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X1 Carbon 1st Gen Integrated Graphics died

Q: X1 Carbon 1st Gen Integrated Graphics died

bought one 1.5 years ago - 20a7 CTO1WW . Integrated Graphics Card died couple weeks ago. No replacement for motherboard on the the lenovo site. any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: X1 Carbon 1st Gen Integrated Graphics died

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: X1 Carbon 1st Gen Integrated Graphics died

Is it still under warranty? (many had 3-years) What are the symptoms? (There is no graphics card or graphics chip. It is integrated.)

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changed 1st gen to 2nd gen it title to match model - mod
bought one 1.5 years ago - 20a7 CTO1WW . Integrated Graphics Card died couple weeks ago. No replacement for motherboard on the the lenovo site. any ideas?
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A:X1 Carbon 2nd Gen Integrated Graphics died

Is it still under warranty?  (many had 3-years)  What are the symptoms?  (There is no graphics card or graphics chip.  It is integrated.)

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I need to find out how to disable the Integrated Graphics on a HP Pavilion a705w Desktop PC. The integrated Graphics went out and I have a new PCI Graphics card to replace them with but I cant get the Bios to switch to the new card, because I cant see the bios to change the settings. Any suggestions? PLEASE Help! I have spent many hours talking to HPs online techs and they are obviously from another country and have no idea what I am talking about ( one guy I had to explain what Integrated meant).

A:Disable the Integrated Graphics (After they have already died)

Sadly, it seems bios is the only way:


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Hello! I've been having trouble being in proper lighting with my integrated camera on this laptop. I went in through Camera and tried to adjust settings, but there is nothing that appeals to "auto adjust darkness"... I'm always looking like i'm in the dark, even if i'm in very good lighting. Am i missing something? Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much,L

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Sirs, I don't know why when I put sim card to sim slot, it didn't work.I'm not sure the reason is I didn't upgrade Integrated Mobile Broadband?If I want to use sim slot to add sim card to surf, what can I do...?Please help me...Thanks.

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Hi, my laptop camera wont start, i can see the green light next to camera but it still dosent show anything. just grey screen

A:x1 carbon laptop integrated camera not working

Did it ever work?  What application are you looking at to see the gray screen?  What generation of Carbon?  Which OS?

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After try to update the driver for the integrated camera and ultimately uninstalling the driver, then re attempting to re install the driver. My integrated camera still dosent work. What could be the problem? This problem started after installing the Windows 10 update.

A:Thinkpad X1 Carbon (20BS) Integrated Camera not fo...

Hi nick2861, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!
I just went to use the camera on my 20BS, after not using it for a couple of weeks, and it was gone! In my case manually reinstalling the latest driver brought it back. Did you try that?

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Hello, As in the description, I have the 3rd gen X1 Carbon with a touch screen. I am having trouble getting my integrated camera to work. I believe I remember it working when I first got my laptop, but I haven't used it in a while. Yestrday, I went onto Google Hangouts to try and utilize the camera again, but it wasn't working. I kept looking around for how to start it. I tried downloaded the newest drivers (which would never complete installation because it couldn't find the device). I deleted my antivirus. I turned off my ad blocker on my Chrome. Restarted my laptop a few times. I did a bunch of stuff but nothing seemed to work. I went into the default integrated camera program on my laptop and it just shows a camera with an X through it, so it seems that my laptop is not hooked up properly or something. Any way to fix it??? Is it just a little glitch that I can fix it with, or is there a bigger issue at hand? Or... am I just delusional? Did I never have an integrated camera???


Go to Solution.

A:X1 Carbon Gen3 touch screen integrated camera not functioning

Open up Lenovo Settings from there you can control your camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and much more make sure under camera that safety mode is not enabled if it is then it won't sent pictures from camera disable it for it to send picture again since this a safety thing when you're not using the camera to prevent hackers / intruders from hijacking your camera to see what you got at home so they can break into when no one is home to steal stuff.  If this does not solve it reboot into bios then find I/O section in bios and make sure integrated camera there says [Enabled] and not [Disabled] if it's disabled thats also areason why it wont work.

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I just plugged my monitor into the new card (HD4770) and it works, did not disable or uninstall the integrated graphics. the integrated is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE chipset. The performance index went higher on paper but other than having better resolution I don't see a huge improvment. I still have video lag trying to watch streaming hd movies and my new camera (Panasonic Lumix ZS7) wont play video in HD over my computer. Must I disable and even uninstall the old integrated graphics too or am I missing something else?

A:I just installed a new graphics card, must I disable the old integrated graphics?

Have a look in your bios to see if it has an option to boot from pci-e or intergrated.
What is the motherboard you are using?

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i am looking to buy a new graphics card to upgrade from the integrated crap that is ati x200 series 64 mb which although i didnt realize really wasnt what i needed to play battlefield 2142 and battlefield 2 so please help me i don have a clue what im doing in this area i have pci-e slots and a £100 budget

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I recently installed a PCIe graphics card (nVidia GTX 750 Ti) on my ASUS P8Z77-V MB running Windows 8.1 and an Intel i5 processor. (The goal was to get displayport so I could use a higher resolution monitor.)

In the BIOS, I changed the "system agent" graphics setting to make the PCIe graphics card the primary video.

When I do that the machine seems to boot, and the MB splash screen (offering the option to enter BIOS) comes up on a monitor attached to the PCIe videocard, but Windows 8.1 never fires up the PCIe videocard.

If I set the MB to enable integrated graphics, the machine boots into Windows fine and Windows uses the videocard. Monitors attached to the videocard get the Windows display, and if no monitors are attached to the Intel integrated graphics, the Intel graphics software does not run.

The problem is that with the Intel integrated video set to be the primary video, I don't get the splash screen on monitors attached to the PCIe card, nor, I suspect, would I see Windows recovery screens, should something go wrong, though I don't know. If I attach a monitor to the Intel integrated video, then Intel's graphic engine runs in Windows, and I'd rather it did not.

As per usual, I don't know if this is a Windows problem or a MB problem or a graphics card problem. Since the MB bios splash screen goes to the right monitor for the MB setting, I am presuming the problem is in Windows. But, I cannot imagine what that would be.

I did the usual updates on ... Read more

A:PCIe graphics works ONLY when integrated graphics enabled

Not sure how your motherboard works but may need the Intel graphics enabled for the dedicated card to work. Do you have the latest Intel graphics drivers installed? Have you tried installing the Nvidia drivers when on the Intel graphics?

Could also try reverting to the basic graphics drivers in Device Manager when on the Intel, then switch to the dedicated in BIOS and see if it will boot with the basic driver installed.

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Hello! I have Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 2GB and Intel HD Graphics 3000 in my laptop.My preffered graphics processor was NVidia around 1 year ago but then i left the laptop for like a 5 days when i back to my laptop i open it to try to play a game on steam it shown my fps 20 and last 5 days was 70fps i open nivdia control panel to try make my graphic better then i clicked on (Manage 3D Setting) but graphic setting locked on integrated graphic when i restore the option its unlocked but when i change it to high performance and click apply its dosnt work its back to intergrated graphic.Help Me Please.
here is a picture for my problemThanks.Mylaptop:Lenovo Z570Ram:8gb DDR3Windows 7 Ultimate
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omg.png ?74 KB

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Hi, Am seeking assistance as I have been experiencing problems with my camera for the last week or so. I usually use my camera when i conduct zoom meeting, initially everything was working perfectly but the camera starts to malfunction weeks ago. In the middle of the video conference it will just get a black screen and error message pops-up. I followed the following steps below but the problem still occurs: Updating the driver under device managerRollback the driver (Works temporarily for 15 minutes then it goes black and error message appears again) When I check the CAMERA app i get this error message : Error Code 0xA00F4246 When you check under device manager it says that camera is working and no problem are being detected. Is this issue a software issue? or  a Windows issue? Hopefully  someone can provide me Troubleshooting steps to permanently fix this. Thanks!

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Hello! I have Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 2GB and Intel HD Graphics 3000 in my laptop.My preffered graphics processor was NVidia around 1 year ago but then i left the laptop for like a 5 days when i back to my laptop i open it to try to play a game on steam it shown my fps 20 and last 5 days was 70fps i open nivdia control panel to try make my graphic better then i clicked on (Manage 3D Setting) but graphic setting locked on integrated graphic when i restore the option its unlocked but when i change it to high performance and click apply its dosnt work its back to intergrated graphic.Help Me Please.here is a picture for my problemThanks.Mylaptop:Lenovo Z570Ram:8gb DDR3Windows 7 Ultimate

omg.png ?74 KB

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I currently have two monitors connected and was wondering if the graphics card able to support a four monitor display without any issues.

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I have Lenovo X1 Carbon 20A7 , i7, Yesterday I have got blue screen error CRITICAL PROCESS DIED, after shutting down laptop, Its not  working  when trying to turn on just keys lights turning on ,nothing more ,fans ,screen,cpu not working any advice 

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I have Lenovo X1 Carbon 20A7 , i7, Yesterday I have got blue screen error CRITICAL PROCESS DIED, after shutting down laptop, Its not  working  when trying to turn on just keys lights turning on ,nothing more ,fans ,screen,cpu not working any advice 

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I could be wrong and I want people to tell me if they think I am but I am at the point where I prefer integrated graphics even for high end functions like gaming and/or video rendering.

I have had several computers with integrated graphics and I have had several computers with dedicated graphics cards and my opinion is that the dedicated graphics cards absolutely blow. In all instances the cards caused the video to lag, the fans were always running, my Internet surfing slowed to a crawl and more blunders all attributed to a dedicated graphics card and I have never, ever experienced these issue with integrated graphics.

Before anyone asks, yes the cards were installed correctly, set up properly, and had the latest drivers just as I do with integrated graphics.

Has anyone else experienced this or am I the only one who thinks dedicated graphics cards blow? Thanks all.

A:Discrete Graphics vs Integrated Graphics

How well either perform largely depends on how you are using the PC.

Most of the symptoms you noted would indicate some sort of installation or configuration issue, and not a hardware issue. many chips/chipsets are used for both types. ALL testing shows that a dedicated card is always faster than an integrated chipset using the same chip/chipset.

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A friend of mine has an integrated graphics set up on his PC. He wants to throw a video card in so he will have duel monitor support. Are these the proper steps.

1. Insert Card
2. Turn on Machine and change BIOS settings(turn off integrated graphics)
3. Restart computer, load drivers etc?

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Integrated Graphics

Just tried that the other day. MOST motherboards will auto disable onboard when you put an add in card into the machine.

I ended up using a video card that had a DVI AND VGA input on them to accomplish the same thing.

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i have a mobo with integrated graphix and im planning to upgrade to a AGP8X 256mb vid card.. what will i need to do? thank you in advance

A:Help with integrated graphics

Well, if you motherboard has an agp slot(as many integrated mobos lack graphics upgrade slots), you buy an agp card that's compatible(if your board has 8x agp get an 8x card), carefully install it(after reading it's directions of course), and then boot up. It should display using a generic windows driver, but look really low quality. If it doesn't display from the new card, you might have to enter the bios and setup the video options. Maybe select that your using an agp card instead of integrated or something like that, bioses vary. Then, you install the newest drivers for the card, like if it's nvidia based, dl the latest driver from nvida and install it.

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Hey !

I have integrated graphics (Intel HD graphics) on my lappy . It says it can use upto a total memory of 1696mb approximately . I have core i3 370M processor and a memory of 4gb .

If my lappy can use memory upto 1696 mb , I can play all most all high end graphics games smoothly . But it is not happening . NFS HP3 is not running smoothly !
And games like GTA 4 aren't running .
What should I do in order to increase my gaming performance ?
Will it works upgrading my ram to 8 gb ?

A:Integrated graphics help !

Just because the integrated graphics has up to 1696 MB of shared RAM available, it doesn't overcome the fact that they are integrated graphics, which by virtue are not good performers at all when it comes to gaming. Unfortunately in your case, if it only has the Intel HD Graphics, there's not really going to be anything you can do to improve graphics performance with software. Your best bet would be to get an external graphics card for your laptop such as MSI’s external graphics card promises vastly improved graphics for laptops wanting a little more…. Don't know if they're selling it yet but if they are, then this would definitely help you with games.

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hey i dont know much about computers.

i was tryin to play this game called "America's Army" and u have to have a graphics card to play but i only have Integrated graphics on the motherboard. my friend said he heard that there is a way to trick ur pc into thinking u have a graphics card to play does ne one know how to do this? if so could u help me out thanks alot

this is the min req to play the game


3-D graphics card with 64 MB memory and support for hardware transformation and lighting

1.3 GHz processor or equivalent

English version of Windows(r) 98/ME/2000/XP Operating System

256 MB RAM

1.62GB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files

Quad-speed CD-ROM (600K/sec sustained transfer rate)

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP compatible system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card, mouse and keyboard)


DirectX(r)8.1 or higher compatible sound card and drivers*

56.6 Kbps modem or higher network connection

*NVIDIA(r) nForce(tm) or other motherboards/soundcards containing the Dolby(r) Digital Interactive Content Encoder required for Dolby Digital audio

and these are all the supported graphics card

Supported Cards:

Nvidia GeForce256

Nvidia GeForce2 MX200

Nvidia GeForce2 MX400

Nvidia GeForce2 GTS 32MB

Nvidia GeForce2 Pro 64MB

Nvidia GeForce2 Ultra

Nvidia GeForce3

Nvidia GeForce3 Ti200

Nvidia GeForce3 Ti500

Nvidia GeForce4 MX420

... Read more

A:help with Integrated graphics

a friend of mine told me i may need a graphic wrapper not sure what it is but if ne one has ne infomation about it i would appericate it

my general info on pc is

windows xp home edtion

intel(R) Celeron(TM) CPU 1300MHz
256 MB of RAM

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I have Q45/43 in my dell OPTIPLEX 780 SFF what does this mean can I add a Sapphire Radeon HD 6450 ?

A:Integrated Graphics?

Are you saying you only use onboard (Intel) video now?
According to the manual, the Small Form Factor 780 can take one PCI-e X16 card, BUT it must be a "low profile" card. Don't know the HD 6450 card, but unless it's low profile, it won't fit...
NOTE: The PCI Express x16 slot is disabled when a display is connected to the integrated video connector. So be sure to connect the monitor to the add-in PCI-e video card after it's installed.

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I have an Intel HD graphics and I can't find it's model only Intel HD graphics is shown and I want to increase it's dedicated video memory so how can I do it please help anyone

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A:Integrated graphics

Hello Sagar and welcome to TSG!

Intel HD Graphics is the GPU that's integrated onto the motherboard of the computer. You cannot increase its DEDICATED memory UNLESS the motherboard you have allows such an adjustment in it's BIOS, AND you have enough RAM installed to account for the increase.

May I ask what the purpose is for increasing the dedicated memory is?

Also, please advise us the info on the computer by running the below link:
(It will open a box with your system info, just copy and paste it back into your next reply here)


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Hi everyone

My first post here. I don't really what I'm talking about but I think I know the answer already, hoping someone can help me tho. I've just bought skyrim and I checked my laptop specs against the minimum requirements which it did meet. I've been having trouble running it even with everything turned down low and now I know the problem. Its due to the integrated graphics which I don't know much about and didnt even know of its existence until yesterday!

I mentioned my problems to my friend who thought there might be a way to adjust the shared memory, is this possible? I'm just looking to explore all ways I might be able to run it before I admit defeat although I would be extremely surprised if I could run it.

Its an acer aspire 5735Z so not the newest and the specs are:

Windows Vista
intel dual core processor (2.16 Ghz)
3 gb RAM
Direct X 10 (intel graphics card with up to 1.244Mb)

any help would be appreciated. i didnt post this in the gaming section as i thought it was more of a hardware question

A:integrated graphics

Intel graphics chips don't meet the requirements of most of today's PC games.
Whilst it's (usually) possible to allocate more system RAM to the graphics chip in the BIOS Setup, there is a limit to how much you can allocate, and it's certainly less than the 1GB (recommended) that SkyRim requires.

Not only that, the more RAM you assign to the graphics chip, the less there is left over for Windows and applications to use. SkyRim requires 2GB RAM (minimum), 4GB (recommended). You have a total of 3GB RAM at present. Windows Vista needs most of that for itself just to run at an acceptable pace.
There just isn't enough RAM for both Vista and SkyRim together, especially as Vista is particularly heavy on RAM usage compared to other Windows versions.

So the Intel graphics chip is the primary weak spot, with installed RAM being the second weak spot.

You can add more RAM of course, but you're stuck with the Intel chip.

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I've always used a MB with built in graphics as I only use my computer for internet and business applications. I've never noticed a problem. I'm thinking about a new build and wondering if the cpu's with the integrated graphics such as the AMD A6-6400K would be a step up over the mb's with built in graphics?

Since I do no gaming or other high intensity graphics applications are ther any downsides to these type cpu's?

A:Integrated graphics......mb or cpu?

Quote: Originally Posted by pulpwood007

I've always used a MB with built in graphics as I only use my computer for internet and business applications. I've never noticed a problem. I'm thinking about a new build and wondering if the cpu's with the integrated graphics such as the AMD A6-6400K would be a step up over the mb's with built in graphics?

Since I do no gaming or other high intensity graphics applications are ther any downsides to these type cpu's?

No, not really. I recommend integrated gpu's for my users that are just using the web and email. The A6 has a integrated HD 8470D gpu. I think that is very similar to the Intel HD4000 series. It should give you HD graphic capabilities at 1920x1200, possoble as high as 2560x1600 depending on the monitor.
You do not get the high frame rate of a new gen gpu in a 16x pcie slot.

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Im planning to upgrade to a new laptop soon, but im deciding if i should go for
an intergrated gfx of dedicated like the one below this
it is useful for similar graphics like games

Will it matter that much for video streaming http://www.dinodirect.com/Portable-M...rency-CAD.html and games (skyrim,minecraft,l4d,)

A:Integrated Graphics

Dedicated for performance in games. Video streaming is fine on either.

It depends on what type of games you wish to play, and the level of performance you expect.

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Okay im buying a computer in fact it's a: lenovo IdeaCentre H405 (7723-1CU) Desktop PC Athlon II X4 645(3.1GHz) 4GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity ATI Radeon 3000 graphics Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. And it said ATI radeon 3000 integrated graphics I wanted to know if this was a good graphics card and if I could change it later and also If I could run Arma 2 on high or very high graphics with it. Thanks in advance!

A:AMD integrated graphics?

I doubt that it could run that game all on low at playable frame rates. It is passable for older games and general purpose use, but if you want your games to be playable you're going to have to add in video card.

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I was wondering if it was at all possible to install new/better integrated graphics to my laptop until I can get the money for a better laptop in general. I have an HP 2000 series model 2b092wm. If you can help please let me know what my options are. thanks.

A:New Integrated Graphics

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Tell me why this laptop:

can run the Sims 2 with SMOOTHNESS! I watched the fly-in screen with the Pleasantview neighborhood, and it was a smooth as a desktop I have with a GFX5200. WHY IS THIS? I thought the GMA 950 was as slow as other integrated graphics solutions...

A:Is this really integrated graphics?

Yup, integrated graphics. Newer than a GFX5200 and it has the core duo (not C2D) so that is why it runs as well as your desktop.

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Heres my problem, just bought a Nvidia 8800GT 512 MB GDDR3, and i got home to install it, i disabled my integrated graphics, but then my moniter wouldnt display anything? so i put in my Nvidia 8800GT thinking it would fix it, i was wrong. the Nvidia 8800GT is installed, but my moniter still wont display its all plugged in right, i dont know what to do IM SURE its because i disabled my integrated graphics in my bois, how do i get it back?

A:Integrated graphics help

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Hey, i have a PNY Nvidia 7600GS 256MB DDR2 AGP graphics card. I have had this card for around 3 years and suddenly one day i start up my PC and i get no signal message on my monitor. Ive tried removing the card and putting it back in and nothing happens. Still no signal form my monitor. Is there any way i can fix this as i have no money at all for a new graphics card.


A:Graphics card died

How do you know is the graphics card? Does the computer boot? Do you hear it starting up? Does the motherboard have on-board graphics? Did you pull the card and try that? Do you hear beeps during post?

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Earlier today I was simply reading a web page on my computer when all of a sudden it froze, many vertical strips of Horizonta lines appeared on my screen and so I turned off my computer. I turned it back on and the display seemed fine until the 'Starting Windows' message appeared when the lines then came back. This had not happened before.

I custom built my PC in may where everything was new apart from my graphics card (NVidia GeForce 9600 GSO) and my 600w psu. I have had my graphics card for a few years now (4 years) and so I am pretty confident that my graphics card has reached the end of its life. The psu is around 9 months old.

I tried to connect another monitor to the PC however the lines were even worse on the monitor making everything unreadable. I then reseated my graphics card and when I connected my original monitor back in nothing now displays. The screen is just black (standby). The graphics card also makes quite a bit of noise in comparison to the rest of the PC too. When the PC is turned on all the hardware and fans are working fine, the fan on the graphics card still runs too.

Is it a case of simply getting a new graphics card?

A:Has my graphics card died?

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Seeing as no-one was replying to my thread in the Hardware section, I thought I'd repost it here:

First of all, please read the first part here, otherwise you might miss something out with whether it can be fixed or not: monitor problems after installing new RAM
To cut a long story short, I did got a BSOD later on - after I first put the new RAM in correctly (which is included in the previous post). I didn't think it was related at first, but now I get the feeling it might be.

I've got two GeForce 8800GTS' via SLi. When I plug my monitor in the bottom card, it works (but it says it's not attached to an NVIDIA GPU, and there's no Aero etc. - although I can up the res to 1280x1024, so it's not like SafeMode in that respect), but when I plug it in to my top card - the one I've always used - the monitor doesn't come on.

So does that mean my graphics card has died? It can't really be dislodged, as both cards are pretty much firmly fixed in place.

A:Could my graphics card have died?

I apologize that you haven't gotten any assistance yet. There are so many people that post questions and only a few of us that can actually answer them

So, let's see what i can do for you. I am going to ask some questions about your previous thread, too, to keep it all together. Otherwise I will confuse the hell out of myself and will be of no use to you.

I see you got a Code 43 on your graphics card. Does your Device Manager say you have a graphics card properly installed? It should look something like this (with your card's name, of course)

When you get a Code 43, something in the card itself has gone wrong, and has to be ignored by Windows. In your case, it is most likely the card that isn't giving you a picture. Since it's in SLI, your drivers or Windows knows there's two that are supposed to work in tandem so everything is diverted to the second, functioning, card.

There are a few things you can try in this case:
Remove the physical address extension patch if it is still active on your machine. I'll have more to say about this later.
Update your graphics drivers if possible by going to NVIDIA DRIVERS 260.99 WHQL
Remove the card that doesn't seem to be working and run off of the one card for the time being. Do you still get Code 43 or no acknowledgement that your monitor is hooked up to an nVidia card?
Isolate that card that seems to not be working. By itself, does it still not give you any image on your monitor?

You are also getting a Code 28 saying your display... Read more

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i tried to use direct x diagnostic tool but it only tells me "Intel (R) HD Graphics" it isn't more specific? Does any one know?  

A:What Model is my integrated graphics

Manny313 wrote:i tried to use direct x diagnostic tool but it only tells me "Intel (R) HD Graphics" it isn't more specific? Does any one know?   As per the documents it does not seem to any specific number. Take a look: Intel ARK:Intel® Pentium® Processor N3520http://ark.intel.com/products/79049/Intel-Pentium-Processor-N3520-2M-Cache-up-to-2_42-GHz HP:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04084056 

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hi, i have a Via EPIA M10000 Nehemiah board with integrated graphics. i was wonderin if i could increase the ammount of memory it uses?, i've increased the AGP Aperature size in the bios to 256m (the highest setting) and that increased its memory from 32mb to 64mb. i cud do with a bit more, even another 32 wud be ok?
any ideas or software or anything i can do it with?

A:Integrated Graphics Memory

Using software to "increase" your memory isn't really ever a good idea. The way I look at it is the companys designing such software are just trying to rip off those of us that dont know any better just like companys that sell "pop-up blockers" or send you messages using Messenger Service asking you to buy software to stop the same messages they themselves are sending.

I remember using a program called SoftRam back in the day. It never made a difference in my performance or what I was able to run.

Your best bet is probably to optimize your Windows installation. If that doesn't make any difference you might want to try to tweak your virtual memory or SWAP.

Do a google search for the keywords "optimize" and "windows".


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Does anyone have experience of Movie Maker, Vista and integrated graphics

I am thinking of buying a laptop with 2mb of memory and an Intel Integrated
graphic media accelerator X3100. Or should I go for a nVidia GeForce Go 8400M
GS with 128mb dedicated memory?

My main use is downloading video from a video camera, editing in Movie Maker
and rendering with Nero. Any thoughts are welcome.

A:Integrated Graphics Cards

anytime it's better to get 8400 rather than integrated card.
remember, laptop graphic card are not meant to be changed.
its manufactured to live with the graphic card made...

although the performance might not be significant in the movie editing,
believe me, there is difference between integrated graphic card and external one, especially X3100 vs 8400...

btw the laptop you mentioned have 2GB memory, not 2MB...,
and if the specification of the laptop is the same,
definitely go for 8400 instead...
Good luck choosing...

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Im not too advanced with the hardware side of computers, and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I've bought a new pc and it comes with an integrated Geforce4 MX video card. Is it possible to remove this and buy a stand-alone graphics card. My pc comes with 512MB DDR RAM, but the video card uses 128MB of this memory, leaving me only with 384MB of RAM. If you can remove the card would the shared 128mb memory go bak to the 384mb and make it bak up to 512MB again.

Im grateful for any help

A:Integrated Graphics Card


If you've got an AGP Port.. you could simply buy a better AGP card and stick it in, you would have to disable your on-board VGA though... but that will still free up your lost RAM.


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I don't quite understand how to take advantage of Intel? HD Graphics 3000 built into the i7 2600k processor. I know mine is inactive. I wonder if it is because my motherboard is H67 or because I have a graphics card installed? I also wish to know the purpose of the Intel? HD Graphics 3000. Is it to replace the need of a graphics card or to work in conjunction with a graphics card or is it for better performance if there is no graphics card. I have searched the web and haven't found a definitive answer.

Replies will be appreciated. Thank you

A:i7 2600k and its integrated graphics?

My guess it that you have to enable the HD 3000 graphics in the H67 BIOS.
You probably should remove the dedicated graphics card you installed, first.
Hook up your monitor to the available H67 ports.

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I know this is kind of the opposite of what most people want to do (and I know this is an old PC). I got a couple old ThinkCentre M90 5498's from work the other day (identical systems) that they were recycling. Serial number of one of them is MJBVBG6 if that helps any. I'm trying to turn one of them into a NAS server and will probably use the other one as some sort of server too (I'm trying to learn web technologies). So these will mostly always be running headless, so I have no need for a power-sucking graphics-card. Plus, the graphics card has a DMS-59 connector rather than a standard VGA/DVI, which was something I hadn't seen before and so I'd need to buy a cable (I'm borrowing one from work now) should I continue to use the graphics card. Unfortunately, whenever I remove the graphics card and turn on the power, I get five long, loud beeps, followed by nothing and no output from the (built-in) VGA (haven't tried the DisplayPort yet). I've gone into the BIOS and set the video settings to prioritize integrated graphics over PCIe.But it hasn't made a difference. I doubt this is a system failure because both machines do the same thing (different, but identical graphics-cards too). I updated the BIOS to the latest as well. Any help is appreciated.  

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this is the computer i plan to buy

It says it has Integrated sis mirage graphics, but it does not tell me how many Mb it is. i heard that integrated graphics are poor, and i already have a cheap radeon 9250se agp 128mb(for my soon to be obsolete computer). If i add this to the new one, will it work with the integrated graphics, will it turn off the integrated graphics or will the integrated graphics turn off?

thanks for the help

A:integrated graphics on new computer

Yes, your graphics card will work just fine in that system. No compatibility issues as far as I can tell.

The only potential problem I see is that the power supply is only 230W. There is a chance that this will not be enough love juice to power your card.

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I have recently purchased an ATI Radeon 9250 256MB PCI-Bus graphics card. I am running a Dell Dimension 2300 PC, and it currently has the Intel Extreme Graphics controller installed. Integrated garphics are terrible, as you know. (Hence the long-due upgrade).

I have no way by which to disable the on-board graphics, there is no option to do so in BIOS. You may check out my BIOS layout HERE.

As you can see...there is no method to select primary video in the Peripheral Configuration. I was wondering if it would be prudent to simply uninstall/disable any and all instances of the Integrated system via the Hardware Manager. By disabling/uninstalling the onboard graphics will the system be forced to use the Card and not the integrated graphics? I have read about problems similar to this on other forums.

Also, if I were to (on a drastic scale) reinstall the OS, and simply neglect to install the Intel Extreme Graphics drivers...would Windows bite the bullet and use the card w/o conflicts? I can live with a few yellow question-marks as long as there aren't any hardware conflicts.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


A:**SOS** Help DISABLING Integrated Graphics **SOS**

Try uninstalling the intel graphic drivers in add remove programs if it is there. then shutdown, install the ATI card and boot. once booted install the radeon drivers.

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A year or so ago I purchased Celeron 500 pc for my daughter to use at college. After she returned from I started to use the computer to replace my old Pentium-166 machine. We had some difficulties with windows 98 so I eventually upgraded to Windows 2000 Pro. Unfortunately it has a motherboard with integrated video/sound. I would like to upgrade the graphics performance so that I can play some of the newer games that need openGL. I know some people have had problems with conflicts when they have tried to add graphics cards to machines with the integrated motherboards. SO,can I just add a pci card and the machine/operating system will recognize it or do I need to disable the integrated video. When I check the BIOS under video adapters it gives me a choice of either a pci or agp card- so I guess the machine would recognize the card but would Windows find the card and load the appropriate drivers? Any advice would be welcome. Bill

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My chipset is an intel 845GL /) which has no agp port and has onboard graphics. I do have an available pci slot so my question is, am I still able to get a better pci card to upgrade my video and bypass the integrated card using device manager?

Thanks in advance,


A:No Agp port and integrated graphics

you can turn off the onboard video in your bios, so when you put in a new psi card it's all you'll have. and it's possible to get a pci graphics card that's better than your onboard graphics, but don't expect to be playing farcry or bf2 on there.

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