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Any way to delete either "My Pictures" or "Pictures" folder in Win 7?

Q: Any way to delete either "My Pictures" or "Pictures" folder in Win 7?

The frustration has been for more than 2 years now. I tried to move the photo folders & files from "My Pictures" to "Pictures" but Window's geniouses did not give us that option. I do not need to click to "My Pictures" since they are ALL MY pictures. So are we stuck with this decision or is there a way which I can get rid of 1 of the folders? Same with "Documents" & "Videos".

Preferred Solution: Any way to delete either "My Pictures" or "Pictures" folder in Win 7?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Any way to delete either "My Pictures" or "Pictures" folder in Win 7?

Try the reverse. Move the files from Pictures into My pictures, and if you can, then delete the Pictures folder. Then rename the My Pictures folder to Pictures.

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Howdy everybody! I have a new XPS 8910 with Windows 10.  When I hit the Windows & Print Screen keys, it is supposed to generate a picture of my Desktop into a Folder, within Pictures, labelled “Screenshots.” But there is no such "ScreenShots" folder there! What should I do? If I simply create a new folder, and label it “Screenshots,” will do that do the trick? Or is there a more complicated fix? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:No "ScreenShots" Folder in Pictures To Hold " Print Screen" Images!

Is it just saving the screenshots somewhere else or is it just not taking screenshots at all? Don't know about your specific system, but on my Win 10 lappy, the screen blinks (dims) when the screenshot is taken.  
Did you look in all the subfolders in Pictures to see if Screenshots folder is buried in one of them?
Win 10 also has a Snipping Tool which will allow you to put a box around the part of the screen you want to capture and then you can save it wherever you want. Maybe that's easier, and you can pin the Snipping Tool to the Start menu so it's easy to find.

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I have a problem with one of my vista accounts' picture folder. When saving to "my pictures", I went back to my "user" folder to find the pictures folder... but the picture I saved was actually saved to what appears to be a 'false' recycle bin; Only, this 'recycle bin' does not behave like the actual recycle bin, since I can browse and even open photos from within it, and it also does not have the "restore" option... When I try to change the name of the "recycle bin" folder to "pictures" (from the properties window) it says that there is already a folder with the name 'pictures', but then refers to the same 'recycle bin' with my photos. How could this have happened? How do we get the folder to return to the normal "pictures" appearance? It's as if part of the software thinks that it's the pictures folder, and part thinks it's (somehow??) the recycle bin (based on its appearance). Thank you.

A:Pictures folder appears to be "recycle bin" but still behaves like "pictures" folder.

Hello Jsprong, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This should be able to help restore this folder for you.
Backup anything that you do not want to lose in these two folders to another location.Use OPTION THREE in this tutorial to make sure that the "Pictures" folder is set to it's default location of "C:\Users\(user-name)\Pictures".Delete both folders.Restart the computer to apply. It may take a couple of restarts before the Pictures folder is back in it's default location.If for some reason the icon is not correct for it, then you can use this tutorial to fix it.Hope this helps,

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Is there any way to delete these system folders.

I don't use them, and I never will. If I delete them though, they are simply re-created.


A:Delete "Camera Roll" & "Saved Pictures" - Win 10

Why do you feel the need to delete them? Just ignore them as deleting system folders can be problematic although it seems win 10 has a way of defeating the deleters!

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Im looking for a way to re-create two folders, 1 my pictures, 2 my video. ive tried TweakUI, but that can only move a path. I tried repair (not Repair console) with XP SP2 CD, and ended up with a chose OS screen (which i found out can be avoided with msconfig.) but still regedit has a big whole where my pictues and my video should be. Ive both a SATA and an IDE drive, IDE is used as storage and SATA is partitioned and computer management say Extended partition, with boot on it and system is on the IDE one.
Before it got messed up i had my documents on the ohter partition, which is how i want it.
I would greatfull of some help and a detailed fix, i will fomat but even that is hard as that is part of how it all become so mixed up.

A:Missing Shell Folder for "My Pictures" + "My Video"

Vince, Tweak UI has that ability under the Repair section. Just use the drop down arrow button and choose My Videos and My Pictures one at a time, click the Repair Now button, click Apply/OK.


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OK, this is a weird one.

I wanted to move the "My Music", "My Pictures", "My Videos" folders to another HDD. I moved the "My Documents" Folder to this HDD without a problem but the others I accidentally set the whole HDD as the folder (if that makes sense). So now the music, videos and pictures folders are set to this HDD and dont have an actual folder to change the properties of. Therein lies my dilema.

If anyone can offer any advice on this curly issue it would be greatly appreciated.


A:Remaking "My Music", "My Pictures", "My Videos" folders

Quote: Originally Posted by Legume


OK, this is a weird one.

I wanted to move the "My Music", "My Pictures", "My Videos" folders to another HDD. I moved the "My Documents" Folder to this HDD without a problem but the others I accidentally set the whole HDD as the folder (if that makes sense). So now the music, videos and pictures folders are set to this HDD and dont have an actual folder to change the properties of. Therein lies my dilema.

If anyone can offer any advice on this curly issue it would be greatly appreciated.


You have a backup from before the problem started? a win 7 dvd to do a repair install?

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This could be one for the books,

Last night when I went to look at the Pictures folder in My Documents there was a folder of pictures and six other pictures in my folder that no one, not me, nor anyone else downloaded to the computer. All of them are JPG files and we have friends who have e-mailed pictures to us.

However, in my fifteen years of computer experience I know that I would personally have to download those photos to mu computer in order for them to be viewed. A family member has posted unrelated pictures on E-bay. We are trying to think and there were no e-mails opened, no photos looked at, nothing between the time that this happened, (Last Night.) Because a family friend who is into photography sent nature pictures through E-Mail, I just assumed it was from him and said, "Oh, I put those pictures that you downloaded last night in a folder, and the other computer user in my family said, "What pictures?"

I don't use Photo Sharing of any kind, My Avast Anti-Virus log shows now threats. All of the pictures are OLD. BUT here is the interesting thing, of the photo specs of them so far that I can see, they were taken by a person who has the SAME type of camera that we use on this computer. BUT we just got the camera last year and no one else has used it. The dates on those pictures go back from 2000-2003.

There is no evidence of anyone using any photo sharing application software. The computer runs as well as as ever. Any ideas?


A:Mysterious Pictures Showed Up in My "My Pictures" Folder

Do a search by date for the dates a day before and a day after the picture date. Maybe those ppictures were attached to some album or video show viewed recently and automaticly posted to MY PICTURED folder. Or perhaps the person who did email you mistakenly included some pictures, maybe even by forwarding an olld email from the picture taker.

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Many of my folders including c:\ and Windows as well as documents show up as Pictures and videos in the explorer window.

While most other folders views can be customized to show as All Items, Documents, Pictures etc. The customize option is not available for C: or c:\windows. (Using the properties pane)

The top headers for the view are name, date taken, tags, size. I have tried to change the view by selecting the right columns but it gets reset.

How do I change the view properties of the c drive or the system directories.


A:C drive contents displayed as "pictures and videos" instead of as "all items."

What version of Windows are you running?

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Hey everyone,
        I am trying to get the REST queries to work with the sharepoint end points instead of graph end points. I first created an app with relevant permissions and have given it the admin consent. Then I am hitting the https://login.microsoftonline.com/<tenant>.onmicrosoft.com/oauth2/token?Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded end
point with https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com as resource. I am then using the access token retrieved to give the rest call to https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/_api/v2.0/drives/b!3indYSbqZ0-hVSPnCgIZy-2xDMh7jH9AuQnEzJMc6TEfQoSJvJT-R6tT0lFBQiPr/root/delta
but it is failing with "error":{"code":"generalException","message":"General exception while processing"}}. The REST response code is 401 Unauthorized. I have filed a Microsoft support ticket but they
have asked me to post on these forms. Can someone please help me with this? I am not able to move forward because the error is pretty generic and doesn't give any additional details.
Sai Kiran Katuri.

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I randomly lost all my pictures in my "My Pictures" Folder I don't understand why and what would the best way to go about fixing it. I have done data recovery before but I'm not sure other things may have been lost as well.

A:Lost all my pictures in my "My Pictures" Folder

Is it related to this?

How do I dual boot a computer with two versions of Windows

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Does anyone know how to stop XP from automatically creating these two folders each time I reboot, or at least creating them somewhere other than my documents? The pc is on my LAN at work.


A:Preventing autocreation of "My ebooks" and "My Pictures"

Here's a possible fix, but it entails tweaking the registry. http://www.graphixanstuff.com/Forum/index.php?showtopic=2572

My understanding is that the folders keep getting recreated (after deletion) by _other_ software when it's installed; I assume something like Photoshop would have language referencing the My Pictures folder, for example.

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Dear Forum,

I downloaded a number of images in the Pictures section of File Explorer, unaware they were simultaneously being downloaded to the Photos section as well. I chose delete all the pictures in the Picture section, but the same picture remain in the Photo section of the Start menu. So, I am trying to delete them all there as well.

Two questions:

1.) How do I ensure that, in the future, things I choose to download-like these images-don't wind up in my desktop in more than one place at a time?

2.) When I went to the Photos section, I was able to select individual images and delete them, but I can't seem to find a "Select All" option in the Photos app so I can get rid of all of them at once. Too many to do, individually. On the left side I see option in a column like, Unpin from Start, Resize >, Turn Live Tiles On, and Pin to Task Bar. On the right side across the bar, are icons for: Refresh, Select, and See More. I've tried them all, but I can't find anything like a "Select All" option. When I hit the Select button, little squares appear on the upper right hand corner of each photograph, but I still need to insert a check for each image, individually. Can't seem to check them all at once. So, what do I do here, also?


A:Questions about Win 10 "Pictures" and "Photos" application

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A friend's computer... total nightmare... she doesn't know much about computers, and it seems thoroughly messed up. Tried installing Windows Defender, and it couldn't find her "My Pictures" folder so it didn't install. So I looked under her My Documents folder. It's missing the My Pictures and My Music folders. Plus, the other folders that are there, such as My Videos, etc., their icons are not special, they look like ordinary folders.

Her computer's "Shared Documents" section looks fine, with all the usual folders with special icons, etc.

Any thoughts?
Computer: HP Pavilion dv1000

A:"My Pictures" and "My Music" folders are missing

Try a system restore to an earlier date before the problem started.

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I have a folder I named "Latest Pictures" in my extra (non-OS) SSD drive. Confusingly, in some places it is just called "Pictures". I cannot recall its history, so it may have begun as that name. Since it is on a drive that was empty when I got the PC I am assuming it is not a system folder. (I don't actually have a "Pictures" folder on my C:\ drive either.)

Folder shows correct name on left pane of Windows Explorer, however, if I look at Properties for one of its sub-folders the path is like, "D:\Pictures". Similarly, in Adobe Lightroom, the folder is simply called "Pictures". I thought of reinstalling it until I noticed that Windows has the anomaly.

(Note that this folder is not part of a library but I suspect it once was.)

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


A:Folder name "Pictures" varies in different parts of Windows Explorer

It sounds like the pictures folder from your C was once moved to that D drive. Look into Properties > Location tab whether you can move it back to default.

Also - if you could post a picture of the Properties of the picture Library, that would help understand what's going on. Example below:

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When I reinstalled Windows recently I decided to move my user data folders to my D drive since C drive is a new SSD - I did this by using the location tab in the properties dialog.

Now, when I click the start menu and click on my username to open my home folder, it displays all my data folders, EXCEPT My Music, My Videos and My Pictures. (of course, if I navigate to C:\users\...... only Appdata is there since everything was moved to D:\users\......) So I go to where the folders are stored, on D drive, and they are all there, but when I go to properties for these three folders, the "location" tab is not there.

Furthermore, I remember the default save location for MS Paint is the pictures folder, however now its default location is My Documents. Same thing applies to Windows Live Movie Maker (default should be Videos but it's defaulting to Documents). I think this is related to the problem I described above.

Also, when I click on the Pictures library (or the videos, or music library) it says there is no folder included, so I had to manually include the right folder from the D drive.

The attached screenshot sums it all up. Of course, when I saved it, I just saved it in the default directory for Paint, which happened to be... MY DOCUMENTS.

A:"My Pictures/Videos/Music" missing from home folder

Hello Marcus,

See if you may be able to use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to restore those user folders back to their default location on C. User Folders - Restore Default Location
Afterwards, you could use what's recommended in the yellow Tip box at the top of the tutorial above, or try moving them back to D to see how they work afterwards. User Folders - Change Default Location
Hope this helps,

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How-to Fix This Problem ? Thumbnail Is No Response When I Save Pictures Into That Folder

Example Few Minute Ago I Save One Picture But Folder Used Old Pitures Thumbnail

A:My Folder Thumbnail In "My Pictures" Not Recent Saved Images


Lets just make sure it is set up properly. Go to the the pictures library and right click on the folder. Now click on "Open Folder Location". Go to the customise tab on the far right. Make sure the drop down menu is set to pictures. Then click restore default under the folder pictures heading.


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Only yesterday I found out that most of the photos in my laptop were missing from the "my pictures" location. Like each of the folder contained almost 50-60 pics and now each of them have only 1 or 2 showing. Am not sure what has gone wrong, but the last modified date shows 1/04/2012, but i havint touched those folders on that day. I used picasa to pull out all teh pics on the system and it matchs the ones present on the folder. I am really concerned that i mite hav lost everything, and i dont hav back of all the pictures. Can a recovery restore all of it ? I am sure I did not delete them.

Any help will be appreciated


A:Unable to find pictures in "my picture" folder

Depends on what actually happened to them. If they were deleted, and as you have been using the PC for months without noticing, they have likely already been overwritten. You can try data recovery software and see what is found.

In any case, this should be an eye opener that you should have at LEAST one copy of any important data. Preferably multiple copies, with a copy kept offsite. For example, if the PC and copies are stored in a single location, and that location is destroyed...all of the data is gone.

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When I look at my Public folder on Windows Vista using the Windows Explorer utility, the files there show up only in Pictures view. I.e., most annoyingly, there is no column showing when the files were modified. There is only a "Date Taken" column, which applies only to photos.

Is it possible to change the view, and if so, how? The files I'm talking about are not in any of the prenamed folders in the Public folder (Public Pictures, Public Videos, etc.); they are just in the folder.



A:Eliminate "Pictures" view for Public folder?

Hello Jacqui, and welcome to Vista Forums.

If you just wanted to change the folder view for that specific folder, then you could click on View (menu bar) and Details to have columns as you have. If you just wanted to add another column (ex: Date modifed), then you could use the tutorial below for how to do so.
Column - CustomizeIf you would prefer to just have the same folder template for this specific folder like normal files, then the tutorial below can help show you how to change the folder's template to All items.
Windows Explorer - Folder Type Templates
Hope this helps,

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Hi there, I am really hoping someone from this forum can help me out. This I hear is one the best places to obtain help. I just about tried everything I can, and its just not working. Here is my issue...

Somehow, my "Pictures" folder, the whole thing, not just the contents got moved to the Music section. I guess I accidently dragged it there or something. I noticed it, wondered it something was wrong. So, I clicked on the start orb and clicked on my pictures. It was still there. So, I deleted the folder that was in my music section and now the whole pictures folder is gone. I tried the "shell:mypictures, but here's the thing... it seems it creating the folder on my DESKTOP. I do NOT want it there. When I delete the folder from my desktop, this is the message it gives me:

I am kinda freaking out right now. I don't know what to do. I really hope one of you can help me!


A:Vista "Pictures" Folder Problem [Help NEEDED!]

Mmm, this is pretty strange, but I don't get the thing you are trying to do.

What is your objective?

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Hello everyone,

I recently installed a new SSD to run my OS and formatted my HDD to use as storage. While I was trying to follow a guide to relocate the My Photos, My Documents, etc. folders to the HDD, I accidentally assigned the My Pictures folder to the entire E: drive. Is there any way to restore it back to the SSD so I can properly move it? When I right click the E: drive and go to properties-->location-->restore default, it shows its original location is in my Users file on my C: drive, but it does not allow me to restore it to the default location, giving me the error "Failed to build the list of regular subdirectories under E:\System Volume Information. Access denied."

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:Lost "My Pictures" Folder While Relocating to New Drive

You did not lose it. It just got misplaced.

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I put some pictures from my digital camera into a folder in My Pictures. I put two seperate folders in there the same day (in August). Today I went to My Pictures and clicked on one of the folders and it is saying "No Preview Available". So I went to the other folder and all my pics are there. I view my folders with thumbnails and the folder that is missing pics still show the small thumbnails on them but when i open it they are not there. I am using Windows XP. These are pics that are very dear to me and I would love to hear if anyone has had this happen before and where I may can find these again.

A:Solved: "No preview available" in My Pictures folder

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Within my, "My Pictures" folder I have a great many sub folders containing thousands of pictures. In all but a couple of folders is the option to view as a filmstrip (which I prefer).
However there is a folder (within "My Pictures") that I'm using now that doesn't have that option!
Does anyone know why, not all folders in "MY PICTURES", has the option for filmstrip?

A:Filmstrip issue within "My Pictures" folder

You can set folders to store diffrent kinds of files in diffrent manners e.g for music, photos, documents and videos.

If you right click the folder you want to filmstrip it should bring up a window with three tabs, click the tab which says customize, click the folder template bit which should be near the top of the window and change it from documents to either 'pictures' or 'photo album'.

Also if you want all the folders in the pictures folder to be the same click the 'apply template to all sub folders'

That should have sorted it but pm me or reply if not.

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Dell xps, windows xp
recenlty logged into windows under my username. no desktop icons, could access limited start menu functions via drop down menu. restarted, same thing. Under my pictures (I have about 200GB of digital family pictures etc), there was NOTHING. Not a single file. I didn't panic as a have an external hard drive and online digital picture backup. started system restore to restore computer from 1 week earlier.
successful. Icons back digital pictures back......however, now when I click on the MY PICTURES folder it opens with all the pictures there but it is like there is a hazy cloudy onlay over them. You can still make out what the pictures are but very difficult to see easily. I can click on a specific folder and look at them in film strip view but the filmstrip pictures are cloudy as well until I click on an individual picture. then it pops up clear as a bell. Just very frustrating that I can't look at the pictures clearly until clicking on them individually.
I did another system restore to go back even earlier and still the same problem.

Any suggestions or setting changes would be very much appreciated.


A:windows xp "my pictures" folder issues

I would start with checking for malware.
Then run a program branded by your hard drive manufacturer to check your hard drive for failing.

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My problem is that "My Pictures" folder is displaying the name of another user (example: "Celia's Pictures" instead of "My Pictures") even though this user (Celia) does not exists in my computer.

Everything started when I copied the "Celia's Pictures" folder from an external hard disk instead of copying the content of "Celia's Pictures" folder. After finishing the copy operation I realized that my "My Pictures" folder was renamed as "Celia's Pictures" too, so at time I had two folders with the same name (Celia's Pictures).

I copied all the content to the folder that used to be "My Pictures" folders (now named as "Celia's Pictures") and deleted the recently copied "Celia's Pictures" folder but my old "My Pictures" folder is still named as Celia's Pictures.

I have tried the following and nothing works:

(1) If I try to rename the folder by right clicking the folder and selecting the Rename option, it allows me to rename the folder as "My Pictures" but as soon as I press ENTER it is renamed again as "Celia's Pictures". No error is displayed.

(2) If I try to rename the folder by right clicking the folder and selecting the Properties option, it gives me the following error: "Can not rename My Pictures: The source and destination file names are the same".

(3) I ran the following line command to try to restore the Desktop.... Read more

A:"My Pictures" folder is displaying another user name

Go to run, type "regedit" and edit the registry. Search for "celia" or whatever the username is and u will find a "@shell32.dll,xxxx" double click on it and change "celia" to "My" and you are ok.

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I accidentally deleted the entire My Pictures folder from my library. How do I get it back? I was trying to delete an album and it deleted the entire library of pictures. My photos are still in the Windows 8 library just not the My folders library. Any help will be appreciated!

A:I deleted the "My Pictures" folder from my library

Hello jbcarrere. Welcome to Eight Forums.

Open the recycle bin and select what you want to restore if you can.
(assuming they are still there)

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I've copied pictures from "My Pictures" with Windows XP to a CD that opens fine on my XP system. When I open up the same CD on my Vista laptop, while the properties shows the appropriate used volume of the disk, the folder shows "Folder Empty" when trying to view contents. I created several CD's of pictures following the same copy procedure and they all work fine but for some reason this folder always reads "Folder Empty"
Weird huh?
Any Ideas?

Frankie 1
Learning as I go!

A:"Folder Empty" with Vista from XP My Pictures

When you say copied, did you finalise the CD or leave it open.

Sometimes leaving it open (which I think is dangerous) only allows the CD to be viewed on the original machine.

Do ANY of the CD's you've made work on your Vista machine?


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When I logged on yesterday morning it was fine... some 15 folders and over 6000 pictures. When I logged back on yesterday afternoon everything was gone. I've tried looking in the Recycle Bin, searching by individual folder and file name but to no avail. Everything seems to be gone. This morning I ran Spybot and it identified and removed something called "PurityScan." Would this have deleted my PICTURES folder? Is there any way they can be recovered? I'm running Windows XP and have RoadRunner. Thanks. Winelvr

A:My "MY PICTURES" folder and it's contents have been deleted

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Using WindowsXP - trying to delete photos in my pictures. Whenever I hit "delete" for the selected pictures, another copy of those pics is made and placed in the my pictures file. What causes this? How can I prevent this from happening?

A:can not delete pics in "my pictures"

Try this solution below that I found elsewhere ....

...highlighted the file to be deleted.. For example, when you quickly highlight multiple files to delete, if you accidentally "drag" the mouse a little too much, it creates a copy of every file that was previously highlighted and saves it to the same folder.

First, try deleting a single file by RIGHT clicking on the file, choose "Delete".. If no extra copy is made of that file, then nothing is wrong except your technique of highlighting files.

There are other ways to highlight multiple files.. For example, if you got a bunch of files all in order, click on the first file to highlight it, then hold down the "Shift" key, then click once on the last file in the list.. All files in between will be highlighted. You can then click on "File" in the upper left corner, then select "Delete" from the menu items.

Or, if you want to remove a large number of files from a folder, open the folder, click on "Edit" in the upper left, select "Select All".. All of the files will be highlighted in the folder, ready for deletion.. To eliminate those files you still want to keep, hold down the "Ctrl" key, then click once on each file you want to save in the folder.. When you're ready to delete all the files that remain highlighted, click on "File", select "Delete".

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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I have such a mess going I am making another post to avoid confusion ( mostly in me ) I will try to explain.

I have a ssd for the os and then a hd for "D" storage,

Lets say my user name is "Harry" and I wanted to move some user/harry folders to the "D" drive,
I wanted to place the moved user folders into a folder of their own so I made in "D" a folder lets say I called "Dobby".

What I now thought I did was go to harry down to "my pictures" right click it then clicked properties,
then clicked location then clicked move, I then found "D" and found the "Dobby" folder in "D" clicked on "Dobby" and then select folder, I then click it to move and all files,

Now I have a two part problem.
"Dobby" folder is gone from "D" replaced with a second folder called "my pictures".
"my pictures" folder is gone from the user/harry folders list, how do I get it back?
Next problem,
When I go into "D" I have two "my pictures" folders one empty and when I click properties on it and look at the sharing tab it's name is "my pictures".

When I click properties on the other folder named "my pictures" in "D" and go to the shared tab it's name is "Dobby"?

So how do I get "my pictures" folder back in the list on user/harry?
Why did the "dobby" folder rename itself as "my ... Read more

A:missing "my pictures" folder in users, folder renamed itself

dobby folder on D drive contains a hidden file disktop.ini. Thats why it behaves as "my prictures". Please listen carefully and do just what i tell you!

folder is gone from the user/harry folders list. =>You mean C:\users\Harry doesn't have folder "my pictures" anymore?

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Hey I have abit of an odd problem.. Don't know if anyone can help me, but bare with me on this it's hard to explain ..

Anyway, In Vista's start menu, I redirected the "Pictures" folder to my user folder "Matthew".. Clicked okay and blah blah blah didn't think twice about it, until I tried to redirect it again. Now I get the error message "cannot redirect descendant to parent". I saw a tutorial for this but my issue has a hidden detail..

When I click onto my Local Disk, drive C in "My Computer", go to "Users" then "Matthew" all is fine.. But then in my start menu when I click the newly redirected Pictures folder that now is Matthew, it contains all the files is should, PLUS a copy of "Matthew" again.. So on the top of the window it say "Users>Matthew>Matthew" yet when I go through "C>Users>Matthew" there is not second Matthew file, IT ONLY APPEARS WHEN I GO THROUGH THE START MENU.. Also, when I click "properties" on the first Matthew file, it says its size is 2.73gb, yet none of the files it contains even amount to 500mb..

So, can anyone help me?

A:"My Pictures" folder issue..

Hello Matthew, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Could you take a screenshot of the registry location like it is under step of the manual OPTION THREE in this tutorial? I'll take a look at it to see if I can spot what may be wrong with the locations that are set for the folders in the registry.

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I recently set up a new PC which has a new install of Windows 7.

I have entirely new hard drives, so I have been using a hard drive port to copy data from my old PC hard drives.

I dumped all my data in Storage (E: ) and was thinking about where to store all my pictures, etc. Obviously the default in Windows (C: ) Users [My name]

... and all the folders are in there, including My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, My Music, etc.

I wanted to transfer all these root folders to E drive so as not to fill up C with files. I figured I would move the folders before copying all my old data into them.

I started with "My Pictures" folder. I moved by right clicking, selecting location, and trying to move to E.

However, this did not move the folder as anticipated, it simply moved the directory there along with some of the few recent pictures I had saved in the folder. Everything simply arrived in E with no actual folder.

Now the original folder has disappeared from C, and I cannot find a way to restore it.

How do I restore this folder, and how do I go about moving these foldes to the desired drive?

I've tried restoring defaults, unlinking the folder from E in the hope it would reappear in C, and making sure hidden folders are visible, but nothing has worked so far.

Thank you

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I'm having trouble with the My Pictures folder in Windows 7 (Ultimate 64). I tried to move the default "My Pictures" folder (which was in my user folder) into "My Documents," but now it doesn't show up anywhere - not under "my documents"
nor under my user folder. I'm able to create a new folder in my user folder with the name "my pictures," but i don't believe it's a shell folder. If I try to create a "my pictures" folder in "my documents," it says there already
exists a folder with that name in that location - but there's not (or, at least, I can't see it)!
All I want is to have a "my pictures" folder within "my documents!" Can anyone help?

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I have completely deleted the My Pictures folder (C:\Users\Me\Pictures), and I cannot restore this "special" user folder.

How can I?

A:Deleted "My Pictures" folder

Hello Hatter the Mad, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If it's still in the Recycle Bin, then you can just restore it from the Recyle Bin. If not, then you can type shell:My Pictures in the Start Menu search box to restore it. You may need to restart the computer afterwards to full apply.

Hope this helps,

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I have tagged a bunch of pics (I actually meant to make them files in the gallery, but couldn't figure out so I tagged them instead.
So, now I have a list of tagged galleries, along with the original pics in the picture folder at the top of the box.
I also seem to have gotten a group of pic files in the folders file towards the bottom of that box which are also dupes.
So now I have 3 sets of my pictures in different places in Windows Photo Gallery.
I'd like to delete 2 of the sets and just keep the tagged set if possible.
Seems when I delete the pics from the pictures files, it deletes all my pics.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

A:Can I remove "pictures" folder?

Unless it says 'copy of filename' then it likely isn't a duplicate. There is actually more than one way to get to the same files in 'My Documents'.

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Ok, now i've seen everything.

I can't name a folder "My Pictures" in my documents.

Any attempt to do so, and I get a nice little popup telling me the folder will be moved somewhere else.

Why on earth would Microsoft have a problem with this?

And sure, I can name the folder Microsoft is Stupid, or something, but why have to rename it at all?

A:Can't name a folder in my document "My Pictures"???!

Yes, I get this message. How about My Pictures 001 ?

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Hi guys

Lately I've been having problems whit my laptop, every time I try to open the folder containing all my pictures the CPU runs at 100% and my machine freezes up.

This only happens if I try to acces this particular folder.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Best regards


hp pavilion ze4400,windows xp sp2,mobile AMD athlon XP 2200+446MB RAM,RADEON IGP 320M
Kerio firewall(free version)
Avast AV
Ad-Aware Se personal, Spybot(search and destroy), Microsoft Antispyware, Spywareblaster.
Ewido(security suit), a-squared, Bazzoka, CWshredder,CCleaner.

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My primary PC has been my primary storage device for years. I have nearly 500 Gigs worth of music, photos and documents that I want to move out to a central storage device, so I bought a 2TB NAS.

My wife has a laptop, smart phone and tablet. The phone and tablet are used to take large amounts of pictures with, and she wants to be able to see all of these pictures, no matter what device she is using. Yes she drives me crazy with this, but after nearly 30 years of marriage, I guess I've learn how to deal with it.

So, my solution is to put up a NAS device, put all of the photos out there, then she can access them from anywhere with any device she has.

For her laptop, what I want to do is to have her "My Pictures" be the public share on the NAS device. I know this can be done, because this is how my company has the employee "My Documents" setup. Whenever I go to the My Docs on my work computer, I am actually on a SAN slice. I want to do the same in my environment. I thought that I knew how to set it up, but I am wrong and I don't know how.

Whenever I try to add in the NAS share to the library, I get "This network location can't be included because it is not indexed". But I don't know how to index this location.

According to the instructions, this location can be included as long is it is part of my "Homegroup", which it is, and marked "Available offline". However, I don't have that option when I right click on ... Read more

A:How to get "My Docs" and "My Pictures" from a NAS share

Well, I think that I figured out my own problem. The bottom of the page that I was reading wasn't displayed, so, after I scrolled all the way down, I noticed this:


If you don't see the Always available offline command, you might be using an edition of Windows 7 that doesn't support offline files.
I have Windows Home Premium, but apparently it doesn't support offline content.



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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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Hi all, I am helping someone transfer their pictures and documents to another comp. I am using a 4GB Flash drive and I have all the documents from both log-ons...which are small files. The" my pictures: file has a lot of pic. albums. The status bar at the bottom of the screen says it is 264MB in size. I assumed that included all the albums. I set up a "new folder' to help organize things. So I copied and pasted the "my pictures" file into the new folder. It took about 15 min. and when it was done and I clicked properties it said the file was 10GB. That can't be right or is it? Thats bigger than some hard drives. I know the comp. should'nt lie but can that be right for just still pictures. ........COMP. is a Dell Dimention 745 256MB RAM...2.2GHZ Proc. Windows XP Home w/SP3........Anyone?....Anyone?

A:Solved: "My Pictures File" is" 10GB?????? Is that possible?

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When attempting to delete pictures in "My Pictures" with XP, the pictures get copied again and again into "My pictures". It moves the pictures into Recycle bin and also copies them again.

A:Windows XP difficulty in deleting pictures in "My Pictures"

Eraser download and review - secure file deletion from SnapFiles

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i've been relying on going to "internet options","general" and "delete" then ticking all the boxes on that page..i found out that by doing this,my temporary internet file swere NOT being deleted.is this a vista problem? my pc came to a complete sludge of a slow down today and i found that my internet files folder had files going back a year that hadn't been deleted as i've been relying on ticking those boxes..i had tons and tons of and tons of files.i'm wondering if this is the norm and also is it possible that other files are not being deleted when using that method? if so,then i probably have folders that are totally loaded with trash.

A:Solved: Had to delete temp internet files by "view files" ,"select all" ,"delete"

Have you ever unticked Preserve Favorites website data?

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Hi guys,

My friend installed Windows XP on my computer. I noticed that everytime I click onto "My Pictures" folder, it shows the thumbnails instead of just the file names. When I click "Details", it shows just the file names. However, when I go back to "My Pictures" folder again, the thumbnails come back up.

How do I get rid the thumbnail showing all the time?

Please help. Thanks!


A:"My Pictures" Folder


Disable the automatic display of thumbnails in certain folders


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I read that by creating a file named My Pictures w/o an extension and making it hidden and read-only this would solve the problem. However everytime I open Adobe Photoshop it renames that file with a .000 extension and recreates My Pictures. How can it do that to a read-only file and how can I stop it?

Thanks much,

A:Getting Rid of "My Pictures" Folder?

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When I upload images from my camera into my Nikon software it also loads them into "My Pictures" folder automatically.
When my friend on his PC (with XP) does this into his Olympus software the images do not get into his "My Pictures" folder.
He would like this to happen.What does he need to do.

A:Win XP "My Pictures " folder

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