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BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Q: BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hello to the BleepingComputer community,First of all I'm sorry I haven't finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide. It's because these steps require a reboot (e.g. Step 6: Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine), and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation: I'm not sure if I have a type of malware which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so, then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process.- If there is a good way to find out what is the problem (and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present) without rebooting / shutting down this PC, or at least without booting from this hard drive (which I feel is probably infected), then please tell me what should I do.- If you know a place / forum where I can get a specialized help for this (seemingly BIOS-malware related) situation, please tell me where I could go.- If there is no way to move forward, I'll go ahead and risk the reboot, and follow the other steps (steps 6 to 10) in the Preparation Guide, no problem.I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me, and the things I have tried so far.The PC is AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core BE-2350 2.1GHz, Motherboard Biostar TA690G AM2 (with AWARD BIOS), 4GB RAM, 200GB SATA HDD, and an ASUS EAH4870 card added a few years ago.It's with WinXP SP3, AVG Free 2012, (standard) Windows Firewall, and it's behind a router.I can't recall exactly, but I think {on 2012-09-22 evening I've left this PC with at least one account logged-in with many programs running online, locked (fast user switching screen), and then found the PC non-responsive in the morning, so I had to power off it - it was frozen.}What I remember well is - on 2012-09-23, when I've turned on this PC for the first time and logged-in with my account (member of Administrators group). While it was still finishing loading the taskbar icons etc., I hit Win+L (fast user switching is enabled) and logged-in to another account (member of Users group). Right then a bunch of previously unseen "AVG Identity protection - threat detected" messages started to appear:C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - atkkbnt.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault". Then another message showed up:C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - amdtools.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ (or was it C:\Windows\system32\, don't recall exactly) - bufadpt.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Program Files\BIOS Update\BIOS Update\Award\ - BS_Flash.sys, threat name: Unknown. I doubt I have ever seen this folder before on this PC. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Games\0ad\binaries\system\aken.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - BIOS.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - BS_I2cIo.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - IOMap.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ (or was it C:\Windows\system32\, don't recall exactly) - ati2sgag.exe, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - EIO_XP.sys, threat name: Unknown. I clicked "move to vault".Then AVG asked to reboot to finish the removal. I've let it to go rebooting, but I've paused the BIOS post screen and switched the PC off so I could research about what should I do next. I was suspecting that booting process could infect the BIOS (and/or MBR).After researching online with the keywords from these messages I was still puzzled. While searching about if rebooting is risky if you suspect having a BIOS virus (especially AWARD BIOS virus), I've even found out that it's possible to infect multiple PCs, BIOSes and drives while switching them from one PC to another, and this can happen during booting process too: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/39954Since the boot process scared me so much, I decided to disconnect the drive and add it to another very similar working WinXP SP3 system to investigate it in as much offline/read-only mode as possible, and to make a backup image of the drive - since it has a lot of valuable data and configuration, and so that I could undo any "fixing" I make to it if I do the "fixing" wrong. I've then connected the "infected" drive together with the "clean" one, and booted from the "clean" disk (by choosing the boot disk in BIOS/POST boot order). Then I made a Macrium Free image of the "infected" drive.I've found quite a few files in Program Files\BIOS Update\BIOS Update\Award\ on the disk, not only the BS_Flash.sys file.I've then checked and found all the suspected files (mentioned above) in their locations, made a backup copy of them on a flash drive, and scanned them on www.virustotal.com - all of them showed clean.I've scanned the whole disk with AVG Free (updated via internet on the same "clean" PC) and MBAM (updated, with AVG realtime protection disabled), and with a freshly installed Avast (updated, with AVG realtime protection disabled). All these products didn't find any viruses in these files. Only Avast has found these:\pagefile.sys - win32.small-dqc [Trj] (surprising; but maybe it's because I was examining the hard drive while it was not running an operating system? i.e. AVG antivirus definitions file or virus signature files could have been left in pagefile.sys after shut down, etc.?)html.iframe-dz [Trj] and html.script-inf - I think these were in some *.txt and/or *.htm* files in Temporary Internet Files folder (I can check Avast logs to be more exact if needed)I have then decided to try and delete manually all the files that appeared in any virus scanner until this moment; also, I've deleted the whole "C:\Program Files\BIOS Update" folder. I have a backup copy of all these files on my flash drive. Some files were locked, so I deleted them via MBAM built-in fileASSASSIN, and rebooted (all while in the same "clean" PC, so the infected drive's OS had no chance to access MBR and BIOS).Then I've put the suspected hard drive back into the original PC with the Wireless network addon card removed (so this PC has no network connection now, for safety), tried once to turn it on and boot from it on 2012-10-06. I was hoping that the missing "bios", "update", "flash" and other similar files would help to not infect BIOS (and/or MBR).Windows booted successfully. After logging-in to my account (member of Administrators group), I've found this "AVG Identity Protection" message:--Threat removal completed: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\atkkbnt.sys, summary: 1 process terminated, 10 files deleted, 1 registry key deleted.--When I clicked Show details, the following showed:--Details of threat that was determined to be malware: atkkbnt.sys, time of creation: 2012.09.23, 14:10:03, full path C:\windows\system32\drivers\atkkbnt.sys, Details: 1 process terminated, 10 files deleted, 1 registry key deleted. Processes terminated (strange that these are almost all in caps characters - here are they, case-sensitively):ATI2SGAG.EXE - process ID 988, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ATI2SGAG.EXEIOMAP.SYS - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\IOMAP.SYSEIO_XP.SYS - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\EIO_XP.SYSBUFADPT.SYS - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\BUFADPT.SYSBS_I2CIO.SYS - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\BS_I2CIO.SYSBS_FLASH.SYS - process ID 0, C:\PROGRAM FILES\BIOS UPDATE\BIOS UPDATE\AWARD\BS_FLASH.SYSBIOS.SYS - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\BIOS.SYSati2sgag.exe - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\system32\ati2sgag.exeATKKBNT.SYS - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ATKKBNT.SYSAMDTOOLS.SYS - process ID 0, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\AMDTOOLS.SYSAKEN.SYS - process ID 0, C:\GAMES\0AD\BINARIES\SYSTEM\AKEN.SYSAll registry keys deleted: hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\ati smart--And at the same time with the previous message, AVG messages started reappearing one-by-one with similar files found (and these files were actually created, see below):C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - ATKKBNT.SYS, threat name: Unknown.I've checked if this and other previously found files are really present in the filesystem, and noticed that they are indeed present. Interesting to note is that Windows Explorer mouse-hover tooltip on ATKKBNT.SYS shows {Description: IDS Universal Driver, company: AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o., File Version:, Date Created: 2012.10.06 13:09, Size: 16,5 KB}. After checking the properties of other files from WinExplorer I've found that many of them reappeared, and many of these sys files (even the one in the C:\Games folder) show the same properties like Description: IDS Universal Driver, company: AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o., File Version:, Date Created: 2012.10.06 13:09, Size: 16,5 KB, Copyright 2008-2011 AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o. All rights reserved., IDS Universal Driver. Unknown OS. (32 bit version). Internal name UniversalDD.Sys, English (United States), Win32 release, AVG IDS, Avg2012VC9_2011_1223_083814(2076), SVNRev 6b3e9a0 (devel).These files are surely changed (compared to original files before infection) or new, and at the same time they are strangely similar in between.A few other files found are different in size and other properties though.As I mentioned above, afterwards other messages reappeared in the following order (some sys file names are different# than previously mentioned ones, and some are missing##):C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - CBG300N.SYS, threat name: Unknown.#C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - GemCCID.sys, threat name: Unknown.#C:\Windows\system32\ - bufadpt.sys, threat name: Unknown.C:\PROGRAM FILES\BIOS UPDATE\BIOS UPDATE\AWARD\ - BS_FLASH.SYS, threat name: Unknown.C:\Games\0ad\binaries\system\aken.sys, threat name: Unknown.C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - BIOS.sys, threat name: Unknown.C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - AmdK8.sys, threat name: Unknown.#C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - BS_I2CIO.SYS, threat name: Unknown.C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ - IOMAP.SYS, threat name: Unknown.C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ - ATI2SGAG.EXE, threat name: Unknown. - I don't see this file on disk now though.##And I don't see the previously mentioned amdtools.sys and EIO_XP.sys files in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ now.(I don't recall, but I think I've scanned all these files with virustotal.com, if so, then there were no infections in them.)Afterwards, the minimalistic dialog box {"Error", "Can not load EIO.DLL.", [OK]} has shown up, and the "SmartDoctor" application has crashed afterwards. (SmartDoctor is an application that I have installed when I added an ASUS EAH4870 card to my system a few years ago.)I've checked the modification and creation dates of the subfolders in Program Files folder, and noticed that subfolder "C:\Program Files\BIOS UPDATE" has a modified date 2012.10.06 13:09, and another "C:\Program Files\z2 Remote2PC" has 2012.10.06 13:11. All other folders were older.- "BIOS UPDATE" folder got recreated (I've deleted it before, see above). But this time it had only subfolder structure "C:\Program Files\BIOS UPDATE\BIOS UPDATE\AWARD", with no files in any of subfolders though (strange).- "z2 Remote2PC" had no files or folders in it with creation or modification date later than 2012.10.05 (strange, since the folder showed modified on 2012.10.06), but I noticed the log.txt file in it which had date modified 2012.09.23 and date created 2012.09.12, and the contents of the log.txt file showed the last line "None|Notice|2012-10-06 13:13:12|None|Starting z2 Remote2PC server...$$". Perhaps it was modified directly without changing the date of file at all.I've then scanned the PC with AVG and MBAM which were present before (not updated). Nothing found.I've then put in the USB drive into this PC with standalone Avast, MBAM and AVG Free 2013 installers and their respective database update files from 2012-10-06. I've scanned with MBAM then - nothing found. Tried to update Avast, but I get an error "Can't install VPS update. Please report following errorcodes: Ver:7.0.1466, SI: 0x00000002, ST: 0x20000011, LE: 0x00000000". Then scanned with the downloaded version (virus definitions 120821-0, program version 7.0.1466), Win32:Trojan-gen, five Win32:Malware-gen items, Win32:Adware-gen [Adw] (all in the C:\System Volume Information\_restore folders, Moved these to Chest, action successful), and quite a few "archive is password protected" messages.I've tried AVG update, but it failed (perhaps because the update is from version 2013, and the version installed is 2012). Then I installed 2013 version from the USB drive (on top of the previous 2012), but I think it asked to restart (I still haven't restarted it). I managed to update the 2013 version with the new database from USB. Then I scanned the whole PC.One more thing. There is a Biostar T-Utility installed by me a few years ago in C:\Program Files\Biostar\, with 4 subfolders:C:\Program Files\Biostar\T-Utility BIOS Live Update\ (it has files like WinFlash.sys, BIOS.exe, etc.)C:\Program Files\Biostar\T-Utility Fan Control\C:\Program Files\Biostar\T-Utility Hardware Monitor\C:\Program Files\Biostar\T-Utility Over Clock\On the other hand there is also a shortcut "BIOS Update" in the Start menu Programs folder which points to "C:\Program Files\BIOS Update\BIOS Update\BIOS.exe". And Control Panel's "Add remove programs" list has "BIOS Update" in it too. I doubt I have ever installed such a program on my PC though. But my own memory could be failing... :/I haven't restarted the PC yet.So puzzled I finally chose to seek help in some malware-specialized, especially BIOS-virus/rootkit-specialized forums, and I've found nothing better than this forum.I'm so sorry for this much text and missing the log files that are required.. But I hope that at least some of the details above would help. To sum up, as I wrote in the beginning, I would want to know in this situation- If there is a good way to find out what is the problem (and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present) without rebooting / shutting down this PC, or at least without booting from this hard drive (which I feel is probably infected), then please tell me what should I do.- If you know a place / forum where I can get a specialized help for this (seemingly BIOS-malware related) situation, please tell me where I could go.- If there is no way to move forward, I'll go ahead and risk the reboot, and follow the other steps (steps 6 to 10) in the Preparation Guide, no problem.I'll be checking often and updating this post until resolved, so if you need any additional info, just let me know!Please help!.. And thanks a lot for your time.-domino loto

Preferred Solution: BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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i have a computer i got from my aunt, when the computer starts up, at the top of the screen it says award modular BIOS v4.51PG

at the bottom it says: 08/21/1998-ALADDIN5-2A5KKB0DC-00

i want to know if there is an update for the bios, because i want to use a Maxtor 80GB hard drive.

A:Solved: bios update for award bios

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I tried to booting the computer and received the Award Boot Block Bios and BIOS checksun error. It detects the cdrom but I dont have the CD. Where can I get the cd, like where to download it.

HP Media Center
Windows XP SP2
Motherboard: ASUS P5LP-LE (LimeStone)
Pentium D
I don't remember the rest.
I found the site for the motherboard. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...cc=us&product=470506&dlc=en&docname=c00379422

I was having some probelms, which the computer wouldn't start at all and a really loud sound the fan made, so I called my insurance, and they came and change the mother board twice and added a new cooling fan and power supply. All this took two months for waiting for the parts and making an appoinment with the tech.

After replacing the motherboard twice the tech told me I'm gonna order new harddrive, I don't think is the motherboard or the fan. Before leaving he suggested me to call me inusrance and tell them that you want a new computer cause its been more than two months and there has been four calls already. So, I called the insurance and got a new computer and kept the old one.

A week after receiving my new computer I took the old one for repair but at didn't at the end after they told me how much it would cost me to get it fix. Now, I'm deciding to do it myself but, I boot the computer and received something about Award Boot Block Bios. I remember the tech putting a cd to the computer when he tr... Read more

A:BIOS checksun error Award Boot Block BIOS

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Does any1 have the download for this bios? cauz i dont have it and i need it to fix the pc

BIOS Type: Award Modular BIOS v6.0
BIOS ID: 10/28/2002-I845PE/ICH4/IT8708-P4PE
BIOS Date: 20021028
BIOS Vendor: Award Software, Inc.
BIOS Version: ASUS P4PE ACPI BIOS Revision 1002
BIOS Size: 524288
Chipset: Intel 2560 rev 2
OEM Sign-on: ASUS P4PE ACPI BIOS Revision 1002
Motherboard Model: System Name
System Name: Chassis Manufacture
System Model: Chassis Version
Base Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Base Product: P4PE

A:Award Modular Bios V6.0 Bios Download

Custom built PC? Post the full model number and revision (rev) of the Motherboard, it will be printed on the motherboard.

If it is a Store bought PC, what make and model is it.


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I have a Lenonvo H50-55 desktop with an AMD A10-7800 APU (3.5GHz), 12GB RAM, 2 HDD's, and an Nvidia GTX 750 video card, running Windows10 Home x64. My current BIOS  version is IRKT54AUS, and the latest available version on Lenovo's update page for my machine is IRKT57AUS. When I try to flash my BIOS from the downloaded update file, I get the error message in the subject. I am starting everything with Admin privileges, but that makes no difference. If it's a Lenovo machine with stock BIOS, why am I getting an "unknown vendor" message? Inquiring minds want to know  TIA!

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How can I update my Award BIOS?

A:Solved: Award BIOS update

I am no expert, but when I needed to update my BIOS in an old Compaq, someone here suggested to go to their website and click support. Type search what you need and it should be available with instructions.

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Hello everyone, this is my first post so bare with me !!

I've been trying to install Windows XP Home Edition for the last couple of weeks without success. I've searched this forum and found some ideas from other people who are suffering the same sort of error messages I get, and have tried the suggestions put forward by other forum users. So far not so good!!
I gave in and called Microsoft and they say the problem is being caused by my BIOS and I need to update it. Unfortunately I am at best an intermediate computer user and am unsure exactly how to do this.

Can anyone help me and explain in plainest english (I get lost fast when people use too much technical speak!) what steps I need to take in order to update my BIOS.

Heres what I've got and what I've done so far.......

BIOSTAR M7VKD motherboard
Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
vkd1004f (10/04/01)

I've been to the BIOSTAR web site and downloaded the vkd0319f update from the M7VKD page, and also Awd887.exe, but so far not done anything with them.

I've read people's comments about being very careful when updating you BIOS so I'm a bit worried that, with my limited computer expertise, I'm going to do it wrong and kill my poor pooter!


A:[Resolved] How do I update Award BIOS....

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The file downloaded as a 182 KB file with the filename
and subsequently unzipped into a 256 KB file with the filename

How do I run and use this file?


A:A Question About Award BIOS 12/14/2000 Update

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Hi, I was looking to update my motherboard drivers and there i found update for
my BIOS. My mobo is MSi K8N NEO4 Platinum [MS-7125] 1.0. I downloaded update for BIOS, and i got 4 files: 7125 - Text document that says what is that update doing. it says: This BIOS fixes the following problem of the previous version:
- Improve compatibility problem with nVidia graphic card
- Improve stability problem when doing overclock behavior.
Im getting a new nVidia gpu, and + my system is unstable when oc so i really need this update. I also got a exe. file, and some 160. file. when i click that exe file nothing happens. Last file i got is called How To Flash the BIOS.doc. Do i have to read that file in order to update bios?? I dont understand English very well, is FLASHING bios updating BIOS?

A:How to update Phoenix AWARD BIOS v6.00PG

Unless you are having a problem that the BIOS update will solve, I recommend not flashing the BIOS. There is a risk. If something goes wrong with the flash whether it's your mistake or a power outage or something else, your motherboard could become useless. This is a risk especially if you are not sure how to read the instructions on how to do it.

Do you have a problem that you think updating the BIOS will fix?

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Looking for password to get into BIOS to run floppy drive.
My computer will only boot from "C"

A:BIOS passwords for Award BIOS

The password was created by whoever owns the computer. Talk to them.

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i have set my bios administrator password from long time and iforget it and now i tried to update my bios and there is no change i need some help     my device is : dell inspiron 5520 and the problem with administrator bios password

A:i have set my bios administrator password from long time and iforget it and now i tried to update my bios and there is no change i need some help my device is : dell inspiron 5520 and the problem with administrator bios password

You need to place a voice call to Dell support --- they'll provide you an unlock key upon validation of ownership.

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I have an ancient machine which has a major problem at the moment. It stems from the fact that I removed the CMOS battery in an attempt to reset the BIOS password which was lost. The BIOS is Award BIOS and no back door password works even though I tried hundreds off the net.
I reinstalled the CMOS after 10 min or so and switched the machine on only to find a blank screen and a continuous intermittent beeping...each beep lasting 3 secs or so....thats all it does..cannot boot to windows cannot enter the BIOS....NOTHING...
Any ideas?????

A:Award BIOS

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ive been having probs with xp, and i think i need to disable the onboard sound on my moboard. but there is nothing in the bios that allows this to happen. any ideas?

A:Award BIOS help

go in to BIOS in advanced/onboard PCI Devices Control and that brings up Onboard PCI Audio, then disable.

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Hello All,
3 days ago I applied the latest bios update to my 1-year old XPS15, running latest and fully patched 64 bit Windows 10 public release.
Since then
A) plugin a rather simple USB-3 hub into the system prevents the laptop from Booting into BIOS, or if manages to do that
B) plugin said USB-3 hub after full windows boot, freezes both USB ports devices.  The unfreeze can be overcame by unplugging the hub and then other device and then re-pluging both
C) after step B, windows explorer becomes very unstable and does not even show all the folder contents to some programs "open file" function.
D) the system does not recover anymore from plain S3 sleep, triggering a windows hard reboot.
I'm afraid the bios option to roll-back the bios version was not active, so I'm stuck.
Finally, the latest Intel diver published at the same time does not install cleanly after the bios update (although I managed to get it to show in the "program files" section.
I always apply the latest updates for drivers and bios promptly as main security policy and so far the system has behaved very well (Maybe with the exception of Hibernation from sleep time out, which always has been a bit faulty)

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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?

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Hello, Problem 1:I've set the supervisor password some time ago on my T450s. I think I used the special character "!" which was accepted at that time, but I'm not sure anymore today. Now after severeal BIOS updates the "!" only leads to a beep of the system and I also tried all of my standard-passwords without "!" , but without success. Problem 2:Now I've tried to roll back to older BIOS versions to try if one of these accepts the "!". But every version I tried leads to a "secure flash authentication failed"-error after the reboot of the laptop to actually flash the BIOS. The following link says its the Rollback Prevention Enabled, but I checked in BIOS and it's clearly disabled.https://support.lenovo.com/sg/de/solutions/ht117858 Now I have no idea how to proceed. Has anyone seen that the BIOS has accepted special characters like "!"?Are there other T450s which are not able to rollback to older BIOS versions with the above mentioned error? Technical Infos:- Model: ThinkPad T450s 20BW-S03E00 (the one with Intel graphics only and a core i5-5200)- BIOS: 1.29(JBET65WW) Thanks in advance!  Best regards,Linus123

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On BIOS 1.88 have fix description:= = =[Problem fixes]
- Fixed an issue that system no VGA output when install Ultra Dock with 4K monitor.= = = My L540 laptop with Ultra Dock without 4K monitor ( just plug an LCD 1440*900 monitor), it will always hang on first BIOS Post(after Windows normal shutdown), force shutdown, power up again. it can normally boot. Does the latest 1.89 BIOS have the same situation? I can not update due to it no way to rollback old version BIOS.= = =[Important updates]
- Update includes a security fix.
(Note)If the UEFI BIOS has been updated to 1.89 or higher,
it is no longer able to roll back to the version before 1.89
for security improvement.= = = HPBird

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The same issue from BIOS 1.2.5 is happening with BIOS 1.2.6. After the update, the boot screen remain totally black (no Dell logo) and you cant enter in the BIOS interface (no video at all).
The workaround is to downgrade to BIOS version 1.2.3 
The windows boots as usual, and maybe this is the reason that users havent noticed this issue.
The bios upgrade/downgrade is automated. No mouse clicks are needed. Just wait computer to boot and wait some minutes. After this (blind) downgrade (because there is no video), you will see the dell logo once again and everything works as usual.

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Hello everyone! I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn`t find any kind of solution for my problem.Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system, which also previously was Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). The installation went as usual, and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site, for my product. When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i`ve needed, i stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop, by the producer. So i proceeded to install the upgrade, restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so, but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual. At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing, things that i did not understand at the time (i have never encountered anything like that). After that my screen turned black. I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that, but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter. When trying to boot it all up again, the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else.After doing a little bit of research it appears that, somehowm i`ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something, and nothing else would work at this point. I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back, trye... Read more

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I?m currently updating the BIOS of some Lenovo ThinkCentre M83 PCs and I came across a problem. The Flash UEFI BIOS update (provide by Lenovo) worked almost perfectly on the first PCs, despite it didn?t automatically open the console and started the flashing process.Anyways I did go on with my work. Almost all other PCs had the problem that when the second phase (yellow font)/ afudos.exe imagefb.rom /defans /capsule /b /n /r /sp started the afuwin.exe stopped working (it crashed). It seemed like the Update wouldn?t get done this way so I decided to try it with the USB Flash method, also provided by Lenovo, but it also didn?t work. It says in the second phase ?15 - Error: Secure Flash function is not supported on this platform? Last but not least I tried to update the BIOS with the CD-ISO but when updating with this method it says that the BIOS-Version is too old. Some information about the system: ThinkCenter M83Type: 10BE0003GEOS: Windows 7 SP1 64bitBIOS-Revision: FBKT73AUSBIOS last Updated: 01.April.2014 Furthermore Information what I found out:BIOS-Revision seems to not matter (same version but some worked some not)Doesn?t matter if BIOS is set to UEFI only or Legacy onlySecure Boot also seems like it doesn?t matter if its on or notWhen the afuwin.exe crashes it only writes a return codeI use the update provided by this Page from Lenovo (Update: fbjycpusa)https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/de/downloads/ds035753 Thanks... Read more

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I have used the Toshiba support download page to identify my model A205-S4629 Satellite laptop and downloaded the following BIOS update utility sa200f0v520.exe.

After building the IOS install disk and running the Phoenix Phlash16 utility I get the following message "File has different BIOS part number".

The utility is using the following image file MW10M520.ROM.

Any input is appreciated,


A:Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number


As far as I know the BIOS package downloaded from the Toshiba US driver page contains the WinRAR 32-bit self-extracting ZIP file which includes both Windows-based and diskette based BIOS update installation options.

Did you try to update the BIOS using Win-based BIOS?

What OS do you use?

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I updated from A19 to A22 and even back down to A19 on my OptiPlex 755...  Now it skips lines when I try to change settings in BIOS or when I boot to a DOS USB drive it double types letters.  Never happened before until after this update.  I ran into this a few years ago and I know its a simple fix, but I can't seem to remember what I did.  It does not happen in Windows 7.  I've swapped the keyboard, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I have a old Tecra 9100 with years of good service, and this is my first problem, but is a great one, after a forced reboot the screen shows a BIOS block 1 damaged message. I have tried to repair the BIOS upgrading to the last version I have found, the 1.6 one, but its a Windows version (to upgrade from a running Toshiba computer I think) and when I try to run it in another computer to generate a FDD and upgrade BIOS, I cant, beacuse a Toshiba common modules message.

Its there any BIOS diskette image-archive I can dowload to perform the BIOS upgrade in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance.

A:Tecra 9100 - BIOS block 1 damaged and how to update BIOS?


All you can find is stuff on Toshiba support page. I don't know where you live but try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They have access to Toshiba database and they can obtain all this for you. Make a call and ask for help. I am pretty sure they will help you to solve this BIOS issue.

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so the system has been nagging me to install the critical bios update of v1.31.1.13 but i'm afraid that it will stop in the middle of update and ask for the BIOS password. I wouldn't be able to provide a correct password and will have to reboot to exit. most probable case afterwards; the laptop will not boot into windows as it thinks the update has not finished. Can lenovo support help me out on this? will I just not install any bios update anymore on this laptop?

A:I have a critical bios update but i forgot my BIOS password on my t460s

Hi CapsLock_,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
If you set BIOS password in your system then it?s mandatory to enter correct password while BIOS updating process.
I hope the above information helps.                   
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
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Hi. I have a dell inspiron laptop. My problem starts when i tried to update my bios from a07 to a15. While the update is running my laptop screen suddenly turned blank but my laptop is still on. What should i do?

A:Bios update fail. Blank screen while updating bios

Please check and see if you can get into BIOS. By the way list Dell model number and version of window. Ex: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
1. Power off computer
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping F2 key continuously. Hopefully, you'll be able to see BIOS screen.

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BIOS updates to my ThinkPad T460p seem to have been fine, up until going from 2.19 to 2.20.  Upon trying to upgrade to 2.20, I get the following message:  I cannot boot from USB key, I get the same issue.  This includes attempting with an older BIOS like 2.18; the same error message occurs even when not in Windows. Is there a way to force-flash the BIOS to get it back on track or is there some option I can try?  I only have a few remaining days left on my warranty, so I don't have much time left to open a support case if there's nothing else I can do other than replace the mainboard.

A:T460p BIOS update fails; "The BIOS does not match this system"

Call support.  Whatever happens, you should get the issue documented while the system is under warranty.  In U.S., the number is 1-800-426-7378

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Hello all, this is my first time posting here so please forgive any mistakes/oversights. I've just updated my Samsung laptop's system BIOS via their software update program, and my Nvidia GPU (GT 650m DDR3) no longer seems to work. The Nvidia control panel is still there, and it still gives me the option to select which programs use the GPU, but there is no GPU actitivity showing up. Also,I've tried playing Skyrim (which auto-detects the PC's graphics cards) , and the game no longer seems to detect the Nvidia GPU (just the Intel integrated graphics).

My laptop model is NP550PC7, with 6 gig of ram, and an i7 quad core CPU, and the OS is Window 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I've tried looking in the BIOS but I can't seem to find anything related to the GPU or display options. Any help or avice is much appreciated.

A:Problems with Nvidia gpu post BIOS system BIOS update.


Have you updated your GPU with the latest drivers?


Please navigate to:

Start> Control panel> Swith to icon view> device manager.
Look under "Display Adapters"

Is the Nvidia GPU listed there? If so are there any yellow symbols etc?



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Dear all, Since the beginning I got troubles with charging - ( 94 % plugged in, not charging). The easiest solution was just remove the battery, but not for HP Omen. I removed battery and destroyed the rubber on the bottom. I had to open the laptop, because one morning I got the massegae that my laptop is overheated and fan does not work properly. Both fans works only during the lounch, when windows works only one fan was in operations, second one never starts again. Looking for the solution in the internet I have found that this can be because of BIOS is not updated.  I pushed F2, checked the the system, everything is fine and then I installed only one version which I have found there.No massages regarding overheating any more, both Fans are working full power and very very loud. Temperature of processors is 30C. In my room 25C.  I followed all instructions, but got massege BIOS update is blocked.I downloaded the most previous version, again BIOS update is blocked.Current version of bios is BIOS version F00 04Sep14.  Can it be solved somehow?     

A:Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers...

@YuraL? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00033108 REO

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Hi. I have a Lenovo B50-30 mode 80ES. It was set to require a password on startup starting with a capital "A". While experiencing charging problems, amongst other things, I updated the BIOS to 9CCN35WW, downloaded from the Lenovo support site. Since updating, the laptop no longer asks for a password on startup (No big deal, I applied a windows password), however, when pressing F2 to access the BIOS (which I need to do, the F keys are the wrong way round), it asks for a password, When pressing to strike a capital A, the laptop beeps and doesnt enter it. It wont accept capital letters anymore, therefore it wont accept the pre BIOS update password. I have referred the laptop to Lenovo service, including returning the laptop, and they have been nothing short of useless. They said they couldnt repair it under warranty because of "Marks, cracks, inappropriate treatment" and it would cost 255 for a replacement system board. I really couldnt see why I should pay for an issue created by their support system, so I asked them to return it unrepaired. Upon arrival, the laptop was immaculate, so I dont know what damage they were referring to. Is it possible to downgrade the BIOS to a pre update revision, to change the password and then reset it to one the new BIOS approves of? Thankyou in advance.

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I have installed the "pulled" BIOS update for Spectre/Meltdown, and now have significant stability issues. There are no instructions on this page of how to rollback this update: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/len-18282 In this situation, does Lenovo advise re-installing an older BIOS? Or is there a solution coming very soon? It's been several week without any updates.

A:How to rollback withdrawn BIOS (CPU Microcode) Update? - T550 BIOS 1.19

Downgrade to older BIOS version will not help, as installer won't be able to downgrade CPU microcode. Currently Lenovo and Intel are working to provide a solution which allow downgrade to previous microcode. They have adviced to wait till downgrade method will be developed. But... you can do something to restore stability of your system. It was found, that stability issues are present, when OS is using fixes against meltdown/spectre. Actually, you can disable them. Below you'll find a guide:https://winaero.com/blog/disable-meltdown-fix-amd-cpus-installing-kb4056892/ Personally, I've tested it on few devices and stablility issues were no longer present.

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I need to upgrade my BIOS so my 200 MHz AMD-K6 will recognize my new 20 GB hard drive. The only problem is I can't find where to get my new BIOS? Does anyone have any hints?


A:Award BIOS upgrade

Generally the bios upgraded come for the motherboard manufacturer or the computer manufacturer.

You could probably get away with using a disk overlay if you can't find the bios. Most harddrive manufacturers offer them for download to install drives on older systems.

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Hi guys, got a problem, which needs to be resolved ASAP.

I'm not being able to boot from a WinXP CD. CD is working 100% fine, boot sequence is set correct. Even if I set to disable any other boot media but CDROM, GRUB still shows up. I can do fine on linux, but I need win to continue working.

A:award bios: not being able to boot from CD

hey spektrum, what you can do for now is to use a bootup disc (like for win98se) and then just run the winxp disc from there.

you can do this by using a floppy disk::
(win98se boot-up disk)

or a usb flash stick::

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does anyone know the max hdd size for the award 4.51PG
and if say it was like a 10 GIG max and i installed like a 20 gig would it even recongize 10 of it?

A:Award bios 4.51PG

It depends on what version date you have on it, since it is a flashable bios.. If you find a drive it doesn't support you should be able to flash it. Newest is from Oct 2002 here:


but I wouldn't flash it unless you definately had too. Better find out the model of your motherboard as well since the manufaturer may have made a few changes to the generic bios.

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My apologies if this has been dealt with before. I've spent days trying to get a Belkin F5U005 USB 2 Port USB card to work in conjunction with:

Windows 98se

Model : AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor
Speed : 351MHz
Performance Rating : PR351 (estimated)
Type : Standard

Bus(es) : ISA AGP PCI USB i2c/SMBus
MP Support : No
System BIOS : Award Software International, Inc. 4.51 PG
System : System Manufacturer Product Name
Mainboard : First International Computer, Inc. VA-503+

Chipset 1
Model : VIA Technologies Inc VT82C597/597AT/598MVP Apollo VP3/MVP3 System Controller
L2 External Cache : 1024kB Pipeline-Burst Write-Thru
Front Side Bus Speed : 1x 100MHz (100MHz data rate)
Total Memory : 64MB SDRAM
Memory Bus Speed : 1x 100MHz (100MHz data rate)

Windows froze on the first attempt to install. After a lot of online research I found that this was a clock mismatch problem and I got it to install after downloading a fix which was supposed to be unnecessary with 98se.

I took every reference I could find to USB out of Device Manager, took the card out manually, restarted, shut down, put the card back in, started up and it installed normally.

The USB OPTi 82C861 PCI to USB Open Host Controller and
USB Root Hub are now showing normal in Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the Device Manager. No yellow exclamation marks are anywhere in the Device Manager.

The Award Bios shows USB Controller Disabled in Integrated Peripherals ... Read more

A:USB won't enable in Award BIOS

Normally, your USB BIOS would only be required to allow BOOTing a USB HD.

Your Belkin USB is not accessed at BOOT time, so stop fussing with BIOS.

If you have modem-->router setup, then the drivers are not required at all!

Use the Modem->Router using Ethernet cable and from the router->pcs as well.

Otherwise, modem-->pc(USB connected) requires a driver.

Does this clarify/help?

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I'm a new owner of a Flex 4-1570 Ideapad. I have a critical update awaiting install, however the window popup says it is for the YOGA not the Flex. Thus, I have not installed it. My question is, should I install it? If not, how do I turn the notification off? Thanks! 

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Hi I am trying to update BIOS  F 64.Rev A, but getting error messege can't update system bios file due c:\SWSetup\SP77971\ROM.CAB missing please help me,,,,,,

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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...

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Hello dear hp wizards! I have a weird problem. When I'm attempting to install the newest BIOS update thru HP Support Assistant, the installation program asks me for my BIOS password which doesn't work for some reason, but it works fine at startup when I access BIOS setup / update BIOS after I have to give the password there, it even gives me the happy "bleep bleep bleep bleep"- sound. I've never had this problem before.  Any ideas? kody

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I downloaded bios update for my PC ad tried to install it but unfortunately my system shuts down during update installation. Now when I press power button PC doesn't shows anything but only beeps.Plz tell me how to recover my bios step by step because recovering bios using key combinations doesn't work.

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Made the huge mistake of updating BIOS. Had small MOBO usb prob, and for some reason thought a BIOS update would do something. Wasn't too worried because Gigabyte touts Dual BIOS pretty strong.

Anyway, tried updating BIOS, then system would not boot, so the Backup BIOS didn't kick in. btw, the MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro.

So I copied the backup bios to a floppy and used the floppy to fix the main bios. OK, now computer would boot, but would freeze up after the desktop icons appear. Actually would sometimes work for a few minutes, but always froze up.

Boots OK to safe mode, even to the point of getting online, so I downloaded the old bios from Gigabyte, put them on floppy and used that to update the main bios. Same result.

Also did a system restore from XP Pro Safe Mode (because XP wrongly states that this can be undone; didn't find out that System Restore done from safe mode cannot be undone until I tried to undo!).

My tech support (ABS Computer; they rule) thinks that the BIOS is now fine, that some windows files are corrupt and a re-install will fix problem and mobo is probably fine as well. I'll buy that.

anyone have any miracle suggestions before i re-install? Is a repair install worth a shot? Really not looking forward to re-installing all my software and putting all my data back where it belongs to get my email hist., bookmarks, etc. back.

thanks - I will now write the following 500 times: LEAVE THE BIOS ALONE! even with Dual BIOS

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I recently took a BIOS update and I later on found out that it has messed up my Notebook. File transfer speed has been riduculously slow, games and movies stutter occasionaly. Everything has changed and it does not look good. Product Info: Model: Pavilion AB522TXOS: Windows 10 64-bit ( updated to the very last) RAM: 8 GBProcessor: i5-6200U

View Solution.

A:Downgrade a BIOS update or Optimising BIOS settings

Hey @Rahul_mk,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s),  please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. I understand that you did a BIOS upgrade but it did not take well to your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx. You mentioned that your Notebook is now slow and games and movies are stuttering.  Many HP Notebooks have an HP BIOS Restore tool that may recover the BIOS from an earlier version and restore basic functionality. Please follow the documentation to do a BIOS reset.  Have you tried to perform a hard reset?Which BIOS version did  you upgrade to? You said that Windows 10 is up to date.Have you tried using the HP Support Assistant for updates also?  You can try following the below steps to reload the factory installed BIOS Setup Settings:In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.Select Load Setup Defaults.Select Save Changes and Exit (pressing F5 and the Enter key will also load the Setup Defaults).Press Esc and then Enter to exit Setup.If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with any information you think may help me find a resolution for you. Please also let me know if the BIOS reset works. If yo... Read more

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i have a lenovo ideapad s206 notebook. it contains slic table but version of slic is unknown. i want to add slic 2.1 into my notebook bios? please tell me the method and utility for this purpose? thank you

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I need a way to update a bios that has a bios password set FROM windows remotely. Scenario:             I'm at my desk, a remote user is having a known issue related to a BIOS revision that is older. I need to update it but the user is not at my location. We cannot supply the user our BIOS password by policy. Prior to these new models, we could put the BIOS password into a box during the update; however, NOW we are forced to supply it on bootup. This is impossible without traveling to the users location. We had a case open with HP and they said "you need to script it" I need to know what that entails. We used to be able to use switches and whatnot with the bios update utility.....I don't see that ability now. Please provide guidance to remove temporarily the bios password remotely (known bios password it's not forgotten) and re-enable it after upgrade. re-cap,BIOS password is knownusers at remote locations require bios updatecannot provide users the passwordcannot physically travel to the user's locationneed it re-enabled after update.

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I have a five-month old HP Compaq Presario Laptop, which has been working fairly decently (I've had a few virus scares, and my Norton quarrentined something a twenty days ago). On HP's advice, I just updated the BIOS on my laptop. It's currently stuck at Verifying New Bios Image, and it's at 100% - It's been stuck that way for a half-hour plus. Any advice? What should I do?

A:HP BIOS Update Stuck at "Verifying New Bios Image 100%"

You have no choice but to force a reboot and keep your fingers crossed.

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I attempted to update the BIOS on my Inspiron 5565 (AMD-A10 9600P) from .1.0.5 to v1.0.8 using the 'BIOS flash update' with the BIOS update file downloaded (and md5 hash verified on a usb key) from the drivers download page:
I followed the instructions on this support page:
to copy the BIOS update file to the USB but when I find and select the file in the 'BIOS flash update' function it reads the USB key (usb key read/write light flashing) but prompts with 'Invalid file!'. I have not renamed the file at all and I also tried to update to the other downloadable BIOS update file, v1.0.6 but get the same error message 'Invalid File!'
Reason for trying to update via the BIOS update feature is that I have a blank hard drive and I'm having trouble loading Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (but seem to have no issue with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) so trying to update the BIOS as first troubleshooting elimination step.
Any tips or suggestions most appreciated.

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