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HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP!

Q: HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP!

HELP! Computer won't boot! Tried everything!

Ok so this is my set up:

DDR400 512mb Ram

Asus A7N8X-X motherboard

sapphire radeon 9600xt 265mb GFX

amd athlon 2600+ cpu (1.91ghz)

80gb HD (just some cheap one- i forget brand, perhaps seagate)

edit: a floppy and dvd burning drive

Ok and the problem is:

I installed a ripped off ****ty version of XP. Never really worked splendidly.
I changed somehting in the bios, i had no idea what it was, i'm stupid for doing so i realise. it was something to do with speed, it was at about 100mhz and i changed it to 200mhz. also note, i had the "bios virus alert thing" ON.
the next few boots were dodgy and it only booted up every second or third attempt. if it didnt boot up it wouldnt boot and just went beep (long beeps and repeated -in no code) this worked for 4 boots before it never booted again.
it just beeped.
until i moved the jumpers on the 3 pins from the two pins closest to the battery position to the furthest two. and turned the pc on. it didnt beep. the monitor didnt respond and but it seemed to be turned on (the cpu fan was going and a green LED on the mobo was on). i then turned the power off. and stuck the jumper back on the original pins and turned it back on hoping the BIOS would be reset but the beeping sequence continued and nothing seemed to start. So then i took out the battery for over half an hour... then put it back in. (with the jumper still on the original pins- nb: the comp power was off.) it booted - well, it half booted, i mean the LED was on on the mobo and the cpu fan was running... but it never boot! (nb: no beeps now either).

- that is my current situation...

has my mobo been toasted? is it my sweet as gfx card :< ? whats up? the ram?

Help? list suggestions and steps on how to do them like a guide-by-guide for newbs like me!

P.S (edit 2): do you think a system repair or flash bios would work?


Preferred Solution: HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HELP! Computer won't boot! BIOS? Reset it. CMOS Battery? In and Outed it. HELP!

The Athlon XP 2600 that runs at 1917MHz runs on an FSB of 166MHz and has a clock multiplier of 11.5 (166 X 11.5 = 1909Mhz).

So if you have a system bus setting of 200MHz and the clock multiplier is set a 11.5, you were running it at 2300MHz, which is seriously overclocking it.

The processor might not have been up to that much overclocking and died.

Find out what BIOS settings do before you change them!

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I have an Acer Veriton X490G,with Core i3 cpu,4 gig RAM,running a windows 7 32 bit...now this machine requires the CMOS battery to be reset all the time it to boot. Otherwise it doesn't seem like there's any form of power that's going to the motherboard. How do i go about fixing this? 

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I have an Acer Veriton X490G,with Core i3 cpu,4 gig RAM,running a windows 7 32 bit...now this machine requires the CMOS battery to be reset all the time it to boot. Otherwise it doesn't seem like there's any form of power that's going to the motherboard. How do i go about fixing this? 

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I am very very frustrated since I waited a while to get this motherboard from china. My last DFI board randomly died on me and I ordered this as a replacement because I wanted a decent 775 board. I worked on it all night tonight and despite it reading all the hardware... it will not boot unless I reset the cmos every time. On top of that... I can not get the bios to update... it doesn't read any of the 5 usb drives I tried (fat/fat32). Also I tend to get this grey screen when trying to flash it sometimes. I am beside myself at this point after fussing with it for hours on end and I really need some help.

A:Asus P5E3 BIOS won't update and needs CMOS reset to boot every time

Sounds like either the BIOS is corrupted or the motherboard battery is a goner.

Have you tried burning the new BIOS to a bootable CD ?

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Its a packard bell laptop, and the system started to freeze for no reason. No viruses. Now, I can usually only move the mouse pointer-if it lets me start windows at all (xp). As of tonight, the system wouldnt let me even pass the startup screen, it kept asking for a non existent system password to continue! The system bios clock seems to reset itself too, so I believe the whole problem to be related to the cmos battery.

My main question is, how much should I roughly be expected to pay for a cmos battery and installation from a general pc repair store? The laptop is out of warranty, so I dont really want to be spending 30+ just for Packard to find and install one either. The reason I need someone else to do it is because this particular packard system has the most awkward setup, and therefore access to the battery is next to impossible..

as you can see from my (slightly blurry) photo-

there are only 3 panels on the back of the machine that you can remove- 1 hard drive, 2 ram, and 3 wifi card (I think!).. the cmos battery (the circle!) is to the right of one of the panels, under the casing. I have tried removing the entire casing, all screws and connections, and even from the front, trying to get to it by removing the keyboard, but it proved impossible to me, so Id rather get someone else to do it. No doubt the difficulty is on purpose so that you would always send it to packard for repair, and for a high price, bu... Read more

A:wont boot, bios/clock errors-how much to replace a cmos battery to fix this problem?

If there's a dismantling guide for your laptop online you could try to fit a new battery yourself.
If you're ok with that post the exact model of your laptop and I/we will help you look.

Otherwise to get the best deal I would phone a few small local computer shops and compare their prices with big chains like PC World.

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Hey guys,
I just came back from college and my computer has been packed away in the closet for over 3 months. I plugged everything in today, and upon pressing the power button, the fans spin up and stay on, but the computer doesn't do anything more.
On the back of the computer, a red light that says CLR CMOS is on. The power LED's in the front are not on.

Also, it's an ASrock p67 extreme 4 mobo
Looking inside, their is a code that is displayed on the mobo "A3" and the Power and Reset lights are also lit up

Any help would be appreciated!

A:Computer won't boot up, CLR CMOS, POWER, and RESET lights on

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Hello, I noticed about six months ago a memory problem was showing in my mini view on my xps 420. I removed the boards and reseated them and the error went away until now. I ran the diagnostics and followed the error code. It said my cmos battery was bad. I changed the battery and now it will not boot. I ran the repair cd with no luck. Can someone offer some suggestions ? Thanks--- Larry D

A:Computer will not boot after cmos battery.

Remove the CMOS battery.
Unplug the power cord.
Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to fully drain all residual power.
Put the CMOS battery back in, make sure you put it in correctly.
Plug in the power cord.
Power up.

You should get a CMOS configuration error message. Press F2 to go into Setup, load defaults, set date and time and boot options then see if it will boot.

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I got BSOD on Emachine W4265 - entered BIOS and date was incorrect, tried to change date and save but would not save. Chaned CMOS Battery and now computer won't reboot.

A:BSOD - changed CMOS battery and computer wont boot

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i replaced the cmos battery on a pc with a bad onboard graphics card and now the pci graphics card is not working, when i turn on the pc i get no signal to the to the monitor, so now i cant even access the bios, is there anything i can do? any reply's would be appreciated

A:no display after cmos battery reset

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I have a Toshiba laptop which decided to setup a bios-password , for who knows why..

After many scratches (both on the laptop and on my hands) I managed to disassemble the laptop, to remove the cmos battery.
Now I can see the cmos battery soldered into the laptop. 2 small wires that are connected to the +ve and negative sides of the battery are soldered to the mobo.

Is there an alternative to unsoldering the battery. I don't have any experience with soldering and would like to try safer alternatives, if any, before I have to try unsoldering. Is it possible to shot the battery or do something else that would reset the bios?


Oh and I have searched like crazy for 'software' solutions and master passwords but can't find anything that worked.
Laptop -Toshiba satellite a135-s2276

A:reset cmos battery without unsoldering?

Cut the wires, then reconnect them later... even if you have to insert a length of wire... but learn to solder asap.

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Hello everyone--I just put together a computer and when I turned it on for the first time i had to reset the cmos for anything to happen--other than the fans running.. Installing the os was a nightmare because it would never reboot unless I cleared cmos..

This is a TS8200 from Biostar and a 9950 amd x4. There is a pci firewire addon card and no video card--there are 2 sata wd 640 gb hard drives and i did not set master slave---did i have to?? with them being sata...antec case with 430 watt ps

I have never heard any beeps

There are also 8 gigs 4x2gb of patriot memory in it now . I tried only x4 gb of crucial [1.8v] and problem was still there--I also tried with 2 x 2g of Patriot--no go..

The memory is in good...

I have had to clear cmos a lot,but have not removed the battery---it has 3 clips holding it in?? Is that normal ??

could i get some help with this--it is not my first build but my first problem.

Does The fact that I had to clear cmos on initial start up to get it to post mean the battery is dead.

The winxp pro 64 bit os in installed but it was a nightmare.

I have not updated the bios mostly because it did not start up right the first time so while the bios update will help some thing i don't feel this is caused by an old bios

Thanks for any help

A:had to reset cmos on initial startup--dead battery???

I think I posted this in the wrong forum I reposted in Hardware forum--you can delete this

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Hello everyone--I just put together a computer and when I turned it on for the first time i had to reset the cmos for anything to happen--other than the fans running.. Installing the os was a nightmare because it would never reboot unless I cleared cmos..

This is a TF8200 from Biostar and a 9950 amd x4. There is a pci firewire addon card and no video card--there are 2 sata wd 640 gb hard drives and i did not set master slave---did i have to?? with them being sata...antec case with 430 watt ps

I have never heard any beeps

There are also 8 gigs 4x2gb of patriot memory in it now . I tried only x4 gb of crucial [1.8v] and problem was still there--I also tried with 2 x 2g of Patriot--no go..

The memory is in good...

I have had to clear cmos a lot,but have not removed the battery---it has 3 clips holding it in?? Is that normal ??

could i get some help with this--it is not my first build but my first problem.

Does The fact that I had to clear cmos on initial start up to get it to post mean the battery is dead.

The winxp pro 64 bit os in installed but it was a nightmare.

I have not updated the bios mostly because it did not start up right the first time so while the bios update will help some thing i don't feel this is caused by an old bios

Thanks for any help
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A:had to reset cmos on initial startup--dead battery???

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My monitor won't display an image except for Self-Monitor test telling me the monitor is fine. I'm almost positive I have to reset the BIOS but problem is the more I read on how to reset it the more confused I get. So I resorted to taking pictures.

The 3-pin Jumpers -http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c276/sones/HPIM0302.jpg

Where they go (I'm guessing) -

Do they maybe go here? -

I'm totally lost.


Those are not jumpers If you want to reset BIOS settings, you could just unplug power(cord off the PSU), discharge power by pressing the power button for 10 secs, then take the CMOS battery off, and wait for half an hour or so. Put those wires back their place. Refer to motherboard manual...

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hello, i disabled integred graphics card for egpu. i mean i change switchable graphics to uma. i tried with external graphics card its not giving display.  i tried vga and hdmi not working. also i disassembled bios battery, but still working old settings. not reset bios. how can i reset bios? or how can i active integred graphics? i tried blind reset bios not working. fan hdd dvd are working but not giving display.

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CPU: i7 960 @ 3.2 ghz
Motherboard: Big Bang-XPower (MS-7666)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6950
RAM: 2x DDR3 1600mhz 4GB (AE34G1609U1S)
PSU: Bitfenix Fury 650G
SDD: PNY 240 GB (ssd2sc240g1sa754d117-820)
HDD2: Hitachi HDS721075KLA330
Monitor: LG IPS 27EA63V


I read a post on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/8fb7am/check_your_ram_settings_for_free_fps_benchmarks/about getting extra FPS by making sure your ram runs at it's max speed. I checked using CPU-Z and my RAM timimgs were 6-6-6-18 and 534.6MHz x2 it was running at instead of the advertised 9-9-9-28 and 800 MHz x2.

The post said to go into the BIOS and change the setting to "XMP" or "DOCP". I didn't find these and so I attempted to manually change the settings, by setting the frequencies to 9-9-9-28.

After my computer was stuck in a boot loop. I could not get past the windows logo screen, and if I waited I would be prompted with an option to repair my system, which if selected would show a loading bar for a while before giving me a blue screen. After many attempts to get out of the boot loops by reverting the changes to my BIOS, and trying the "fail-safe" recommended settings to no avail, I reset the CMOS.

After starting up, I am prompted with F1 to fix my BIOS settings or F2 to load defaults and continue.
F2 leads to a boot loop, and F1, with any changes (even just setting the date and time, or saving while making NO changes) t... Read more

A:Strange PC issues after BIOS changes / CMOS reset

The Intel Core i7-960 3.20 GHz quad core processor in your computer supports a maximum DDR3 speed of 1066 MHz.
That's why the CPU-Z app shows a DDR3 speed of 534 MHz X 2 instead of 800 MHz X 2.
You cannot force RAM modules to run at a speed faster than what the processor supports.

Someone else here will need to address your BIOS/CMOS issue.


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Hi all i have problem with my computer its 2 months old and now i reseted CMOS from the jumper.
All lights and fans start up but BIOS is not posting and no picture is coming to screen

AMD FX-4350
Gigabyte 760gtx OC 4gb
8gb Kingston 1600 MHz
Asus m5a97 2.0
600w LC power psu

I have tried with 1 ram stick and yesterday I ran memtest86 about 16h with no errors so its not ram.
I tried GPU on different slot.
Removed all devices from PC.
Checked that all connections are firmly attached.

Is there possibility that CPU would be dead because I ran prime95
and almost in 1 min I got bsod and I have getting these bsods for almost month (Bsod 0x8000000000000002 on idle)

A:No bios posting and no screen after cmos reset

How to update BIOS for ASUS M5A97 R2.0:

Installed BIOS Version (1903)
Current BIOS Version (2201)

Link: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM3+/M5A97_R2.0/M5A97-R20-ASUS-2201.zip

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Fatal errorCnu93782D1 for this hp mini 110 1d46nr

A:Forgot bios password/cmos reset no help

@Redundancy1425 Enter   e9lofxu7t3 Use that code to go into the BIOS.Disable all passwords that are enabled.If asked for the CURRENT password use that code.If asked for NEW password just hit enter.If asked to VERIFY password just hit enter.Save and exit. REO

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HelloHow 2 reset "cmos bios"  password on HP Omni 120-1106er Desktop PC  (all in one) Info i tried this  "jumper located close to the memory modules" not fore the bios,  I suppose. jumper  next to the cmos batarey dont have # on pins. " " My MB pic1 pic2

A:HP Omni 120-1106er cmos bios Password Reset

http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docLocale=en_US&docId=emr_na-c02993109 Resetting BIOS passwordUse the following procedure to reset the BIOS password:Power off the computer.Note the location and orientation of the CMOS/Password jumper, as it will be placed back into the same position.Figure 4: Leon motherboard CMOS/Password jumpersRemove the CMOS/Password jumper from the motherboard.Power on the computer.Power off the computer.Return CMOS/Password jumper to its original position.Power on the computer, and immediately press F10. The BIOS password has been cleared Not helpful !

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If there is an Event Viewer category that records each time I reset my CMOS settings in my BIOS setup as I log in, I don't know what to call it. Perhaps it makes no sense to look for it as a Windows event since it happens before the operating system is loaded.

I'm troubleshooting and I'd like to know the system clock time for a reset I may have done on 5/21/14. I have a digital photo of a reset screen with a BIOS time reading of 16:35:18. I'd like to know if I ran one more reset in the previous 5 minutes. Is there a system record of this somewhere?



A:Event Viewer Category For CMOS/BIOS Reset

Quote: Originally Posted by baumgrenze

... Perhaps it makes no sense to look for it as a Windows event since it happens before the operating system is loaded....

You are correct... there will not be a BIOS reset entry in the OS logs.

Look around in the BIOS interface for BIOS logs.

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The bios of my notebook (Pavilion dv7 6163cl) blocked by password, and I never put password. Could help me solve?

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I was given a not working 390. The previous owner's 'friend' tried to fix it and might have moved some jumpers. Reading the manual and searching dell site I cant determine were the jumpers should be. I want to know that they are in the proper positions. Is this info available? I found this (www.dell.com/.../SLN284985), but section two totally confuses me. It sounds like the jumper is being moved from the PSWD connector to the RTCRST connector, without saying which of the 3 pins to connect. However, the picture below shows both connectors having jumpers. Note that I already reset the bios by removing the battery. So, that is not what Im trying to do here.

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Hello, I disabled the On-Board PCI on the BIOS and since than my screen is black but it seems like it start normaly I dont know how to reset the bios, is there a CMOS battery on the Motherboard or is there a other way to solution? Thank you! ( sorry for my bad english)

A:Z500 CMOS / Bios reset - Blank screen

I don't have a solution. But I would like to inquire how you disable the pci in bios. Thanks.

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BEFORE I start, I will mention that boot mode is set at LEGACY, so I should have usb boot function.
The laptop is an Inspiron 3521.
Hello... I'm at my wits end trying to reset the BIOS and or CMOS on my girlfriends laptop, so that I can resolve a virus problem by running dban drive wiper.  My girlfriend let her kid use this laptop to play some games, and she tried to install a mod of some sort, and the mod highjacked and created partitions, reassigned boot drives, created false windows files, and maybe altered the BIOS CMOS.  
No bootable rescue drive of any kind has been able to get past startup EXCEPT a Windows 10 install thumb drive.  Repair didn't work, re-install didn't work, but I could get to to a command line to attack with DISKPART.  Nothing I could do would alter the new partitions supremacy so I wiped it.  Now I can't even get to that command line, windows 10 thinks it's stuck in the middle of a new install, and it recognized two versions of 10 on the drive.
I want to reset the BIOS and CMOS so I can get usb boot function, and wipe the drive.  Any ideas would help.  As this is the third time I've had to nuke and boot this laptop due to virus from "game mods", my frustration is cranked up to 12.  Kids...
Thanks for any help!

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I have a Qosmio F50-10Z and as prompted by toshiba I downloaded the Bios update and began to install.
My screensaver came on and the whole thing crashed.

Would not turn off (even after holding down power button for 15 secs).
Took battery out and then put it back in. Computer powers on but screen is blank and won't boot up.

Tried to take it apart to flash the bios by taking out rtc/cmos battery (whatever it's called) but can't find the battery and got to the point where I wasn't willing to take it apart any further (has no-one else ever taken one apart?

Couldn't find information or diagram or photo of where the battery was on net...manual for laptop really unhelpful)

Have found comments about crisis disks but I don't know what this means.

So, how to I reset bios?

Please help - you are my only hope.

A:Qosmio F50-10Z Bios update crashed - how do I reset cmos?

So, now I've located the rtc/cmos battery (turns out it's rechargeable so explains why not easily located) removed it, soldiered it back on in a more accessible place - still did not reset BIOS.

Or else, that wasn't the problem in the first place.

Any ideas? Perhaps if anyone knows where the CMOS jumper is located that might help?

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I've seen a few problems like mine on the boards but never a satisfactory resolution. My problem started with a frozen screen. I did have a few windows open and i was listening to music and surfing at the time. Upon restart case light came on, M/B power light came on, fans on psu, cpu and graphics card all spun up as well as hard drive, but no post beep. Long story short is that I have done everything recommended on various forums, like resetting the Cmos via the jumpers, taking out the CMOS battery, leaving the CMOS battery out overnight, new CMOS battery, changing the PSU etc. and am now at the stage where I have the M/B stripped out of the case on the workbench with just the psu, one stick of memory, Graphics card, Hard drive, mouse and keyboard. Strange thing is computer WILL post with default Bios settings when CMOS battery removed, go through bios setup routine, launch Windows and run perfectly normally. But as soon as I put the battery back, nothing, no post beep, nothing, just spinning fans and no display. Has the Bios Chip got corrupted? The battery clip does look firmly soldered to the M/B and is not bent. I am at a loss. Can't RMA the M/B as its an Ebay job. All the Caps look sound. Is it worth replacing the BIOS chip as they're fairly cheap or is the M/B toast?? Does anyone know anything elseI can try??

System is:

Motherboard: ASUS A8N-E
Bios: Phoenix Tech. Ltd AWARD BIOS ACPI rev.1013
PSU: CIT 750W ATX Power Supply
CPU: Athlon64 3500+
Graphics ... Read more

A:CMOS battery/BIOS problem

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I found an old PC (Progen) in trash that didn't come with hard drive and CD-Rom, but when first try to startup it can go to BIOS. (it has about 32 MB RAM)
Because BIOS has password protected, I try to reset the password by removing CMOS battery and wait for about 24 hours then install back the battery.
The problem now the PC can't go through BIOS, the fan is spinning and green light is on but no beep sound.
Don't know if the battery problem or the mobo already dead
Thanks for any help

A:PC won't go to BIOS, after removing CMOS battery

CMOS only retains BIOS settings for a few seconds after the battery is removed. 24 hours is just insane overkill.

Also, on most semi-modern machines, the password isn't stored in volatile memory and as such will never be "reset" using that method - There will be a jumper on the motherboard to specifically erase the password. You should search for that motherboard on the internet and fine the manual for it.

As for the machine not POST'ing anymore, I would suggest that you moved a jumper or that something is not seated right. Double-check that the ram, cpu, video card, any other peripherals, cables, and battery are all seated properly. If in doubt, remove them and re-seat them. Find the manual for that motherboard online and go through it, checking all the jumpers on the motherboard to make sure they are in the correct positions.

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Good day,I have a problem:I was editing configurations in the bios but something goes wrong.Now, the pc, can't power on.I tryed to follow the procedure [https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht036531] for resetting the bios, but not work.So I tryed to follow the procedure [https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/migr-45385] for flashing bios (boot block recovery), but also this not work.In the boot block recovery, I tryed flash from usb but nothing happens so, recovered an old floppy drive, I tryed the floppy method:Connected floppy drive to the pc, and started it, the pc didn't do anything... the pc sound beeps and then stop, but the led (on floppy drive) not blink, or still on, indicating it's reading something.Please, can you help me? I not want to trash this machine.Thanks a lot and best regards.

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Hey everyone...it appears I'm having some issues with a slow clock.  I have an XPS M1330.  Initially, it would fall behind a few hours each day, INCLUDING the BIOS time.  Also I noticed frequent Wi-Fi disconnections, as well as when I would shut down the laptop, it would not completely shut down.  It would go into what I believe would be an "idle" state, showing the blue power LED still being lit.  I would have to then manually shut down the laptop by holding the power button.  That was the only way of getting it out of the so-called "idle" state.  So first thing I decided to try was to replace the CMOS battery which was the first suggestion.  After replacing the CMOS battery, I got about 2 weeks of flawless performance; no slow clock, and no powering off issues.  Now, the clock is running slow again and I can't seem to figure out why.  I updated to the latest BIOS (A14 I believe), which seemed to work for about a day, now it's back to being slow again.  It is not shutting down properly either.  When I check the BIOS time, it is also incorrect.  I'm not sure if this a motherboard issue or what but any suggestions or ideas would be great. 

A:BIOS clock slow- Not due to CMOS battery

I wanted to bump this because I really want to see if anyone has any idea or answers as to what this could be or how to fix it so I can save myself some money and not buy a new motherboard.

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i have a refurbished MSI K7N2 Delta-L mobo, got it from newegg, so i guess that would explain why...
every time i completely unplug my pc from the wall, i get the "cmos checksum error- defaults loaded, press F1 to continue". i thought it was just a bad cmos battery, but after having replaced it 4 times now with new ones, i don't think that's it anymore. i know i am installing the battery correctly, and the jumper cap is in the correct position, i have checked and rechecked the manual to be sure. is this maybe just due to a little bad wiring somewhere on the mobo?

A:CMOS battery will not hold Bios settings

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I have a Compaq Presario 2200 model laptop.

I have an issue where every time by laptop batter discharges the time clock resets. I believe that this is realated to the bios battery. I have taken the laptop appart properly via guide provided on compaq website. This is the maintenance guide with all the spare part numbers listed. However, this laptop is out of warranty.

My problem is that I cannot locate the bios battery anywhere on the board. Could someone with some experience pleae review the diagram for this model and tell me where the battery is?


A:Presario 2200 Compaq - CMOS/BIOS battery?

First of all.

Have you tried to calibrate the battery by BIOS? < This might help a lot of problems.


Have you updated your BIOS ?

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If the CMOS battery for the BIOS becomes dead, and it is not replaced with a new battery, what are the not so good effects beyond the day and date system clock ? Will it keep the default BIOS settings in the CMOS for a long time without a good battery ? I did replace my 2006 Gateway battery mainly for the day/ date and to be able to change boot device order.

A:Solved: the CMOS battery for the BIOS general question

It will revert to the factory CMOS settings which of course include date and time. You would have to reset all of your BIOS Settings such as boot order, Drive recognition and such each time you booted up. But as far as permanent damage you won't have any just because the Battery was dead, unless the battery also started leaking, not likely with the coin cell batteries.

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Hi folks!

I have a question. Will BIOS gets corrupted if CMOS battery is left dead for a while? The reason I ask is because I bought a P4 mobo from vendor and it is an non-retailer box. Apparently when I receive the mobo, I tested the CMOS battery is dead and when I put everything together, there is no POST or beep at all coming from the mobo but power light and fan are on. Any idea?

I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct? Please advice. Thanks.

A:Will BIOS gone if CMOS battery is left till it's dead

"I suspect the BIOS is corrupted because the baterry is left dead for too long. Is my theory correct?"...

I would say yes. This doesn't happen all the time, but in your case, after a new battery was installed, no POST is a bad sign... Did you try resetting the CMOS by moving a motherboard jumper? Is the CPU and memory supported by the motherboards model? Was the CMOS battery totally dead or did it show some DC voltage?

I just repaired a Compaq desktop computer that was built in September 1999. It had an AMD K6 550MHz CPU. The CMOS battery was bad, but it still showed 1.3 volts DC. It should have been 3.0 volts. A new battery brought this old baby back to life

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Well the other day, my monitor stopped getting a vga signal...
so i checked the connections and then decided to reset the cmos (changed the 3 pin connector next to the battery, and then back,right?)

Now I get a VGA Signal .. but only the very first boot up screen shows
It shows a big graphical "Syntax"(name of motherboard) and then goes blank, and that's all I see.

What should i do?

A:No VGA--> Cmos Reset---> BOOT PROBLEMS

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Ok, so I bought a HP Mini Notebook for my wife. Model: 1035NR
Everything was working fine. She goes to boot it yesterday and she gets hit with a password right after the AMI bios screen. She asked me if I set the PW, I told her no and she said she didn't either.

No big deal. I take it apart and unplug the CMOS battery for about 20 minutes.
Hold the power button down for a bit to discharge any left over juice. Put it all back together and same thing.

So I tried to leave it out for over 12 hours and the same thing.
I even tried various AMI master passwords (I knew it wouldnt work, but you know how desperate we get). So now I'm stuck.

I googled it today and found various information.
Most leading me to believe I am stuck with a paperweight or will have to send it to HP to have it fixed which will run me almost what I paid for it.

So am I missing something here? Anything else I can do?
Thanks guys!

A:BIOS password. Unplugging CMOS battery doesn't work.

Well I can tell you that removing the battery will NOT clear a pw on a laptop. This is a security feature. Next we do not assist with pw help. This thread is now closed.

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Hi All,
i need to change a CMOS Battery on my Laptop Latitude E6400, you can help me how to buy it?


A:How to Order Part CMOS BIOS Battery Latitude E6400

Hi ekeste,
We can help you order provided parts are available for the system model please share the service tag of the system  .
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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**This morning I posted the following message:

I replaced the mother board on my white box. I replaced a Intel d850m with a new d850emv board. When I startup the PC, the computer cycles through the Intel Pentium screen shot to No Input and then to my selection of either startup in safe mode, safe mode with networking, last know good config, etc. However still cannot boot. I went into BIOS, but cannot adjust the setting (It is greyed out) from what it is says is a 2.0 Gig processor to the acutal processor of 1.7 Ghz.

**I received the following response:

Clear CMOS and see if you can get into BIOS and make the necessary changes.

Anytime you change motherboard, unless it's replaced by an identical one, it is always necessary to do a clean install of Windows XP.

**I then posted a second message (Apparently I didn't have it threaded correctly):

Thanks Firah,

However, I am still having problems. I followed the instructions I found at "http://www.dewassoc.com/support/bios/bios_password.htm", but everything still does not work. As instructed I switched jumpers and removed the battery. At bootup it says that I still have a 2.0 Ghz processor and it is a 1.7 Ghz processor(I still cannot make changes it is still greyed out)? This time, however, it did allow me install a CD. The HD has Windows XP professional and I only have a Windows 2000 professional CD--do you think this is the issue? Anyway, it would not boot from the CD, it just went back into the cycle I... Read more

A:New motherboard, Reset CMOS; PC still cycles and I cannot boot. Please help.

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Hi Guys,

I need some help. Yesterday when trying to revive my computer from putting it to sleep the night before, it wouldnt display anything on screen and after forcing a shutdown manually, it was stuck on a bootloop before POST, and so I removed and reseated the GPU and the CMOS battery which I'd seen as a possible fix. This fixed the bootloop, but now it wouldnt boot into either Windows 7 or Server 2012 (On separate drives), which i later found out was because the reset reverted the BIOS into IDE mode instead of AHCI. But by that point I had messed around with the Windows 7 BCD so now it only gets as far as the windows boot animation before restarting. How can I fix this?

I have disconnected all other drives except the C drive, and 2 USBs, one containing the Windows 7 Repair disk, the other containing Hirens Boot CD. I've tried using system repair upto 3 times, still wont work.

One thing I have noticed, during the system repair, after the 2nd attempt looking through the details of the repair, it stated that there was no issue and the OS booted successfully stating "Boot status indicated that the OS booted successfully", however on the 3rd try, it brought up some fix on system integrity:

Root cause found:
Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem

Repair action: System files integrity check and repair
Result: Failed. Error code = 0x490
Time Taken = 67938 ms

---... Read more

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I recently reset my Gateway NV52L15u laptop computer in order to empty it out and restart back to factory basics. However, now if I turn it on, it goes straight to BIOS, telling me I need to "Insert Boot Media". I tried using my recovery drive, but that did nothing at all to fix it. Please help me, I need help on how to fix this.

A:Computer stuck in BIOS after reset? Insert Boot Media 8.1

In order to access the Recovery Manager you must repeatedly tap the F11 key at boot. However, if you have formatted the drive before hand, the recovery partition is gone and you will have to use Recovery Disks hopefully you made when you first got the computer. If no disks, you may be able to order them from the manufacturer.

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So I have a machine I have just replaced the mobo on for someone but everytime it is unplugged from the wall upon reboot a message appears during post saying default values have been loaded and you have to press F1 to enter setup (bios) or F2 to continue.
I thought this was no big problem and swiftly replaced the CMOS battery but it is exactly the same, resets everytime power is cut
The board is an MSI B75MA-P45 and is brand new
Thankfully the default sata mode is AHCI so the machine still boots after reset but its really annoying me and the clock resetting stops WU from working and also threw a temp activation problem that was easily dealt with.

HWinfo does not show VBatt reading and speedfan does but reports 4.08V which is clearly wrong from a 3V battery

Any thoughts/ideas would be gratefully received as im running out of options other than an RMA which is going to be a major pain as this is her only computer and cant be without it

A:BIOS resets everytime power is unplugged cmos battery replaced

Just some thoughts.

***Why was the motherboard replaced??***

1. Is their a default jumper pin on the motherboard that is in the wrong position.
2. I have seen a power supply cause this problem.
3. Lately HWmonitor for other members has been giving wrong readings.
4. It has been know that a infection will monkey with the time so one can't get help on line.

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My Dell dimension 4300 will not power up..ONLY when the cmos battery is installed!! When I take out the battery it powers up ok. I replaced the battery and the same problem. I did not mess with the jumpers on the mobo. Just removed the battery for a day and the power cable was detached so no power was available. Any Ideas what may be causing this?

A:no boot with cmos battery installed

Exactly how far into the boot does it get with the battery installed ?
Does it show a key to press to get into the Bios ?

You say you replaced the battery, was the replacement brand new ?

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I have a HP Pavillion Slimline S3600f and I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit. Couple of things happened first I attempted to install new memory. Well my board did not like it I was told that the memory was compatible with my system. Next, my daughter stuck her flash drive in my system kid didn't even know where to stick it, should have stuck it in her ear first because she had no clue as to what she was doing. don't they study first, nope. The next day my system would not boot. Did a little reading and took out the CMOS battery which allowed me to go into setup I changed the time and clock in the BIOS f10 save and exit, and it did not save it back to Jan. 2007. In order to get back into the system I had to turn off the system press esc to get into Load Boot which brings me to a screen where I select the hard drive. It then brings up screen Default Bios settings have been loaded due to BIOS update or checksum issue press f10 to enter setup otherwise allow the PC to continue. I let it continue and windows comes up but it takes about 10 minutes. I'm a little stuck here, do I have a major problem or something that can be fixed. I was reading and could use some help here I was reading about the ROM BIOS don't know what else to do at this point. I ran Hardware Diagnostic Tool and everything passed except the Smarshort self test took about 13 min. put it passed. I also ran a Sysem memory test and everything passed. Help me please!

A:System will not boot with CMOS battery

The system will not be able to hold BIOS settings unless the battery is in.

You mentioned 2 things that happened to the computer but not what the results were. Where did she put the drive? Did the system work after you tried the wrong RAM? Did either of these things cause damage, and if so, what damage? Did you check all your connections inside after changing the RAM sticks (things get loosened very often)?

Are you saying that Windows actually boots OK, though slow?

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Hey guys,

I recently attempted a CPU upgrade from an AMD Athlon X2 +4200 (both cores run at 2.2 Ghz) to an AMD Phenom processor. That was unsuccessful, as I had an AM2 socket, which it supported, but the motherboard didn't seem to support it (maybe because it's a motherboard designed for a HP computer?). When I turned it on, the fans would operate, but nothing else seemed to power on. No video output on the monitor.

During the attempted upgrade, I got a suggestion that resetting the BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery for a while, then putting it back in could possibly make my comp recognize the new CPU. That didn't work, so I just decided to switch back to my old CPU until I could sort things out.

Now I notice that my computer runs notably slower that it did before I attempted an upgrade.

Maybe the computer doesn't automatically configure everything after a BIOS reset? Something to do with changing the clock speed?

Could someone give me a possible answer?

A:CMOS Reset slows down Computer?

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Hi everyone at TSF,

I think my processor has been damaged by the heat it produced (60+idle, need to verify this). But anyways, I was ocing the thing to 2.5ghz (which it could do before i noticed all this heat crap). But yesterday, I put the thing at 220fsb, and it locked up. I reset the CMOS jumper, and tried to turn it on. Nothing happened.

Left it overnight, came back in the morning, nothing. It's happened before. I don't know what to do. Any help?

Thanks everyone.

Proc is an Athlon 64 3700 btw.

A:Computer won't start after CMOS Reset

Hi chubbyfatazn...

So you don't get any response at all from powering up? No bleeps or error messages or any kind?

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Hello,So I followed every step in this tuto in order to flash my y510p's BIOS. https://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4668-lenovo-y410p-y510p-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod-vb...  . Operation successful. However I modified something related to video card (GT Voltage offset). Now laptop only shows a black screen, no windows, no bios, not even the lenovo logo. I tried pulling out the cmos batery but it was soldered to mother board so i short-circuited it (i found out that pc's battery was plugged in when i short circuited the cmos)Now when i power on my laptop, there is no fan noise, no keyboard light, nothing. The only thing I get is the light of the power button.Is my laptop dead ? is there a way to fix this please ?Thank you

A:y510p do not boot after doing a bypass on CMOS battery

Hello ?? please anybody ?

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i have a satellite c50-b-14d a few days ago the hard drive gave up on me and i replaced it. exact same model. i installed windows 7 as i dislike windows 8 lol, started updating it fine then half way through updating i go to boot the laptop and it comes up with ---rtc battery is low , press enter to set time and date---- so i go in and set the date and time and hit exit saving changes, laptop starts i see the toshiba sign for 2 seconds and it turns off.

surely its not the rtc battery being low that is stopping it booting, i thought it might be the charger so i got a new one and still have the same problem, any help would be appreciated please.

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Dell Lattitude 6520, I replaced cmos battery, tried to reboot, got message to reset clock, went in bios and did that. Now startup screen, getting message to run system repair, did that and still won't boot. I have read on several sites that bios went to default settings when I changed the battery. Went in bios and changed sata drive to ACHI.
I have run system repair several times, tried to do system recover and restore, but no luck. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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