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Windows 7 x64 stuck on finalizing your settings window

Q: Windows 7 x64 stuck on finalizing your settings window

I have a Acer Aspire 5810 trying to start over fresh and when downloading it is stuck on finalizing your settings window and the bar is flashing by.

Acer Aspire 5810
upgraded memory from 3gb to 8gb
288 hd

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 x64 stuck on finalizing your settings window

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi Guys, It's me again. I've reinstalled Windows on my netbook, and reached the final stage, so I've waited for the "Finalizing your Settings" to complete and I've run it overnight and even let it run whole day. And when I finally arrived from school it is still "Finalizing Your Settings". What should I do?

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Hi Team,

I am trying install windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on dell vostro laptop.. finally it got stuck in "Windows is finalizing your setting".
i have restarted the system couple of times but still its coming to the same windows appearing same windows and same message.. please help on the issue... please find the attached image...

Thanks & Regards
Naresh R
Reach me @ +91-9884747784

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Yo! I'm writing this before having to do a complete wipeout of my system

Lenovo Y510p
Hybrid HDD (Seagate) 1TB
m.2 SSD (Trascend) 256GB.

Story so far (Jump this in case you don't want to know the background):

So, since build 9841 I've been using Windows 10 Insider Preview (IP) as my mainly driver. Until the recent redstone builds, Visual Studio has been plagued with problems (From Windows Universal Apps Development to ASP.NET) . I've installed Windows 10 IP in the SSD and have been using it very happily since I've had no major issues, until the ones I've outlined before.

In my Hybrid HDD I had Windows 10 RTM (10586) installed and didn't use it for a quite while (3 months). When these problems rose, I decided to start using that partition again, but out of the blue it decided to start giving me some serious problems: mostly, the whole XAML interface (Start, Volumen, Sound, Battery, etc.) didn't show up. After trying some fixes (From reinstalling Windows Apps to Creating a separate user), I decide to refresh the bits. Unfortunately, even after refreshing my machine didn't fix the XAML interface problems and even worse: I got no possibility to run Universal Apps.

I went and ran some hard disk checkups, from both: the Lenovo Utility and CheckDisk and none threw an error.

The actual problem:
Yesterday (Feb. 4) I decide to clean install Windows 10 Build 10586 64-bit in the Hybrid HDD partition (without deleting the OEM reserved spaces) and I'm stuck now on Finalizi... Read more

A:Windows 10 B. 10586 Stuck on "Finalizing Your Settings"

Well then. It's not that I wanted to do that... I ended up wiping both Windows Installations. I'm back on RTM. What I can guess is that the OEM reserved partition got corrupted somehow and broke the Other OS.

Anyways, will install Insider Preview when things are going better.

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a new Asus Notebook G56JR and installed Windows 7 on it. Didn't seem to have any problems. Today, all of a sudden, when I turned it on, it said that Windows failed to start and that I should go into recovery mode. And after this, the recovery loop occurred. It was telling me that the errors were fixed, but the next time I was starting it, I had to go through the same process. Finally, I decided to re-install the Windows cleanly.
The process went fine, but now it has been stuck at "Windows is finalizing your settings" for several hours. Tried to restart the laptop and reboot, but it just skips ahead to resuming the installation. I can't acces the BIOS either, I've tried every key several times. Maybe there's a fix to with the cmd.exe (Shift+F10), but after "tasklist /v |more" there's a really long list and I don't know what to "kill". I'm out of ideas, I don't know what to do anymore since I can't do anything on the laptop besides waiting...
I should also mention that I'm using a USB port to boot the installation from. Before I decided to re-install the windows, I was able to access the BIOS and I set it to boot from it first at start-up. I assume it is still set that way.
Is there another way to install it cleanly? Could this happen because the windows files are corrupted?

Edit: I was thinking of buying a Windows 8 OS, but how do I know it won't behave the same as now and skip to the finalizing part ... Read more

A:Stuck at "Windows is finalizing your settings" after re-installing

Did you delete all partitions during the Clean Install Windows 7 using the Drive Options pictured in Steps 7 and 8? Try again and this time wipe the hard drive first with Diskpart Clean Command from the disk's System Recovery Options Command Line

Other tips and tricks here to get and keep a perfect install, even for retail: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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strange problem.
i've installed win 7 RTM X64
and when i get to Finalizing installation it get stuck for five minutes
and then the screen goes black and i can see the cursor and move it.
after five more minutes of nothing happening i get "preparing your desktop"
and then the screen fades out and stuck.

the disc is ok i've installed this on 10 computers perfectly.
also tried installing from DOK.

MB: asus m2r32-mvp, radeon hd 4870, amd athlon x2 5600 dual core and 4gb installed.
googled it and found no solution. please help!

A:stuck on finalizing installation

Have you tried booting into safe mode or a start up repair?

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Hi all! I stuck with an anoying problem and perhaps there is a solution or an other way to do it.
The situation is as follows:
i deploy windows 10 IoT from MDT server on s physical maschine. as next step i run a batch file which configurates the system and the new users.
i set custom mousecursers, custom coler schemes, etc.

the problem now is, if i perform a first login to the new users after, the screen `finalizing your settings` appears, and windows sets the properties default again!
the question is, is there a way to perform a first login automatically out of the batch file which does finalizing the settings, before i customize the cursors and colors, for example by powershell?

if anybody have an idea, i would be glad to know!
greets, Philae

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Hi guys,

I post here the Userenv.log of my client machine. It stays on Applying computer settings for 6 minutes. I'm on this problem since several days but I'm not able to solve this issue.

I hope you can help me to understand the problem. Thank you
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 InitializePolicyProcessing: Initialised Machine Mutex/Events
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 InitializePolicyProcessing: Initialised User Mutex/Events
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:00:906 LibMain: Process Name: \??\C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 Entering CUserProfile::Initialize ...
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize called by winlogon
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: critical section initialized
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::Initialize: critical section initialized
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: registry key Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList opened
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUserProfile::Initialize: Proccessing S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock <S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500>
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock: No existing entry found
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CSyncManager::EnterLock: New entry created
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CHashTable::HashAdd: S-1-5-21-3065971401-1583081497-775716447-500 added in bucket 16
USERENV(2a4.2a8) 16:51:01:593 CUs... Read more

A:Windows XP SP3 stuck on Applying computer settings

What were you doing when this happened? Were you installing SP3?

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I recently bought a new laptop (Toshiba Satellite P50) used it for a day and the settings came up like this the next day. Is there a way to fix this or should I just return the laptop and get something else? Thank you!

A:Windows 8 PC settings window dark??

I would return it & get another.

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As the title describes. I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. My SSD only has 15GB free space or so. SP1 has failed for me twice: First time it gave me an error code, most likely due to lack of free space (say, you need at least 15GB). On second time, it's frozen with a black screen saying "reconfiguring Windows settings" in Finnish.

I tried booting to safe mode with network, it worked just fine. I cannot open Windows Update from there though, and My Computer tells me that I have 14,7GB free space on my C:/, which is my SSD drive.

Just to be sure, I also left it reconfiguring settings overnight with no results.

Now I can't use my computer in any other than safe mode, which sucks obviously. Any fix for this to cancel the update?

Cheers and thanks in advance!

EDIT: Oh, and it's a full retail version I've bought.

A:Win7 SP1 is stuck at reconfiguring Windows settings after reboot

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

According to Microsoft, your version of Windows requires drive space of at least 20GB for installation puposes.

Windows 7 system requirements - Microsoft Windows

The reason you can run in Safe Mode is because only the minimum files and drivers to get Windows up and running. What is the total size of your SSD? If it's less than 40GB I'd suggest getting a bigger drive. (Do you have anything on the SSD other than Windows 7?)

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When I power up my Sony Vaio SVE model machine, it goes to the "Insyde H20" setup utility. I haven't asked it to, and I can't exit succesfully. The recovery disks seem to have no effect.

I believe the internal keyboard is broken (I have an external one)

One or more of the keys are sticking, and I think it's causing my problem.

How do I remove a Sony E series keyboard (If that IS the problem). I can find no guide that is
specific to my model. There are guides for other Sony series, but the underneath of mine is different.

A:Somy Vaio Windows 7 Stuck in System Settings

I can't provide instructions on how to replace the keyboard; you'll have to rely on someone else for that.

I did have a question: Are you able to access the BIOS by pressing F2 when the system first turns on? You may have to tap F2 more than once for the system to register it and give you the BIOS options. If you can access the BIOS, make sure your boot order is setup properly with the CD/DVD drive first and your hard drive (HDD) second.

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Im new here, and fairly new to PC terminology, but have followed some tips found in similar forum topics with this same problem. I have already installed and ran HIJACKTHIS, and wanted to post my log file to find out what is causing this cmd.exe window to always come open at startup, and stay open. I have to close it manually every time. Here is the log file. Any help is grealy appreciated. If you notice anything else that looks like it shouldn't be there, please let me know. I've ran the most current updated Norton Antivirus with no virus detected, so I don't think it is that. I did notice when the cmd.exe window runs/opens at startup, it mentions some program file called PSKILL.exe having problems running. Thanks again.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:55:00 PM, on 2/1/2012
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\hpq\HP Wireless Assistant\HP Wireless Assistant.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\... Read more

A:C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.EXE Window Stuck Open At Startup PLEASE HELP

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Just a few hours ago, my daughter was playing a pc game, it froze, so she went to restart..she clicked Start and then on Restart. The computer restarted. Well, the computer keeps landing on that black screen saying Windows did not shut down properly. I have tried to restart the computer in all three Safe Modes, Last good configuration etc... it restarts and then comes back to that black page saying Windows has been shut down improperly. Windows will not load at all.

I tried searching for this topic already and I didn't see one that was like this, so I hope I am not asking a repeat question. The operating system is Windows XP Professional.


A:Computer Is Stuck At Restart Window/ Windows Won't Load

Hi, I seem to have a similar problem, although a bit more complicated. It also happened when playing a game, it happened to me on-line though. Was she playing on-line as well? Look into my topic to see if any responses I've received may apply to you.

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Hello, I know this issue has been posted before but none of the solutions are working for me (that or I'm doing it wrong).

I'm building a new system using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (bought from my university's bookstore, not a burned .iso). At first, my computer powered off while I was installing Windows 7 on a fresh HDD (about 75% of the way through Step 2). Now I've gotten as far as installing Windows 7 and reaching the "Starting up Windows for the first time" screen, at which point my computer began freezing.

I read into the issue on these forums and saw that clearing the CMOS, changing the BIOS settings (specifically, changing the USB storage setting to "disabled"), removing USB devices during start-up, and swapping out an ATI graphics card had helped people. I've cleared the CMOS, bought a new Nvidia card with the intention of using it long enough to finish the install and then returning it, altered the BIOS settings, removing my USB mouse during startup, etc. None of these have worked for me, and now the computer is powering off entirely rather than just freezing. I've also tried the Windows 7 Startup repair utility to no avail--it claimed it found something, but when it rebooted I continued to have the same issue.

I have not tried updating the BIOS because my motherboard manual says I have to do that after the OS is installed (quite frankly, I don't know for sure how to do it before the OS is completely installed, either).

I thi... Read more

A:PC shuts off while finalizing Windows 7 Installation

I thought through the installation process of windows the computer turns on and off by itself so it can make the changes, and configure/install quicker.

Correct me if i am wrong please.


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Microsoft Office 2016 won't finish installing, it has been stuck on "finalizing installation. This may take a few minutes" for over a half an hour now. the progress bar is about three quarters full and has been for more than a half an hour. I googled the problem but only junk results came up. I googled the message again in quotes but only results pertaining to Office XP and Windows XP showed up, way too old and outdated to be of any relevance now days.

Can anybody help me get the ball rolling?

This is an ASUS T100TA Windows tablet

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When you move a pop up window too high the title/tool bar of the child window is hidden by the main window's tool bar/title bar. As a result the child window is stuck and can not be resized or moved back to the original position or any where you can see
the whole window. Though you can scroll the contents and all the window itself is stuck. The child window never gets the focus back. Unless you close the main window you can not get the child window back to its normal position.
Is there any way that you can move the whole window (not just the contents) back to its original location or maximize that inner window only. Any short cut to move the window only results in moving the main window not the child window. 

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Hi I just put together some new components for my computer
AMD athlon X3 440, biostar TA 880GB+ motherboard, I used my old sata harddrive, EVGA GTS 250, and i got DDR3 memory along with my other components from frys.

The installation goes normal but all of a sudden goes to a blue screen during the finalization and i am not able to boot windows anymore.
I switched from vga to to DVI, i switched from onboard video to the nvidia gts 250 video.
The only thing that worked was installing windows XP and that worked, but after that I tried installing windows & again and it went to a blue screen just before install finished.
I am so frustrated this is probably my 10th computer built it had never happened.
I checked the bios the revision date seemed to be within a few months, way newer than my windows 7 disc

A:BCOD During finalizing part of Installing Windows 7 Please help!!!!

I pulled out the video card installed using vga port
now I keep getting blue screens while trying to install the video card drivers after plugging it in

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My computer is stable and error free except for the following quirky annoyance. When I open the network window the usual default settings make it look like the 1st attached picture. That's expected but quite often I?ll open it up and it will instead look like the 2nd attached picture which is undesired and unexpected. Sometimes the navigation pain will also disappear! No problem, I just go into the view settings and organize button and fix things up. The problem is that it doesn?t last long before the settings get messed up again! I?m not doing anything that I?m aware of to change the settings but it happens a few times a week all by itself!! I also notice a similar change of settings with the ?uninstall a program? window and the ?uninstall an update window.? Again, the settings can be corrected but what I can?t figure out is why or what is changing them to the non-standard appearance and how I can keep these settings the way I last left them.
Is there a fix for this quirky annoyance??

A:Windows 7 Network Window View Settings keep Changing by Themselves!!

Try this.

Folder View Settings - Reset All to Default

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Whenever I add an attachment to my emails, and even here on your website when I uploaded the attached pics, the 'Choose to Upload' pop-up window containing (in this case) my pics ALWAYS (but never used to) opens in the Details mode instead of Thumbnails where I can actually view the pics to be attached prior to attaching them.
I would like the default setting for this occurrence to obviously be in the Thumbnails mode.

In a related issue I would also like to be able to load more than one pic at a time when attaching pics to emails, etc...
Is there such a setting?

Thanks for the assistance

A:Default Settings for 'Choose File To Upload' Window, Window displays 'Details' vs 'Th

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Can someone please help me my pc wont load into the desktop it keeps geting stuck at windows start up logo with just 2 dots on it. I have tryed booting it from the windows 7 disk but it starts up windows logo and gets stuck again. I have tryed repairing it from systems repair (and other like it) but it jus loads up a black screen and nothing. I have tryed all 3 safe modes, all got stuck at windows\system32\drivers\ClassPnP.sys. I have also tryed other the stuff on Adanvced restore (f8) and it just gets stuck on windows logo or black screen. I have also tryed takeing out all the usbs no help at all

My mb is a GigaByte 870A-UD3
Os is windows 7 home 64 bit

Please help me i dont wanna lose all my important family photos and school work.

Iam right now useing an iphone to write this

A:Window 7 64bit stuck at windows startup and safe mode not working

Also my pc is not even a month old

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I have recently just system restored my Acer Laptop, and now having trouble setting up Windows 7 again due to an BSOD of 0.0000001e(0xfffffffc0000006,0xfffff080070D2088,0x000000000000000,0x000000007EFA2000)

My system specs:

x64 bit
Windows Home Premium OEM
I have had the hardware for two years and same for the OS.
i3 Core350M Processor
NVidia GT 320M
4gb Ram

Any help would be appreciated.

A:BSOD during finalizing Windows 7 Setup after System Restore

Please give more details to your problem. Are you trying to install Windows 7 fresh? Did you follow the methods inClean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7or did you try to recover your system to its original factory image?Acer Support: Frequently Asked Questions list for Recovery media and Restoring a system to factory load

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Microsoft is reportedly putting the finishing touches on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which is slated to arrive on August 2. The report comes from Windows Central, saying that build 14384 should be the first RTM (release to manufacturing) build.

The company has begun the sign-off process for the build, which means that it will put a variety of builds through internal tests, and then it will pick the best one for a public release.

According to the report, Insiders can expect to see a final build by the end of next week. The timeline isn't surprising. With the Anniversary Update less than a month away, we should certainly be in the polishing phase.

The fate ofWindows phones that are ineligible for the Anniversary Update is still undetermined. Such unsupported devices have had a sort of "upgrade at your own risk" option through the Release Preview ring. These users will be unable to install the Anniversary Update, but it's not clear if build 10586 will remain available for them.

The report also states that the Redstone 2 (Rs2) builds that Microsoft is compiling are in the 148xx range, and should begin shipping to Insiders in mid-to-late August. The Redstone 2 update isn't slatedto arrive for the public until April, 2017.

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I am a new member of WindowsSevenForums....so hi!
I have recently purchased the windows 7 upgrade version cd.
So I installed it on my Vista Home Premium to upgrade to Win7 home premium. Everything during the installation went smoothly. I got to the log in screen and typed in my password. However, after that my computer is stuck at " Personalised settings loading settings for Microsoft Windows Media player".When I mean stuck, I mean that it is stalling, it did not hang or freeze but it just gets stuck there during the set up process for loading personalised settings forever...

I have searched this problem on the web, and I have found that I am not the only person with this problem. Although not as common as the other
"stuck at XX% while upgrading" probem, it DOES exist. How can I solve this problem? Can anybody help me by providing a step by step tutorial? I am not so proficient in handling these type of matters..
I have the Windows 7 CD so maybe that can be used to help me somehow...?

A:Windows 7 set up stuck at "Personalised Settings"

If you are able,try to reinstall again ,and try this. It sounds like you are trying to upgrade, do not do it, do a clean install. Start over and put your disc into your computer. Chose custom install. When asked for your Activation number do not give it. When completed, use it for a while, download your programs, make sure that you like it. Then make a system image. You have 30 days to activate, now would be a good time. You may also try uninstallling media player prior to installation, even though that should not be necessary because you are now doing a clean install. An upgrade install runs into problems on many levels. Good luck.

PS before you begin the installation, use windows easy transfer, to transfer all of your settings. Make copies of all your documents. Make sure that you have all of your programs installation discs.

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a window pops up saying "Wait While Windows Configures Search Settings", it always fails because it can't find the SearchSettings.msi package, and asks for its location. I have done a search but cannot find it, on trying to close it an error 1706 is reported in another small window

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bassically i just made a fresh installation of windows and installed SP2, Zone Alarm, Ad-aware,AVG, spy bot with tea timer and Drivers.

i then noticed that all the settings such as default home pages,wall papers ,Task bar properties and just about any setting with any program dose not save and sticks to the default setting. can any one help me work this problem out ?.

A:all default settings stuck

One of your firewall / adware / spyware programs is blockng changes. There should be a setting somewhere to allow it.

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After openning IE 6, when I open another window of IE 6,it closes the original window. I can open new pages inside the original window without any problem.
Also I can quickly open several IE 6 windows all at once, and use them, but if I open another new window of IE 6, it closes all of the first windows.

It only happens to one user on this PC, others are OK.

Running XP SP2

A:IE 6.0 stuck in single window

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I upgraded to Window Vista. I had Window Vista Basic. I upgraded to next level. It upgraded but when windows was doing updates & its stucked on update 3 at 98%. thats it. won't go any further. just says windows shutting down. The update was only at 98%. Windows start back up but starts where it left off at keeps doing it. Now I need help please!!! I did try & put the DVD upgrade back in but will not do anything but go right back to the updating. please!!! someone help me I'm at my wits
Thank You Edithb201

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ok... Yesterday I started up my computer and accedently clicked on the speach recognition shortcut on my desktop. My computer was still loading so it didn't show up until 30 seconds later, but when it did show up there were no buttons, no words (except Speech Recognition Options at the top) and to close or minimize button. Just a window stuck on the right side of my desktop. Now i have tried right clicking the tab at the bottom right corner but nothing is there for that program. Same with the task manager. I even restarted my computer but it still came right back. Please HELP!!

A:Window Stuck on Desktop!

nm...i fixed it. There is an option for a seperate toolbar on your desktop for speech recognition. I just right clicked on it, toolbars, then unchecked speech Recognition toolbar. Its gone.

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My laptop is dell Inspiron 1564.
When I start my laptop , after the "windows is starting " logo , it will automatically disk check then I will get stuck during the diskcheck .
Last time , it get stuck at the " windows is starting " logo , and I ended up reformatting the disk and install windows again .but it only works for few days . Now it get stuck at disk check .
Pls help me , thank you

A:Window 7 startup stuck ,help.

Hello and welcome Johncy now if you can I think you need to check the hard drive somehow - maybe it is the problem!

Just how old is the machine?

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after i login some website....then my computer restart then stucked at window loading screen wont move edy...what can i do?if reformat how do it?

A:Stuck At Window Loading

Hello what is your Operating system,Antivirus and spyware tools?
Also are you getting an error message?

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Guys plz help me , when im installing my window it stuck on setup is starting but after 15 min it run n came on window is installing but then it stuck on expanding window anyone help me how to fix it

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Please help.Boot configuration day missing or contains errors 

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I have a 433mz Celeron with 128mb RAM running Win98SE. I cannot get the display settings to give me anything better than 16 colors (the other option is 2 colors!!) and a 640x480 screen size. I ran a Belarc and have a Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) and a Sylvania F96 monitor. I've downloaded the latest drivers for each -- the graphics adapter is from Microsoft from 4-23-99 and the monitor driver is from Sylvania from 1-14-02.

I've also tried removing the display adapter and monitor and reinstalling them completely.


A:[SOLVED] Display Settings Stuck at 16

the standard pci graphics adapter only allows 16 colors.

we need to get your video drivers reinstalled.

what make and model video card do you have?

if you have onboard video, we will need either the make/model of your computer or the model number from your motherboard to find the correct video drivers for you.

if you have an actual video card, pull it out and look at it and tell us the make./model and we will find the drivers for you.

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Sigh...very frustrating..

I have a dual language set-up going on my laptop of English as the primary and Korean as an option. For some reason, my computer shut down on its own for whatever reason, then upon start-up and log-in, the language settings were automatically changed to Korean. Unfortunately, I'm not fluent in it, so I don't know how to go about changing it back to English.
On a side-note, after this happened, there was an indication of an update on my Shut Down button, which I clicked and updated. During the update installation process, on the bottom of the screen was the usual Windows 7 logo, but had a Red-Orange "K" after it. Dunno what that was (gonna take a wild guess and say "Korean"?), but it went away..

Anyway, main problem is the language setting, which, for the record, happens often with Windows, in my experience. Anyone able to assist?

A:Trouble with language settings. STUCK!

Scratch that. I got it. Went to the Start Menu, searched "Regional and Language Settings" and hit Enter so I wouldn't have to navigate aimlessly and changed it back. Dunno why the f*** it was changed in the first place though..!

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A downloaded screen saver was installed on this computer and then uninstalled and now the display is horrendous. It is stuck on 16 colors and 640x480. Kinda like it is in safe mode but it is not. I don't know how to get the driver back or where it even is. Can this be fixed without the 2000 CD because I can't find that either!?! Any help would be appreciated.

A:Display settings are stuck! Win2000Pro

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Hi everyone,

I have a windows xp computer that is on a domain and when you start it for the first time of the day it gets stuck at applying computer settings before you can log in. If you do a hard shut down to restart the computer it seems to start up normally. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?


A:Stuck at Applying Computer Settings

I am still having this issue does anyone have any suggestions? I might try and take it off the domain and re-join the domain.

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When I try to print a photo, I check the settings to make sure it is in color, but when I select color, it reverts to monochrome when I go to print. This happened before and I cannot remember what I did to fix it. I think it has something to do with photo
viewer or paint that is messing it up.

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Hello all, one of my XP computers was infected with the FBI Moneypack virus. I booted into safe mode and ran a few scans with Malwarebytes and Bitdefender 2012 and both found nothing. I deleted the main profile and created a new user account. When I try to boot normally it takes a good 5-6 minutes at the "Widnows is loading" screen. Then I finally see the user account and when I click on the account and enter the password it just stays stuck at loading your personal settings. I can boot into safe mode with networking and load up the account just fine, however every time I do I noticed in Documents and Settings it creates a new profile folder which looks something like Username.Computername.000, and keeps adding a number every time I login. Not sure where I can go from here. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Stuck at Loading your personal settings

You are still infected. Due to Forum Rules, we cannot comment or assist on Virus Removal. Please click on the link in my signature for Virus/Malware Help and do those things and post in that section of the forum.

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I have hidden folders on my computer that I want to view. The odd thing is that it is already selected as view hidden folders in the folder options menu. No matter how I change the settings it is stuck on show hidden files, but it does not show them. I have also tried to restore defaults and it sets it to show hidden files. I pretty sure that show hidden files is not the default.

A:Solved: Stuck folder settings

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I have a dell latitude d620 and one day the up and left keys magically stopped working.. later on I had the brightest idea to see whats the lowest level of brightness possible, now I'm pretty much screwed because I cannot get the brightness back up to normal (which is a pain in the rear end) using the FN+UP combination.

I've searched the web trying to find a solution and cannot find anything, any solutions?

Help is very appreciated

A:Up key not working, Brightness stuck on low settings (FN+UP)

Welcome to Seven Forums Nurein615. I think you can adjust it in BIOS with the down right keys (I hope they work!). Here is a (poorly made ) video that will illustrate how. Basically, F2 at boot, then video settings, then brightness. Don't go too bright as you have no left key to turn it back down! Good luck!

Dell D630 Lattitude Brightness Settings from The Bio's Menu. - YouTube

A Guy

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Please help!
My system runs on a windows xp pro edition/ no sp ' s installed. my display resolution which was working fine until 2 days suddenly reverted to 800*600 and 4 bit colors.. in the little drag down menu in the display properties/settings menu 4 bit mode seems to be the only option.
Other hardware specs--
256 mb ram
nvidia riva tnt 64 agp card running on latest unfied drivers.
All other functions sound etc. are running fine
Last appl. installed was chessmaster 10th edition.(sneaking suspicion that this game pushed card over the edge)
And a new text file called "Oggmux - OMX de ejemplo" appeared in the most used programs list in the start menu... its a .txt file which says "bender saves the world by drinking all available alcohol" among other things
Scanned all drives with nav2003 and the latest virus def. files. and got zilch
Can anyone please tell me what i can pssibly do?

A:Display settings stuck at 800*600 and 4 bit colors!! Help!

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I am running Windows 2000 Pro and it was working just fine yesterday. This morning I go to turn it on and it's stuck on the loading your personal settings screen. It acts like it's about to load and than it restarts and does the same thing over and over. I did read somewhere that it probably has to do with a corrupted file in my settings...but since I'm the only one who uses the computer I don't have it set up to have more than one account setting. I can't even go into safe mode..the same thing happens. I did try to go to last known good configuration and that didn't do anything. It there a way I can log on without loading my personal settings? I can't think of anything I did yesterday that would cause this problem except that I ran a spyware scan with SpyBot and it deleted a few bad things. I also don't have a Windows boot CD since my computer was built by someone and he didn't give me the CD.

A:Stuck on Loading Your Personal Settings

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Installing Office 97 on Windows 7 can cause some unwanted results, such as no longer allowing end users to modify the settings of User Account Control in the operating system.

Fix Windows 7 Stuck UAC Settings | Pc Tips Box

A:UAC settings stuck after installing Office 97

Office97 ?????? Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........

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Is there an alternative way e.g. a small tool to close a multi session / finalize a DVD?

My problem is, I created a dvd backup of a section of my HD (using Nero Ultra v6) and chose to leave the disc open. I am unable to access the disc via explorer, but if I load up nero, I can see the data has been written. I think I used almost the entire disc, and when I go back in to nero to add a text file and to finalize, it produces an ?illegal Disc? error.

Back in the early days of cd copying, I could use Easy CD creator to close a session without burning anything to it.

So, is there a way around this, or is there a 3rd party tool simply to finalize a disc?

as, on testing the DVD disc on my work machine, (a standard dvd-rom drive, it is accessable here.



A:Finalizing a DVD


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I am using Win Xp with a CDR-W Drive ( Dell Computer ) 48x speed. I try and burn a CD and when I get to the final step - I rec "message error " couldn't finalize CD and ejects - I tried using Roxio and Nero to burn the CD.

Please let me know if you have any solutions........


A:CDR - Not Finalizing


Are you still having this problem? If so, have you tried using a different disk, as in make, or have you always used this one? Are you just burning data files of the same type, or do you have any streaming files in there?



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Til today, I didn't have a problem burning a CD or two. But when I went to today everyone I tried ended up saying it wasn't finalized, I haven't changed any of my settings. I use Nero and then I tried one time with Windows media player and got the same problem. Any ideas?

A:Cds Not Finalizing

what kind of CD are you trying to do?

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