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recommendation for recovery software to recover folder lock files

Q: recommendation for recovery software to recover folder lock files

Hi guys
have been through the whole folder lock shambles and still cant get my files back -i know they are there just cant see them -think i have exhausted every option except using a recovery program
Can anoyone recommend a software recovery program that will recover these files? -am happy to pay for the program but really was hoping to find someone who had sucess with one before buying
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Preferred Solution: recommendation for recovery software to recover folder lock files

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: recommendation for recovery software to recover folder lock files


What do you mean when you say folder lock files? Do you mean it has the little lock icon next to the folder?

As for recover programs, we have used Easeus Data Recovery before which has worked well.

Also, I have moved your thread to another area on the forum as its not a network issue.

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I encountered a big trouble.I used the folder lock 6.1.4 trial version some time ago and encrypted my docs folder. When I tried to add suplementary pages the encrypted archive, I opened the folder and no one document was seen inside, although the encrypted archive could be seen in the "Browse" button. The encrypted folder was fully empthy. Neither I reinstalled the windows platform + Folder Lock soft I could not open again the flk. archive. Please, let you me know as soon as possible if you got any solution to this trouble. I need a lot to access docs from that folder. You can send me a mail too, to the [email protected]

I am waiting for your help, as fast possible.

Thank you!

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My 500 GB NTFS hard drive running windows vista DELETED all it's files except some of the most basic windows ones that where in use at the time.

This happened because I put the wrong setting into a program I was running, I now cannot boot up in vista, and I'm running Ubuntu from another hard drive in the same computer.

I have not used the HDD since this happened to avoid overwriting the deleted files, and I'm looking for a way to get all those 450 GB worth of files back.

Do you know of any software (freeware if possible) that can help me (it must be able to run from a cd or from linux)?

A:Software recommendation needed, to recover almost all the files on a hard drive.

I had to install windows on my other drive i was able to recover it all with a prog called 'freeundelete'.

No thanks to you guys...

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My 500 GB NTFS hard drive running windows vista DELETED all it's files except some of the most basic windows ones that where in use at the time.

This happened because I put the wrong setting into a program I was running, I now cannot boot up in vista, and I'm running Ubuntu from another hard drive in the same computer.

I have not used the HDD since this happened to avoid overwriting the deleted files, and I'm looking for a way to get to get all those 450 GB worth of files back!

Do you know of any software (freeware if possible) that can help me?

A:Software recommendation needed, to recover almost all the files on a hard drive.

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hi friends !
i'm using windows 7 on a dell laptop , i locked some of my personal documents with folder lock professional 6
but now i have forgot the password is there any way to recover or open them , i recovered my HD but it was not restored.

A:how to recover files locked with folder lock professional

I believe such company would go out of business if you could just unlock them without a password

But here goes some methods reported:
Forgot the password for folder lock [Solved]
use them on your own risk!

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my cousin had accidentally deleted my MS office files on my laptop which was very important for me. I tried but i didnt find them in Recycle bin. I heard about data recovery software but never used them before, which data recovery software helps me to recover deleted file.

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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic127696.html ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

A:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.

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anyone have a recommendation on a data recovery software.

I accidentally wiped out the d: drive partition which was a result of my attempt to refresh win7 which was mis-behaving. It was telling me my copy was invalid.

it appears to be recoverable.

I was given a couple of suggestions, Recuva & EaseUs.

any other suggestions or reviews of other data recovery software.

A:data recovery software recommendation query

I've used Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR) on an XP machine before. It's not free but it works. The older version was a little hard to understand all the options but the new version is easier. It bit analyzes the drive end-to-end and makes no difference on partitions. If the drive is functional, it can read it and will attempt to rebuild the file/folder and NTFS table structures.

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Hello All,
I am talking about an encryption software that can lock folders and files on windows XP. The version is Folder Lock 6.1.7.

I want to know if it is possible to lock files currently being downloaded from my browser (i.e. Can my browser access the files and add parts to them and at the same time, can the files be protected?)

Thank you

A:Folder Lock 6.1.7 - trying to lock downloading files

You might be able to find a browser add-on, but I personally haven't heard of anything you can use. You need the files on the computer before you can encrypt them.

Before you decide to use a program like Folder Lock, I would suggest you search this site for "folder lock" threads and read about all the people who have lost files with that program.

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Dear All,

My colleague mistakenly deleted all the file from the Windows 7 recovery drive, drive is still there and nothing have been copied in that drive after deleting the recovery files. Machine is HP Probook 4530s. Is there any way to restore the windows 7 recovery reset the system to its factory settings?

Thanks in advance


A:Recover Deleted Windows 7 Recovery Files from Recovery Drive

You might be able to use a free recovery tool like Recuva or MiniTool Partition Wizard. But there are no guarantees that all deleted files will be recovered or that they will be in a usable condition.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

MiniTool Partition Recovery

It may be safer to contact HP support and buy a set of recovery disks for your particular machine. I'm taking a guess that you are in India?

Contact HP - Office locations | HP? India

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Most comparison software available to compare two different files highlights the DIFFERENCES, but I only want to highlight SIMILARITIES.

I am looking for a FREEWARE (Windows) that highlights only the similarities between two Word documents. What I need is freeware that will highlight exactly the series of words or sentences which have been 'lifted' from another Word document.

Thank you!

A:Software recommendation: Compare two files and highlight similarities

It appears Microsoft Office 2007+ can do this natively.

Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesJBarry

Microsoft added a few neat features into Word 2007 that allows you to do this kind of thing.
The first lets you open two word documents and then view them side by side. When you scroll through one, it scrolls through the other too.
The second is actually a compare feature that compares two documents, and opens a third window that shows all of the changes. It's really a neat little tool. It also lets you merge two documents into one.
The "View Side by Side" button can be found in the Window group on the View tab.
The "Compare" button can be found in the Compare group on the Review tab.

Source: Microsoft Word Tip: How to compare two documents for differences (check comments)

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I downloaded the "demo" version of Folder Lock 6 software and tested it by encrypting some of documents. My password will not open the files and I can find no way to get the file open. Is there a backdoor to getting my files back. I have uninstalled the software and re-installed it, but still no luck.

A:Folder Lock 6 Software

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sir, i want to know how to lock the folder, without software.

A:lock the folder without software


Originally Posted by jitendra pratap

sir, i want to know how to lock the folder, without software.

how to lock the folder without software?
plz replay.

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I have accidentally deleted a text file yesterday. It is very important for me.

I haven't find it in recycle bin.

I have used the following programs to recover the file with no result ( Immediately after one hour ). However, I could recover other files which are not required for me now.

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery
Panda Recovery
TOKIWA DataRecovery
Undelete Plus


Thank you for your time.

A:could not able to recover the deleted file with any of the recovery software?

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Hi folks,

I'm looking for a (free) software that can lock a drive/folder/s & other user cannot delete it ie folder until they provide the password or logged in as an admin.

Thank you!!!

A:Software for Drive or Folder lock

You can find some freewares on the download sites but I haven't tried them. Don't know how effective they are. Another approach may be to see the tutorial for setting up the "real Administrator" account on Vista or W7 and create the folder in that account. Supposedly somebody with less privilege shouldn't be able to delete it. Use an encryption program to encrypt the folder contents.

If you want quick access use the fast user switching to log in as Administrator.

Also there was an 'su' program around that let you log in as admin similar to how it works in Linux su command. I don't know if it's updated for Vista/W7 though. I used it in NT Server 4.

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I am looking for a basic and simple software or perhaps a built in feature in Win 7 to lock a folder. All I am looking for is something which just puts a password on a folder and perhaps prevent it from being deleted. Nothing else, no encryption or anything.

A:Simple software/way to lock folder?

Have a look here:

How To Lock And Password Protect Folder In Windows 7/Vista

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Just wanted to let anyone know who may be considering encrypting or locking drives, folders, and/or files - stay away from the product called "Folder Lock". After installing it systematically destroyed my files when encrypting and unencrypting them. I lost over a years worth of work (don't ask me about backups) I have DVD's but in video not files.

Program sucks as far as I'm concerned. One issue - for encrypting you have to install to the drive you are encrypting, which means all files have to go to that drive. You need a huge drive as all files encrypted write to that drive - for anyone who uses multiple drives this is a problem.

If any one knows anything about folder lock destroying files and can recover those, please let me know. I already did an "OnTrack" data recovery scan but the files are not showing up.:

A:Folder Lock Software - Beware!!!

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Hi guys, I've tried Folder Lock to lock my files but I realize that it doesn't work at all, has many bugs. I've tested out it's protection, but it doesn't have any! I try to search for files that I put in the locker, and it was visble! That's not security at all.. So I was wondering is there any good software out there to lock my folder or hide it? without it being visible if someone go to the search box from windows. Thank you for your help

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hi ,
it was lockdir software...it was a kind of folder lock software.i hide my important data...i did try by searching hidden files in xp...then also i couldnt get anything.... can anyone tell me the process of get back my data?

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Im using windows 7 & I am the admin of my system. I dont have any other user accounts. I have a huge folder ( which is of 300 GB approx) which contains movies and shows. But I need them to be hidden & locked.

Can anyone please please suggest me a good software for this? A freeware which doesnt include any size limitations, or limitations regarding the number of times the software can be used? One that doesnt take too long to hide/ show the folder as I access them frequently..

I tried googling but there are so many results & I cannot choose one particular software for this. Please I need anyone's help. Would be really thankful if someone could help me out on this.

( PS Since I saw many users reporting that certain softwares they used locked their folders permanently & they lost all their data, I got scared. That is the reason why I want someone to suggest me a software they use.. & moreover since there are so many random softwares for this, its really confusing.. Please help.. )

A:Need suggestions for a free folder lock software.. Please help me..

What are you locking it from as that makes a difference

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Today i accidentally deleted my folder on the desktop of windows-7. The files are not there in the Recycle Bin.

There are some .pdf files and .jpg files in the folder which is too important for me.
I just copied the folder with files from external source. Now, i don't have that external source from where i can recover or get my files.

Can anyone please help me which software will work to recover the folder. I tried some recovery software which works for the files. I am not able to find any files. It shows me recover the files which are deleted before a week. But, i am unable to find the files which i deleted today(Shift+Del).

A:How to recover whole folder with files

Hello miaaa, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to use Previous Versions to restore the folder from the desktop.

Hope this helps,

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I recently (yesterday) had an issue where my PC green screened and then wouldn't boot windows. After running several diagnostics to make sure it wasn't hardware related I decided to reinstall windows, problem, I have several important documents and media files on my hard-drive that aren't backed up yet (stupid I know), however, this isn't a problem as hp recovery manager presents me with the option to back up my files before I reset, brilliant. I create the backup media, then reset. After boot up everything runs smoothly until I try to use the media backup I created, Hp recovery manager says it can't run a media recovery as it's no longer supported after windows upgraded. My PC came installed with windows 10, I created the backup with the same version, literally everything is the same. For some reason I can't recover my data despite the fact that its sitting on my external hard-drive (in the hp back up format). Please help, if I'd known there was an issue I'd have removed the hard-drive and had my data recovered.

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I have sony vaio desktop. For some reason i had to go thru system recovery options which ended up deleting all my personal files in C drive. To my surprise there was no option in system recovery to save my old files .Is there any way to recover these files ? ( i did my system recovery from system itself and did not use any recovery cd/dvd and i did not format my hard drive). I tried with recuva and file scavanger but i am not able to see my old folder there anymore. Please suggest?
OS : windows XP home edition
Please let me know if you need any other information or any other data recovery software i can use ?

A:any way to recover files after system recovery?

I got 14 views but not even a single reply ..techsupport crew .. please help me !!!!

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Looking for a way to lock down a folder and all it's files so it is inaccesable to anyone but me.

Should I be looking for encription software or Folder Locker software.

I want the best possble protection.


A:Best way to Lock Out a folder and files

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Hi guys,

I lost a folder containing a POS application and database and the backups
havent run for weeks before i lost data.

I had deleted some recent folders (copies of the used app and database) that contained needed data.

I tried using recover my files but it only seems to recover file types...or groups of
file types.

Is it possible to recover a folder of data?
how can i do this...its desperate!!!

A:recover a lost folder containing files

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Hello. I actually started in the windows xp board. After trying a solution or two I was directed here since I am likely still infected. Here is the original post since it explains the issue and my goal.


I have been all over the internet for the past week trying to find solutions and nothing I have tried has worked. I'm finally desperate enough to try a tech support forum.(not that I think people who come here are desperate, but since I'm fairly tech savvy myself, I feel desperate for doing this.)

I have my main computer and a secondary computer that I use for downloads. Doesn't matter what it is that I am downloading, be it a new web browser, freeware games, or whatever, I use the secondary computer and transfer it to my main computer once I feel it's safe. About a week ago I got a malware in the form of an fbi warning about a fine and criminal prosecution. Knowing that I hadn't downloaded anything illegal I searched up a solution. I used malwarebytes off my main computer(an updated version) and used it to free my download computer of the malware while in safe mode.

Now whenever I boot it up it acts really funny. There a number of quirks but the main point is this: I'm about ready to give it the boot, but I've realized there is a folder on there from when it was once my main computer that I hadn't backed up properly and would like to get it off. However I can't. Drag and drop doesn't work, copy and paste doesn't work. I can delete... Read more

A:Infected, need to recover folder of files

BUMP: please.

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Hello guys.

I have small story and problem. Maybe you can help me.

I install Microsoft My private folder program.
I upload in there documents and photos.
One day my Kaspersky note me that inside program are virus. And all my files recognize as virus. I just think in that time maybe i install bad program and in there is virus. I remember that virus was: $e. So i just done mistake and delete them.
After that i open folder and all my photos and documents was damage. Kaspersky not have option BackUp my deleted virus. I try Restore point and no luck.
So what i use Recovery programs. I try 3. But only from one i get files back.

So my question is, can i recover my files with program or with other option?
Or This is it and i not have any option recover?

Here is one photo how look recovered files. And two files i give in here. So maybe you can test them.

Damage files for your test.

P.S. Sorry for my english.
P.S.S. This happened with XP OS, but i think you can help me or just answer in here too.

A:My private folder - recover files

Hm.. So nobody can't help me too fix this problem? Any solution?
What i want is stick together those two files in one. Picture and file with $ name.
Maybe some program can help me or i just can try something?

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There are some files that are created, like Quicktimes download folder (*.qtck etc) tat are created when a web page is displayed and as soon as the web pages is closed it is automatically deleted. How do I recover this file? Can I find which cluster it was located on? I know the exact file name (it very long file name with random numbers, how do I find this)? Are they stored on the hard drive?



A:Recover Files From a Temp Folder

Did you check in the Temporary Internet Files folder? C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAMEl\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

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When I get ready to Install iolo System Mechanic Profession from the CD to my machine I get this:

The currently installed software "Folder Lock" is not compatible with "System Mechanic Professional" and cannot be used at the same time.
Please uninstall "Folder Lock" before using or installing "System Mechanic Professional".

I have used a free version of iolo's software before -- a whilee ago. I also don't remember ever using Folder Lock on here, either.


A:iolo Sys Mech Pro PROBLEM *Warning: Software Conflic* Folder Lock

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Im realy stuck. Today my HP pc messed up and i had to do a system recovery. I have done this before with no problems, but this time i lost all my files. The pc is like it was when i first bough it with all the original software. I have a d: recovery drive on the HP. I know my files cant be totaly wiped off the hard drive but i dont know how to recover them. I tried looking at system restore but all the previous restore poins were wiped off. Help please i am going mad!!

A:Help! System Recovery Pc And Lost All Files! Need To Recover!

System Restore and System Recovery are two different things.See this: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/48943/please-help/

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Hey guyz!
Due to a program failuer (partition magic) some of the data are corrupted and some are deleted. By using PC inspector i could get almost all of them back but still some are corrupted. for example some JPGs and WAVs which are so so important to me!
by any chance do you know any program which can revover CORRUPTED files rather than try to undelete them???

this topic helped me out a bit but no one had correct answer to my problem!

Ill appreciate your help.

A:DATA recovery! (recover corrupted files)


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I'm trying to help out a friend recover their files. They performed a system recovery using the system recovery cd and they responed "yes" to back up the files before the recovery process started. I can see the folder on the c drive that says MY BACKUP 1-25-09 and can open the folders and files. Now how do they put those files back where they were? Before we do something dumb I would like some expert advice. Thanks!

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I have recently suffered a crash of my external 1Tb Western Digital hard drive.

The local computer firm said it was not recoverable but as I had over 300Gb of mp3 and jpegs on it I thought I would plug it in and see.

After a short while looking my computer found the drive again and I transfered about 200Gb to mine and my wife's internal hard drives.

Now it has stopped working again and shows up in my computer as Local disk - Unlabeled volume 2.

Can you recommend any software that might give me a chance of recovering the other 100Gb - it doesn't have to be free software as I am happy to pay for it if it is gauranteed to work.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 2 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3583 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305141 MB, Free - 106174 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, N68C-S UCC
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Software to recover files from broken HDD

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Hi, anyone know of a program that will data recover MPEG-2 movies that were accidentally removed from my Recycle Bin? I have tried several programs, including Recover My Files, GetDataBack, Stellar Phoenix - one found no files, the other found 1300 files (where there should only be about 10), and the other found the right amount, but the files themselves were absolutely huge, so it must have merged the missing MPEG-2s to some of the other movies that weren't deleted.

Can anyone please suggest a way out of this, either by naming a program that can recover MPEG-2s, or a setting that I need change on one of the progs that I've already tried?

Thank you.

A:A data recovery program that can recover MPEG-2 files?

Hola try drive rescue or ontrack- data recovery

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I've been using Folder Lock 5.1.6 . hidden files are saved in a folder called Locker in the folder lock folder in the program files this "Locker" is hidden when you close Folder lock or lock it.
now I had a system crash & had to replace my windows(Thank god I didn't lose my files. but now now the locker wont open because folder lock is not there.Im sure there is a way to make it appear again. can any body help me?

oh yeah there is more locked folders that I cant find but its not as important as this locker.

A:[SOLVED] folder lock lost files

i have used this program before not the best encryption. try installing lock folder again then when you click to brose the file select the destination which you saved the folder or where it was located before then enter the password and it should unlock it.
you can use search to find the the files you will need to know the name of the file you locked and as well search for idden files.

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I did back up my data, some of them were locked by folder lock. I only blocked all the folders, right click,copy, and paste into different hard disc. then I reinstalled the computer.
surprisingly when I copy back all the folders into the computers, I only see the folders, most of files can not be found.

can anyone explain? how to solve this?
sorry that I dont really know type of folder lock used.

A:Lost files caused by folder lock

I think you're going to have trouble resolving this problem if you don't know anything about this "folder lock" software.

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I have been searching for a software that can lock or hide my files on the PC. Came across a few like FolderLock, SafeOne, Des Lock, My Winlocker etc. Anyone knows which is the best one?

A:Software to lock or hide files

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Hi all,
Please help me to retrieve my files; I am having a folder which contains some video files that was copied from another computer to my pen drive. After successfully copying the files and folder when I inserted the pen drive to my computer the folder suddenly changes to Windows Shell Common DLL and nothing was visible inside the folder. It only shows the content of the folder is 8MB in size, but the folder name and icon has been totally changed and its attribute has been changed to HAS. How can I revert back the content of the folder to get the default folder icon and also get my MP4/MPEG video files to the previous state in Windows 7 Ultimate Here I am attaching some screen shots for better understanding.

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Hi, I use windows 7 x86...I had hidden my folders containing files using a folder hiding application { i dont remember the aPP}...Recently i formatted my laptop and reinstalled the windows..The problem is that i cant see the folder previously hidden by the application...Before reinstalling the folder was hidden by the application...

Now when i right click the drive and see the properties it shows the space being used...but still i cant access or see my files...the folder does exist but the hidden folders inside that are not seen......

help me out !!!

A:Recover files hidden by a folder hiding application

You probably lost the files if they aren't standard files with a new installation.

This tutorial might help you find them if they are standard files that are hidden: Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide

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Hi All

ive spend a LONG time seaching the net trying to find a solution to this odd problem which im surprised can and did actually happen.

Basically i had the My Documents folder as a sharing file on my old network. After joining a new network when i moved i tried to remove the folder from My Sharing folder but seem to have deleted the actual My Documents folder and all the files contained within it.

As such all my photos and files are now removed/deleted or misplaced the within windows XP. My hard drive is still showing as having the same amount of free space as it did prior to me deleting my documents so im thinking that perhaps the files that were previously within my documents folder have been lost or moved somewhere? ive checked obvious places like Recycle Bin but cant locate them anywhere even via the Search function for all files.

FYI There is one account on the laptop which is password protected that i use to log in, its an admin account so should have full access to everything.

When i go in trying to locate the folder from My computer as per the below this is the message i get. Its the same from every shortcut to My Documents too.

'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents is not accessible
Access Denied'

ive run Chkdsk and tried a number of other things but would really appreciate any suggestions as im now on the verge of accepting that ive lost all my photos (2 most recent sets werent backed up - im stupid i know!) and need to do a fresh insta... Read more

A:Deleted My Documents folder in error & need to recover it or the files

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Hi, i deleted my partitions by mistake. Drive originally had 2 partitions, 100MB (Windows 7 setup partitiion) and 930GB (Data storage partition).

In summary:

1) I deleted the 100MB partition (because disk is(was) now storage disk) and 930gb partition were deleted too.
2) I started following a guide from microsoft and re-create the 2 partitions as RAW (without format) (i ruined everything on this..).
3) I deleted the 2 raw partition and created a full space partition to the disk QUICK FORMATTING NTFS.
4) Started to try "Recuva" but most of the files recovered (1,000,000 files) are broken, i tried the option to recover FOLDER STRUCTURE but fails.

Is there any way to recover the files and FOLDER STRUCTURE properly? Except of the partitions deletions/creations i didn't write anything inside the disk.

Thanks and regards,

A:Recover Files after deleting partition with folder structure?


Welcome to Seven Forums
First course of action would be to use the affected hard drive as little as possible.
I'm not exactly clear as to what you did in steps one to three above. Can you confirm the following:
The disk in question is not your system drive?
The 100MB Windows 7 partition was on that drive?
I think it's fair to say that you may not be able to recover the folder structure, a dedicated data-recovery shop may be able to help out with that but primarily with file recovery.

Will await your response and regards

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Is there a way to recover files that have been overwritten? If I replace a file with one of the same name does the old file remain stored on the hard drive somewhere (until it gets overwritten with other junk files) ?

A:Software to recover overwritten files off drive?

Also I am trying to recover Nuendo project files (for recording multitrack audio). "Recover My Files" only supports a few common file searches (such as .midi, .html, .wav, etc). Not these file types.

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I am in need of a software that can recover corrupted files. I'm not entirely sure whether using the word 'corrupted' is correct, so let me explain my problem.

I had two 250GB hard drives connected on a RAID setup. My motherboard malfunctioned (manufaturers flaw which I got fixed for free) and to make a long story short, one of my hard drives failed. Failed = it makes a sudden "click" or... "tick" noise when accessing a certain section, and gives me access errors.

My question is - is there a specific program that will allow me to recover as much data as possible from this failed drive?

Thanks in advanced

A:Recover corrupt files - suggest software

I've seen a free program called PC Inspector File Recovery. Never used it, though I have used the companion PC Inspector Smart Recovery to recover photos from a bad SD card and it worked very well.

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After experiencing an error with windows, it wouldn't start up and said I was missing the hal.dll files, I fired up the windows recovery program. It worked like a charm, replaced windows and the hal.dll file, however all my folders with docs and pictures on the desktop that were there previously (which accumulated over years) were not there anymore. Is there any way to recover these missing folder and files? They weren't saved on the c: directly but only on the desktop. I tried system restore but it said there were no system recovery points I could recover from.
Does windows make a backup of these desktop files before it deletes them?
Please help anyone, thanks!

A:System recovery for xp deleted my personal files on desktop, can I recover them?

If the computer hasn't been used much since the recovery most of your files will be intact.

The tricky bit is getting them back. The only real way to retrieve your data is to remove the hard drive, plug it into another computer as a second drive and run a piece if recovery software over it.

The first two links are to free recovery software, the third is paid for - this one does work very well.




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Hi all, I was using an SD card in the built-in SD card slot on my laptop to store data files. Something happened that corrupted the SD card. Windows 7 still recognizes the SD card and I can see the files on the card, but I can't even copy the files off of it to save them, so that I can reformat the SD card to use it again. What would be the best approach to take for recovering these files? Are there any good user friendly programs out there, preferably free or open source, that I could use to try to recover these files? They are not vital files but they are important to me and I would like to recover them. Didn't know what was the best forum to use to post this in, so I chose General Discussion. Thanks, Steve

A:SD Card corrupted, any good software out there to recover my files?

The folks that make CCleaner also have a recovery program called Recurva which I've had some success with in similar situations.
You might give it a look.

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I have gone through the solution provided by Gabemstr from California for the Post under Title " Tech Support Guy Forums > Software & Hardware > All Other Software > Solved: The latest Folder Lock problem

I tried in all the ways mentioned in that post as

1) I tried re-installing the Folder Lock 5.2.6 Software.

2) Removing the windrvNT.sys file .

3 ) Making My System Files Unhiddden and View-able.

4) tried Using recovery Software as well.

After All this I am able to see my Files and Folders but they seems to be encrypted and not able to be used because the are looking unrecognizable. The Screenshot has been attached with this mail. I have very important data in this locker. Kindly please help me to fix this please.

Awaiting for your kind reply.

A:Folder Lock 5.2.6 Scramble Problem : Folders and Files are Un-Recognizable

Hi, you may be able to boot from a live Cd - see the files and save them.

How to use Linux live Cd to backup files from a dead Pc


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