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Fix BIOS incorrect power-on password prompt on certain Toshiba Laptops

Q: Fix BIOS incorrect power-on password prompt on certain Toshiba Laptops

I turned on my computer last night and was locked out with a BIOS password prompt. Super frustrating and it takes a lot of time to send in laptop for "free" repair as noted on Toshiba Support Notice: http://askiris.toshiba.com/ToshibaS...iceId=&dialogID=33671841&stateId=0 0 33673053

I found the repair info over several blogs and forums regarding this problem. It is a really easy fix, with just a little bit of work and patience. I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4014. This should also work on a A100 since they are of the same family.
1) like always with anything that you do when taking your computer apart, take out the battery and unplug it (common sense)
2) Remove the plastic cover piece above the keyboard, called the "keyboard bezel". this is the piece where you can see the speakers. This page gives several pictures as to how to do this. http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/toshiba-satellite-a135/remove-mainboard-2.htm
**I found it a little bit difficult to get the plastic retaining clips to "pop" loose, but if you are careful, you can use a small screw driver and slowly "wiggle-pry" between the two screen mounts. this is done with the screen all the way back. you could use a paper clip with a little 1/8" bend at tip to do this also. (it is a tight working area) Once these three retaining clips have come loose the others are fairly easy to "pop" Just be patient and work it slowly. once this is bezel is off the rest is super easy.**
3) Remove the keyboard. Remove the two screws that are evident once the bezel has been removed. These hold the keyboard in place. Lift the keyboard up from the screw side and the retaining clips at the front of the keyboard will lift out. (there is no need to pry here). Once the keyboard is loose you will have to either leave it connected, just off to the side, or disconnect it from the mother board. The keyboard cable connector has a black clip along the top of it. just lift this clip up a little and the keyboard cable will slide out. (the keyboard cable does not have a fixed connector, but is just a ribbon that is held in place by the black clip along the top of the keyboard cable connector) Once you have removed it you will better understand what I mean.
4) Remove the wireless card. It is the only card visible at this point. It is connected by metal spring clips. just unclip in a similar fashion as removing ram. You do not need to disconnect the wires connected to card, just move card over to expose area below card.
5) This is where the magic is... you will see C88 clearly labeled right next the jack that the wireless card plugs into. There are two little solder squares (approx 1/16") at this location. *** At this point plug the power adapter to your computer again. ***
You will have to jump the two solder squares at label C88. I used a paper clip to do this. I used pliers to bend a 1/8" long "L" and then "scuffed" up the paperclip with the teeth of the pliers. (my first try at this did not work because the paperclip had a varnish coating on it and did not adequately conduct electricity.) Once you have your paperclip set up (or the one you used to pry the bezel with) hold it in place on these two solder contact squares and press the power button to boot your computer.
6) Your computer should boot right up and bypass the bios password, which is now reset/ erased. (You might see the Windows Error startup screen that gives you different options of start up to choose. If you disconnected your keyboard, just wait for screen to time-out and it will continue on its own) Once you have booted into windows use your mouse pad to shutdown, via start-shutdown method.
7) Disconnect your power. Reinstall your wireless card and keyboard (with screws). Don't reinstall keyboard bezel at this time. Once everything (but bezel) is reinstalled, restart the computer with battery and AC adapter connected. This should boot right into your computer without any trouble. (if for some reason it does not boot up correctly and asks for the bios password again you will be glad you left the bezel off. just redo the steps again.)
8) Go to Toshiba and get the latest Bios for your laptop. here is the link: http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_modSel.jsp
Choose your computer in menus provided. download the latest bios version. Using a cd burning program like "Nero" burn the image file to a cd. reboot computer and press F12 to choose boot method and boot from cd. this is the best way to update your bios. there is a way to just run from windows but I do not recommend it. This is a way to get into even worse trouble. If you need software to burn Image files just go to Nero and download their trial. It will work for 30 days and will work perfectly for this important task.
9) If for some reason you are still having trouble just reply to post and I will see if there is more that I can do to help.
I hope this has been of help to those as frustrated as I was. It is long winded but I like things explained fully before diving into a toy that costs a lot of money. I also do not like to send my computer away to some company that may or may not invade my privacy. I have a lot of personal stuff on my computer, as we all do. When the fix is this easy, I would rather do it myself.
SHOULD WORK ON FOLLOWING COMPUTERS: (other models probably follow a similar approach though.)

Satellite A100-ST1041, Satellite A100-ST1042, Satellite A100-ST8211, Satellite A105-S4001, Satellite A105-S4002, Satellite A105-S4004, Satellite A105-S4011, Satellite A105-S4012, Satellite A105-S4014, Satellite A105-S4021, Satellite A105-S4022, Satellite A105-S4024, Satellite A105-S4031, Satellite A105-S4034, Satellite A105-S4051, Satellite A105-S4054, Satellite A105-S4064, Satellite A105-S4074, Satellite A105-S4084, Satellite A105-S4092, Satellite A105-S4094, Satellite A105-S4102, Satellite A105-S4104, Satellite A105-S4114, Satellite A105-S4124, Satellite A105-S4132, Satellite A105-S4134, Satellite A105-S4144, Satellite A105-S4154, Satellite A105-S4164, Satellite A105-S4174, Satellite A105-S4184, Satellite A105-S4194, Satellite A105-S4201, Satellite A105-S4204, Satellite A105-S4211, Satellite A105-S4214, Satellite A105-S4244, Satellite A105-S4254, Satellite A105-S4274, Satellite A105-S4284, Satellite A105-S4294, Satellite A105-S4304, Satellite A105-S4324, Satellite A105-S4334, Satellite A105-S4342, Satellite A105-S4344, Satellite A105-S4374, Satellite A105-S4384, Satellite A105-S4397, Satellite A105-S4547, Satellite A105-S45472, Tecra A7-S612, Tecra A7-S712

Preferred Solution: Fix BIOS incorrect power-on password prompt on certain Toshiba Laptops

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Fix BIOS incorrect power-on password prompt on certain Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba Password error

Hey Subscan
Thanks so much for the great post. I have seen your fix on other posts also. I have a different model but same problem Satellite M105-S3004 bios password error. I have a different layout on my model. I cannot find terms c88 on the board from what I can see without taking the body apart, My wireless is in a different location on the bottom thru a access panel. I have tried a boot disk that wood update bios and fix issue but no fix there either, What does c88 bypass when jumped? I also have a finger scan that gives me the scan your finger or enter password error, Any help or Ideas wood help greatly. Thanks

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hi guys, i just got bad crash on my computer and cant launch from usb, i dont not know hwat the bios password is to enable it. i get this error: System Disabled: [i  73563900]

A:bios admin password incorrect

@Cloneman88 Enter   62441326

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Hi There. Recently out of nowhere i've turned my laptop on and been promted to enter a BIOS/power on password however ive never set one. Ive seen other posts on the support forums where people would post there system disabled code and have the password generated for them My code is 84777601 Is it possible someone could post what my password would be? 

A:Incorrect BIOS Password, System Disabled

Hi @Petermail Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. For the provided system disabled code, you need to enter this >> 31655227    as a response.You can use it to unlock the BIOS and reset security settings.  Let me know how it goes. Hope this helps.

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I have the message "System Disabled" with code 50614711 after the incorrect bios password was entered 3 times.  How do I unlock this?

A:Stream "System Disabled" after incorrect Bios password

@itgerg? Enter   45772337 Regards, DP-K

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I'm having a problem with a Toshiba Satellite L300D. After I reinstalled the HDD it would beep. To solve this I went into BIOS to look and see if the board had some sort of intrusion setting. When I exited the BIOS and restarted I know get the Enter Current Password (with a blue background on a black screen) with continuos beeps. The thing is it seems to auto enter in 10 characters (*) and then stop. There are no other options.

I have searched unsuccessfully for any info about this and I cant even find where the CMOS is located which I think is soldered onto the board.

Has anybody had any similar experience like this?
I would really appreciate any help its driving me crazy.

A:Bios Password 'Enter Current Password' on Toshiba Satellite

Your thread is closed. We do not help with password problems. This is clearly stated in the rules section.
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Please read and follow the rules when posting.

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I recently purchased a 2nd ThinkPad 240 on eBay.  My existing unit boots just fine but sometimes the display goes nuts until I press on the bezel beneath the LCD a few times.  I was hoping the 2nd unit would be an easy fix so I could use it instead of the original unit.  The 2nd unit was identified as having a password prompt that comes up and the seller included a screen shot that showed it to be the "power-up password" prompt.  According to the Service Manual for this model, it should be a simple fix by powering down, disconnect the AC power, remove the battery pack, unscrew 3 screws and lift the keyboard out of the way then short the J1 jumper to clear the BIOS.  That was easily enough done but unfortunately it has yet to remove the power-up password prompt.  I tried pulling the battery pack overnight but that didn't have any affect.  I have not been able to see a backup battery in the unit so far.  Both of my 240's have serial numbers in the BA-98xxx range which I believe indicates they have the Type A LCD display.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide! 

A:ThinkPad 240 (2609-41U) Power-up password prompt

Welcome to the forum!What you're looking at is known as Supervisor Password, and there is little that you can do with the board unless you know the password.Forum rules prohibit password cracking techniques.You should have no issues transplanting the screen from the unit #2 to unit #1, though.Good luck.

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Hello. I'm new to this forum, and I'm not super experienced, so I hope I'm not overlooking something basic or don't understand something, but here's my question:

I set the "supervisor password" and the "user password" in the BIOS set-up in windows xp professional (pavilion a1010, p4). After turning off the computer and then powering it back up, I am not prompted for the "user password" (which is the power-on password, right?). I am, however, prompted for the "supervisor password", if I try to enter BIOS set-up, indicating to me that the CMOS battery is good. When I do enter BIOS set-up the "supervisor password" and the "user password" are still indicated to be "enabled". Any insights on why my computer is not prompting me for the power-on password would much appreciated. Thank you.

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Our firm has had many Latitude e5520, 30, 40 and 50 computers over the past 6 years.  I always set up the BIOS system password option.  We also use the Dell port replicators with multiple external monitors.  When the user turns on the computer using the power button on the port replicator the BIOS password prompt screen would appear on the external monitor so they can enter the password.  We have recently purchased 5 new Latitude e5570 computers.  I set up the BIOS password on these new computers just like I have done in the past on the older models.  However it seems that the Dell logo and the BIOS password prompt does not appear on an external monitor.  I removed the computer from the port replicator and connected a VGA monitor to the external monitor port on the back of the e5570 and still the BIOS password screen does not appear.  I have to open the laptop to view the BIOS password prompt to enter the password then the external monitor will display the Windows 7 boot up screen.  I spoke with Dell tech support and they said that this is normal.  How can this be normal when all Latitude model e5520, 5530, 5540 and 5550 never had this problem. I even downloaded the most recent BIOS update and that did not fix the issue.   I cannot have the user open the laptop just to see the BIOS password prompt.  I told Dell support that something is not right with their BIOS software but they again said the e5570 is working ... Read more

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Have a Satellite PRO S300 (PSSB0A-06500T) which is BSOD-ing with Stop 7B and I want to get into the full part of the BIOS so I can reset boot order to enable me to re-install Win XP.

Esc - F1 just gets me into the restricted part of Page 1 of the ACPI BIOS set-up. I know the Supervisor password! So how do I get to a password prompt that will allow me into both pages of the BIOS set-up.

I have tried F12 on boot to attempt to get into the boot options on the Toshiba splash screen, but that does not work.

A:Sat S300 - How to get Supervisor Password Prompt to Enter Full BIOS Setup?

I think you hold down a button during power on. Try holding the "INS" key to get the supervisor password prompt to appear.

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yesterday i set the bios/supervisor password.

When i now turn on the notebook, i can see the Toshiba - Leading innovations screen and then it goes dark and won't boot any further.

The harddisk / fan / graphics card etc is working - but i don't see anything nor do i get some kind of prompt or shell or whatsoever.

I tried all those "Press, ESC, Press F2, Press F1, Press INS" stuff, nothing worked out.
I removed the battery for several mins while pressing the power button, nothing.

Maybe somebody has some kind of clue whats wrong with this maschine....

A:Portege R830-1EE: Supervisor / Bios password - No Boot or login prompt


Did you use some high ASCII character like ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? etc in your BIOS / Supervisor password?

In the past the usage of such characters prevented the notebook from booting up.
In such case you had to contact the service partner in order to solve this problem.

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HiAbout week ago, my Toshiba laptop spontaneously crashed, so I used the "Delete/Pwr Button" method to shut it down. When I booted up again, it asked me for a password (right after the intro screen which proudly states "Toshiba", and use the F2, F12 keys now to choose boot setting and/or setup). I didn't know the password, so after three random (and wrong) combinations, the system shut itself down. I tried it several times, and I tried the F2 and F12 keys, but both of them require the same password. So, naturally, I started researching online. I found some "back way" passwords, but none of them worked. I also found a PCI plug, a floppy disk, but the laptop can't use either of those (curse buying good computers in the 21st century!). Any advice?

A:Toshiba Bios Password Help?

I would contact toshiba, or read the documentation available online to get access to your computer again.

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I bought a Toshiba SA50-112 on EBay and have found that the BIOS is passworded. I have hunted for a solution, removed the CMOS battery and taken it apart to try to find anything to short across and have not found anything that works.
It does not have a parallel port so cant use that device. No floppy drive for a software solution. The person I bought it from said he picked it up in a job lot and cant help. Toshiba are, as always, utterly useless unless I pay them more than the laptop is worth (their standard way of doing business).
Can anyone help me, please?

A:Toshiba A50 BIOS Password

Is the password protecting just the bios settings, or does it lock down everything, including boot to the OS?

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I never kept a bios password but my hp notebook 15-g ask power on password while starting. after three attempts it shows system disabled 63368486

A:System Disable 63368486 bios power on password password erro...

Hi,          Use the below code for reset 72040408

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Does anyone know how to remove the bios password on a Toshiba Satellite A10 or A15?
The laptop starts with a password prompt, has no LPT printer port and no disk drive.


A:BIOS password Toshiba satelite A10 or A15

reflash the bios chip, using external programmer.

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Hi guys,

I just wanna know is there a way to remove/reset my laptop bios password? i try googling how and all i seems to find is for me to dissemble my laptop and well i really am not good when it comes to hardware stuff, so i was wondering is there other way for me to remove it without messing with my laptop hardware?


A:Toshiba Laptop Bios Password

Hello Parachute and welcome to the forums

Why do you want to remove this password? Is this computer yours?

We need a lot of details about your problem please, to put it bluntly, I have to decide whether you have a stolen laptop and are trying to use it, or you've simply forgotten your password. I'm not suggesting you've stolen a laptop or anything, I'm simply trying to explain myself


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How do I change the BIOS password on a Toshiba laptop?

A:Toshiba Laptop BIOS Password

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I was asked to make an old XP laptop wireless, so no problem, i'll get a dongle for it blah blah.

But, when I boot The machine all I get is a quick bios splash screen then 'Password = ' at the top left of the screen

The machine is a Toshiba Equium

I tried the supposed default 'Toshiba' to no avail

One method I have read is to remove the cmos battery then replace after an hour or so, but as it is not my machine I'm reluctant to do this.

Just hoping one of you guys/gals out there know a way of bypassing this password or something

As always, Cheers in advance


A:Toshiba Equium bios password?

do you know the model number?

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Right before this problem happened, I had suddenly experienced a weird screen glitch and knew to restart my computer. Now, it asks for a BIOS admin or power on password which I did not set. What the heck is going on, and what could I do to fix this??  --WHAT-I-HAVE-TRIED--I have tried "12345"I have tried a blank fieldI have tried "biosPower"-------------------------- --COMPUTER-INFO--Product: HP Stream Notebook 11 (no touchscreen)Product version: 8.1 (x64 architecture)---------------------- If I need to put any more info, just ask.

View Solution.

A:BIOS "Admin Password or Power On Password" needed for startu...

@GlitchMasta47? At the password screen, hit enter 3 times and you should receive a halt code - enter this on the site below. https://bios-pw.org/ Regards, DP-K

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I had some one send me a laptop from abroad and after what appears to be a tire some wating around it arrived but when i boot it up it requests for a bios password i had removed the cmos battery but it steil requests for a bios pass word can any one tell me how i can get read for this problem pls.
thank u in advance

A:Toshiba L300 bios password reset

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I have Toshiba C55-B5202 laptop. Yesterday when I turned on It showed Enter Password out of nowhere. To my knowledge it must be BIOS password. I searched for this in google, and I found few people had the same problem with different models of Toshiba laptops. Some people sorted out the problem by using jumpers on the motherboard.
I don't know which jumer to short in my laptop model. I had assembled PCs, so I have no hesitation in opening my laptop .Please help me. I am out of warranty.

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Hello Forum

Can anybody help me to solve Bios password issue ,which İ dont know.ı am out of garantie.Used jumper on G1 on the screen appears change time etc.But it changes and ask me password!!! Thank you in advance.
Ps.İf ı should replace memory card on 2 ?
İnstead 1..F2 .0 f12 f8 didnt helped.

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attempting to fix my friends laptop that he stuck in the closet 2 years ago...

called Toshiba-for a fee i can send it to them.

cmos battery soldiered to board, if i reset that will it work?

A:Toshiba A105 mystery bios password fix...anyone

Your friend has no clue as to what it could be? Maybe he just used the same password as he used for logon.

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Hello. Dear Tech Support, can you help me remove the BIOS password on Toshiba Tecra A8 ?

Challenge Code = GH1PF-YLL2C-CKQVT-K2U75-JJF0K

A:Need to remove BIOS password on Toshiba Tecra A8

You need to send it in to a Toshiba Service Center for password removal. There is no other way.

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This is my sexy friend's mini laptop. She set BIOS password and forgot it
I googled and find nothing helpful. Tried pressing 0 and power on, didn't work.
It's Toshiba NB500 -00D with Windows 7 Starter. I can't get past the bios password. Any tips or suggestion? Or I'm really stuck?

A:Remove BIOS password for Toshiba NB500 -00D?

You are going have to contact Toshiba and ask if they have or use a Master Password for their BIOS.
Otherwise, you are SOL (Sorry Out of Luck).

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I have a toshiba satellite laptop a65, that my kids made a bios password for and now have forgotten it. after searching , ive tried parallel port loop back. ive looked for a dip switch.
ive tried many standards, like hold the shift key while booting.escape ky and a bunch of others. i have a second same kind of laptop i can mutate if needed to by pass this bios password. i just dont know where the actual memory resides. its not the hard drive. the cmos battery is soldered in. im stumped , cause im relatively just a real curious laymen about computer hardware. im just not afraid to learn any help would be great thanx

A:how do you bypass bios password. on a toshiba laptop.

The rules are as stated;

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Sorry, no one can help you in the aspect.

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Hi  Can anyone help me sort a problem out. I cannot for the life of me remember the power on password and now all that shows is system disabled and a code 69468164 Is there a way to clear the old password??? Any help appreicated

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A:Power On Password lost - Adminsitrator Password - BIOS

@26kenley? Enter     76540160 Regards, DP-K

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Hi Try :23484210

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if l turn on my computer it we show me password l cannot entered setup, where it show the password is on top corner of the screen,l need help.

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i was wondering if someone could tell me why when reseting the bios password via jumpers on motherboard is it stated that 1 of the 2 memory sticks should be left in the FIRST slot (the one furthest from motherboard)?

I ask because the top/FIRST memory slot on the motherboard of my laptop (please see title) is broken.

Can I perform try to reset by leaving a memory stick in the second slot (closest to the motherboard)?

Many many thanks

A:toshiba satellite pro A300 bios password reset

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. If you KNOW the password this is the procedure
If you know the password for the BIOS or UEFI or don't have one set, you can change or remove a password through the UEFI/BIOS settings, Hardware Setup Utility, or TOSHIBA Security Assist Utility.
As explained on the link with the sub links to the appropriate OS
3. The procedure you appear to refer to, irrespective of where you found it is - I would think part of a suggested method when you do NOT know the password.
4. If that is the case, then one of the rules of this site is

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

5. Therefore I hope you will appreciate why we cannot assist if the presently set password is unknown.

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Somebody help me to remove the bios password of Toshiba Satellite L50-A1001. I can't find the right circuit to short.
Most usually it is located under the ram but not in this model.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that I c50 b 14d bios password, I need a master password you may terminate your password,thank you

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I have a problem. I get a Toshiba Tecra M7 with fingerprint system. But it does not read my fingerprint anymore. I dont set an Password, but my notebook ask me at a password.

I tried Masterkeys, but they dont work. I read that I can make a DB25 dongle. but I have no Port.

I know, that on Dell Notebooks it works, if the EEPROM chip is short pin 6 or 7 with ground.

Do this work on my notebook too. HAVE I an eeprom chip?

Please help me. I dont know what todo.


A:Toshiba TECRA BIOS Password resetting deleting

Nobody who can HELP me???

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How to by pass bios password for a Toshiba Satellite C55d-b5242?

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Hi. Does anyone know how to reset the BIOS password for a Toshiba Satellite C660D 19X please? There are a number of very good YouTube videos for almost identical models, but they don't work on this one. The motherboard has changed a bit, and the reset jumpers don't seem to be in quite the same place, if they still exist. This video very nearly has the answer, but it's not quite right for the particular model variant I need:


I think it's very likely there is a similar answer to this problem - it just needs the right person to answer it. Thanks.

A:reset the BIOS password for a Toshiba Satellite C660D 19X

You want to reset it, or remove it? Once you enter the original password, there should be an option to do either, but I am not familiar with Toshiba's bios. But you will need the original password.

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Hey Guys,
Sorry for my english.
I am a german Guy and i search for help with my notebook.
When i start the notebook it ask me for a password. (BIOS or CMOS) i can't geht into the BIOS or start a windows or something like this only try to Type in a password.

Thanks for your help

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Hi,  I am having the similiran problem, my Pavilion 15 asks for Administrator or Power On password. After 3 times wrong error code is :  60214593 S/N: 5CD612B4T9 Thanks

A:Bios Admin Password or Power on Password

Hi: Restart the PC, and enter this unlock passcode... 75172515

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hp notebook 15-r122nx bios administrator password system disabled 55115776

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I haven't used my Toshiba Laptop in a few years and now when I try to use it its asking for a bios password and I have no idea what it is. I've looked up solutions to this on google and they say the bios password needs to be reset. I've seen lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to do it, but none of them help with the exact layout of the mother board I have. Could anyone help?

A:Help resetting bios password on Toshiba Satellite L775-S7309

howdy and welcome. We do not assist with bypassing passwords here. You may want to re-read the rules page.

As a result, I'm going to close this one up.



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hello everyone.i have a Toshiba Satellite A215 S5822 .i forgot my bios password i cannot open my laptop.i tried to desolder cmos battery discharge 24 hours no not working still "enter password.i tried to jumper b500 but not working.please can you help me? i really need my laptop back it was my birthday gift from my birthday.thank you for reading.please message me.thank you for reading

A:Toshiba Satellite A215 S5822 help reset bios password

Already being helped here: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/1064262-toshiba-satellite-a215-s5822.html I think?

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I just had my toshiba satellite 2410, pentium 4, xp-sp2, mobile processor,512 RAM, 40 gigs into the authorize warranty depot for a replacement of the mouse pad as the warranty was almost up.
It is now over. (this was May 23) I had called a week and a half earlier, however they said the parts were delayed and did not arrive until the day before my warranty was up.

I had to go in for medical surgery directly after and did not use the computer until this past week and noticed when I took the notebook down to my software techie who was removing Norton Systemworks for me as I don't how to do it cleanly, that my BIOS password was not in place.

He tried to replace it, however it would not set.
I phoned the warranty depot and I am not a tech oriented person and know little about BIOS and I should say that my software techie called them as well.

I should say that I have used this software techie since I have owned the computer and he knew that I had a BIOS password and so he discussed the issue with the warranty depot tech who replaced my mouse pad.
The tech replied that he did not touch my main board and thus it was not his fault and he told my software techie to have me call him, which I did.

I told him that I noticed that he did not boot my computer in front of me when he had me test the mousepad, that he brought out my notebook from the back room repair station and had me check out the mouse pads which worked fine and then he also mentioned that he had looked at my PCMCIA... Read more

A:can't replace bios password after warranty replacement of mouse pad toshiba notebook?

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Not sure where to send this but I was just reviewing your Alienware 15 systems to purchase a new system for myself here
and noticed typos for the 1st two systems regarding the graphics cards, it states "NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 8GB GDDR5X", they are in fact only 6GB and should not have the "X" in GDDR5X. Just thought I would bring this to your attention as it was causing me great confusion and much time researching when shopping for a new system and will need to be updated/changed. Also while I have you could you advise me if Dell has a loyalty program available?

A:New Alienware 15 Laptops description incorrect???

Hello!  I will send this to people who may be able to do something about it.  For the loyalty program Dell has the Advantage Rewards Program you can find out about here. 

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I just got this new Toshiba and when I turned it on the first thing that popped out was a black screen with a blue square in the middle asking me for a password, and the person that I got it from said she doesn't knoe the password that goes in there, that she used the laptop for like 4 times and this screen showed up and doesn't knoe how to unlock it so im trying to help her unlock it but I need help I don't knoe what to do either if anyone has any ides how to unlock it let me knoe.

A:Toshiba Laptop Model L735D S3102 Bios Password Tech Support Needed

Sorry, we cant really help with Circumventing passwords.

Your best bet would be to get a hold of Toshiba Support

Official Toshiba Support | Toshiba

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My touchsmart 520 PC was powered off and when it came back on it was asking for a power on password. Can anyone help me with this?

A:Bios/power on password

@HobbyTechnician When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times. Post any code you receive. REO

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Hello, i have an issue with forgotten power on password on HP compaq 2510p.  It doesn't show up any code.Impossible to get to bios or boot menu. Any solution? with regards,  Karlo

A:BIOS power on password

Hello smokeR48,  There is no master password or generator for EliteBooks or ProBooks. This is to inform you that all HP Business Notebooks such as Probooks  or Elitebooks have more stringent security than consumer models infact they don't produce 'halt codes', the password cannot be derived from the Serial Number and thecode is stored in non-volatile memory so removing the RTC cell will not reset the password in this case. Please have a look at this link. http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/49497-HP-Probook-Elitebook-BIOS-Password-Reset-Utility Replace the BIOS chiphttp://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Elitebook-8470p-8470w-8570p-8570w-8770w-Programmed-Bios-Chip-No-Password-... Please Contact HP Business Notebook support they should be able to send you a customized SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password.  When talking to the HP rep ask them to escalate your service request.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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It has a power on password that I don't know, I tried removing the CMOS batery but the password still comes up. The code after 3 failed attempts is 71262010


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A:BIOS Power on Password

Please try this Password :  64140036  Steps to be followed:Use the unlock code posted above to enter the BIOSDisable all passwords that are enabledIf asked for current password - type the unlock codeFor new password, just press ENTER keyRepeat the same for verify password column.Then leave the BIOS by saving & exit option to save the changes. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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