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Mandatory roaming profile keeps logging in as temp on multiple machines

Q: Mandatory roaming profile keeps logging in as temp on multiple machines

So im all out of ideas on this one. We have a bunch of windows 7 machines that auto load a "student" AD account on boot. This account loads a mandatory roaming profile. For some reason the majority of the machines keep loading temporary profiles
and when i go to C:/users there are multiple student temporary profiles. I have checked to see if the profile was corrupt in the registry but that was not the case. Also the student password never expires and is only part of the domain users group. Any help
is greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Mandatory roaming profile keeps logging in as temp on multiple machines

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


First off I'm using Win 2000 server, with a mix of Win 2000 and XP Pro clients.

I have been struggling with this for a little while now and can't figure out what I am doing wrong/forgetting.
So basically what I want is a single mandatory profile that is going to be used by a group of users. This is what I have done so far.
All the users are in place and my group policy for those OU's is also in place. The directory for the shared folder where the profile is stored in has been entered into those user accounts in active directory. I have logged in as on of the users to create the profile within that shared directory. The file extension for the NTUSER.DAT file has been manually changed to .MAN.
However I can only get it to work with the account that I first logged in as to create the profile. If I try with any other account it pretty much ignores all the group policy settings. I can't think of what I did wrong or what I haven't done to make this work.
Please, need help bad.

Thanks for any replies.

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I have created a Roaming user Profile on a Windows NT server. The Client is Windows NT Workstation Ver 4. The Roaming profile is working great, but how do I make this Profile Compulsory for users and stop them making any changes to it.

A:{Advice Offered} - Mandatory Roaming Profile NT Workstation 4


Rename the USER.DAT to USER.MAN


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Website: www.xperts.co.za/multiboot

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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We have users on Windows 7 Enterprise machines.  No one has a roaming profile. Users cannot install programs.  The users move around so they don't use the same machine all the time and there may be 20 profiles on one machine.  They don't
always logout but the machines are restarted once a week at least.   Occasionally we may delete profiles on the machines but this is a remote site so we seldom do.  Users primarily use remote apps. served up either by Citrix or web interface. 
Little is done locally other than printing.  All machines are imaged with the same software. All users do the same thing.  One user in an office of six machines, can only login to three of the machines with a temporary profile.  She has no
profile under Users.  There is no .bak registry entry.  I cannot locate anything in the registry that points to this user.  I checked HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE|SOFTWARE|MICROSOFT|WINDOWSNT|CURRENT VERSION|PROFILELIST.  There were 20 profiles but
none for this user.  No .bak profiles for her, nothing.  I found a post that suggested increasing registry size/reboot but still no clue.  This has been going on for months and she just let me know but I don't know if she called the help desk
and they did something before.  Event log has errors saying: 

Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unlo... Read more

A:Windows 7 Enterprise - User logs in with temporary profile - 3 different machines/no roaming profile?

Thanks.  She's working on the computer and does not logoff and back on quickly.  I just rechecked and there absolutely is not a .bak with her name.  On either computer.  I did find one for Temp and one for another user so now I have a
second user getting the profile issue.  I renamed that one and when the other user logged in, he got his profile. 

Guess I will just re-image the computers although I'd like to figure it out but I don't have the spare time to waste and don't want my user to keep getting the temp profile.  My company won't pay for the support and frankly, in all the years I've
been in IT, I've never had MS resolve one issue for me.  Not worth paying for.  Oh well, thanks for your suggestions.  If I have time to devote to this and figure anything else out, I will post the answer. 

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Hello --

I've searched quite a bit and have done quite a bit... this is my last stop before I dump the login and go to something else.

I had a profile that was acting odd not loading different apps slow logins etc so I wanted to basically wipe it and start over and now i'm having issues.

I started by deleting everything about the login from both active directory the server profiles folder and even the individual computers that are used to login with it at.

To do so I deleted the folders out of the users/%username% and then also went into regedit and deleted the profilelist with the username as well.

To me the profile should literally be as if it never existed....

Next I recreated it in active directory recreated it's folder in the profile database and attempted to login...

the computer immediately goes to a black screen and then says logging off and back to login.

I've looked up several fixes but none have worked.. at this point i'm open to trying anything...

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When attempting to login to my main profile, after a several minute wait, Windows loads normally, but I receive a notice saying that I have been logged into a temporary profile, which would be deleted upon shutting down.

As far as I can tell, this started happening immediately after switching my cell phone from "LG Software" to "Charge Only" mode, while windows was logging in.

During every bootup, I am now prompted with the following options:

Launch Startup Repair
Start Windows Normally

Upon selecting "Startup Repair", I am immediately shown the error "a required device is inaccessible".
It has just recently stopped giving me the "Startup Repair" option any more so I can't get the exact error code, but I believe it was 0x00000225, or something similar.

I cannot successfully load normal safe mode, or safe mode with networking. They fail with blue screen. I can only load safe mode with command prompt.

I have tried running "sfc /scannow". It finds errors after about 20% but says it is unable to fix them. Attempting to run chkdsk /f does not run on next boot.

It's been a while since I've done a backup, so I'd rather get this profile working again, than have to re-install. I also need to mention that this is an OEM (Dell) copy of windows, so, doing a repair install doesn't seem to be an option, or is it???

A:Instead of logging into main profile, I am forced into temp profile

Hello Cam, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to do a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before you had these issues may be able to fix them.

Hope this helps,

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Our company have company wide issue where users are reporting that the Welcome screen after logging on takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, which is unusually long. I've come across a "fix" from TechNet from another member that this has happen
to them before and the fix was to:
1. gpedit.msc >> Local Computer Policy >> Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> System >> User Profiles
2. Set maximum wait time for the network if a user has a roaming profile >> Change setting from "Not Configured" to "Enabled" and change the "Wait for network for maximum (seconds)" to 0.
By doing this action, will it affect the global group policy set by our Server Admins? As in, when a user logs in, it usually do a gpupdate /force, will changing this setting in gpedit.msc, will it skip the gpupdate /force from happening?

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Hi, I am getting this unusal but annoying error when I log on to windows, it says that it?s running a temporary profile and it won?t be resolved until I log off and on again, and that works, I am just wondering why it happens. Event log states:

"Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile.

DETAIL - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."

I?m just wondering what the best course of action is to avoid this annoyance.

A:Keeps logging into an temp profile.

I would make a new user account and see if it works better.

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I have a couple of users that this has happened to. They both have Dell Latitude D600 laptops with Windows XP SP2. Also have the novell client installed. They've all been running fine for many months. About a week ago, one guy logged in and all his desktop items were gone, settings back to default, etc.. He called me over to fix it. I discovered that he had been logged in under a local profile named TEMP instead of his. His actual profile was still there, but windows didn't log him in there. He didn't do anything different during boot up or logon. After a reboot, he logged on again and went into his proper profile. Its happened to him a few times now, and just yesterday I saw it happen to one of the other guys in the office. Quite baffling, and I haven't seen anything close to this problem in any forums I have searched. Have you heard/seen this before and do you have any ideas?


A:Logging in to 'temp' profile instead of actual one

This is the same issue..but no resolution over on this site either.


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I just did a reinstall on a Dell Dimension 3000, and now when I click on my user name I get logged onto the "temp" profile instead of either my previous (before I reinstalled) profile, or the new one that seems to have been created since reinstalling, but is not visible from the User Accounts in the control panel. The User Accounts shows my account, my kid's account, and a guest account. When I look at the "All Users" file in explorer it shows many more accounts. How can I point a logon at a specific profile? I am not on a network or domain controller. This is a stand-alone home PC. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

A:XP logging me on to "temp" profile - can I change?

I believe that the proper place from which to adjust profiles...would be User Accounts in Control Panel.If a new, temporary profile was created by XP...you were probably advised to create a new permanent one and transfer the settings to same. Did you do that?How To Copy Data To New User Profile, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811151Louis

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I have a Win7 system with 3 users defined on it. One is my account with admin privileges, the others are two standard users (belonging to "Users" local group). The machine is not in a domain.

It happens randomly that, loggin on with the standard users account, the Win7 builds a temporary profile informing the user that it was not possible to access the files of their profiles and that the temp profile will be deleted after use.

When I am in this situation the only thing I can do to make the simple users log on with their profiles is to restart the PC.

Does anyone know how can I identify where is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

A:Win7 logging users with temp profile

Hi Paolo -

Here is a tutorial on the fascinating phenomenon of temporary user profiles -


If that doesn't work for you, I suggest that you re-install Windows 7.

Regards. . .



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Whenever I log on to my Cmopaq CQ40 laptop it says it cannot find my profile and have been logged on with a temporary one. It also deletes everything I have saved/downloaded before (can't find it anywhere even doing a full search)

Please help!!

A:Logging on with a temp profile constantly, compaq CQ40 Vista Basic

bump, please help I can't get anything done because it keeps getting erased!

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Hiya, I recently started to set up a Server at my work place. Im familiar with Professionl/Server 2k and I am currently taking MCSE...anyhow..

I have created a domain, and I am trying to make roaming user profiles, First I go to Active Directory Users and Computers and create the user, pass etc...Then I go into that newly created user and edit the the profile to go to my server where I want the new profile to be stored eg: \\server\profile\%username%. I then go to my computer, user profiles and copy the settings I want imatated to the same directory as above \\server\profile\%username%. I then log the user on to make sure it is working, on a windows 2000 Professional workstation that is part of the domain...log on the user and it CREATES a new profile path on C:\Documents and Settings\user\ instead of refereing to the \\server\profile\user i previously created.

I can not figure out why it does not refere to the profile path I have created/specified and makes the new directory...any suggestions would be helpfull, Thanks


A:Roaming/Mandatory user profiles.

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Is there an Official Microsoft Guide to create Mandatory User Profile For windows 8.1 with latest update installed ? i still use My own Experience to create mandatory profile (Experience that Driven from windows Vista and 7) and still have Multiple issues
with it ?
Or is there a Official Microsoft recommendation to deploy windows 8.1 with latest update installed to educational  Labs on campus using Domain Credential for longing in (instead of using roaming profile and minimizing login time as well ) ?

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I have tried to look online for an answer to this but have not found anything.

We have many users logging in with a single mandatory roaming profile.  We have a new dictation program which saves temporary data to the AppData/local folder before uploading it.  If there are any problems with the upload the data sits in that folder
until it can be uploaded.

The problem occurs when a user of a mandatory profile (who is unaware of any upload problems) logs out, causing the appdata/local folder to be deleted.  (The folder is not actually deleted until the user next logs in overwriting the local profile.)

My two questions are:

1. Is it normal for the appdata/local folder to be deleted when the user logs off if they have a mandatory profile? (I haven't got any kind of profile cleanup, or the "delete cached copies of roaming profiles" GP turned on.)

2. Is there a way to prevent this folder, or a specific folder within it, from being deleted?

The AD controller is Windows Server 2008 R2 and the workstations are all Windows 7.

Thanks in advance!

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Attempting to help my friend out with a computer problem.

She starts up, logs into acccount, gets a 10 minute wait at the loading/welcome screen, then gets logged into a temporary account. it still says she is logged in under her name in the start menu, but it is the default screensaver, and desktop files are not present. It also goes into the computers default demo mode on timed intervals of non-use.

In regedit under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList There were 2 subfiles which were identical. I deleted the one that had /TEMP in the ProfileImagePath subfolder, and removed the .bak from the file that had the correct username in the Profile Image Path.

...and I think I made it worse. I attempted to log in and got this after a long welcome screen:
"the local session manager service failed the logon"
"the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation"

I am logged into the 2nd account she has, and I am trying now to make a new account so i can transfer her old files over to the new one. However when creating a new account it won't let me enter a name!
Everytime I enter a name no matter what it is, I get this message saying "The specified account name is not valid, because account names cannot contain the following characters: /\[]":; etc"
My attempted account name does not contain any of these characters

This is a Lenovo all in one Ideacentre.... Read more

A:very long "Logging in" screen, followed by loading into Temp profile

I forgot to mention I am logging into a non-administrator account. I tried to make the account an administrative one, but the changes won't stick. I also tried to make another admin account thru various methods, all of them were denied.

I attempted to activate the hidden Admin account via the cmd window, access was denied.

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I have a user that has now left our company and would therefore like to delete their roaming profile from the profiles folder on our server.

I have deleted their account from Active Directory and have then tried to delete their profile from the roaming profiles folder. But when I do this I get the access denied message, the reason being that the file may be open or I do not have sufficient rights. I have also taken ownership of the folder so I have all the correct permissions.

Anyone have any ideas ?


A:Access Denied when I try to delete a users roaming profile from the profile share ?


Try to reset the permissions of the folder, and then make sure you have ownership of the sub folders to.

What OS are you using?

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I have an issue that I need serious help with. (The user is my boss...nuff said.) He has been using a laptop with windows 7 professional for some time now and recently he reported to me that when he undocks his laptop and takes it on the road (for example) he does not see his desktop icons, quick launch etc... If he saves a file to the desktop for example, it is gone once he logs off or reboots. We recently got him a new laptop running windows 7 enterprise and are still seeing the same issue! Now, we are using roaming profiles in our environment and I am considering moving him to a local profile as this is really the only machine that he uses. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix his local profile? I want to say that it either related to GPOs or his user account as this happens on two different machines. As far as redirection, we have his documents redirecting to his home folder but there are not other user policies applying to his account. Thank you for your time and advice in advance!

A:Local profile data not saved locally - roaming profile

The reason this is happening is that he is part of a domain likely, and when you are away from the network the computer cannot login into the Domain. He will have to switch his profile to local.

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Has anyone successfully got mandatory profiles working with Windows 10 (currently running Win10 Enterprise 1511).

Essentially, I have it 99% of the way there, but whilst the start bar is clickable (which it previously wasn't), it now shows a blank start menu - ignoring either the Mandatory Profile Start Menu, or the XML Start Menu imported via Group Policy.

My steps are based on having a dedicated "mandatory" local account to do all user customisations before copying it up to the netlogon share rather than using the default profile - which works fine but has none of our app customizations built in - unless I start look at importing reg keys etc;

So here are my steps;

Login to the gold image machine as .\mandatory
1. Open Regedit
2. Right Click on HKCU and give the following full permissions ? logging in as a domain admin first
a. Everyone
b. All Application Pools
c. Authenticated Users
4. Close Regedit
This is essentially instead of doing it via loading the hive - which seems to really help the start menu (I think)

5. Reboot the machine
6. Login as domain administrator ? run Windows Enabler
7. Copy the profile to \\%domaincontroller%\netlogon\profiles\johnpaul.v5 with everyone as permissions
8. Change a user to use that as their profile
9. Reboot the computer (giving AD enough time to replicate)
10. Login as that user
11. Start Menu is clickable and edge works on the task bar


It does not pull in ... Read more

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My problem,
In Samba PDC (on openSuse) I have computers with different operating systems (XP, Win 7).
Various computers (desktops and laptops) work in Windows 7.
The problem is that you can not set up one mobile profile for them.
In Samba PDC I have defined a netlogon where I use the profile \\ server \ netlogon \ Default User.V2 for the desktop but for the laptops I have defined the mandatory profile \\ server \ netlogon \ mandatory.V2.
In "GPO Policy -> Administrative Templates -> System -> User Profiles -> Set the profile of the mobile profile for all users" for each laptop I have given the path where I am in profill mandatory for laptops.

After logging in to the domain, windows loads the temporary profile not mandatory.
How to solve this problem.

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I work in a college environment using VDI where we use floating pools for our lab environment.
So every time someone logs off the machine is purged and a new one takes it's place.
Everyone currently logs on with a common ID such as BusinessLab.
The problem is that I would like to limit who can log in to a BusinessLab machine in a floating pool.
So my intention is to automate who has access to a VM through AD security groups.
The issue is the first time configuration for a user on a windows 7 machine takes a few minutes, as the machine needs to check for a profile and create it every time a student would go to use it. 

Is there a way that any of our students can login with their own AD credentials and the machine always uses the same profile and skips the profile check part?
In a 50 minute class, I need the machines to boot get into windows, past the welcome screen ASAP.

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On my mandatory profiles, there are some desktop icons which aren't added via the server share, but by the local computer's installed programs. How would I go about removing these unwanted icons?

A:Mandatory profile desktop icons

Depends a bit on your operating system, but you basically need to delete those shortcuts from the "All Users" Desktop Folder.

In XP, the path is typically:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop

In Win 7, I think it's the same, but replace "Documents and Settings" with "Users", I think.

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I have recently set up a box that is going to be put in the production using one of our employees as a guinea pig.

I have got the box set up they way i want to, with the mandatory profile being stored on the local box (hidden).

The problem i get however is that whenever the user log in to the domain, even though the appropriate settings are there, they simply get a black background (sometimes blue - all depends on what the "Color" is set too) - i simply cant for the life of me get the standard JPG to show up as the background.

The profile was copied from a replica profile from a local user account (complete with wallpaper). The wallpaper works fine when a roaming (NTUSER.DAT) profile is configured, but whenever it is changed to a mandatory (NTUSER.MAN) the user is no longer able to view their wallpaper, instead they get a black "overlay". When the user is logged in to the domain, you can go in to display properties and change it manually (the wallpaper is selected allready, all you need to do is change something like the theme, or the color {and back again}) and it will show, however it wont survive the reboot.

I have tried a hell of alot of things, including:

- Changing the profile to roaming, restarting, logging in as user and changing the wallpaper, restarting, change the profile back to mandatory, restarting, logging in as user again.
- Using the "runas" while logged in to the domain to change the wallpaper
- Using a utility ... Read more

A:Mandatory Profile - Wallpaper problem


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I have been attempting to create a "mandatory profile" in Windows 8.1 without success. I was wondering if anyone out there has successfully created a mandatory profile in Win 8.1 and would be willing to share with me a step by step guide to doing so.

A:Solved: Creating a Mandatory Profile in Win 8.1

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I'm using mandatory profiles on an active directory, and I want the users local AppData (like IE history) to be part of their mandatory profile, instead of being on the machine. Is this possible, and if so, how?

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Hey guys,

Yesterday, I shut down my computer. A few hours later when trying to log back in, I get logged onto a blank profile, which I assume is a temporary profile.

Curiously the ProfileImagePath string under key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-1-5-21-842173820-3506557639-1618326103-1004 is pointing to C:\Users\Mike_2.Mike-PC instead of C:\Users\Mike_2, which I assume is a temporary/alternate profile. (which I didn't create)

This has happened before, but usually a few restarts fixed the problem, however, that doesn't seem to be working now.

My question is, is there a way to reassociate the profile with the correct user folder? Or do I have to transfer everything over to a clean profile?

A:Solved: User profile dissasociated from account/logging onto temporary profile?

Its not an association issue, the user profile is corrupt, and is replaced by a temporary one.

Best thing to do is create a new user account, and migrate to that.


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We have a Windows 2003 Domain and a Windows 2003 file server, the AD is on server01 and the file server is server05 all the profiles are on the file server.

We have one user that has a roaming profile and it will not save anything back to the server, I have installed the User Profile Hive Cleanup and its still dose not work.

I have tried to rejoin the computer to the domain but still no luck.

I have even done a full reinstall of the users laptop but this has not fixed it, dose anyone know of any problems that would cause a profile not to save back to the server?

Thanks for any help you can give....

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Have a PC at work running Windows XP SP2 in a domain environment with Windows SBS 2003.

I have a user who tries to log on to the domain and gets the following message: Your roaming profile is not available. You are logged on with the locally stored profile. Changes to the profile will not be copied to the server. Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient security rights.

DETAIL - Access is denied.

Then I get the next message: Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes to this profile wiil be lost when you log off.

I checked the permissions on this users roaming profile folder and they are the same as every other user in the organization. Full control for Administrators, Creator Owner has special permissions, Domain Users has Full Control, System has Full Control and Users has Full Control.

I checked ownership and Administrator has ownership of the folder.

I can access the network folder and all documents for this user after the temp profile logs on. I tried logging this user on a different machine and get the same message as before.

I tried logging a different user on the same PC and it hangs on Loading your personal settings and then I get the following error: Windows cannot copy file \\server\etc...May be due to network problems or insufficient security rights. I tried logging this user on a different machine and it worked fine.

Any insight as to what this may be? I tried a ne... Read more

A:Roaming profile not available

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Hi all,

a little info on me (i hope im using correct IT jargon), im inquring for my work computer, its running Win XP svc pk 2, we logon using roaming profile, and when i login i get a message saying: windows cannot locate roaming profile and will attempt to login using local profile. the IT guy here takes forever to respond to his trouble tickets and I have enough knowledge to be helpful. any advice would be appreciated thank you.


A:Roaming profile

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i have set up a roaming profile on my server already and i was wondering if there is anything i have to do on the workstations for the roaming profile to work

A:Roaming Profile

As long as the Roaming Profile is set up correctly on the server, there shouldn't be anything you need to do to the client machines.

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I have created a roaming profile in win 2003 enviroment,every thing is working fine except the desktop back ground.It is different back ground if i login from different computer

A:Roaming Profile

it would be greatly appreciated if you do not post in two places...

Pick a forum and post there.

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I have created a roaming profile in win 2003 enviroment,every thing is working fine except the desktop back ground.It is different back ground if i login from different computer

A:Roaming profile

Closng duplicate.

Please continue here:


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we have a windows 2003 server which stores users roaming profiles.

I have one user who's desktop sometimes doesnt get updated. For example,
when the user deletes a file or folder - next time then login in the
file/folder is still comes back on the folder.

The other thing is that sometimes folders deleted sometime back all of
suddenly reappear on the desktop.

What could be the issue?


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I'm currently having problems with emails regarding roaming profiles. I have several worskstations under windows NT. I know for a fact that during log-off and this process was terminated the copying of profiles to the server is terminated as well that's why it results to corrupted profiles. Corrupted profiles means loss of email also. Now i'm having problem bec. eventhough when the log-off process has finished, still some of my friends looses their email. PLease i need help on how to prevent this one from happening bec.. this usually happens.


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Folks, no doubt this question come up before, I just can't find any information about it ... so if anyone is in the know-how, your help would be appreciated.

This is my scenario (as an example):
I have 3 PCs and 1 DC -- 2 x Windows XP and 1x Windows Vista Ultimate. I have them setup for roaming profile. Now, the question XP machines recognise and load the profile fine... however! Will the Vista PC do the same... or will it just create its own profile on the DC and disregard he profile (ntuser.dat) that the 2 XPs machines use....

Surely, M$ would have been smart enough to make them compatible?

Any help appreciated... I would like to know before I start implementing the above.


A:Vista / XP Roaming Profile

Hi. . .

Unfortunately Vista uses a v2 profile where windows 2000 - windows XP uses v1. But never say never. It can be done and will involve redirection and Vista Junctions. You can read all about it and the potential solution available as written by Mike Stephens in "Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide", which I found a while back on a Microsoft Support site. I have attached the Word Document to this post.

Good Luck to you.

Regards. . .



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heyas, guys!

i guess this is a less of a technical question than a... system philosophy question??


the other day i had a notice pop up, statying that my roaming profile wasn't properly fully synchronized with the server and blah blah blah, and i was like... WTF? WHAT server? why do i have a roaming profile? i did NOT authorize my profile to roam to any server!

i searched for information on this, but all i find is stuff on like big corporate/school networks, and corrupt profiles that users totally can't log into their machines, and how to reset those. i looked for the registry key for roaming profile "BAK" files as one method suggested, but i didn't find any. (i did find the S1-5 things.)

i have one machine, running win 7.
i have my old xp machine, on a direct link cable, that i occasionally use to access the hard drives. (no, i don't turn it on every day. yes, i turn my computers off every night.)

is having the xp file server causing me to have a win7 'roaming' profile? is it trying to synch to the xp machine? and, most importantly: can i change it from 'roaming' to 'local' and not break anything?
thanks a tonne!!

sys info if you really need it? (and if you have spoiler tags....)

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microso... Read more

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I am having several roaming profile issues.
I manage 120 workstaions with windows XP with SP2
The server is windows 2003 which is up to date on patches.
There are about 1000 users
This is a community college

The share that the roaming profiles are on is not hidden.
The profiles seem to work but are not always removed as set by policy.
(Not being removed is 1 issue)
The share is set to NOT allow offline files.
Issue 2.
occassionally, the user loads a corrupt roaming profile and the result is not being able to print or select a printer and the left side of the start menu is blank. I resolve this by having the user logout. I change the name of the profile and the user then logs in and system then loads a new default profile.

I do not have issues with mandatory profiles (set on 2 accounts that work on 2 special labs, about 25 machines.

We are cleaning residual profiles manually and I have used microsoft's tool to remove residual profiles but it does not remove all of them.
Last year this problem was caused by our Symantec virus software (see their website) But updating the virus software was not a complete solution. (or any at all, as I didn't keep data)
Problem 2 appears to grow with time during the semester.

At the end of the semester, I clear all accounts, all data files on the server and all roaming profiles and start all over again.

I did not notice this issue when using windows 2000 workstations and windows 2000 server. Almost all of the hardware has been ch... Read more

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At work, we have roaming profiles set up with a maximum size of 30MB. In order to reduce the size of the profile, we go in and delete files, as necessary, from C:\Documents and Settings\UserName by using the Profile Storage Space dialog as a guide. Pretty standard stuff.

So, I have written a program that lists all files in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName, and allows you to directly delete/open etc files in the list. In doing so, I noticed that the folder contains 300MB of data, compared to the 14MB that my profile is reported as containing.

I am guessing that Windows chooses a subset of files in the directory to make up the roaming profile. What I would like to know is what these are and where are they defined!? It must either be a standard, or recorded somewhere on the machine because the Profile Storage Space dialog successfully works.

Any help would be very gratefully accepted. I have trawled the web for days on this topic now, with no results.

A:Roaming Profile Files

By default, the History, Local Settings, Temp, and Temporary Internet Files folders are excluded from the user's roaming profile.

The ExcludeProfileDirs value in the following key contains a list of folders that will be excluded from a roaming profile:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
This TechNet article Step-by-Step Guide to User Data and User Settings might be useful, but I've barely glanced at it so can't promise anything.



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Ok I have a gigabit network set up with Windows2000 Server and about 12 computers that are running Windows XP. Now, I set up two different profiles with Roaming profiles to see if it works so that I could have all the computers logging onto the domain. The problem I am getting is that when I try to log on to the domain with one of them it seems like it tries to load it but doesn't find it on the server but all the stuff is correct. The error it gives me seems like it is a security error but the profile is in the administrator domain. Then the other profile I have set up loads (it takes an eternity to load) and it does not bring in anything from my documents/favorites or anything from the server.

The way I created the profile is by doing the system - copy profile and copying it to //server1/profile/username ... I can log onto the server with the both profiles just fine and I would really appreciate any bodies help in getting this running. Its an architectural design firm and we have people that use scanners/tablets on different computers and it would be great if we could set this up ... Thank you ahead of time.


A:Roaming Profile not Working

I hope this helps Roaming User Profiles

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I'm creating a 2nd User acct, haven't done this in awhile and not real sure about some logistics thereof.
In the User Acct setup I noticed an option to make a User Acct either Local or Roaming. I have a peer to peer workgroup of 3 nodes in my home (no server). When I look on my C drive in the Users folder, I see my user acct folders I've been using for sometime and inside it's folder structure it has both a Local and a Roaming folder ? As in C:\Users\UserMe\AppData\Local\
and also, C:\Users\UserMe\AppData\Roaming\

(1) I assume my (or any) profile can only be one or the other at a time ?

(2) How can I tell if my current profile is Local or Roaming ?

(3) What exactly is the difference of the two ?
(3b) and in essence when would I need whichever ?

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(after installing sp4 on a couple of computers, we get an error message when logging on with roaming profiles.

the message we are getting is:

Windows did not load your roaming profile and is attempting to log you on with your local profile. Changes to the profile will not be copied to the server when you logoff. Windows did not load your profile because a server copy of the profile folder already exists that does not have the correct security. Either the current user or the Administrator's group must be the owner of the folder. Contact your network administrator.

we are running a w2k ad integrated domain. all the workstations are w2k pro.

please help me! = \)

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I have problem with roaming profile on vista business. We have server windows 2003, using xp roaming profiles (users are not assigned to the computer). Users keep changing the pcs, Vista joined correctly domain but profiles doesn't work. I've read that redirection of the folder is the solution, but all my users keep swapping pcs. Any idea how to make compatible xp roaming profile with vista roaming profile? many thanks

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Hopefully this is in the correct forum.

We recently want to roaming profiles on all of our company computers. For some reason, if a user is off-site and they move files and folders around, when they return the the office, everything is moved back.
This does not happen all the time, but does make my users feel uneasy that their changes or new documents where not saved.
Any one know why this is happening?


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Hello everyone.

I have an XP Pro client which is in a small domain network (30 clients). It was set up by the former admin, and seemed to be pretty struggeling. It used approximately ONE HOUR to load it's Roamin Profile. I found the profile size of 5GB, and quickly saw this was a really bad solution.

I deleted the roaming profiles, and set up new users. Now I can't login with any other user account (except local admin). I get the message "Windows cannot load your profile" DETAIL - System cannot find the specified file.

I've googled this for a while, but everyone seems to get a message telling them the profile is corrupt. In my case, the profile is long gone, and that was also the intention, so I've found very little help so far.

Anyone know why this happens, or how I can fix it?

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This is my question, I would like for the users to be able to access there email from any machine that they login to on our domain, I think that this would be a roaming profile. I have actually worked at a place where you could login to any machine and Outlook would automatically configure it's self with your email account, you would not have to configure anything. How do you set this up.
Another note, we are still using Exchange 5.5 but are moving over to 2003 this summer.

A:Question about a roaming profile.

you would want to create roaming profiles. Do you know how to do this?

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Windows cannot copy file C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\ntuser.tmp to location \\ServerName\profiles$\%username%\NTUSER.DAT. Possible causes of this error include network problems or insufficient security rights. If this problem persists, contact your network administrator.

DETAIL - Access is denied.

I keep getting this error when I try logging off. It looks like security rights to me, but I'm pretty sure I set both file permissions and share permissions properly.

In AD I set up user dummy with the following information:

Profile Path: \\Servername\Profiles$\pdummy. The "p" means profile. We already have shares on this server with usernames.
Logon Script: something.bat
Home folder: Connected as H:\, \\ServerName\%username%

File permissions for "profiles$" is set to Full Control for Domain Users and Domain Admins.

I tried multiple ways to get this to work, but nothing is replicating. Please offer any assistance.

The user I'm testing with is a dummy account, called "dummy."

A:Roaming Profile Problem

I should also point out that \\ServerName\Profiles$ is directed to a cluster.

\\ServerName = Cluster Group Name.

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