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Compatability, Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4 student edition

Q: Compatability, Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4 student edition

Hi, I'mtrying to run Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4 student edition to run on Windows 8. Ican?t get it to launch, and I get a message that says it?s not compatible. Isthere anything that can be done as it did run on Windows 7?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you


Preferred Solution: Compatability, Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4 student edition

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compatability, Pro-Engineer Wildfire 4 student edition

Have you tried running all of the exes in the program folder in Windows 7 Compatibility mode, as well as the main program itself?

You may need to check on the programs website for compatibility.

Ah, that's Pro-E, which has always been a huge pain to install. Wildfire is too old, you are lucky to have been able to run in in Windows 7. You might have to update to Creo.

It may be incompatible with any 64 bit OS too.

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Is there really a difference between the student verison of the office 2007? I know a friend that can get the ultimate for a pretty cheap price....but would have to verify as a student..my question would be...is there really a difference?? what about for photoshop? the adobe cs3 web premium edition?


A:Student edition for office 2007 vs. normal edition?

What's included in Office Home and Student 2007
Excel 2007
OneNote 2007
PowerPoint 2007
Word 2007

What's included in Office Standard 2007
Excel 2007
Outlook 2007
PowerPoint 2007
Word 2007

What's included in Office Ultimate 2007
Access 2007
Excel 2007
InfoPath 2007
Groove 2007
OneNote 2007
Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager
PowerPoint 2007
Publisher 2007
Word 2007

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I upgraded from Vista Home to the Student Edition 32. Unfortunately I did not know the computer would run slower cause of the programs and files brought over from Vista.

So now I want to run a clean install of Windows 7 from the download off of Digital River I believe.

My main issue is this:

The only program I really need to backup is Microsoft Office. I do not have the CD anymore, so I need to back it up someway in order to install it again after the clean install. Does anyone know how to do this?

A:Windows 7 Student Edition

You need the install disk to reinstall MS office.

Do you have the packaging to find the key?

If not, you can secure the key by downloading and running BelArc advisor, then borrow an installer disk or ask MS to replace it provided it's legit.

Maybe we can help you troubleshoot the slowness of the in-place Upgrade. Look in Computer>Manage>Device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks show hardware errors.

Look in Computer>Manage>Event Viewer>Administrative view to google any critical or errors to learn about and resolve them.

Click on Computer>Properties>Windows Experience Index highlighted link, then Advanced tools and run Windows Diagnostic Test. Also check the Perfomance Log.

Do you have any specific performance problems?

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Hi Everyone,

A colleague recently wrote a COM Add-In for me which reads share information from a TXT file and places it into selected cells in my worksheet. This is on a PC running:
- Win7 x64 Ultimate
- Microsoft Office 2010 Professional x64
Everything works perfectly.

I tried to share this COM add-in with a friend who runs the following system:
- Win7 x64 Home Premium
- Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010
However, I cannot, for some unknown reason, get the Add-In to display as shown in the attached image. All I get is a blank despite trying to add, and browsing to the correct file location.

I have tried this several times now, as administrator, and after closing and reopening Excel. The PC is a very recent build (2 days ago). I've exhausted all my knowledge.

Am I missing something? Is there a limitation to COM Add-Ins in Microsoft Home and Student 2010?


A:COM Add-Ins for Excel Student Edition

I eventually found the solution to the problem : UAC has to be turned OFF to get the Automation Add-In to install.

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Hi all, I have a quick question about the microsoft office 2007 student and home office. Does it ALWAYS say 'for non-commercial use' when it loads any office program, and at the top on the taskbar when it is open? thanks

A:Help with office 2007 student edition

I think it must. Office home on my wife's laptop says the same.

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I purchased W7 Pro 64-bit version from Digital River (Student Edition for $39.99) - I got the confirmation with the download information and I downloaded one single file called "DLMWin7Pro64CAen.exe" which is just 347KB! I understand it is an Installer file. How do I download the rest of the files ? Everyone else seem to have downloaded 3 files!

Has anybody else received just a single file like me? How did you get the entire OS so that I can burn a DVD and keep it?

Your help is much appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Student Edition Download

Have you run the file that you received?? What happens??

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I was wondering if I can install that one on multiple computers because I have a desktop and laptop that I would like to use W7 on.

A:About the student discount professional edition.

I think it's one license per computor, as far as i know. You used to be able to install a desktop and laptop with i license.


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I have the 2002 student teacher edtion of office that I bought just before the 2003 edtion came out. Microsoft says the 2003 student teacher edtion can be installed on 3 computers in the house. Does the same apply to my 2002 edition?

A:Office Student Teacher Edition

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Hi I purchased Windows 7 Student Edition a long time ago now. A recent hard drive failure has meant a clean install but I cannot for the life of me find the product key. I assumed it would be on an email from digital river, since I downloaded it from them, but I can find no emails from them. Does anyone know how I might go about finding the key?

A:Windows 7 Student Edition product key


Thats correct, you would have been emailed the licence key - have you checked your SPAM or JUNK folder to see if the email is in there? You might have to contact them directly and provide proof of purchase.

I stand to be corrected, but unfortunately, I don't think there is another way.


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Hi, I want to upgrade my office from the student and teacher edition to Pro edition. Do I need to uninstall the old one first or can I just upgrade it to Pro? I've received many updates for the s&t edition from ms update.

A:Upgrading from student and teacher edition to Pro

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I have Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade student edition from digital river.

How can I upgrade to Windows 7 pro ? using anytime upgrade ?

I tried to use the same product key .. to perform anytime upgrade .. but it wouldn't work ..

any thoughts ?


A:Anytime upgrade key student edition !

Error massage

"enter different upgrade key
The upgrade key you entred is for an edition of windows that does not work with window anytime upgrade , enter a different upgrade key"

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Hello all,

After 3 days of Googling and bad installs, I am going to make a post unique to my situation.

Computer Specs: intel Core i5-2500k unlocked, 16gb ram, 1TB HDD, 64 GB SSD, etc. etc.

This desktop is a brand new build. I bought the Windows 7 64-bit Student OS-Upgrade knowing that I could only use it to upgrade with an existing license. I have a copy of Windows Vista 32-bit Home Basic and a copy of Windows XP Pro SP3, both legitimate and both with product keys, not student upgrades.

I have tried installing XP, activating it, making sure it works, then rebooting. Windows 7 then installs and the installation is very fast and smooth until the "Completing Installation" part. It says "Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer’s hardware." After googling that I found the link on Microsoft's support site http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2466753, and tried their solution. I downloaded the updated drivers from their website and loaded the drivers in repair mode and the setup would still not complete.

I tried the exact same thing with Windows Vista. Same problem.

I have tried it each way at least 5 times. I am currently just trying to install to the HDD, I tried it on the SSD just to see if that had any effect and I had the same results. I am out of ideas and would really love some insight.

I am a CS major, I have a job working with computers at my school... this is driving me crazy. If you have an answer for me, thank you.

A:Problem installing Win-7 64bit student edition

Welcome to TSG Bob,

I'm sorry to say, it will continue to fail because the configuration is wrong. You cannot upgrade a 32 bit installation
with a 64 bit operating system. You have Vista 32 bit, you have to upgrade using a 32 bit upgrade disk not a 64 bit.
32 bit and 64 bit -Frequently asked questions.

Can I upgrade from a 32 bit version of Windows to a 64 bit version of Windows?

No. If you are currently running a 32-bit version of Windows, you can only perform an upgrade to another 32-bit version of Windows. Similarly, if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, you can only perform an upgrade to another 64-bit version of Windows.
Click to expand...

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Ok first off I got it a month ago and I havent had time since then to try and install it. I think i was able to do a clean install with it but It asked for a Key which i didnt have. I got a backup disc with It too but It doesnt have a product key on it. Where can I find the product key for the student upgrade? The microsoft store has no history of me buying it for some reason. Another question is that when I did a clean install I remember it made a folder called Old Windows with all my old files in it. When it does this will my games and downloads still be installed and can I move them to their appropriate folders to get them to work? Right now im on a 32 bit vista and uprading to 64 bit 7.

Thanks in advanced

Edit: I found The product key it was in an email they sent.

A:Clean install with Windows 7 pro Student Edition.

Your product key is in the email from your Retailer.

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

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Bitdefender Bangladesh Releases Student Edition - for Its Flagship Product

Bitdefender of Romania makes an aggressive market move in Bangladesh today by launching a Student Edition for its flagship consumer security product ? Bitdefender Internet Security. The first-of-its-kind release for an antivirus brand in this country aims at the student community and their purchasing power. The single user full version of the highly awarded and acclaimed Bitdefender Internet Security (latest version) will be available to students for Tk.365. It means a student can now protect a PC or laptop at only Tk.1 per day . Bitdefender believes that this introduction will have a very positive impact on the student community in Bangladesh, encouraging them to use legal software to ensure online safety. Students will be required to submit a copy of proof of their student identity to purchase the product which is available in regular IT retail shops across the country.


A:Bitdefender Bangladesh Releases Student Edition

Well they only have to join us here and wait for the BD promos....no money whether it small....here it's FREE!

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The Ms Office Student And Teacher Edition Allows Installation On Three Computers In A Home. Do Your Think Its Possible For Two Roommates At College To Buy This Edition And Install It On Both Of Their Laptops? Do They Allow This Kind Of Usage Or Is It Very Strict About Usage By "family" Members.

Thank You For Your Help.

A:Ms Office 2003 Teacher And Student Edition

The EULA states:

1.1 Installation and use.
You may install a copy of the Software on three personal computers or other devices in your household for non-commercial use by people who reside in your household.

Thats broad. You can interpret that as you see fit, you both "reside" in the same "household" I guess.

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A friend of mine is running Vista Home Premium 32bit. He had bought a Vista Ultimate upgrade disk (Student edition). He has a turion x64bit 1.9gb cpu in his laptop. 4gb of ram. He is having troubles installing he program. Error is "install failed. returning to previous os". Do you think it might be the ram issue that I been reading about. or is it the 64bit ultimate that has that problem.

A:Vista Ultimate Upgrade (Student Edition)

Hello AlienMenace

I believe it would be becuase he is currently running a 32-bit version.
If you are currently running a 32-bit version of Windows, you can only perform an upgrade to another 32-bit version of Windows. Similarly, if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows Vista, you can only perform an upgrade to another 64-bit version of Windows Vista. The only way to get upto 64bit is to perform a clena install (deleting Everything!) then installing Vista 64-bit

You can go from 32-bit XP upto 64-bit Vista because it is effectively a different operating system.



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I have an old version of Word and need to install at least the Student Version of Office 2007? In doing so, will it remove my existing Outlook Express since it is no longer a part of the basic Office Suite? Also, can I custom install the Student Edition to avoid using OneNote since my system resources are below the requirements for that part of the program? All I need is the basic Word and Power Point.

Thank you for help.


A:Word 2007 Student Edition-Will it remove OE?

Outlook Express is not, and never has been, part of Office. It has always been part of Windows, so I see not relationship or danger of it being "removed".

Outlook is part of office, but as S&T version does not include Outlook, you should be OK.

Use a "custom install" option installing only the modules you want.

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Can anyone tell me how to transfer my 2003 Student Edition software to my laptop and does this Edition support Vista?

I currently have the 2003 Studen Edition on 2 pc's but want to take it off one and put it on a laptop?

Thanks for your help...

A:Transfer 2003 student edition to laptop

If you have the install cds then go for it. I believe the student license is good for 3 PCs anyway. If you don't have the install cd you are out of luck, you can't just move the programs from 1 PC to another.

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I installed Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 a number of years ago on three computers used in our home school. One of the desktops has died and am in the process of replacing it. Can I install OS&TE 2003 on our new computer (since this will once again make 3 computers) or have my three uses been 'used' and I need to buy another OS&TE 2003. I know I could get the 2007 version, but the school marm wants to use 2003.

A:Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003

pick_a_daylily said:

I installed Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 a number of years ago on three computers used in our home school. One of the desktops has died and am in the process of replacing it. Can I install OS&TE 2003 on our new computer (since this will once again make 3 computers) or have my three uses been 'used' and I need to buy another OS&TE 2003. I know I could get the 2007 version, but the school marm wants to use 2003.Click to expand...

Yes you can.

You could buy 3 new PCs' and do it so long as they were removed from first PCs' beforehand.
Dead PC is same as removed in this case.

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Hi everyone.....although I have many posts here, I am not a software person

I'm clearing out my closet and have run across this version of Microsoft Office....it's not in the original sealed box, but it is in the cd case, with product manual.

I'm certain I probably bought it for my niece who was going to school at the time, and she never installed it.

I'm thinking of giving it to my cousins who will want to install it on each of their computers (2 of them) --- and from all of my research, it "appears" that these shipped with a box that said "3 users" on the front.

Does anyone know for sure if they all shipped that way, or are there some that are one user only?

I don't wish to get the kids started early in attempting to install software on multiple computers

A:Solved: Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003

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I have Microsoft Office Student and Teacher edition, which I bought at retail and have installed on three computers. I am buying a new computer and would like to add it to that computer. I realize I will have to transfer the license key info to the new puter and deactivate it on the old computer. Does anyone know who you have to call to do this and how does it work in practice?

A:Office - Student/Teacher Edition - moving computers

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I am wondering if my processor is compatable with Windows XP 64-Bit edition.
Processor Info.
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz Version: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 Speed: 2793 MHz

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It say that it will work on up to three computers. If you install it on one computer and than have to re-install it on the same computer does that count as a use?

Is there anything people can do when they run out of the thee installs?


A:Solved: Question About MS Office 2003 Student Teacher Edition?

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Hey Guys,

I am getting a new computer next week with Windows 7. I have MS Office Student Teacher Edition 2003. I think I have one install left for it. My question is if I am able to install it successfully and do the product activation, will I get the Service Pack (MS Office 2003 SP-3) through Windows Update? Since Office 2003 is supported until April 8, 2014, I would assume yes that should not be a problem. I know I can also download the Office 2003 SP3 manually.

I don't want a newer version of MS Office, because I hate the ribbon. If I can't get MS Office 2003 to install and activate on Windows 7, I am getting Open Office.


A:Solved: Windows 7 and Office 2003 Student/Teacher Edition?

I have Office 2003 under Win7 and get the updates.
Kingsoft Office free is smaller and more like MS Office. Softmaker Office has some free versions and is very good even if you pay for it and they do educational Licences which are interesting. I have a paid for 2012 Softmaker licence £20 that allows Portable use on USB stick.

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Computer (Toshiba laptop) recently crashed and Windows 8.1 was reinstalled in France.
Unfortunately, all the MS Office commands on Ribbons (Excel, Word) are now in French!
I have tried all the recommended advice (forums, Microsoft) but in vain
First checked Windows has "English" as default language
Then, in Word under"Options Word" then "Standard" under "Parametres linguistiqes", under"Langue d'edition principale", "Anglais" is the only language shown
Any suggestions would be welcome


A:W8 - Change French to English & Office 2007 Student edition

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just need to know if anyone knows if my P4P800-e deluxe 478chipset motherboard could handle the P4 EE that i just bought.. i started a thread at the asus forum with no luck and my manual says that it will support all 3.2-3.6e intel chips.. it doesn't say that it won't support it and it doesn't say that it does..any help would be kool thanks guys

A:compatability of Pentium 4 extreme edition 3.2ghz

That's why Asus has a CPU Support list.

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I have a question that some of you may be able to answer.

My wife translates from English to Dutch.

She uses Word 2002 which I think is referred to as XP. As such she has no need to use any newer version. However she needs the Dutch Dictionary and requires the Proofing Tools Office XP CD, which is no longer available.

She doesn't need the new interface of 2007, but in order to get the proofing tools, it looks like that is the only way to go.

If we purchase the Student edition which is a good price from Amazon, can she use Word in the classic functionality. My wife is a touch typist and uses all the keyboard shortcuts and hardly ever uses the mouse. Its that functionality that she needs. She doesn't have time to learn the new functionality of 2007 and does not want to use mouse techniques as that slows her down so badly.

Is there a proofing tool for just the English and Dutch languages. The Office Proofing Tools Kit 2007 contains many languages including Dutch, but is very expensive. Anybody got any idea on that?

Thanks for any help


A:Solved: Office 2007 Home/Student edition & Proofing Tools

Well I have managed to sort the questions out.

For anybody interested, here are the answers.

It would seem that there isn't a Classic menu structure available. However the keyboard shortcuts that have been with Office since its inception, remain basically the same. Here is a link to all the keyboard shortcuts. http://www.keyxl.com/aaa367b/5/Microsoft-Word-keyboard-shortcuts.htm
So its hunky Dorey for my wife

I was able to purcgase though Microsoft the Dutch Lamguage Tool seperately for €31.05, instead of having to buy the complete Multilanguage version at £150. Here is the link http://buy.trymicrosoftoffice.com/b...&culture=en-gb&resID=tzlz5goHAisAAEXNdBIAAAAV
All you do is select the language you want and pay the money and you then download the language tool you have paid for. 900MB in size. Took me 9 minutes to download.

Finally for parents who have children going to school or university, you can buy various apps at silly prices (including Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 which includes
- Microsoft Office Excel 2007
- Microsoft Office Word 2007
- Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
- Microsoft Office Groove 2007
- Microsoft Office Access 2007
- Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
- Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
- Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
- Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
- Microsoft Office Publisher 2007)
All for the princely sum of £35 and you can put it on 2 machines. It is only meant for machines you have at home and Microsoft do checks to make sure... Read more

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Hey All,

Also are the 2007/2010 similar versions of MS Office (Home and Student Edition) restricted to installs on three computers only?



A:Solved: Question About MS Office 2003 Student/Teacher Edition's Install?

Jack1000 said:

Hey All,

Also are the 2007/2010 similar versions of MS Office (Home and Student Edition) restricted to installs on three computers only?


JackClick to expand...

I've edited out your first question as that is not something that we will help you get around. There are student versions of both Office 2007 and 2010. Generally the student versions allow for three installations but this would be specified when you purchase the software and it would be clearly indicated in the EULA as well.

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I am trying to upgrade my pc from windows xp 32 bit to windows 7 64 bit using the the error code comes up at random time i have tried the following
1 removing all usb devices
2 tryed to disable raid
3 removing all internal components apart from the HDD and the DVD rom
4 removing all but one stick of ram
5 tryed boot from usb
6 downloaded and tryed to install evaluation copy still the same

i really dont know what else i can try any help would be great thank you

A:error code 0x800705 when installing windows 7 upgrade student edition

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You cannot upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version.

If you want the 64-bit version it has to be a clean install.


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I have two PCs one had vista home and one had win2k pro. My main rig used the vista key during a clean install from the win7pro student edition disc. I upgraded the CPU, RAM, and mobo of the main rig and repeated the clean install using the vista key. And used the old parts and the case from the win2k PC to be my secondary rig. Different CPU, RAM, and mobo from what the win2k install was on. But I am using the HD win2k was installed to.

I had to delete the partition and create it again at the beginning of the win7pro install to the win2k HD, as the installer said it was not compatible with the partition or file system. Strange since it was ntfs created by the win2k install. Maybe 32bit vs 64bit had something to do with that. Anyways the installer is saying my win2k cdkey isn't a valid key at the end of the setup (went all the way past the first time use user account setup). Why is this happening and how do I fix it? All are valid authentic copies of windows and have multi-PC licences for install to more than one PC.

Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Solved: win7pro student edition clean install with win2kpro cdkey problem

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I have an HTC Wildfire and was wondering if it is compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Can anybody enlighten me on this topic?

A:Solved: Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC Wildfire

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Microsoft office home and student 2007 came with my computer.  I need the key because I reinstalled windows and then upgraded to windows 10.  Can I give you my service tag # and you could look it up for me?  Thank you.

A:MS Office OEM Product Key for MS Office 2007 (home and student edition)

The only location for that code would be on a card that shipped with the system - if you have lost that, you're essentially out of luck and will need to purchase a new license.

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Unfortunately, a while back I lost my links and I never did find all my lost gaming links. I need links to tell me Win2k game compatability and game hacks that will allow me to play games that would otherwise be problematic or impossible to play on Win2k! Can anybody help?

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i am trying to run pro engineer on my dell xps 210. i can start the program but when i try to use it, it just vanishes, any ideas please.

A:Pro engineer help

Is the machine powerful enough to run the program?

Have you had this copy installed on a different machine before?

What version of Pro Engineer do you have?

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I am using Firefox and had an auto upgrade. Since then my hard drive seems to be in a perpetual seek mode, two days. It has done this before but after an hour or so it would stop. I have "Acronis True Image Home" installed. I have two 500G hard drives installed. Task manager shows no appl running and no CPU usage.

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Hi can anyone suggest a solution to my problem.
I am trying to run Pro engineer wildfire 3 on my Dell XPS 210, it has a the standard grafics card that came with the machine which has 512 on board, i have upgraded the Ram to 4gb.
Proengineer installed ok and will start but as soon as i try to use the program it just vanishes . If i just let it fireup and stand there it is fine.
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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british gas alarm kp55010z

please can someone here tell me hjow to or what the engineer code is for this alarm? its a long shot but would be brill thanks.

A:engineer code?

don't know if this is you too...

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My pc has given up the ghost! The video drivers have now packed in along with many other problems. Does anyone now a good PC Repair Engineer in the North West Kent area (near Swanley)?


A:PC Engineer in Kent?

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I'm looking to purchase a specialist piece of software and am trying to search out any recommendations or advice from experiences you may have had. I work with AutoCAD and would like a package that can be used to analyse / model ground profiles to calculate the volume of earth contained within a section of ground.

In simple terms, I am looking for software to help with cut and fill estimating.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Help a Civil Engineer...

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Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know.

Note: This article is one software engineering writer's opinion - not every computer scientist or software engineer would agree that these are the "Top 10", but they do quite nicely for an article post here.

-- Tom

A:Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know

lotuseclat79 said:

Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know.

Note: This article is one software engineering writer's opinion - not every computer scientist or software engineer would agree that these are the "Top 10", but they do quite nicely for an article post here.

-- TomClick to expand...

Very interesting, Tom !

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I'm entering my junior year in college majoring in Computer Science but would like to eventually work as an IT Specialist or a Network Engineer in the future. What are some things that I can do or read that will help me to familiarize myself and get an early start in the networking field? Thanks.



A:Would like to become a Network Engineer but need some advice.


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Hi All,

I am interviewing some desktop engineers soon and as part of the interview I would like to do a practical test.

I am would like some of your recommendations / experiences of what practical tests you have ever had to do or given.

Nothing too simple, something challenging.

We use windows XP and Dell machines

Also maybe some questions to ask

Look forward to your responses.


A:Desktop Engineer interview

This is a good start: desktop support interview tests XP - Bing

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I have encountered those delightful folks who get call you out of the blue, try to make you think that they are from MicroSoft, and tell you that there are horrible things wrong with your computer (it's been sending out signals, you see) that only a Microsoft Engineer can fix, and they will make it all better and cover you for a year for around $200. Right, sure, and I'm a Surgeon General of the United States Engineer and I will keep your nose out of your ass for a year for $200.
But--I have been using Avast as my antivirus for some time now, and it seems to be effective and user friendly. But now I had occasion to call them, and they ran some diagnostics and told me essentially the same thing as the above-mentioned scam agents. Deep down in my computer, it seems--so deep that it would make no difference if I replaced the hard drive and installed the OS (Windows 7 currently) from a new disk, I think they said even if I replaced the motherboard), there are baddies that only a Microsoft &c &c. And of course they offered to do it for around the same price.
Now I ask myself: Is there really anything that Microsoft Engineer from Avast can do that, say, Bleeping Computer cannot? Is there really a subbasement in the bleeping computer that only God or the mighty MS Engineer can get to? I'm skeptical, and I would much rather have you guys run Hijack This and ComboFix and do whatever is needed, because I know from experience how good you are. What he found was a l... Read more

A:"only microsoft engineer can fix your computer" for $$$?

I've never had occasion to contact Avast! support, so I don't know what they do or do not do.  I will say that there is nothing a Microsoft Engineer can do that taking the steps that you stated would not accomplish.  If the problem can't even be resolved by replacing the motherboard then it just isn't getting fixed.  Guess you'll just have to switch to Knoppix
What is the problem that you are having?  I'm from the nuke and reload school of thought.

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I have recently been scammed with a transaction via PayPal but at the same time I was sent a file which I think was an attempt to take full control of my PayPal account.

It's a little kid that's doing this and he's using a VPN to access the Internet and a VPS to route the traffic of the RAT.

Is it possible to reverse engineer a Trojan at all to find some information I can send to his VPS provider to help track this guy down?

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Sorry for posting this in 'Multimedia', but I wasn't sure where else it might go. Our Sky unit went wrong, so a Sky engineer came out (friendly chap) and replaced the decoder. However, when you press the ‘Sky’ button on the Sky remote now the TV doesn’t switch to SCART anymore. How can I get this working again? Everything’s working fine, apart from the fact the TV won’t switch to SCART when you turn the decoder on. You now have to use the TV remote to enable Sky. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

A:Sky engineer messing up TV setup (help)

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Does anyone know what the options are for telecommuting in the Software Engineering field?

A:Software engineer telecommuting?

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