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Error Installing IE11 Update KB2977629 for Windows 7 x86

Q: Error Installing IE11 Update KB2977629 for Windows 7 x86

Windows 7 x86, downloaded offline installer IE11-Windows6.1-KB2977629-x86.msu (need the last version of IE11 because older versions don't work correct with some software) getting an error, something like "not suitable for this computer" (sorry, don't know the exact translation to english). Before I also installed IE11-Windows6.1-KB2929437-x86.msu as it was told in KB article.

In the event logs i see the error because of 2149842967:
Source: WUSA
ID: 3
SFC /scannow shows no errors

Also there is an update which can't install and shows error 9c48
Computer in corporate network, all updates are installed with WSUS. Other computers don't have this problem, only this one.

I tried to uninstall IE11 with the command FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart" - after that I couldn't install it again. had to recover from the latest recovery point.

Also I installed the Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x86 update, which should fix some problems, but it did not happen

Preferred Solution: Error Installing IE11 Update KB2977629 for Windows 7 x86

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Error Installing IE11 Update KB2977629 for Windows 7 x86

I'm low on knowledge in this area but I did find something from Microsoft.
Seem like that update is for Server.

Download Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer for Windows Server 2003 (KB2977629) from Official Microsoft Download Center

System Requirements

Supported Operating System
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2
This update applies to Internet Explorer with the following operating system:Windows Server 2003 Family

From your post.#1

not suitable for this computer

Don't give up their might be someone that can help you get around this problem.

Your system specs need to be filled in completely. You are only showing this.

Computer type PC/Desktop
OS Windows 7

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Windows 7 service pack 1 x64 my os.
I cannot install this update, i tried all the possibilities, system update readiness tool, sfc /scannow, check disk for errors, install manually without windows update, reset windows update, clean boot. I have of course all others updates, the problem it's only with this one. Error 80073712.

A:Ms14-052 IE 11 update kb2977629 cannot install error 80073712

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)

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My system is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1.
I cannot install this update kb2977629. Error 8007000D.

A:Ms14-052 IE 11 update kb2977629 cannot install error 8007000D

2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info CBS Opened cabinet package, package directory: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\930a324311385633cb50ce65c6afe319\, sandbox location: \\?\C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\930a324311385633cb50ce65c6afe319\inst\, cabinet location: \\?\C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\930a324311385633cb50ce65c6afe319\ie11-windows6.1-kb2977629-x64.cab, manifest location: \\?\C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\930a324311385633cb50ce65c6afe319\inst\update.mum
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info DPX Started DPX phase: Resume and Download Job
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info DPX Started DPX phase: Apply Deltas Provided In File
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info DPX Ended DPX phase: Apply Deltas Provided In File
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info DPX DpxException hr=0x8007000d code=0x020201
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info DPX Ended DPX phase: Resume and Download Job
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info DPX DpxException hr=0x8007000d code=0x020217
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info CBS Failed to extract file update.cat from cabinet \\?\C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\930a324311385633cb50ce65c6afe319\ie11-windows6.1-kb2977629-x64.cab [HRESULT = 0x8007000d - ERROR_INVALID_DATA]
2014-09-20 21:23:07, Info CBS Failed to extract package catalog \\?\C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\930a324311385633cb50ce65c6afe319... Read more

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Hi guys.

I'm having problems installing the "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-bases Systems (KB2977629".

Error code 80073712

Some things I've tried after reading several forum post:

-I have tried downloading it with WUD (Windows Updates Downloader) but this didnt work either.
-I have also tried downloading and running Windows6.1-KB947821-v33-x64 (MS Update Standalone Package) that could help with some issues. This didnt help either.
- Also I've ran Registry Revivier ( purchased the software - It didnt do anything )

A strange thing: If I look into my installed updates (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features --> Installed Updates) I can find the Secutiry Update KB2977629 listet. But I cant uninstall it - to try a new installation.

I have read that a windows repair could do the trick (given Error code 80073712), but this is a problem for me:
Windows in installed on a PCIe "drive" (OCZ Revodrive), and when I boot on my Windows ISO (or DVD for that matter) the repair-function can't find my windows. Even if I "Add drivers" and manually feed my OCZ drivers, the repair-function does not find my windows installation. When installing windows (fresh install) the installationprocess finds my OCZ easily, when manually adding the drivers. This is very strange.

Anyway .. Does anyone have some tips for me? I would like to install this security update.

SFC /SCANNOW gets... Read more

A:Windows Update failure: KB2977629

Did a CHKDSK C: /R (rebooted and let checkdisk run). Afterwards SFC /SCANNOW ran fine .. "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations".

But Windows Update still does not work. Sadly I smell a reinstall (?).

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I have been working two Windows 7 x64 update failures. After jumping through a hoop or two turning off the avast service, I have tried to update these packages after a clean boot and still failed. I have run the SRUT and SFC a few times each (interlaced, one after the other) before zipping up the CBS you see here.
Here are the two items and their error code information. Attached is the CBS.zip file after removing all 5 cabs to fit under 8 mb.

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2977629)
Installation date: ?10/?6/?2014 8:03 AM
Installation status: Failed
Error details: Code C004F01F
Update type: Important

Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2977728)
Installation date: ?10/?6/?2014 7:56 AM
Installation status: Failed
Error details: Code 800B0100
Update type: Recommended
Thank you for your time and assistance. Hopefully I may learn of the cause and the steps you will reply with, so I may deal with this issue on my own next time.

A:Windows 7 x64 Update Failures (KB2977629,KB2977728)

Here's the error-list from the CheckSUR log...

Unavailable repair files:
servicing\packages\Package_2_for_KB2977728~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.... Read more

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I have run Bitdefender Antivirus scan with updated virus definitions.
I have run Malwarebytes with updated virus definitions.

I have run the System Update Readiness Tool. It ran to completion with no errors. It didn't create a file called CheckSur.log. I have searched the entire drive and I looked in:

I have run:
sfc /scannow

I have run a Win7 Update in place.
I have updated all MS updates except for IE11.

The Windows update error I am getting is:
Code 9C59

I have attached the CBS.log to this post.
I have run this BAT file to search for errors. Nothing showed.

findstr /c:"[SR]" %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt
start Notepad %userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt
DEL %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log
I have run MicrosoftFixit.wu.Run.exe, Rebooted and tried Windows Update again.

I have run this bat file before the last Windows Update:

@echo on
msiexec /unregister
msiexec /regserver
net stop bits
net stop WuAuServ
net stop appidsvc
net stop cryptsvc
Del "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr*.dat"
Set i=1
If exist "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution.old_%i%" (
set /A i=i+1
goto again)
Set x=%i%
ren C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old_%x%
Set i=1
If exist "%systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.old_%i%" (
set /A i=i+1
goto again2)
Set x=%i%
Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.ol... Read more

A:Windows update failed Code 9C59 installing IE11

Pleasefollow the WindowsUpdate Posting Instructions and post the requested data
If the file is too large (8MBcompressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file isbelow the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (theforum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)

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Hello all,

I have followed steps 1 and 2 in your posting instructions (Windows Update Posting Instructions) and I would like to upload the CBS.zip file from step 4, but it is 11.7 MB and the forum limit for a zip attachment is 8 MB. I still have it so let me know if there is another way to deliver it.

My problem is getting the error Code9C59 during a windows update. I have been getting this for a couple of weeks now. The important update regards ie11, the optional one is ie10.

(Superfluous information: Normally I wouldn't care as I don't use ie to browse, but I have been trying to update my Battle.net Agent so I can continue playing Diablo3 and it gets an error BLZBNTBTS00000028. This started a few weeks ago coinciding with the update, and through my investigations after checking the standard stuff like internet being on and Blizzard not being down, that this battle.net error may happen because windows is not fully updated, and ie11 is the only important update not completed. Thus my struggle with ie11. Just FYI because maybe the info migth help you or you have come across the battle.net error and can give extra insight into that.)

Please help me overcome error Code9C59.
Thank you for the attention!

A:Error Code9C59 during windows update for ie11

Delete the oldest CBSPersist cab files from the archive, and try the upload again once the size is bellow the limit

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During update, W8.1 restarts, and goes to the boot screen. Then gives this error:
We couldn?t complete the updates, Undoing changes. Don?t turn off your computer.

All updates that were installed get undone. And if you install updates again, it will do the same thing. The reason is because of one update:
IE 11 Windows 8.1 - KB2962872

Has anybody else had this problem? Anybody know what to do?

A:IE11 Update Error KB2962872 Windows 8.1

Originally Posted by crimson

During update, W8.1 restarts, and goes to the boot screen. Then gives this error:
We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer.

All updates that were installed get undone. And if you install updates again, it will do the same thing. The reason is because of one update:
IE 11 Windows 8.1 - KB2962872

Has anybody else had this problem? Anybody know what to do?

I had this problem with Online Armor firewall installed. Temporary uninstalling Online Armor fixed it.

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Hi everybody, how are you?
I finished disinfecting an Acer laptop running Windows 7 64-bit but still need some help.
I cannot update to IE11.  I keep getting the error code 9C59 in Windows Update.  I reverted even back to IE8 - no luck!
Please help!!!  

A:Windows Update Error Code 9C59 (IE11)

Go here and make sure you have every update listed.

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WIndows Update - again :-(
WIndows 7 Ultimate X64 on HP Envy DV6!!. Ive been installing Win 7 for the last couple of days (!). Nearly at the end with all updates OK except IE11

Windows update dies with error 9C59 so I tried a standalone install of IE11.
The IE11 Log all looks OK except
00:04.384: WARNING: Checking version for C:\Windows\System32\api-ms-win-downlevel-user32-l1-1-0.dll. The file does not exist.
I looked and a file with that name is present in the directory
04:28.821: ERROR: SQM Upload failed while uploading "C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\SQM\iesqmdata_setup0.sqm" with error: 2147500036

I ran SFC /scannow and it reported no errors
I've tried the SURT but SUR.log reports no errors

I ran windows update again (same result) for the CBS log (Attachment 331674) It reports a number of KBs missing but when I try to install them windows says they are already installed. COnfused, I give up!!

I would prefer to have a clean install before putting an image in the bank so are there any suggestions as to what I can to to get IE to install.

Thanks in advanceploCBS file Ive give up. Best I managed was 30% before

PS after a lot of attempts at uploading the CBS file. Best I managed was 30% of a 6MB zip! Sorry.

A:Windows Update fails with error 9C59 on IE11

Pleasepost the C:aWindows\Windowsupdate.log and C:\Windows\IE11_main.log files

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Hello everyone. It's been a while... I finally changed my laptop 'cause its GPU got burnt and they gave me a brand new Lenovo Z710 i3-4000m with a GT 745M (not bad). Anyhow, while updating after a new installation of Windows, every single one update got installed successfully except one (partially, you'll see what I mean): the notorious IE11 which always comes up with error 9C48. And I say partially because I HAVE IE 11 installed successfully the first time I installed it, through Windows Update (exhibit A & B below)!

I know that I am making much fuzz for nothing now 'cause I could just hide that update and go on with my life. But I know that's something is not right and it's a shame to begin a brand new installation of my precious Windows 7 with errors.

SURT installation completed successfully (KB947821), sfc /scannow didn't find any integrity violations, I have included only the CBS.log and CheckSUR.logs on my .rar file because I exceed the 8.00 mb limit with the CBS_Persist .zip folders. Thanks in advance for everyone's time to read my post. Peace out \/

A:IE11 error code 9C48 through Windows Update

Sounds to me like a corrupted store somewhere - but before we start messing, let's have a look at some other files...
Please upload the following files.

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This is on a friends Lenovo B520 running Windows Home Premium 64 bit.

I've found that this PC has been failing to install updates for some time now. It's still running IE9 - I can see previous failed attempts at installing IE10 and now it's failing to install IE11 in the Windows update control panel.

I've run the SURT and sfc /scannow

The CHECKSUR.log lists 127 corrupt MUM and Cat files but I'm unable to locate good versions of these to start attempting repairs. I've attached just the log files from the CBS folder as including the CABs meant the attachment was too large.

Thanks for any help you can give.


A:Windows update fails to install IE11, error 9C57

Here's the summary from the CheckSUR log...

Seconds executed: 4517
Found 254 errors
CBS MUM Corrupt Total count: 127
CBS Catalog Corrupt Total count: 127
Luckily, they all appear to relate to one update - or I'd have been reluctant to attempt anything short of a repair install.

The SFC results appear to have rolled off into the Persist files - please post the two latest CBSPersist files so I can take a look at them.

I'll post a fix for these file later (maybe tomorrow, though)

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A couple of months ago this system had problems with KB2918614, which, when installed, would cause all MSI files to fail to install. In the process of fixing that, I used System Restore several times to roll back to different points.

After I discovered it was KB2918614 and uninstalled it, things were fine. (Until it reinstalled itself again later and I had to remove it again.) This month, Windows Update would never finish checking for updates. I went into Add / Remove Programs to see if KB2918614 had installed itself again, but that listed no installed updates.

I tried SFC /scannow and it wouldn't run.
I tried System Restore and it didn't help.

I manually created HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Version according to this: Windows Modules Installer Error:126 - Microsoft Community and then things started to work (Windows Update, SFC, and updates being listed in Add / Remove Programs - though only a few were listed).

Now an optional update (IE11) refuses to install - it gives error code 9C48. (IE 11 is already installed.)
Additionally, KB2871997 succeeds, but keeps showing up.
It also doesn't seem like I got the latest batch of patches - only a few items were listed when I checked for updates, though I'm not sure about this.

CBS.zip attached.
The CBS directory has 5 cab files that aren't included (they make the zip file greater than the 8 MB limit):
CbsPersist_2014100717... Read more

A:Windows Update IE11 Error 9C48; KB2871997 Always Redected

The CheckSUR log shows this error...

Checking Package Watchlist
(f) CBS Registry Error 0x00000002 Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\PackageDetect Failed to open store key
SFC/CBS shows the following error...

2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Starting TrustedInstaller initialization.
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Fallback code servicing stack search path during setup...
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS TI found cbscore.dll at: C:\Windows\servicing\
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Failed to load Core DLL from path: C:\Windows\servicing\\cbscore.dll [HRESULT = 0x8007007e - ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND]
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Failed to initialize CBS Core. [HRESULT = 0x8007007e - ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND]
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Ending TrustedInstaller initialization.
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Failed to initialize Trusted Installer. [HRESULT = 0x8007007e - ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND]
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Starting TrustedInstaller finalization.
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Trusted Installer core was not initialized.
2014-11-12 21:02:30, Info CBS Ending TrustedInstaller finalization.
2014-11-12 21:02:53, Info CBS Starting TrustedInstaller initialization.
2014-11-12 21:02:53, Info CBS Fal... Read more

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I have been trying to use windows update for ie10. I always get a Code 9c57 error. Now that ie11 is out, I have been trying that update with the same error. I have tried all the suggestions that I could find around the internet.

Hardware: Dell XPS M1330 laptop
OS: Windows 7 64bit

As per the suggestions for this thread, I have attached my CBS.zip file.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

A:windows update to ie10 and/or ie11 problems, error 9c57

Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs
(w) CBS Catalog Expired 0x800B0101 servicing\Packages\Package_11_for_KB2729094~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
(w) CBS Catalog Expired 0x800B0101 servicing\Packages\Package_5_for_KB2647753~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
(w) CBS Catalog Expired 0x800B0101 servicing\Packages\Package_for_KB2732500_SP1~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
I don't recall ever seeing this error before.

I'll have to research it.

back tomorrow - hopefully!

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I am having an issue that it looks like many other have run into trying to upgrade from IE8/9 to 10 or 11. Other Windows Updates go through fine but anytime I try to install IE 10 or 11 via Windows Update or from the offline installer it fails with the error 9C59.

A little backstory on this in case it helps.... We have a VDI environment so this is on our gold image. Months back we updated IE8 to IE9 but found that we were having compatibility issues with an internal web app and had to downgrade back to IE8 (via uninstalling the IE9 installed update). It appears that I can still re-install IE9 but anything beyond that fails with the info above.

I've tried many of the suggestions out there such as reinstalling the readiness tool, resetting windows update agent, etc but no luck so far. The interesting thing that I found is if i start fresh with this update again (so i start with IE8) , the "turn windows features on / off" shows IE 8 as an option to toggle on/off. However after I try the IE11 install and it fails, i still have IE 8 installed but the "windows features on/ off" window shows IE11...so its almost like it ALMOST gets there and fails.

Either way, if theres any help someone could have for this I'd greatly appreciate it! i'm happy to try and scans / logs that might help

thank you


A:Windows 7 32bit cannot install IE10 or IE11: Windows Update error 9C59

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)

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I'm having no luck installing KB2977629 (Cumulative Security Update IE11). I repeatedly get the error 8007371B.

SURT installs with no errors. SFC /SCANNOW runs with no errors. I am uploading the requested screenshots and ZIP file.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!!!!

PS- well, I WAS uploading. My screencaptures upload great, but my CBS.zip fails with "Server error 500".
My zip file is 9.6mb-- over the 8mb limit. What can I delete from the directory to get under the 8mb limit?

Attachment 333111
Attachment 333112

A:Update Error Code 80073712-Cumulative Security Update IE11, Win 7(64)

I've found a way to get the CBS zip uploaded. I divided it into 4 parts. All of the CBS folder's files are included. Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Attachment 333122
Attachment 333123
Attachment 333124
Attachment 333121

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When I try to install KB3182373, a "Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight", Windows Update reports failure with the message "Code 643 Windows Update encountered an unknown error".
I ran WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab. It reported that "Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem".
What can I do to fix this? I'm running Windows 7 Professional.

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Hi seven forum members,

i'm having a problem while installing ie11,
the error code is 9c57 when installing ie11 only.

but when i update via windows update i get the error:

My cbs log's are included, if someone can help me out it would be much appreciated.


I cant upload the attachment it's too big, so i uploaded it on my own site.


Hicham Tghanimt

A:error code 9c57 when installing IE11

Your SFC log is interesting - something had ripped out WIndwos Defender (or MSE?) by the roots, instead of just switching it off.

The remaining errors after SFC had fixed those, are caused by KB3022345, and can be ignored - although KB3068708 will update that one, and cause the same errors in a higher version number.
If you want to clear those errors, uninstall KB3022345, and hide both that, and KB3068708 so that they don't reinstall until MS gets around to fixing the errors.

The background CBS data gives some interesting errors, which I don't recall seeing before...

2015-05-16 19:57:10, Info CBS Failed to open online software key. [HRESULT = 0x80070013 - ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT]
2015-05-16 19:57:10, Info CBS Failed to get SOFTWARE registry key. [HRESULT = 0x80070013 - ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT]
2015-05-16 19:57:10, Info CBS SQM: Failed to get SOFTWARE key from session. [HRESULT = 0x80070013 - ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT]
2015-05-16 19:57:10, Info CBS Warning: Failed to apply SQM sample policy for package: Package_7_for_KB2506014~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ [HRESULT = 0x80070013 - ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT]
2015-05-16 19:57:10, Info CBS Failed to open online package store: Packages\Package_7_for_KB2506014~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ [HRESULT = 0x80070013 - ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT]
2015-05-16 19:57:10, Info CBS Failed to get key for store object type: 2 [HRES... Read more

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Been trying to update my IE from 10 to 11, but I haven't succeed.
I've already tried the Microsoft's stuff 'bout downloading the installer there, the required items... But it didn't work.
What should I do?

A:Error 9C59 when installing IE11 Win7 x64

Hi lollapasion, welcome to 7F!

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all of the prerequisite Windows Updates: http://Prerequisite updates for Internet Explorer 11 | support.microsoft.com/kb/2847882

Use this tutorial: Windows Update - View Update History Details to get to and check, but, in step #2 instead of clicking on "View Update History" go to the bottom and click on "Installed Updates", then check the prerequisite"s against what you have installed. If any are missing install them and see if you can then install IE11.

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Hi everybody

I get windows update error code 2 on installing Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 on Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 x64 (KB2978128)
I have also some other errors installing Internet Explorer 11.

I have used "sfc /scannow" command but it didn't find any integrity violations. the CBS log is attached.

I have also used SUR and the log file can be found attached to this post.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Windows update error code 2 on installing security update .NETF 4.52

Not as bad as I thought from the file size of the CheckSUR log...

Seconds executed: 626
Found 40 errors
CSI Manifest All Zeros Total count: 40
Unavailable repair files:
winsxs\manifests\amd64_microsoft-windows-ie-lowreg_31bf3856ad364e35_10.2.9200.20916_none_0f2b73186e1... Read more

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I can't update to IE11 from IE9
Error 9C59
Enclosed CBS splitted file
Window 7 pro
Intel i 7-3820
Motherb Asus P9X79 pro
Memori 8 Gb Corsair
Disk n. 3 raid5 1Tb ST1000 DM003
Nvidia geforce GTS450
Thank you for help

A:Can't update to IE11 9C59 error

Your Zip files appear to be broken - how did you create them?

You cannot simply split files.

You need to copy the entire CBS folder to your desktop, then remove the older CBSPersist files, compress the rest and upload the compressed file without changing it in any way.

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I have 7 email accounts on our Exchange server for different business and personal roles.  I have always used OWA instead of Outlook to segregate accounts on my desktop.  For quick logins I have been using "Keyboard Express"
Macro program  to insert USER and PASSWORD into OWA.   With some update applied in December 2015, Keyboard Express no long works on most of my Macro hotkeys because the IE hotkeys have taken precedence.  Such as ALT-H and other.
This same think happened to IE11 when I ran the Windows 10 upgrade 2 months ago, so I restored Win7 with a disk image to get rid of Window 10.
Is there a way to assign precedence between a Macro Program and IE11 Hotkeys ?

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Hi all,

I have been trying to update IE 11 with 0 success. The error code I'm getting is 9c57. I am also getting the same updates to install from Windows Updates immediately after I download them. I will list them below. When I went into the "turn on and off Windows features", it was showing IE9, but the current version I'm running is 8.0.7601.17514. Windows Update has IE 9 as an optional update, and IE 11 as an important update. Neither one is working. Also attached is the CBS.zip file. Any assistance would be great. Thanks!

Windows Updates that keep showing up to install:

KB 2871997
KB 3004375
KB 3031432
KB 3033929
KB 3045999
KB 3046269
KB 2882822
KB 2952664
KB 3068708

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Hello, I have just reinstalled Windows 7 Starter on my Asus Netbook. I have spent yesterday installing updates and there is one update that is giving trouble.

It is the update for IE11 for Win 7. It fails with the error code: 9C48

The only third party programs I've installed is Chrome

The CBS.zip file is over 9MB so the forum will not allow me to post it. The result from sfc /scannow was:

Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
I could upload the zip to dropbox or Google Drive if that would help. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I've uploaded the CBS zip to google drive. Link here:


A:IE11 update error 9C48 Win 7 Starter

Hi and Welcome to Seven Forums,

Take a look at this tread on the same issue - Windows Update Failure Error Code 9C48 Unable to Fix. - Microsoft Community

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Good Afternoon,

I am running into issues trying to upgrade to IE11. It looks like there are several issues in my CheckSUR Log, but I am not sure how to fix them. I have ran SFC /scannow a couple times and no errors have been identified. I have been having this problem for a couple months now and have just been using Chrome. I have also had several issues with the Aero Effects and Themes as I have to troubleshoot that multiple times a day.
I am receiving error code '3FD' from Windows Update regarding IE11.

Attached is my log.

Thank you in advance for your help!

A:IE11 Update/Install Issue - Trying to Upgrade to IE11

hello and welcome skohon now personally I would download IE11 Download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 from Official Microsoft Download Center - it says on my machine I already have it if yours does the there is something quite wrong.

If it is not on your machine then you save the above to downloads and then do what is in this Install or uninstall Internet Explorer - Windows Help

I have done this myself on odd occasions and it saves you having to muck around with updates.

First you might like to run this though in safe mode if necessary
Disk Check and run the /f and /r switches if necessary.

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Well the thread title says it all. I've done quite a bit of scouring the web to try and find a solution as this seems to be a common problem that others have experienced. But I've somewhat hit a dead end and would appreciate any help/suggestions for alternative remedies.

Here's what I've tried so far:

All the steps/sequences suggested here.

Including the MS Community thread also referenced in the link above.

Post #1 in this thread describes my issue almost exactly. Most of the suggestions there are things already tried in the subsequent links above.

I read another interesting proposed fix in this thread (post #4) but am reluctant to try it for fear of mucking anything else up.

What I know at this point:

At first, IE8 was only installed and W-Update would find IE9 and IE11 but they would both fail on install. Through many of the proposed fixes above, I was able to get IE9 installed (don't ask me how). I then ran the standalone IE10 installer and that went fine . So I tried W-Update for IE11 but that failed out on error 9C47 again. What's also strange is that IE10 now shows up as an "optional" update. Stranger yet is that Installed Updates in control panel doesn't show any IE being installed at all. And Turn Windows Components On/Off is just flat out blank. I've attached a couple log files (CBS and IE11_main) that I thought might be useful in troubleshooting this issue. The IE11 log indicates that KB2729094 is not downloaded or not present. But I've... Read more

A:The Infamous IE11 Update Error 9C47 (Win7 SP1 64-bit)

I'm guessing those who have read this are just as stumped as I am then?

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I have a new laptop running Win7 Pro SP1 64-bit as its operating system. It came with IE8. I've been applying the dozens of Windows updates that keep showing up, and they all seemed to apply successfuly until I reached the IE11 update/upgrade. That's when things got weird.

-It kept saying that it had failed, with an error code of 9C48.
-If I restarted, it tried to reinstall the update (which failed) and then when I would re-run Windows Update it would show the IE11 update as an important pending update to be applied.
-However, when I would launch IE and check the "About IE" info, it showed that I was running IE11 not IE8. It was as if it was sort of installed but not fully.

Through internet searching, I stumbled on a couple of your threads. I hadn't read the warning about "don't try acting on advice given to another user" yet so I tried some of the suggestions as follows:
- I installed and ran the System Update Readiness Tool. The CheckSUR and CheckSURpersist logs both show "no errors detected."
-I ran System File Checker (sfc /scannow) and the result was that "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations." (If I had known about "verify only" I would have run that, but this was my first exposure to this tool.)
-I doublechecked a list of IE11 update prerequisites, and it looked to me as though all the required updates were installed.

Here's where I got brave (or foolhardy?):
-When I scanned some of... Read more

A:Another IE11 Update failure - Error Code 9C48

Here are some of my log files - CheckSUR, CheckSURpersist, IE11_main and windowsupdate.

I assume you may want to see my CBS logs, but I will need some help getting you what you want. I wound up with 1 CBS log and 5 CBSpersist logs, and when I zipped the folder it was 171MB in size which is way too big to upload here. I can try zipping the individual files to see if any of them would be small enough to upload.

FYI, I'm not an IT person and I have minimal experience knowing what I'm seeing when I try to read a log file. So please keep things simple where you can.


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Hello All,

I having an issue with updating my Window SP1 with IE11 and some other updates. I have tried all possible combinations mentioned on the forum threads, but with no success.

In the interest of saving time,I have installed the SURT tool and the log files are attached for your reference.

Would appreciate any help in resolving this issue.


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It fails if I try and update IE11 from microsoft.com directly or do it through windows update.

This is a new build, with a fresh install of win7, the current IE is 8.

Any ideas!?

EDIT: I feel I should mention that I don't want to actually use IE11, it's just that windows update keeps automatically trying to install it and fails, every single day, time and time again.

A:IE11 update fails with 'Code 9C59' error.

I should also add that I have done both the SURT and SFC scan.

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Hello, I am attempting to install a Windows Update for Service Pack 1, and cannot do so. I'm running Windows Ultimate x64 bit, and need the Service Pack to run a couple programs I cannot run without it - namely Dolphinx64 netplay.

That being beside the point, I have attempted to run the ISO file downloaded from the Microsoft website and have attempted using the online Windows Update in my system. I also tried manually upgrading my Windows 7 using a x64 Windows 7 ISO install file and selecting "upgrade", but it didn't let me because I "can't upgrade a 64-bit system to a 32-bit system" and "can't upgrade a 32-bit system to a 64-bit system". I got both of these errors at the same time - so that's a dunce.

I also used the System Update Readiness Tool found at :

Fix Windows corruption errors by using the DISM or System Update Readiness tool

and it didn't work either.

As stated in the title, the error code is 80070490. Attached is the CBS zip file asked for in the instructions for posting. I couldn't copy the CBS.log file -- and all the times I attempted to take ownership didn't work. If required, I will try again to get it. For the time being, I used an elevated command prompt to open the CBS log via notepad with a notepad command, and copied all contents into a notepad and included that with my .rar.

I also ran sfc /scannow before uploading this all, so that has been done as well.

Any help is much appreciated, and thank you in advance!

I'm g... Read more

A:Error while installing Windows Update, error 80070490

SFC managed to do some significant repairs ...

Line 20851: 2014-11-10 20:47:03, Info CSI 00000470 [SR] Repairing 12 (0x000000000000000c) components
Line 20852: 2014-11-10 20:47:03, Info CSI 00000471 [SR] Beginning Verify and Repair transaction
Line 20855: 2014-11-10 20:47:03, Info CSI 00000473 [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:28{14}]"iassdo.dll.mui" of Microsoft-Windows-Networking-Internet_Authentication_Service_Iassdo.Resources, Version = 6.1.7600.16385, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL (0), Culture = [l:10{5}]"en-US", VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the store, hash mismatch
Line 20858: 2014-11-10 20:47:03, Info CSI 00000475 [SR] Repairing corrupted file [ml:520{260},l:46{23}]"\??\C:\Windows\System32"\[l:20{10}]"user32.dll" from store
Line 20859: 2014-11-10 20:47:03, Info CSI 00000476 [SR] Repairing corrupted file [ml:48{24},l:46{23}]"\??\C:\Windows\SysWOW64"\[l:18{9}]"slmgr.vbs" from store
Line 20860: 2014-11-10 20:47:03, Info CSI 00000477 [SR] Repairing corrupted file [ml:520{260},l:46{23}]"\??\C:\Windows\System32"\[l:18{9}]"slmgr.vbs" from store
Line 20863: 2014-11-10 20:47:03, Info CSI 00000479 [SR] Repairing corrupted file [ml:520{260},l:46{23}]&qu... Read more

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new to this forum, my apologies if I've missed any of the conventions for posting. I have been dealing with a persistent error 800b0100 error when trying to update to service pack 1 for Windows 7 Professional. I've tried running Mircosoft FixIt in aggressive mode and have ran the SUR tool numerous times with no success. Attached is the CBS folder, there were 8 0x800F0900 errors as well as 8 0x00000000 errors in the system update readiness log. I'm very stuck as to what to do next, any help greatly appreciated!

A:Windows 7 Update error when installing SP1 error 800b0100

Lets run these two

Chkdsk /F /R

Open up an Elevated Command Prompt. Click on in type CMD . Right click on CMD under Programs (1) choose . On the User Access Control window click on the Yes button . Command Prompt opens up to C:\Windows\System32>_

Type the command below

chkdsk /F /R

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Hi there guys!

I've noticed you have helped people before having the same issue I am. When trying to running windows updates (service pack 1) I am getting the 800B0100 error. I have tried all the "Microsoft" fixes (FixIt, SUR tool etc), but no luck. I have run the sfc /scannow and have the CBS log (although I have no idea what it all means). Can anyone help me find a fix please????

Many Thanks,


A:Windows 7 Update error when installing SP1 error 800b0100

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
If the file is too large (8MB compressed), remove the older CBSPersist cab files until the final file is below the limit - you can always post them separately after zipping them. (the forum doesn't allow the upload of bare CAB files, for a number of reasons)

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I just noticed that all the important/recommended updates for my computer are failing for some time. The updates relates to

1)Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64-based Systems (KB976932) with Error Code 800B0100 .

2)Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3004469)
Error details: Code 800B0100

checkSur results were as follows:

Checking System Update Readiness.
Binary Version 6.1.7601.22471
Package Version 26.0
2015-10-08 01:49

Checking Windows Servicing Packages

Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servicing\Packages\Package_1_for_KB3004469~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ Line 1:
(f) CBS Catalog Corrupt 0x800B0100 servicing\Packages\Package_1_for_KB3004469~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servicing\Packages\Package_for_KB3004469_RTM~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ Line 1:
(f) CBS Catalog Corrupt 0x800B0100 servicing\Packages\Package_for_KB3004469_RTM~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servicing\Packages\Package_for_KB3004469~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ Line 1:
(f) CBS Catalog Corrupt 0x800B0100 servicing\Packages\Package_for_KB3004469~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~

Checking Package Watchlist

Checking Component Watchlist

Checking Packages

Checking Component Store
(f) CSI Manifest All Zeros 0x00000000 winsxs\Manifests\amd64_microsoft-windows-gc-win7rtmtosp1_31b... Read more

A:Windows 7 Update error when installing SP1 error 800b0100

I would recommend completing this tutorial exactly so our expert can have a look.

Windows Update Posting Instructions

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Failed Cumulative Security Update IE11 Win7 Home Prem SP1 x64; Error 80073712
I've been getting this failed update since the Sept 2015 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 11, but I use Chrome instead since I can't install the security update. I tried to uninstall IE11, using two methods but that didn't work. The IE11 security update failures began with KB3087038 in Sept 2015 and have continued through KB3104002 released in Dec 2015 . Other Windows 7 updates that come up have been successful, except for the update to Windows 10 which also failed, starting in July 2015. I have run the system update readiness tool (took about 20 minutes) and sfc /scannow tool (took about 15 minutes) - it found some unrepairable components which I am uploading here; and also found a list of 9 CSI Manifest Failed Catalog Check items in the CheckSUR file. Eventually I want to update to Windows 10 but am guessing that I may have to fix these files before the upgrade will work. I have pasted the CheckSur file here for quick reference in case this may help. My CBS log zip file after compression is over 1GB so I am not sure what I should do.
If anyone can help me fix this, I would be very grateful!



A:Failed Cum Security Update IE11 Home Prem SP1 x64; Error 80073712

Hopefully the problem is easy to solve. The next time that you get the update, right click on it. Then click on hide. You should not be bothered again.
(If the right click does not work try a left click)

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I can't find this error listed anywhere on MS Support

A:80070643 error installing Windows 7 update

Hello suzzaw and welcome to the forums

Could you follow the instructions please: Windows Update Posting Instructions


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Tried all the usual Fixit steps found while searching for 800B0100 error.
Here are the CBS logs.
Thanks for the help.

A:Update error 800B0100 when installing Windows 7 SP1

There are a number of corrupt files, according to CheckSUR -

Unavailable repair files:
servicing\packages\Packa... Read more

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6022 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, -1988 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 514829 MB, Free - 206045 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway, DX4870
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Error 80070490 is the message. I did Microsoft fix-it, which said it fixed the error but did not. I did a sfc/scannow and got a message it saw something wrong but it did not fix it. Where to now? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Error installing windows update

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I believe you are on the right track when saying to marvinnash33 that the Error 9c59 problem is a missing WinSXS IE9 assembly.
Cannot update to IE10 (or 11) Code 9C59
I tried to uninstall IE9 and return to the default IE8 included with Windows 7. Cleaning out temp files lost the original IE9 Install folders, so I used a MS-FIXIT utility named MicrosoftFixit.ProgramInstallUninstall.MATSKB.Run.EXE

That MS-FIXIT fails on the IE9 uninstall with the SAME errors reported in the DISM Log and IE##_MAIN Log as found with the IE update/install failure.

DISM.Log error

2014-04-17 23:21:54, Info DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=4976 Error in operation: (null) (CBS HRESULT=0x800736b3) - CCbsConUIHandler::Error <-------BAM!!!!!! ERROR 0x800736b3 = "The referenced assembly is not installed on your system."
2014-04-17 23:21:54, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=4976 Failed finalizing changes. - CDISMPackageManager::Internal_Finalize(hr:0x800736b3)
2014-04-17 23:21:54, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=4976 Failed processing package changes - CDISMPackageManager::ProcessChanges(hr:0x800736b3)
2014-04-17 23:21:54, Info DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=4976 Loaded servicing stack for online use only. - CDISMPackageManager::RefreshInstanceAndLock
2014-04-17 23:21:54, Error DISM DISM Package Manager: PID=4976 Failed while processing command add-package. - CPackageManagerCLIHandler::ExecuteCmdLine(hr:0x800736b3)

The DISM Package Manager ch... Read more

A:IE9 IE10 IE11 Update Error 9C59 & Kernel-EventTracing/Admin EventID 2

Let's have a look at your CBS folder and WU data.

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data - also upload the C:\Windows\windowsupdate.log file

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The Problem:
The July 2016 Cumulative Security Update for IE11 (KB3170106) Update Fails to Install, giving Error code 80073712. All other updates installed successfully.

AFAIK no malware or other suspicious symptoms, besides a random CHKDSK on boot up a few days / week ago, where it had to repair a tonne of file indexes etc. Could be related, otherwise all seems fine.

Operating System:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1.

Fully updated besides KB3170106 (This update. Fails) and KBs 2952664, 3021917, 3068708 and 3080149, which I have hidden (Just telemetry crap I believe?).

What I've Tried:
? CHKDSK (Now comes back clean). - Log Attached.

? SFC /Scannow (Detects errors, unable to repair). Also tried this from Safe Mode, and the Repair Mode Command Prompt on my Windows Boot disk, same result. - Log Attached.

? System Update Readiness Tool - (Detects errors, unable to repair) - Log Attached.

? Downloading 2 of the updates that errored in SURT, placed them in Windows\CheckSur\packages directory, which fixed two of the error lines, but still many errors left, as well as errors with the .mum and .cat files of those are updates still present. (This one is strange as one of the updates is KB2952664 which I had hidden and NOT installed..). The log I have attached is from a re-run after this one.

? Downloading the KB3170106 update manually - Still errors. (Said successful once, but obv wasn't).

Resources Available:
? Full Admin access to the problem PC
? A separate Windows 7 Pr... Read more

A:KB3170106 (July 2016 IE11 Security Update) Fails with Error 80073712

I can confirm the problem on Windows 7 Professional x64. We currently have 2 machines on the network with the same error.
With all the common ways (prev post) i was not able to fix it.

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Hi! I got errors 80070BC9 and C355 when trying to install SP1, security updates KB2478661 and KB2556352 and Internet Explorer 9 with Windows Update. I use Windows 7 Professional x64. I tried to install the updates manually, used the Windows Update Readyness and FixIt tools, and to reinstall the Windows Update agent from the command line as administrator with the /wuforce option. Nothing worked. I uploaded the checksur.log. Can you fix this please?

A:Windows Update error when installing SP1 code 80070BC9


* First & foremost I recommend you only do a few updates at a time.
Set Windows to notify you of updates but YOU choose which to do & when.

* Certain Security software can cause updating issues.
To find out if 3rd party software is causing the updates to fail to install > configure the system to Clean boot and then check for updates.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

* You could also try resetting Windows Update Components.
To do this:
1. Click on the following link: How do I reset Windows Update components?
2. Click Run in the File Download dialog box, and then follow the steps in the Fix it wizard.

* Instead of using Windows Update try the SP1 Download:

Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (KB976932)

For 32-Bit Windows 7 download: windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe

For 64-Bit Windows 7 download: windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe

* Windows 7 - Service Pack 1 – How to install Step by Step
How to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 – Step by Step

* Email support via Microsoft Tech.
Microsoft Support

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I was having an issue with Windows reporting as not genuine, and found some advice online to uninstall and reinstall KB971033. I uninstalled it fine, but when trying to reinstall it, it is failing with error code 800706F7. This is a volume license Windows 7 install, installed with a valid MAK.

I'm sure the two issues are related.

From some research online I have tried to run the Windows Update Readiness Tool to no success.

I have uploaded the CheckSUR.persist.log file to this post, and here is my MGA Diag Report:

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->

Validation Code: 0
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-*****-*****-3DFGG
Windows Product Key Hash: LCtwmsXWy/p9MAljEu0aceczYmI=
Windows Product ID: 55041-034-4198283-86733
Windows Product ID Type: 6
Windows License Type: Volume MAK
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.048
ID: {A5944240-7435-4CA7-AFE0-6A7DDF35E012}(3)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Professional
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.140303-2144
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A

Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002

Windows XP Notifications Data-->
Cached Result: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
File Exists: No
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
WgaTray.exe Signed By: N/A,... Read more

A:Windows 7 Update Not Installing & Not Genuine, Error 800706F7

Checking Component Store
(f) CSI Missing Winning Component Key 0x00000000 amd64_microsoft-windows-crypt32-dll_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.18648_none_b97943ccf4882112
(f) CSI Missing Winning Component Key 0x00000000 x86_microsoft-windows-crypt32-dll_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.18648_none_5d5aa8493c2aafdc
I need to have a look at your COMPONENTS registry hive

Please copy the C:\Windows\System32\config\COMPONENTS file (no extension) to your desktop and then compress it - upload the compressed file to your favoured fileshare site (preferably Dropbox or OneDrive) and post a link.

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Update KB3023266 is failing with error 800B0100. I have tried:

- System Update Readiness tool
- sfc /scannow, which said it fixed something but I still cannot install the KB

Attached is my CheckSUR.log which shows some errors. Is anyone able to help out? Thanks!

A:Windows Update: Error 800B0100 on installing KB3023266

A quick check on KB2949927 which CheckSUR points to as the culprit tells me that Microsoft has pulled this update. Unfortunately this update does not show in my currently installed updates list, so I can't uninstall it - though I guess it isn't installed at all. Weird though that it's still causing issues.

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I have been trying to install updates on a new setup Lenovo Thinkcentre with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. All updates were successful except for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems. This update gives error 9C59. I have tried a number of fixes, some related to .net, as some of the error information pointed me in that direction. I have tried the Microsoft fix-it for update problems to no avail.

Again, the error code in Windows Update is 9C59.

I am attaching two CBS zipped files, as my original would not upload, and I was thinking it might have been too big, being over the 10Mb limit. The files are CBS-1.zip and CBS-2.zip. The second file (CBS-2.zip) has three of the .cab files in it, all the text files are in the first zip.

A:Update error code 9C59 when installing IE 10 for Windows 7 x64

CheckSUR seems to have found no problems - neither did SFC.
However, there are the following errors in the CBS.log file...

Line 69083: 2013-10-16 14:13:45, Error CBS Failed to shred identity: Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-LanguagePack [HRESULT = 0x80070057 - E_INVALIDARG]
Line 143042: 2013-10-16 14:16:07, Error CSI [email protected]/10/16:20:16:07.314 (F) d:\win7sp1_gdr\base\wcp\componentstore\csd_winners.cpp(1302): Error 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] originated in function CCSDirectTransaction::AddImplicationsToCatalogsAndVerifyComponentHashes expression: (null)
Line 143044: 2013-10-16 14:16:09, Error CSI 00000450 (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #7392670# from CCSDirectTransaction::PrepareForCommit(...)[gle=0x90092004]
Line 143045: 2013-10-16 14:16:09, Error CSI 00000451 (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #7392669# from CCSDirectTransaction::ExamineTransaction(...)[gle=0x90092004]
Line 143046: 2013-10-16 14:16:09, Error CSI 00000452 (F) 80092004 [Warning,Facility=FACILITY_NTSSPI,Code=8196 (0x2004)] #7392668# from CCSDirectTransaction_IRtlTransaction::ExamineTransaction(...)[gle=0x90092004]
Line 143047: 2013-10-16 14:16:09, Error CSI 00000453 (F) CRYPT_E_NOT_FOUND #7392420# from Windows::COM::CPendingTransaction::IStorePendingTransaction_Analyze(..... Read more

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I've got a problem with the Win 7 SP1 update not installing.

My OS is windows 7 Home Edition 64 bit.

The SP has been refusing to install for the best part of 2 years but hasn't really bothered me but now I have a third party program which won't install if SP1 isn't applied !

I've already run the Windows Update readiness Tool and it's identified 20 files which are corrupt/missing.

I've already run the SURT and here are the files.
The KB2633952. update will not install by itself and the log file indicates it's some of the related files which are causing the problem.

Here's the diagnostics of the system Update Readiness Tool:-

first, the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.log :-

Checking System Update Readiness.
Binary Version 6.1.7601.22471
Package Version 26.0
2015-07-20 01:30

Checking Windows Servicing Packages

Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servicing\Packages\Package_151_for_KB2633952~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ Line 1:
(f) CBS Catalog Corrupt 0x800B0100 servicing\Packages\Package_151_for_KB2633952~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servicing\Packages\Package_152_for_KB2633952~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ Line 1:
(f) CBS Catalog Corrupt 0x800B0100 servicing\Packages\Package_152_for_KB2633952~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
(f) CBS MUM Corrupt 0x800F0900 servi... Read more

A:Problem installing Windows 7 SP1 Update - Error 800B0100

I'll post a fix protocol when I can get to it (probably the weekend! )

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Hi guys, 
Recently I updated my surface pro 3 to windows 10 and I was installing the windows update and restarted my tablet when I saw this error code: 0xc0000225
A blue screen appeared and it says that: Your PC/device needs to be repaired. 
The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.
File: \WINDOWS\system32\winload.efi
Error code: 0xc0000225
Press the Windows key for recovery

I tried pressing the Windows key several times, or even holding down the windows button but nothing changed on the screen at all and it is getting frustrating. 
Tried pressing Ctrl Alt Del but the tablet just restarted itself to the same blue screen again. 
Tried pressing F8 button, the screen just refreshed itself to the same page. Same thing occurs when I pressed F10 as well. 

Has anyone encountered this problem and resolved it successfully? PLEASE HELP, THANKS!

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Tried all the usual Fixit steps found while searching for 800B0100 error (SFC, Microsoft help - fix it, rename SoftwareDistribution, etc.). Nothing works (. Here are the CBS logs (some errors with KB2522422). Need help.

A:Windows Update Error installing SP1 (trust_e_nosignature 800b0100)

Here's the output from the CheckSUR scan

Seconds executed: 463
Found 22 errors
CSI Manifest All Zeros Total count: 8
CBS MUM Corrupt Total count: 7
CBS Catalog Corrupt Total count: 7
Unavailable repair files:
servicing\packages\Package_2_for_KB2522422~31bf... Read more

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