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Icons of uninstalled apps showing in All apps

Q: Icons of uninstalled apps showing in All apps

Hello all,

I am new here, although I did come here quite a few times and many times found the solution :-)

My problem is (I am on 1511) that some icons of removed (by powershell) apps reapeared, and there seem to be no way to get rid of them. Nothing I have found had worked (like going to start menu folder and deleting the shorcuts).

Namely it's MicrosoftWindowsAlarms, MicrosoftZuneMusic, MicrosoftWindowsPhotos, and in Apps the name looks like this: @{Microsoft.WindowsAlarms_10.1607.1991.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwems-resource--Microsoft.WindowsAlarms-Resources-AppName-Text}

Moreover, few days ago some "new" apps have materialized - that was a shock........no update, nothing, out of blue I had about 10 unwanted apps in my all apps...............crazy.

Any thoughts?

P.S. Normally I deffer updates by turning the service off and/or metered connection. Now I have left it on by mistake...........still should not install against my will some unwanted apps..........and as I said, no update.....

Preferred Solution: Icons of uninstalled apps showing in All apps

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Icons of uninstalled apps showing in All apps

Those left-over icons may be a result of deleting programs instead of using Control Panel, Programs and Features to uninstall the programs. When a program is installed the install routine puts the program files in either C:\Program Files [32-bit] or C:\Program Files for 64-bit or C:\Program Files (x86) for 32-bit depending upon which version of the OS is in use. It will also create the icons, write support files to C:\Windows or other Folders and create Registry entries so Windows knows how to run the program. The uninstall routine is supposed to get rid of everything associated, don't know if PowerShell can do it as cleanly.

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Yesterday i updated my Windows 10 and after that i uninstalled these apps that i don't use but it still shows updates for them:

I rebooted my system multiple times since then but no luck. Is there any way to hide these?

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I uninstalled google talk from control panel (uninstall a program) however I can still see Google Talk application group (with all icons) in the All apps screen. I also checked C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs but couldn't find leftovers there.

Does anyone know how to manually remove gtalk icons from Apps desktop. Thanks.

A:remove apps icons of uninstalled applications

Have you restarted your computer since?

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I was using Windows 10 build 10316 normally until I use the Razer Game Booster.
After that, All Applications List in the start menu no longer shows any application...

I uninstalled the program but the problem persists.

Now, I update to build 10328 and nothing changes!

Any help?

P.S. Sorry my bad english.

A:windows 10 All apps List not showing any apps

Give this a try...................
How to Reinstall and Re-register All Built-in Windows Apps in Windows 8 and 10
Apps - Reinstall and Re-register in Windows 8 and 10

By the way, please do not apologize for your English.
1. Your English is wonderful.
2. English is not the only language in this planet. Be proud of your own national language.

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and was excited to find it as there are a lot of people giving great answers to Windows 10 problems and I sadly ran into one recently. I have had Windows 10 installed for about 4 months now and things have been going decent. A couple of days ago my system received a Windows 10 update that took about 2 hours and looked like it was installing Windows all over again (but it wasn't) and once this happened I couldn't find the Microsoft Edge application and the start button would not work at all. After doing a system restore to a date prior to the update things are back to "normal" except for this one problem.

Currently my start menu does not show any Recently Used or Favorite Apps in it as shown below:

If I select the All apps button it also shows nothing:

I made sure that all of the settings in order to see recently used apps and all my apps are correct as below are my settings:

I have tried a couple of solutions that handled Cortana not searching for programs or "some" apps were missing from all apps but I have yet to find a solution to when absolutely no apps are showing in the start menu. I know the applications still exist on my machine as I use Firefox and Microsoft Word and Outlook plus many more apps but they aren't showing up at all. I am also under a local account instead of my Microsoft account and both have this problem.

Has anyone ran into this before or know how to fix this situa... Read more

A:"All apps" menu not showing ANY apps installed on machine

What happens if you try another user profile or load Start10 to see if it shows "Universal Apps".

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Hi, I am curious to know if there is a program,besides revo uninstaller,that searches for previously uninstalled apps?,I have uninstalled so many programs,that I have forgotten which ones they are,so I am looking for a program that will find all those past uninstalled programs?,is there such a program out there?,thanks Rip

A:Uninstalled Apps

Sorry dude, don't think it possible. Spent 1/2 hour searching. If I find anything, I'll let you know. Maybe you want to look into data recovery.


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I've uninstalled lots of programs, mainly Hewlett Packard stuff. It's freed up a lot of disc space, and i think my computer runs a little better too. I still have some stuff worth removing, but need help deciding what is safe to remove? I'm only focused on the apps installed in 2010..

1. i use the HP Wireless Assistant and IDT Audio. HP Quick Launch Buttons & HP Setup seem like they might be important:
2. have similar Microsoft Visual updates..
3. of the tasks highlighted in yellow, does anyone know what these are? a few of them look important, but i have no idea what they do..

A:which of these apps can be safely uninstalled?

I cannot speak for the HP stuff mate but both my Toshibas - notorious for the bloat I have installed SDD's in and then an OEM and there has been no problems at all.
You can of course do this but it means backing up all of the data and programs first.
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 this will rid you of all the bloat and you don't have to buy an OEM
There are some things that Toshiba will re download usually amongst the Windows updates and are stuff that I don't think apart from being some sort of drivers for the machines otherwise everything is fine.

Now like I said I don't know about HP stuff and the best thing you can do is just Google what any particular application you are considering throwing overboard and find out what they are for.

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This is a minor issue but it is bugging me. I have uninstalled "HP Coolsense" from my PC and can't find a reference to it anywhere. But it still shows up in my windows search (the one that shows up from the right) . . with an icon and everything (unfortunately I can't snip that but I could the error that comes up, which is attached).

Is there a way to refresh this? I can't right-click on the entry either--it doesn't do anything.

It isn't:

in the list of installed programsin the registry (I searched for "coolsense" FWIW).In the "all program" section of the metro menu
I was thinking this was a Windows Search/Indexing issue--I normally leave that off, but I turned it off and it rebuilt my index and it's still there.

Any suggestions? Appreciate it.

A:Uninstalled apps appear in search

When you uninstall programs sometimes there are scrapes of the uninstalled programs left behind (orphaned files). You might look in the Programs folder or Programs X86 folders of your C drive if anything there. Running Revo Uninstaller (Free) will also help.

Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

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I recently uninstalled a number of the apps that came with Windows 10. For most, the labels appearing on my start menu have gone as well, but for some reason two (Money and News) have remained (see image below). How can I remove these labels?

Many thanks

A:How to I remove labels of two apps I uninstalled?

Hi, it looks as though you are using a 3rd party start menu.
Try right clicking on the shortcut. There may well be a delete option.
Else right click on the folder and see if there's an open option to open it in explorer, then delete.

I commend Geek uninstaller (free) to you. If you always use this to uninstall programs, it scans for leftovers as well. I use it regularly.

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Hi everyone. New guy here. Been using this forum for some answers to our work environment and just registered today.

Now, I have a unique problem. I'll try and describe it as best as possible.

Our desktops are running Win XP SP3 with a variety of apps. Recently I had to fix a .NET pop-up that seemed to be complaining about the frameworks installed. I got this fixed. After a reboot, I logged in and afterwards, it just sat there. Didn't load Windows. I could bring up task manager to run apps but not enough to restore the system.

Recently the same thing happened when uninstalling some Symantec apps (Live Update and something else). I had a failed install of their backup recovery for DLO. After a reboot, same thing happened. After a reboot, I logged in and afterwards, it just sat there. Didn't load Windows.

I tried a repair by booting to the recovery console and running: chkdsk /r This didn't repair Windows.

Anyone have any ideas?


A:Uninstalled apps, now Windows won't boot


Originally Posted by jfranzreb

Hi everyone. New guy here. Been using this forum for some answers to our work environment and just registered today.

Now, I have a unique problem. I'll try and describe it as best as possible.

Our desktops are running Win XP SP3 with a variety of apps. Recently I had to fix a .NET pop-up that seemed to be complaining about the frameworks installed. I got this fixed. After a reboot, I logged in and afterwards, it just sat there. Didn't load Windows. I could bring up task manager to run apps but not enough to restore the system.

Recently the same thing happened when uninstalling some Symantec apps (Live Update and something else). I had a failed install of their backup recovery for DLO. After a reboot, same thing happened. After a reboot, I logged in and afterwards, it just sat there. Didn't load Windows.

I tried a repair by booting to the recovery console and running: chkdsk /r This didn't repair Windows.

Anyone have any ideas?


You can access task manager?

Try ending the explorer.exe process and then under the Applications tab click New Task and type "explorer.exe"

See if it loads afterwards

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I uninstalled all the default apps (with CCleaner) knowing that each new build re-installs them. Build 14926 no longer re-installs uninstalled apps. I've tried every means I can find to re-install the apps but nothing works. Can I roll back to previous build (Build 14915), then upgrade to 14926 and have it reinstall the apps? If not can I install build 14393 from iso then upgrade to 14926 without loosing all my previously installed software i.e. Auto Cad, Revit, etc.?

A:Uninstalled all default apps and can't reinstall them.

Originally Posted by dchapin

I uninstalled all the default apps (with CCleaner) knowing that each new build re-installs them. Build 14926 no longer re-installs uninstalled apps. I've tried every means I can find to re-install the apps but nothing works. Can I roll back to previous build (Build 14915), then upgrade to 14926 and have it reinstall the apps? If not can I install build 14393 from iso then upgrade to 14926 without loosing all my previously installed software i.e. Auto Cad, Revit, etc.?

Hi dchapin and welcome to Tenforums.
Starting with Insider 14926, Windows is no longer reinstalling what you deleted. I think you need to re-register the Windows Store, then install the apps that you want back.

Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.WindowsStore_11606.1001.39.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\AppxManifest.xml"

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I know there are steps to remove all Win 10 preinstalled apps.

I am talking of those preinstalled apps that have uninstall feature.

Mention preinstalled apps you have removed & why?
Mention preinstalled apps you haven't removed & why?

A:Have you uninstalled any/all preinstalled Win 10 apps that have uninstall feature?

I've uninstalled all apps that have the option of being uninstalled since I have no use whatsoever with them

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Also facing the problem like Wi-Fi not getting connected and track pad stops working after sometime

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For the last month or so, Windows Store now reports available updates for applications I have uninstalled, like Sports and Finance. This did not happen in the past. Does the same happen for you, too? Is it a problem, or a devious and annoying way to trick us into reinstalling these Windows 8 apps?

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Subject says it all...
Just got some new dell laptops for the kids that were preinstalled with McAfee and a number of other bits of software that we don't need on them. 
I initialized each laptop and the first account was an admin so I uninstalled what I wanted before creating any new profiles.  Everything went smoothly with the uninstalls.  Then I created and logged into the new profile;  all the softare I removed was back.  
I have used software like Decrap, Revo and MCPR for problem uninstalls in the past but I wanted to check in since I don't have any experience with Win8 and this symptom is somewhat different.   There were no errors or anything and I don't know how this is being handled by windows 8 on a Dell - When I created the new profile the laptop spent some time "installing programs"  so I don't know if there something more I have to do to prevent these apps from coming back when I create new profiles.
Thanks in advance.

A:Dell Laptop with Windows 8 - uninstalled apps re-appear for new profiles

Welcome to BC !
Use CCleaner to remove Temporary files, program caches, cookies, logs, etc. Use the Default settings. No need to use the
Registry Cleaning Tool...risky. Pay close attention while installing and UNcheck offers of toolbars.
You may see Google Tool Bar being offered.
CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download
Run CCleaner by opening it and clicking on Run Cleaner button in the bottom right hand corner.
Then click on Tools and choose Uninstall. You can copy and paste that list of installed programs in your
next post by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner.
Now click on Startups. There you will see Windows Startups, Browser startups and Tasks. Again, post the lists of
startups for each.
Adware is often found on new computers...imagine that.
Double-click mbam-setup-2.X.X.XXXX.exe to install the application (X's are the current version number).
Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish.
Once MBAM opens, when it says Your databases are out of date, click the Fix Now button.
Click the Settings tab at the top, and then in the left column, select Detections and Protections, and if not already checked place a checkmark in the selection box for Scan for rootkits.
Click the Scan tab at the top of the program window, select Threat Scan and click the Scan Now button.
If you receive a message that updates are available, click the Update Now button (the update will be downlo... Read more

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Hey all,

So as the title says, Im unable to remove the icons from the Start menu "app" section, not a huge deal, but makes it look ugly having a whole bunch of unusable tiles there

so I followed Brink's walk-through

"Apps" Screen - Add or Remove Items in Windows 8

and still having them there and not able to be deleted..

so any ideas of what I can do?

A:Uninstalled Apps still show in Metro start menu

when you right click the icon - choose Open FIle Location - then delete the shortcut or folder from start menu
may have to do it for %user% and %allusers%

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I bought a new notebook and went into control panel, Programs, uninstall and uninstalled the online games. But when I go and show All Apps, they still show up. How do I remove them from there? If I right click on the icon of one of the games, it doesn't give me an option to delete it.

A:New Nontebook - uninstalled games, how to remove from All Apps listing

In the games app, it advertises games that are in the Store. So it's not install. Just advertised. Silly, indeed.

Edit: Looks like the Games tile is an app. Didn't know that. Thought it was a place where my games were.

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Hi there

If you wish to create easily custom desktop Icons from images captured then you can use the LAST FREE VERSION of ICOFX (It Used to be freeware - everybody seems to be trying to Monetise every possible item now -but the last FREE version is still available and the paid version doesn't really have much to offer if you just want to create ICONS).

Last Freeware version: DiskDigger, Amic Email Backup, Mystic Thumbs, IcoFX, phpDesigner, Xinorbis

@Brink - I added a question in your tutorial about How to create the ICONS for Metro apps as you used Custom ZIP one in your example -- perhaps you could delete the remark or refer to the above program which does it easily

1) For Metro simply open the tile and press PRT SCREEN before the application starts
2) Paste to ms WORD / WORDPAD (Standard comes with Windows enter WORDPAD in the Start box)
3) Use Snipping tool to select a reasonable rectangle of the ICON and save as PNG file
4) Import into the ICOFX program - Will create Icon for you
5) Save as .ICO file
6) Now ready to use in Windows.

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Anybody else got One Drive app duplicated in the all apps index ?
(current build)


A:all apps showing

Hey Roy,

It's not listed twice for me.

Did you install any other OneDrive app?

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Newly installed apps. ot appearing in program menu unable to pin apps to start menu.

This happened to me previously and I could find no solution....I eventually created a new admin profile, where newly installed apps appeared in the program menu and I could pin apps tomthe start menu feom a desktopmshortxut etc.

I copied over my video docs pictures and music folders to the new profile. Now a few months later the same thing is happening again. I have created a new admin profile and it all,works fine there. I have searched on the internet and others have the same issue, but of course anything you search for always finds someone else with the same issue...

Hopefully someone can help me with this very annoying problem

A:Newly installed apps. ot appearing in program menu unable to pin apps

actually resolved the issue....I turned on windows update and did a massive update, the start menu looks a little different, maybe a different font, pinned items can only be mace smaller or bigger, used to be an option for long ( didnt use this anyway ) but new apps now showing and pin to start menu works.....so MS fixed it, there is some advantage to updating, have backed up with true image and turned off updating, will back up again before updating next time......the update didnt like GPU-Z and temoved it plus a few other apps and turned defender back on i think.......shutup-10 sorted all this out.....

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As the post title suggests, I am having trouble with the modern apps and connectivity. It feels like half my computer will connect to the internet, and the other half won't. Desktop apps like Chrome, Steam, Outlook, iTunes etc. all connect to the internet fine, but any of the Windows apps like Xbox, Store and (most frustratingly) Settings will not connect.

In my network and sharing centre in the control panel it says 'You are not connected to any networks' - but in the system tray, and in the settings app it shows me as connected to my home wi-fi. I am on a desktop, and using a USB wireless adapter. I don't think the adapter is the problem as I have tried it on another desktop in our house on Windows 10 and it worked fine. Curiously also, when I click 'Adapter settings' in the control panel, it shows the wifi connection.

I've tried updating the drivers for the wireless adapter, both through the Windows update and adapter website but to no avail (and as I mentioned, it seems the adapter works fine elsewhere). I've updated manually to the latest Windows 10 Pro build, i've done a DNS flush, I've tried disabling firewalls and anti-virus, I've tried disabling startup apps, I've done a clean install of Windows 10 and still am unable to fix the issue.

If anyone has any ideas that might help that would be great. I'm happy to provide any more information if people need it.

Thanks very much.

A:Modern apps not connecting to internet, desktop apps work fine.

Is your DNS client service running on your system .

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.In the list of services, click DNS Client.Make sure that the Status column displays Started and that the Startup Type column displays Automatic.If the service is not set to Started or if the startup type for the DNS Client service is not set to Automatic, follow these steps:
Right-click DNS Client, and then click Properties.In the DNS Client Properties dialog box, click the General tab, and then click Automatic in the Startup type list.Click Start, click Apply, and then click OK.

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Full Article: http://androidcentral.com/why-android-malware-scares-are-almost-never-bad-they-seem

On the iPhone, everything that matters lives inside the OS. On Android, it's split between the OS and Play Services.

Google Play Services is a system-level app, which is updated in the background by Google on every Android phone going back to 2010's Gingerbread release. As well as providing APIs that let developers interact with Google services, and porting many features back to older versions of Android, Play Services has an important role in Android security.

The "Verify Apps" feature of Play Services is Google's firewall against app-based malware. It was introduced in 2012, and first enabled by default in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. At the time of writing, 92.4% of active Android devices are running version 4.2 and up, and older versions can manually enable it in the Google Settings app.

Verify Apps works similarly to a traditional PC virus scanner:
Whenever the user installs an app, Verify Apps looks for malicious code and known exploits. If they're there, the app are blocked outright ? a message is displayed saying "Installation has been blocked." In other, less suspicious cases, a warning message may be displayed instead, with the option to install anyway. (And Verify Apps can also help remove known malware that's already been installed.)

While the underlying exploit may still be there, this makes it impossible for the bad guy... Read more

A:Android Security; How Verify Apps protects you against Potentially Harmful Apps

More information about Potential Harmful Apps; Android Security.

Feb'17 Blog: Shielding you from Potentially Harmful Applications
Support: Protect against harmful apps - Accounts Help
Documentation: PDF: Potentially Harmful Apps classifications


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I've been struggling with this problem for a few days now. The problem is that I do NOT have internet access for firefox/chrome/dropbox/etc but i DO have internet access for IE and certain OS apps (like Network Troubleshooter). I've read and tried most of the typical solutions with no avail.

What I've Tried:
Safemode with Networking - same situation, I can use IE but not Firefox/Chrome/etc
Reseting Winsock (netsh winsock reset, etc) - didn't work, possibly just made matters worse?
Flushing DNS (ipconfig /flushdns, etc)
I do NOT have a special proxy, and neither firefox, nor chrome, nor IE are trying to use one
I have added exceptions in Windows Firewall, then just straight up disabled the firewall
I have Avira antivirus, but it does not contain any firewall features and no place that I can see to add any such exception
LSP-Fix.exe (I tried to fix the LSP registery, it found 1 problem from leftover Bonjour dll, and I've repaired it but its changed nothing)
I ran quick-scan on malwarebytes - found nothing
I ran checkdisk and found no errors
I have no system restore point
Also, with firefox, I hve tried it in safe-mode and created a new profile, but that hasn't changed anything. When I try to make a connection with firebug open, it says the request was "aborted"

Because native Microsoft software (IE, OS software) has no problem connecting to the internet, I'm just trying to figure out what bridge was burned between firefox/ch... Read more

A:Solved: Internet works for IE and OS apps, NOT for firefox or 3rd party apps

Ok, so literally nothing was working - I did a "Repair Install" using my windows 7 cd. It took 2 hours, but when it finished up all of my networking was working So, for those of you who are having similar issues, as a last resort I'd give that a shot. Definitely read a few articles about what is required to successfully perform a Repair Install, as you don't want anything going wrong during that process.

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I was given a Windows 8.1 tablet that once had a detachable keyboard which the guy lost. he reset the whole computer and after I got my information on it instead. After the reset, Windows was no longer activated and I had to reactivate it. which neither of us knows why, it was activated before we did a data factory reset. after I created my user, I installed a bunch of exes. now I go to try to see if I could test out the Windows Store to search for apps. but I search "Windows Store" or "app store" and several other things that may bring it up, but it always says, "no apps match your search" like if the Windows store is missing or somehow magically removed with the reset process. How do I get it back?

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recently i clicked something and it downloaded a weird file, ever since then all my apps are gone and are not showing up anywhere. They are hidden and still installed, because i see them all in the uninstall a program page in control panel. as well as afew shortcuts allow me to use apps like chrome. but other than that all my apps are hidden.

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i have installed release preview months ago...but the problem i face is...the apps like Travel, Sports, Finance say i am offline...even tho i m connected...i use a pppoe connection...

one fine day every thing worked...all the apps worked as if connected and all the news got updated...then again after reboot its till date showing i am offline...

really... if some1 can help me...

A:apps showing offline

Hi dude

I'm having a similar issue with Win 8 Pro

If I get an answer, I'll let you know

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I have a Surface pro 3 that a user bought and each app has a little X in the corner and I'm unable to open any app. Now there are 2 accounts on this Surface 1 is the default Administrator account the other is a admin account labeled "IT". All apps work under IT but not Administrator. 
Now this is while the tablet is off the domain. Soon as we put it on their domain and they login with a domain admin account the apps are unable to open including the Windows App store.
I'm not sure what to do at this point. Any tips would be appreciated. 

A:Apps on Surface pro 3 showing an X on each app

I have the exact problem. It seems as though any accounts except the initial local account can access the apps w/o a problem. I created another local account after the problem started and same X on the apps.  It started on SEVERAL Surfaces 3 on April 9.
After a recycle to factory defaults, the initial local account created before any updates works fine. Domain accounts logging on the Surface 3 before any Windows updates work fine.
I installed all the latest updates which is taking forever to see if it will affect new/existing domain accounts. IT DID!!!
Any new account local or domain after updates now has an X...
Also, now the Settings/Change PC Settings just flashes and does not do anything on any accounts (unable to reset to factory defaults). It was fine before the zigabytes worth of updates.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm superlulu from France (sorry my English)
I'm installing Windows 10 on new computer for my organization . I try to configurate one with fresh install (package of apps like Libreoffice, VLC, etc. for users) and custom desktop describes in this tutorial:

Default User Profile - Customize in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

It works fine, in audit mode I install apps, drivers, custom desktop and configure default apps like google chrome for internet browser, adobe reader for pdf files etc.

then I run the command line to enter oobe mode generalize. Everything is ok, I continue my install. Then I create new user local account. And when windows starts, I have my custom desktop but default apps are removed (Microsoft Edge replace Chrome, Pdf files are read with Edge, etc.) and Apps Windows like "Weather" or "Actualities" crash . I really don't understand what happened... i try many times for same issue...

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks a lot

A:Sysprep and default apps and windows apps crash

then I run the command line to enter oobe mode generalize. Everything is ok, I continue my install. Then I create new user local account. And when windows starts, I have my custom desktop but default apps are removed (Microsoft Edge replace Chrome, Pdf files are read with Edge, etc.)

I never tried sysprepping 10 but i have faced similar issues with 8.1. Turned out that you need to save the default app associations to an XML file using DISM (before Generalizing the image ) and later import it.

Export or Import Default Application Associations

Configure, export, import App File Associations in Windows 8.1

I have used "Setupcomplete.cmd" to auto import the app associations during the last face of install.

Add a Custom Script to Windows Setup
You may also need to disable the new app notification before generalizing the image.

New App Installed Notification - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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OK, i'd like to make it clear that i'm using the so-called "real" Administrator account that is hidden but can be activated, not a regular account with admin privelidges. At first i was trying to figure out if Metro apps can be used by this account, and it appeared that they cant, but managed to find a trick to enable it. i did it by making sure UAC is on, making sure that FilterAdministratorToken is set to a value of 1 in the Registry, and by enabling "User Account Control: Admin approval mode for the built-in Administrator account" (secpol.msc [Local Security Policy]> Local Policies> Security Options).

So i did a bit more research and toying around, only to discover that although i might have found a workaround for running most Metro apps in general, i discovered that syncing, d/l'ing of apps from the Windows Store, etc is not possible unless you're using a Microsoft account.Please note that any other account with admin privelidges can use the apps without a hitch, as well as any Standard account. So it clearly is not a limitation of just having an admin account, alone.

Also, the built-in Admin is the only kind of account that cant be converted from a local account to a MS Account, all other accounts with admin privelidges can do so. If you look in the Control Panel and try to make changes to the account, you will find that the option isnt available, whereas with other accounts it is. This brings about the issue of not being able to sync or d/l... Read more

A:Use Metro Apps As Admin AND Be Able To Sync, d/l Store apps, etc???

Hello Stephen, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Setting that security policy below to be enabled will basically just turn the built-in elevated "Administrator" account into an unelevated administator account that requires UAC approval to open or run anything that requires elevated rights to do so.

This would be why you are able to open the Store afterwards, but you would still need to sign into the Store with any Microsoft account to be able to install any "Metro" Store apps.
Windows Store - Sign in with Different Microsoft Account in Windows 8

You still will not be able to switch the built-in "Administrator" to be a Microsoft account. It can only remain as a local account.

Hope this helps,

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Does anyone know how to clear out deleted Windows Store apps from the computer? When you go into the Windows Store and right click and choose 'your apps' the selection 'apps not istalled on this pc' still shows apps that I have deleted. I only installed on one device (unless they auto-install to the xbox360 also?). I cannot see how to clear out previously deleted apps. See attached pic to see what I am talking about.


A:Clear Deleted Store Apps (ie apps not istalled on this pc)

hope its not too soon to rebump...not critical but I want to figure this out...thx!

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i do prefer a local account
but when i try to install new apps from app store
w8.1 asks me to switch to a microsoft account

can i install apps with a local account?
and how can i understand if i have a local account or microsoft account


A:can i install apps from apps store with a local account?

See the screenshot below for selection you have to make for not to convert your local account to a Microsoft Account:

Windows Store - Sign in with Different Microsoft Account in Windows 8

Screenshot from tutorial Skype App - Use with Local Account in Windows 8.

You of course need an email address (Microsoft Account) but it will only be used for the app in question (Windows Store is also just an app), so in the next dialog either give an existing Microsoft Account credentials or select Sign up for a Microsoft account to create a new one to be used with Store app:

Your Windows sign in account will remain local, it will not be converted to a Microsoft Account.


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Ok so I am trying to figure this out. We have the store disabled through group policy, but would like to give access or deploy a store app to a certain set of users. Is there a way to do this through group policy or just by doing a few steps? Ive been searching around but I cant find anything. Any help would be great, thanks!

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Having lots of problems after Anniversary Update...can someone help with these two following issues as listed in attached pdf:

Required applications are not installed correctly.



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Don't know what you call the screen that shows up when you do a left click on the Windows icon on the main screen and a large box opens up with a bunch of little boxes of apps/programs that I have set up and use for quick access.
Anyway, the programs and the names are there that open the programs but the icons that used to be there associated with the programs are all gone.
How can I get them back?

A:most used apps icons

Try this: Icon Cache - Rebuild in Windows 10

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What i mean is when i move the mouse cursor over an app window in taskbar if it's a game in the passed i saw the game running/playing in the small window of the app or if it's a program. Now i need to click on it and enter to it to see what is going on with it.

Now the problem is only with battlefield bad company 2 when the game is running in the background instead clicking on it's icon to enter it and see what is going i want that when i move the mouse cursor over it it should show me in the small window the game. But instead i see only white small window.

A:Why apps in taskbar not showing preview ?

Hello @Chocolade, open control panel go to system, then advanced system settings. Click on the settings tab under performance, and make sure animations in the taskbar is checked.

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Hi everyone,

I recently downloaded the google app from the windows store. I would like to pin it to start, but strangely it doesn't show up in the all apps menu. The only way that I have found to open it is by searching for it in the store and opening it from there. When I do open it from the store, it doesn't show up in my task bar. Also when I open it, it doesn't show when I swipe from the left edge on my surface pro 4. I am also unable to uninstall and reinstall since the I cant do so from the windows store and I am unable to find the app anywhere else.

Am I missing something or does anyone have any advice? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

A:App from windows store not showing in all apps?

A google app from Windows store ?
Would you please tell us the name of the app ?

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Hi I noticed when I go into store and look at game apps or entertainment apps from my machine and look on a friends laptop or another machine the apps are not the same I seem to have older apps just like my machine is not getting all new releases? How could that be and is there a fix? Thks

A:Store not showing same apps on different computers?

what is your machine? Is it a Samsung laptop? A HP desktop? A Kenmore dishwasher?

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Ok, so basically i downloaded Netflix to my laptop. Then I went to put a shortcut on my desktop but it wasn't under "All Apps" I went to go uninstall it but I couldn't since it wasn't in the list. It is accessible if i go into the windows store and open it from there. But other than that it doesnt show up when i search for it and it isnt in programs and features. I dont think the problem is specifically with netflix.

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I have windows 8 installed for just over a week now. Everything seems to work just fine untill today i found something that rather annoys me.

When in the start/metro menu you right click on the bottom right corner you will have the 'all apps' option. When i clicked on it a few days ago you go to see a list of all your installed apps, like it supposed to. But now when i click on it i just get a blank (in my case) green screen with nothing on it. Pressing the windows key will get me back at start.

Also when searching for apps (windows key+q) it seems like the searching freezes and crashes sending me back to the original start screen. Does anyone have the same problem and maybe a solution? I have the same problem on my laptop where i installed the same windows 8

I've tried searching for it here, but wasn't able to find anything like it. I'm using the 32 bit version of Windows 8 pro.

A:All Apps screen not showing anymore

Have you run sfc?

Open an elevated command prompt and type sfc /scannow

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Does missing icons of apps disappearing due to connectivity issues? They often appear again after about ten minutes from start up.
Using a HTC desire HD with froyo software/android

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Hi everyone,

I have an issue with some icons in windows 10, some of them are not being displayed by windows.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:Missing icons in some apps

Are the icons only problematic in the start menu or is the same problem for these particular icons showing on the executable on your C: drive? I'm not in front of my Windows 10 machine right now but if memory serves correctly you can right click these short cuts and select 'more' and then 'open file location'. I wonder how the icons look in here. If they are wrong try right clicking and properties and see if you can change the icon from there.

If the icons look ok in file explorer you could also try to pin the short cuts to the start menu again.

It could also be a problem with the icon cache. One of the more educated gurus might be able to advise better but I believe the default icon cache is set very low by Microsoft. A meagre 500 kb - God knows why so low in this day and age. Sometimes if the upper limit of this is reached it can cause icon corruption. There is a registry edit that can increase the icon cache to more acceptable level. Hopefully someone can back up my ascertion and knows the correct registry path.

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In All Apps, Files&Folders and Network Speed Test icons show blank whereas its tiles work properly Pls help asap
Attachment 25092

A:Blank icons in 2 apps

Duplicate post. See here: Blank icon in 2 apps

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I upgraded from Windows 7 to 8. I see no icons (no apps pointers) on the All Apps page. Can anyone help me please to re-store the icons? Everything else seems to work.
Thanks for any help,

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I have a Windows 8.1 x64 and for some time (I guess after the Update 1) my apps have no icon in the taskbar
as you can see from the picture the exe files missing icons too and notifications are not working as well
removing and installing again didn't help and some of these apps i installed recently
any help would be appreciated

A:All Apps missing Icons

no answers huh?
guess i'll have to reinstall windows

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4500 @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3034 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)
Hard Drives: C: 283 GB (188 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0N7J7M
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Yesterday I ran the "Recovery and reset " programme on my laptop, after the programme ran and Windows was re-installed a list of apps had been removed, all of the desk top icons have been altered .... the web site name still remains, but the icons are all now what I presume are in default mode. The Dell Dock is missing and clicking on the icon I get a notification that the path does not exist ?. I think that I have really goofed this time !, is there a way to restore the apps and icons ?.
Thank you

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