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Key board replacement for HP Envy M6-1000

Q: Key board replacement for HP Envy M6-1000

Hello, I need a replacement keyboard for an HP Envy M6-1000Found one for a HP Envy M6-K (see link for reference: https://www.amazon.com/Cool-See-725450-001-PK130UM1F00-M6-K001XX-M6-K010DX/dp/B00ZEE3U0E)What's the difference between the two models if any, and would this key board work? Thank you

Preferred Solution: Key board replacement for HP Envy M6-1000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Key board replacement for HP Envy M6-1000

Hello @Nat0822!If you want to change any part of your laptop, please bring it to HP Service Centre nearest your location.Hope this helps. Let me know how this goes. I hope the issue gets resolved without hassles and the unit works great.To simply say thanks, please click the "Thumbs Up"button to give me a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help. If this helps, please mark this as ?Accepted Solution? as it will help several others with the same issue to get it resolved without hassles.

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Battery not detected shows up one day so I order a replacement off of ebay.  Same deal with the replacement battery.  Convinced the seller the first was DOA and they sent another.  The 2nd did the same thing.  Wondering if the 3rd party battery is the problem.  Scoured the forums about the issue and tried the usual remedies like hard resets, removal and resinstalling and countless reboots in between.  Still no joy.  looked on HP site for an OEM battery and saw none.  Is there a genuine HP replacement battery available for my model?  If not, I may be out of luck, as I can't seem to get this not detected situation fixed.  So much for portable computing, eh?  Any help would be much appreciated.  Cheers!

A:Replacement battery available for Envy Ultrabook CTO 6T-1000...

Hi: I looked up the part number for the battery you need and HP doesn't sell it for whatever reason. I did find this listing on eBay which claims to be the real thing... http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Genuine-HP-Envy-SleekBook-6-6-1000-Battery-EG04XL-681951-001-/1816657974...

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I noticed from the following link that the HP Envy 27 All-in-one (2016) has the NVIDIA GTX 950M GPU mounted on a removable board, rather than soldered permanently onto the motherboard: http://h22235.www2.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/environment/productdata/Countries/_MultiCountry/d... Is it possible to replace the NVIDIA GTX 950M GPU board with a newer GPU, like the NVIDIA GTX 1050?

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I'm having problems with my daughters hp mini.
The key board is not responding properly, for example:-
When trying to enter text into google W= closes web browser, R = refresh, F= Find box, H = favourites e.t.c probably something simple but can't figure it out.
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:HP mini 210-1000 key board not working


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I'm trying to downgrade back to 7 Home Premium 64 that was on my laptop originally. I actually have the Windows 7 disc and the drivers disc that came with the PC but no way to load them on to a USB drive since this model has no disc drive. I was able to obtain a 7 Home Premium 64 iso and I crated a bootable usb but cannot get past the driver stage trying to do the install. I found a number of the drivers online from some pretty sketchy sources and loaded them on to another USB, but when I tell Windows 7 to search the other USB it says no drivers found and I know some of them are legit like the ones I downloading directly from Intel etc. I read on a thread for another model where a tech actually created the entire bundle of drivers for someone. Is it possible someone can do this for me? Windows 10 is a disaster.  Model #: A9G89AV Also, I read downgrading this model is rather difficult due to the fact of both SSD and and hard drive  so any advice on that would be great too. Thanks!

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ive had my Dell inspiron 1000 for almost 2 years now and i has given me no problems until now as the letter K broke off my keyboard and it cannot be clicked back in again.
Does anyone know where i can get a letter K complete with the inspiron 1000 specific retainer or a complete inspiron 1000 keyboard

Any help will be very much appreciated

Many thanks

A:Dell inspiron 1000 replacement keyboard

you can get them on ebay, click here

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So, I just sent back my envy 6t-1000 for the second time today because the left hinge completely broke and I can't even open the laptop. I've had it for a year and 5 days exactly and my warranty expired, so I'm paying all out of pocket for hp to fix it.Back in about October I went on a trip, came back and my laptop had a cracked screen and after talking with hp they told me that any 6t-1000 model for a certain time span had a "defective" hinge kit since these were new ones to accommodate the ultra book style.In the end I don't know why I'm really paying for HP to fix the hinge kit that is defective in the first place. Especially for a $171 due to my warranty being overdue by a measly 5 days. Can anyone offer some advice or tips so I can work with hp? I surely don't want this to be "fixed" and magically 6 months down the road end up having to replace the hinge kit a 3rd time.


View Solution.

A:Envy 6t-1000 hinge kits defective

I'm afraid I also have the same problem.I noticed this last week as I used to get a cracking noise when I open or close the ultrabook. However, last night when I was about to close I had a crack on the screen and after close examination there was problem with the hinge. I still havn't approched anyone to fix it. The protection plan has expired and not sure what next. Help or suggestions regarding this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Does this model (from around 2010) have UEFI firmware? I don't see any indication that it does, with Windows reporting that the "BIOS Mode" is "Legacy." I don't see any legacy BIOS emulation switches in the BIOS setup either. But out of paranoia, could it be the case that it does have UEFI firmware, but I've caused it to be permanently in legacy emulation mode or something? Confusingly, the support website offers an enigmatically named "HP BIOS Update UEFI." Could it be that some update (which I haven't been able to install) changes it from one thing to another?

A:Does ENVY 14t-1000 CTO (2010) have UEFI firmware?

Hi @Guest3,  Thank you for joining the HP Forums!  I noticed your post on how you are wondering if your HP ENVY 14t-1000 CTO (2010) have UEFI firmware? I am happy to look into this for you!  According to the Software and Drivers website, it appears there are only drivers for Windows 7. None are showing for UEFI firmware. However, you can try the steps in this guide, Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8).  Please remember to return to this thread and mark 'Accept as Solution', if I have successfully helped you resolve the issue. If you wish to say 'thanks' for my effort to help, click the 'thumbs up' to give me a Kudos. Hope this helps!

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I was stupid and upgraded to Windows 10 on my laptop.  I have been having a lot of trouble and want to move back to Windows 7, but I've passed the 1 month period where I could have reverted back.  I need a recovery disc for Windows 7.  I went to try to order one, but the order page for HP is giving me an error message (I've tried a bunch of times).   Where can I get this recovery disc or download it?

A:Trying to get Windows 7 recovery disc for Envy 6t-1000

Hi: This non-HP vendor sells them... http://www.computersurgeons.com/p-21607-recovery-kit-693602-001-for-hp-envy-sleekbook-model-number-6... If you can read all 25 characters of the W7 product key on your PC's case, there are also 3rd party websites such as this one, where you can download plain W7 installation media... They claim to be...'genuine Windows 7 ISO images directly from Microsoft.' https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/14-windows-7-direct-download-links  

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My Seagate HDD is dying (failed DST, bad sectors) with frequent BSOD, but I have backups.  I would like to replace the 500GB HDD with a 256GB SSD.  I have a retail version of Windows 10 available to install (currently the laptop has Win 7 HP 64-bit).  I don't have an optical drive so I'll first need to create a bootable Win 10 USB stick.   At first, I was going to go the image route and clone the failing HDD (to a similar sized HDD) but all attempts at creating an image using various software (Acronis, Macrium, Windows Backup) have failed with BSOD. I would love to get step-by-step instructions on how to (1) install the SSD, and (2) install Win 10.  Although I have found plenty of instructions on how to replace the HDD, how the new drive would interact with the mSATA SSD and what BIOS settings I need to do, and obtain all the relevant Win 10 drivers is a mystery. Thank you for your help.  

A:HP Envy 6t-1000 CTO replace failed HDD and do Win 10 Fresh I...

Looks like your PC is not tested with windows 10.That does not mean that you cannot install it. However, it does mean that your PC may work with limited functionality. To clean istall windows 10 on the new 256 GB SSD you can read the tutorial belowLink: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/1950-windows-10-clean-install.html If your PC has an SSD Cache Drive to accelerate the mechanical Hard Drive, the new SSD will still work with it but, you need to disable cahche first.Also, the cache drive cannot be used with the SSD as an SSD is already fast and you may end up slowing down things.

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I purchased my HP Envy on 8/24/2012. About a year later one of the hinges broken and began to pull the screen apart and crack the piece that borders the screen. I spoke with HP about this and they told me these hinges were known to be bad and that they would repair my laptop for FREE. My laptop got fixed and has since had no problems, until this afternoon when A HINGE BROKE and cracked the casing around the screen and now wires are exposed and the frame is torn. It can no longer be closed and is not portable. It happend all at once, I closed my laptop this morning and when I opened it this afternoon, it broke. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it? An online video for repair, where to buy hinges? etc. I called HP and the representative told me that they WOULD NOT repair the piece, even for a charge, because when a lap top is 4 years or older they get rid of the parts to repair them? Seems incredibly odd to me... I am a graduate student about to start the last week of my semester and am incredibly upset that HP appears unwilling to provide support to someone who has faithfully used HP products, especially in the new age of Macbooks. 

A:HP Envy Ultrabook 6T-1000 Broken Hinge


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about thathere.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Hello Members, my notebook: Lenovo  E320 Type: 1298-A16 S/N LR-8X7AR 11/08 Product ID: 1298A16BIOS: 8NET37WW (1.21 )Serial number: LR8X7ARDevice typ: 1298Umts: UMTS-Modem Ericsson F5521gw/F3607gwWifi / bluetooth: Intel Centrino wireless-N 1000OS: Windows 10 I need replacement of  Intel Centrino wireless-N 1000 - no support for windows 10, no support after bios update to version "2013". I need Wifi and Bluetooth. My replacement with Intel Dual Band AC 7260 is not working! Bios shut down error " Error 1802". Removed the card...  Which card is useful? Maybe this card Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 + Bluetooth + FRU number Where can i order good card, if this is an possible solution? Any ideas? 

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I am unable to find a replacement touchpad (called "top cover assembly" by HP) online.
Can anyone help?
Model g6-1a75dx

A:Solved: Need help locating a source for replacement g6-1000 touchpad

http://www.laptopinventory.com/ModelDetail.php/HP/G Series/G6-1A75DX/Touchpad/3092

Have you considered using an external wireless mouse?


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Had line issue and the tech came to visit, "you've got a really old modem", and a little voice goes off 'yeah, but works fine and if it's not broken...'.

Anyway, it got replaced with this Bell 1000 wifi modem. Looked fine, but after a while noticed odd hickups when opening multi browsing sessions. Then when gaming, omg long loads.

Did pull full powerdown of the PC, PC couldn't get past the Windows (Win7 32 bit) screen to the password. Forever loading.
I go, 'Oh I know this one', pull the power off the modem, PC boots fine. Games run fine.
Look at event manager, when the modem is running, tons and tons of ATAPI 11 errors. None of those without the modem.

PROBLEM (tl;dr)

Modem switched from old basic model to wifi version (ISP supplied).
With it working, lots and lots of ATAPI 11 errors. PC won't even boot. Pull the power on the modem, everything fine. Once up and running, plug it back in to get net access.
Can use the net, so long as not too many sessions opening it's mostly ok. Do to many, get 20 second system locks.
Don't know what's up (hate these kinda generic errors), thought ATAPI was more HD stuff. No 11 errors with it powered off.

Many thanks.

A:New Bell 1000 wifi modem replacement, causes atapi 11 errors??

You were almost right about ATAPI. Anyway, I can hardly imagine how the modem could even be indirectly responsible for those errors. Copying one of those events and posting it would be a good place to start, but I have a feeling this will be one of those issues that doesn't get solved to any degree of intellectual satisfaction. I found another thread in which one user apparently solved a similar issue by re-connecting a USB device that was disconnected following a power loss. WTF?

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How to get replacement Mother board from HP

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unplugged elect cord of phone from voltage surge protection,computer went off but light stayed on.  I've been told it was my mother board,  This machine has stuff I need and I  would like very much to fix it.  Does anyone know where I can get this done?


A local computer repair shop is the best bet, but for a computer that old, it will probably cost more than it is worth.  Best option is to salvage the data from the hard drive onto a working PC.  Easiest way to do that is to remove the hard drive from the old Pavilion A6400 and connect it to a working PC.  If it is just to retrieve the data, an adapter similar to this will work nicelyhttps://www.amazon.com/AGPtek-Drive-Adapter-Converter-External/dp/B00BIE996S/ref=pd_sim_147_2?_encod...

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Last night I tried to replace the mother board on my Dell Inspiron 5000e laptop. I bought the replacement part from an Ebay store, and it is still under warranty (90 days). After taking apart my entire laptop and putting the whole thing back together--a job that took my friend and I three hours--we plugged it in for the moment of truth. The battery light came on, so far so good. Then we hit the power button and...nothing happened. Well almost nothing. The machine appeared to turn on. All three lights on the the bottom of the LCD went on, but that's it. The fan didn't start, the monitor didn't start. The hard drive light was on but didn't appear to be reading at all. (i.e. no blinking or noise.) I'm quite perplexed. Everything appeared to go back together perfectly with the possible exception of the diskette drive cable clip, which we weren't exactly sure whether to put back in over, under, or through the disk drive data cable. We eventually put it through. For instructions and pictures of the process, check out link:


Everything else seemed to go back together seemlessly. We were very careful with screws and put all the right sizes back into their correct places. What could be causing this? Have I received a defective part? Are there any other explanations? I suppose a possible explanation is that the processor and/or video board are not quite connected correctly, but they seemed t... Read more

A:Mother Board Replacement

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Hey guys
i have a compaq presario SR1610NX Recently i shorted out my mother board while doing a proccessor trade out (trust me the proccessor is compatable as the computer did run for a while after the switch). anyway i called up compaq and they say that my mother board was discontinued and they tried to sell me a whole new tower. i need a compatible replacement. im using a AMD Athlon 64 3700 proccessor.
Please Help Me- Dr. Feelgood

A:Mother Board Replacement Help

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The systemboard on my laptop went a couple of weeks ago, I found a replacement on eBay with the serial #30L2589 the number on my system board 10L0947. Are these boards compatible?

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Is it possible to purchase a mother board for an older hp desk top model # P6216F if so where could I purchase one.thank youAnthony Simonie

A:Mother board replacement

Motherboard P6216F  If you found my answer helpful please say thanks by clicking on the Thumb's Up icon.        If my answer solved your problem please mark it as the Accepted Solution. Thanks!

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I have an old Gateway P5-133 computer with an Evergreen MX-Pro 200 cpu upgrade on an American Megatrends system board.
I was in the process of upgrading it with a larger hard drive, WinME, a couple of USB ports, potentially more RAM etc. and was experiencing intermittent episodes of it not booting up. My new machine's monitor, which I used while working on this old POS, was saying there is no video signal coming from the old computer. A new video adapter produced the same message, so I am assuming the system board croaked. It did boot fine following the installation of the new HD and ME.
What would be a suitable replacement if you would be so kind as to enlighten me? I can return the PCI Video and USB adapters but not the Maxtor 80GB Ultra ATA/133 drive and ME.

A:Replacement System Board


Welcome to TSG! As far as a replacement board, you are probably wasting your time. My suggestion would be to keep the video you bought, the hard drive and the floppy. The rest is very outdated. Your board is a socket 5 board with no real replacement out there. The case and power supply will be of no use on a newer board (probably an AT form factor). The evergreen chip will only fit a socket 5 board and you can go much much faster with a low end $30 duron processor. The memory is probably 70ns dram and will not be able to be used in a newer board. Not really much you can save. Your choices are to look at used computer shops for an old socket 5 board or to shell out a couple of bucks for a bare bones system.


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I want to use Blender Cycles GPU rendering. It only works with Nividia CUDA cards. I have an ATI Radeon card. This card is soldered to the system board so I think swaping it is not an option. Can I replace the whole system board for one that has an Nvidia CUDA compatibale GPU on it?

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My system has LED Inverter Board Pegatron IL-CVB23 with part number 681680-001 . The tech guy  who told me that he trained around 100 HP technician diagnosed this board.  He told me that he has universal tester  and he applied 19V to the board and board doesn't work because the output goes from 3.3V to 0.2V . Is this approved HP procedure and is it possible to kill the board if you apply 19V to it .  Thank you for your time

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Hi all I have damaged by X260 (Model 20F5S4BY00) and need to replace the system board. Currently it has part number 01YT045 board installed. I've found a more reasonably priced board on eBay with part number 01HX027. Is this compatible? Thanks in advance 1enny

A:X260 - Replacement system board

Hi 1enny,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Checking with recommended substitutes specific to MTM 20F5S4BY00:
Part number 01EN201 WV3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6300U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.40 GHz), WIN, Y-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock
Part number 00UP198 Wolverine 3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6300U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.40 GHz), WIN, Y-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock
Part number 01HX035 WV3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6300U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.40 GHz), WIN, Y-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock
Part number 01HX027 (via part search)   
WV3 FRU Intel® Core? i5-6200U Processor (3M Cache, Up to 2.30 GHz), WIN, N-AMT, Y-TPM, Dock   (01HX027) is compatible with the following machines:THINKPAD-X260  20F5 , 20F6  just like 01YT045 (original board). Differences may be on some detailed parts but should work in general.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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My original setup included an onboard videocard which copes fine with XP cannot cope with Windows 7 - apart from at the lowest resolution. I am not a gamer but would like advice on upgrading my video card. If I install a new card will I need to disable the old onboard card? If so how do I do this. What type of new card would be suitable foe Windows 7 - bearing in mind that I'm not a gamer, but enjoy watching videos, jpeg files etc. Any other issues I should be aware of? Thanks for any advice!

A:On Board Video Card Replacement

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I don't think the model will matter, however, mine is a Pavilion Slimline s5510f. With thanks from this forum, I have determined that I need to replace my mother board.  I have found HP support documentation on how to replace the mother board, but that leaves the question as to whether I have to do any type of programming of the new mother board or is the MB more or less a plug and play? Thanks for any help.  

A:mother board replacement and programming?

Hi, Actually you can't do anything with motherboard (only updating BIOS which is still in the hands of vendors). What you see is what you get or using your terms: it is a plug-and-play part. Regards.

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I have an e7450 that has had what I believe to be a system board failure. It is out of warranty so I am looking at replacing the system board myself. The part number is CN-0Y15C1-12963-54I-  A0EF  REV A00.
I believe the original unit has an i5-5300U. Most of the replacement boards I'm finding online have an i7-5600U. 
Will there be an issue using the different processor if the board is still the same?

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Hi,So my motherboard died,authorised Lenovo service said that part is out of stock so i try to find any part to fix the laptop.What i found that serial number of my laptop is MP12LQNQ and in SYSTEM BOARDS it says Part No. 5B20J23755. It shows there is zero substitutes and i can't find nowhere this type of board Loosing the hope just wanted to ask here to be sure and maybe you now if i can get anywhere this or any other mother board to repair my laptop

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[PC Specs]
AMD Athalon XP +2800
2x 512 RAmos DDR
Gigabyte 128mb ATI Radeon 9600XT
SB Audigy 2 ZS
1x 40gig WD Caviar (7200rpm)
2x 200gig WD Caviar SE 8mb (7200rpm)
2-Port Serial ATA/133 IDE Controller Card

[Problem Description]
PC won't boot. Power (when connected to everything) only powers up motherboard and any cards attached to it. IDE drives show no sign of life.
However, if you disconnect IDE cables from the motherboard the IDE drives come to life.
If you disconnect power from the motherboard, and hotwire the motherboard power plug, the IDE drives will power up.

Tried motherboard with 3 different power supplies, same problem with all of them. Can't check CPU as don't have any other boards. Memory is fine, or appears to be as changing them made no difference.

Tried the board without any PCI (except agp graphics) cards plugged in, still had the same problem.

Not sure what else to do.

I moved to London from Melbourne Australia and had to get my PC shipped over. I would have taken it on board as hand luggage, but i wasn't allowed, so I had to have it freighted over as excess baggage on another flight.
It had plenty of padding so I thought it would be fine. It looks as though everything was fine except for what appears to be one largish dimple in the cardboard where it looks like it hit something. So there is a possibility of damage.

Any ideas anyone? I probably should have posted this under didou... Read more

A:A7N8X-X no boot, board replacement?

You might try a different IDE cable. Don't know why shipping should create a problem but that would be my next quick try.

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I have a HP Pavillion x360 (13z-a000) that I bought two years ago.  The CPU is dead.  The computer does not power on and the Caps Lock button blinks constantly (single blink).  I brought it to a local shop and they confimed this but they do not fix HP.  If it is the motherboard, can I just buy one and replace it myself?  Where can I buy the mother board?  How do I find the part number?  
The serial number is [Personal Information Removed]

A:Pavillion x360 mother board replacement

Here is the Manual: Service Manual There are 4 different AMD motherboard depending on if you have the A8 processor or the A6 and Windows Standard or Pro. Get the same Windows version as you have or you will have to buy another copy of Windows. Your hard drive installation of Windows will not activate unless you install a motherboard set up for the same OS version. Post back if you need a more detailed explanation. Yours is a CTO laptop so we cannot just look up your original factory specs. You can interchange the A6 and A8 version of the motherboard with the caveat stated above. The Manual shows the "how-to" on replacement. Assuming you have the A8 and Windows Standard this is the part number: 769075-501 This is it on US amazon.com for $109 which is a pretty fair price: https://www.amazon.com/HP-Pavilion-Convertible-Motherboard-769075-501/dp/B0118AZL1S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UT... Post back with any more questions.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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My motherboard died on my X1 Carbon Gen 1.  I sent it to lenovo and the repair estimate was ~$750.  I decided to replace it myself but the part for my system FRU 04X0495 (W8P,i7-3667U,8G,F,AMT,TPM,MT) new are quite expensive.  I found a new systemboard FRU 04Y1988 (W8P,i7-3667U,8G,F,AMT,TPM) at a much more reasonable price and installed that.  I now have a working machine (new machine type 3448-3Y2) but no touchscreen (I assume the MT stands for touch monitor or something).Question, and I think I know the answer, Is there any way to convert or add to my new systemboard the touch screen capability?  I assume it is not just the driver?thanks, 

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I have an Emachine T-3092 and need to replace mother board and CPU potentially due to a failure. Have not replace one before. Need to know suggested motherboard as I could not find it on E-Machine website. Thanks.

A:Emachine T3092 Mother Board Replacement

You will most likely end up replacing everything except the case. Any ATX or mini-ATX board should fit. How many PCI slots do you have now? 3? The power supply should be changed while your at it... Just deside what processor and memory you want to use, and select a motherboard that will run it.

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What is the correct procedure for replacing the MB battery? Power off? etc. I have a alton m760v MB that reverts back to cmos defaults after being unplugged for a couple of days. Is this normal, I have 2 that do the same thing. Old batteries ?

A:Mother board battery replacement procedure?

CMOS should only reset if there is something wrong, or if a battery is bad.

Replacing it is just as you said - unplug power, take out the old one, put in the new one.

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My X1 died on me and, according to the sheet of paper that came back from the repair center, had its system board replaced. Unfortunately, when booting, I get a prompt for a bitlocker recovery key - and the key I have (confirmed with Microsoft) is not working. The key id shown on the recovery screen is also different. I've spent about 40 minutes on the phone now with Lenovo support, and haven't gotten anywhere - how can I get back into my machine? It would appear that, since the hard drive was not replaced, I should still be able to get in with my existing key, or am I missing something there?

A:Locked out of bitlocker after system board replacement


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I have to change the motherboard of the above laptop and would appreciate indications on the manufacturer of that part and serial number. Best regards Michel Bellier

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Hi, Can you help me? I need to find out the part number and where to order a motherboard for a HP Pavilion G6-2291sa model. I realise these might be hard to find nowadays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Kenneth

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Is it possible to get a replacement system board for a Dell XPS 16. My LCD screen is blank, and external monitor shows garbled images, so I am assuming the graphics chip is blown, and as it's integrated, I would need a new system board.

I am UK based, and am happy to fit myself.

A:Dell XPS 16 (1645) system board replacement

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly run complete diagnostics on the system to check for errors.
Provide us with the service tag and email address.

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Hello, I recently bought a faulty Acer S3-391, that I wanted to fix. The problem was with the iSSD board, as soon as you turned the PC on, the board started overheating, one of the chips was faulty, from measuring the heat, I guess it was either power regulating chip, or the ssd controller chip, the device turned off after about 30-60 seconds after that. Since the price of this board is aproximatelly as high as an entire functional laptop, I dediced not to buy this one, but the similiar one, that had a mSATA slot and integrated wifi, otherwise it looked the same, connectors were also the same and it fitted the notebook nicely, everything went smooth, but I encountered a problem when I turned on the laptop. the battery wasnt charging. I measured the voltages on the battery and of the three cells, each had 0.8V, which means about 2.4V together, missing 8V for total 11.1V as the battery specs say so.I left it recharge over 24hours, but nothing happened, any ideas? Thanks

A:Acer Aspire S3-391 iSSD board replacement

Was it charging before you replaced the "iSSD board"? If it was, then the board is the problem.Maybe the "wrong" board is causing something to get crossed or shorted.

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About a month ago my main board (GA-Z77X-UD3H) started to fail for some odd reason and ive been wanting to replace it since, but now ive beought myself a mini itx RVZ01 case and SFX-L power supply to make a small gaming oriented build and finally replace my motherboard, but i cant seem to make up my mind on which motherboard to buy, having in mind that im running on a gtx 670 and an i5 3570k processor, which is not that powerfull for todays standars, and i dont want to waste a lot of money.

My initial thoughts were on buying this motherboard
Amazon.com: ASUS DDR3 Intel Z77 2400 Socket Motherboard P8Z77-I DELUXE/WD: Computers & Accessories

but then again ive found a lot of cheap options like this
Amazon.com: ASUS P8H61-I R2.0 LGA 1155 Intel H61 HDMI USB 3.0 Mini ITX Intel Motherboard: Computers & Accessories

My main concern is that the cheap alternatives wont keep up with the gpu and cpu and i dont plan on making any serious upgrades since i would have to replace the entire pc components for it to be worth the huge next gen investment. (EDIT) Ill post my original specs somewhere; not using win 7 anymore btw.

So my question is: Any suggestions? What should i buy? (having in mind that im using an 1155lga cpu and a mini itx case) Im looking for anything under 200$ but when it comes to choosing i simply cant make up my mind and would really appreciate some help.

A:Need suggestions on a Mini ITX 1155 board replacement.

I just bought and installed the Asus P8H61-I R2.0 board to build a new system using some old parts I had lying around (an i3-2100 cpu and 4GB of DDR3 memory.
It is very impressive board, and Asus has an excellent reputation.

One thing about this MB, it only has one expansion slot (a PCIe x16) so you can add your graphics card if you want but that's it.

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Hello all!
I just recently brought my laptop in to be looked at/repaired. The local technician told me that my laptop system board died due to the Windows 10 updates not playing nice with my old Windows 7 operating system (originally, my laptop had Windows 7 Home, last July I upgraded to Windows 10). I have started to look for a new replacement system board, however I have a few questions. I looked at the service manual for my laptop and can't figure out which replacement system board is adaquate/what they all mean. The serial number of my current system board in my laptop  is 720566-001. I googled this system board number and keep finding results with 720566-501 and 720566-001 in the title for the same system board. Most boards I find on eBay also have the number as 720566-501. My question is this: Will I be able to use a 720566-501 system board to replace my current 720566-001 system board? 
Additional details:
-12 GB RAM
-Intel I7 2.2 Ghz processor
-1 TB SATA Hard Drive 
-GeForce Graphics Card (not sure which type)
[Personal information removed]
-Product No. E1P05AV

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A:HP Envy 15t-j100 System Board

Hi, There are dozens (if not hundreds) of HP Envy 15 models/products around, your machine is an HP Envy 15t-j100 which is a CTO machine. You can see 720566-501  is for many different models/products:      http://partsurfer.hp.com/Search.aspx?SearchText=720566-501 for your machine its part number is 720566-001. 720566-001 and 720566-501 may be VERY similar but not the same. Regards.

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Where can I buy a replacement ST6 power board.  FRU no. 90004328.  Based in Ireland  

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Does anyone have the manual for the W530 as I need to look at replacing the motherboard as the GPU has failed and cannot be replaced on it's own? Thanks.
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A:W530 - manual; mother board replacement; GPU failure

Sparky5 wrote:
Does anyone have the manual for the W530 as I need to look at replacing the motherboard as the GPU has failed and cannot be replaced on it's own? Thanks.

Welcome to the forum!
GPU is soldered, meaning your're right about needing to swap the complete motherboard. You can download the HMM (Hardware Maintenance Manual) from here: click me!
Good luck with the swap! 

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Hello all , I'm new here , almost as new at poking around inside my computer , at this point its nothing lost nothing gained ..... I have read several hundred posts of others who also fell victim to these substandard machines .. An e machines label wont be on my desktop again ... even if its case is blotted out with whiteout ......... Anyway enough rant , I'm here for your help .. I have an model T6420 ... amd athlon .. failed power supply that took the motherboard with it , originally a 2.2 - 64 bit .... 1600Mhz ... 1gb (512x2) machine , msi 7207 MotherBoard ...... I have looked at options , and due to purpose or use of it I remain torn as to the best way to replace it.... seems Cputopia com , On Sale , has a motherboard , ( basic single core board , processor and processor fan for a bit over a hundred dollars , dependent on options selected .. they also have a box (case) , processor , board and power supply for around 200 + dependent upon how equipped.... while the power supply upgrade , is $14 at one page its $19 at another , No big deal about that ... Anyway .. my other option is to get a sole independent , board with the same socket as my oem processor /motherboard and reuse my Atlon Processor - HD - DVD-Cd ...and , new windows7.program . as such , Now the crux of the problem is... I have seen T6420"s listed here and elsewhere , as , having come from the factory equipped as ... socket and processor .. 754 ... as well as 478 ... How do I know or how ... Read more

A:Unknowing victim of emachine, board replacement, socket 754/478

Dude, get a grip. I know less about computers now than before I read your post.

I thought that socket 478 was Intel (Pentium Celeron), now I come to find out that it's AMD.

An AMD Sempron 3000 only comes in one speed, if it's another speed, then it has a different number.

All of the s*** you mention is beyond obsolete, so maybe it's time for a whole 'nuther computer. Please, I heartily suggest that you avoid attempting to build a machine, at least in your current state of mind.

I don't think that any of us here are really equipped to deal with the anxiety, angst, or incoherent and rambling thought patterns you have exhibited thus far, let alone what you're trying to pass off as sentence structure.

BTW, my Emachines T-5026 just reached its 5th birthday. If you'd like to check in and wish it many happy returns, (pun not intended), here's the link; http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic143315.html

I would argue that it is not really possible to be an "unknowing victim" of Emachines.

You bought it because it was cheap, cheap s*** breaks. So where's the surprise, the mystery, or the unpredictability?

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Hi guys, I have got a system board damage, so I need to exchange it. I have never done it before, so I'm struggling with findings of correct part for exchanging to. As far as I understood FRU number of the system board is what I need. I have found one which says 04x5166 right next to the RAM slot. Is it the only reference I need to use to find a right part? I have found a part on eBay, where in description it is written 04x5166 and three different numbers. You think this one should fit? https://m.ebay.com/itm/QTY-1x-Lenovo-Thinkpad-X240-laptop-motherboard-intel-i7-4600U-VIUX1-NM-A091-/... I would really like to try to repair my old friend first before going for an expensive new machine  lookign forward to hear from you! Anton

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I am trying to find a replacement graphics card/board that will fit into a HP Slimline Pavillion Computer.  It currently has a NIVIDIA Geforce G210 graphics card with DVI and HDMI only.  The card is workign fine but hte fan on the card makes alot of noise.  So I am afraid it is going to go out.  I can't find an exact match anywhere and trying to figure out one that will fit back in this slimline case.  Here is the information on the current card:  ZOTAC 210 Synenergy Edition 512MB 64 Bit DDR2.  Part Number 288-10N44-240ZT. 

A:Replacement Graphics Card/Board for HP Slimline Pavillion

Hi: I would go with the nvidia GT 610 low profile which took the place of the 210 and it draws about 1.5 W less power. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?keywords=geforce+gt+610&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Ageforce+g... You may want to get one with a passive heatsink.  No fan to conk out on you, and since it has no fan it is silent.

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