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Bios Problems and Video Card Problems! Experts come here! :D

Q: Bios Problems and Video Card Problems! Experts come here! :D

i bought a radeon7000 but when i put it in the mobo i don't get any signal at all. nothing, zip. and yes it's very well seated.
i recently fixed my bios (and ithought the aperture value may have needed to be changed) but even after bumping my aperture to 256 (it only has two settings 64 and 256) theres no change.

so what would cause a video card to have NO output?
and here's the basics of my comp:

tabor mobo
pheonix bios 4.x
working video card: voodoo banshee 16mg (AGP)
non working: radeon 7000 64mg (AGP)
anything else i will get to you ASAP!

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Preferred Solution: Bios Problems and Video Card Problems! Experts come here! :D

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Just had a pc built. First, they did not give me what I paid for: exchanging the parts I ordered and paid for with inferior ones. Made them fix it. [They did not know that I do the pc's at work.] Now?...my AMD Athlon 2500+ w/ASUS 333 was set wrong in BIOS: 1100 at 100/33 [easy fix]. I run Win 98. They say 98 cannot recognize the speed, reason for the Bios' low setting. [Funny, it works fine on all the systems I set up at work.] Then my DVD burner is recognized as a CD-R/RW and does not play nor record DVD's. Dr Hardware recognizes it as a Samsung CD-R/RW as well. None of the DVD software I use works. Also, the Radeon 9200 they sold me, which normally is a decent card, causes the system to freeze MANY times consistently, but they claim it's a "software" issue. Tried it on another pc with the same results. Used a video bench test and it froze on both pc's. It has never froze on several other systems I had set up prior to this. If the problem is at my end, what could I be doing wrong?

A:Bios settings? dvd burner?, video card problems?

sounds like a good place to avoid
i would be dumping it on their counter and aking for my money back,if you paid by card ask the bank to put a hold on payment till they supply what you paid for

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Hi, I bought 2 Latitude 3570s at the same time last year and both have this vertical line screen problem this month. Warranty just expired at the start of this month. I'm still waiting for one of them to ship to me to take a look at. The other one I have here, I connected to a vga monitor and the monitor shows this exact screen as the one on the laptop. When I move the mouse, that square on the screen moves along with it. I don't see the Dell logo on startup.
I removed all attachments, usb mouse, power, and battery for 30 seconds and replaced it and it's working now. Maybe temporary. Anyone knows what can fix this? I'll try update to the BIOS 1.9.0 after this post. Thanks in advance!

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aiight, i have an AMD Duron processor, with a PCCHIPS K7 333 Motherboard. I assume that it had integrated video which worked for some time.

One day, while trying to get my DVD-ROM to work, i got a message kinda like this.

"You need to disable the TV Out function to work PowerDVD player"

stupidly and accidently, i shut off my videoadapter.

for about a week now, ive been trying everything to get it to work again. Everything up unitl the Windows XP welcome screen works, but then blackness. I know my PC still works, i can hear ths Windows XP start sounds and stuff.

i tried following a keystroke scenario, from holding the Windows Logo button and pressing R, "typing devmsgmt.msc" going to device manager and enabling it, but no avail. The best shot i had according to my friend was to install a different Video Card, and then using that one enable the old one. yet,i i installed the card in the AGP slot and i still the get the same problem.

I tried changing the Primary Graphics Adapter from PCI to AGP, which did nothing.

And then also tried to disable Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA, just to see what would happen. Nothing.

Idk what card i have, but i know it should be decent enough to run XP. Its not the best kind of card either, its just one im borrowing.

It had a black heat sync on it but no places to hook up wires and no jumpers to which i can see.

Im stumped.

A:Enabling Integrated Video by using a new Video Card...problems


Try pressing f8 during boot, go into safe mode.
If you are unable to get into safe mode, then
it seems to me you may need to reset cmos.

I'm assuming you have a normal boot screen prior to XP

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Hi, I'm having a problem. I've tried everything I know of or could find in a couple days of searching.

Since installing a new power supply & video card, my PC is having frequent slowdowns. The mouse will freeze for a few seconds and then teleport across the screen, typing text (like this post) will have occasional freezes and then catch up, etc. In online gaming (City of Heroes) the video will stutter. Also, the sound stutters, both in the game and when playing system sounds and MP3s. Ingame, the sound and video both stutter at the same time.

My first thought was heat, so I installed a program called RivaTuner to let me see the video card temperature. It hovers around 36-37 degrees celsius when web browsing, and has risen as high as 44 degrees while gaming. I haven't gamed for more than two consecutive hours yet, so it may go even higher. That said, the fans seem to be doing a good job of removing the heat, and the problems are about the same regardless of temperature. According to what I've read, for a video card anything under 60 degrees is good.

I opened the device manager and uninstalled the old video card driver. There were no hardware conflicts and DMA was not disabled. DirectX is updated to 9.0.

Drivers: the new video card came with a CD that installed nv4_disp.dll, which Windows XP says is unsigned. On the off chance the card didn't come with the latest driver, I downloaded the most recent one I could find from the MSI website, but it... Read more

A:New video card causing video, audio problems

You are using an AGP video installed with a PCI express video card?

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this is what im dealing with. i installed windows 7 beta 7227 build. i cant find a sound or graphics/video to work for this thing help. i need to install the correct drivers. i think its nVidia but im not for sure just plz help

Machine name: REEKVICIOUS-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, Build 7227) Service Pack 1 (7227.winmain_sp.090602-2110)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation
System Model: Dimension 4550
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz, ~2.0GHz
Memory: 512MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 512MB RAM
Page File: 411MB used, 1123MB available
Windows Dir: D:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7227.0000 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 1: This computer cannot play audio because the Windows Audio service is not enabled. Use the Sounds and Devices Properties control panel to enable audio. No sound card was found. If one is expected, you should install a sound driver provided by the hardware manufacturer.
Input Tab: No problems found.

DirectX Debug Levels
--------------------... Read more

A:Windows 7 video card and sound card problems

Windows 7 Ultimate RC build 7100 is what you should be running. There are no service packs for pre-release OS's from Microsoft. Did you install Windows 7 on this Dell or did someone do it for you? Your installed memory is much too low for Vista, not to mention Windows 7. If your system won't run Vista properly, DO NOT install Windows 7 pre-release

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Hi guys thanks for taking the time to look at my post.Basically i recently have done a reinstall of windows xp but the system cannot seem to be able to find the systems video card drivers and i have checked on the properties under adapters and the whole list says n/a so i have no way of find out what drivers i need to download. I have an emachines 5250 if that is any use.
thanks in advanced


A:Generic video card video card problems!! need help =)

I did some searching for you for a driver, but I did not find one. I think your best option is to purchase a new video card and install it. Remember to disable the built-in video in BIOS.

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I have a Radeon HD 4650 graphics card. When I had it in my computer I do not get BIOS options and my monitor is dark until the welcome screen, without it in I get these options. Also if I force shutdown my computer I do not see the safe mode 'countdown' screen but without the graphics card I do. I need to have my card in so I can enter BIOS and select it over the current graphics im using. Anyone know how to make it so I can solve this problem? Thanks.

A:Graphics Card Causes BIOS Problems

Need more information about your motherboard brand/model and BIOS.

Why don't you put the card in, but still connect your monitor to the onboard graphics VGA/DVI/HDMI connector from the motherboard? That way your BIOS will see the external HD4650, but will also put out what you say is still coming out through the onboard graphics chip.

If you have onboard graphics, and you're trying to go to an external video card of the HD4650, isn't there an "auto" setting in the BIOS? I would think that should detect the presence of an external video card and use it over the onboard graphics.

Anyway, for the moment I'd leave the monitor connected to the onboard connector if you say connecting it to the HD4650 isn't working. Then you can make your BIOS adjustment, and then re-connect and reboot and you should be there. Yes?

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Hi, about 2 days ago I turned on my pc and many weird things started happening...
first it took a lot of time for the explorer.exe to load, so the desktop or taskbar didn't appear until after maybe 10-15 minutes. Then, the taskbar looked really weird, it seemed like it had been cut horizontally, so you couldn't get to see the whole lower part of the taskbar (and it wasn't the screen size config... since I tried changing that and it didn't work). I thought it might be some kind of virus, so I opened Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and I got the following message:

Run-time error '372':

Failed to load control 'vbalGrid' from vbalsgrid6.ocx. Your version of vbalsgrid6.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

Then also I noticed I can't paste anything anywhere... or drag things, so I can't copy paste things or cut-paste things... then since yesterday I no longer have a taskbar... and I also can't use the search function (not even when I go into My PC and click on the search icon... a frame appears on the left, just as it should, but it just stays blue)
Also, when I go into taskmanager, and go to processes the Username under all processes is blank (except for one: Inactive process... under SYSTEM) when normally many of them were under Administrator and others.
And finally, I can't open windows media player... and when I open iTunes i get the follow... Read more

A:windows explorer problems, audio/video problems, vbalsgrid6.ocx problems...etc.

no one? please?

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Hi, about 2 days ago I turned on my pc and many weird things started happening...
first it took a lot of time for the explorer.exe to load, so the desktop or taskbar didn't appear until after maybe 10-15 minutes. Then, the taskbar looked really weird, it seemed like it had been cut horizontally, so you couldn't get to see the whole lower part of the taskbar (and it wasn't the screen size config... since I tried changing that and it didn't work). I thought it might be some kind of virus, so I opened Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and I got the following message:

Run-time error '372':

Failed to load control 'vbalGrid' from vbalsgrid6.ocx. Your version of vbalsgrid6.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

Then also I noticed I can't paste anything anywhere... or drag things, so I can't copy paste things or cut-paste things... then since yesterday I no longer have a taskbar... and I also can't use the search function (not even when I go into My PC and click on the search icon... a frame appears on the left, just as it should, but it just stays blue)
Also, when I go into taskmanager, and go to processes the Username under all processes is blank (except for one: Inactive process... under SYSTEM) when normally many of them were under Administrator and others.
And finally, I can't open windows media player... and when I open iTunes i get the follow... Read more

A:windows explorer problems, audio/video problems, vbalsgrid6.ocx problems...etc.

someone help.. please?

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my tune up utilities detected problems with int15 that the device is not working properly. when i checked the device manager, non-plug and play drivers int15, this message i got " the system encountered the following error while attempting to start the service. the system cannot find the file specified. how can i fix the int15? it cannot be updated....i don't know if this is related to the problem that my other programs, like ACDSee, FIFA game, encarta student etc, although they are still installed, and their installation folders still intact, they are not opening properly and they are requesting to reinstall especially the encarta.
all of a sudden the task bar freezes....then when i restart the explorer.exe, the task bar doesn't move back to its non-freezing state............another explorer.exe related problem, everytime i shut down the laptop, explorer.exe is preventing the shut down, if i tried to force the shutdown, it is stuck in the logging off then freezes, it never shut down.
DVD-ROM driver
when burning data, it functions well but when i place a DVD like DVD with movies, it cannot read the dvd as if there is no dvd, i think there is a problem in the driver, is there a good driver for DVD rom?
please help me, and please use words that even newbie like me can understand, thank you

A:Problems...need help from experts

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .... Seems like you have messed up your Registry ... Please run a System Scan and Post back the Results ...

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Then please Uninstall Tuneup utilities ... Run a Scan with Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner ...

Some of your Drivers might be corrupted we can address that problem .. Once you have done the above Steps ...

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Hey everyone, Im kinda new at this community, but I am very desperate for help. I have been trying to run a couple of Sims games on my computer, but they keep crashing while I play. I think it has something to do with my video card. My card is a Radeon 9600, and I have already updated my drivers but the games still dont seem to work. I have tried everything from closing background tasks to uninstall and reinstalling and nothing seems to work. Any ideas? I need help if anyone knows the answer to my problem please let me know. Thanx.

A:Think Im having video card problems

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Unfortunately my crystal ball doesn`t appear to be working right now lol

Go HERE and read this post.

Also, could you please be a little more specific, I.E which Sim`s games are giving you the problems? and when you say that they are crashing, what exactly do you mean?

Does your machine fit the minimum system requirements for the games in question?

As much background info as you can provide will help us to help you.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hello Right firstly sorry for the length of this post. Below are my comp specs for assistance

Sempron 2400+
1.5gb DDR Ram
GeForce fx5500 256mb
Soundblaster Audigy 2
250 & 200gb Maxtor HD's
16x Samsung Writemaster DL DVD rewriter
Direct X 9.0c installed
Graphics Driver Nvidia Version 169.09 (beta driver) I have also tried the non beta latest driver to no avail.

Okay here's my problem lies, a few months ago I did a complete re-install of my pc. I upgraded my graphics card driver. Before doing this it worked fine. On the DxDiag.exe it says I have no problems with drivers etc. (this was also tested on a laptop which plays media file fine. I don't seem to have any problems with any of the games I am playing.

When I play dvds on any media player it doesn't work in full screen mode (except real player). On my cyberlink dvd (version 7.3) player it doesn't play at all, all I get is a dirty black screen with sound, may sound strange but if I move the window that it is playing in the picture it flashes up.

I looked on windows troubleshoot and it advised me to turn off hardware accelerating and write combining in the control panel. I did this and everything played fine ie AVI's and DVDs in full screen. Once I turned the accelerater back up a tab at a time it worked up till the DirectDraw and Direct3D accelerations were enabled.

PLease someone help, if you need anymore info please state what, thank you all in advance

A:Video Card Problems...

Oh one more thing when i installed the beta driver for my graphics card my media players did work, but I had a few problems with the speed of some on line games so i reinstalled it and the media players stopped working.

PLease someone help me..... I'm loosing hair!

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My friend is having a problem with his video card and Im not too sure about intel graphic cards.

His computer has the Intel 82810E graphics card. He deleted his old drivers and installed the latest drivers then restarted, he still is unable to use 32bit, he says he can only use up to 24bit. Is this graphics card unable to use 32bit or is there something he forgot to do?

A:Video card problems

Hi and welcome. That is onboard video. My best guess is that it isn't capable of 32 bit. If he's trying to play games that need 32 bit color, he is more than likely going to have to buy a "REAL" video card

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Sorry if this has been asked before (and I'm sure it has), but I have searched for an answer and didn't find one.

I just bought a new Nvidia GeForce 7200 GS, and I updated the drivers a little bit ago. I'm mainly trying to run a game, Assassin's Creed, to be specific. I have tested my components at: http://www.nzone.com/content/nzone/srl/nzone_srl.asp/. My system passed and nothing failed the minimum requirements, everything was OK, but I'm still getting frames skipping and it seems to be worse than before, when I had my ATI X1300.

I'm not very good at graphics options, so Anti aliasing, Vertical Sync, and things like that don't make much sense to me, but I just did some standard configurations to my card, but still makes you cringe at the sight of this game running.

Any tips you all can give me would be greatly appreciated, or if I would need to upgrade anything, please let me know. Thanks.

A:Video Card Problems

it seems to be worse than before .....Click to expand...

This implies that you were having problems prior to installing your new video card.

If this is the only game that you have problems with then the problem would seem to lie with the software ( game ) rather than your hardware.

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Hey all... kinda new here but I got some problems that just came up (and I'm suspecting it's my vid card)

I've had this computer for almost 2 years, P4 2.26 GHz, 1024 MB DDR ram, Geforce 4 ti4600 Video Card, running on Win XP Professional.

About two days ago I tried to alt tab into a game I had running in the background and my monitor went blank (like I had turned on sleep mode or somesuch) and I couldn't alt tab back out, so I restarted. Upon restarting a bunch of random character were all over my boottime black screen, and they stayed there throughout (it was mostly 0's in columns, with random misplaced characters in the actual sentences). The comp then restarted after Win XP got past the scrolling bar screen.

I rebooted and went into Safe mode and the comp has yellow / blue lines that run up the screen, and they move around as I move the mouse. After about two-3 hours they went away and I was able to restart the comp in normal mode, but they came back again today.

I'm wondering if it's overheating for some reason... I'm not sure why it would (it's never done this and I haven't tweaked anything in the 2 years I've had it)... the lines made me think the refresh rate was messing up or something. I also tried reinstalling the latest drivers from nvidia.com.... no help.

Any help on this would be MUCH appreciated... :\

A:Problems with my Video Card

Have you tried a restore prior with a date prior to the problem, It may be that it is a video driver problem and that may take care of it.

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i really need help!!! my computer always restarted windows said it was the cards driver so i updated it and guess what? the same thing!!! so i got a friend to replace the card but my computer still dose it and im so confussed about what to do!!!

A:video card problems

well first off you neewd to be more descriptive. I couldn't even amke any sense out of that statement you made up there.

Try to be as descriptive as you can about the problem and obviously try and be as detailed as you can about what you have done so far in attempts to fix it.

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I am having a problem that whenever I start an app that (I think) needs hardware acceleration it fails to start. What I mean by this is that it will show the "intro" and then the screen changes to the app background color but blank.

The apps include but are not limited to:
Tile Puzzle
Word Hunt

The only error that I am getting is from Copper. I think that this started when I installed the ATI X1400 drivers and software, none of the software is running but it was able to set my resolution to 1920x1080 (I prefer 1440x900 but it wouldn't do that much!). The other problem which I think is the same is that when I go to the start menu half of the time it will be blank until I go to "Search" the apps and from there go to the start menu.

My specs are below.

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance!

A:Video card problems? Or is it something else?

Sorry, I forgot to include the error!

And my screen resolution is 1920x1200 not 1920x1080.

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I posted this over in the OS forum so it might not have been the correct place originally, sorry.

I have an "older" Dell. Sorry the model number escapes me as I am at work at the moment. Anyhow the other night the display started acting funny. By funny I mean it still appears to work but the display has lines and other stuff running through it Can still make out the desktop but there are what looks like lines (one pixel wide) of color some, overlapping, some constant, some flashing, most evenly spaced. I thought the monitor was shot but I switched monitors and get the same type of display. Tried booting in safe mode and still the same thing. Even at start-up (DOS level??) still get what could be best described as a weird characters displaying.

Running windows XP. No new hardware has been installed in the comp for about the last year. A few weeks back I did buy I Nikon film/negative scanner and installed the accompanying software but that is it.

Chance it could be the video card or something more? Card is an ATI Radeon 9800 with 128 MB of DDR memory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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i just built a new system
AMD athlon 64 3500+
EPoX nforce4 sLi motherboard (no onboard graphics)
512mb ddr ram
leadtek geforce px7300 gs 256mb turbocache(pci-e video card) monitor will not come on when hooked to it

i put an old pci video card in and the monitor reads it...windows picks up the pci-e card and asked for drivers and i installedbut the monitor still wont come on.....i set initial display in Bios for pci-e and still nothing....help please...

A:pci-e video card problems

bump please

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My system:

Epox EP-7KXA with AMD K-7 700 MHz
128 MB RAM (one slot)
20 GB Maxtor HD
Diamond Stealth III s540 Extreme with 32 MB
Diamond MX 400 Monster Sound Card
Diamond SupraMax 56K Modem
Acer Re-writable CD 4x6x32
Creative 52x CD-ROM
Windows 98 SE

The problems are with the video card (I think) When I boot up windows 98 It goes to the startup and locks I have removed everything from the startup folder and then rebooted - then it locked mostly when more than one window was open. I also see some small 1" long lines on the screen in various places they look like left over window borders. I have tried reinstalling windows. I have obtain current BIOS settings from Diamond-didn;t work. I updated all drivers from diamond and epox - didn't work. I downloaded the latest DirectX 8.0 Drivers-didn't work. I took out the video card and checked that all contacts were ok and tight.

I did however find out through trial and error that if I put the 3D accelerator to none in the control panel I can atleast work with windows but my games such as NHL99 and Tigerwoods 2000 are so slow and choppy I can't play them. They will run better with the 3D accelerator at full but sometimes i get the same lockups before entering the programs. I have also checked the temperatures of CPU and System - CPU @ 75F and System 66F and still locks up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Kevin aka. SilverBullet

A:Video Card Problems

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Okay, here's the story:

I just purchased a bunch or new computer parts online. I got an ASUS P4C800E-DLX motherboard and an ASUS Geforce FX 5900 256MB. I have an older monitor, it's a 17" TVM AS6S and when i plug the monitor into the VGA port on the video card it doesn't display anything. The monitor flickers like it's trying to change resolutions but the screen just stays black.

The video card also has a DVI-I port and an adapter for it. When i use this the screen works but every so-often the picture will become all distorted with artifacts all over the screen and the monitor will sometimes just go black after this. And i have to reboot the computer, sometimes a couple times to get the picture working properly again.

Does this sound more like a problem with my monitor than my video card?

A:Video Card problems

Do you have another monitor to test with? If, when you change resolutions or refresh rates, your monitor acts odd, it's most likely that your monitor can't support the new settings. Try to eliminate the guessing game by trying another monitor. Then, if you have another computer, try using the video card in there and see what happens.

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Okay, so heres the skinny... I just joined this place to get some assistance on this subject, and to help out where I can in the future, easy enough huh? I wanna get my computer fixed before I start going on about the olden days though.

My computer did something funky earlier today, I turned it on, everything loaded up fine and dandy, until it got to right before the desktop. Then my keyboard and my monitor flashed and went blank. The lights on the monitor were still on, but there was no signal.. and well.. my keyboard just stayed blank. (It has done this before, but a restart usually fixes it.)

Now I tried rebooting several times, and no avail, each time to the main desktop, then blank... however, when I try to boot up in safemode there are NO problems, and my video card works fine!

Any help?!?

A:Problems with my video card

Sounds like a corrupted driver... try an XP repair, if you are running XP... and what are the computers specs?

XP Repair:


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Hey! I just got a new GeForce 4 Verto 64MB DDR Video card. I followed the instructions VERY carefully and got everything right. But when I go to install my video drivers,right in the middle of the install it goes, WINDOWS XP HAS DETECTED THAT THIS DOES'T HAVE A CORRECT SIGNATURE or something like that and I press continue anyway,it installs it and asks me to reboot. After I reboot,I come on to the desktop and now i have green dots all over it! Everytime I play a game too,green dots. I tried downloading MANY dif. drivers too,but still green dots all over. What do I do ?

A:Video Card Problems

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I just recently bought a new graphics card (ATi Radeon x1300) and made sure everything was installed properly. Then I removed the old graphics card drivers and replaced them with new ones along with updating DirectX 9.0c

The graphics card seems to be working just fine, however, when i play games, I can hear everything working perfectly and smoothly, but it's dark and all i see is sillouettes (if anything). I tried running NFS and even the words on the menu screen were blocks. And i ran FEAR, but at least the menu appeared normal, but gameplay was all black except for the smoke, prerendered in-game tv screens, etc...i'm all out of ideas. Any help would be very appreciated!


A:New Video Card Problems...help?

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Im trying to fix a friends comp, the first problem, (and hopefully the only one) is it boots fine, and after the XP loading screen, the monitor goes into standby mode.(as if the comp has been turned off) But the comp is still running. Any ideas?

Im also fixing a second comp for him, and I cant get any picture from the start. Ive tried multiple video cards, two of which I know work, and still nothing. Any ideas?

Please respond to these problems as Comp A (the first question) and Comp B (the second question)

As always, thanx for all responses.

A:video card problems?!?

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I stumbled upon this site while trying to self diagnose why my computer isnt working and i think this place is awesome! So here is my problem... I have a dell Dimension 8300, its kindof older i bought it in 2003. At the time, it was cutting edge, tons of RAM fast processor, all that. The only work i have ever done to it was replace the video card (with a new NVIDIA card) so i could play a video game that my computer at the time couldnt support. Well, I get home from work yesterday, and it apperars that my computer is in sleep mode, just like every other time i come home. i shake the mouse and it doesnt wake up. So i kept shaking it for a while and tried to tap the keyboard and still nothing. The weird thing is, the computer is runing, if i hit 3 keys on the keyboard at once my speaker will make the windows noise like when it doesnt want you to do somethig (DING!!) And if I hold the power button it will shut down and i can hear the shutdown jingle as well as when i hold it to turn it back on. So I thought maybe its the monitor. I check all the connections and everything looks good. When i completly disconnect the monitor from the computer, i get the error message on my moniter telling me there is no signal, and when i plug it back in, it goes black and the power light turns orange. like its in sleep mode. I am thinking it may be my video card only because when i installed it a year ago I it never realy worked properly, ie. when i use the scroll bar it wouldnt scroll smoothly i... Read more

A:Video Card problems??

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I have a Raedon 7000 32 mb card that I am trying to install. I have used the drivers on the cd that is came with. The problem is that my display is set to dual monitor mode. The primary monitor is the on bord video. I am trying to disable the dual monitor mode and make the video card the only video in the system. Any suggestions

A:PCI Video card problems

Right-click on the desktop and click Properties, then go to the Settings tab. Do you see a box with the number 1 and a box with the number 2? If not, then just reply back and I'll try and find another solution, but if you do, try this.

Right below the boxes is the word Display, along with a drop-down box. click the arrow in the box and see what is listed there. If you see something like Radeon 7000, then choose that one. Click the box next to "Use this device as the primary monitor" if you can (it may be grayed out).

Hit apply and see if that puts the monitor onto the 7000.


PS: If you run into any problems, just post back.

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Alright guys, I'm having a big problem with my video card. Everytime I have it connected to my computer, the monitor won't turn on. I mean... it turns on, it goes all the way to the windows loading screen. When its finished loading, the monitor says "no signal" then it sits in idle mode.

When I take the video card out, and run the monitor through onboard it continues to work again. Only problem is, I can't play any of the games I've been planning on.

Any suggestions?
Edit: My video card is a GeForce FX 5800 512mb

A:Problems with the Video Card


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well i bought a video card like 2 weeks ago.... pci HIS Radeon X1550 and i plugged it in wouldnt work screen was black like my when my computers off BUT it was reciveing a signal cause it didnt say signal not recived... then i noticed on the box that i needed a bigger power supply which i have now and then when i tryed installing the driver again it said that the disk cannont find a compatible driver

A:video card problems

download the driver from the manufacturers site

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My set-up:
C400 Mhz; 192mb Ram; 20gb; Riva TNT 2 AGP 32mb; Windows XP Pro. (Yeah, I admit, the computers a gimp.)

Problem is, I cannot get any 3D acceleration to work at all. I downloaded the latest Detonator drivers from the Nvidia website, but when it tries to install, gives me a "Not Certified" for Windows XP message, when I downloaded the Driver labeled Windows XP. When I try to update the driver through Device Manager, it seems to be going well, then it says "Could not Start Device". I never encountered this problem before.

It plays games in Software mode well. I checked the fan on the card and it is working. I have no idea what the problem could be. Thanks for the help!

A:Video card problems..

The drivers that are guaranteed to work with XP say WHQL. Try only to download those, and only download drivers from the NVidia web site, unless you have a reason otherwise.

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Emachines laptop m2350
Ram:512 mb
CPU: 2800+MHz
Free Hdd cpace:47gb
Video card: ATI Radeon Igp 320m
Problem:My sims 2 game , everytime it runs, it freezes time to time and forces me to turn my computer off improperly. It also runs slow, graphics don't run smoothly throughout the screen.
Sims2 Game Requirements:
OS: Windows (XP,95/98,ME.....)
Video card: DirectX 9.0 compatible(i.e. nVidia Geforce 2 or greater or ATI Radeon 7200 of greater)
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Hard drive space: at least 3.5 gb
CPU: 800 MHz or greater
My computer seems to meet all of those including DirectX compatibility.
If you could research ATI Radeon igp 320 M that would be great because then you would be able to help me a little more. I don' know what to do , whether to buy new video card or just leave it.
P.S. I did driver updates from ati website in the support. It didn't seem to affect it. (CATALYST 5.1 drivers) My card is igp family for windows xp . Thanks for your time. I would appreciate some feed back.

A:video card problems

IGP= Intergrated Graphics Port. While the ATI is most likely better than some others it is still going to leave you hanging at times. The Sims might just need more than the chip can give.

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Anytime I start up my computer I get the money signs. My video card is not working right as in I am stuck in windows basic and can't get the resolution to go past 1280x1024. I can't run anything that uses openGL or direct x. A friend of mine said it might be in the bios but I'm not sure that it is. I tried completely uninstalling my video card drivers with Driver Cleaner Pro but it changed nothing. If anyone has any idea what the money signs mean then please answer and I really hope my card isn't fried
I'm using windows 7 with an nVidia 9800 Gt

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I just moved my computer, and everything was working fine, but now videos won't play--meaning Apple.com's trailers have sound, but no video, my mpeg files play for a second then go dark. I can't play starcraft because the screen is black--but CS:Source works, however, its a little choppy. When i go into my nVidia control panel, I go to "adjust video settings with preview" but the sample video is blank.

as well, when i boot up, the screen is black until i enter my username and password.

gah. what has happenedd?!?!

p.s.: the omnipresent multiple restart has yielded no success.

A:video card problems... maybe?

open computer make sure all cards/cables ext.. are all the way seated. try another power outlet of the house.

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Hi. I'm having a problem with my video card and I cannot figure out what it is. It's sort of a long story, but I'm hoping that someone who reads it might be able to diagnose my problem, though I know it's hard without actually taking a look at the computer. Anyway, here goes...

I was playing a game on the computer about a month ago, and suddenly the monitor and speakers simply stop. The monitor goes blank and says "no signal," and the speakers stop as well. I re-booted, and fiddled with the video card a bit, but nothing could make my monitor or my speakers respond at all. The computer itself was still running. The lights were on, the fans were running, and at first glance one would assume that there was nothing wrong with it at all.

I automatically assumed it was either my power supply or my video card. I tested my power supply, however, and it tested ok. A friend gave me a loaner card, not nearly as good as my ATI 9800 PRO, but sufficient enough. I plugged it into the same slot (the VGA slot) and it worked fine. Note that the 9800 PRO was powered by a molex adapter, while the loaner card (I don't know exactly what kind of card it was) was not.

Later, I decided to send my broken card in for a repair, since my warranty was still valid. However, I wanted to make sure that it was broken first, so I removed the loaner card and plugged it in again. Sure enough, it was unresponsive. However, I was surprised to find that when I plugged in the lo... Read more

A:Big video card problems

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I recently purchased a MSI P6N SLI motherboard, 2 gb of ADATA DDR2 800 ram, and a EVGA 7600GT PCI 16x. I put them together paired with a 3ghz Pentium D and got it to boot. However, the Video does not respond. My moniter remains in standby mode when I boot. I have tested a PCI card as well and it does not respond either. I cannot do anything until I find a solution that I hope isn't RMAing the MOBO.

If you know how to fix this please post a reply!

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AMD 64 3500+
epox nforce4 sli
leadtek geforce px7300 gs
512mb ddr

The video card will display on the tv but not on my monitor....im not sure if its
the vga connector on the card or what....the monitor works on other video cards....its getting annoying someone help please

A:Video Card problems


if you have the nvidia control panel installed check if its set to single display and if the tv is set as the main display

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I recently installed a new video card to my Dell computer. I'm running 2000 pro on it.... 256 meg ram and a little 500 mhz p3... The card was an ATI Radeon 32meg... The problem I'm having is with all aspects of the card. No display problems or anything... I installed a game shortly after the card called Star Wars:Force Commander... relatively old game. For some reason I can't play it or any 3d type games now.... Also my DvD playback does not work, I get a message saying that my video card is insufficent to run the movies... Some games also give me that message... Any help will be greatly appreciated!... Thanks.


A:Video Card problems

Have you downloaded the latest windows 2k drivers and installed


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just bought a Radeon HD 2400 Pro AGP card to put in my system so that I can play Warhammer online and Battlefield 2142. Having problems getting it to work right. It works fine for games like Diablo2 and World of Warcraft who's requirements are less to run the game, but I either get the blue screen of death or the computer restarts when I try to play Warhammer and BF2142. tried the drivers that came with card, and also the ones from the VisionTek site(they put the card out) and still have no luck. have uninstalled drivers and hardware completely and retried with no luck. I'm stumped by this one.

A:Problems with new video card

Your new card may be defective...

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I have my spare computer in my shop, in my garage, I use it for music, and a little limited Internet usage, over the past month, we've had some Hurricanes and Storms. I use it probably once a month, I tried it over the weekend, the power supply was bad, I put a new power supply in, everything worked fine, except for my monitor, I tried the monitor "via" my laptop, it worked fine. I took the video card out and reinstalled it, still not working, I'm assuming my card is bad. Any thoughts, would be great.


A:Video Card Problems

Remove the power cord
Take the addon Video card out
Hold in the ON switch for 30 secs
Put the card back in, securely
Plug in, turn on

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Currently I am using an ATi Radeon 9600 Pro. Theoretically, the card is great. When I am not having problems with it, all my games look amazing and everything. However, I HAVE had a TON of problems with it. I guess I'll just list them rather than explain them all.

1. VPU Recover error, or - the VPU crashes incessantly -FIXED by reverting to 3.9 drivers.
2. Inability to use any driver higher than the 3.9 version. Current available version is 4.7.
3. Specific games have severe video related errors, probably caused by my inability to not use the current drivers. Games include: KOTOR, SWG, (occasionally) WC3, UT2k4, to name some.
4. Still having rare VPU crashes. VPU Crashes increase by about 400% when using any driver past 3.9.

Current system:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
GIGABYTE K8N Pro Mobo w/ nForce3 chipset
RADEON 9600 Pro (AGP 8x)

I'm not sure if I've really fixed the VPU Recover problem or just taken the error message away. In any case, this card is driving me insane. Any suggestions?

A:Problems with video card

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I have a Gateway Essential 633C, with a Slim line case. The integrated video card has gone bad and when I attempted to use a regular PCI card, it wouldn't fit in the case. I attempted get a replacement from Gateway, but "Surprise, Surprise!!!" they only carry 1 replacement ($250). Will any low profile card work? Thanks

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Well recently I wiped my computer. And now my computer isn't recognizing my video cards. I think it is because i dont have the drivers but the problem is I dont know what video cards I have. Is there any way to figure that out?

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Hey guys, two nights ago I was going to play 3d ultra cool pool, a game on my computer, and it worked fine, so did Diablo 2. But today when yesterday when I went to play cool cool, the screen would click *sometimes it does that when you play a game or something, it clicks and goes black, then the picture pops up) it did that like usual, but this time, it clicked again and nothing came up. it went to the desktop where, on my taskbar, the cool pool thing showed, and when I clicked it, it just clicked again. It was a running process but not a task (when you go to end tasks) weird eh? and diablo, starts off normal then the game starts to load but as if it were in the background, when I move my mouse, I could see the icons, also larger than normal. I'm guessing its my video card or gaphics card thats causing this. do you guys agree?

A:Maybe video card problems?

try to update the drivers for the video card first...do you have a different monitor to try..

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Hi, I'm having difficulty with my AMD Mobility Radeon 7500. Whenever I play "Flyff" , which is an online mmorpg, after like 5 minutes of game playing, the computer starts to lag and finally just freezes. Once it's frozen I have to restart the computer, then it says some kind of numbers and a severe error statement. The statement says, thread_in_video_driver_x039483 or some kind of numbers like that. Pleaz help me, I love this game and would love to keep playing it but I don't want to risk blowing my computer. I have tried to update the driver but it says that I cannot update the videocard. I have a dell latitude C640 with a 30gig hardrive and 640mb of ram. I have windows XP professional Service pack 2. Neeed heellpp!!!

A:Video Card problems

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I have an hp pavillion, about 2007. It came with Windows vista, and using that I got games such as garrys mod and civilization 4 from steam, and they worked fine. Recently upgraded to windows 7, and it appears that the computer cannot find my graphics card. I have some form of nvidia (I forgot which, because the computer can no longer find the specific kind anymore). I think it may have something to do with windows 7 on my computer? Here are the messages I got when I tryed to play civilization, and later when I tried to download graphics drivers from nvidia

Whoever can help me will forever be in my heart, this is pissing me off.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , 32 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-56, x64 Family 15 Model 104 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1982 Mb
Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 144231 MB, Free - 84534 MB; D: Total - 8393 MB, Free - 11 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 30B7, 65.28, None
Antivirus: Sophos Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

A:Video Card problems

I have a 6600GT that doesn't work with the newer nvidia drivers.
I had to back up to the 186. drivers.
If you scroll down the nvidia download page,you should
see a link for beta and archived drivers.
Really would help to know the model of the card.
Might try siw to see if it can identify it.
Just click the download link for the free version.

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