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Precision 3510, Windows 10, Wont Boot, Spinning Dots

Q: Precision 3510, Windows 10, Wont Boot, Spinning Dots

We have quite a few Precision 3510 devices running Windows 10 (1607)
Some of them are locking up on the users
Some of them are hanging when it tries to load windows
I have read articles that there is a windows update causing this but I have been unable to validate.

Anyone with any experience please respond.

Thank You,

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Preferred Solution: Precision 3510, Windows 10, Wont Boot, Spinning Dots

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi, while using Mozilla the computer froze, so I hard restarted it (holding power button) but then upon boot the dots stop spinning, I have browsed a variety of online forums however most simply say to boot into safe mode, unfortunately it?s not even possible to boot into safe mode, so far I have tried booting into safe mode using a windows 10 installation USB, turning on and off multiple times to get automatic repair (doesn?t even show up), disconnecting all peripherals including wireless mouse/keyboard, resetting bios settings to default yet none have worked. Preferably I want to get into safe mode to remove essential files yet I would even be happy if I could just get the installation USB to boot properly so I can reinstall windows, I have used the installation USB multiple times in the past so I doubt that is the problem, I think that it is most likely a hard drive issue. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks in advance.

PC specs:
- motherboard: AB350-Gaming 3
- ram: 16gb ddr4 Corsair vengeance lpx
- graphics card: GTX-1050Ti
- storage: 120gb Kingston SSD (2Tb HDD died a few weeks ago)

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Hi! I can't get the exact specs of my PC because, well, it won't turn on, but it's an Alienware 17 r3 for basis. It's been stuck at boot for around 30 minutes now with no spinning dots or anything, and I don't really know what to do? I haven't found any similar issues on google, it's just been randomly restarted when opened lately and this time it won't progress from the BIOS. Anything I can do other than powering it down at a time when you really shouldn't or no?

A:Windows 10 Stuck At Boot, No Spinning Dots

I recommend going ahead and powering it off, I don't think it is going to do any more harm. If it still will not boot, then please create the Win 10 disk as shown below for possible troubleshooting.

How to make a bootable DVD or USB via the media creation tool

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i am facing an issue with a Precision 3510 i cannot boot when there is a Western Digital Hard drive with 4TB connected to my laptop.
i can boot correctly with other devices but not this USB hard drive.
the laptop start booting and then it goes to no bootable device, i've checked the BIOS setup i put my internal HDD as primary on the boot sequence and deleted all other entries and the same issue.
i am using windows 10 BIOS is set to UEFI and updated to the latest version i tried Legacy boot and i disabled Secure boot and always the same issue.

Best regards

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I returned home from work today to find that my computer won't boot. Great, it's going to one of those weeks... After the bios screen and the windows 10 logo, the computer hangs on the following screen, blue background with the spinning white dots. It looks like it's trying to log in, but it gets stuck. The dots never freeze, or at least not in the hour or two I've left it- it just keeps spinning and trying to log in. Before I go further, I'll give you some specs:

Homebuilt Windows 10 desktop, up to date (upgraded from 7 months ago)
Gigabyte z87x ud3h mobo
Haswell i5-4670k
Nvidia 780ti
8gb ram

Ok, where was I. The strange part about this is that everything was working fine yesterday, and I didn't really do anything since then. I upgraded from W 7 to 10 months ago and it's been working fine. There were no windows updates yesterday (Feb 22nd), and I didn't install any other driver or system updates. In fact the only things I did install were the Steam VR test and a game on steam. Nothing else was changed since the last time it booted properly.

Now, onto what I've tried. I'm at a bit of an impasse here because I can't really get the computer to do anything. Booting into bios works, but that's about it. I can't get into safe mode (thanks W10, F8 doesn't work, can't restart into it from desktop, or from login screen). If anyone knows another way, let me know. I've messed around with cables inside the tower, plugged and unplugged hard drives. In the course of restart... Read more

A:Unable to boot- stuck on blue screen with spinning dots.

Have you tried a Ctrl+Alt+Del when the blue circles are spinning and seeing if you can get to a screen where you can try a Shift +Restart to get in the advanced start-up options?

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I get pop up keyboards, applications offering to switch to touch screen mode and all kinds of other problems.
So how do I get Windows to realize there is no touch screen? It's not in the HID section in device manager.

A:Precision 3510 - Windows 10 says it has a touch screen but it doesn't

This is old but it has some things to check-- Many have said it solved their problem.

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I get pop up keyboards, applications offering to switch to touch screen mode and all kinds of other problems.
So how do I get Windows to realize there is no touch screen? It's not in the HID section in device manager.

A:Precision 3510 - Windows 10 says it has a touch screen but it doesn't

This is old but it has some things to check-- Many have said it solved their problem.

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I have just upgraded my Lenovo Flex 2 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 with the ISO MS had provided in their site. Things were going smoothly until after reaching 75%, the laptop rebooted and voila, an empty black screen was in front of me. After 1 hour of waiting for something to happen, I decided to shut down through holding the power button and restarted. The Lenovo logo and the spinning dots appeared but after a moment, the logo disappeared and the spinning dots have remained again for an hour. I have did everything from the sites Google has brought me to, including
- removing all wireless dongles (particularly the one for my wireless mouse)
- ctrl alt del
- esc
- f8/shift+f8
- win+p
- hard reset
But nothing happened and the dots went spinning and spinning until the screen turned off with the power still on. What should I do??? I have important documents I should have finished in my laptop by now. Hope someone can reply ASAP

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How can I get the setting so that when my end user logs on the number pad is accessible without having to press "numlock" every time? Is there a BIOS setting to change this?
Thank you!

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I downloaded windows 10 ISO(I purchased it) file and created bootable DVD and USB using Rufus. I want to install windows 10 in one of the system which had corrupted windows 7 in SSD(No data or nothing is required)

My system config is below
Intel i5(4th gen)
Gigabyte H87 D3H(which has UEFI) and flashed to version 9
Nvidia 9400 GT(driver not updated but the site listing says it is compatible with win 10)
SSD(60 GB, which has corrupted win 7)
HDD(500 GB)

Believe I have the minimum system requirement to install Windows 10?
After selecting cd/dvd/usb, windows 10 logo appears(without any spinning dots, just plain logo) and get stuck there. I waited for 1-2 hour but nothing happened. I searched and some of them have suggested to remove components and keep only bare minimum. So I tried removing GFX card and the HDD, and kept only SSD(default changed to IGFX). But even then it doesnt move forward from the windows logo screen.
Please someone suggest, how to move this installation further? Any debugging options? Anything I am missing here? I purchased it and hence I dont want to waste the money I spent on it.
I checked in BIOS and I can confirm that Fast boot is disabled or Data Execution Prevention and/or similar options are enabled.
Note:I havent used media creation tool here
To confim whether my bootable DVD/USB had some errors in initiating setup, I tried running setup.exe within my friends machine(win 7) and it is launching and giving me screens to download updat... Read more

A:Windows 10 installation stuck at blue logo(no spinning dots)

Your post reads like the USB drive you created isn't really bootable, if it won't boot your machine or your friend's.

I have never used Rufus. It's easy enough to make a bootable drive using diskpart, although it's a little more dangerous (you could delete the wrong drive or partition if you are careless). It's especially easy if you wish to make a bootable FAT32 drive, which is what the UEFI systems I own need.

Are you aware that you have to do an upgrade install one time with the free Win 10 upgrade to get it to activate? (After you have done that once, you can clean install on the same hardware. There's no unique key; the information is retained on the MS activation servers.) Doing an upgrade install on a corrupt Win 7 installation sounds like a bad idea. I hope that you have the means to install (or re-install) a qualifying OS (7 or 8) and to activate it.

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Hi guys,

I know there's many threads on this subject but none seem to answer it for me.


i7 950 X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 16gb Ram GTX760. Pretty sure it's a Samsung 250gb SSD.

So I upgraded W7 to W10 via iso. Install made it all the way.

On reboot it's now suck on the black background, windows logo and spinning dots.

I've removed all wireless devices.

If you need any further info please let me know.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Windows 10 Upgrade Stuck- Black Screen - Blue Logo - Spinning Dots

I would give it 15-30 minutes and then do a Hard Reset. Hold DOWN Power switch until the computer shuts down (probably about 6-8 seconds). Then, hit the Power switch to turn it back on.

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I have a lenovo yoga pro two running windows 8.1. Since doing a reboot after installing windows updates I cant get away from "Please Wait" with the spinning dots. I have tried F8 anf F12 on startup (during the first Lenovo splash screen) but no joy. I have also tried ctrl/alt/delete but it wont move from the please wait screen - thik it is a windows issue but dont know where to begin. I created a USB boot disk from another Yoga pro two but that doesnt seem to fix it either.
Any help much appreciated! Am close to giving up and taking to get reparid...

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Hi all,
I am using Dell precision 3510 with 1TB HDD. Now I want to install a M2 PCIE SSD or M2 SATA SDD working together with existing HDD. So SSD is used for OS and HDD for user Data.
Could you so me how to install both HDD as SDD to work together?
thank you

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I have a Precision mobile 3510 (i5-6440HQ, 256GB SSD,  8GB, Intel HD Graphics) that still bogs down with my three monitors, multiple spreadsheets, multiple online tax sites and programs QuickBooks, email Word docs, pdfs etc opened at once (sorry I cannot help it). To speed things up should increase Processor, RAM, hard drive or graphics card?  Any thoughts

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I have a Precision 3510 with Ubuntu 14.04 installed from the factory.  Is it advisable to upgrade to 16.04?  I ask because I know that the new kernel is necessary to take advantage of some of the power saving features of the Skylake CPU, but it also introduces a new AMD graphics driver that may not yet be tested with FirePro cards.

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Hi all,
I recently purchased a Dell Precision 3510 with an I7 6700HQ CPU. My problem is that the CPU seems to be stuck at 0.75 Ghz and it doesn't seem to go over 30% load. When reaches 30 % in load (and there it stays) might go up to 0.78 Ghz, but that's not happening every time.Did a few tests while playing a few games, on battery and while charging, and on different power plans: Dell and performance. Did not activate the profiles provided by Dell regarding the power optimization.The only time I managed to get it over 30% in load, happened when I disabled the Intel Speedstep feature from Bios. It was running indeed at 2.6 Ghz, but everything seemed to be..chaotically. 
I'm not sure if this is the way it should be. Does anyone else have this problem? 

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Got a Precision 3510 from company with 1366 screen. Since there is 1920 option for this model, I'm wondering if I can upgrade the screen to 1920*1080 resolution? If it's possible, what parts do I need to replace? Screen? Cable? Morther board?(hopefully not...)
Thanks a lot.

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Got a Precision 3510 from company with 1366 screen. Since there is 1920 option, wondering if I can upgrade the 1366 screen to a 1920 one? If it's possible, what parts do I need to replace?
Thanks a lot

A:Precision 3510 Screen Upgrade

First thing to verify with your company is that they're OK with you doing this - it will end your warranty.
You'll need at least the screen and wiring harness (the wiring harness is usually not interchangeable between screen resolutions).

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Hi all,
My problem with my recently purchased Precision 3510, is it's CPU seems to be stuck between 0.75 - 0.78 Ghz and doesn't exceed 30% in load. It doesn't matter if the laptop is charging or not, it will stay between 0.75 Ghz - 078 Ghz.The power profile is configured on high performance and the power adapter is good.I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version 1.9.4. (now i was really thinking to try a downgrade)Did a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro (it came with 8.1 pro and the problem was there, and i thought upgrading to w10 will fix this problem). I also teted the CPU running a live distribution of Fedora, but all the cores were running the same speed.I also tried to disable/enable with a reboot in between intel turboboos, c-states,intel speedstep.
The FAN is working, and the laptop doesn't get hot.I also tried to drain the battery, to the point where the laptop wont turn on at all, no success.
I did all the tests on dell website, and dell epsa diagnostics (4300.24 validation121284) as well, al were passed and no issues detected.
The only time when it seems to reach it full capacity (and Im not talking about turbo up to 3,5 ghz) is when I boot the system in safe mode. But then it's stuck at 2.59 Ghz, and obviously the speedstep tech is not in use. What I noticed is that the multiplier is set to 8.
To be honest I have no idea what could be. I'm just super disappointed since I paid loads of money  for a "workstation r... Read more

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My precision 3510 (i7-6700HQ, 512GB SSD,  16GB, AMD ATI Firepro w5130m) is heating. In idle CPU temp around 70-80 celsius and GPU 85 celsius. On load it is up to 90 - 97 celsius degree . When i contacted with Dell support, they told me that by the their policy 102 celsius degree is overheating, so they do not think that i had a problem. But anyway i carried to autorized service for diagnostic. They found that heat sink - is not working correcty and thermal paste dry, so they changed heat sink and applied new thermal paste. Yes, now it is a little bit better, but anyway it is now, on idle 60-70 celsius degree and GPU 70 celsius degree and now i also has some problems with touchpad, it is freeze while i using it. Again i carried it to the service and the engineer told me that they will diagnose the problem with the touchpad, but about the overheating he is said that it is normal operation temperature for these laptop and dell engineers says that just 102 celsius degree is overheating, But i am sure it is not, because i used these laptop for 1 year and i did not have such issue. Also i am have more that 10 year experience with the mobile workstations. I understand that on load temperature can increase up to 70-85 celsiuse degree, may be a little more. But not on idle 60-70 celsius degree. Does anybody have same issue with such configuration? Is it really normal operation temp for these latpop? What can be wrong with it?

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My Precision 3510 will not sleep or hibernate regardless of how I attempt it.  If I click start, power, sleep, it just powers off.  I've set the Lid Close mode to sleep when on battery and it just powers off.  I've set it to go to sleep after 20 minutes when on batter, and it just powers off.  I've looked at the BIOs and sleep mode, or whatever it's called, is enabled.  I've run throught the FN diagnostics and they show no issues.  This is running Windows 10 that is fully up to date on patches, and the firmware/BIOS on the laptop is completely up to date.
How do I get this thing to sleep?

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Have to say this workstation is giving me some problems so far that are fundamentally slowing down my work process.
Disk Access at 100% - I realize this has a lot to do with Windows 10 and my slower drive but it gets bogged down so that the mouse stutters in movement and things almost stop. Had to search high and low across the internet for strange little tweaks and things to turn off to get it not do it as much. Everything from turning off notifications to manually setting the page file size.
Intel HD Graphics - Crashes all the time freezing the screen. This is with the latest BIOS and driver updates (on beta 4444 just to see if it helped). Black squares appear in browser windows and in my VMware virtual machines. Since I am back and forth between browsers and VMs and email, I get this crash a lot. Which I could just switch to using the AMD graphics card that could handle everything without issue but it seems this may be architecturally impossible which seems to be a bad choice for a system that is supposed to be this powerful and forward thinking.

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I've just taken delivery of a Precision 3510 laptop with a M2 SSD. I now want to add my own SATA 2.5" drive but find there is no connecting cable. How is it possible to ship an expensive top-of-the range laptop without such a basic part? Additionally, why is the part not available from Dell??
This kind of thing just creates frustration for loyal Dell customers like me who fight to recommend them over HP. Please can someone tell me how I get hold of such basic items - because I can't find them anywhere. 

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I know Dell has an imaging solution, but it doesn't work for our needs, as we need a sector based solution. Here is my problem:
In order for ghost to recognize the drive, I had to change the boot sequence from UEFI to Legacy.
I've had to do that on Lenovo's, as well as a few other tweaks, and then booting to ghost with an -ib or -id switch (depending on the Lenovo model). After I create or restore an image, I have to change the boot sequence back to UEFI after the image was created/restored. Doing that works perfectly on the Lenovo ... but not on the Dell. 
Does anyone know what I need to do use ghostcast on a Dell Precision 3510?

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Hi,I've just ordered a Precision 3510 with an M.2 SSD and am looking for some storage upgrade advice for the future.I'm led to believe that the M.2 SSD blocks part of the 2.5" drive bay so a 2.5" drive cannot be added.My question is, could the 2.5" SATA cable, part number XDYGX

be used to connect to an M.2 SATA SSD via one of these adapters

or will it still be blocked by the existing M.2 drive?
Thanks in advance.

A:Precision 3510 2nd hard drive

Part of the answer depends on which battery you purchased,  If it's a 6-cell, the battery takes up the space where a 2.5" drive would go.  The 4-cell battery leaves space for the  2.5" drive.
If you look at the service manual, it appears the M.2 drive over-extends the battery, which means it should sit atop the 2.5" drive if you have the 4-cell battery/2.5" drive equipped.

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Using DVD with Windows 10 provided by Dell I created a bootable USB in order to install windows 10 on my laptop. 
However, after recovering procedure laptops displays message: 
No bootable devices found
press F1 to retry boot 
F2 for setup utility 
F5 to run onboard diagnostics.
Please help!

A:No bootable devices found after attempting to install windows 10 from bootable USB on Dell Precision 3510

Please run the Diagnostic tool to check hardware on the system by following steps below:
1. Power off system
2. Power on system, quickly tap the F12 key continuously until you see Preparing one time boot menu in the top right corner of the screen. In the boot menu, stroll down to Diagnostic and then click it. After quick tests, click on Hard Drive and then Thorough Test Mode. Report back any error code.

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I have been getting  warning from bios diagnostics
ePSA 4300.24 - Warning:

Fail PSA V4300 Error 2000:8170 Validate Code : 96826 PCIe - Training error PCI tag-0100 VendorID-1002 DeviceID-682B SVid-1028 SDid-06E0 Bus 01
I have googled the warning the suggestion was Reseat the PCIe adapter but I can't find where is that adapter

A:Dell Precision 3510 ePSA 4300.24

Reseat your video card in the system.  Below is the online manual that will provide information for removing/replacing parts in your system.
Precision 3510 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

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I have a Precision 3510 with an M.2 256GB gumstick drive, which is not nearly enough capacity for what we need. I would like to either add a second drive, or take out the M.2, but I cannot seem to track down the part numbers for the cable and/or bracket needed to install an HDD. I know that it can come from the factory with an HDD instead, but Dell never seems to have the parts in stock, and therefore will not tell me the part numbers.

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Hey there,
I have some old firewire audio equipment I'd like to get working with my Precision 3510. I have heard that people have had luck on other systems using a combination of Apples TB 3 to 2 adapter and then there TB to FW adapter.  So I purchased both, unfortunately when I connect the TB 3 to 2 adapter the system complains about it being an unsupported cable or device. Just wondering if anyone here might have insight or guidance on how to get this working (or if it's possible). 

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I ordered the Precision 3510 laptop with the Intel® Core™ Xeon E3-1505M v5. When I was configuring this laptop, it says that ECC memory is required and choosing a non-ECC memory makes a message pop up saying the selected memory is incompatible with the processor.
For saving money, I ordered this laptop with 8GB of ECC memory (4GB X2) as configured from Dell. Then, I ordered this RAM kit from Crucial to upgrade the laptop: 
Installing both Crucial memory sticks (replacing the 2 OEM 4gb sticks) results in the computer booting up with amber blinking pattern 2,5 indicating invalid memory installed. See page 62 of the owner's manual: 

However, booting with just one stick of 16GB memory does not result in any problems and the system is able to post and load into the OS, which recognizes 16GB installed.
I am aware that the Crucial memory I purchased is 2400Mhz and the configurations from Dell for this laptop only list 2133 Mhz RAM. This does not seem to be an issue though considering the laptop is able to boot up with 16GB of 2400Mhz ECC just fine. Furthermore, this system is capable of handling 32GB according to the owner's manual and memory configuration options from Dell's ordering site: 

Please advise on how to allow this machine to boot with two sticks of 16GB 2400Mhz ECC. If this is not possible, would this memory kit be compatible with this machine with the selected processor mentioned above? It is 2133Mhz, but non-ECC. 

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I have Dell Precision 3510 with Ubuntu, its relatively new, buy it in last august. Battery works fine before, but in one day it doesnt start without ac adapter plugged in and turns off if I unplugged.
I am not very experience linux user. I use this command  "upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0" to check the battery. It seems battery is ok. 
native-path: BAT0 vendor: LGC-LGC3.67 model: DELL G9G1H67 serial: 41793 power supply: yes updated: ??. 28 ???. 2017 00:24:55 (1065 seconds ago) has history: yes has statistics: yes battery present: yes rechargeable: yes state: fully-charged energy: 83,9952 Wh energy-empty: 0 Wh energy-full: 83,9952 Wh energy-full-design: 83,9952 Wh energy-rate: 0,0114 W voltage: 13,011 V percentage: 100% capacity: 98,6428% technology: lithium-ion
Wait for your advice

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Through work, I have a Precision 3510 and docking station (E-Port Replicator (331-7950)) through our IT department. According to Dell support, the E-Port Replicator is the correct one to use with a 3510, but there's a 3 inch gap between the back of the laptop and the docking station because the bus socket is located at the back of the laptop instead of the middle.
Is there a way to fix this? Everything works fine, but it makes the whole setup look flimsy and badly designed.

A:E-Port Replicator poor fit for Precision 3510

That gap is there because the early E Series Latitude models (and the Precision models that used the same docking connector) had their docking connector closer to the center of the laptop's underside, which of course resulted in the laptop being situated much closer to the "main" part of the dock.  Around the Exx40 series models and the corresponding Precision models, the dock connector was moved right up against the rear edge of the system, creating this gap when docked.  Normally, if you order one of these models AND order a dock at the same time, Dell includes a "spacer", which is essentially a piece of plastic that covers that gap that you see and allows somewhat easier positioning of the laptop over the docking connector.  It's still not great for fitment or aesthetics, but it's better than what you have.  You might be able to find one on eBay or something if you really want one, or maybe call Dell Spare Parts.  I'm not sure the spacers are actually sold separately, though.

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Hi, first of all, sorry for my bad English.

My issue is pretty straight forward: last night I left my computer powered on, and when I woke up, I had a Windows update screen stuck at 100%.
The mouse didn't work, everything was frozen.
I restarted my PC and it froze at the spinning dots loading screen. Before that, I had a screen saying "preparing your desktop", or something like that.

I already had this problem, and solved it by leaving my computer powered on the whole night, again.

Is there a simpler solution?
Thank you.

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Okay, just created an account to post this in case some people might have encountered a similar issue and have suggestions on fixing it long-term.
My Dell 7348 was fine running Windows 10, but after updating to the Creators Update and rebooting, it would freeze and get stuck on the black screen with spinning white dots (after the initial screen with the white Dell logo).
Several reinstalls later using a WIndows 10 USB key installer, and I finally isolated the cause: the Intel HD 5500 Graphics drivers. I tried three versions of the Intel Graphics drivers to see if there was a difference:

The package on Dell's support page for the 7348, which installs Intel Graphics Driver
The drivers fetched by Windows 10 via Windows Update, which also installs Intel Graphics Driver
Intel's official and latest drivers, which installs the newer Intel Graphics Driver

All three of them, on reboot, would still get me stuck on the black screen with spinning dots. Even on a fresh and clean installation, with new partitions and all.
But guess what lets me boot and reboot without any problems every time? Yup, the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter drivers. Using those, I have no booting problems at all.
So if you're having the same issue as me booting/rebooting into Windows 10 and your Dell laptop uses Intel Graphics drivers, this is a workaround you can use.
A quick thank you for reading this far, so I'll get down to the question: does anyone ... Read more

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Hi ,
What configuration should I do to allow 3 monitors working.
I tried this but only 2 display are working. Appreciate the help.


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Help I need Driver Touchpad Laptop Dell precision 3510
I using Windows 10 pro system and Laptop Dell precision 3510, I need Driver Touchpad Laptop Dell precision 3510

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Hello, we have a dell 3510 laptop that no matter what we tried we were unable to install the Windows 7 64 bit enterprise edition. I worked with Dell on this and even they could not get it to work., We switched the BIOS from UEFI to Legacy and switched the RAIDon to AHCP and there was the third thing which I have a hard time recalling, I think it was boot off of CD, and the setting was set correctly. We spent hours trying to do this to no avail. I tried the DVD and USB, at one point it looked as if it was going to install the O/S but we got a box that came up asking us to search for Drivers, I was able to see the 'C" drive and the "X"
It asked to Load driver, but no matter what we tried, it did not work. Below is as far as I was able to get. I even ran the F6 Driver Utility and still it was a no-go.
I had another PC to try it with but when I switched from UEFI to Legacy it was as if there was no OS at all and I had to switch it back.

A:We have a Dell Precision 3510 Laptop and no matter what was done we could not install an O/S from DVD or USB.

There's no way this was done remotely -- it requires too much manual intervention.  I suggest you start by following the process above (or use the image linked below, but it's not going to be 7 Enterprise, but Pro).

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I'm not getting full speed from Samsung SM951 NVMe 512GB drive,  while other reported almost double the speed I'm getting from Crystal mark.
I tried everything from using latest Samsung drivers, Microsoft NVMe drivers, updated the bios and disabled "windows write-cache" with no change whatsoever to the numbers.
I'm suspecting the Firmware used by dell cap the drive to reduce the TDP, but getting half the speed is very disappointing.
This is what I'm getting
and these what other people are getting


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a computer back to life but I am almost ripping my hair off.

When I start the computer with a normal boot it stays stuck right after the windows logo, just on the black screen with the pix-elated spinning dots.
At the very beginning the computer showed something like "watchdogs initialization phase 1" and was stuck at the 3rd phase after a while. Now it just has the black screen and spinning wheel.

As I read it was an issue related to AVG I removed it in safe mode, at least I tried many times before it would go away.
I made a clean boot by disabling services which were not from windows
Of course I have scanned the computer with windows defender, with malwarebyte, with adwcleaner, I even got depressed and checked out ccleaner. But nothing really dangerous seemed to have been found.
Furthermore I made a chkdsk which reported no issue.

Anyways, none of that helped so I decided it was time to re-install Windows (I had no backup at all - backed some files manually though). After installing it I reconfigured a bunch of things and rebooted for the first time. Same problem.

I re-installed it again and rebooted directly so it was the cleanest possible and guess what, same issue.

I am now desperate and am two steps away from throwing it out the Window

So if any of you guys have any idea whatsoever it would be greatly appreciated.


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So I built my gaming computer and let a friend borrow my ram (I was there ) messed around with the BIOS (we have the same motherboards ) when I put it back in my computer now windows takes for ever to load and never loads when I restart I get a page saying "choose your keyboard layout " and a lot of languages but I can't click anything so if I restart again the same dots happen and back to the cycle. Anyone know what's going on ?

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I restarted my PC yesterday and it went to the Black loading screen with the white dots and stayed there. After getting into safe mode and disabling the AMD Radeon HD 8650G drivers I was able to log in again Worked with Microsoft and was given conflicting stories or the drivers were out of date, which I updated them to the same results. To the drivers are the issue and need to contact HP. Anyone have suggestions on this?

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There are some bugs with the beta app of VLC I downloaded, and I can't figure out how to display the current version number, so I could see if there is a newer one. So instead I went to the store, and clicked on the VLC for 8 tile, and now I have the green store screen with spinning dots, forever. Rebooting and starting the store goes right to the still spinning dots. I tried to search and fix this, I've tried WSReset.exe, and DISM, neither helped. Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

A:Store stuck spinning dots, how do you find app version #?

Welcome to Windows EightForums, jimr416.

So far as version numbers go > As seen in the snip below > Open the Charms Bar of the app > Press Settings > Then ?About?. If it's not included the developer should have included it.

So far as your Store app problem >

It may be caused by an issue with the Store cache
Store Cache - Clear in Windows 8

Pay special attention to scannow and DISM in this tutorial
Fix Store Apps and Tiles that are Not Working or Responding in Windows 8 and 8.1
Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8

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Hi there
I'm wondering if somebody can help me. I've got samsung touch screen computer and running window 8. I switch on my computer this morning and it just a screen with spinning dots saying Please Wait. It's been on for about 8 hours and still doing the spinning. I shut it down and unplug the computer for an hour and switch it on and still doing it. HELP I COULD NOT GET IN MY COMPUTER. The only thing I cud do is just moving the curser around and that's it. 😭😔

A:Window 8 small dots keep spinning can't access computer

Do you have the installation CD? Have you tried booting from it and using the startup repair utility to correct the problem?
Keep us posted

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Not sure how else to describe it without any log or other data but rebooting following Troubleshoot tutorial - I get into command prompt X: is the install, D: seems to be a copy of my files/apps and C: is empty but for an Install text file zero bytes. I got to this same point all previous tries using the GET procedure, & Windows update. Repair install and sfc /scannow fail. I am able to recover W7 image backup if ext disk is unplugged/replugged. Things tried: unintstall Bitdefender/install MS defender/firewall; install IE replacing Chrome; install all windows updates; disc cleanup/chkdsk; uninstall logitec unifying and excess nvidia programs; turn off intel onboard graphics in BIOS.

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hi ive got my self into some trouble here... my cpu fan wont stop spinning fast on boot up. normally it will spin very fast for 3 seconds and go back to normal and it wil boot my pc up, however now it will keep spinning fast and wont even boot my pc, no screen will come up and the cpu is very load to.

it happened yesterday night where i left my pc on as i fell asleep and woke up seeing my pc turned off which i fought someone else might of turned it off. but when i tried turning it on today, the fan kept spinning loud and wont boot up my pc.

ive got a Istart 1369 with 3gb ram , windows xp pro, amd 64 3.6+ processor, 80gb hardrive. i tried taking my cpu you off and cleaning it and it still wont work. i need help badly...

also i do not get any mobo beep noises , i took everything off and tried it still no help...

A:cpu fan wont stop spinning fast on boot up

put the xp cd in drive & boot from it and see whether anything appears on screen

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