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HP EliteBook 840 - Internal Display Flickers or Produces Hor...

Q: HP EliteBook 840 - Internal Display Flickers or Produces Hor...

Hi, My HP EliteBook 840 display flickers. I used also monitor but the issue remains.I tried to update the drivers but it didn't work.Could you please suggest what shall I do to fix the issue? Thank you! BR,Ivo

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Preferred Solution: HP EliteBook 840 - Internal Display Flickers or Produces Hor...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have 3 4K Monitors connected to a TB-16 docking station.  One monitor blinks erratically and has been an issue since my first purchase in May of this year.  I am on my 3rd replacement laptop and since it arrived 6 weeks ago, it has the same issue and DELL PREMIUM support says they are working on it but I have not heard back from them for now 6 weeks.  
I've seen many posts on this similar issue.  Is this just a defect that cannot be resolved.  If so, issue a refund and this will be returned.
And Yes, I've updated every driver in the order that was recommended by the DELL technician and they also did the same.  It has gotten more erratic and ridiculous that I have to pay this much money for a laptop that is unstable.  Help me escalate this to Mr. Dell and get this working or refund me. 

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I have a 9360 with the 3200x1800 touch screen and 16 GB of RAM.
When I connect an external 4K monitor and also use the internal laptop monitor, the external monitor flickers on and off every few seconds whenever the laptop is doing something graphically intensive (just zooming in and out of google maps is sufficient to trigger it, but lots of other things can too).
So far, I have tried two different 4K monitors, two different 9360 laptops, two different docks, connected directly to the laptop w/o the dock, a bunch of cables, and different intel graphics driver versions.  Currently running the Dell driver ( but they all have the same problem.
I can avoid the flickering if I disable the internal laptop screen when using the external screen - but that's not exactly optimal -  I'd love to be able to run both simultaneously.  I can also avoid it if I use a lower resolution monitor, but, according to the specifications, this laptop should be able to run 2 4K external monitors at 60 Hz simultaneously, and here it is choking on one + the internal display which isn't even 4K!
Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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I have had this Elitebook 840 G3 about two weeks.  When I am using the laptop by itself, the screen flickers and goes black.  This occurs randomly and only lasts a few seconds (maybe about once or twice per hour).  When an additional monitor is attached directly to the laptop, either through the HP Displayport or the VGA port, then both screens flicker and the external monitor will actually go black for a few seconds at a time.  When docked in a slim docking station, the same problem occurs with monitors connected through the dock as with those directly connected.   I first upgraded all the drivers using the HP Support Assistant.  Then the flickering still continued and I upgraded the drivers for the Intel HD Graphics 520 directly from Intel.  The system is currently on driver version dated 7/1/2016.  This laptop has an intel i5-6300U processor, 8G RAM, and is on Windows 10 Enterprise with all the latest updates applied. I do not think this is a hardware issue, because:1) There are 2 others that work with me that also just received new 840 G3 notebooks that are having exactly the same problem2) It happens when using the laptop alone, when using the laptop with monitors directly connected, and when using the laptop monitors connected through a slim dock3) When the flickering occurs and the external monitors go black, the open windows on the screen do not move back to the laptop screen unless you unplug t... Read more

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Hi all,

This is not the first time I am posting regarding my current problem, though this is more directly related to the graphics card.

The short version of the story is that a few weeks ago my hard drive probably sustained some light damage and the laptop wouldn't boot up in any way. After a check disk was done from another computer Windows could load again. However, it critically failed (and forced a 1min restart) during the start up. After running SFC, I manually replaced some corrupt files (though it still says they are problematic) and somewhere there normal mode stabilised again.

For the last week or so it has been working ok except from some sporadic BSODs (all with nvlddmkm.sys at fault). Some artefacts would show up on the screen and some times they would go away and other times the system would deteriorate and crash. A reboot or loading the last known working settings seemed to do the trick when the problem persisted. However, as of yesterday it has all gone to hell. No matter whether I clean installed two versions of the graphics drivers or various system fixes the problem is still there. Mind you, it doesn't seem to result to a BSOD anymore. If I try normal mode, after the Windows logo I get white and black vertical lines, then artefacts show up everywhere and the laptop restarts. On the other hand, safe mode displays no problems whatsoever.

Now, ideally I would like the whole problem to be fixed without having to reinstall Windows. Part of it is that... Read more

A:Display produces artefacts and crashes at start up, maybe corrupt OS

If the machine boots into safe-mode with no issues then I would say your issue
is most likely driver/software related. (With the exception of the graphics card)

To test please disable your GPU, then re-boot into normal mode.
To disable GPU navigate to:
Start>Computer>system properties>device manager
Locate>Display Adapters and expand
Select your Graphics card
Right click and "disable" and it will ask you to confirm and reboot the system into Normal mode.

Observe the reboot for any of the isses you mentioned (lines, artifacts etc) and use your computer as normal with the exception of Games/ graphic related programs.

Also you could try the 306.23 stable nvidia driver, this may at least stop your BSOD's:
Driver Fusion.
Reboot the computer in
Advanced Boot Options, safe mode. Search Driver Fusion in your start menu,
and remove all components of your nVidia display driver.
If it says the the free version of Driver Fusion cannot remove all the elements, stop there and follow
Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling
Boot normally now. Go to:
Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers, Drivers > Beta and Legacy; search there with your cards particulars for:
GeForce 306.23 Driver, dated 13.9.2012 and install it.

Did you run SFC from boot?


Hope this helps

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Hello Everyone,
I have Dell N5110 which had recently Display DIM issue.  I have contacted the local repair store, they've diagnosed and said it had issue display IO controller and needs to be changed.
They've replaced it and display was working fine for few weeks. After few weeks, I had my battery changed as it's health was in bizarre state after running diagnostic test and it prompted for replacing the battery. 
I have new battery installed and the display started flickering. The battery is original one as I have purchased it from dell store. I want some one to help me out in fixing this issue. 
I have installed Windows 10 recently, could that be a problem. If nothing can be fixed by troubleshooting, please help me out with nearest authorized service center so-that I can have the laptop checked once.
Thanks & Regards,

A:Dell N5110 Display Flickers and DIM display

Attach an external monitor.  Does it display a good image, or also flicker.
You might also want to ask the shop that did the repair what a "digitial I/O controller" is -- it sounds like they simply dismissed you with a techno-babble term.

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I need to replace a new 500G hdd for HP Elitebook 820 G1. Unable to find the info in HP website.  Any help???

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Hi All, Is that possible to upgrade HP Elitebook 1040 G3 original 512GB M.2 SSD to 1TB M.2 SSD (from third-party) since HP doesn't support 1TB M.2 SSD?If yes, Please let me know which third-party brand should I go for. Thanks. Best Regards,Danny

A:HP Elitebook 1040 G3 internal SSD to use thirdparty 1TB M.2 ...

You may have to look at two things before proceeding 1. HP recommends you to use 512GB SSD only as that is tested and certified 2. If you would like to try out by adding more than that, you can certainly give a try Note: Please be informed that doing any changes beyond HP recommendation might void the warranty also Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R KAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP

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I have a brand new HP Elitebook 8560w, product no: LG662EA#ABD, with Win 7 64 bit. I can hear sound from the headphone output but nothing from the internal speakers. I have something called Speakers/Phones (my translation) activated (using IDT High Def Audio Codec) but nothing else. No yellow marks in the event viewer. Greatful for adviceThanksAndi

A:No sound from internal speakers on a Elitebook 8560

I am also having a problem with my elitebook. The sound no longer works. 

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I have a EliteBook 8540p it doesnt have a webcam installed, Im technical skilled so i can open the bezel LCD and install the board, but I need to know if would workor if there is a physical difference between the 8540p with cam and the 8540p without it (besides the cam)

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I have an HP Stream 11-r014wm. The screen flickers after it has been used for a while. I believe the driver for the display is the latest. Anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it?

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Hi Guys I had to take my laptop apart to remove the CMOS battery.   Ever since I got it back together again, at certain angles, the display will flicker totally off and on again (perhaps off for a quarter of a second at a time.) Also, it often does not notice that I have shut it (put the screen to the keyboard.) I can't see anything obviously wrong when I take a look inside again. Any clues? Many thanks.

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Hi everyone My system not problem hard 1tb ...... My system problem hard 2tb system regiment .....not boot win  1.Replacement Windows 2.BIOS update  3. Change partition ...Mbr to Gpt  4. Switch hard  Problems persist system ....severe need to hard 2tb Internal please guide me thanks

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Hello,I have been trying to set my internal modem, but it isn't picking up the simcard. I have the hp connection manager and a mobile broadband module. How do I go about it?

A:HP Elitebook 8460p Internal Modem (simslot) setup

Hi, Given your machine has a WWAN card. Please check with your communications provider (Phone company) and ask them do they support that WWAN. My loan note comes from the US with builtin WWAN and SIM but won't work in my living country. Regards.

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Okay, so my problem is that my screen flickers everytime i type ANY charactor, have ANY mouse movement, or ANYTHING is being loaded. I have already reloaded my video card drivers and that did not help. I see horizontal lines every time i type, then sometimes the whole screen goes black untill i stop typing for a few seconds. I assume this has something to do with refresh rate because i only have a problem when something moves or new is added like a new letter to this paragraph. I would also like to mention that some letters seem to be jumbled for a moment, then when i type again they are fixed. I am not editing my thread because when i submitted this i was givin a message on a black screen that said "2 Digital input cannot display this video mode."

Thanks for your time, and hopefully someone can help!

FYI it is a Dell LCD monitor of 17", approximately 4 to 5 years old.

A:LCD display constantly flickers

Sounds like the backlight is about to go out. There is a fluorescent tube inside the monitor that has only so many thousands of hours of life,like fluorescent lights at the office. My friend used to repair LCD monitors. When you buy refurbished LCD monitors,they are used monitors with a new backlight inside. You could replace the backlight now or buy a new monitor since prices have dropped.

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I can start up the computer, it gets to the windows screen then the screen flickers on and off then the whole thing dies and I get nothing.

What could this be? I can't press anything or go to any diagonstics because I can't get past the windows screen.

I haven't installed anything recently.

A:Display flickers then dies

Can you provide us with some more information? What kind of of system are you running? Windows screen displays after bios, can you access bios setup? It could be so many vastly different things at this point, that's probably why you haven't gotten a lot of answers yet.

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Hi, first time poster on the forums, great job you guys do here

My problem is probably related to having just moved my computer to a new apartment, but I'm trying to isolate the exact cause.

The Problem: My monitor flickers at various Screen Refresh rates except the lowest one available (which hurts my eyes to begin with).

Things I have tried: I instantly thought my old CRT was on the way out when it happened, so I switched monitors to no avail.
- re-installed display drivers.

What I just recently noticed (since I rarely restart my PC), is that the screen flickers even on the Memory/BIOS screen before I even enter windows. Which leads me to believe it is not a problem with my OS or drivers.

So, I'm wondering if there is a fix or if my mobo/graphics card might be broken.


A:Display Flickers after moving

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I have uploaded a video of my laptop to better show the problem:

I am thinking something is wrong with a connection or some cable just don't know which. Never fixed a laptop. I broke the panel before I figured out the screws were hidden behind tiny black covers. Also broke the metallic part of the screen on the right side but I guess I will crazy glue it somehow. My most important issue is the flickering.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know I would really appreciate it.

At certain position the screen doesn't flicker, mostly if it's set back at a greater than 90 degree angle.

A:Laptop display flickers

It's sensible to check the connectors to the screen but unless you find a video of how to get inside your particular laptop and study it you are highly likely to break other pieces too. I worked out how to take mine apart thanks to Google but although I was careful I still broke a connector. Putting that right took me ages.

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Printer is new out of the box, the installation went smoothly: prints well, wireless connected no problem. Here's what I need a fix for:  LCD screen comes on strong, but within 4 seconds fades out and begins to flicker.  Almost unreadable.Have tried reset and restart several times with no luck.  

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I have a problem with a display that occaisionally flickers on and off to a light blue tone. This happens at no consistent time, sometimes as soon as I turn on the computer and sometimes after an hour or more. I have a viewsonic G773 monitor and a Diamond Viper II video card with 32 meg of memory. Both drivers are the most current available, and I have swapped out both the monitor and the video card alternately, and still have the problem. It seems this is a system problem not related to either the monitor or video card. What do I try now??

A:display flickers and changes color

I think your videocard's refresh rate isn't quite right. For a non-flickering display, it should be set at 75 or above. TRy that and see if it works

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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I have two problems.

1st. If I use the S11-128 with the supplied power supply and an external LCD monitor, an annoying flickering effect is visible. It disappears if I run the laptop out of the battery or with an old Tecra M2 supply (2004, electrically equivalent). Is my supply defective or is it a common behavior?

2nd. I composed a detailed and polite message, but the forum language filter doesn't let it through, so you get a condensed version X-( X-(


A:Tecra S11-128 flickers on external display

> 1st. If I use the S11-128 with the supplied power supply and an external LCD monitor, an annoying flickering effect is visible. It disappears if I run the laptop out of the battery or with an old Tecra M2 supply (2004, electrically equivalent). Is my supply defective or is it a common behavior?

These symptoms are typical for grounding issue.
I read a lot about flickering on external monitors while notebook is connected to AC adaptor.
In most cases an 3 pin adapter cable could solve this issue.

I recommend getting in contact with an local ASP and to order such cable.

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when i boot my E6420 with AC adapter connected, the backlight doesn't come on. (i can see the screen image with a flashlight so the LCD is working).
with the computer booted, when i remove the AC, the backlight comes on at full brilliance but it flickers and flashes.  (flicker--very quick dimming;  flickering--very quick alternating between LCD on and totally off).

then when i reconnect AC, the screen dims to the level it would be on battery (dimmer than on AC) but still flickers--but the flashing is gone.

if i boot with AC not connected, the backlight works properly for about 10 seconds, then the backlights flashes between on and off every 1/2 second.  after a couple of minutes, the frequency of the flashing on/off goes to a couple of seconds, and when it is on it flickers.    so---flicker flicker flicker  flash off   flicker  flicker   flicker   flash off   etc.
i ran the pre-boot diagnostics.  it flags the LCD cable as bad, but the display is passed as OK.  I can easily replace the LCD cable, but any other ideas?

i thought maybe the DC in jack/cable was bad, but i replaced that to no avail.

thanks in advance


A:E6420 display backlight flickers/goes out

in the second sentence, i meant to say:
flickering--very quick alternating between backlight fully on and then dim but not off;  flashing--quickly alternating between backlight fully on and fully off

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Hi all
Ive got an assembled pc running windows xp. Its screen flickers (horizontal lines keep on dancing) constantly when i start my pc till i shut it down despite any application. I changed monitors, tried refresh rate, but no luck. Is it a problem with my motherbord. Is there any other option than replacing it.
Plz reply.

A:Display flickers from boot to shut down

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I've installed the AMD video drivers for my Satellite S50-B-15N, but the display flickers on a web game (java-based).

How do I tell what card I have and whether I have the correct drivers installed?

A:Satellite S50-B-15N - display flickers on a web game

With other words you don't use driver from Toshiba download page but driver downloaded directly from AMD, right?

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The Win 10 System updates seem to provide a new driver. Every version since Win 10's first release causes display to intermittently go beserk.  I overcome by reinstalling the OLD Lenovo posted driver.  Lenovo ever going to fix this problem? Machine type model: 80AY / Yoga2 Pro 13" / 20266 / Windows 10 (64-bit)

A:Yoga 2 Pro: Display Flickers/Blacks-Out. Long-te...

Good day.
As you mention that you have video problems following a Windows Update push of a new driver, and that the problems are resolved by reinstalling the Lenovo-provided driver, you may wish to consider turning off WU's ability to update hardware drivers. This will necessitate that you manage all hardware drivers yourself, though.
Personally, WU is not allowed to touch hardware drivers on any of my machines.

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Display get flickered when use mobile near laptop or any call comes tryed recovery of os updated bois updated drivers didt get any sollution

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Recently I've came across a problem while using my dell laptop.
Whenever the brightness is lower than 100% the display starts to flicker in a strange way ( sort of video artifacts) Also happens in bios and on boot. On 100% brightness no flickers are to be seen.
I've tried updating the bios and graphics drivers none of this solutions would help, though, after updating the bios (installing any version of bios) the problem seems to go away for a little while, then it comes back.
I've seen that it is a very common problem. The laptop is fairly new, I have it for about a week or so but the problem had been there since the very beginning. 
I believe it is a software issue but found no solution to it yet.
Returning it to the shop isn't really an option as it would require me sending it back to the country where it was bought from so it will make things more complicated.
specs : i7-7700HQ
FHD Display
intel hd 630
8gb ram
128gb ssd/1tb hdd
gtx 1050 4gb.

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I did not noticed the exact moment when this problem occurred. The display flickers, brighter colors become darker grey. Also I see red color traces on brighter colors when I watch videos. The quality of everything I open looks lower than before. Even computer properties or other opened windows are lower quality and not detailed as before. The problem disappears when I adjust the screen and support it with wall or if i slightly bend it. I know that the problem might be because of the malfunction of the flat flex cable but I don't know exactly.  It would be great if experts could help me or customers that have fixed this problem and know what to do.

A:Display flickers, low quality view = not detailed, bright co...

Go into UEFI diagnostics (F2 as you power up) and look for the component tests and there is a display test. Run it and report results. The cable can go bad but very rare. More likely it is the display panel itself and it goes bad at the cable connection point. This will create intermittent issues for a while then the screen will go out. 

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I've got the same issue and HP was of no help.  In fact,  support got on my machine and 15 minutes later they gave up and said they don't support the VT configuration and left me stranded.  I too believe it is Intel graphics issue.  It's a very nice box but poor support from HP (expected).

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I have an ASUS x750ja laptop running Windows 8.1.

The problem: From startup (including bios logo), the screen briefly displays what it should, then goes black. Bios logo, then black. If I enter the bios, it goes black at the first screen. It'll flash the Windows logo, then go black.

I've hooked it to a secondary monitor via HDMI. It seems like a hardware error, but whenever the monitor gets a signal to refresh, it flickers back on. For example, when I have it hooked to the external display, and configure it to extend the display, the laptop screen turns on for a second.

Furthermore, the brightness keys still function.

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My Laptop has not had a working lcd screen for about 3 weeks now but I have still been using it through my television display. When I press the Function and F8 keys at the same time my screen will flicker on for a second then go back off. I am going to take it apart and look for what the problem could be. I have a newer laptop and an external with everything backed up. Where should I be looking for the problem? could It be a simple loose wire or what could it be?

A:Dell Inspiron E1505 display flickers for a second then goes blank

If you take a flashlight and shine it on the screen, can you see a faint image. The LCD inverter may be bad. Be careful taking things apart. You can really mess things up if you don't have laptop repair experience

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I have noticed that when my new HP Spectre x360 15 (2017) laptop PC is operating on battery power and the screen brightness is turned down, the screen brightness changes intensity (flickers) a little for a few seconds after opening up a program window.  It only experiences this condition upon opening the first program window.  Opening subsequent program windows after the first does not exibit this condition.  On AC power, I do not observe this condition at all.  On battery power, I observe this condition for several seconds at lower screen brightness intensity levels.  Is this normal?

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x360 spectre 15-bl012dx windows 10. display flickers when I enable VT in BIOS.  Turning it off fixes issue (not an option - need VT)I state this b/c twitter support told me to reset BIOS, which defeats the purpose. Changing drivers does not fix issueTried latest HP driversTried previous HP driversAttempted to use Intel driversChanging resolution does not fix issueChanging refresh rate to 40hz decreases frequency of the issue but it's still thereConnecting to external monitor over HDMI and extending display the issue stopUsing the Microsoft Default video driver the issue isn't present (but dispaly performance suffers) Not sure what next steps here are to resovled.  I have not heard of other users having issues, but I'm not sure how many people may be turning on VT here.    

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The laptop is just 5 days old and I noticed that whenever I receive/send a text message or call (from my phone nearby), the screen flickers about five times. Similar to how speakers make a bleeping noise when near a phone.
I'm not worried about speakers but should I be worried about my screen?
Note: I have used many laptops before, and a lot more desktops; this is the first time that I encountered screen flicker due to my phone's radio.

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3520 INSPIRON SCREEN DISPLAY FLICKERS WHEN TURNED ON AND CASE AROUND KEYBOARD IS TOUCHED. Is it possible the case is shorted or any pressure placed on the case around the keyboard is pressing/smashing the circuitry below? How do I troubleshoot and repair this issue?

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So, I have a HP Elitebook 8460p. I cannot seem to figure out what is going on with the display. Everything is extremely bright (WHITE). I've went the obvious route of trying to adjust the brightness and/or contrast but that has not fixed the issue. Basically, if something is a very bright color (Beige, Canary Yellow, Silver...etc) it will be blend in with white. any suggestions???

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The laptop dropped and the display stopped working. I thought it was the screen so I replaced that and still no display, I changed the processor too still no display. No display to external monitor either. I changed the motherboard too still no display. I don't know what else it could be. Help please

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I have an elitebook 8740w and the screen won't turn on. I have replaced the motherboard and screen. Still nothing I don't know what to do. I try to hook it to the monitor and no video there either that's why I thought it could be the motherboard but replaced that too. Need help don't know what to do next.

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Is it possible to use the Display Port wihout Docking station to setup 2 external monitor? Connect 1 monitor to the VGA connector and the 2nd monitor to the DisplayPort? If it does, it does not detect the monitor connected to the Displayport. Thanks.

A:Elitebook 840 G1 Display Port

mjk888 you mean HP 2013 Ultraslim Docking Station please make a firmware update ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71001-71500/sp71104.exe 

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Hello, does anybody when clicking the bookmark arrow or a folder with bookmarks in chrome gets a small (i mean very fast!) black flickering???

Also in Windows 7 Jumplist sometimes when opening it will show aero glass before populating with icons (also very fast)

Can someone check this out to see if it behaves the same as my pc??

It's not annoying but just wanted to know if it happens to someone else


A:Windows 7 Jumplist flickers and Chrome menu flickers

No one?

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Dear All,. I recently upgraded my laptop to the EB 840 G3 with Displayport and no DVI-D. I need to use a samsung SyncMaster 2233 as a shared screen between the elite book and my other windows 7 machine. I have interconnected the 2 machines and the monitor via the Belkin SOHO DVI KVM which was working perfectly with my old DVI-D laptop. Since using the EB 840 and displayport with the maplin passive displayport to DVI-D Adapter here - http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-displayport-to-dvi-d-adapter-a30qh The laptop does not setect the samsung display at all. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I have been trying to find the instructions, a guide, or anything to assist and explain the correct way to replace the glass screen/display. The websites would not give instructions. It said to gt help, basically. I have not replaced any dissplays in this family of Elitebooks. Any help would be appreciated. Any visual aides would be better.

A:Replacing the screen/display on a Elitebook 840 G3

@William_clue_me See if this will help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re_k1D70kek Reo

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My display goes dim in the middle of me working on it. I have to shut it down and restart the machine to get the display back. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

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The display was hit amd some of it has black spots. There are 3 different part # listed:737657-001   HD,SVA (1366x768), 200 NITS737658-001   HDD+,SVA(1920x1080), 250 NITS737659-001   FHD,SVA(1920x1080), 300 NITs How do you tell which one I should have?

View Solution.

A:EliteBook 840 Display replacement part

Powered up  did a graphics display it is 1366x768 there is only 1 pn for that

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Hello.  I am having an issue with my USB Type C port on my EliteBook 1040 G3.  Can the USB C port on this laptop be used to pass video?  I have looked through the documentation on line, but it makes no reference to the the USB C being able to act like a display port. I purchased a travel monitor (ASUS) that uses USB C, but when I plug in the monitor in the USB C port all I get is Windows does not recognise this device".  I have update all my HP drivers, and all appears to be in order. So my question is, can this laptop use the USB C port for video, and if so how does one enable this. Thank You!

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