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No administrator account -- cannot change account type

Q: No administrator account -- cannot change account type

Hello all,

First post for me -- glad to have found this site. Extremely useful !!!

I've recently noticed that I've lost adminstrator account priviledges on both my laptops. I've got Windows 7 Home Premium edition. When I am logged in to my original account, which was set up as an Administrator account, and I go to Change Account Type, the "Standard User" button is active. When I click on the Administrator Account button to change it, the Apply button becomes greyed out. I have two accounts that were set up as Administrator and both show the same thing. Curiously, the account icons that show up on the login screen and on the control panel screens still carry the label "Administrator". Maybe this is normal for Windows 7, but if so, very confusing.

What I've tried so far:

1) Activated the built-in Administrator account, logged into it, tried to elevate the two accounts to Administrator with the same results above (becomes greyed out when I click on the Administrator account type button).
2) Ran virus/spyware scans using SpywareDoctor, Malwarebytes, and Windows Security Essentials. No serious threats found other than the cookies, etc. on SpywareDoctor scan. Malwarebytes and Security Essential scans were clean.
3) Started up in safe mode -- same result.

I originally noticed the problem due to the fact that Itunes would not update -- gave me the message that I didn't have administrator proviledges even though I was logged in to and admin acct. I was since able to update by downloading the update to my desktop and using right-click -- "Run as administrator". So administrator priviledges are still there for that mode.


Preferred Solution: No administrator account -- cannot change account type

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No administrator account -- cannot change account type

At what level is the User Account Control?

(Open the start menu type uac and hit enter.)

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i have windows 7 x64 in my dell precision notebook.
i have administrator user and tommy user.
tommy user is in admin group. but not able to execute any program but its account type is standard.
then i logged in as administrator and went to UAC there i try to change the account type of tommy user from standard to administrator.....as soon as i click the administrator's radio button. the "change account type" is disabling...its not enabling.
how can i solve this problem?


A:Change Account Type button is not enabled even as administrator user

Quote: Originally Posted by sathyguy


i have windows 7 x64 in my dell precision notebook.
i have administrator user and tommy user.
tommy user is in admin group. but not able to execute any program but its account type is standard.
then i logged in as administrator and went to UAC there i try to change the account type of tommy user from standard to administrator.....as soon as i click the administrator's radio button. the "change account type" is disabling...its not enabling.
how can i solve this problem?


Welcome to the forum,

If the first two options aren't working for you in this tutorial,

User Account Type - Change

then you can try the other three and see if that works.

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I recently logged onto my account about 2 days ago to finish a project. The music file I used for the account was could not be found and when I went to locate it I was told I didn't have administrator rights. I went to Control Panel because I was sure I was an Administrator, but sure enough, I was set as a Standard User. I tried changing it up but it wouldn't change. I tried changing the account name also, and it wouldn't change. I could only change account picture. I can't open UAC, I click it and it blinks but nothing opens.

I went online and tried these suggestions:

I deleted any recent program installations,
I booted in safe mode, however I was still not able to change my account,
I tried activating the hidden administrator account but I received an "access denied" message,
I tried creating a new account but I received the following message:

"The specified account name is not valid, because account names contain the following characters: /\[]":;|<>=+,?*

Please type a different name."

I didn't use any of those characters in the account name.
I ran 2 different virus scans, and they came up with nothing,
I turned the computer off, unplugged everything, and pressed the power button for 30 seconds, and rebooted, but still nothing!

My roommate shares this computer with me, and her account is still an administrator. However she has traveled and I haven't been able to get hold of her yet. We share music files and the file I ... Read more

A:I can't change a standard account to an Administrator Account!!!

You are going have to wait for your roommate...
Anything we could do would be consider hacking and that is against forum rules.

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Hi, I've been caught at school playing games on my computer .. so they took it from me, they deleted all of the games, and they changed my user account into a standard account! Do they even have the RIGHT to do this? Anyways, I want to change my standard account into an administrator account There's another account on my laptop called "Iconnect". This is an administrator account, and it's password protected. Can I get into this account and change my account to administrator? Please help me as I'm on spring break and I wont go to school for another 2 weeks !

A:How can I change my standard account into an administrator account?

No one can help you here about this problem I'm afraid.......

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I am not able to change my account type in windows 8.1 . by mistake I turned over to local account and now not able access the action center permissions . please help to get back to the administrator account .

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When I go to login to my Dell Inspiron One running Windows 7, my account is listed as administrator. 
But when I go to:  \Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts\Change Your Account Type\
it shows as a standard user.  If I select Administrator, then [Change Account Type] immediately grays out.
Ironically, while on that same screen, it shows my userid as administrator at the top.
Also, I went to the  "Computer Management" screen, and where I expect to see an item to manage user accounts, there is none.
I need to get my ability to be the administrator back.
ALSO - why did I notice this now?  Because my wife was complaining about the machine, so I went to run "Spybot Search and Destroy", and it showed problems, which it will not let me remove since I am "not" the administrator.
The Spybot Search and Destroy" found: CouponBar, SweetIM, Win32.2UrFace.bho, Yontoo.Pagerage

A:Administrator User Account Type affected by malware

Type this command at the command prompt mate.

wmic useraccount get /all /format:list

Post the results or check to make sure it is indeed a administrator account and also check your useraccount settings. A simple right click on SB&destroy and run as Administrator should work.

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I would like to change my account from standard to administrator, but my account isn?t visible
in "manage accounts".
I have tried both from my standard account and from my administrator account.

A:Not able to change my account type

Hello Anvandarin, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If the standard account is not listed while trying to change it's type using the options in the tutorial below while signed in to your administrator account, then.....
User Account Type - Change in Windows 8
....double check to make sure that the standard account has not been disabled.
User Account - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums
Hope this helps,

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When signed in as an admin, how can I change another user's account type from local to Microsoft? I saw how to change my own. Thanks.

A:Change another's account type

Hello Alant,

You would need to currently be signed in to the account that you want to switch. You cannot do it from within another account.

Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8

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Have a customer running Win7 Pro on a peer to peer network. Every Wednesday it seems something is trying to log into the administrator account on his computer when he isn't there. When he comes into the office on Thursday or remotes into the computer via Logmein he sees that the Windows login screen as switched from his user account login icon to the administrator account login icon. Thats not the strangest part though. Something actually has left a few characters typed into the password field. Last week it was 3 characters, this week its one character. He has security cameras in his office and nobody was near his desk at all. The only remote access to his machine is Logmein and I checked the Logmein reports and nobody had accessed his Logmein account at any time during the hours this would have occurred. I thought about program or windows update that cause automatic reboots but even if it had automatically rebooted Windows it wouldn't automatically switch user to the Administrator and certainly there is no way Windows itself would be able to key in characters in a entry field that I have ever heard of. Machine has been checked for malware and virus' and is clean as a whistle. And if someone was using some sort of hidden remote software on the machine why would they be bothered to try and log into the Administrator account when my clients users account has full administrator rights anyway. The whole things is creepy. Any ideas?

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HELP! I changed the "adminstrator" account name and now it won't let me in.

A:Change Administrator account name

Which administrator account are you talking about? Did you set it up or was it set up for you as soon as you did the install?

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My fiance gave me his Windows 7 computer a few months ago, but he still uses it periodically. Because I am the new owner, I would like to know how to change the Administrators' name/account from his to mine. When I do change it, will he still be able to access his private accounts (i.e. bank info, etc.)? The computer is mine but, like I said, he still uses it--primarily for his bank info. Thank you for your help.

A:Administrator Account Change

Make yourself an user account and keep it as part of the Admin group.
Go to Control Panel, User Accounts..., Add or remove user account, then create new account.
Type the name of your new account and select the Administrator type and then create account.

Log out of the current account and then log in using the new account name.

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I have purchased a laptop from a friend. Just prior to my purchase Windows 10 got loaded. The compter has one account which is an administrator account. I think that the same account information is used as a login to Microsoft. I would like to remove the account and substitute my own administrator account. How do I do that.

Thanks for you help.

A:Change to a New Administrator Account

Here's what you need to do:
Sign in to current admin accountCreate a new user account for yourself (tutorial)Change the new user account's account type to administrator (tutorial)Sign out from the old admin accountSign in to your new admin accountDelete the old admin account (tutorial)

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I am using windows 8 or 10, I do not know how to switch accounts from standard to administrator? I need some instructions please.  Explain it to my like a child. Step 1, 2, etc. Please and thank you.

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i wanted to replace a file with a patched one inside windows folder.
i followed instructions i found on other sites but nothing works:
i disabled UAC (user account control), disabled all other user accounts except administrator account, re-started and logged on using safe mode to administor account.
then i tried to replace the file but still i got the message that says that "i need permeation to do that action"
does someone knows how can i manage windows as i want to?
( i use vista 64bit ultimate )


A:administrator account won't allow me to change anything

This "Patch" is it from Microsoft?
If NOT who?
And what is it patching?

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i just got this laptop and it was used. just want to change the username, but it will not let me. i've gone through the control panel, user name change, and when i do, it says that i cannot have a name with "$#@* etc., which i obviously don't have in the name.
i've tried setting up a different administrator account, and it gives me the same error saying it has an unacceptable character.
any ideas?!?

A:cannot change user name or account type

Try using the administrative account through safe-mode.

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Changing account type fails.  I am logged in as Administratior & password protected.Cannot change Windows Update Settings -  now: Install updates automaticalaly - because I do not have the Admin privilige.Sure enough, when I go into User Accounts and select Change Account type I am just a Standard User.If I then select Administrator the field Change Account Type blanks out.Thus I am not allowed to become an Administrator. If this is not crazy, what is ? How to fix ??? ??? ???  

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Is there a way to set up an additional admin account to have full admin rights without having to "run as admin" on everything?

A:Account type change problem

Turn off UAC. I don't recommend it though.

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I have a Windows 8.1 system on a lap top that was used by a former employee. Her name was still on user name and I couldn't change it without Admin privileges (otherwise was asking for a smart card). Found out how to get in to admin in safe mode with Net
User Admin yes- then discovered that the old log in and information / desk top is no longer available. The docs are under Users (old employee's name) in C drive, but the docs and settings no longer show up and the admin log in is the only one available - no
option to change users.
When I went in and said Net User Admin no - thinking if I disabled admin user it would go back to the old log in -  there was no log in available at all.


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My problem is - I CAN'T change back MY USER ACCOUNT from 'STANDARD USER to an 'ADMINISTRATOR'. Now, my account is a 'standard user', and i was UNable to change back MY ACCOUNT to an 'administrator' at the user account .When i try to change 'ASP.NET Machine account' account type,i was UNable to change it to 'Standard User' the note given i ''must assign another user on this computer to has an administrator account before you can change this account type''.how i can do that?.Next,at my user account,i click at the change account type, after that,i choose 'administrator' but it still as a 'standard user', it was UNable to change back my account to 'Administrator'. Only 3 account at this computer.1.My account now as a 'standard user' where are the first account as administrator at this computer,2. the ASP.NET as an 'administrator' when i accidentally change my user account type to 'standard user' and it automatically changed the ASP.NET as an administrator at this computer,the last account is Guest, the Guest account is Off, Only me use this computer. I was ACCIDENTALLY change my user account from 'ADMINISTRATOR' to 'STANDARD USER',after that, ASP.NET Machine account AUTOMATICALLY changed as an administrator at my computer, and now i CANNOT change back my account to 'ADMINISTRATOR', i want to change back my user account from 'standard user' to an 'administrator account'. Can you tell me how to CHANGE BACK my user account to ADMINISTRATOR ? Please . . . .

A:Cannot change back my account to administrator

Start in Safe Mode by pressing F8 on boot. Safe Mode
Then you can login as user "administrator" (try blank password). Now you can change your user type

Sorry but what I said isn't working!
You have to logon with an account with admin rights to do it. Since this is impossible for you you have to enable the built-in admin account called "administrator". Is has a blank password by default.

For 32bits win7 it's easy, for 64bits win7 more difficult

Built-in Administrator - Enable from WinRE

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I have purchased a used Asus laptop that already has Win 10 installed on it from the original owner. All of the settings on the computer are linked to that owner's Microsoft account and administrator account. Is there a way for me to change the administrator information to my Microsoft account and email? I can log in using the old owner's password to access the administrator account, but I don't see any way to change the account to my information. If I create a new user account and make it an administrator account, when I log in using the new account, there is no access to any of the apps I need from the original account. Thanks.

A:Change original administrator account

I don't have the answer to your question except..................

You can change the old owner's password if you want. Use this tutorial :
Use Option Six

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Hello, my daughter and I share the same computer. She changed my account that was administrator to Standard and then clicked on this : require password when computer wakes. Now everytime i download something the download works but then the security question pops up and says i require a password and i have to type it below but it wont let me type it below because the setting : require password when computer wakes needed administrator account to function but now because i have standard it wont let me type a password. i tried changing the account type but the same thing happens and i tried : change settings that are curently unavailable and its the same! please help me because it wont let me download stuff for my work . thank-you

A:I cannot change my account to administrator problem PLEASE HELP!!

Hi lpellerin,

Reboot into Safe Mode. If there is no other administrator account on your computer, this will automatically bootup into the built-in administrator account. From there, you will be able to set your account back to normal. I strongly advise that you protect this account with a password and also create another account for day-to-day work, this time a standard account, and protect that with a password (do not divulge either of the passwords to your daughter).

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I have two user accounts "XYZ" administrator account and "PQR" Limited account. I logged into the XYZ administrator account and tried to change password, it was asking for my current password and new password...but finally I click "finished", it pops up window "password cannot be changed"....

Even I tried to enter into 'inbuilt' administrator account by pressing f8 on bootup but I cannot login into the administrator account as well

A:cannot change xp administrator account password

Hi Common,

Try the password again - I'm pretty sure that there is a 24 hour change timer in place in XP.

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 I am using an hp pavillion dv6 notebook pc with windows 7 home premium

A:How do I change my account from administrator to standard?

Go to Control Panel (icon view) and select User Accounts, if the user account that you want to change is not showing, click "manage another account" and select the account you wish to change. Once you have the account showing, click "change your account type" tick the Standard radio button and click "change account type"

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Hello I have a problem,

i got a new laptop at work and the account i use for logging is the same as the old one but on a different domain. Sadly this new account has limited permissions where the old account on the old computer had administrative access. But both computers are on the same localgroup.

I tried enabling on the new computer the built in administrative account to change my accounts permissions, but when i try to confirm the changes i get the security prompt for the admin password and account. Tried all the steps as in the link below.
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

So i was wondering if there is a way to increase the permissions without being the administrator or is there any way i could access the account from the old pc and admin account there?

Just to say the reason, our administrator/IT guys had a car crash and he wont be in office for a month and i need that account to change so i can install my work software on the new pc i've been waiting for a year to get.

A:How to change account permissions without being the administrator

Hello TJ, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but no. You must provide administrator credentials to be able to.

Plus, it would violate the forum rules to help to bypass this.

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I realized today that I do not have access to my system's "Administrator" account though happily I do have admin privileges in another user account. Using "net user administrator" I learned the Administrator account is not active but a password is required to to make any changes. Unfortunately I no longer have the Administrator account password.

Using the admin privileges in the user account can I change the password for the Administrator account. If yes, how?



A:How to change Administrator account password

I found the answer; run command prompt as administrator, change Administrator to active using 'net user Administrator /active:yes", then "net user administrator [new password]". Thanks for playing.


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Hello all,

Totally baffled, twice now I've set up parental controls for my daughter but she ends up using an admin account which won't delete or downgrade to 'Standard'.

I was changing the account via Start Menu - Admin Tools - User Accounts (Home premium has no proper local groups and policy control) I go through the steps but account remains as admin account and won't delete either.

Have also tried deleting in Safe Mode (command prompt)

NET USER <username> /DELETE

I get the error 'net user system error user is not a member of group'

Now I have actually disabled the account so it's not available for login

net user <username> /active:no

But really have no clue why vista is acting this way and how my daughter is able to 'switch' to this account without even changing/knowing the password (it's the 2nd time it's happened and I actually changed the password the last time.)

Any ideas please or known bugs?

We are running SP2.


A:User Account: Can't change type or delete

Try this hidden administrator, then in safe mode if necessary.
Administrator Account

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I have forgot the Administrator password to the Administrator account. There are only two accounts, the Administrator and the Guest account. I am using the latter. Is there a way to recover or change the Administrator's password without actually being on the account?

A:Administrator Account Password Recovery or Change

Sorry but our rules state that we cannot help you recover any passwords.



We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with software pirating, hacking, password cracking and keystroke recording software. Furthermore we will not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.


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I am using Vista Home Premium 64bit. I currently have two accounts set up as an administrator. One as my standard user account, the other 'administrator' account I created awhile back when Adobe tech support helped me create it to troubleshoot installing adobe apps.

If I go to Control Panels - -> User Access, when I select any of the links "Change your account name", "Change your account type", Manage another account" or "Turn User Account Control on or off" nothing happens.

Well, I should say, I get a windows UAC dialog asking if I 'Agree' to make changes or whatever, but then nothing happens.

I did try starting my PC in SafeMode, but no change.
I tried starting up by setting 'msconfig' to have all services/startup items off, but that didn't help.

I can type "control userpasswords2" to access stuff, but I'm not sure if that helps me in anyway, since I'm new to Vista.


A:Account is administrator, but cannot change User Accounts

Have you Tried with Vista Administrator?

See Administrator Account For more Information

Hope This Helps,

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i got this computer from someone and i want to delete the other users and the admin..or make me the admin..however i can not do anything because i dont have the password for the adminastrator...i cant get into the bios without a password i cant even do a diskcheck..it just pops up with the name and wants a password..i cant delete any of the users nor can i add one..i am riding on the guest and unable to change anything or view anything...what can i do?

A:administrator account/password need to delete / change

Hello Sissyh20, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You'll need reset CMOS, and do a clean install of Windows for this.

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How to change user account administrator and doesn't need to log off

Hello good day, I need help here. im new window 7 user and im a gamer too

i have a online game played that is able to have dual screen, last time im using windows xp on playing online game and i can do the dual screen type of play by changing the administrator and doesn't need to re boot my computer. Now im using window 7 and tried the same procedure by creating a new user account administrator in control panel, but when i right click the game icon and run as administrator it just directly go to the client game, but in xp you can change direct the administrator, but here in windows doesn't. can anyone help me

A:How to change user account administrator and doesnt need to log off

Hello ILYOU, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you were wanting "Run as different user" instead??

Run as Different User

Hope this helps,

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My Windows XP Home SP2 account is an Administrator and I just installed a FPS game and I cant run that game because it produces an error saying that the games EXE folder needs to writable.. but when i try to make it writable windows tells me "Access Denied". How do I correct this so I can play my game??

also, of the files and folder it DOES let me change the change doesn't actually happen.. it looks like it does but it doesn't


A:Administrator account not able to change write access...

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I was using the "Windows XP Services Tweak Guide" in the OS Resources section of your website.

I followed the instructions in the guide and modified the services using the services utility.

I restarted my computer. When I logged on, I was greeted with a message saying that I had modified my services and that I could revert back to using the default services or continue with my modified ones.

I clicked ok to continue and got the message that the changes couldn't be made because I was not on an admin account. I am however using the only account on the desktop and have checked to make sure it is an admin account many times.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Running administrator account but cannot change certain features.

The Administrator here should reply to this but use
Sight Feedback.

Go to Start Menu,Settings,Control Panel,Users accounts.
It's all there to configure.
Take your Users control back.

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Well it looks like MS shot themselves in the foot again.  Over night my system has changed so that my personal account is no longer an administrator even though it is still listed as one in Computer Management.  In User Accounts it is set as
a standard user and it cannot be changed to an administrator user.  Why does MS keep screwing up Windows 7???  It is a great operating system other than the stupid things that they have done, like not being able to copy a configured user account
to the default user and now this!!!   My assumption is that they do not want corporate users anymore, they just want brain dead faux McIntosh home users!  What they are going to do is force everyone to run as "The Administrator" instead
of creating other user accounts, why did they drop the "Power User"?  That was a very useful account, I know it's still there but it isn't the same!  Mr. Ballmer, please retire and let someone with some brains take over this company before you totally
screw it up!Ted McCarty

A:Can't change a user account to a local administrator

Hi Ted,


According to your description, I would like to say that if it is grayed out when you trying to change the account as administrator, it states that you
are already the administrator.


If you boot to Safe Mode, are you able to log in as Administrator? If so, go into User Accounts in the Control Panel and change your personal account
back to the Administrator type.






TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum.


If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected]
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Hello -
When I did my initial install of Win7 (fresh install) I created my Administrator account with the name of "Denis". I would like to change the name of the Administrative account to "denisl". I went into control panel and changed the account name, which worked, but the folder remained named as "Denis" under the "users" folder. How do I rename the folder named "Denis" to "denisl"?


A:Change user folder name of Administrator account

take a look at this tutorial User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

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I have win 8
when running apps in "run as administrator" and when running most of apps, windows give me this message:

do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?
to continue, type an administrator, password and click yes.

but yes button in deactive and there is not any password field to fill it.

I dont know in which type is my user account ?? standard or administrator ??
now I can't do many of actions in windows for this reason and can't enable administrator account and switch to it.

now what I must do ?? (

A:how determine user account type and change to administrato

Hello se, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Is this for Windows 8? Your specs show XP.

It sounds like the account is a standard user.

The tutorial below can help you to determine if your account is and "administrator" or "standard user" type of account in Windows 8, and change it if you like. You will only be able to change the type while signed in to an administrator account though.

User Account Type - Change in Windows 8

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Hello, thanks for looking,

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 laptop with a single user on it. This user recently got changed to a guest account type from admin account type and I can't fix it.

I have read all the guides to "enable hidden administrator account" using "net user administrator /active:yes" but it doesn't work from regular command prompt (ie not run as administrator, can't get past UAC), safe mode command prompt, or system recovery command prompt.

I have also tried to disable UAC via system recovery command prompt by running regedit and doing the equivalent of this: "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k %windir%\System32\reg.exe ADD HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f" Obviously I can't change this from a safe mode command prompt because my user doesn't have the privileges. When I boot into safe mode, it automatically logs me into the user, there is no option for anything else.

I should also mention that Ive tried this as well: Built-in Administrator - Enable from WinRE

Method 1, after typing enableadmin <enter> I got the error "The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present".

Method 2, the load hive option was greyed out.

I am certain that tutorial is ALMOST what I need but they didn't work. Any thoughts?

Unfortunately nothing will work that requires an administrator account or adminstrator console. I believe my user problem... Read more

A:Change user account type from System Recovery

What happens when you try to enable the original account or set up a new one with Admin rights in Control Panel>User Accounts?

Have you tried enabling the hidden administrative account using an Elevated Command Prompt? Elevated Command Prompt

If these won't work then try System Restore to before the problem began: System Restore Try it first from Windows and then from the DVD Repair console or Repair CD, or try tapping F8 at bootup to see if Repair console is on Advanced Boot Tools menu. System Repair Disc - Create

I would also try SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker and if necessary a Repair Install if you have access to a Win7 install DVD.

If all of these fail, then you may have messed up your system beyond repair. See if you can make your Recovery Disks if you haven't already, then back up your files and run full Factory Recovery from Windows, or by tapping the F-key given on the first boot screen or in the Manual on the Support Downloads webpage for your laptop model.

If you have access to a Win7 DVD, you can clean reinstall using these tips: re-install windows 7

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Hey, I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop and I need help getting my Standard user account back to Administrator. I can't run certain programs and I also can't install and uninstall anything. I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restore. I have already tried Safe Mode and I can't enable and built in admin either. Please help me! Thank you!

A:How can I put my Standard user account back to Administrator when the ASP.NET Machine account is admin?

How are you trying to change the type of account?I don't have the Windows 7 Installation Disk to do restoreDo you mean System Restore? If you are, you don't need the installation disk to do this.To use System Restore click on the start orb. In the search box type in System Restore. In the list of results click on System Restore, if you are prompted for an administrator password type it in.Follow the prompts to choose a restore point and restore your computer.

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


A:Solved: Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account

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A:Want group to enable administrator account but not change its password

Sorry, What is it you are asking?

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Aloha All,
My issue started when I tried to delete files in the hidden cache of Dropbox.
I went into "my computer", clicked on my C drive, scrolled down to "Users" and found file "All Users" with a "locked" icon attached. I clicked on it and up popped an error message that I don't have permission to access this folder. I rightclicked on properties, followed by the security tab. The security tab lists 3 user groups; everyone, system, administrator. When highlited, none of these groups contained "permissions". I tried to "edit" the "permissions", which opened another "permissions" dialogue box. I clicked on each permission in the "allow" list for each group, to no avail. I went back the the main "users" folder and found "locked" icons on 2 other folders, "default user" and "administrator" (which is my wifes and my names.)
I've read with interest some of the 2012 & 2013 threads of a similar nature, but none of the problems were quite the same and the fixes didn't help me.
Sure hope the community can help me resolve the issue...
I've provided a screenshot of the "System" page from Control Panel.
Mahalo for all the help.

A:can't change Administrator User Account Control & Permissions

Another case of someone messing with permissions that they should not have messed with. "All Users" is nothing more then a junction to "C:\ProgramFiles" when you messed with the permissions of that junction you just messed up everything else concerning the system. See the links in my signature.

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Suddenly, the Windows 7 doesn't allow me to access my Admin Account and showing error msg (The User Profile Service service failed to Logon). I am left with only the Guest Account with limited access.
I tried copying the cmd.exe, using Fix It Program, login through Safe Mode but all didn't work.
Would anyone help pls?

A:The User Profile (Administrator Account) Service failed to logon and then left with only Guest Account in Windows 7


Occasionally, Windows might not read your user profile correctly, such as if your antivirus software is scanning your computer while you try to log on.
Please try restarting your computer and logging on with your user account again.

If the issue still persists, please restart in safe mode to log on with the built-in administrator account:
1. Restart your computer and hit F8 multiples times until you see a menu-like screen, if you see the Windows splash screen then repeat this step
2. Highlight and hit enter on Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Try logging in there.
3. If you are able to login, once a command prompt pops up, type: net user administrator password /active:yes (you can specify whatever password you want for the administrator
4. If you get a message saying "The command completed successfully", then restart your computer by typing: shutdown -r
5. Boot up again pressing F8, but this time choose just Safe Mode.
6. You will be able to login as Administrator with the password you set in Step 3.

Then try the following methods:
Method 1: Fix these user account profile on these computer

Method 2: Log on to Windows and copy your data to a new account
Method 3: Delete the error SID and create a new profile
For the detailed information, please refer to this article:
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947215Karen Hu
TechNet Community Support

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Hello to all,
I am using W7 Ultimate 64 bits. I am have a what has been described on this forum as a quasi-administrator account. It is not called Administrator but seems to function as one. UAC prompts, when admin rights required in user accounts, this account's password will fulfil the requirement. Might someone care to discuss the differences, values and problems. Which should I be using??
I do my regular computing under a user account. I am lost at this depth of computerocrasy!
Thanks for any assistance!

A:Quasi-Administrator account versus a true Adminstrator Account?


If you havent changed the permissions there are only three types of accounts. Admin, Regular user, and guest.

What does your user say under your name in user CP?

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I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x and apparently the default user account (Owner) that I use is not working correctly. Unless I have UAC set to Never Notify, I cannot open Control Panel or UAC again. When I try, I get the error message listed below. I have created a second user account as Administrator and it works correctly.

I would like to know if there is any way to fix this problem short of a clean install of Windows. If not, is it possible to move all of my settings to the user account that works correctly and delete the one that does not.


A:Default User Account (Administrator) acts like Standard Account


Right click Computer and click manage. On the left hand side there will be local users and groups. Go to the Administrators group and just confirm that the Owner account is in there?

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I was having some trouble with a newly installed program failing to run. Their tech support had me create a new user account (start, control panel, user accounts, create new account). I did not realize that creating a new administrator user account by following their instructions would make the original Administrator user account inaccessible. I dug through folders and found my documents and made sure they were all on my expansion drive. Now, I want my account back. Otherwise, I have to set up my entire computer again. The thought of this makes me turn into a velociraptor who wants to destroy the tech support that told me to do this.

As of right now, I have not internet connection on my computer. I tried searching forums from my phone, but it was extremely difficult (not the best phone). If this topic already exists and I just could not find it, please accept my apologies for the duplicate and post a link. Thanks!

A:Created new user account, original Administrator account disappeared

I just remembered that I could CTL ALT DELETE twice at the Welcome screen to get to the logon and type in Administrator. I haven't used it in years, so it did not occur to me. I am now in my administrator user account. If I delete the new user account, will it go back to the way it was before? Or will I screw something else up by doing that?

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HELP!!! I've accidentally had Control Alt Delete on my Logon Screen. And from my laptop, I couldn't type it in with my keyboard, so I have to use Ease of Access and use the On-screen Keyboard. From there, it had a "Other User" Account which asks for a username and password, which I don't have because THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I've encountered an "Other User" Account.

I don't know how to retrieve my administrator account. I've been guessing several usernames and passwords for the "Other User" account (even my admin. username and password) but no luck.


Here's what my logon screen currently looks like:

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

A:How do I disable Other User Account in Vista and retrieve Administrator account?

Hello, wow , i have never seen this before, here is an idea, couldn't hurt to try it : force a shutdown by pressing the power button, it will then shut down, Then restart it, it should go to the F8 screen automatically, see if you can enter into the restore or repair functions or last known working configuration. Just a thought. Post back results please.

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I just realized that I am unable to access my other users accounts (which are limited) desktops. I use documents and settings folder to get there, but I get this error:

"C:\Documents and Setting\Natalie and Dave\Desktop

Access is denied."

I can access the other limited account, but just not "Natalie and Dave's" desktop. I don't know why either, I am the only administrator account and I am able to access one of two limited accounts desktop.

Is there anything I can do, besides removing the account? Thanks!

A:Administrator account unable to access limited account's desktop?

You can try taking ownership if you're really an administrator.
I don't know what effect that will have when Natalie and Dave try to log in though (if they'll have permission to access their own Desktop that is).
The other possibility is corruption in the file system. If that's the case, run chkdsk /f from the command line (click start, (all) programs, accessories, command prompt, and type chkdsk /f press y and then reboot). When it reboots it will run the disk check, then reboot again. You can see the results of the chkdsk in your event viewer. (control panel (classic view), administrative tools, event viewer, application log, and look for events named winlogon).

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