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N23 Yoga Chromebook - Sudden shutdown, won't power on without charger; no local storage access?

Q: N23 Yoga Chromebook - Sudden shutdown, won't power on without charger; no local storage access?

Earlier today, I had shut the lid on my Chromebook (putting it into standby mode) and had put it away. At this point it had full power. About half an hour later, I had opened it up again, but it had shut off, and I coudn't get it to turn on again until I plugged it in to auxilary power. When it revived, it still had full battery, but had forgotten the details of the network until I had signed in. This is similar to another issue, wherein the system will occasionally stop opening and running user-installed applications and block any access to local storage (such as viewing and downloading files), citing lack of permission (which does not apply otherwise), until restarting and logging in again. My device is fully up-to-date on the stable update stream. Why am I having these issues? Are there any ways to fix this permanently (aside from purchasing a different device)?

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Preferred Solution: N23 Yoga Chromebook - Sudden shutdown, won't power on without charger; no local storage access?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Earlier today, I had shut the lid on my Chromebook (putting it into standby mode) and had put it away. At this point it had full power. About half an hour later, I had opened it up again, but it had shut off, and I coudn't get it to turn on again until I plugged it in to auxilary power. When it revived, it still had full battery, but had forgotten the details of the network until I had signed in. This is similar to another issue, wherein the system will occasionally stop opening and running user-installed applications and block any access to local storage (such as viewing and downloading files), citing lack of permission (which does not apply otherwise), until restarting and logging in again. My device is fully up-to-date on the stable update stream. Why am I having these issues? Are there any ways to fix this permanently (aside from purchasing a different device)?

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I usually travel to other countries that has 220v on the power outlets. Just wondering if the Yoga 720's power charger can also handle 220v

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I am searching a Power Adapter Charger for Lenovo Yoga 920-13IKB  I need a small product and with separable USB C cableWich features other  65 W is requested for a charger?https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mackertop-Adapter-Charger-MacBook-Charge/dp/B075N7KRKX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&q...Thanks in advance

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Has anyone tried to charge the Yoga 910 with a USB-C power bank or a USB-C car charger? does it work?

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After looking around the internet I've noticed this problem is quite common but...
As long as I am not playing a game my computer runs fine for hours this Critical Error only occurs when I'm running a game usually after few minutes. Most solutions suggested reinstalling audio driver/making sure there is only one. Well I only have one, it's up to date with one audio device running and was reinstalled a couple of days ago. It occurs in pretty much every game but the times before it happens varies for example Bad Company 2 runs for about 10 minutes where Just Cause 2 and Team Fortress 2 run up to about an hour. Critical error is always the same and always a shutdown even though Restart On System Failure is unchecked. Here is the entire error

BODY{font:x-small 'Verdana';margin-right:1.5em} .c{cursor:hand} .b{color:red;font-family:'Courier New';font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none} .e{margin-left:1em;text-indent:-1em;margin-right:1em} .k{margin-left:1em;text-indent:-1em;margin-right:1em} .t{color:#990000} .xt{color:#990099} .ns{color:red} .dt{color:green} .m{color:blue} .tx{font-weight:bold} .db{text-indent:0px;margin-left:1em;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding-left:.3em;border-left:1px solid #CCCCCC;font:small Courier} .di{font:small Courier} .d{color:blue} .pi{color:blue} .cb{text-indent:0px;margin-left:1em;margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px;padding-left:.3em;font:small Courier;color:#888888} .ci{font:small Courier;color:#888888} PRE{marg... Read more

A:Sudden shutdown Kernel Power 41 63

People PLEASE I need help on this I've tried everything I could possibly think of. I am extremely short on money so I have to be absolutely sure what to buy if it's a hardware issue. I need to find out what's causing this.

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Dear community, Recently my Yoga 3 14" seems to randomly lose power while working on it, even while plugged in. Charging is working fine and the sudden loss of power/shutdown doesn't happen always. Is there anyone that knows how to resolve this issue? When it loses power the screen goes black and the only way to get it back on is to hold the power button for a few seconds and force a shutdown. The power of the USB ports dies as well since my phone won't charge after the sudden black screen.

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I bought a new Yoga 500 15IBD 2 Months ago and since a view weeks the Laptop had several power breakdowns while in battery mode. All of a sudden the Laptop turns black, all lights and the hdd turns off and I have to connect the power cord to get it started again - although the Battery certainly isn't empty according to the OS-Battery indicators AND often having the Laptop fully charged less than half an hour ago. (The Yoga runs for at least 3 hours if the bug does not appear). Now this is no driver issue, I have the problem while running Windows 10, Linux Mint and Backbox Linux. I suppose it's either a battery issue or a faulty architectual design. Since  I see a lot of similar power-off related messages accross the spectrum of lenovo devices, could someone finally publically explain the source of the problem so there is a chance to get rid of it ... especially in future products?

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I am trying to use a feature of Iheartkroger.com website - I want to use the shopping list and import the ad - This is possible for most of the thousands signed up with this site but some of us get this error message "Javascript and Local Storage are required to make a Shopping List" I contacted the site owner and this was her response "

It it likely a local storage conflict...I have had 2 folks let me know that they are not able to create a list at work and it is b/c their settings are such that they don't have local storage. My tech gal said it is similar to cookies but a newer technology.

I wish that I could help but honestly I have no idea how it all works. Basically the info is saved on the user side ...so if you have any programs or network restrictions it may not work on your computer. I think most up to date browsers support local storage.

Based on the site here: http://dev-test.nemikor.com/web-storage/support-test/
It looks like there are very few (out of date browsers) which do not support local storage. If you are up to date that should not be the issue.

I hope that helps...also, when using the shopping list for the first time...give it a few seconds to build the list. Sometimes it can take a couple of seconds. Mine always seems to be a bit slower right after I have done any system updates on my computer."
I updated my Google Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers to latest as well as Java. I googled the error but it is WAY above my head - I ... Read more

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Four days ago my computer switched off just seconds after the XP logo appeared during the bootup process. Since then it has switched off in the same manner and at exactly the same moment whenever I have switched the computer on.

At first I suspected a problem had developed on the motherboard or with my computer's power-switch but after four days of tests I have finally found a way to get XP to load and for my computer to then be ready for normal use. I have to ensure that the XP installation disc is in the CD-Rom drive before I switch the machine on, and that the BIOS has been set to boot the computer from the CD-Rom drive. If I boot by this method, everything is fine. But obviously this is a tedious way by which to boot every day.

One of the first remedies I tried was running sfc.exe /scannow to get the Windows Protection program to check the XP files on my hard disc and to replace any that may have become corrupted. However, after running sfc.exe TWICE, the computer shut-down again the next time I rebooted (always at the same point, several seconds after the XP logo appears).

Yesterday I used the Repair facility which is on the XP installation disc, and after the Repair process was completed I was left with XP loaded and the computer functioning normally. However, the next time I rebooted from the hard drive (and without the installation disc being in the CD-Rom drive) the power again shut-off seconds after the XP logo appeared on the screen. (Up until that ... Read more

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Hi! I have 4 years old Lenovo Yoga Ideapad 13.  The problems started couple weeks ago, when the computer wouldn't run or start up without being plugged in. I followed some other people's advice and got a new battery. It seemed to fix to problem for while. Now few weeks after the same problem stands with the new battery. It won't start or run, but when plugged in it says the battery is 100% and charging.   I tried checking if the charger isn't working, but it charges all fine on my other Yoga, which has the same charger model. So please note that this isn't the common problem that is seen here on the forums, that the battery doesnt charge. I'm pretty frustrated, as this problem persists even though I changed the battery. Anyone have ideas? I figured it could have something to do with the battery wire connecting battery to the motherboard, but there doesn't seem to be any defects or loose wires.  However, I tried taking off the battery connection wire when plugged in, and then I get the message "No battery detected" instead of the regular "100% Fully charged". Any help is appreciated. 

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My hardware team has recommended a third party charger for the Chromebooks we have in the building.  The proposed replacements are 90W @ 4.62A wheras the OEM chargers are 45W @ 2.31A.   I am concerned that the higher amperage is going to damage the Chromebooks since they are labeled for input power of 19.5V @ 2.31A/3.33A.

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Im after a portable charger for my Chromebook 11 G4...anyone have any suggestions as to a  suitable product? Thanks

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Hi, I have this Chromebook and the charger is missing. I bought a replacement 5.25V x 3A micro-USB charger for this unit but it doesn't fit. I have exhausted all search avenues using the details given below in the product label. I am completely stumped. The HP SKU, nor UPN is findable on your site and they don't give me many leads on the web. I have checked the specs and cannot find any definitive information on the port connector type. Micro-USB doesn't fit. It appears it might be USB-C but that doesn't seem correct either because that seems to be a newer type of connector that would be unlikely on an older product like this. What is the standard connector type name for this product? Is there a part number or spec for the charger product? I'd appreciate any help - I'm completely stumped on this one! Regards Liam Caffrey  

A:Looking for a charger for Chromebook. No success.

Hi, Please try the following site in the UK:    https://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-11-1126UK-Chromebook-11/dp/B00GAT7PD0 Regards.

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HelloJust purchased the 900 27. The issue I'm having is the following.I click the shutdown (Windows Charm -> Power -> Shut Down)The computer shuts down and then a few seconds later it powers up on its own.I think I've tracked the issue down to the keyboard which is a 3rd party logitech wireless keyboard which I keep plugged in all the time so I don't have to worry about charging it.I've turned off all the relevant advanced power settings but still it powers on. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks  

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A:YOGA Home 900 27 Power On after Shutdown

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Does the same thing happen if you hold the Shift key and then do the Shut Down?   Doing so will do a full shut down of Windows.
Here is a good article on resolving wake up issues with Windows.  I suspect you have tried some of them, but the article maybe worth reviewing.

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My Chromebook 13 isn't working without the charger plugged in.  The battery is charging fine, and currently is sitting at 100%.  I did a battery test and it came back at 100% health, and discharged 0.00%.  Anyone know how to fix this.  If I unplug the charging cable it immediately turns off and wont turn on unless the cable is in.  Thanks 

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When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts button white light blinking my laptop model inspiron n5010
I tried all the steps like removing the battery and unplugged the charger and holds the power button for 30 second and reconnect no change.

A:When i connect charger to laptop the power button and charger light starts blinking

Hi ZMR 1986,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
* Are you able to boot into windows normally?
* Please try to boot into BIOS <F2> and check what is the status of the battery / adapter listed.
* Please update the BIOS to the latest available version from our Dell Support Site.
* Can we check with an alternate adapter?
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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This is the second time this occurs,and both times were ingame right after 2-3 minutes when launching,GTAV and now with BO2,it just went off and on with the following:

"Power supply surges detected during the previous power on.
Asus Anti-surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit!
Press F1 to Run Setup"

What could be causing this ?

A:Sudden shutdown "Power supply surges detected during the previous...."

This could be caused by your household power supply suffering from a power surge, or a sudden short power outage.

Your computer PSU (Power Supply Unit) is developing a fault. If your PSU has a separate power switch, usually located at the back of the computer on the PSU, try switching of on & off a few times. Only do this with the computer shut down. Sometimes these switches lose contact through lack of use, so operating them a few times helps.

You need a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). Google Uninterruptable Power Supplies & see which ones might suit you.

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What exact type and form factor is the main storage in the C730 N2840 32GB 4GB 30cm Chromebook? It's the 11.6 in the antiquated units.Some resellers state it is an SSD, others state it is an eMMC.The latter isn't much use to me.The Acer site doesn't state.  Means I'm kind of screwed if I open it up to find out it has an eMMC.

A:C730 Chromebook storage form factor?

Hello, Here are all motherboards of the Chromebook C730 - N2840 series:Spoiler (Highlight to read)MAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.16GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.16GBMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.32GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.32GB.CARD.READERMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.16GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.16GBMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.2GB.EMMC.32GB.RDRMAIN BD.W/CPU.N2840.MEM.4GB.EMMC.32GB.CARD.READERSo it is an eMMC of 32Gb.

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What exact type and form factor is the main storage in the C730 N2840 32GB 4GB 30cm Chromebook? It's the 11.6 in the antiquated units.Some resellers state it is an SSD, others state it is an eMMC.The latter isn't much use to me.The Acer site doesn't state.  Means I'm kind of screwed if I open it up to find out it has an eMMC.

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My Product Name is HP Pavilion g6 2301 ax Notebook PC Operating System : Windows 8 64-bitProcessor : AMD A8-4500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.90 GHz Promblem is since from 2 months my pc is making Shutdown Automatically and the immediatelywhen i am starting the PC getting the message as "THERMAL SHUTDOWN OCCURRED" and The system bios has detected that your Notebook PC was put into shutdown and restarting normally. so i willing to have a better solution for solving this Problem by further problems.and i should also want to know why it is occurring/happening like this. this may cause harmful to PC?what to do by escaping or to solve this problem. waiting for your Communication

A:Sudden Shutdown Occurs and display THERMAL SHUTDOWN OCCURRED...

Hi FARHEEN. You are definitely experiencing overheating. This can be caused by a non-functioning system fan, or if the air ducts are blocked. Overheating can reduce the life of your computer, so you will want to resolve this as soon as you can. Here are a few troubleshooting documents you can use to help you.

Troubleshooting an Overheating and Auto Shutdown Issue

Reducing Heat Inside the PC to Prevent Overheating:


If they do not resolve the issue, you will want to contact Phone support.

HP technical support: 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region please click the link below to get the support number for your region. http://www.hp.com/cgi-bin/hpsupport/index.pl

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Recently, I disconnected the AC power supply to be able to work elsewhere in the house.  When I reconnected the AC power supply and left the computer on the computer had gone into a hybernate mode.  It did awaken and I could continue until the task was finished.  Again I left the computer on.  When I returned the screen was dark and I assumed that it had reverted to the hybernate mode.  However it would not resume.  I checked the socket on the computer for the light which would indicate that power is being fed to the computer.  It was DARK.  Since the power supply is plugged into a power strip, I checked to make sure the strip was on.  The indicator light remained DARK.  I plugged to power supply into a known live outlet.  The indicator light remained DARK.  Using a volt meter, I found that the AC outlet was good and the output at the DC end of the power supply showed 19.88 volts DC.  At this point I assumed that the Power Jack Cable Harness had broken somehow. Searching the internet, HP support, and HP forum pages revealed no clear solution.  I left a message on "HP Support Forum Home>Notebooks>Hardware>Re: Charging Pin and Power Connector Broken"on 6-20-16 but have had no reply at this time except to offer a phone conversation. Since then, I needed to have access to the information on the hard drive.  Removing the hard drive meant that the top of the computer had to be removed. &nb... Read more

A:Sudden computer failure - won't charge but AC Charger output...

Well, assuming the AC adapter is good (which appears to be the case) then it is either the power jack harness or the motherboard itself. I am a bit confused how the light on the AC adapter brick stays dark when the output is testing OK. I assume you have removed the battery and tried to hold down the "on" button 30 seconds. There are lots of power-related daughterboards like the power button board and it is so hard to test them. Do you have the Manual: Service Manual  

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Hi guys if i remote into my XP box everything is fine except when i shut down using a shutdown shortcut and other shutdown utilities no matter what after i get booted off the remote session the computer looks like its shutting down then stays on for a few seconds then a BSOD appear. I have been trying to figure out why for the past week and no solution so im hoping someone can chime in.

The problem is only on remote if i shut down locally never a single BSOD and no hardware has changed. No driver issues. ive read and tried all the usual solutions. Need someone here to chime in on specifics.

Ive also tried to remote in with bare minimum and no go. same thing.

A:Remote desk shutdown causes BSOD but not local shutdown?


Still follow these instructions - hopefully the info will give us a clue: http://www.techsupportforum.com/f217...ml#post2545708

Attach the .zip file to your next post in this thread.


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A photo colleague dumped his Chromebook on my lap (gratis) with some [email protected]#$ comments ... I will not comment as to why, and I thought this could replace my clunky W540 for pre made portfolio/slide or video presentations. OK, here is the deal.  The Cloud storage is nice, but I'm off on the road with no WiFi, at a client's house. Last time I tested the Chrome Cloud, the presentation 'stuttered' and the flow was disconcerting, and was a discredit to my abilities. I have mutliple prsentations, and 16gb is not enough, particularly when visiting distinct client with different or multiple  portfolio requirements. Is there any way to change the 16gb standard card to a 64gb (There are now 200gb micro SD cards!): Sandisk 200GB SD - The future. I hate to fiddle with the built in SD port, not counting the potential loss of these tiny cards.  I would like it to be an  internal or at least sealed and protected from accidental 'pop-outs'. As the eMMC is actually built on the SD card protocol, can I open and replace the meager 16gb with a more modern larger storage for of WiFi use. Any hack or hints before I pass this unit off, would be appreciated.  Incredible 'oyster' closure system.  Even the Chrome Pixel has a lid finger catch groove.

A:Yoga 11e Chromebook

I do have and use the "SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive":  Did not try it in Chromebook yet, as the Google Store does not seem to have the Chrome extension.  It does play well on my Adroids (Cell and Tablet). Sandisk Wireless Media drive. That may be a way to go if I can get it to work as just a raw drive using some workaround software controls.  I guess another workaround and something else to carry & lose.  

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My Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't recognize charger any more. And unfortunately my warranty expired 2 month ago.It was plugged in and working in the morning, but then in the afternoon I noticed that it was running on the battery only. It wont start without battery (just charger plugged in).
1. So here what I have done to debug. Me and my brother, we have purchased the same Dell laptops at the same time a year and a bit ago. This is why for a debugging purposes it was good.I took my charger and plugged in to his computer. And it works. Definitely not the charger issue I guess. And when I plug charger in to my computer, green light is still on the charger. And I have the original charger that came with the laptop.
2. Now, laptop works on the battery only, so this means that motherboard is working. I guess.
3. Next thing I did was unplugged charger and removed the battery from the laptop. Then I pushed and hold "Power" button for 45 seconds to discharge a flea charge. Plugged charger back in but laptop wont start.
4. Next I started laptop on the battery, went to BIOS and checked if the charger is recognized in the BIOS. No, it doesn't recognize charger. So, if it is not a charger then what else can it be?
5. Laptop doesn't have any strange smells so I'm not sure if anything happened with the motherboard, but I would assume mother board is ok because it works of the battery.
6. I was thinking updating the BIOS, but I can't, because it wont update whi... Read more

A:Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 doesn't work with charger. Charger is not recognized. Not charger problem.

Hi CJ777,
Thanks for reaching out with your query. You pretty much figured out all points of failure. Good job.
If the adapter is not detected in BIOS, it most likely is an issue with the mother board. In the BIOS set up, AC adapter should show up as 65w or 90w. If the adapter status is 'None' or 'Unknown Device Installed', it indicates that the mother board is not detecting the adapter for which the battery is not getting charged. Once the battery charge drains, I'm sure the adapter will not charge it again. Replacing the system board should resolve this issue.

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I have had the 3rd gen 11e thinkpad yoga chromebook for a year now. Recently the tablet function has stopped working. I haven't changed or locked anything on it. I've looked at the orientation and it is still set to standard. When I flip the screen past the hinges it used to flip like a tablet, now it won't. Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi all, I bought Yoga 11e Chromebook for a high schooler in my family, and she was happy with it. A couple of weeks ago, in her science class she couldn't access some web resources - I bet they written as "Windows or Mac only" web resources.   Now, I am thinking installing Windows on it, to make her school life easier - Because she is a student she can have a Windows license at no cost from government software centre for students.   The machine is still under warranty and I would like to know: 1. Will Lenove be helpful to provide me all the information?2. Can I do this without warranty void?3. Is it possible to install WIndows on Yoga 11e Chromebook?4. Where can I find the installation procedure?   Thanks!

A:Installing Windows on Yoga 11e Chromebook?

As long as you can enter development mode I beleive you can install Windows on it (assuming the hardware meets the requirements) http://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-install-windows-8-on-your-google-chromebook-pixel.350111/ While it is for the pixel, the instructions seem to be universal for chromebooks.   I'm not sure about warranty voiding though. 

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Hi, Has anyone had any success using the N23 Yoga Chromebook and a USB serial adapter.  I have verified that my USB-A port is good but I have tried several different USB to Serial Adapters and none of them are being recognized.  Several hours of research today led me to a suggestion that requires modifing a file in the root filesystem "android.hardware.usb.host.xml" and I would rather not do that.   Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks,Kevin

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I have been using Vista Home Premium with Dlink's DSM-G600 NAS / Access point device for weeks. I could access both the hard drive on the DSM-G600 and drives attached to it via USB.

Now...suddenly...everything is an invalid user or password statement.

Though I didn't expect this to work, I did modify local security policy via regedit. No improvement.

The odd thing is this all seemed to start when I tried to use the Backup and Restore application within Vista to save a copy of my hard drive to NAS.


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Hi, I have following problem: If I charge my chromebook and have it in sleep mode (e.g. closed lid), it will turn off (crash) after a while. Powerwash hasn't solved the problem.I like to just put the chromebook in sleep all the time.I got it 6 months ago and it started that behavior about one month ago.I would appreciate any help. Thanks,orakeldel

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Last week, I purchased a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad 11e Yoga Chromebook.  When I received it, it was sealed in the original packaging with a sticker indicating that it had been refurbished at a Lenovo facility.  When I turned it on, I got stuck at the Enterprise Enrollment screen.  It seems that it was registered to the domain of the original owner and would not let anyone login without credentials for that domain.  The trackpad was also non-responsive, but I figured once I logged in, I could toggle the trackpad settings and get it working. There was a link to contact Google for help with this, so I followed those instructions.  Google said that they could not help me, and that I'd need to contact the original owner to have them de-register the device.  Since I had no connection to the original owner, I contacted the seller who apologized and told me that, since the device had a full warranty, Lenovo should be able to fix the issue. So, I contacted Lenovo for help on Sunday.  The Tech Support Agent that I spoke to first tried to tell me to return the device and get something that ran Windows since Chrome OS and Android are inferior(!).  Anyway, once I assured him that I did indeed want a Chromebook and knew all about Chrome OS, he told me that I could send it in for repair, and that all they'd need to do was wipe the system and re-install the OS with a consumer image instead of the enterprise image that was on the m... Read more

A:EasyServ Repair Problems 11e Yoga Chromebook

Just wanted to update this.  I spoke to one of the managers (i think) in the Depot who took responsibility for the repair of my new Chromebook.  Long story short, it's been repaired, I received it back today, and it's working.

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Hi, I'm looking for the write protect screw on the Lenovo Yoga 11e 3rd Generation Chromebook. I cannot remove the Keyboard Bezel, so I wanted to ask, is this screw that is next to the M2x4, and above this chip, the Write-Protect Screw? Thanks.

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I think im affected by this battery problem https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht102953 the image installs succesfully but i cant see any message in the syslog saying anything about the battery update, because is empty all the time. top tool shows an uptime of 30 minutes... long enough for the upgrade to finish. I tried it several times. how can i tell what version of the battery firmware am i running? im still getting very low battery live (around 2h) thanks!!

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A:very short battery live in my yoga 11e chromebook

The symptoms seem to match .   The support tip you reference is being updated in the next 24-48 hours.
You might try this alternate / new solution....
In ThinkPad 11e Chromebook and ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook, the battery may experience poor longevity or not be able to power the system with the battery alone.
To update the battery firmware:

Logon to the Chromebook and update the Chromebook to the latest version of Chrome OS. (https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/177889?hl=en)
Press Ctrl-Alt-T to enter the crosh terminal page.
Plug in the A/C power adapter and keep it plugged while performing the following step.
In the crosh terminal page, type battery_firmware update and press Enter to update the firmware.  It may take up to 10 minutes.  Do not remove A/C power until the update has completed.


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Can anyone recommend a car charger for a Yoga 720, S/N MP1BGWOJ?  Need 12V cigarette lighter plug with a USB-C plug into the computer.  Seems to be plenty devices available with the power requirements, but can't find one with the USB-C connector.  The included AC charger is rated at 45W. Thanks.

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Just picked a Yoga 710-14ISK. Looking for a car charger for this laptop. Don't see anything offered by Lenovo. Is there one that I'm not seeing or has anyone found a good one that works with the 710? Thanks.

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Is there any adapter to go from a car's cigarette lighter outlet to the USB2-combination power plug on the laptop.  Or is the option I am using of plugging a 110 volt charger into a compact 75 or 130 watt inverter acceptably ineffecient?  My unit has a 512 GB SSD.  Does that use more or less pwer than a rotating hard drive?  Thanks.  Newby to this forum. 

Sandy Isaacs

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We're currently running into an issue with an older Yoga ThinkPad model 20C0. Specifically when these devices were upgraded to Windows 10, they've encountered issues sporatically when users would shutdown or sleep the device. The system's screen will go black, but the LED power indicator on the palm rest "ThinkPad" sticker and atop the laptop itself. This behavior continues until the battery is fully drained. Here is what I've gathered so far. Early false positives led us to believe the Intel Management software was at issue, but a colleague eventually found that if Chrome and/or Firefox were running at the time sleep was initiated, the problem would be triggered. The behavior is inconsistent regardless of which driver is installed for Intel MEI or Intel HD Graphics. Currently using the following driver versions: Intel MEI:'s latest version is and Intel HD Graphics is Lenovo's current version Windows 10 1703 Enterprise OS Build # 15063.540. Anyone else encounter this issue? I know it is something plaguing Windows 10 users accross multiple hardware vendors and the only things that seem consistent is Windows 10 and Intel Gfx thus far. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated! JH  

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I recently got my Yoga 11e Chromebook and the wireless-status indicator which is ontop of the laptop's screen.  When I shut my laptop down, the light doesn't go off. Everything else is off like the ThinkPad light. It is draining my battery power and I looked through support and I couldn't get any help from it. I have the latest Chrome OS (Version 39). I believe it could be a hardware problem but if it is a software problem, can you please advise me on how to fix this problem.  Thank you

A:Yoga 11e Chromebook Wireless-Status Indicator prob...

Any help at all? I desperately need help.  I found out that some other people who got the same laptop as mine have this problem and some don't.

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I just got a new Yoga 11e Chromebook and can't get the two-finger right-click touchpad function to work. The Settings for the touchpad don't seem to apply. Any ideas?  I went to the Lenovo support site to see about updated drivers, but none were shown.

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I've had my HP Chromebook since December 2014 and never had any issues with it. I love using it! Two days ago I switched the Chromebook off when it had about 8% battery left knowing I'd need to charge it when I next used it, however, it now won't start up at all and there is no charge coming from the AC adapter either. I have noticed that the Chromebook seems to be losing charge even when switched off recently as sometimes I've pout it away with 20% charge left and yet it's still been completely dead when I've next tried to use it; it never did that before. Anyway, my Chromebook is now useless to me and the HP website suggests it came out f warrenty 11mths after I purchased it in Novemver 2015. What can be done? It seems ludicrous that the damned thing hasn't lasted me 2 years yet. Please help... Anyone?

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i'm trying to charge via the essentialphone charger which charges at 9v 3a (27w) but it's not working. it SEEMS to be able to keep it not discharging, however it doesnt charge. and if i turn off computer, it still doesnt charge. very weird?

A:Yoga 720 13" not charging via 27W usb-c charger

Not weird.  The 720 needs 20V to charge.  If your adapter can't provide that or correctly negotiate that it's not surprising that it doesn't work.
"AC adapter  20 V, 45 W (Lenovo YOGA 720-13IKB)"

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I purchased a refurbished Yoga 13 from the Lenovo outlet in January. The charging port broke shortly after, but it still charged just fine. The center post in the charging port separated from rest of the port. It still works fine to this day, but it won't last forever and I want to get it fixed before my warranty is up. That side of the laptop is separated a little, like  screw isn't attached properly or something and I feel this is most likely the reason it was damaged. Will this be covered under my warranty, and if it is not where do I find a replacement part so I can repair it myself? Thank you.

A:Yoga 13 Charger port

hi SephirothWGP,
Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.
Physical damages are not usually covered under the warranty (i.e. cracked screen, bent pins, etc.) but in your case, if you think that there's something internal that caused the charging port issue then I recommend you contact lenovo to report the issue (they'll probably ask you to send the unit in for service and have a technician take a look at it to see if it's covered or not).
In the event that it's not covered, you can fix the charing port by replacing the following part:
You can get spare parts via the lenovo spare parts website - http://www.lenovospareparts.com (if a part is out of stock, click Help on the upper right corner and fillout the contact form for an ETA). Doing a google search should give you third party websites that also sells the same part - like this one.
Hope this helps

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Hello,Can I use a 3rd-party USB-C charger(60W-20V/3A) with my Thinkpad Yoga 370?  

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