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Wireless not connecting at home

Q: Wireless not connecting at home

I've got a Linksys router and access point and a wirless card in my laptop. It's configured to connect at work but doesn't connect at home. The laptop has Win XP and the main PC has Win 2000. I've tried using the default settings for the LAC and the router. I believe the main problem is not being able to access the settings page of the AP. Urgent Help Needed.

Preferred Solution: Wireless not connecting at home

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Wireless not connecting at home

Your laptop still thinks it's at work when trying to connect at home. Assuming your work, and your home configure their clients with DHCP what you do is the following:

In XP & 2000:


at the prompt type:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

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Hello. *This is my first post and PC or internet tech site too. *I want to THANK ALL OF YOU whom donate your valuable time. *I DO KNOW that time is money and i always appreciate others whom see the importance of reaching out in way of help, as HELP is priceless and usually free to give? *I hope that I'm doing this right, as in posting in the correct area? *Getting these issues worked out is very important. *I have read through some of your posts or threads, though most that pertained to me were a bit "technical". *I am considered old school, new to Wireless stuff, although I am usually a very fast learner and naturally a bit intelligent? *If we are talking animal medicine or animal "issues" in general, I am one of those go-to people.
PC info: *The Gateway BOX says 2003 on bottom & sticker bought from Sams Club (like our CA- West Coast PriceClub or Costco). *The box states Windows XP HOME EDITION w/ only the PC specs, but NO MANUFACTURING DATE. *I cannot even find a date on the PC itself. *The PC came in original box, though w/ no paper work. *I bought this Gateway All-In-One system from a family member (elderly) for $30, I believe it is AT LEAST 5 yrs old and appears to be very full of "stuff" that i do not want. *Norton had expired, I don't believe PC *had been used by elderly (mid to late 80's) owner for 3 yrs (6-2009). *After that, i believe his sons (the not to be trusted kind) messed w/ the PC offline or maybe through di... Read more

A:XP Home Edition & Linksys Wireless-G adapter not connecting to home DSL/Wireless

what do you have connected to the router (Siemens SpeedStream 5620 Wireless ADSL Gateway) that works , as we will probably need to see some test results

lets start with these two
. *I also need to learn how to save his pics & videos to a Sandisk memory stick (another issue), plus how to CLEAR OUT this PC which seems jam packed, plus guided to a lower cost or free virus protection that is adequate.Click to expand...

depending on the size of "all the stuff" you may want an external USB harddrive to copy all the files/pictures to - what do you have ?
can you got to the
my documents folder - which should also contain my pictures and right click on the folder my documents and select properties from the menu
that will give you the size of that folder

you don't need norton, there are many free versions just as good - I will list below
but first you need to remove Norton, as it may be the reason you cannot access the internet as its blocking - see removal tool below

next we would like to see an ipconfig /all and an xirrus screen shot- again see below


Norton Removal Tool
I would recommend that you restart the PC and run the removal tool for a second time - I have found instances where the removal tool needs to be run twice to fully remove all traces of norton and symantec from the PC

All Versions ... Read more

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I just bought my Dell inspiron laptop windows 7 today when I first turned it on I set up my home wireless connection and it was working fine. I was streaming a movie on Netflix when my Internet connection was lost. I have not been able to get Internet since then. It says I'm connected to my home wifi but that I have no Internet connection and the web browser will not load. I have a toshiba laptop windows xp an iPod an xbox360 and they all connect perfectly to the wifi. It was working fine then it just disconnected I have not gotten any Internet connection for hours and I please want to know what I can do to solve this problem. Many others seem to have a similar problem. I would be so thankful for a solution, thanks!!

A:Home Wireless Internet not connecting

Sorry to hear about your issues, I've had some odd issues with my version of Home Premium. If I have ever lost connection to the internet I normally rebooted by Router then it came back and worked however I assume you would already have done this as that would be the first thing most people do to resolve it. If you try resetting the IP address given to your machine this may solve the issue and to do this do the following:

Click Start
Type CMD and right click "Run as Administrator"
When the prompt comes up click ok
When the CMD box comes up type the following in "ipconfig /release" (Without quotes) Your network connection will drop this is normal.
Type "ipconfig /renew" (again without quotes)

Now what happens is the Router is giving your network adapter a different IP address and it should then connect to the Internet again.

If this doesn't work re-post here and get me the name of your Wireless Network Adapter (Found under Hardware Device Manager - Click my Computer and select Manage and select OK as UAC prompts you to validate yourself. Then Click Device Manager. Your Wireless Card will be listed under Network Adapters). Sometimes what can happen is that incorrect drivers can cause weird (and sometimes wonderful) Issues and updating the drivers with the vendors drivers fixes it.


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About 6 months ago, I got a laptop - An HP DV5215US, running Windows XP SP2, and it came with a wireless card - 802.11b/g. We have a wireless router - a Westell Versalink 327, running on our main computer, which also has Windows XP SP2. I tried connecting to the wireless, but it didn't work. The network would show up when I opened the "Choose a Wireless Network" screen, but when I tried to connect, all that happened was a loading screen appeared, saying "Please wait while Windows connects to the ******* network." and "Waiting for the network..."

After playing around a bit, I decided it was the router - it had never been configured for wireless. I got connections on the laptop in other places - on vacations, in hotels, etc. My father and I decided to get the wireless working this week, as a kind of project. On a whim, my dad installed a wireless card in an old desktop system (not sure of the 802.11 letters, sorry), and the wireless worked perfectly. I still can't connect on the laptop, though.

Can anyone help?

A:Problem with connecting to my home wireless network.

Have you gone in to the wireless network display and deleted all the wireless networks in the list, then searched for new wireless networks? Did you try disabling encryption on the router to see if it's an issue with mismatched keys? Note that if you use WEP encryption, you MUST use hex keys with dissimilar brands of hardware, they don't all encode passcodes the same way.

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I have been given an old Dell Latitude 610 laptop and trying to get access to the internet and email even with the netowk cable plugged in the back!

I get the message No network access or unidentified network.

Hope someone call help.

Many thanks

A:Difficulties connecting to our wireless home network

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Hi Folks:
I am having trouble connecting to our wireless internet home network with my new Toshiba Satellite laptop.
The network is a venerable Linksys WAP54G access point, not quite a full router, as it does not have a firewall and does not assign static addresses. It allows a dynamic address. It is very basic WEP security. We have a Dell laptop with XP which operates off it just fine.
When I attempt to connect with Windows 7 on the new Toshiba Satellite, it will identify the connection as public and connect, but activity is limited. It says it cannot establish an IP address. However when I connect with the built-in Ethernet port and a cord, it?s fine. Just the wireless part is giving problems.
I have read of one solution for this apparently not rare problem. This is to go into the Device Manager, find the wireless adapter, open it and click on the Advanced tab. This produces a list of properties. Find the property called ?Network Address,? and put in the physical address of the wireless adapter found in IPconfig/all. However when I go this far, I don?t even have a property called Network Address, so I can?t do this.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks very much,

A:Trouble connecting to home wireless network

Quote: Originally Posted by waynrayn

Hi Folks:
I am having trouble connecting to our wireless internet home network with my new Toshiba Satellite laptop.
The network is a venerable Linksys WAP54G access point, not quite a full router, as it does not have a firewall and does not assign static addresses. It allows a dynamic address. It is very basic WEP security. We have a Dell laptop with XP which operates off it just fine.
When I attempt to connect with Windows 7 on the new Toshiba Satellite, it will identify the connection as public and connect, but activity is limited. It says it cannot establish an IP address. However when I connect with the built-in Ethernet port and a cord, it?s fine. Just the wireless part is giving problems.
I have read of one solution for this apparently not rare problem. This is to go into the Device Manager, find the wireless adapter, open it and click on the Advanced tab. This produces a list of properties. Find the property called ?Network Address,? and put in the physical address of the wireless adapter found in IPconfig/all. However when I go this far, I don?t even have a property called Network Address, so I can?t do this.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks very much,

Network address is actually locally administered mac address, and is there.

Are you running "homegroup"?

Have you tried connecting with encryption turned off?

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I have several laptops connected to my wireless home compter network that is working just fine. I have another laptop that I am having a hard time trying to connect. The laptop was previously connected to the network, now it won't connect. It keeps giving me an error about the WZC. I have tried making sure the Wireless Zero Configuration was started but it won't stay started. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

A:Problems connecting to home wireless network

I had a similar problem with an laptop running Win XP. I did a Google search of the error and it gave me a Microsoft Article about keeping WZC enabled.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A205 S5000 laptop. Started having problems last April. All of a sudden wouldn't connect to the internet. Bought a new router (Netgear), and since, have found that the old one (Linksys) still works fine. Every other device in the house (laptops, iPods, wireless desktop, e-readers) can connect to my home network/internet without problem. This laptop says it's connected, but I cannot get on the internet, not with Internet Explorer, aol or Firefox. In Device Manager, under Network Adapters, one item had a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it next to "Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #2. When I double click it says "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31)." Then I went to Windows Updates, and found a bazillion updates that failed...I think because when I couldn't get the internet on the laptop I just stopped using it for several months, and it was never powered up or turned on to get the updates. I tried to download the updates, it went throught the process, said 19 updates done, but then it said 19 failed. As far as the Linksys mentioned above, I have since given it to a friend who just got high-speed internet, took the laptop to her house, and after she typed in her network password, MY laptop connected right away. So, I know it wasn't the router to begin with, and I know that the laptop wireless IS still working. Can you help me with this, PLEA... Read more

A:Solved: Problems connecting to home wireless network

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I've just got a second hand laptop (Advent 7066M, Model No. SIM2000 Notebook PC). I can't work out to my home wireless network. When I go to device manager under "Network adapters", there's a red cross through "PRISM 802.11g Wireless Adapter" and under "Other devices", there's a question mark with an exclamation mark on top of it next to "PCI Modem". I've tried installing the network related stuff from C:\Applications, but that didn't seem to help.

Please could someone offer me some suggestions for getting online?


A:Solved: Connecting Laptop To Home Wireless Network

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Hey everyone out there...I am having some real problems with my wireless network. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop. Recently, I got a virus that I couldn't ever completely get rid of. As my (very dumb) solution, i reinstalled windows. So, I have spent the last week finding the drivers for all of my hardware, and it is almost back to where I want it. I do have a few questions, however.

My main problem is that I can't connect to the wireless network at my house. It is a secure wireless network, and I was always able to connect to it before. Now, I type in the network key, and in the "Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility" it never gets past "authenticating". I find this strange, because I am able to connect to my neighbor's wireless network, that is unsecured. I have a Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini-Card. Because I can connect to the neighbor's wireless, I am guessing it's not a problem with the drivers? And other computers in my house can connect to the network in my house, so there isn't a problem with the drivers for those?

Other things that are abnormal, and I think could be causing problems, are that under the "Device Manager" and "Other devices" there is a yellow question mark by "Base System Device". Also under "Device Manager -> Other Devices" is "SM Bus Controller", which has a yellow question mark by it. Finally when I got to "Local Area Connection -> Properties... Read more

A:Solved: Problems connecting to my home wireless network

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I have had no problems connecting my laptop wirelessly to my network at home, but all of a sudden it stopped connecting. I can connect to wireless networks elsewhere, but my laptop has stopped connecting at home. Can someone help?

A:trouble connecting laptop to home wireless network

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I alreadfy have a home network. Cable modem connection serving my computer and telephone (I have vonage broadband phone) through the linksys adapter provided by vonage. I purchased a wireless router and I need to hook it up. If I connect the wireless routers internet port(WAN) to an ethernet port in the linksys adapter, it doesnt work. However, when I connect it port to port (ethernet port of the wireless router to an ethernet port of the linksys adapter), the internet connectionw works. However, I am unable to activate the wireless network.

I tried connecting the wirless router directly to the modem (removing the linksys adapter) and carried out the installation provided in a CD by the manufacture and it wont work fine.

I cant get rid of the linksys adapter as it is essential for my broadband phone.

Any suggestions? Please help..


A:Connecting a Wireless router to an existing home network

You should have bought a wireless access point instead of a router.. *mutter*

"unable to activate" means what? Increadibly heavy feeling creeps into your hands making you unable to operate the computer?

Some more information here would really help.. Symptoms, computers and operating systems involved, types of wireless equipment, the router configuration etc.

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My Toshiba Satellite running on XP is refusing to connect to the wireless network that is set up in my home. It is saying "limited or no connectivity". I am aware that it is doing this because the computer can't or won't assign an IP address to it. I have tried running a cmd command and doing ipconfig/renew all of which fails. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Getting Limited or No Connectivity when connecting to wireless home network.

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I'm having continued trouble automatically connecting my Android devices to my preferred home wireless network. I have an LG Optimus T Android 2.2 phone and a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Note: I can connect my tablet, but only by powering down my router and then powering up again. I'm trying to avoid having to do this everytime. No luck at all connecting the Android phone to the one (out of two) preferred home network.

A:Trouble connecting Android devices to my home wireless network

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I have just joined up to sky broadband and have been sent a d-link router. I followed the set up disk that came with it and the Internet worked fine while it was connected through the Ethernet cable. I disconnected the cable and tried to connect wirelessly. My laptop found the new network to which I selected connect. I typed in the key code supplied with the router and my laptop tells me it's connecting. Once it connects it states that the network is unidentified and can only connect locally.

This has confused me as my iPhone works fine on the new network but my laptop can't.

My laptop is a Samsung R20 and runs with OS vista. I have never had problems like this with any other network I have connected to.

Please let me know your thoughts

thank you in advance.

A:Unidentified network shown when connecting wireless to home router.

so the router works with other devices - so something is blocking the pc to connect to the internet via wireless - this maybe your firewall - what firewall do you have ?

Would you post back the following
{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{Ping Tests}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Type the following command
Ping {plus the number thats shown against the default gateway shown in above ipconfig /all}
Post back the results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
... Read more

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Well, this isn't necessarily a request for help, but more of a forum to help anyone with similar issues resolve a problem.

I consider myself well above the average person for tech abilities -- however, I typically don't delve into the 'config' stuff on my computer (mainly because I know that I can really screw something up). With that said, here is what I had happen.

My Dell Inspiron D630 running Win XP SP3 suddenly stopped connecting to my home wireless network. It would connect at work (via wired connection), but just couldn't seem to find an IP address at my house. I tried multiple times, rebooted the modem, rebooted the computer, but to no avail.

Today I tried going in to do ipconfig /renew, hoping that would try to get an IP again. Didn't work. When I used that I got a "The RPC Server is unavailable" error. I started Googling to find an answer and came across this thread: http://forums.techguy.org/networking/736702-solved-rpc-server-unavailable.html?503retry=1

In this, the guy said that he went in and had to start a service because it hadn't started automatically. I happen to know that one of the items in the networking section deals with DCHP. When I went into Start--> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools (as directed in the above thread), I noticed that the DCHP service was not running. Since I knew that DCHP was related to the IP/networking info, I started that service and my computer connected to the wireless ... Read more

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I'm trying to connect to the internet on another PC (on my desktop, not this laptop I'm sending this request on). I know my network is working OK, because I'm on it now (on my laptop), but the Realtek adapter is not connecting on my destop PC. Can anyone help?

A:Solved: Realtek RTL8188 Wireless Adapter not connecting to my home LAN

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I work at a place where we can bring our personal laptops and connect to the internet using a wireless connection. We use WEP and security type is shared. We have a password we have to enter.

I have a Lenovo Idea Pad Y530 laptop. Have connected for years to this router. Well, I went to a website to download the free version of World OF Warcraft and during the download I lost connection and had to reboot. I think that is how it went. Now I am unable to connect to the internet at work but I can still connect to my personal wireless network at home on the same laptop.

I have reformatted and still unable to connect. I am able to connect to the router but then a red X appears between the router and the internet. Everyone else is still able to connect with their laptops and I brought my old dell in and can connect with no problems.

I had been using AVG free. I even uninstalled that and turned off my firewall.

When I click on the X I get this report:

There may be a problem with your Domain Name Server (DNS) config.
On both laptops I ran the command ipconfig/all

Dell laptop that is currently connected to work wireless shows that there is info under the Tunnel adapter Local area connection 6. On the Lenovo this are is blank showing nothing. I think if u do an ipconfig/all you will understand better what I am saying

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Windows IP Configuration
... Read more

A:Laptop quit connecting to wireless router at work but home is fine

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Evening everyone. I know you've heard this before... but I SOOOOO hope someone can help me!

Ok, here's my setup... I'll start really basic since I don't know how much info you need...

I've got cable internet coming into a motorola modem... then into a motorolo wireless router. I have 4 computers running XP hardwired (via ethernet cables) into the router. We'll call these Computers 1, 2, 3 and 4. I also have 1 desktop downstairs with a wireless internet connection running on XP. This will be Computer 5. And lastly I have a laptop (wirless connection as well) running on VISTA..... aka Computer 6.

I have a printer hooked up to Computer 5, which I'd like to share with all the other computers. So I started off setting up a Home Network. I ran the Network Setup Wizard on all of the computers. Computers 1, 2, 3 and 4 went smoothly. I'm having trouble with the two wireless comuters, though. When I try to "View Workgroup Computers" from #5, I get the following error message:

Ouaznet is not accessable. You may not have permisson to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission. The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available.

End of error message. BTW, OUAZNET is the workgroup name.

Now, for Computer 6, which is running Vista and also wireless... I just cannot even see any other computers on Ouaznet workgroup.

Any suggestions???? Keep in mind that... Read more

A:Home Networking... error connecting wireless computer and vista issue

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I got my comcast internet connection this morning; I setup my wireless connection and its connecting fine with my office computer. Unfortunately personal computer (HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC in which Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit SP2 is installed) is not able to connect with the router. I even tried connecting my modem directly - NO Luck. It was connecting for couple of minutes and getting disconnected.

Both my office computer and my iPod are connecting fine with the wireless network but my personal computer is showing Connected (local access only) icon in the system tray. When I mouse over, its showing "Unidentified Network (<network name>"
Is there any way to resolve it?

Thanks in advance

A:Unidentified Network issue when connecting wireless n/w from Windows Vista Home Prem.

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Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D620 with a Dell Wireless WLAN. I connect to my wireless connection at home fine, but any time I take my computer to a wifi hotpsot, it cannot connect. I SEE that there is a network there, I click "connect" to that network, and my computer doesn't do anything. My Wireless is set to obtain IP addresses automatically, so that is not the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might try to fix this??


A:Solved: Dell Latitude D620 not connecting to wifi, but connecting at home

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I'm trying to use a router to establish a wireless connection with a machine running XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2. I've connected successfully in the past with other machines (including now, as I write this), so it doesn't seem to be the router or the modem that's the problem. What's more, it's not XP, since there's another machine that can connect fine.

So, I'm stumped. I've contacted both my ISP and the manufacturer of the router, but not much help there.

Any thoughts? The machine sees the wireless connection fine, will attempt to connect and will actually say that it was successful in connection -- but there's no access to the internet and the status is actually limited or no connectivity.

A:Solved: wireless/router says it's connecting but not actually connecting

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Hello Guys,

I am having trouble with my wireless connection. It was working fine till a couple of days back and then started acting up. Let me explain the problem in detail.

System connects to the router. It shows full signal. After 10-15 seconds the wireless gets disconnected. After that the behaviour is quite varied. Sometimes the router itself is not recongnized. Sometimes the router is recognized but the system doesnt connect. If I force it to then it again says cannot connect to a hidden network. After a while maybe 4-5 mins later it recongnizes and tries connecting again sometimes it succeeds sometimes it doesnt.

My System Specifications are given below.

1. Samsung Ultrabook Series S - Model NP530U3C-A01UK
2. Processsor - Intel COre 5-3317U CPU @1.70 Ghz
3. Windows 7 Hope Premium - 64 Bit OS
4. Wireless Network Adaptor - Intel Centrino Advaced N-6235
5. ROuter - Thomson
6. 6GB RAM

A Little bit about my Home network
There are 5 devices connected usually. My Wife's PC which is a Dell Inspiron and runs on Windows 7 Home premium, My Ipad, 2 of our Smart Phones and My PC. Every other device currently works fine except mine. So looks like the problem is with my system rather than the router or network provider.

Remedies I have tried and failed
1. Updated the Network Driver by downloading and installing it from Intel Website
2. From the ROuter side manually changed the channel to see if that has an effect
3. FLushed my DNS, tried to release and ren... Read more

A:Connecting to Wireless Router keeps connecting and disconnecting

I hate to say it, but since you have done everything I would have done, its possible the wireless adapter is broken/not functioning correctly. Is the product still under warranty? Especially since you stated that other devices connect just fine.
So its probably not the router.
The only other thing I can think of to try would be to buy another wireless router and test it with that.
If you have no problems, something is amiss.
You could also set your router back to factory defaults and try again.

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Hi everyone: I’m having an extremely frustrating problem connecting to my Netgear DG384G v3 wireless router in my flat.

In short:

Ever since I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Pro, internet browsers do not detect a connection to the internet despite a wireless connection being detected in the network connections (and the icon in the system tray) when my wireless adapter is plugged into my PC. Connection problems only occurred after the reformat, another PC in my flat connects wirelessly to our router with no problems (before, during & after the time I reformatted; I’m posting this using his PC) and the router config settings have definitely not been changed in any way so its not a router problem. It appears that the wireless adapter is able to detect a signal from the router but the router is not sending information to the adapter (I can’t even connect to the router setup IP address

More detailed:

1) I wiped the PC’s harddrive then reinstalled Windows XP Pro – I thought the recovery disk would have drivers with it (like others I’d used) but it didn’t so I had to manually find nVidia chipset & 3com Ethernet controller drivers and SP1 (for USB 2.0 functionality), download them on another PC and transfer and install them on mine. I got SP2, this didn’t change anything, I changed back to SP1, still no change to connectivity.

2) When my Netgear WG111 v2 wireless adapter is plugged into a USB port, Windows recognises it as a d... Read more

A:Can't connect to net despite wireless adapter connecting to router's wireless network

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I just purchased a wireless router (Linksys) to set up as a wireless access point connected via an ethernet cable to another Linksys wireless router that is connected to my DSL modem. I know I need to connect LAN port to LAN port, but do I need a "straight through" or a "switched/crossover" cable? As I have done some reading, some directions say straight, others say switched, some don't say at all. I just want to be sure I don't have a cabling issue. Thanks in advance for any information.

A:Solved: Connecting Wireless access point and wireless router

Well, a crossover cable will certainly work. If either end of the routers have auto-MDX ports, a straight patch cable will work as well.

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Hi there

Right, I really need some help here - I thought I had done this correctly but clearly not as it still doesn't work

Basically, I got my sister a wireless router, and purchased a big antenna for her to take up to Uni, as she has rented a house with loads of friends, and it's massive with very thick walls.

Luckily, the router and modifications mean she can access it all round the house (although she has had to put a long cat 5 cable in to put it on the middle floor).

When she finally got round to purchasing internet (from "Be") they sent her a wireless ADSL modem / router.

Here is the problem:
The router they sent doesn't have the range needed in my sisters house.
The router I gave her doesn't have an ADSL modem.
They also don't have a telephone cable going to the middle floor, only cat 5.

How can I connect the two routers together?
I know it's possible by turning off DHCP etc from the second router, but it doesn't seem to be working.

More info:
Router "A" is the ADSL modem/ wireless router they provided.
Router "B" is a Kcorp KLG-575 - pdf manual can be found: here

Connection info from a pc connected wirelessley to router "A":

Physical Address: 00-16-6F-96-2F-BD
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
Lease Obtained: 20/11/2007 16:21:12
Lease Expires: 21/11/2007 16:21:... Read more

A:Connecting two routers together - One wireless ADSL, the other a DSL wireless router

You need to get her a wireless Access Point and place it in a central location in the house. Select the DSL modem and configure the Access Point to connect with it...

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Hi Im new to this forum and i just have a one question. Can i connect my 2WIRE wireless gateway with a wireless router?

A:Connecting my 2WIRE Wireless gateway with another Wireless router

Yeah i can do that but if i disable the dhcp server then i dont have internet. the 2wire gateway is for my dsl connection.

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Hi all

This is my first post and I would like some advice and for someone to tell me if what I want to do is indeed possible.
I would like to connect a wireless access point (placed upstairs) to my wireless belkin router (placed in downstairs living room). I want to place the wireless access point upstairs then connect a switch to this with an ethernet cable. I will then be connecting a blu-ray player, tv and xbox console via the switch to the wireless access point. I'm hoping this will also increase the wireless signal in the attic which would be a bonus but not hugely important. I want to connect everything upstairs wirelessly because trailing a long ethernet cable through the house isn't possible, which is why i'm thinking of this set up. I'm thinking of using either the TP-Link TL-WA801ND or the Edimax EW-7416APN because these seem reasonably priced with good reviews.

If any one can tell me if this sounds correct and if it will work before I go out and buy the gear that would be great. Many thanks for any help in advance!

A:Connecting wireless router to wireless access point

Sounds like you want a Wireless Bridge (or AP Client). If you get a decent signal in the desired location and the WAP includes Wireless Bridge mode it should work fine. I use one (now discontinued, so I won't recommend it) myself for a camera whose integrated wireless no longer works.

I'm hoping this will also increase the wireless signal in the atticClick to expand...

That requires Repeater (or Range Extender) mode. If the WAP includes Wireless Bridge mode it will (I'm pretty sure) also include this mode. I understand that some units can do both jobs (wireless bridge and repeater) at the same time.

I didn't look at the specs or manuals for the units you mentioned; just indicating what you should be looking for.

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I just purchased a Lexmark X6570 which is wireless enabled. I followed the install instructions using my main desktop system. The install does have you connect a USB cable for part of the installation. My main system is wired to my router. I installed the printer drivers and did wireless setup on one of my laptops. Good news is that the laptop recognizes the printer and prints just fine.

Ok, here is my question. My main system that is hard wired to the router does not recognize the lexmark printer unless I plug the USB cable back into it. If I do that, then the printer does not work for all the other wirelessly connected systems. So does anyone know if I can get this to work without buying a wireless card for my main desktop system?

I was hoping that with my main system connected to the wireless router (wired) that it would work.

Thanks in advance for the help,


A:Connecting Wireless printer to existing wireless network

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i have a dell insperon 2500 from 1998 and a belkin wireless G card. i have spent about 3 hours on the phone with customer service with no success.

i installed the drivers and followed instructions and have had about 2 minutes of being connected with the rest of the time the computer is trying to "validate identity" or find a certificate to log me onto the wireless network.

if you need anymore information to solve this let me know and i will provide it

but i am not smart in computer language so i will need some instructions to find some things.

our router is a wireless n e1000 from linksys
and i need any settings i change to still work with an xbox 360 wireless n adaptor.
thanks ahead of time!

A:problem connecting to wireless internet with wireless card.

Hi:See if this link addresses your issue.
And this one from TSG:

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Hi All,

Firstly to set the scene am compuer literate having been a programmer for some years but networking not my strong point.

Am trying to create a small network at home. I have the following:

Linksys wireless router (LinksysWRT54GS)
Wireless dongle (chinese thing from airtel Zambia Africa where I am)

I want to connect the Laptop and the PC together via the Linksys router and for the laptop and PC to go on to the internet via the router to the internet dongle and out.

The key is that I have to link the Linksys router to the dongle via wireless as there are no other ways to connect them.

The wireless dongle has the following setup that I cant change:
Its IP is
It dishes out IP addresses starting at

The Linksys wireless router is as follows but obviously these can be changed:
Its IP is
It also dishes out IP addresses starting at

I can find plenty of examples where the Linksys is connected to a modem via a cable but not via wireless. Also can I actually do what I am trying to do?



A:Connecting wireless router to wireless dongle

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Im a bit confused with what I need to do with my set up so any advice will be tried and will hopefully work.

I just had charter install a wireless cable modem into my house and it was put in my study. however, i would now like to get my xbox 360 running as well as the internet for my blue-ray player and tv. So i bought a wireless router.

The modem from charter is called: Ubee wireless cable modem (from charter)
The wireless router purchases is: Netgear N300 wireless router (wnr2000v3)

I am trying to connect them wirelessly. Like I said above, my modem is in the study and the router is about 30 feet away in the living room area. Is there any way to connect those?


A:Connecting Wireless Modem to Wireless Router

Is there any way to connect those? Click to expand...

Yes, best and maybe only way is by ethernet cable--LAN to LAN port if you want everything on the same local network.

I am trying to connect them wirelessly.Click to expand...

Does the router have a Wireless Bridge (or AP Client) mode? If not, if it has an AP mode there is a small chance you may still accomplish it.

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My room mate and I have a Linksys wireless router connected to our cable modem. He can access the Internet on his laptop through the router, but I'm having trouble connnecting on my desktop (windows XP). I have a TRENDnet TEW-424UB wireless USB adaptor, and it's fully installed, but I have no idea how to get it to connect through the router. The setup didn't walk me through anything beyond installing the USB adaptor, and I'm entirely new to using wireless connections. I don't even know where to start.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Connecting a wireless USB adaptor to a wireless router

Hi Lieskens, and welcome to TSG.

Did you get a printed User Guide with the adapter or a PDF file for the User Guideon a CD? If not, there is a download link for an Adobe Acrobat PDF file on the Trendnet web site:


The guide seems include the set-up procedure for establishing a connection. You will need to know the Wireless SSID of the router and any encryption key being used.

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Im trying to find out if a network combination is possible with the particular hardware I have at the moment.

I have looked thourgh other threads but could not find exactly this.

The hardware I have is : Hawking HWBA54g wireless bridge and a linksys WRT54G2 V1 router

I have the Hawking bridge setup picking up a wireless network from the hanger across from it, it picks this up fine and I can plug a wired connection and use the net.

What I want to do is plug the WRT54G Router into the Bridge to broadcast the connection wirelessly in that hanger.

Is this possible with the hardware I have?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou

A:Connecting a wireless Router to A wireless bridge

I don't see why not. You should be able to simply plug them together. If the remote wireless network has the same 192.168.1.x base address as your Linksys, you will have to configure the Linksys to a different base address, say You obviously also want the channel of the Linksys as far away from the bridge channel as possible to minimize crosstalk.

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LucidLink Home Office Edition, free for home users (wireless security)

News Release


Award-Winning Security Software Now Available Free On Website

ANN ARBOR, MI * April 18, 2005 * LucidLink Home Office Edition, an award-winning wireless security program for home office and small office environments, is now available free of charge from Interlink Networks at www.lucidlink.com. The easy-to-use application, called “dazzling” by PC Magazine, supports up to three Wi-Fi users and offers high-level protection for wireless networks by blocking unauthorized users and hackers.

LucidLink Home Office Edition makes it easy to set up and secure a three-user network in less than 15 minutes, with automatic setup for the D-Link, Linksys and 3Com access points and routers most commonly used in the home. LucidLink Wireless Security, Interlink’s solution for larger offices, employs the identical technology and interface to simplify wireless protection for up to 250 wireless users. Click to expand...

More info here.


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I did not set up my pc's to share over my home wireless network, but suddenly today I see that all drives and the printer are available between each computer. I had tried to set up the computers to share months ago, but never got it to work and gave up.

The desktop is old, running WinME, one laptop is running WinXPpro, the other laptop is running Vista. They are all connected to a Westell router/dsl modem for internet through Verizon.

So, I turn the desktop off daily. Today I go to turn it off and it says the WinXP laptop is connected and do I really want to shut down. I go to windows explorer on both machines and sure enough I have access to the other drives on each computer. I start the Vista machine and see the same.

Am I compromised?

A:MY home computers suddenly sharing over home wireless network

If you didn't make the change to share all drives, then somebody did. I would assume the worst. Time to reformat and reinstall.

Windows ME is past end of life, and no security updates are provided by MS. I wouldn't run it anymore. Maybe you'd want to try out some linux distros, some are quite good on old hardware. See this review:

It seems you don't have a separate router, I would advise you to get one. I have a modem/router too but I also have a separate hardware firewall/router. The modem/router does NAT but I constantly see connections/attacks making it past the modem/router to my firewall. Having a separate router is a good thing.

Since you are using wireless, did you enable the encryption? If you have WPA or WPA2 use them and setup a long and complicated passphrase. Use WEP if you have no other choice cause WEP can be broken into real quick. You must enable encryption because with wireless, all your machines are sitting ducks when you have close range attackers, whereas with wired, at least you still have a perimeter which you can fortify with a firewall. Also it is especially important to have software firewalls on Each PC when using wireless.

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I'm helping a friend to set up their BT Home Hub but can't seem to get the PC to connect to it. Unfortunately I have little experience in this so am not really much help!

Everything is wired up correctly and the right lights come on on the Hub when its switched on. The software installs fine but it cannot find a connection.

The PC is running windows XP and used to connect fine with a BT voyager router. There is various security software installed on the computer.

My guess is that something already installed on the computer is causing the problem but I don't know what. I don't use my windows machine to connect to the internet so I'm not really sure what to do next.

My questions are as follows:

1) Is it likely to be the security or old BT software causing the problem?

2) If it is, is there a way of disabling it all without removing the software. If not should I just go ahead and remove it all? (I'm sure the new hub comes with its own security).

3)If my guess is wrong what else could it be? Its supposed to be simple to set up so I think something must be wrong somewhere rather than me being daft (although I haven't ruled that out just yet!!! ).

If it was my own PC I'd just blunder around trying things until I got it working. Its not though, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I'd really appreciate any help you can give.

Thanks in advance

A:Need help connecting to BT Home Hub

What is the exact model of the BT Home Hub? If the machine was running on a router previously, it should connect to this new device, since it's also a router. With the machine connected, let's see this:

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following command:


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

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hi freinds!
i have two computers p-3 with windows xp insatalled on both.
i have tried to establish direct cable network between them for file sharing.
i made one as host and the other as a guest.
the host waits for the incoming connection and the guest connects to the host,but
gets struck with a window displaying verify user name and password and gives the error
number 628.
please suggest what could be done.
can i get rid of the comp asking user name and passwrod.

A:connecting two home pc s

What type of cable are you using, and which ports are you connecting it to?

Also to get rid of the password request make sure that you create identical user accounts on both PCs, with the same usernames and passwords (which are case sensitive).

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I want to take my wireless laptop to France and Italy again but last time when I tried to connect via the hotel link they wanted me to disconnect my security system to enable the connection to their provider.......I didn't feel confident enough to do that as I have had to get Tech Guy to help me out enough times with nasty virus infections. Can you suggest a way I can get on line without taking such a risk?
Many thanks......Margaret

A:Connecting away from home

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Ok, my current Linksys BEFSR41 ver. 3 Router uses the standard ethernet connection between each of the computers for internet access (4 computers using direction connection at my house). Right now the radio box, you could call it a modem but our isp calls them radio boxes, receives the internet and we have a cord going from that to our router. The 4 ethernet cords plug from the router into each of our computers. The reason I bring up the wireless internet and wireless routers is for the sole use of internet on my PSP.

Is there a way I can stay maintan my non-wireless setup but have a wireless router with actually computer connected just my psp? If you need more information please ask, also what is the cheapest wireless router out there, that anybody is aware of. Speed is no issue because I know I won't be pushing the bandwidth limits on a 45kb/s max download connection.

A:Connecting a non-wireless and wireless network together

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I just got a used laptop. it has nothing on the HD but dos, and apparently, the CDrom drivers didnt get loaded (and it doesnt have a floppy).
so, I cant get it to recognize the CD rom, and I therefore can't load windows or any programs.

My thought is that I might be able to pull the Hard drive and Attach it to my home PC, and simply transfer my needed programs that way....
I have looked at it, and the HD was easy enough to remove, but how do I connect it ? my home PC has an extra 4-wire plug, which looks like it would be for a second HD, but this laptop they has some plug that ive never seen before
(I dont know much about laptops)

Anyway, this is a Compaq Armada 1580...... (p166/32meg/2.1gig hd).

Can anyone offer good advice?
All responses appreciated.

A:connecting Laptop HD to Home PC?

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Does anyone know how to connect (if possible) from an outside network to a home network?

I can connect to my router from an outside network by typing the IP address: 24.xx.xxx.xx:8080 The port 8080 allows me access to configure the router remotely. If I can do this I would think that I can access/transfer files on my PC at home?

What do I need to type in the IE bar?


Thanks in advance

A:connecting to my home PC from an outside network

yes, you can setup VPN. this how to setup vpn may help, www.howtonetworking.com/vpnsetup.htm

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I have 2 machines (1 XP Pro and 1 XP Home). I am able to connect to the XP Pro's shared files, but when I try to connect to the XP Homes shared files or map a drive - it asks for a network password. I do not have the machine password protected and so, do not know what password it is asking for. Can anyone assist? Attached is a copy of the dialogue box that is popping up in a word doc.

A:Connecting to Home Network

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I have an IBM Thinkpad 760E with a 36K modem. I need to be able to connect to AOL when I am away from home and my phone line. What do I need to do or purchase to be able to connect from my car? I have a slot (PCMCIA slot I think) on the side. Any help is appreciated.

A:connecting to internet away from home

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Well, I am new entry to this forum.

I have two dos computers and one XP Home machine. They are connected using a Hub

I installed Microsoft Network client 3.0 (with Tcp/ip) but could not connect to XP machine from Dos machine.
I am going to use dos programs in XP Machine

Please help me what to do to connect to XP machine. A detailed tutorial may be helpful.

A:help: Connecting Dos client to XP Home

I'm somewhat confused. How exactly are you going to use those DOS programs on the XP machine?

A detailed tutorial will be difficult, since MS-DOS networking requires manual configuration, and it will depend on the specific NIC you have, and the drivers in question.

How about telling us what you want to accomplish?

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After reading much about the values of having a window boot cd such as "Ultimate Boot cd for Windows ver 2.5" I finally created the boot cd based on Bart's PE. I thought that if anything ever went wrong with one of the two home XP SP2 machines I could use the boot cd to transfer important files via the home network by accessing the "Network Configurator" to easily transfer the files.

Well the boot cd works perfectly, but after many hours of trying I just can't access the local network. Inside the configurator under Map Network Drive there are boxes such as:
Network Path:
User Name:

I have tried many combinations relative to the HOME network accounts but have failed in connecting to the network.

The HOME system connects via a D-Link cable router DI-704P

I would be very pleased if some has been successful in connecting their home network in the way I have described.


A:connecting Home pc's with PC Configurator 2.20

have you made sure to:
a.: set up shell accounts of each account on the seperate computers
b.: you can also select a box in "administrative tools - users and accounts" so that you do not need to type in a username and pasword to access.
also check your firewall

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