Graphics 5500 are OEM drivers and are shipped by the manufacturer - obviously in this case Acer. Anyone any idea if there are updated drivers anywhere on Acer's website ? Regards, gneil15

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A:Aspire F5-571 - Intel 5500 HD Graphics display dri...

http://www.howtogeek.com/223864/how-to-uninstall-and-block-updates-and-drivers-on-windows-10/ remember also to check C:\Intel folder and delete VGA drivers inside if listed.

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I have been searching on the internet about this issue I'm currently battling. I have have found similar issues but not exactly what I am going through.

I am hoping you experts can help me. Here it goes...

I have a Lenovo G50-80 laptop, which is less than a month old. It came with Windows 8.1 and had a free upgrade to Windows 10. It ran fantastically except I still preferred Windows 7 - I did a clean install.

The problem is my graphics card. When I had Windows 10, in the dxdiag page I had the following tabs:System

Basically on the Display tab, the Intel HD Graphics 5500 is displayed and on the Render tab, I had the AMD Radeon HD 8500M.

Now that I downgraded to Windows 7 (installed all updates including SP1), the Render tab is no longer there.

I have checked the device manager and saw both cards listed and active with no errors.

I did the following:Updated Drivers for both Intel and AMD graphics
Uninstalled all graphic drivers and reinstalled Intel first then AMD
Changed the settings on the AMD graphics controller to Maximum Performance on the game I am playing

I do not know what I am missing here.

I am really looking forward to a solution.

Thank you in advance, gentlemen!

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Hi all: I have a problem with my laptop (model VN7-571G). After a recent Windows 10 update, now I am not able to connect the laptop to my flat  LG TV via HDMI. I think it has to be related to Intel Graphics 5500 (current driver When I connect the laptop to my flat TV, laptop screen goes black (as it happened before), but TV message says "Without Conection". If I try to use Intel Driver Update Utility, it says I have to go to Acer website to get the drivers. I have already uninstalled all Intel drivers (VGA, chipset, etc.), and installed the ones in Acer website but the problem still exists. Any idea how to solve it?. Thanks and regards from Spain.Ignacio

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Microsoft has installed an icon for get Windows 10.
In validating the application I tested the equipment and it appears that the graphics card is not compatible with windows 10.
The graphics card is a intel hd graphics 5500. This problem is it unacceptable for the transition to window 10 ?

I buy this Satellite S50-B PSPQEE-00500LFR one month ago.

A:Satellite S50-B - get Windows 10 - Intel HD graphics 5500 uncompatible


As far as I know Windows 10 is still in testing phase so Toshiba didn’t start official Windows 10 support. Windows 10 drivers are not offered for download.
The same situation was noticeable few years ago before Win8 was offered on the market.

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Hello, am the proud new owner of a T550 type 20CK and ProDock. The ThinkPad itself has the 3K (2880 by 1620) LCD panel. I want to use this machine at my desk with an external 4K (3840x2160) monitor so that windows can move from screen to screen without scaling. But the Screen Resolution section of Windows 8.1 control panel only shows a max resolution for the external screen of 2560x1440. The hardware is supposed to be able to do this. I think I need a better driver. Explanation: Graphics are from the Intel HD Graphics 5500 onboard chip. The spec sheet for my machine, here, http://psref.lenovo.com/Product/164?MT=20CK  says  "Intel HD Graphics 5500 in processor only, or Intel HD Graphics 5500 in processor and NVIDIA GeForce® 940M, 1GB memory (discrete models are only available in Western Europe); supports external analog monitor via VGA and digital monitor via Mini DisplayPort; supports three independent displays; Max resolution: [email protected] (DP via mDP cable); [email protected] (VGA)" Yet this resolution is not selectable. The Intel HD graphics 5500 driver updated by Lenovo System Update is dated 11/18/2014, pretty old. Intel's site has a driver dated 3/6/2015. But the system will not let me install this driver saying my system needs a custom driver I must obtain from Lenovo. Please help! Bryan

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A:T550 with Intel 5500 graphics, 4K external monitor

How are you connecting the monitor? DisplayPort? Have you tried plugging it into the laptop directly? I have the same question - I just received my T550 today, got the Pro dock, and I am waiting on a 3440x1440 monitor. Hoping that everything works...

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So I had this problem that would make my games look very crap and heavy lagging in some medium-size titles, then some people told me it`s the graphics card fault and so i checked it. turns out it`s ~1 year outdated, tried to install an update from the Intel page, that also said it was very outdated. The Notebook doesn`t let me update it because, i quote, "your manufacturer personalizez the drivers and this specific driver is now allowed. you can install a generic driver but you risk devoiding your warranty and lose some critical system functions". Further, i went to the Lenovo Support page, made a complete scan and guess what? Nothing wrong. So i tried to manually download a driver update and only found Nvidia VGA Driver and Intel VGA Driver, but none of them were accepted, for the same reason as above.What do I do now? Do I install that 'generic driver' or contact a professional?

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I downloaded and installed the latest driver from Dell website. After install worked O K for couple of re boots but the problem now persists. Device Manager indicates that the driver is not working and the default windows driver loads. Occasional colored patches appear on the screen at random spots when this happens.. Running WIndows 10.  Please help!

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Ever since I downloaded the Windows 10 anniversary update, my display has gone absolutely haywire. Weird dots all over the place, major screen tearing--it renders the pc basically unusable. I've isolated the problem in the graphics card--Intel HD 5500, driver version Disabling the graphics card makes all of the problems go away instantly. However, disabling it also means I can't dim the screen, use HDMI, or my Flex anti-blue-light software; being unable to dim the screen at all also drains the battery. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, checking for driver updates, rolling back the driver to the previous version, all to no avail. I have contact Intel directly; they sent me a different, generic driver which I couldn't actually install because it said "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer." I've been all over the forums and Google and I haven't come across anybody else with this exact problem. I have been dealing with this for weeks now and it's driving me crazy--every time my pc updates I hope this will be the one that fixes it, and then, nothing. I have been nothing but happy with my HP Envy up until now, so this is really frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have problem with my Intel HD graphics 5500 driver.
Some days ago my display started to show distorted objects when I scrolled down, so I updated my driver to the latest Intel's one. The updated drive caused problem with starting my Windows 7 64 bit. The Windows did not start at all.
So I uninstalled the Intel's driver and install this one from your site, which is recommended for my device. My Intel HD graphics 5500 driver does not recognize your driver at all.
How can I resolve this issues? 

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I am using the VGA port of a Dell 4-in-1 adapter (DA100) to connect my XPS 13 with touch screen display to a Dell U2412M monitor. The Intel HD Graphics Control Panel does not detect that there is an external monitor attached to the computer, i.e., the Graphics Options menu does not show the "Output To" option, the Graphics Properties' Display menu shows only "Built-in Display" under the Select Display tab, etc. The DA100 was installed remotely by Dell Support (after neither I nor they could find the driver on the Dell support website, as instructed to do by the software driver download guide that comes with the adapter), so I assume that it was installed correctly. Has anyone else experienced this problem and, hopefully, have a solution?

A:External monitor not detected by Intel HD Graphics 5500 on XPS 13 with Dell 4-in-1 adapter

I have the same problem, but with the HDMI port connected to a panasonic tv

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Hello! I have a query related to video memory of Intel HD Graphics 5500. When I have installed the recommended driver on Dell site for my laptop, it showstotal available graphics memory 3839 MBdedicated video memory 0 MBsystem video memory 0 MBshared system memory 3839 MBBut when I updated the driver from device manager, it showstotal available graphics memory 3968 MBdedicated video memory 128 MBsystem video memory 0 MBshared system memory 3840 MB
Can anybody please explain this? Also, should I keep this updated driver or roll back to the previous version?
One more thing, when I set up this laptop for the very first time after purchase, I remember the total graphic memory it used to show was something around 2k MB. I don't understand why does it share this much now. And if this graphic memory is shared from RAM, then it's almost eating up 4GB of my RAM!! The system has total 8GB RAM. Is it fine to let the Intel graphics share so much of RAM when this laptop already has 4GB dedicated Nvidia Geforce 920M? Please help.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

A:Inspiron 5558 Intel HD Graphics 5500 Video memory query

I have the same question!! Have you found a solution?I'm specially interrested in the last part of your question: Why the system needs shared memory from the 8GB RAM if there is the NVidia 4GB dedicated GPU?!?!?!

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Hi Support I am unable to get the OLED color setting to work anymore. Please help!

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Hi all,
I just got this Dell Inspiron laptop about 2 wks ago, i5-6200U 8GB RAM, Windows 10. I did not go for the pre-installed McAfee trial. I installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. It has been several days now that I get a Windows notification saying that Kaspersky firewall  and Windows firewall are disabled. I tried turning on Windows firewall but the option remains grayed out. When I open Kaspersky it shows that my computer is protected and no mention of anything being disabled. I completely removed Kaspersky from the system and only then I was able to turn on Windows firewall. Now I am relying on Windows firewall and Windows defender.Another thing that has been happening almost daily is  this notification saying that Intel HD Graphics had stopped working and has recovered. I don't think I want to reinstall Kaspersky. At Best Buy they told me that they use Bitdefender. I am leaning towards that, but since I have no idea what is going on, I just wanna wait a while. I hear a lot of complaints about Windows 10.
Personally I use Internet Explorer instead of Edge. I find it too slow. On a previous laptop, not Dell, I was using Firefox and it worked fine, until I took the  bait and installed Windows 10. Since then, Firefox crashes upon first run. I did not install it on the Inspiron because I didn't want to take a chance.
I was told at the store that 8 GB of RAM is enough for a home user. I don't play any video games. Only surf and use Microsoft O... Read more

A:Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Firewall disabled, Intel HD graphics stopped working and recovered, can't disable touchpad

Hi A6RO81, and welcome to the forum.
As I recently purchased a Dell laptop, maybe I can help you. As you discovered, all Dells come with a pre-installed AV. The most important thing to do, if you did not want McAfee, was to not activate it, and delete it via your control panel. For extra assurance, you can run the uninstall tool (mcpr) from McAfee, which is available here, to completely eliminate McAfee:us.mcafee.com/.../mcpr.asp
Computers do not like duelling AVs, which compete to eliminate threats. This degrades system performance. Kaspersky is a top-notch AV, but if you find it lacking, again you will want to run its uninstall tool, free to download from here:

When you completely uninstall all traces of McAfee and of Kaspersky, your Windows firewall and Windows Defender AV should be working. If not, let us know.
I can't answer all your questions. Suffice it to say that the native Windows 10 firewall, and the Windows Defender AV provide fairly good protection. You just want to be sure that all traces of other AVs have been deleted.
And yes, 8 GB of RAM should suffice for your purposes.

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This driver (or part of it) is not digitally signed, hence during silent install in SCCM TS Windows 7 x64 it will "hang" waiting to accept the unsigned driver (NOT during Apply drivers, but Sequence that runs setup.exe - I install ALL graphics drivers this way!)

Had top revert to previous version
Intel HD, 5300, 5500, 6000, 515, 520, 530, P530, Iris 540 Graphics Driver,, A05
to be able to do silent install!
Somebody else might have noticed?

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Recently I've bought a new Dell U2515h monitor: Revision A02, manufactured date Jan. 2016.
I connect the monitor to my laptop Acer Travelmate P243m using the HDMI-HDMI cable.
In the laptop I've replaced Intel Celeron B820/830 processor with Intel I5-3210m, which comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000.
OS used on the laptop is 64-bit Windows 10.
All drivers are up-to-date.
If this information is enough, could I ask you please to guide me through settings to achieve the maximum resolution and video signal quality?
With Intel's software I've created custom profile with following settings:

Resolution 2560x1440 (ok, the maximum the monitor can handle)
Refresh rate 50Hz (if 55Hz or 60Hz, than error of exceeding max. bandwidth appear. Try 1Hz increment?)
Color depth 32 Bit
Progressive/interlaced scan - using P is better?
Timing: CVT-RB (if GTF or CVT or CEA 861 than error of exceeding max. bandwidth appear)

And these settings work fine and monitor's resolution is 2560x1440 now.
So, there are my questions, please:

How a choice of timing standard influences on video quality on the monitor?
Does CVT-RB (Reduced Black) make black colors look worse? Black screen backlit bleed?Should I better lower the refresh rate to be able to set GTF or another timing? Which timing?Or better remain CVT-RB and try increment refresh rate by 1Hz to its maximum possible value?
After finding the maximum possible quality solution for RGB gamut, will choosing a wider gamut ... Read more

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Hey all,

I recently built an Intel Core i5-4690K w/ Asus Z97-A Motherboard. It has built in Intel HD Graphics 4600.

The motherboard has HDMI/DVI-D/S-VGA & Display Port.

I am using a Insignia NS-28E200NA14 28" 720P TV as a monitor.

It has HDMI and VGA inputs.

I use to just run VGA, but with my new computer I am doing a dual boot Windows 7 / OSX system.

OSX does not support VGA only DVI and HDMI...

Soo, fast forward to my problem, I am using HDMI which works fine, except that every time my computer goes into power save (sleep) mode, instead of the tv/monitor also going into sleep mode as it did with VGA, it just says No signal then after a few minutes of no signal, it turns it self completely off...

The problem with this is that every time I want to wake the computer up, I also have to turn the TV/Monitor back on as it has shut itself off completely instead of just "Power save" mode..

The motherboard's DVI port is a DVI-D port, so I can't simply just use a DVI-I - VGA adaptor...

Is there any kind of solution for me? I've got to use either the HDMI, DVI-D or Display Port as those are the only ones that are supported both by Windows and OSX.



A:Asus Z97-A (Intel HD Graphics 4600) + HDMI to TV

Hello Chad mate try these for starters


http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html< if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2

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Intel i5-2500K
ASRock Z68 Extreme 4
8Gb ram (2x4G)
Creative Audigy 2 ZS
PNY Geforce 460 GT (Has DVI+VGA+mini-HDMI out but only 2 can be used simultaneously)

1x Philips 150B (Connected to the Geforce 460 - VGA)
1x Viewsonic 2268wm (Connected to the Geforce 460 - DVI-D)
1x Philips 6605 LED TV (Connected to the integrated graphics on the motherboard- HDMI)
I have both onboard sound (Realtek AL892) and the Audigy 2 zs installed and enabled, they both work fine and will output audio according to which ever playback device is set as "default".


Problem is, there is no audio via hdmi to my Philips 6605 LED TV
- No device detected in "Sound - Playback Devices" so I am unable to select it as default audio playback device.

However if I were to connect the Philips 6605 LED TV to the Geforce 460, I am able to see
"Philips FTV-1" in "Sound - Playback Devices" and enable it. And the TV will output both video and sound.

Any advise on how to get the onboard video detect the TV? So I can bitstream audio as well as video over HDMI?

I would prefer this setup(onboard video to TV and geforce to 2xmonitors) rather than having the TV+viewsonic-monitor on the Geforce.

A:No audio over HDMI (Intel HD Graphics 3000 - i5-2600k's GPU)

i'd be interested in this as well. i recently switched to hdmi between my video card and monitor and no matter what i did i could not get sound through the hdmi cable.

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I have an M700 Tiny with i5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and Intel HD Graphics 530 with 3 displayport outputs. I currently run dual 28" monitors, both at 2560x1440, and it works great. I would like to replace one of the 28" monitors with a 40"± 4k TV running at 2560x1440. The primary use will be displaying aerial photos and maps -- video is a low priority use. I don't think anyone makes a 4k TV with displayport input, so I would need to go from displayport out on the M700 to HDMI in on the 4k TV. Is anyone else doing this with a displayport-to-hdmi adapter (Lenovo brand or other) and getting 2560x1440, not 1920x1080? Thank you!

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I have an brand new i3 processor, trying to use the onboard GPU (tomorrow I'm getting an xfx 5770 xxx) but everytime I boot with intel drivers installed it crashes saying:

Intel graphics accelerator for xp (r) stopped responding and has recovered

It does this 3/4 times then just hangs. Ive used drivers from intel, gigabyte, driver genius, windows and they all crash.

The chip and memory are overclocked, I bought the bundle from overclockers.co.uk (had many years good service from them) So could it be the overclock that is doing it?

I dont want to touch the clock speeds as it was set by them but I have to run safe mode or uninstall the intel drivers to get the bloody thing to stay booted.

When I installed windows 7 first, I remember the drivers working, but now it crashes everytime. It seems to crash all the time since I took out the 3450 which is now in another PC.

Anyone know anything about this?

A:Intel graphics accelerator for xp (r) stopped responding

Ok, I thought this was a driver issue.

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 serial number [Personal Information Removed]product number E8A11UAR#ABA Intel 4600 HD graphics display i have been receving the following error while playing  games:"Display driver stopped responding and has recovered - Display driver Intel HD Graphics driver for Windows 8(R) stopped responding and has recovered." though im using windows 10 i went ahead to delete the old windows 8 installation but the problem still persists. i have tried updating the intel hd display driver..but now when i try updating,i get another error message that says"The driver being installed is not validated for this computer" 

A:Intel HD 4600 Graphics driver stopped responding

I'm having the same problem on my HP Envy 17 product #G0U21AV . I've tried using both HP support application and the driver updates from Intel directly- no luck.  I hope this gets resolved soon. Oddly enough the HP webpage offers me a NVIDIA driver update and I don't believe my system even has an NVIDIA graphics card, its the built in Intel HD 4600 series. Hope someone from the community or support knows how to fix this.

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Hi guys, My laptop was working perfectly fine, when it then started going into waves of black screens followed by a refreshed screen and the message, Intel Display Graphics HD Driver has stopped responding and has recovered. This occurs most prominently immediately post startup, and on the desktop. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Intel drivers, but nothing seems to work. Please help!

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Hello everyone. Now I would recreate a topic as I do not receive any answers in the firs tone.I have a Lenovo y 70 70 T with Win 10 home x 64.I have this system since Early august.After the last big windows update( November update to build 10586.11) i started to have this error: 
Intel hd 4600 Graphics driver has stopped responidng and succesfully recovered. I get this while playing games/watching videos/making videos. The screen freezes for a couple of secs. Make me sick.I wasted 3 days of my life trying to solve this by installing the suggested driver from Lenovo website and the latest from intel.All this dud not help. I also wasted around 6 hours with Windws 10 support on the phone and they made me perform repair system- nothing changed.This is 100% driver issue. Now the sad part. My laptop is on warranty and kinda expensive, especially for me and I get literally 0 support from Lenovo. Not only have not they made a normal driver( for this build of windows), but also post cheesy links to old drivers.WHen I call them they tell me(we don't have needed spare parts we are sorry), even though it is clear that the issue is with software and the product is on warranty so even if it was something with hardware, they must provide it for me.I am really sick and angry that manufacturer does not even try to make its products work even if they cost  load of money. I still have a very little hope that we will see a normal customized driver from Lenovo for Intel VGA th... Read more

A:Lenovo y 70 70 Intel HD Graphics 4600 stopped resp...

I'm having the same problem, but it seems like the Lenovo peeps are not even responding to the previous comments.  I just got this same expensive laptop and I might as well just return it for refund.  I don't have the patience to wait for responses or be on hold for hours and hours on end with no solution.  This is my first Lenovo and I am very disappointed.  Will someone PLEASE FINALLY  come up with a solution to this issue? 

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i have a hp touchsmart 600 running windows 7 64bit

i only get this drver problem when doing one thing and thats when i play a game called maplestory..when ever i start this game up this problem happens and i have no idea how 2 fix it... i get a error message saying Intel graphics accelerator for xp (r) stopped responding and had recovered about every 3-9 minutes that i have maplestory running

A:Windows 7 - Intel graphics accelerator for xp (r) stopped responding

You checked with HP for an updated driver? Can't tell you which one to check as there are 40 different versions of the 600,

Product search results

and the one I selected at random has Nvidia graphics instead of Intel. Either that or depending on the specs of your 600, if it has one of the Intel i3 or i5 processors with the graphics integrated into the CPU and a separate Nvidia card like this one,

HP TouchSmart 600-1152 Desktop PC Product Specifications HP TouchSmart 600-1152 Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

If yours is anything like that one you will need both the Intel and Nvidia drivers installed.

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i have a nice little set up with an HDMI plug near my vista laptop that connects to my HD TV some 30 feet away. this way i don't have to tote my laptop to the TV when i want to stream internet video. i set it all up about a month ago and everything worked fine until yesterday. now when i plug in my HDMI cable to my laptop and switch my video source over to PC on my TV it doesn't detect any video. i know that the connection is solid because when i unplug the HDMI cable from my laptop the option to switch to the PC source on the TV goes away. i recently updated vista with some "required" update but don't know what it was or how to resolve this. any suggestions?

A:HDMI out stopped working

You could do a restore to before the update. This ill remove the updates and you can find out if its due to that.

I'd try a second hdmi cable to eliminate the cable. Being that long it may have been damaged.

3rd, update your video drivers.

Hope something easy fixes it.

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My HDMI has stopped working, I was told to download all updates and I think I have done this... I visited HP.co.uk and dowloaded all updates after it identified my computer, but nothing appears to have changed. Any help greatly appreciated.  

A:HDMI has stopped working

Clive235 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Anytime someone comes here running Win10 and complains about something suddenly not working, I immediately suspect Windows Driver updates.Unfortunately, Win10 automatically forces driver updates on all of us, without our knowledge, and without our permission -- and when this happens, a working PC is suddenly "broken".  This might have happened to you.You need to go into Settings, Update & Security --> Windows Update.Then, choose Advanced Options --> History to see when updates were last applied.  If you see any that include device drivers, those could be the problem. So, if you can, you should see if you can rollback the drivers that are causing the problem.  You do this by going into Device Manager, seeing if the appropriate device is still listed, and if so, trying to rollback the last driver update.And if that fixes the problem, then consider disabling future driver updates using the information in the link:  http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/48277-driver-updates-windows-update-enable-disable-windows-10-a.h...Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================... Read more

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Hello,The hdmi for the extended monitor stopped working. The proposed solution is to update the thunderbold driver but the driver is not there. See link belowhttps://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/solutions/sf16-t0051What should I do? Is there a fix as I need the HDMI port working. I'm very surprised to see this issue for such an expensive laptop. Please let me know.Thank you in advance

A:P50 HDMI stopped working

I updated the bios is it's working again. Hopefully it'll last....

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Hi. A few weeks ago my Z70-80's HDMI port randomly stopped working, no intermittence, no warning, just stopped. It was fine in the morning, working as intended. I then had to run some errands so I shut my laptop down. I came back a few hours later tried to project to second screen but nothing. Thinking it was software and/or driver related I've tried everything from rolling back windows 10 to updating GPU drivers, even the chipset got an update. Can a HDMI port just randomly stop working like that? VGA out is fine, just not the HDMI. If anyone has any ideas I might be able to try.... Thanks all.

A:Z70-80 HDMI out stopped working

I'm sorry I should have included some of the other things I've tried, save wasting everyone's time. I've tried a different HDMI Cable, different TV, updated Windows 10, even joined the insider program in the hope a beta version of windows 10 might fix it. But n luck with anything. Strangely though my tv will detect a hdmi source but displays 'No signal' it's frustrating

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When is HP going to update this driver. I cannot install any new drivers because of manufacturer restrictions. If you are going to customize the video chips then you need to provide updates. I paid over $800 for this laptop if you don't provide support it will be the last HP computer I purchase.

A:Intel HD 4600 Graphics driver stopped responding and recover...

Hi: This is a peer to peer forum.  HP maintains no official presence here. See David's solution below (2nd link I posted), and perhaps it will work for you too...but do it with the Intel W10 driver which I have posted below. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26079/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-15-40-4th-Gen-?... http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/HP-Envy-vdeo-drivers-are-way-out-of-da... If you want to address your concerns to HP, you may do so at the link below... https://ssl.www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/connect-with-hp.html  

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"Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers stopped responding and has successfully recovered."
I keep receiving this error message. My screen turns black, that message pops up, then everything is fine again... except my adobe programs. When I have them open, and this happens it freezes them and I have to force the program to close and re-open.
This cannot be good for my computer.... any thoughts? I would truly appreciate any help or ideas on resolving this display driver issue.
Thanks so much!

A:Display driver Intel Graphics Drivers stopped responding

Hello, and Welcome
What is the make and model of the computer? When you look in the system tray of the desktop do you see a small icon that will let you adjust Graphics Properties.  It would look something like this.

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On 11/16/2015 Microsoft automatically installed "upgrade 1511" on my Windows 10 laptop.(This laptop was previously successfully upgraded from Window 8.1 to Windows 10 in August.) After the 1511 upgrade, I began receving the following error while playing Microsoft games:"Display driver stopped responding and has recovered - Display driver Intel HD Graphics driver for Windows 8(R) stopped responding and has recovered." According to Device Manager, the upgrade installed driver dated 7/15/2015.  I did a rollback to dated 6/29/2015.  This did not resolve the problem.I checked HP Support Assistant, and applied sp72370 labeled Rev C dated 8/5/2015.  This did not resolve the problem. I engaged HP Smart Friend service, and they reapplied via Device Manager search the web for driver.  He installed Intel Driver Update Utility 2.2, but newer driver was not installed due to "driver installed by manfacturer (HP). HP Support person recommended restoring back to restore point prior to Microsoft "upgrade 1511".   I was not comfortable doing this, as "upgrade" was a significant update from Microsoft using the same process as the intial migration from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.  The customer can no longer control timing of updates, and updates are cumulative - no longer able to pick and choose specific updates. For now I have deceided to live with this error condition, a... Read more

A:Intel HD 4600 Graphics driver stopped responding and recover...

I disabled the Intel HD graphics driver, and used the NVIDIA graphics driver to play the game.  No problem. Disabling the Intel driver resulted in the fan speed reving at a higher speed intermittently.HP Smart Friend support assured me that the higher fan speed behavior would not result in problems with premature hardware failure down the road.  Do you concur? They indicated my choices were to keep the Intel HD graphic driver disabled and use the NVIDIA solely, or live with the problem until HP releases a newer Intel driver - it only affects game playing, all other functions appear to be normal.   

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"display driver intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows vista r stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

platform:windows 7

A:intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows vista(R) stopped..

Hello Fernando now just what is it you are asking? If you are having problems with graphics then we shall need to see what the model is of that machine as you have only got Acer Veriton series in the system specs.

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HP ENVY 15 Notebook 15t-k200 CTO (Energy Star) Product Number: K2T35AV I am restarting this as a new string in the hope that an HP Support Agent may see this and address the issue.At least provide a date when we may anticipate a solution my be made available. Previous post addressing this issue was flagged as SOLVED when none of the solutions offered fixed the issue.An updated Intel HD 4600 Graphics Driver is needed. Intel HD 4600 driver fails, screen goes black and with error message        "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered - Display driver Intel HD Graphics driver for          Windows 8(R) stopped responding and has recovered." HP Support identified this updated driver for this system but when when attempted to installsp72810.exe received this error message   "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer"Appears this driver may be only for the Intel HD 5500 Graphics as 4600 was not referenced in the install.Current driver is  7/17/2015. Not sure if any of this was related to Microsoft Nov upgrade that was apparently pulled. Changes made to system changed how Update History is listed as list used to show all updates, now only reflecctingone update dated 12/12/15 "Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3119147)" Any hel... Read more

A:Intel HD 4600 Graphics driver stopped responding - ISSUE NOT...

As a follow up to my previous post In reviewing other sites, it appears that the start of this problem for me occurred around the same time that Microsoft did their major upgrade to Windows 10 in the middle of November.To big of a coincidence! Apparently with this new upgrade, all prior updates to Windows 10 were cleared and no longer are listed, to explain my earlier comment regarding update history. For the record, my Windows 10 now reports as     Edition:                Windows 10 Home    Version:               1511    OS Build:             10586.29    System Type:    64-bit operating system, x-64-based processor

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My Acer ES1-111M HDMI has stopped working. It was working perfect until about a week ago. I believe it's due to a resent Windows 10 update. HDMI doesn't show anywhere in Device Manager. I tried going back to Windows 8.1 , but it didn't help. I reinstalled Windows 10 Clean Install and still no HDMI output. When I plug into my TV my TV detects a HDMI device has been connected but just flashes No Signal. I have tried every driver available including the test drivers from Intel.Almost 2 years ago I bought this to replace my HP laptop that had the exact same problem. When this happened on this Acer notebook I connected my HP to the TV Via the VGA/RGB cable. Now this Is where it gets weird. I got the HP connected and working with the RGB cable and out of curiosity I connected the HDMI cable to the HP and it made that happy noise saying it found the new device and for some reason started working. Since, I have read on the web that when this happens connecting the VGA cable first then the HDMI cable will force the PC to detect a non working port on the HDMI. Or possibly over the 2 years I've had this HP it received an update that restored the HDMI functionality. Problem is I can't test that theory on this ES1-111M because it only has a single HDMI output. I see this problem all over the web and wonder how many people don,t even know there HDMI port is dead because they never use it.

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I've been running my xbox through this PC for months now and I havent had any problems, although I do need to bring up HP My Display in order for the hdmi to work correctly. I tried to connect my xbox one to the computer as usual last night but this time it said 'no signal'. I have checked to see if other hdmi cables would work (they do not) and I have tried the hdmi cable usually used for the PC on the TV and my xbox connects fine. I don't know of any recent update that may have caused something to go wrong, I can't get it to work.

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 Hi,  I have a lenovo thinkpad s430 with win 7 - 64bit. I've been using a mini-hdmi to VGA adapter for an old samsung screen for a couple of months with no problems. However yesterday it stopped working. Tried a mini-hdmi cable to a different screen which didn't work either.  It is like the mini-hdmi port is just dead. I haven't updated any drivers or installing anything new recently. Tried restarting computer and screens, no results.  Any suggestions?  Best regards,Lauge 

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Hi, my computer has stopped showing any signs of connection when plugged into my television. This is a major problem for me because I use my tv as a monitor. It was working perfectly fine, and has been for months, before I moved. Now I set everything up and it won't work. I tried using a different tv and a different hdmi cord to see if that was the issue but it still won't work. The tower wasn't damaged or at risk of being damaged in the move, I was very careful about that, so I'm not sure what's the problem. Thanks for any help you can offer me.

A:HDMI connection has stopped working

Hi What do you see when you click the windows logo+P??
Here are 20 PC shortcuts!

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