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Play audio through two audio devices simultaneously?

Q: Play audio through two audio devices simultaneously?

Hi there,

first i'll give ye the spiel about my laptop audio setup

I spilled a pint of vodka and blackcurrant all over the keyboard a few years ago, all this has damaged is how my speakers work (despite the wireless card and under the keyboard being covered in sticky sugar crystals)

(a) the two embedded speakers emit faint crackling when music is played at max volume.
(b)the embedded subwoofer works fine
(c) the headphone socket only works when a jack is inserted halfway in a very particular manner (giving audio to one desktop speaker only)

I've been using cheap "Trust SP 2750p" stereo usb speakers for the last few months (not interested in spending money on a proper external soundcard setup)

My question is: Can I configure windows or some application to allow audio playback through the usb speakers and the laptop speakers simultaneously? The internal subwoofer is pretty powerful and should sound quite nice combined with the usb speakers at reasonable volumes.

I've tried googling this but to no avail

Realtek AC97 soundcard, Acer 2003 wlmi,

TL;DR version:

Is there a windows xp config or software available that'll allow me to play audio through my usb speakers and internal laptop speakers simultaneously?

many many thanks if you can help me out

Preferred Solution: Play audio through two audio devices simultaneously?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Play audio through two audio devices simultaneously?

First thing you should do is clean the sugar and gunk off the inside. I can't believe the keyboard still works

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Is it possible and how would I go about setting vista up to play audio on two different devices simultaneously? The devices are two sets of USB headphones in this case, if it makes any difference. Can anyone help me? I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

A:Play audio on two different devices simultaneously?

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Is it possible and how would I go about setting vista up to play audio on two different devices simultaneously? The devices are two sets of USB headphones in this case, if it makes any difference. Can anyone help me? I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

[Moved to the probably more appropriate Vista forum http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista/660762-play-audio-two-different-devices.html]

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I have an unusual problem: my Audio Output Devices are all sorts of confused. I can't change the default device, nor disable/enable any devices, and no sound comes out.

My notification tray shows there are No speakers of headphones plugged in.

Sometimes it says No Audio Output Device Is Installed.

If I click on it, it tries to fix it, but ends up showing the Audio device is disabled (Not Fixed):

When I open up Playback Devices, it is not disabled.

There is nothing under the Levels tab anymore

I have all devices shown.
At this point, I cannot change the default device nor disable certain devices, even though the options are not greyed out & I can select them. Selecting the actions just does nothing.

I don't think it's a hardware issue, because the audio devices change when I plug in the HDMI cable. It still plays no audio over it, but it switches the default device to the HDMI device.

I still cannot enable/disable, nor set default devices. Selecting the actions just does nothing.

Here is my Device Manager content:

I've reinstalled the devices using the drivers from my device manufacturer. I've heard that the HDMI graphics cards can interfere with the audio devices, and to that end I have uninstalled & deleted the drivers for both graphics devices & both audio devices. I've also used Driver Sweeper to remove the graphics devices.

This, coupled with the odd behavior of not being able to enable/disable/set default device... Read more

A:Audio Devices Disabled/Enabled Simultaneously | Cannot Play Sounds

Hi Lysol,
Is there a sound manager in CONTROL PANEL, there are primary options in my one before you get to your screenshots


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Hello all.
I have Bluetooth speaker that I have hooked up to my computer and is working properly.
I would like to also use the laptop speakers simultaneously to create a kind of surround sound system.
Is this possible? I have found many threads saying that it isn't.

When I use the audio device settings it just changes between the 2 outputs, it doesn't seem to allow me to use them both at once.
Is there any freeware that allows for this type of configuration?

A:Playing sound through two audio devices simultaneously

If the bluetooth speaker connects via a transmitter connected to the 3.5mm jack then its possible, otherwise its not.

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I have two monitors and a headset and I'm wondering how I can get both to play audio. At the moment, I can only get my pc to play through my headset. How can I get my xbox to do the same?

A:How do I get both my pc and my xbox one to play audio simultaneously?

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Not sure if this is possible, but thought I'd toss it out there... I'd like to have audio sent via HDMI to my monitor while at the same time using the MoBo output jack for a subwoofer. I've only been successful with one or the other by itself in any configuration I've been able configure.

Any thoughts?


A:HDMI Audio AND Realtek MoBo Audio Simultaneously

Does your monitor have an Audio Out? Some do. If it does, HDMI to the monitor, then audio out from the monitor to your subwoofer. Mind you plugging something into the audio out may turn off the monitors internal speakers. You won't know until you try
But…here’s the kicker! A subwoofers job is to not only produce lower frequencies but to also blend nicely into its satellites (speakers). This is most commonly accomplished by either designing the sub and satellites to work together in that the lower cut off frequency of the satellites is close to the higher cut off frequency of the subwoofer. The other is to have an adjustable crossover that will allow you to match the subwoofers higher cut off frequency to that of the satellites lower cut off frequency. You also need to match their output (sound) so that they are even (or close enough!). Otherwise you will get a lot of boom from the sub and not be able to hear much from the monitor.
Monitors with built in speakers are not designed with fidelity in mind. They have tiny amplifiers and do not go very loud without sounding terribly distorted. Even if your monitor does have an audio out, you may be presented with the impossible challenge in trying to match it to your subwoofer. Honestly, you are better off purchasing a 2.1 (or 5.1) computer speaker system. You can get something pretty decent for not too much money.

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I have a HP Pavilion Elite e9110t 64 bit OS. It has two DVD Multi Recorder R DL, 8 Gig Ram, Hdd C: 600 Gig Hdd E: 300Gig. My problem is this, when I burn a CD usising WM Player or Roxio it plays fine in the system, but not on on any other devise. Now, this is a replacement computer for a defective one which was a HP Pavilion Elite m9040n 32 bit OS, and on that system, I was able to burn audio disc to play on other devices using WM Player or Roxio. Does anyone have a solution for this?

A:Audio CD won't play on other devices.

Thats strange what are you trying to play it on ?

Try Nero Free maybe ? I've never had a problem with their stuff.

Download Nero Free - FileHippo.com

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Hey there guys,

I have a USB-Headset and some Speakers connected to my Soundcard.
By now I have to switch the default Playback-Device whenever I wanna put on my headset or use the speakers.
Is it possible just to output the Sound on both devices simultaniously and if it is, how can I do it?
To be clear, I dont want to output the Sound from one App on one device and the Sound of another on the other device, I want ALL Sounds that use the default Playback-Device to be played on both, Speaker and Headset.

A:How do I play my audio on two different devices at once?

Plug a "Y" adapter into the speaker port and manually turn down the volume on the external speaker when you have to

or Y the headset port - which ever is easier

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I like to play different games, and stream movies or shows at the same time on my TV which is hooked up. I recently upgraded my comp to a full custom build (z77 sabertooth, i5-3570k, 16GB ram, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit) and can't figure out how to set my audio playback devices to play separately. On my previous comp, which had Windows Vista Home Premium, whenever I changed the default playback whatever audio was playing already would stay on the devices it was playing on and whatever new windows I opened would play on the new default device. I've looked and looked but can't find any options similar to this.

So my question is thus: How can I set my comp so that I can play one audio through my tv and separate audio through speakers?

A:How to play different audio from two separate devices

sounds like you need two soundcards, you can get a small usb soundcard for just a few pounds from amazon. i use one when i use virtualdj, not sure it would work for your requirements but worth having a research into it.

Amazon.co.uk: usb sound card

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I have an HDTV Monitor connected via HDMI with the audio, and i have an external speaker connected to line out. Is there a way to get both of the devices to play the same audio source at the same time without switching?

A:How to make 2 devices play same audio source?

Short answer is NO.

You can only have one default audio playback device, either the HDMI or "speakers" (Your PC sound card).

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Alright here's my situation:

I have a Core2Duo PC running Vista Home Premium 32 bit, hooked up to my TV using a HDMI cable. This has been working fine for 2 years now. Yesterday I decided to add some more RAM to this PC (4 GB instead of the standard 2 GB to be exact). I know 32 bit will only read 3 GB but I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit later.

Anyway I booted up the computer, worked fine of course, even watched a movie or two without problems. Then this morning I booted up the PC and I suddenly noticed the volume icon saying that there were no audio devices detected! I checked under Hardware and there are no audio devices whatsoever! So my HDMI cable is still giving me picture but no sound! Seeing as I'm using onboard audio I immediately booted into the BIOS and although I couldn't find a specific option that said onboard audio I did see something audio related being "HDA" (I assume HD audio) on automatic, the other option was ACRealtek97 or something. However it was enabled so no luck there.

Does anyone know how all of a sudden my HDMI cable isn't providing audio anymore? I even checked my Nvidia card which also stated that HDMI audio was enabled.

I hope anyone can help me, thanks in advance.

A:HDMI audio doesn't work, no audio devices detected.

hi and welcome to the forum's

Go to:

Control Panel > Sounds > Playback

Then click on HDMI sound and click on the Set Default button

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I have three audio devices on my pc (ATI HDMI, Via HD onboard and steelseries usb soundcard) and through all devices I only get audio out of the left channel. I have tried two pairs on headphones and my tv speakers all with the same results. I have looked at all the balancing end everything is set to even on both channels.

Windows 7 X64 ultimate
M4A78 PRO Mobo Via HD audio
Steel Series Usb SoundCard

A:Audio Only out of one channel (multiple headsets and audio devices)

As you have three devices, each one separately generates the sound. The only thing common would be the sound itself, such as a wav or mp3 file.

When you use the PC's sound chip (VIA HD) that is one hardware device and the wired on the motherboard output jacks. If you use a USB connected sound device then you are using that device to generate the sound and that device's physical jacks. If you use the ATI HDMI, most video cards have their own built in audio chip (unless this is an old video card that uses S/PDIF connection to the motherboard) and thus again everything separate for audio generation and connection.

One comment, if you have both the Via on board audio and the usb connected sound card enabled at the same time there can be conflicts and sound problems. Not the balance problem you have but there can be problems. If you want to use the VIA then physically disconnect the USB. If you want to use the USB, disable the on-board audio in the BIOS.

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I'm gonna try and lay out my problem very simply, and then tell you what I have tried/done.

PROBLEM: When I plug in Headphones, I can not hear anything, and in the playback devices, nothing is shown to be plugged in. This goes the same for my other audio device which is a bose sound dock (for ipod but I connect using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable)

Okay, so here goes. When I first build the system and installed windows, i wasn't thinking much of the sound as i was installing updates and video card drivers and what-not. I did, at some point, connect the bose to the computer using the 3.5mm jack on the front panel of the computer. It worked fine, I heard the little sounds the computer makes when logging on. Since then I have had troubles with my network card and ran windows update and various other things.

Now no sound works at all. When I realized this I tried:
-Changing the actual front panel cable that is connected to the mobo from hd audio to ac 97 (and changing the setting in the bios)
-Searched for many hours online trying many different solutions such as:
-updating drivers
-rolling back drivers

Other things i've tried:
-system restore
-update bios
-install audio drivers from mobo disc

I have moved past being extremely frustrated and I now just dont know what else to do.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback what so ever :)
Ask me any questions you want

A:Realtek HD Audio/Motherboard Not recognizing any Audio Devices.

Try this.


Then this.

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i recently bought a new mobo (MSI - p4m900m3) and everything is working fine apart from i cannot get my sound to work.... everything seems to be installed correctly in device manager ( no '!' next to any of my audio drivers) i have ALC888 on board sound. on board sound is enabbled in my BIOS. iv been compleatly stumped on this one for quite a while. if you need any more information just ask. any help would be very appretiated.

A:No Audio Device shown in sounds and audio devices

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I have just installed the audio driver for my motherboard, restarted the computer and it seems that driver doesn't do anything at all. I have the speaker icon in the tray bar with a red 'x' on it, and it says: "No Audio Output Device is installed". Why is that? I tried the driver that's on the motherboard CD and also the one from Realtek's website, and while they are different versions, the problem is identical.

Please advise.

A:Solved: 'no audio devices' after installing audio driver

You have posted in Windows 7 forum but your spec says
OS: Windows Vista
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P35C-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR2 667Mhz
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD2400XT
2. Is it the same system please but with 7, if NOT please post the spec
3. What does device manager show please for sound - on the entry there

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Hello everyone. I am using a old-ish Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista. So, every time I'm playing songs on YouTube, then open FL Studio 10, FLS 10 won't let me play or record any audio. When I look at the "ASIO4ALL" box it has A little red "X" on audio output(I use "Realtek HD Audio" if that helps). Now when I stop the internet audio/YouTube and restart FLS 10, the little red "X" is gone and all the sound works... I was wondering how to play Internet audio while playing or recording audio on FL Studio 10 is there something I can tweak with the laptop audio or some better sound program I can download free(or not free)and not have to get a new sound card??? Thank you for your time. Peace.

A:How to play Internet audio while playing or recording audio on FL Studio 10

Please use the font I've changed your post to above. Otherwise, apart from hurting the eyes of the reader, you'll seem to be like shouting.

Recording from youtube, be it whole clips or the audio track, is against youtube's TOS.

Therefore closing this since we cannot help.

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Hi. I have 2 W7 machines, and only one will play the LPCM 16 bit, 2ch audio from a camcorder. Both machines have realtek HD audio.

The machine that plays it has optical audio out to a receiver. The machine that cannot play the audio has analog outputs to a logitech speaker system.

Should LPCM audio be processed by realtek and sent to analog outputs? Am I doing something wrong?

A:Can LPCM audio play to audio card analog outputs?

Both should play. How the sound card routes the audio output doesn't matter. Its just based on the input to the sound card.

Check the Sound Panel/Recording section. Set the one that doesn't play the same as the one that does (if they are different).

Generally, Stereo Mix should be set as the default Recording device. Then whatever input has sound will be heard.

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my computer's sound has stopped. I have searched through lots of websites looking for help.
I first noticed this problem when I tried to open iTunes and it came up with the message 'iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/video playback may not operate properly'. I also cannot listen to music or things online either.
I have looked at my computer's device manager and can't find any catergory such as 'sound, video and game controllers', which one site suggested to try and check the sound card. I have also tried to update quicktime but that did nothing. I have also tried looking at 'sound' and under both the playback and recording columns it says that there are no audio devices installed. THis appears to be the common phrase along a problem with the audio configuration.
This has not ever happened to my computer before and I have had it for about 3 years now. It is a toshiba laptop with windows 7 home premium.
Please help guys, I am really frustrated.

A:Audio configuration no audio output devices?

If its not being detected at all in the Device Manager, it will not show up anywhere else.

When you boot up your PC, enter the BIOS (could be called "Setup") and check to see if the sound is disabled. If it is disabled in the BIOS it will not show up in Windows. If its showing as enabled in the BIOS, do a BIOS reset (to factory setup) and see if that makes a difference.

If its not disabled in the BIOS there is a chance the hardware has failed.

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I have an Acer E1-571 suddenly I have an X on my audio controller icon on home page and no audio devices in control panel. I have tried installing sound video and gaming controllers and then tried to install update but it says best already installed and still no Audio.
Any and all help greafully appreciated and many thanks in advance

A:Audio Disabled no audio devices windows 8

Look for audio drivers on the motherboard CD delivered to when after purchasing your system. If you can't find it or don't have mobo CD around, navigate to manufacturer website and download driver for audio device from there.

Good luck!!

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About a year ago, I bought the HP Pavilion Slimline s5780d Desktop PC.
All was fine and dandy.
Then one day, about 2 months after my purchase of the PC, my speakers would only play sound from the left one. I thought that my right speaker had died, but didn't bother to replace it.

4 days ago, I bought new parts to upgrade my PC.
New casing, graphics card, RAM and speakers.

Got a friend over to help me assemble it. Everything worked fine.
But when I plugged in the new speakers, I realised that again, only the left speaker would work. I then concluded that the port in which the speakers were connected to was bad, and plugged the speakers into the headphone jack at the front of the new casing which worked.

When I came back to the computer 2 days later, only the speaker on the RIGHT would work!

I realised that I could reassign the ports at the rear as audio out via registry editing(my realtek control panel thing won't let me), but again, audio would only come from the left speaker.

tl;dr, speakers connect to rear of computer, only left speaker has sound. Speakers connected to headphone jack at front of computer, only right speaker has sound.


Thanks in advance!
EDIT: I am running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium

A:Realtek Audio Will Only Play Audio Out Of One Speaker

One of the jacks may be broken and causing issues, or the audio chip is faulty. Easiest fix to replace the sound card and use that for the audio, here's one with a internal header for the front audio jacks; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829132020

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When I play a dvd movie on my dvd player the video is perfect. But I cannot hear anything. When I put in an audio cd, it sounds perfect.

I used Windows Media Player 8.0 on a system running XP Pro.

I tried to upgrade my Media Player but received this message:
"Error creating process <COCU~\DAD~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\setup_wm.exe /P:\DOWNLOADS\mp10setup.exe>. Reason: The system cannot find the path specified.

I recently formatted my hard drive and started over from scratch due to my system crashing.

A:Can play and hear CD audio on DVD player but not DVD audio

You probably need the correct audio codecs. They are likely missing since the reinstall.

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Hey guys, I tried so many ways but cannot get to a solution. I even tried this:

with the steromix enable and all that to no avail.

So here's the breakdown: I DON'T use my integrated realtek speaker card. Instead, I use my primary sound with an Audio Interface (Scarlett 18i8 USB). So the audio interface is connected to my PC via usb. To receive sound, I have a bose speaker pair connected the audio port of the interface <- My primary sound speaker. My secondary connection is an HDMI to my HD TV. *I already have my main monitor connected via DVI* The secondary HD TV is set as duplicate display. I'm trying to get sound to work out of my main speakers (focusrite) and as well as my HD TV (via HDMI). Please let me know if you need more information!
Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.10GHz 46 C
Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology
16.0GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)
BIOSTAR Group B75MU3+ (SOCKET 0) 30 C
SHARP HDMI ([email protected])
X203H ([email protected])
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (ASUStek Computer Inc) 57 C
232GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB ATA Device (SSD) 33 C
298GB Seagate ST3320813AS ATA Device (SATA) 29 C
931GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB ATA Device (SSD) 28 C
931GB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB Device (USB (SATA)) 40 C
Optical Drives
hp DVD A DH16AAL ATA Device
Scarlett 18i8 USB

Sound Cards
NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible)... Read more

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Hi all,
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Window 8.1. My desktop has a front audio and mic jack and also a rear audio and mic jack. While watching movies , I connect my rear jack to a large set of speakers and for better voice clarity I plug in earphones onto the front audio panel. This setup was working fine in Windows8.1 and below. But now after upgrading, if I plug in rear audio jac, I loose the sound in the front and vice versa. Kindly help.
In addition, during the fresh install of Windows 10, I did not install any drivers for monitor, default inbuilt sound card of motherboard,inbuilt lan card,etc. Do I need to install these as they seem to be functioning except well except for the audio part which I mentioned above.

A:Front and Rear Audio cannot be used simultaneously !

This was resolved by installing latest Realtek Audio Codecs for Windows 10

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Is there any way to listen to two different audio feeds from my computer and be able to cut just one of them off as necessary with a keystroke? Heres the deal, presently, I listen to a fire department live feed over a web site thru Widows Media Player 11, and at the same time, have the AOL radio station for Jazz on too, just for light background music. I can presently do that with no trouble, but is there any way to be able to, with a quick keystroke, control AOLs music independently on/off as necessary? I know that I can go in and X out the AOL music, but Im looking for a better solution. Thanks for help

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I just got a new XPS 8900. I've looked through all of the Windows 10, Dell Audio, and MaxxAudio settings, but I can't find what i'm looking for.
I want to be able to play audio through my headset and my speakers at the same time. Reason being, the "front jacks" are actually about 3/4 of the way back on the top of the case. My case sits under my desk. In order to plug in my headset to use voice comms and unplug it when I just want to listen to my speakers, i have to actually crawl under my desk to reach the stupid jack.
My previous PC had a simple checkbox in its audio configuration software: "Mute speakers when headphones are plugged in?" I made use of this checkbox about 4 times a day. I've had this new XPS for 2 days and I'm already sick of crawling under my desk.
Please tell me there's a way to play audio through my headset and speakers simultaneously.

A:XPS 8900 Headphone and Speaker Audio Simultaneously

The only way I know of to do this is =XPS 8900 rear green audio out jack --> Stereo Mini to Dual Stereo Mini 1/2 --> Dual Stereo Mini 1 --> Speakers, Dual Stereo Mini 2 --> 6ft cable --> Headphones

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I have a bluetooth headset connected to a bluetooth usb adapter but I am unable to get the mic to work while using stereo audio, only when it's in mono audio. I read somewhere it's about the number of profiles supported, would I need multiple bluetooth adapters, a better one or is there a way to make it work that I'm just missing?

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I am trying to listen to both at the same time so i can hear double the kick in the bass you know? when i plug both in it mutes the rear and i can only hear the one jack in the front.
i have an Emachines windows 7 64 bit

Please if you have any feedback i will take it! greatly appreciated

A:How do I use 2 audio jacks simultaneously(front and rear)for 2 systems

BruteDubstep welcome to the Seven Forums.

Even if you can do that it won't double the bass. You want more bass in your sound you're either need to play around with the bass/EQ settings, or get a set of speakers/headphones that have more bass.

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Good afternoon! Just joined this forum in the hope I can find an answer to my problem! I've tried searching online but found no answers so far. This is the issue:

I'd like to be able to insert a DVD in my PC and be able to play the video with 2 languages at the same time via different outputs. So basically I'd have a external sound card that has 2 audio outputs and I'd like to be able to tell the media player to stream English to output1 and Spanish to output2. This way if I have the headphones plugged into output1 I can watch the movie in English and the other person can hear Spanish in their headphones on output2.

With only 1 video playing though of course.

Is this possible? I'm having real trouble finding a solution to this!

Thanks in advance!

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I've got a Dell Inspiron 15r SE 7520

3rd Gen i7 3612QM
6gb RAM
Windows 8

Brand new laptop, was expecting it to be able to handle iTunes and Chrome running together without any issues, considering my older laptop which was i3 had no problems.

When I'm listening to music the audio begins to crackle and stutter as if my laptop is having trouble running the program. It only ever really happens when I run Chrome.


A:Solved: iTunes crackling audio when using Chrome simultaneously

What was the solution?

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'my dell has an hdmi output and a green mini plug audio output. i would like to use simultaneously, but only the "set as default" audio output works. how do i set for them to output simultaneously?'

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I have two USB audio devices that I cannot seem to properly install drivers for.
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 & KORG MicroKONTROL

I am in communication with both product tech support teams but so far they have not offered a successful solution. As the same issue is occurring with multiple devices I thought it might be an OS issue.
I run Win 7 Home Premium x64

The problem is as follows:

The product drivers install correctly without error. However, instead of showing up in the Device Manager in either USB Controllers or Sound Controllers they both show in Other Devices with a yellow exclamation mark.
I have tried the following fix from this site (USB Driver - General Fix for Problems) and this actually enabled me to access a portable HDD that wasn't working, but it didn't fix the issue for my 2 audio devices.
I have also tried right clicking on the devices in Other Devices, selecting Driver Update. I then find the correct drivers listed but when I hit install I get the following error message on both:
"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time."

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Audio USB Devices showing under Other Devices in Device Manager

Could it be the two devices are competing with each other and the driver installer gets confused? Details on the devices and the needs to use two of the same type probably would be helpful.

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Whilst Firefox will now only allow a site to play audio or video with sound once a user has done something to initiate audio, such as pressing a play button, the same cannot be said within IE11.
Blocking sound in autoplay video has been many browsers aim during the past year or so. Unfortunately, IE's checkbox in:
Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Multi-Media Settings>Play Sound in Webpages successfully prevents sound playing in Autoplay, but this silences videos even when a user presses a play button by choice.
Has anyone managed to find a Group Policy which fixes this? 

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Haven't tried to play audio cd's since I re-installed Windows 98SE several months ago as my music is on the hard drive. However, when I tried today to play an audio cd, I got an error message: "WMP encountered an error when reading the CD ROM drive in digital mode. Click OK to switch to analog mode."

Nothing happened when I tried to do this. Went to Tools/Options/Devices and clicked on the relevant hard drive - nothing happened. Tried to open Properties and it wouldn't so I can't get in to see what the setting is.

Data cd's seem to be OK. My music already on the hard drive plays OK.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Windows Media Play 9 won't play audio cd's

Just needed to extract and re-install the ASPI files from the Windows cd.

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i was configuring my audio devices and on the speakers i accidentally pressed remove :L what to do?

A:Audio devices

Try restarting the computer...

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I have sound max control panel and i have two audio devices. I have one logitech headset which is USB and i have another USB device which is Logitech speakers and a subwoofer which is in the green audio port. I want to make it so that i can switch between the two. For instance if i want to use only my speakers i use those or only my headset or if i want to use both.

A:2 audio devices

What type of PC is it - or is it a Laptop?

Generally, if you plug in your headphones, the speakers will mute automatically.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but my computer's sound isn't working. I don't have a sound card, but the motherboard came with built-in audio. When I open up the Device Manager, my device is there (Realtek AC'97 Audio), but when I check the Sound and Audio Devices section in the Control Panel, it says "No Audio Devices." I'm sure that the speakers are plugged in, and I've tried reinstallling the drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard. Right now I'm checking to see if there are any updated drivers I can install. Any ideas?

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Hey everybody I need help with my computer. The sound has always worked until a few days ago. I tryed to go to hardware and It said that there is no auido device installed. Me nor my brother deleted anything and he believes that a virus removed the devices. How do I get new devices for my computer, and how do I know which device will go with my computer. Can I download them or do I have to buy them. Or is there some way to bring the ones that were on my computer back. Please help.

A:No Audio Devices

Hi there, Does your PC have Integrated Sound, or do you have a robust Sound Card. If you are not sure, the integrated card is what comes standard from most large PC vendors, just your basic stuff. The robust Sound Card, refers to either a third party component such as Sound Blaster......or one you might have chosen for better sound when you purchased the PC. If you have a Driver CD that came with your PC, you may be able to reinstall it, that is if it is gone, or if you have an aftermarket sound card, it no doubt would also have it's own Drivers disk. You might try to do a "System Restore", that is if you can remember the last time your PC was working properly. But, before that, you want to make sure that your free of any nasties that might be lurking on your machine. Things you should have, and if not, get them-Here are some free, recommended Apps.: An Anti-Virus Program: AVG Anti-Virus A Firewall: ZoneAlarm Spyware/Adware/Malware/etc....: Adaware SE Spybot S & D SpywareBlaster SpywareGaurd Recommended readings: Using Spybot - Search & Destroy to remove Spyware from Your Computer Using Ad-Aware SE to remove Spyware & Hijackers from Your Computer Using SpywareBlaster to protect your computer from Spyware, Hijackers, and Malware Using SpywareGuard to protect your computer from Spyware/Hijackers There are more out there that will advance your protection, but those above, would be a really great start. I recommend installing what you don't a... Read more

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I don't have any idea what i've done but i can't hear any sound from my computer.
All I know the first morning after I run my computer, I can play any audio..., I've looked for clues from others forum..., but none can resolve this problem.
I've checked windows audio (status: started), I've updated realtek, I've uninstall and install back realtek but none of this help me.
My Sound device is: Realtek high Definition Audio
Windows Xp SP2, Acer travelmate 3240.


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hi, i just installed windows xp again, and my computer doesn't recognize my audio devices. how can i solve this problem?

A:audio devices

Have you loaded the drivers for the sound card?

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I have reformatted my old Sony VGN-FE38GP laptop with XP SP2 and everything is fine except for the fact that I can't get any sound.
In control panel it cannot even recognise any audio devices.
I have tried to load the relevant driver from sony support, but it won't load it and an error pops up to say the device supporting doesn't exist.
I have run bios and can't specifically see a menu for audio in there. I reset the bios and that did give me bios sounds (such as error).
But otherwise I have had no luck.
Tried lots of things...
Help please!!

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Hi,I recently got a new computer and decided to run the XP disk - which has resulted in me losing all the drivers for my machine.The most important of which being the audio drivers.I have searched and searched for the drivers but have been unsuccessful.I am unsure of my machine; I am only certain that it is an RMI think it may be an expert 3000 (that's what a sticker on the side says!)Please help!!!!Thanks

A:No Audio Devices?!

Hi, can you go to this link and post the hardware results http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html

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Ok i have just recently completed building my new games pc and it works perfectly fine execpt for one thing. after downloading the 1st and 3rd service packs ( i did not download SP2) i installed the realtek audio driver this went perfectly well until i came to a stop when i restarted my computer there was no sound coming from my speekers. this is obviously a problem so i called my friend who is a tech guy at pcworld unfortunatly he was ill and couldnt come over to help so now i need to ask the help of you guys. And here is the issue

when i start my computer a hardware instal wizzard appears to tell me it has found a new hardware when i go to the next button i get a name which says this will help you install the audio devices for you High definition audio drive. This is all well and good but when i go to install it i do not have a disc for my speekers yet they work on every other computer in the house please explain to me what i need to do?

A:Audio devices

speakers don't require drivers

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why i cant see the realtek audio device in my hp elitedesk?it say that there is no audio devices are installed, even i installed a lot of realtekplease help.

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Wasn't really sure where to post this thread, but hardware seems the most fitting.

I'm using an autohotkey script using the SoundPlay command to play some WAV files. Autohotkey uses the default audio device when playing aforementioned WAV files, but I need to play the sound through a specific device(virtual audio cable). I set the virtual audio cable as my default device and muted every other process except autohotkey in the mixer.

In the game I'm playing I want to play the WAV files through VOIP via hotkeys so I don't have to click off to my other monitor to open the file. I set the capturing device to my virtual audio cable(new default audio device), and the rendering device to my normal device.

So, even though I have the in game output device set to my original one in the options I don't get any audio.

Any way to fix this?


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Hello, I have a Dell XPS 13 and today it doesn't detect any audio.
The speaker icon appears with a red cross.

And in sound devices and record devices it shows that there isn't any device.

Also in control panel > Devices it shows that it can't load the "Intel high Definition Audio" driver.
I've already updated the drivers from the dell update drivers page www.dell.com/.../drivers

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