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Has anyone created media for bare metal reset?

Q: Has anyone created media for bare metal reset?

I have been trying for a few days to get this up and running but I keep running into problems where it says the system drive cant be found. I am following the instructions listed here and still get errors. I have noticed that over the years Microsoft's documentation sometimes leaves out key details that I need to know that do not get listed. I am primarily wanting to use this approach for when I do my quarterly formats of my PCs in the house with a highly customized image.

Preferred Solution: Has anyone created media for bare metal reset?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Has anyone created media for bare metal reset?

Nevermind I figured this out, script only works on drives that are already convert to gpt or mbr and the size needs to be set to the correct minimum.

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For a little while now, I have been working on scripting programs. I joined this forum with a question about a partition program I was working on. Then I added windows setup, added WIM Boot, and added windows features to it, all while using WinPE..

Then I started using WinRE instead of WinPE.. What I have figured out is that I can use WinRE to partition my hard drive,
install a clean version of windows, install system drivers and write a recovery image partition.. Within a short period of time..

I would like to share my project with all of you.. It works very much in line with Bare Metal Reset Recovery Media.. I just scripted a few programs to help create that media, with a little help from Microsoft TechNet and this forum..

Your Questions, Comments or Suggestions are Welcome..


A:Create Your Own Bare Metal Reset Recovery Media

Thanks for sharing. It may be a while before I look at it or do anything with it. I'll down load the files now though, before this thread disappears off of the page out of site.
I'm not an IT guy so it will be something to play around with in my spare time.

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Push-Button Reset Overview

This article talks about Refresh, Reset, and Bare-metal recovery... What exactly is this bare-metal recovery? How do I access it?

A:What is bare-metal recovery

Bare Metal means a clean hard drive, like it comes out of the box. The entire installation is redone, just as it is if you recover a System Image Backup.

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I'm having problem with My Hp-15, system disabled 70766952m please Help!

A:Re: windows 10 bare metal install

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Im looking for some advise. I work for a small company that runs SBS2008 as a server for user authentication and file shares and that is it.

I preformed a backup of the entire system to allow for a bare metal recovery in the case the server crash and burned. I was trying to test the recovery by restoring to a VirtualBox VM. Obviously the hardware is different, and after the restore, the VM continued to Blue Screen and reboot. So Im asking for advice on how I can test the backup, or ways to test recovery so I know if our server does die I can be back up in a short about of time.

Purchasing third party software is out of the question here. I know all about explaining to the powers that be, that the cost of being down for a length of time is far greater than the cost of a third party software to allow backup and recovery to different hardware. Still being approved to purchase software is denied.

So I am left with the tools at hand, The SBS2008 Disk, The Backup Made from inside SBS2008, and any free tools on the net. Can someone help me work through this so I can be sure I can recover my data? Putting files back where they were is easy enough for me, but Im talking about restoring all the users profiles, Active Directory, Group Policy, etc. If I cannot restore this to different hardware ( and this might be the case if the server hardware dies and wee need a new server) than I need to be able to reload all our settings. Help with this would be greatly appreciated. Th... Read more

A:SBS2008 Bare Metal Recovery


I would suggest have a spare set of identical replacement hard disk/ disks to hand & try the recovery to them.

That will at least prove the recovery system you have will work when needed. That is provided the recovery/ backup does not die with the system disk &/ or partition you are saving to! OK?

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I am running Hyper-V on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. I migrated my laptop's Windows 7 OS to VM and was able to boot to it in Hyper-V. I cloned my laptop first then sysprepped it with an unattend script and a batch file. The unattend install works
and the batch file runs during Windows setup on my bare metal laptop. When I do the same in Hyper-V, the batch file never runs.

Here's the process I took to migrate my laptop to VM and what I did to get it to run in Hyper-V to see if something along the way I messed something up:
-Used dism to capture the image.
-Applied the image to a vhdx.
-Attach the vhdx in Disk Management.
-Copied my unattend.bat, unattend.xml, and setup.bat scripts to the C: drive of the vhdx.
-Loaded the SYSTEM HIVE from the vhdx in Regedit.
-Changed the "Start" DWORD from 3 to 0 in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/test/ControlSet001/services/atapi", "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/test/ControlSet001/services/intelide", and "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/test/ControlSet001/services/msahci"
-Unloaded the SYSTEM HIVE and detached the vhdx.
-Used Hyper-V to create a Generation 1 VM. Used the vhdx as the disk.
-Booted the machine up with error, but got rid of it by running a repair on Windows.

Here are the scripts that I am running during sysprep:
echo. >> "C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\SetupComplete.cmd"
echo. >> "C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\SetupComplete.c... Read more

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Manage your partitions, install and boot multiple operating systems with ease, back up and restore partitions or entire drives all this and more, using BootIt Bare Metal. Taking its roots from its highly successful predecessor, BootIt Next Generation, BootIt BM has been developed from the beginning to provide a powerful set of tools for todays computer users, enthusiasts, and professionals.


Version 1.29 - December 17, 2014

Updated with IFD version 2.93.
Updated with TBOSDT version 1.56.
Fix potential loss of partition entry when "Change Disk Type" button is used to convert to MBR from EMBR or GPT when there is already a mix of partitions in and out of the MBR partition table.
Other potential changes, updates and enhancements.
Click to expand...

Homepage: http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-bare-metal.htm

Spoiler: Download link
Download link for BIBM Retail V1.29: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/2a147756

MD5: FB38160EE0EC9746F8566F204E172D2D


A:TeraByte Unlimited's BootIt Bare Metal

First post updated with the latest version 1.29

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Hey community. I was hoping for some clarification. I am use to working with VMWare ESXi VSphere for hypervisors. So I have been labbing for my MCSA and I notice alot of the context of MCSA material describes installing an instance of Windows Server 2016,
and then turning that into a Hyper-V Server. What I did was I installed Hyper-V Server 2016 on my ProLiant. Is there any reason why I would not want to do this ? I had to reference alot of white papers, manuals, eventually blogs, and I think a youtube video
or two before I could manage it from my remote PC. It involved adding the target computer via power shell, customizing the hosts file, adding the server within the PC's computer configuration I forget what exactly. I also had to disable the firewall on the
Hyper-V Server 2016 before the Hyper-V Server 2016 hosted on the ProLiant started appearing in my Hyper-V Manager from my Windows 10 Pro machine.

However I was listening to this gentleman's youtube video.
and he explains that Hyper-V Server is meant to be installed as a bare metal Hypervisor which is what I did do but because i was accustomed to working with VMWare SAN's that are the same way where you install the Hypervisor on the host machine and start
spinning up virtual machines. However I noticed i got some updates on the Hyper-V-Server 2016 the other day and not all of them wanted to install ... I believe some of the updates were for Windows so it went int... Read more

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Acronis have just released add-on for Home True Image named Plus Pack which includes enterprise features - well, yes, it costs money, but as for me - the universal restore worth it! What is in Plus Pack:-Restore to Dissimilar Hardware - allows to restore your data regardless of hardware-Dynamic Disk Support - backup ad restore dynamic volumes-WinPE Support - integrates latest MS drivers, apps & plugins on your bootable mediaHere is the link to the addon - Plus PackAnd its data sheet

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Acronis have just released add-on for Home True Image named Plus Pack which includes enterprise features - well, yes, it costs money, but as for me - the universal restore worth it! What is in Plus Pack:

-Restore to Dissimilar Hardware - allows to restore your data regardless of hardware
-Dynamic Disk Support - backup ad restore dynamic volumes
-WinPE Support - integrates latest MS drivers, apps & plugins on your bootable media

Here is the link to the addon - Plus Pack
And its data sheet

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In another thread about why Windows 10 is free, I started journalling my installation, largely to answer Drew's claim that Win10 installation was easy.  It is not, and it is not even done yet.  But to say more than I did there, would hijack that thread's theme, so am starting a new one here, where other installation horror reports are located.  In this case, the problem is different from the others, so if I interpret the rules rightly, I should start a new thread, not post to a dissimilar one.
Problem:  Windows keeps reinstalling itself over and over.  Each time more files were copied, so it wasn't actually doing the same install over and over, but might have been interactive, reboot, interactive again.  But there is NOTHING in the screens you see, to let you know this.  They all read the same, they all begin with 'Install Windows 10', each time you must select the language then agree to the EULA, and everything afterwards is exactly the same in the progress screen, and when it finishes, it says it has to reboot 'to continue'.  Continue what?  Well, the first seven times I left the installer stick in, and at the 8th time I decided to take it out at the next 'Install Windows' purple screen (after reboot).  And, I hit the Red X to close the installation.
Next I booted it without the stick, and all went as recorded in that top link of this post.  Since it wouldn't allow me to input my name and the other data, I... Read more

A:Loopy Windows 10 Preview installation (bare metal)

Post-reset, it goes into a loop again for me to either Install or repair windows, just like the other 8 time.  So this time I went to advanced options, and selected the one which repairs why Windows won't boot.  For I never actually got into Windows, it wouldn't let me create the first user account (wouldn't let me type in the data).  I suspect this is because I turned off all the data-sharing options listed in the 1st post's top link.  But of course, nothing in the prompts or 'reactions' say that's why.
Aha, now it says 'Startup Repair couldn't repair' the PC.  Going down the rabbit hole again...

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Hi, I built a new PC running 8.1, GPT, UEFI secure boot mode, everything. I'm now at the point where I'm ready to start migrating my data to it, but before I do that, I need to get some backup software that offers me the option to boot from a recovery CD and restore from an image file backup stored elsewhere. Until I've wiped this install & restored successfully, I don't consider it a usable machine. I already have this setup working on my Win7, but for some reason that software is not working with 8.1.

So I'm looking around for something new, and I'm on a trial of Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 12. It says I can create a WinPE disk (and I must use this, since I'm using Intel firmware-based RAID) that will allow me to do a bare-metal restore. The help takes me to a link on their website for something called the "Paragon Boot Media Builder." And there's documentation on it, but I can't find out how to download it. If I Google downloading that, a bunch of pirate websites show up & not much else.

Is their help & website outdated, is there another of their products that I must buy to get this?? Very unclear.

Or does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm not really not interested in purchasing anything until I've verified it is solid & will work in the manner I described above. I don't trust untested backups.

A:bare-metal restore of 8.1 in UEFI secure boot mode

Paragon 12 has no support for Windows 8.1.
Paragon update to 14
Paragon 14, Out November 2013.
Hard Disk Manager Suite ? complete system management | PARAGON Software Group - disk partitioning, resize partition
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional - Overview

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just ran a Veeam bare metal retstore to a new hard drive.   realtek wifi adapter shows properly installed, but no connections are available.  network trouble shooter says wifi adapter failed. replacing orignal drive results in a perfectly working wifi connection.Realtek RTL8188EE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC    2023.30.301.2016  toshiba satelite

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A:100TB Servers | Dedicated Bare Metal Server Hosting


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I am looking for a Win 7 backup and restore program that can do the ff.

1. Do an image backup which can be used for a recovery (in case the system won't load or some program won't run) or a bare-metal install (if the HD has to be replaced or reformatted);

2. Do a scheduled incremental file backup based on what was added or changed since the image backup or the previous incremental backup; in addition to the bare-metal install from the image backup, all incremental file backups can be restored, bringing the system back to the state from the last incremental backup;

3. If the backup disk is filled to a certain percentage (say, 80 pct), then the image backup is deleted and a new one is made. If the new image backup is successful, then all incremental backups are deleted. New incremental backups will be based on the new image backup.

4. One also has the option to schedule both the image backup (e.g., every month, every six months, every year, etc.) and the incremental backups (e.g., daily, weekly, etc.).

A free program that can use a network drive as a backup is preferable.

A:Backup Program with Bare-Metal Install and Incremental Features

Windows 7 Backup and Restore.

We have tutorials on its use.

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Hi All,

The story so far:
2008 server was hit by rootkit virus. Machine was taken to doctor for data recovery. (Raid 5 data set, we had low % hope of recovery) New hardware and Server 2012 replaced old server.

So far, so good.

Now we want to use the old machine as a workstation.
Raid 5 was reformatted as Raid 0. Two volumes on 4 disks.
When we go to boot from a Win 7 Ultimate x64 DVD, we get the "reboot and select proper etc.."

I seems that the IDE DVD drive is not being identified at boot. I have tried the predictable changes to boot order, but have not disconnected anything. We did try attaching a SATA DVD drive, but that was also not identified during the boot sequence.

I don't know that the Rootkit didn't affect the bios...not educated enough to know if that is possible.
At this point this has become a 'hobby level' problem, but I still want to find resolution.

Asus P5Q Turbo, 4 Seagate drives on Raid 0, IDE dvd drive, 3" IDE floppy (unplugged, either/or with DVD drive)

And there I am....

A:Bare metal install 'reboot and select proper boot device...'

Why are you using dated RAID technology, which Win7 doesn't like and we see nothing be problems with? It confers no performance advantage and if you lose one drive you almost always lose all the data. So the only time it makes any sense is if working with huge files like full length movie editing and there are now drives big enough to handle those too.

Pick your fastest drive and follow the steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I have been using WHS for the past week or so, and I really love its potential. The problem I'm having with it at the moment is that certain computers' backups seem to fail inexplicably, and so far I haven't been able to figure out why. If I can, I'd love to stay with WHS.

If I can't get WHS to work reliably, then I'm looking for a good alternative backup solution for my ~10 Windows computers. Here's what I would like:

* Management from one central location. I love how I can install the Windows Home Server Console on each client computer, and then I can manage all of the backups from one place. It's much easier than running around to each computer to configure the backups.

* Single-instance storage or deduplication. A huge potential HDD space saver, when you have a lot of wasted space with two computers backing up the exact same file.

* Bare-metal restore. Again, I love how WHS makes it easy to restore using a boot CD and a network connection. That way, in the event of a client hard drive dying, I just pop a new drive into the computer, reload the image, and we're back to normal without having to worry about reinstalling Windows, software, drivers, et cetera.

* Price! WHS is a steal at roughly $100 with support for up to 10 computers. Seems many client-server backup programs can easily cost $400 or $500, and that's a little steep for me at the moment.

I would prefer to run Windows on the server, but if the best solution ... Read more

A:Looking for Windows Home Server-like network backup solution with bare-metal restore.

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Hello, i had bought the XPS 15 laptop approximately 5 months ago from philippines and right now i am in india. When i am charging the laptop i get electic shock when i touch the metal parts of the laptop.
But recently i discovered when the laptop is charging i get current from other parts of the house as well such as metallic bathroom taps and metal grill of my house.
I tested it using tester so its not some assumption but real current.
So please provide some guidance on why is this happening and why is the current flowing in different parts of my house when laptop is charging.

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I've got a really strange problem.. My computer will randomly shut off or not turn on sometimes. Once it "short circuits" it won't turn on again for a while - sometimes an hour, sometimes all day. At first I thought it was overheating, but when I was messing around with it, I found that if I unplug the HDMI cable after it shuts off, and sometimes just touch the metal of the HDMI cable to the metal mount (not the actual port) of the HDMI port it will turn back on, but not all the way. The fans will start going, but if I then plug the HDMI cable back in, it doesn't show anything on my monitor.

Can anyone explain this strange behavior?

A:Metal on Metal Short Circuits?

Firstly did you bench test everything before installing into the case?

Are the standoffs in the correct place on the case and are you sure that no extra standoffs are under the motherboard causing it to short to the case?

Something is obviously shorting I would disassemble the machine and reassemble it paying attention to where you install the standoffs and for foreign objects that may have fallen behind the mobo. might be worth bench testing it first to figure out if anything in particular is causing the problem.

Your psu should grounds the case and motherboard so you want to ensure that your wall socket isn't damaged and has a working ground.

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i accidentally created a bios password can you help me to reset it?

A:bios password created how to reset it

Hi, At the password screen, hit enter 3 times and you should receive a 'halt code' - post back with this code. Regards, DP-K

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I've been using my Lenovo portable with Windows 7 Home Premium for about 6 months. I have never had a password on my account (I live alone). I was prompted this morning to restart to install updates; when I did, Windows asked for a password. I've tried all my usual passwords, including blank, and none let me in. Oddly, sometimes when I put in a possible password, the machine thinks about it for 15--20 seconds, then finally tells me the username or password is incorrect. Usually, tho, it tells me that almost instantly.

I've seen on another thread to use the Administrator account, but you need to get into Windows to activate that account. Nor can I get into safe mode, and system restore didn't seem to work.

A:Windows Update seems to have reset or created an account password

It sounds to me as if your profile may have become corrupted.
I would suggest attempting a System Restore back to before the updates installed - it may remove the corruption.
Password Reset : Using System Restore in Windows 7
System Restore - option 2
System Recovery Options

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Dear all,
Recently there was a problem in my Dell XPS 12 and I had to use Dell factory reset to renew my windows 8.1. While I was doing factory reset my computer created a back up of all my personal files and save them in a folder called "20140701120559_BACKUP". Inside this folder there are so many ".INP" files and some XML files. When I open "include.xml" I can see the path for all my files. Sadly after my computer finished installing new windows it didn't restore my files and it restarted and came up with new windows. Now I am trying to restore my files but "Dell Back Up" and Restore application cannot find the back up and I cannot select manually that back up on my external hard drive. Then I did some search and I ended up that I can use a solution that was explained in this link:

Using this application I can select the back up in my external drive but when I press restore, I receive this error:
SoftThink SAS has stopped working
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

And when I press close, it will close and nothing will happen!
Can anybody please help me to find a way to restore all my files?

Thank you,

A:How to restore backed up files that was created during factory reset and saved in external hard drive in windows 8.1?

I just found out that MigRestore.exe is making a log file and in it's log file I found this error:

[2014-07-03 14:05:05]Info: RestoreUserDataW: [2014-07-03 14:05:05] ERROR : RegQueryValueEx('UserDontShowInLogonUI') on SAM\SAM\Domains\Account\Users\000003E9 : The system cannot find the file specified. (2 - 00000002)

Hope somebody here can help me.
Thank you

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I go to create a usb recovery drive and my PC say that one has already been created when I have not created one. Do I have to reformat to be able do it again?

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I created recovery media when i received the HP Pavillion new. I am unable to use the created media (DVD) group due to 1 of the dvd's has become unreadable. I am unable to create a new set because I was only allowed to create one media. How do I restore to factory setting as my system is in critical shape? Will a third party program create a recovery media from the recovery partition? I tried the F11 recovery and it keeps rejecting for unknown problem. I can not recovery using any option from the HP recovery progra


Hi,That is the problem making recovery media in discs, easily scratches come on it. I always create it in USB.Your only option now remains ordering Recovery USB from HP directly.http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/bph07143Try third party online sellers like computersurgeons.com or restoredisks.com.You can also do a clean install of Windows 8.1 or 10, whichever the laptop came with from factory: using Microsoft windows media creation tool by creating UEFI bootable USB.https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/1950-windows-10-clean-install.htmlRegardsVisruth

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My PC is running W-10 Pro.
The PC I'm going to upgrade runs "W-7 Home". As long as I specify that when selecting the version, I'm guessing I shouldn't have a problem??

I still have a problem in my mind that I can't use a download from a PC with a different Product Key to load on anotherPC from the old days.

A:Use the ISO created with Windows Media Creation tool on another PC

If you`re gonna update it by using windows update, you don`t have to choose anything, windows does it for you. It will be apgraded to Windows 10 Home.

If you plan to do a clean install after that, then yes you have to create a windows 10 Home installer.

You can use any PC you want to cretate the install media. As far as I know.

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The original HDD has issues. With the originally installed OS and my applications and files it would not complete a CHKDSK /R. Using Macrium Reflect I could not image or clone the C partition. It kept failing due to disk i/o errors. I was able to back up my user account and other important docs to a USB drive. So, no real data loss. I ordered a new HDD and prepared to make recovery discs and move everything over. However, during the Create Reovery Discs process (I was using Flash media--not discs), a message popped up saying that creating recovery media failed. The flash drive was 64gb, brand new out of the package. After the recovery creation attempt the flash drive was empty. No files had been written. So, I attempted to make recovery discs instead. But, now when I launch the media creator app I get the message "Recovery media has already been created for this computer. You can only do this once" ( I paraphrased...but basically--ya it won't let me try to create them again). So, I'm stuck. At this point I just want to install Windows 7 home premium (that shipped with the computer) and get all the device drivers installed. I have the HP product key on the bottom of the laptop. But, no way to install the OS. What do I do now?

A:Created recovery media-but it failed; Can't retry

If you didn't create your HP Recovery Media when you first setup your computer and waited until it the hard drive started to fail, it is likely that the recovery image was damaged and resulted in the failure you see. Because the computer is six years old, HP no longer sells recovery media for this model. Please see ComputerSurgeons.com Set #: 616567-002 for HP Recovery Discs for you computer. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the white KUDOS star to show your appreciation

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It is so annoying , when someone suggests something and it works for the problem but then other things do not work? So far the most important problem is NO RIGHT CLICK!. The computer locks up and after a time., the Dr. Watson debugging program , says it has to shutdown. The only way to get it going again is ctl. alt delete. everything else seems to work but this. It is driving me nuts. Since, with right click, you can delete, make short cuts etc. Has anyone had that problem yet? I hope it is simple to fix cause it took me 8 hrs to load this beast program down.

I have an HP PC M370n , 2.8 gig, hyperthreading, 800 mhz front side bus. 9200 Radeon card, AC97 audio , Asus motherboard

A:SP2 fixed my Media Center problem created other problems

If your mouse is a USB device, try unplugging it, shut down, plug back in, restart and letting XP pick it up. Have you checked the mouse options in Control Panel to see if they've changed in some way?

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I created a recovery media usb and the recovery manager said that it was successful, but when it opened the flash drive I noticed that there were no files listed in the drive. I was wondering if this was normal, so you can't make illegal copies of the software, or if the media was not created successfully. The recovery manager won't let me try again because it has a record of a successful recovery drive creation. I just don't want to be left with a blank recovery if I ever need to reset my computer. Thanks.

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The WMN has a user account with Special Permissions checked. Any program I attempt to open will open Windows Media Center. Using GUI will not allow access to any programs. I'm in c prompt & see that a wfp DIR was created on day I have determined the system got messed up. Run regedit will not allow access. Norton security Live Update can not run because WMC starts instead. Win 7 product is Genuine & registered but I don't have install disks. Also, if I do a clean install will the MS Office product disappear? How would I save that so it will open sensitive documents on hd?
Thanks for all suggestions.

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I had downloaded the latest Media Creation Tool which is the Windows 10 AU update and downloaded the ISO file. Then, I used Rufus to create a bootable USB flash drive whenever I need to perform a clean re-install of Windows 10 AU.

I do not want to install the AU update yet, but just need to find out the integrity of my newly created bootable USB media with the Windows 10 AU setup files on it.

In order to test if it boots up to the setup screen, can I test that on my own machine and then exit out of it without wiping my current Windows 10 (1511) installation?

I just need to test the bootable USB media created with Rufus to ensure if it boots up to the Windows 10 setup screen.
In other words, I just want to test the integrity of the USB bootable flash drive created with Rufus.

A:Testing a Win10 Bootable USB media created with Rufus?

The Windows install media will only wipe out your computer if you proceed with the install. Booting into the media will not do that. So yes you can test it on your working computer without any risk.

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Hello!I own a ThinkPad W700ds, though I'd imagine that my question would be just as well answered if it were a W700... Please, any help would be great! I purchased a 'used' W700ds with Windows Vista Business (COA and recovery partition intact, but no media supplied). The laptop was advertised with RAID0 but I was always dubious that it was set up correctly. I spent some time investigating it this afternoon and noticed that the BIOS was not configured correctly - It was set to AHCI rather than RAID.I did the following:1) Created Recovery Media using the facility in ThinkVantage software.2) Enabled RAID in the BIOS3) Entered the RAID configuration (Ctrl+I) during boot up. I configured the drives as RAID0.4) Reinstalled Windows Vista using the recovery media created in (1) above.After completing the installation Windows Vista would did not manage to boot - Always BSOD'ing.I repeated step 3 & 4 above, selecting RAID1 instead. Exactly the same issue.I have since returned the BIOS setting to AHCI and reinstalled Windows Vista using the recovery media and I am back where I started (Windows installed but in a RAID array).I have done some research and it would seem that in the RAID drivers are not included in the recovery media and this is the reason for the BSOD. I have included some of the numerous websites that I have read, both for your perusal and, in some way, to verify that I have really spent some time considering this issue before requesting help.The recovery media that I... Read more

A:W700ds: Enable RAID using created recovery media

Push comes to shove remember there's always the option to use Windows Software based RAID from Disk Management.

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I created a dvd with sony vegas & dvd arcitect. it plays in perfect in win dvd & other dvd apps but it wont play the audio in windows media player.

Im Thinking I need to load some codec like the ac3 codec for wmp to be able to play the audio in wmp. can I also work around this by encoding the audio part in another format like mp3 are do I have to except the ac3 because its part of the mpeg2 standard?
Why do all other blockbuster video dvds play audio in wmp perfect with no extra codecs needed but if I ceate a dvd it needs a special codec. Do they include all the codecs on the dvd itself?

My goal is to create a dvd that plays in anything without needing special this or that because most of my end users wont know what to do & my created dvds will be useless.

This is freakin confusing. please help

A:Why wont windows media player play any audio from my created dvds

It depends what codec created the files. The same codec is needed to play as to create .

These apps will tell you what codec a particle media file needs to be played:


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I checked and I have 5 or 6 hidden partitions on my Win8 OEM laptop that are all named "Recovery Partition" and range from a few MBs to a few GBs.

I want to reset my computer (remove all programs and reinstall windows) because it became too slow and a bunch of apps just don't work after Win 8.1 update. Since I don't have any install media I want to be sure that it won't get stuck half way after deleting Windows and request an install disc or something.

So my question is: If I have recovery partitions on the hard drive, will the Reset option work without having to insert any external media? Will it delete everything and reinstall itself just using whatever is on these recovery partitions?

A:Can I reset Win 8.1 without using install media?

Honestly, you would be much better off - downloading your system drivers from the MFG's website..
Then download windows 8.1 - Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

Re-install windows as a clean 8.1 installation - that media tool will read the embedded product key..

A clean install will also wipe out all your factory install software..

But to answer your question - yes there is a way to factory reset from the recovery partition..

But you have to re-register the recovery image within windows 8.1.. Since when you updated 8 to 8.1 the link to the factory recovery was broken..

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I can't get online on my laptop. It is seriously frustrating. Can someone please tell me how I can fix my issue??

A:How do I reset my ip when it says media disconnected?

Hi GyrlHunter,

Have you checked the device manager for any flags (missing devices)?

Also please post the make/model of the laptop.

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I'm thinking of a 15 5000 series laptop
Talking to sales chat , it does not come with recovery media and no option to order
So is there a factory creation media on the pc
I know the w10 media creation creates the w10 usb
How to have all the dell factory recovery
And what size usb is needed
I know on hp recovery need 32gb
W10 needs 8gb
What does dell media recovery creation need

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A few of my apps disappeared, and I can't open the app store. I tried using a restore point, which it said it could not complete. Tried a different date, same result. Tried a powershell command I found on another tech site. No good. Now I'm looking at doing a reset or refresh. All of the articles I've read say "If prompted to insert media, you will need your installation media or recovery drive". I don't have a disk. I just woke up one day a few weeks ago and my computer said welcome to Windows 10. And I've never set it up to create a recovery image. Is there a way to know if I will be "prompted to insert media"? Is there an alternative solution?

A:Insert media for reset or refresh

Please follow the instructions listed below to the letter.....................

Use the Tech Bench link below to download the Windows 10 iso file :

scroll down to Select Edition > click the pointer at the right and select Windows 10 ( 1st one on the list )> click Confirm.
click the pointer and select Language > make sure you pick the same language the computer is now running > click Confirm
select the bit version, 32 or 64-bit. Make sure you select the same bit version as the computer is now running.
at the bottom, click the pointer next to Save > click Save As > navigate to a folder of your choice > click the chosen folder > click Save
The iso will start downloading to your chosen folder.
When it is done, go to that folder > open the folder > right click at the iso file > click Mount > click Setup.exe
Installation will begin.
It will allow you to keep you files, settings and apps.
No product key is required.
Activation will be automatic.

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Hello all,I was experiencing problems with my windows 8 so i wished to reset it. I couldn't log into my account because the welcome screen was stuck and if i tried to make a recovery disk in safe mode it said that i couldnt create a recovery disk in safe mode. so i asked my friend who has windows 8 (64 Bit) to create a recovery disk on his usb. After he created it i plugged it into my laptop, Changed the booting order so the FlashDrive boots up first but when i try to reset my PC the error is:The Media inserted is not valid. Try Again. So i kept connecting and disconnecting but it still would not work.I tried refreshing and auto repair but i got errors like "No Changes were made"My PC Specs are:Acer Aspire V3-551GAMD Quad-Core Processor A10-4600M with Turbo CORE technology up to 3.20 GhzAMD Radeon HD 7600G+7670M with 2GB Dedicated VRAM8GB DDR3 Ram750GB HDD.I was having this issue for 3 days so far and it is bugging me.Btw the recovery USB is 4GB but the recovery files only take up about 300mbAnd i bought my PC with windows 7 but then i upgraded it.Any help will be appreciated

A:Reset your PC, The media inserted is not valid. Try Again

btw i also tried to reset from safe mode by going into general but i just had to wait about 3 minutes for the please wait loading thing and then the error was could not reset.

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Hey guys,

My laptop came with windows 7 installed and last year I took the free update to windows 10, I want to clear everything of my laptop now, and I am just wondering if I reset the PC (Remove Everything Option) do I need a usb/cd to reinstall windows or will it just do it automatically?

A:Do I need an installation media to reset Windows 10?

The 'Reset this PC' option in Settings - Backup & Restore - Recovery should be able to do this without the need for any install media. See this tutorial: Reset Windows 10

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I own an Ei system laptop but cannot make a recovery disk set because this message comes up;
(When I click on: Start>Programs>System Recovery>Recovery Media Creator)

"A Recovery set has already been created for this pc.
You are not allowed to create another set."

Along time ago when the computer was new, I started the Recovery Media Creator but I think someone shut the computer down before the process was completed and I haven?t tried it again until now.

So I do not have a recovery disk and can't make one.
Could someone please help me make a recovery disk?

A:Reset Ei system Recovery Media Creator


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Is there a way to basically purge the tv tuner settings from media center? I've got a different tuner configuration i'm trying to setup and i need to basically purge my current settings to accomplish this. I've tried finding utilities with no luck.

Thanks in advance.

A:Reset Media Center (Specifically TV Tuners)

when your in media center goto settings then general then windows media center
setup and click on run setup again.

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Recently, Windows 10 auto-installed on my laptop, failed, and then attempted to rollback to 8.1 but failed this also, leaving me with Windows error 0xc0000225.  'Recovery, your pc needs to be repaired, you'll need recovery tools on installation media' etc. I've contacted HP for a recovery media disc and they are trying very hard to direct me to a factory reset. Can anyone advise whether there is a difference between recovering via media disc or via factory reset? Thanks!

A:Difference between factory reset and recovery media?

Both accomplish the same thing.

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Hi, I have a laptop with windows 8.1 enterprise, which was given to me by my school and has a ton of crapware on it.

I have now since graduated and fully paid for the computer (so it is 100% mine), however my school has not reset it.

I am the administrator, however if I want to change the lock screen background or some other misc settings I get the message "some settings are managed by your system administrator"

I also do know my product key thanks to a keyfinder program I installed.

Knowing all of the above, Is there a way I can completely reset my computer to factory windows 8.1 enterprise (or better yet, windows 8.1 professional)? I do not care about anything on the machine, I just want a clean install.

Thanks in advanced for all the help!

A:How to reset windows 8.1 enterprise with no recovery media

Make a complete system Backup using marcium> Macrium Reflect Free
then download the eval edition> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/eval...8-1-enterprise
install eval and then enter your full version product key

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I have gone into C drive and found the setup file but my computer security system won't allow it to set up.I have also gone to HP Support and couldn't figure out their instructions for downloading the original OEM Cyberlink MS.I checked forum for my notebook model and did not find question or reply for my problem.Sorry but have to ask if you could provide me the link where I can download the software anew.Thanks in advance.

A:I reset my laptop and lost all the OEM Cyberlink Media Suite...

Hi, Your machine came with Windows 8:    http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-g6-2200-Notebook-PC-series/5296082/model/5318960/doc... One way you can get them back:     http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC-series/5296082/model/5318... (Under Software Multi media section). Regards.

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Hi Everyone,

When I first started Windows Media Player 11 I was presented with the following Copyright screen -

I selected "Add copy protection to your music" however recently I have been having a lot of trouble loading my music onto my Android phone. I don't think that it is the phone's fault. I think that I have exceeded the maximum number of file transfers, having previously transferred music to an iPod, iPhone, etc.

Is there anyway of "resetting" WMP11 so that I can choose "Do not add copy protection to your music"?

If I go into the Rip Options inside WMP11 I see that "Copy protect music" is greyed out, as shown below -

Perhaps there is a registry tweak, or something of that nature which will allow me to reset copy protection.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:Cannot reset Copyright Protection in Windows Media Player 11

The reason the option "Copy protect music" is greyed out is because you have the format set to Mp3. WMP will only copy protect files that are in WMA format.

If you ripped your CD's to Mp3 files then they don't have copy protection on them.

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I had it set as the default viewer for all picture and video files,
then installed Intervideo to use with my TV tuner card.

Now, all pictures & video stores on my computer have changed
to Intervideo files. I know I un-clicked all those types of files
from using Interv. as the default viewer when I installed the
Interv. app.

How do I re-set Win Media Player as the default viewer?
I've opened and looked thru it and can't locate how to
do that.


A:How to Reset Media Player as default picture & video viewer?

Click start/programmes/set programme access and defaults. Click on the custom button and under choose default media player, choose Windows media player. Click ok.

Regards Howard

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I recently reset my Gateway NV52L15u laptop computer in order to empty it out and restart back to factory basics. However, now if I turn it on, it goes straight to BIOS, telling me I need to "Insert Boot Media". I tried using my recovery drive, but that did nothing at all to fix it. Please help me, I need help on how to fix this.

A:Computer stuck in BIOS after reset? Insert Boot Media 8.1

In order to access the Recovery Manager you must repeatedly tap the F11 key at boot. However, if you have formatted the drive before hand, the recovery partition is gone and you will have to use Recovery Disks hopefully you made when you first got the computer. If no disks, you may be able to order them from the manufacturer.

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