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IdeaPad L340-15API stereo mix problem

Q: IdeaPad L340-15API stereo mix problem

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Preferred Solution: IdeaPad L340-15API stereo mix problem

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 Hello very one, Recently I bought a laptop L340, I activate the stereo mix in the sound settings. but the stereo mix does not work. even by checking the option listening to device.I can not reccord any sound from the laptop. there is some problème withe the realtek sound card.Didi someone get the same problem withe stereo mix ?Thank you for your help. 

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Hello, I was wondering why when I installed my 160 GB HDD my keyboard was a little high on that side. Am I using the wrong HDD? Also when I put the drive in I can't put it straight in I have to lift it a little in the sky then it'll go in. First time adding hard drive in any laptop. Thanks for the replies in advance. 

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I purchased a brand new Ideapad S340-15API (Model: 81NC00D3CY) on Tuesday. I set up successfully, downloaded all Windows updates and used the Lenovo site to check hardware and update all drivers. Everything is now updated and no issues were found. My problem is the internet is very slow. Other devices on the same network measure 25-30Mbps download through Speedtest.net but the S340 only 5-6Mpbs when it's next to the modem and 1Mbps when it is in the next room which is where I want to use it.  I updated the Qualcomm network adapter driver  from device manager but still nothing. I updated BIOS and still the same. How can I solve this? Is there a solution or should I just return the laptop? Would an external USB wifi adapter improve things?

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Hey all, I've recently bought the L340-15IRH model and I'm in love with it! Since I bought it from Germany though, the keyboard layout is qwertz and I'd like to replace it with a qwerty one, but I am having trouble finding such. Could someone please point me to where I could buy a compatible keyboard? Thanks!

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Hi everyone i have ideapad L340 gaming and i have problem with right-click on desktop.when i first click right-click it is take a long time to appear the menu but the second click it is appear the menu quickly (normal)this problem appears when i connected to the internet . does anyone know the solution for this issue ?

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Hi everyone i have ideapad L340 gaming and i have problem with right-click on desktop.when i first click right-click it is take a long time to appear the menu but the second click it is appear the menu quickly (normal)this problem appears when i connected to the internet . does anyone know the solution for this issue ?

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Hello, I have Lenovo Ideapad l340 laptop, Model 15IWL. After instaling Windows 10, I going to update drivers. After analyzing drivers program offers to me standard upadate, graphics, sound, lna, bios, etc..After installing all of them program offer to me option restart windows, after that NOTHING, blank screen, power led blinking and that is, nothing else. BIOS is dead, laptop is dead.Program offer to me BIOS ATCN 35 WW.Any solution for my problem, anyone else have same problem, how to resolve or have to send to Lenovo servis center???Thank You for sugestion

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Hi guys a mate of mine has a faulty keyboard (not backlit) and I said Id help to replace it. a couple of questions if possible, is the keyboard integrated into the top cover?  if not how do i remove it??  Ive downloaded the service manual and it covers about everything else but that.any guidance would be appreciated ..also does anyone know of a decent supplier in the uk ?thanksglenn

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Hi, I recently bought the l340-I5RH (Gaming laptop, 9th gen i5, GTX 1650), and I noticed that the touchpad seems to be pretty bad in a couple different ways. The first thing I noticed was that the touchpad feels sort of "loose", the physical touchpad plate seems to descend slightly even upon light presses that don't trigger a click. Secondly, I'm unable to move the cursor using the touchpad while during any sort of keypress. This is an issue in things like simple games (Obviously, only the type that I would play with a touchpad, using a USB mouse is fine). I looked into it and it seems like an intentional feature, something about accidental palm movement while typing; however, I followed multiple sets of directions in pursuit of disabling, but my device seems to be missing the options set to remove the function.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

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I installed the drivers via Lenovo update software, after that my touchpad started to recognise gestures, yet i found no configuration software besides a Windows 10 one. I tried to reinstal drivers, install it from different sources, nothing helped. 

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Hi gentlemen I have a problem with my touchpad laptop the Touchpad gestures is off and there is no Settings for Touchpad gesturesi can only swip to go up and down the page i can not zoom or touch/click with two finger for right click or any other properties could any one help me? 

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I got gifted a IdeaPad L340-17API for my birthday as my old computer died, I still haven't finished setting it up because I can't figure out how to change the scroll direction and it's driving me nuts. There's no convenient button under the Windows settings like there is on most computers and the "additional settings" box does not have a tab for touchpad driver settings (e.g. Elan), I've updated all the drivers, restarted the machine several times, searched the computer for any touchpad or mouse settings and scoured most of Google. Please help, I can't work under these conditions

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Hello, I have Lenovo Ideapad l340 laptop, Model 15IWL. After instaling Windows 10, I going to update drivers. After analyzing drivers program offers to me standard upadate, graphics, sound, lna, bios, etc..After installing all of them program offer to me option restart windows, after that NOTHING, blank screen, power led blinking and that is, nothing else. BIOS is dead, laptop is dead.Program offer to me BIOS ATCN 35 WW.Any solution for my problem, anyone else have same problem, how to resolve or have to send to Lenovo servis center???Thank You for sugestion

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Hi All,I am trying to figure out what the max ram is for my machine:L340-15IRH Gaming Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81LKMachine Type Model:81LK00SRCFProcessor: 1x Intel Core i7-9750H Processor(Core i7-9750H)Memory: 1x 16GBDDR42400Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64(EN:English,FR:French)Hard Drive: 1x 1TBPCIeNVMeWireless Network: 1x Intel Wireless-AC 9560 2x2 AC+BT5.0Ports: 1x Combo of 3.5mm Stereo Headphone OutputCamera: 1x 720P Camera with Dual MicGraphics: 1x NVIDIA GTX 1650Monitor: 15.6 1920x1080Included Warranty: 1 Year Mail-inAs far as I can tell, the manufacture recommended is 16, which is what it came with. But it seems like it is fairly new (I think it was manufactured in Dec 2019), so I am wondering if the info that I am reading is for older models, because I have seen a lot of different configurations for this laptop online, and not many come with more than 8gb.According to crucial it maxes out at 16 or 20; I guess some motherboaerds have an extra 4gb soldered to the board, as far as i can tell mine does not.PHS memory, on amazon.uk say its 36gb! That is probably 32+4 if you have it soldered to your motherboard; so 32 in my case. If it can handle more than recommended, I wouldnt mind giving it a go, but I would be inclined to order a comparable part from crucial instead of this cheap stuff. Does anyone have experience with upgrading past 16gb, or know if it might work?Thanks in advance!

A:L340-15IRH Gaming Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81LK Ram Upgrade

If I remember correctly, the motherboard of L340 actually supports up to 32GB RAM. While I can't be certain since this is never officially documented.

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I bought my ideapad l340 a week before i left on a 3 months trip, so 2 weeks ago. It worked at first but now the keyboard is going crazy. No respons on typing, but it?s typing zero?s itself, continuously. So can?t get in, cause i can?t type my password. It worked once (trying for days now) so i updated stuff, see if it were drivers, it said it updated the bios, and then it rebooted, i had to login again.. and i got the zero?s back. It?s not the zero button that got stuck, it doesn?t feel stuck. So can?t go to the store since i?m a long way from home, does anyone have an idea what i can do?

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Whenever I play audio during a Skype call, the other party can't hear it. Can anyone help me on how to enable Stereo Mix on my laptop? I can't find it anywhere on my laptop and I badly need it for my work. I'm using Lenovo Ideapad, Windows 10 and Conexant SmartAudio HD.

1.JPG ?33 KB

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DeviceOS VersionHi,I have downloaded windows 10 pro drivers for your laptop from your website.My problem could not install the video card drivers. As you can see in the pictures, driver software is installed, but still does not install windows drivers, it is very urgent to expect your help.

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 I bought a new M340-15API. Overall it seems like a nice laptop, but I am concerned about the battery life. On the Lenovo site I am seeing claims of up to 8.5 hours battery life (using a video play standard). However, I am getting not much more than 3-4 hours, while just browsing. Does this seem normal? Does anyone have any personal experience with this model? I'd like to make a decision to keep it or return it while I still can. TIA

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Hi all!
I have a CREATIVE Sound Blaster ZxR PCI-E Audio Card, and would like to connect my Yamaha PSR-E433 Electronic Keyboard and a Tivoli Audio Digital Radio to my INTEL Core i7-6700K computer preferably on the same input, running MS Win 10 Pro 64-bit.
And hence, my question is as follows;
Can a 3.5mm Stereo Plug to 2 x 3.5mm Stereo Jack Splitter Adaptor INPUT sound?
Thank you very much in advance!

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i want to put a SSD in the LENOVO S340-15API TOUCH 81QG but i dont know if there is a mount/bracket/case in the laptop. where would i find a compatable one for this laptop

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I have S340-15API with Atheros 802.11ac 1x1 (qca9377). This is a very lousy adapter for sensitivity and speed. If you are sitting in 3-4m for direct line of sight to router, the speed is still acceptable, but if you take the laptop to 6-7m, sitting behind the non-capital wall of the house, then the speed drops to the infamous 35-60Mbit/s. At the same time, a laptop with Intel 9560 2x2 surely shows 180Mbit/s+ in the same place. With QCA9377 is impossible to watch a movie from the NAS in same places, the picture constantly freezes for 1080p movies (10-35Mbit/s bitrate).  Moreover, the reviews of stores and forums are full of similar negative remarks on the occasion of QCA9377, that is, clearly this is not a problem specifically for my adapter copy, but an architectural bugs of the adapters of this series Qualcomm as a whole (or not correct design by Lenovo for S340). Because people already many times changed this Atheros 1x1 to Intel 3165 (9462) also with 1x1, they write that after replacing Qualcomm chip for Intel chips speed and stability of the wi-fi improved significantly. I do not want to change it to Intel 1x1, because my router supports 802.11ac 3x3 MU-MIMO for many years. And Intel 9560 2x2 is very good in my other laptop, as I wrote above. I do not understand why Lenovo puts such a miserable adapter (with QCA9377) on laptops. which can not be used even behind the wall from the router. And in addition to a series of laptops that do not have a cable connection ... Read more

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I have no audio, but when I go to (right-click sound icon in tray) --> Playback Devices --> Playback tab --> right click "Speakers / Headphones Realtek High Definition Audio" --> Configure, then in Speaker Setup dialog:
* If I select Quadraphonic in the "Audio channels" list, I hear sound for the RL (rear-left) and RR (rear-right) speakers, with my stereo speakers plugged into the black jack in back. I cannot get sound when testing the regular L and R speakers in Quadraphonic mode; I've tried all 5 jacks.
* When I select Stereo, then clicking L or R speaker icon to test results in no sound, again no matter which of the 5 jacks i plug my stereo speakers into.
* So the only way I have sound is in Quadraphonic mode, but only for the back speakers. Therefore I cannot hear regular stereo output from applications, such as Youtube in Chrome.
This seems like a bug, or a highly unintuitive aspect of Realtek's or Dell's software at best. Any ideas on how to solve? (Beside buying full surround sound speakers)

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I found a clear statement in the user manual pdf for the S340-15API series about supporting signal output in [email protected] mode for the usb-c port. But in practice, it is not output by any usb-c adapter. Why?

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hi quick question, when ripping songs from cds should you use stereo or joint stereo. i noticed that no matter which 1 u use, the file size remains the same.

i would like to know whick one gives u the best quality and such....i want my songs to sound the way they do on the cds without losing any information.

A:Solved: Stereo or Joint Stereo?

If you want a technical answer look here


and here


(it starts a bit flamey, but gets more interesting towards the end)

As for which to use, thats really a personal choice, many will say to go for true stereo, because that is more like the original. However, that isn't necessarily true. It is possible to recreate the original sound via joint stereo (all my music is stored in lossless format and uses JS), and JS performs better under compression than true stereo. Therefore, JS should out perform Stereo in any given amount of data, or, if the quality is the same, the JS compression will give more data to other parts of the track. (I hope that makes sense).

You need to bear in mind that there is only so much data to provide for the track, good compression concentrates the data where it is needed. JS allows more data to be used by more important or noticeable elements in the track.

Of course the best way to find out is to test it yourself and run ABX tests.


Foobar2000 is a good tool to do ABX tests. Try to use quality audio equipment

Doing these tests will show you what your ears find is the best system, which is what it really comes down to.

It is important that you use a good encoder and a bit-rate that will give you a quality that you are happy with. If you are encoding in MP3, th... Read more

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I have a problem were I cant seem to get stereo mix I have tried everything but nothing works any help? here is the picture of my recording devices

A:stereo mix problem

any help?

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Hello, I'm new here, If I posted it in the wrong section please move.

Anyways I have problems with my Stereo mix, Everytime I play music the volume of the stereo mix is always "Green"
Also I normally use Stereo mix to do commentary when I make videos
But every time I press "Listen to this device" I hear this repeating sound over and over again, It gets very annoying *I have no music playing or anything at all* It just very an annoying sound
I do have conexant HD Audio, I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, Still has the same problem AFTER I use Stereo Mix. Any help will be nice

A:Stereo mix problem

It looks like you have active inputs on both the Rear Microphone and the Line, as it states "Ready". I don't have anything connected to my line or microphone ports and they show "Currently Unavailable".

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Ok so with Vista, I had no problem whatsoever enabling the stereo mix option on my Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, but in Windows 7, it doesn't show up.....I've tried click show disabled and disconnected devices, i've tried uninstalling an re-installing the drivers and nothing is working to get the stereo mix back.....I've heard there's some kind of compatibility mode thingy for drivers, but i don't know if even that will work......

Can anyone help me with this please?? I would like a step by step walkthrough of the driver compatibility mode thing and any other suggestions are welcome as well

A:Stereo Mix problem?

Right click the taskbar speaker icon and select Recording Devices.

In the dialog that pops up, right click any device and check both Show Disabled + Show Disconnected Devices.

Right click Stereo Mix and enable it, then adjust the settings in the other tabs as required.

If Stereo Mix doesn't show then you'll need to update the audio drivers, restart, and then repeat the above. On my computer, updating the Realtek driver did the trick.

Once you have it working, you may also need to select Stereo Mix as the input device in your audio app.

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I've tried so many times to find a solution to this problem but I just cannot seem to be able to. I have a windows 8 laptop (64bit) with the Conexant audio driver, and when I attempt to record sound through stereo mix it's muffled and in bad quality. I've disabled the mic, messed with some settings in audacity and in the sound settings, none of which helped. No matter what program I use to record it still comes up with the same low sound. I have no idea how to fix this on my own I am not that good at understanding computers yet so some help would be nice. 

A:Problem with stereo mix

Hi there..
have you tried the following : right  click on the sound icon & open >  Sounds
select Playback ..  highlight ( left click1x ) Speakers and open Properties..
make sure device is  > enabled
then choose > Levels <  ( mine is set @ 92.. then have a look at Balance.. headphone settings.. 
next Enhancements..& check Loudness Equalization  you can try different settings as well.. like bass etc
@ the Advanced tab mine is set  @ 24 bit 48000 HZ (studio quality) or choose whatever suits best..
Repeat the steps above for stereo mix by highlighting >  Recording  > properties .. and so on..
Hope this will help.. good luck

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Hey everyone ,
i want some help with enabling my Stereo mix , i got a new Laptop :
Asus x550jk which i installed Windows 8 Professional in it.
i wanted to enable My setreo mix , i downloaded the driver from the Realtek website and nothing happened . please help me :D
Here is a screenshot of my audio specs :

A:Problem with Stereo Mix !!

Windows 8 Enterprise is what I use and I had some problems as well.
&bull; Do you use a soundcard?
> If yes, make sure that you've installed the required driver.
> If not, make sure to install Realtek or whatever sound system's driver according to the architecture of the windows (86x/64x).

&bull; Make sure that you have activated the required sound output in the Playback Option. To access this option, right click the &lsquo;Speaker&rsquo; from the taskbar or just go to the Control Panel> Hardware> Sound

&bull; Make sure that the output jack's okay. If you're trying to use the laptop's speaker, make sure that it is activated, if needed.

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Hi, first I want to say thanks for reading and hopefully someone can help me!

So I just bought a new gaming desktop. I plan to stream SC2 through justin.tv. In order to do so, I need stereo mix to work. Currently, I am getting no sound. the meter does not show sound playing while it does for my playback device.

motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3

so my default playback is my RX-V567 receiver connected to PC by HDMI. (speakers are 5.1 Klipsch) sound comes through great.

my recording default is Stereo mix and is enabled. the "listen to this device" button is unchecked, as is all other recording devices. the level is 94.
playback through this device is to default playback device ( which is my RX-V567)

I have up to date drivers for everything. I even uninstalled realtek's audio drivers and reinstalled.

Essentially stereo mix is enabled and set to default device but no sound is coming through.

If it helps, when I talk into my mic the meter shows sound registering from the recording device. so it seems like my mic, and playback works, but for some reason Stereo mix does not.

Thanks for your time!

A:Stereo Mix problem

awesome. I found out the problem.

Stereo Mix doesn't work with s/pdif or HDMI

it works with my headphones in.

took me forever to find out the problem! i tried HDMI , then i tried s/pdif... i didn't think digital itself was the problem O_o

now that I know the specific problem I google'd stereo mix problems with HDMI and it seems like it's an issue others are having as well.

Anyone know how to make HDMI or s/pdif to work with stereo mix? is it even supposed to?

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I'm having difficulty getting Stereo Mix to work at all.

I have searched a ton on Google and these boards, but nothing helped me.

Windows 7 x64
Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H mobo
VIA high definition audio driver which includes Stereo Mix
Intel Display Audio for HDMI (I believe)
HDMI from mobo to TV input
Sound and video are via HDMI and simply come out of my TV

The problem I am having is that the Stereo Mix option is not functioning. What I mean by this is that Stereo Mix does not receive any sound. I can confirm this because the green bars to the right are not moving when sound is coming through my TV speakers (HDMI), the option titled Speakers, or any other playback option.

I have Stereo Mix enabled, not muted, and set as the default.

I would prefer to have sound come via HDMI, and be able to record it in Audacity via Stereo Mix. I know the problem is not with Audacity because Stereo Mix never receives anything in the first place.

I recently clean re-installed Windows 7, and I was able to record Stereo Mix before the re-install. I am wondering if the HDMI output uses a different driver and is not compatible with Stereo Mix from VIA. If this is the case, then I will need help figuring out what has changed with my system so that I can get it back like it used to be.

If you need more info, I will gladly provide.

Thank you,

A:Stereo Mix Problem. It's Not Working At All

In order for stereo mix to record anything the sound must go though the sound card. However HDMI is bypassing the sound card and sending the pure digital audio directly to the TV. Your sound card does not even touch the audio.

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hi. i'm new bigginer here. (this is not a gaming)

whatever my messy english. (don't get be angry)

i need help =<

i used-to record internet radio by using stereo sound.
(no need other sound.mic etc...
as you guys know...just needs

1.speker sound
( system sound also no need. u cud check mute in win7)
2.and stereo mix.
-during last 3 month it was very OK.

---- ---- ---- ----
but nowadays
i got a problem. (even i re-installed the win7 )
and used the same driver cd.(realtak ..for 32bit win7)

stereo mix problem
when u volume up,
there's howling+ noising up (it seems ... kind of my sound is repeating rapiddly)
more bigger bigger ...bigger.. god da--....

(if i control the sound smaller .. the sound gonna down at ..some sound point)
(some sound point, it's gonna bigger.and bigger .. and bigger ..again.!
that's not kind of white noise. real noise kind of echo =<

i've already taken off all the input sound but, (only stereo and speaker sound)
there's still kind of noise sound.

what should i do...? hardware problem?

i've tested 3 sample msi note book series(cx420) at MSI korea service center.
but there're also have a problem.* at some part.. sound's getting bigger bigger..
- clicking something that sound rappiddly repeated repeated more and more ......( =< )

please get me any idea for this.

help me.

have a good day everyone.

A:i got a another problem with stereo mix. (win7)

Go to the Volume Control Panel and check if anything else is playing.

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I can't really put a good title on this problem. So sorry if the title sucks.
Anyways the problem, right.
Last week I haven't really had this problem.
But today I got it now.
I have a microphone and stereo mix shit tab here and i naturally disable mic and enable stereo mix on skype to get some pc audio on call then disable stereo mix and enable it back. but today i did it and it said currently unavailable. then i disabled the stereo mix and it said no audio devices enabled or something, then i renabled the windows audio service or something. I can't fix it.

A:Stereo Mix and Microphone problem


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I have cambridge azur 651A stereo amplifier connected to my desktop pc with win7 64bit.

This was working perfectly for half a year, now without any new hw/sw update in this pc it has stopped working.

I have tried to re-install drivers etc but nothing seems to be helping.

I haven't updated to windows 10, and I'm not willing to, just came to my mind if there is now missing some important windows update when I'm not going to win10...

At the moment usb audio device shows code 10, there was some other earlier, 43 if I recall.

I have tried different usb ports on this desktop, and this amplifier works perfectly when connected to laptop win7 with same usb cable.

br sami

A:problem with usb stereo amplifier

I did read that you unistalled the drivers,
But can you do it again please, Twice

First with the USB disconnected > uninstall > REBOOT > then in the action option scan for hardware changes.

second with USB connected same instructions.

If these fail can you post a copy of ALL the problem devices,(expand to include show hidden devices) from device manager.

Are you using a USB hub as well.

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So im using windows 7 and i seem to have a problem recording sound directly from my computer

1-i showed disabled devices
2-Stereo mix is set as default

there is:
MICROPHONE-i tap my microphone and there is the GREEN bars bouncing up and down
STEREO MIX-i played some music and the green bars are NOT bouncing up and down...

how do i fix this?

A:Stereo Mix problem-can't seem to record any sound?

What program are you using to record? You will need to set it up to recognize what your inputs and outputs are.


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I have an HP laptop, and my sound card is (displayed using PCIutils for Windows):

Intel Corporation 7 Series / C210 Series
and I am finding difficulties in getting stereo sound from analogical headphones (plugged in with 3.5mm jack). Drivers downloaded from HP or Realtex do not work, drivers supplied by Windows (although they are Realtek drivers as well) sometimes work, I mean: speakers and headphones are shown together at the mixer, and sound from headphones is not stereo. I then go to device manager, audio input and output, and uninstall "Speakers/Headphones". I then reboot with my headphones plugged in, and, after that, the sound is stereo, and (IIRC) the mixer distinguishes between headphones and speakers.

But then things get broken back soon: one time, the windows updated the sound driver, and no stereo sound again. I uninstalled the device, rebooted, and stereo back. Then I unplugged the headphones, and windows said that no speakers were found: I restarted the audio device, speakers were found again, but stereo broken again

I think that debugging this looks tricky but, do you have any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

A:Problem getting stereo sound from headphones

I think I found a workaround. Go to C: -> Program Files -> Realtek -> Audio -> HDA. Move the mouse over the names of the files until you find, under the File Description, "Realtek HD Audio Manager" (on my computer, the file is RtkNGUI64.exe). Run that file. Under the second tab (I have it in another language, would translate to something like "listening experience" in English), uncheck the option (the option would translate to something like "improve audio" in English).

This seems to bring back stereo.

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I'm having a sound problem on my cpu for sometime now.It was caused by using mame(game emulator) and it seems to have disabled the wide stereo field i was previously getting.The sound I get now is similiar to a mono sound.I have recorded something to my cpu via turntable,and using a soundforge direct x tool i was able to see that there is no stereo image.Right now I have tried reinstalling drivers,overwriting windows sound dll files,reinstalling direct x.And I have had no luck.Can anyone help me with this?I can also try and get more descriptive with the type of sound i am getting if needed

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Allright, so I have stereo mix enabled on my computer and it shows up as a recording device (Windows 7 x64)
However, if I were to play music or make sounds on my PC, it would not pick up any sound at all (i have it turned up to the max)
I have a Realtek HD Audio integrated sound card, and the latest driver does not support stereo mix, so I'm sticking with the one I have

Any help?

A:Not your average Stereo Mix problem: no sound?

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Hi, I have 2 x HP Probook 470 G2 and a HP ProBook 450 G2 in our household, all of which cannot detect a microphone or stereo line in device such as an IPod etc being plugged in. They all detect headphones perfectly OK but I now need to use the combi jack as an input for these types of devices. In "sounds" - "recording", the external microphone box says "not plugged in", even though DTS gave me an alert to tell me that I had plugged in a device. Can anyone advise please? Thanks

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Hey guys,
I have been trying to get stereo mix working on my VAIO laptop but i have failed.
the model is VGN-AW110N. I have windows 7 ultimate x64.
please help me
i have gone to the VAIO esupport website and installed the audio driver from there too, but i dont get the stereo mix option in my sound settings.

A:Stereo Mix Problem on VAIO laptop

Right click on Microphone or Line In, put a check by Show Disabled Devices, and enable Stereo Mix.

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