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Outlook 2003 distribution

Q: Outlook 2003 distribution

I'm looking for some info if this is even possible with outlook.

We have a public e-mail for support that 10 users have access for a ticket system.
Users send in e-mails to get support.
i'm trying to find a way for outlook to automaticaly distribute e-mails to each agent.
- Agent 1
- Agent 2
- Agent 3
- Agent 4
- Agent 5
When the e-mail would get in the box it would go to agent 1, then the next e-mail would go to agent 2, etc.
Is there add on or a way to create rules for outlook to do this automatically?

Preferred Solution: Outlook 2003 distribution

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Outlook 2003 distribution

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I have a outlook express WAB file
it has distribution lists in it

i need to get the distribution lists into outlook 2003

i dont want to do it manually as there are 15 or so
each with 20 to 50 addresses

please save my life
if i do it manually i wont have a life...

thanks ahead

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Dear all,

I'm trying to create a distribution lists from my contact in Outlook 2003 but cannot find the option for cc or bcc. Is there such an option?

A:Outlook 2003 distribution list

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Is there anyway to merge my outlook's memory to a contact list?

What I mean is like, I have entered in so many e-mails manually not knowing that in the future I would need them to be all in a contact list. But they are still stored some how, as in when I begin to type the first 2 letters or numbers of the e-mail address, Outlook automatically knows which one it is and inputs the rest of the address for me.

Is there anyway to get those moved into an address book / contact list of some sort?

If not, no worries.

Additionally, wether I get these imported to a contact list by some feature or if I have to manually input each e-mail address, is there a way I can send a mass e-mail to all of them at the same time, but without anyone knowing that I sent it to 100 other people? Is there a way to hide everyon else's e-mail addresses?

A:Outlook 2003 Distribution List Help

You might give this utility a try. See what type of file it creates, and then see if you can import that into your Contacts.


I'm not aware of a feature in Outlook that allows sending to all Contacts. Most people use Distribution Lists with Outlook. To send a message to people without knowing who else received it, enter the addresses into the BCC (blind carbon copy) field.

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I have recently upgraded to office 2003 . However when I try to send an email through outlook using one of my distribution lists it tells me that "an internal support function returned an error" I would appreciate any help on this.


A:Can't use distribution list in outlook 2003

Do a detect and repair from the help menu.

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We are using Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2007, i have my own personnel Exchange mailbox configured together with access to another generic mailbox shared with other people (which has been added via Tools -> email accounts -> Change or view existing email accounts -> Change -> More Settings -> Advanced, then Add)

We have created 10 or so distribution lists in the generic mailbox.

My problem is when i go to send to a distribution list from the generic mailbox account, I only have the option to send to contacts and distribution lists in my own personal account, the generic account contacts are not available.

Thanks for any help!!

A:Outlook 2003 Distribution List problem

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Hi everyone,

My colleagues and I use Outlook 2003, and connect via Microsoft Exchange Server.

Recently, some staff members have noticed that when they send an email to a distribution list, the email also gets sent to other random contacts who are not even added to the list.

Although these random contacts are definately not on the distribution list, they are added to the To box when the distribution list is added!

It is not one particular list - it has happened to different staff members with different lists, and on different computers. We have tried deleting the lists and starting again from scratch, but the same thing occured.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is it likely to be a network/server issue rather than Outlook?

Hope someone can help!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi all,

I am trying to create a distribution list in Outlook 2003 and I would like to hide the identities of the distribution list to all recipients. For example, I would prefer the recipients to see "Distribution List" in the "To:" box rather then everyone's email addresses. Is this possible in Outlook 2003?

Thanks in advance!

A:Hiding distribution lists in Outlook 2003

Just put it in the BCC field

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I have recently created a distribution list of about 700 contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2003. When I attempt to send a message to this list I get back an error message that says:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Sent: 11/14/2003 5:39 PM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

XXXXXXXXXXXX (deleted email address) on 11/14/2003 5:40 PM
452 too many recipients
The error message continues, listing every contact in the distribution list. I am aware of distribution lists in Outlook that have thousands of contacts without experiencing this problem. Any ideas as to what the problem may be/how to fix this problem?


A:Outlook 2003 distribution list problem

I would be interested in knowing this too. I have the exact same problem. My thought is that it is a problem with the 2003 version as I did not have this happen in XP version.

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so i have all contacts in outlook express in a .wab file
i exported them to csv file and imported the csv file into outlook and it worked fine.

however i had a few distribution lists in outlook express...
and some of them have 60 to 100 email addresses in them...

so i really dont want to sit and manually create these lists...

is there a way to do this...or does somebody know a third party app...

any help please!!!

A:exporting distribution lists for outlook 2003

come on!!! where all the experts at...does anybody know a good tech site???

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Please help- I created a distribution list in Microsoft outlook 2003 and can't remember the Name I called this list..how do i find in my address book
Thanks so much

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I am using winxp sp2 and outlook 2003. We have an exchange server. All of my distribution lists no longer show up as an email address nor do they have the plus sign. If i choose a single contact and "new message to contact" it works fine. if i go to a distribution list and choose "new message to contact" the distribution list comes up in my new message as text (no underline, no plus sign). I have tried making new test distribution lists with the same resuilts.


A:Solved: Outlook 2003 Distribution List Problem

Try going into your address book via the icon on the standard toolbar and removing then readding the contacts folder. If that does not work we will look into readding the outlook address book and see if that fixes it, then we will look into scrubbing the folders.

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Hey all

I am having the following issue:

Running Windows XP SP3, Outlook 2003.

Now I when I try to send to a distribution list, it automatically comes back with the following error:

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender - for all of the email addressess in the list, however if I manually add them all to the email, I can send it no problems.

Kind of butting my head against a wall here so if anyone can help that would be much appreciated!


A:Issue with sending to a Distribution List in Outlook 2003

i'm guessing its a problem with the distribution list then. It may have the seperator wrong or something.

Try adding a single person to a distribution list and test mailing that. If it works add another and test that. Then try adding the names again and seeing if it works.

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When I send a distribution list from my Outlook 2007 to someone with Outlook 2003, the distribution list looks perfect when they click on the attachment. But, after they click on Save and Close, the distribution list does not show up in their contact list (or anywhere else that I can find). Is there a way to share distribution lists between these two Outlooks?

A:Solved: Distribution Lists-sending from Outlook 2007 to 2003

Distribution lists can be very strange in how they behave this is in any version of outlook. I would try Dragging the Dist list file from the email to the contacts tab in outlook. It is worth a try

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I changed from outlook express to outlook 2003. Imported my addresses and lists. Most of my distribution lists work fine. But my largest one does not. When I tyry to send the email I get an error message that reads "an internal support function returned an error." And it will not send out the email.
What can I do to either fix my list or get 2003 not to care about it.

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 E-mail group distribution problem


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i was trying yesterday to find out for several hours how to create in Outlook 2000 distribution list with names chosen upon one, specific outlook "category"... I know how to create distribution list itself... I know how to make outlook to show me all names in my address book with this specific category... BUT, how mix it together and in the end receive distribution list with all names of this category included, I cant do it, i am too big idiot comparing to MS coders.... ((

Yours, but very sad and disappointed about my mental possibilities


A:Outlook 2K: How to create distribution list based upon certain outlook category???

Hi Jazzek -- I just did this, with the help of Russ Valentine at the MS Outlook newsgroups. Here are the instructions he sent me (and I used successfully):

"Change the Contacts Folder View to Categories. Right click and drag the
desired Category to
a newly created sub folder then choose Copy. Make sure the new sub folder
has been enabled as an email address book by right clicking on it and
choosing Properties and Outlook Address Book Tab and checking the box to
as email address book. Create your Distribution List but make sure the Show
Names drop down field points to the new sub folder then shift select all the
contacts and voila."

I hate cruising the MS Newsgroups, as the interface is so weird and searching the archives is a total pain on their site (and incomplete in my newsreader), but I DO occasionally get help there.

Hope this helps. If I've misunderstood your problem, post me back.

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I have searched and found a slight answer to this question (which seems to be "no way"), and have searched many other forums for information, however . . . thought I'd post it here too to see if there is any new info on this problem.

In Outlook Express, I can view .any single contact's membership in various groups/distribution lists on the "other" tab . However, in OE I cannot sort or view this information in very meaningful ways, nor view those various memberships in any of the main contact pane views.

In Outlook 2000, by sharing the OE address book, I can view and sort much contact information in more meaningful ways, but there seems to be NO way to see how many distribution lists/groups a single contact belongs to.

SURELY SURELY SURELY there must be a code or patch to create a field to show this info in Outlook 2000! If anyone has a hint -- even a book to refer me to that I would wade through (and I would), please repond.

Thanks for the help

A:Outlook Express Groups to Outlook Distribution LIst

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Using Outlook 2000 version is there a way, after having created distrubtion lists for sending group email, to find how many lists "bob smith" is on?
I have not been successful in setting up any kind of search using the advanced find... please help.

A:outlook distribution lists

I would like to clearify this first. You create a distribution list. in that list there is a user, bob smith. you want to find out if bob smith is in how many distribution list. Is that correct? if so, there is not a way to find out. Outlook is not smart enough to go through all the distribution list to find out who is or is not on that list.

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Hi, how can i convert an Access Form into a webpage where i need users input using the webpage in our company intranet.

A:Outlook Distribution List

The title of your post is Outlook Distribution List.

I'm not sure what it has to do with Access.

Depending on the version of Access, you should have "Pages" available. Check out the help file on Data Access Pages.

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I know how to create a distribution list. I want to know how I can keep each individual private from each other on that distribution list.

It wouldn't look to professional to have a bunch of individuals see they are part of a marketing mailing.

Any suggestions??


A:Outlook distribution list

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How do I print members' names in a distribution list from an address book in Outlook 2003?

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In outlook 2000

I imported a *.pst file with 4 distribution lists and 50 contacts

When I go to use that distribution list it says there are no recipients in that list to use. However when I open up the contacts folder I can see them.

No I know if you hit "update now" it repairs to the connection or something?!??!

Doing that works, however is this step neccessary. What does update now do?

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Hi, Does anyone know of a way to create a distribution list based on criteria? For example, say I wanted to create a distribution list with the members only living in a certain city (ie. Do a search for New York, and add all those people to a list instantly)?

Is there an easy way, perhaps a 3rd party plugin, where I can create this list without going through the contact list and picking those that need to be in there?

Also, why doesn't the list update its members if that individual members contact info has been changed elsewhere?


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Hi all,

I am creating distribution lists in outlook for sending out e-mails to lots of customers but i want to keep the e-mails private so each customer does not see anyone else in my mailing list! is this possible? and if so how?

thx in advance,


A:Distribution lists in outlook

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I find myself frequently deleting one of my distribution lists in Outlook XP when I only intended to delete one member. Is there a way I can create a cuplicate of this list under a different name as a backup (without having to re-create the list member by member)?

A:Copying Outlook XP Distribution List

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My boss asked me to put together a mailing list of clients to whom we could send various newsletters etc, so I created a distribution list in Outlook 2000. She (my boss) added, however, that she wanted the email to include an option which allowed the recipients to "opt out," or remove themselves from the list. I have no idea how to even start with this part of the project and could use a little guidance either in actually setting up the e-mail, or in finding someone who could tell me how. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Outlook Distribution list


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I am a new user to Outlook 2003. I need to sort distribution list by last name and cannot find out how or if it can be down. I can sort the contact list by last name, as well as first, but the distribution list only sorts by first name which does not help me with a couple thousand entries.

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I am using Outlook 2003 and have a problem with editing Distribution lists.
Two of them that I have created work fine. Right click>properties>add and remove users etc appears.
With one list, however, there is a problem - Right click and properties gives only general tab with the members and no option to add/remove etc.
I have tried removing Outlook contacts and adding them again, also creating new Outlook profile. No help. Outlook is not using cached mode at the moment.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all in advance,



A:Outlook Distribution list problem.

Are you on an Exchange Server?

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It there an easy way to create (import) an outlook distribution list from a list of names in excel.

Col 1 would have name <john doe> and col 2 would have e-mail address <[email protected]>

The distribution list would then have name and e-mail address.

Thanks in advance

A:Outlook distribution lists from excel

wakeolda said:

It there an easy way to create (import) an outlook distribution list from a list of names in excel.

Col 1 would have name <john doe> and col 2 would have e-mail address <[email protected]>

The distribution list would then have name and e-mail address.

Thanks in advanceClick to expand...

Hi Wakeolda,

did you ever find a solution to this problem??

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I've problem sharing a folder that contains an address book (& deleted items).

Sharing individual contact is fine, but when I've created several distribution lists, other authorised sharing users have problem viewing/using these lists. Contacts in the list are shown with "unknown email address" and outllook cannot update contact's details (message showing "cannot find contact").

Can anyone please help?

A:Outlook 2K Sharing Distribution List

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Does anyone know how I can set up a distribution list in Outlook 2002 so that recipients can see only the name of the distribution list in the TO box and not the names of the list members? I think that this is a new Outlook 2002 feature.

A:Outlook 2002 Distribution List

Generally, everyone puts "themselves" in the TO box, and the distribution list goes into the BCC.

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Had a recent failure to my laptop.
Had to buy another.
Does anyone know how I can import my distribution list off my old hardrive?
Have managed to import all the old emails, but can't seem to figure out how to find and import my old distribution list.

Any help greatfully received.

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How can I create a distribution list based on senders of messages in a particular folder? I have sent out an e-mail with voting buttons Yes & No, and want to be able to create a distribution list of all the "Yes" people without having to manually add them one by one...

Any suggestions?

A:Outlook: creating a distribution list

Create a Contacts folder and drag those emails into the contacts folder...I think.

That's how I keep my newsletter subscribers. I drag the received email into that folder, and its a contacts folder.

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I am having a distribution list problem and I will try and explain as best I can.

It started out as a shared distribution list(called UBB), and normally when you would go to add it to an email where most distribution lists or contacts show up with the name and a line under it (ex: UBB), and you can click on that contact/list and open up their information.
Well whenever I add UBB, it does not link to the distribution list and in the "To:" text box, it only shows up as UBB, not underlined or anything.

So, I made a local distribution list and added the contacts to it. Still when I go to add the list as the contact of the email, and type in UBB or try to link it in there, it still will not work. So what do I need to change to get this to work?

Thanks for any help, and if you need more information I will gladly give it to you.

A:Distribution List Problem in Outlook

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I set up a new Distribution List and sent the email with newsletter attached this morning. I do not use the global address book. Everyone is listed in my icloud contact list. The list seem to send fine although the outbox folder showed the email still sending. I then received an email from a person on the list that he had received the email 11 times. I then open the outbox folder and deleted the email with the distribution list. The same gentleman send me another email that he had received another 4 copies of the email. What can I do to make sure that this doesn't happen again? What did happen? I have Windows 7 64-bit with outlook 2007. thank you for your help.

A:Outlook 2007 Distribution List

opmanager said:

I set up a new Distribution List and sent the email with newsletter attached this morning. I do not use the global address book. Everyone is listed in my icloud contact list. The list seem to send fine although the outbox folder showed the email still sending. I then received an email from a person on the list that he had received the email 11 times. I then open the outbox folder and deleted the email with the distribution list. The same gentleman send me another email that he had received another 4 copies of the email. What can I do to make sure that this doesn't happen again? What did happen? I have Windows 7 64-bit with outlook 2007. thank you for your help.Click to expand...

You might have him in the contact list in multiple places. This is often common when users are members of multiple groups in the same contact list. Thats why he's the only one that complained he received it multiple times. Chances are his email appears there by itself, then as part of a group, and yet as part of another group.

To resolve this you would have to remove all groups in the contact list. Verify that the individual emails appearing in the list are unique, remove the guys emails from the groups it appears in, and then re-add the groups back to the contact list. Please try this and post with feedback. Thanks

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I wonder if anyone can help with a problem I've been having with a distribution list in Outlook. I've been using this list for months with no issue but around a month ago one of the members is not always receiving emails. They are still showing on the list in my contacts, but something seems to be happening between me sending the email as when I open the list in the sent email, they are not there! I've tried deleting them from the list and adding them again but it doesn't appear to have helped. Does anyone have any advice?
Thanks in advance!

A:Outlook Distribution List Error

Hello, you can try this: remove all the members from the DL, then delete it, also delete the contact that was not getting the messages, reboot the machine and restart Outlook, re-create the deleted contact, re-create the DL and add all the original members to it. (I am hoping it is a short list)

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I recently bought a new computer with Windows XP and Office 2002.

I successfully transfered data for contact folders. When creating distribution lists, I noticed that in the distribution list, the "NAME" column listed the e-mail addresses as did the "EMAIL ADDRESS COLUMN"

Yet the fields in my contact address books are all correctly filled in (just as I had in Outlook 98)

Now the distribution list works, but it is annoying to not be able to see names so I can keep the list updated. A number of the e-mail addresses are difficult to decipher.

I have gone to Microsoft - do details on sorting the fields within the distribution list. Microsoft won't talk to me because software was OEM with Dell. Dell says they don't support software. No documentation I have looked for addresses this issue. It is frustrating. Anyone with a solution??

A:Help-outlook 2002 distribution list


In the words of a famous politician "I feel your pain".

I think Outlook Express was wheeey easier. I dunno how I got roped into Outlook other than its got some god features like calendar that you dont have to revert to another calender for (eg everything is supoededly in one place)

Also I think its bogus how MS shifts the blame to others. MS made teh softwere the dealer only sells it. If you blow up a tire on your GM car, you can still talk to Firestone about it.

In business, obviously large companies only want to sell more stuff they realise that fixing stuff is generally costing them money (unless you pay for it).

Anyway, I have a office Im associated with. Most people dont go there so we all use outlook.

In the "contacts area" under "actions" you can see "create new distribution list:

Under select members you should be able to highlight the ones you want in that list.

Then, when you want to send to those, you type the group name and it send to all of them.

To review them you can go back to the original box and add, delelte, or modify them.

Lemme know if that helps.


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How do I restore a distribution list deleted in Vista Contacts?

A:Distribution list in Outlook Contacts

As far as I know you don't unless you have a backup of the PST file!

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Iím having trouble creating a distribution list with Outlook 2003 on XP Pro SP3. I know how to do it, have done it before, and just did it with the same rev Office on our laptop under Win7. When I try to create one, I get the attached error msg. My outlook.pst file is not on the C partition (on purpose), but this is nothing new and Outlook knows where it is. Email works fine and the contacts list works fine. I donít use the address book. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks in advance for any replies.

I'm using OE 5.5 to send an announcement to a large group of business associates & friends. I'd like to be able to send this announcement email without the recipients seeing a long list of names & email addresses in the "To" subject line of the email when they receive it. Is there any way under OE 5.5 to send an email without the email itself showing all the names of the recipients in the "To" field? In other email clients that I've used in the past, you can create a distribution list, and tell the email client program to suppress the showing of individual names on the list, and just show in the "To" subject line, for example, "My Business Associates & Friends". Have not been able to determine if OE 5.5 can do this. Thanks.


A:Outlook Express 5.5 Distribution List

Open your Address Book and create a new group using "My Business Associates & Friends" as the name of the group. Select the recipients for the group. In the box at the bottom of the screen for Name: paste "My Business Associates & Friends" again and insert your email address in the E-Mail: field.

When you are ready to send your message, click on the To: field, select the Contact "My Business Associates & Friends" and for the Bcc: field, select the Group "My Business Associates & Friends".

Your recipients will see only your email address if they double click on the "My Business Associates & Friends" title.

You will receive at least one copy of your message.

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Is it possible to print out a distribution list (all the email addresses) in Outlook XP?

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This is personal SCCM but I need some help.

When I have msi application and want to distribute the content to SCCM and DP as distribution pons, DP received it and SCCM did not failed got this message  (Distribution Manager failed to connect to the distribution point ["Display=\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=M3N"]\\SCCM-M3N.M3N.com\.
Check your network and firewall settings.)
Please help

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I've currently been upgrading some PC's around our office (Machines started with Outlook 2000 and I've been installing Outlook 2003 as a part of Office 2003 suite) and have come across the following problem.
We have distribution lists set up for our business sections, but it seems since I started upgrading the PC's that these lists aren't working. When someone sends an email using any distribution list the message sits in the outbox and doens't get sent while sending to multiple individual email addresses works fine. Our server has Exchange Server 5.5, and email accounts are set to 'Microsoft Exchange Server' as the service being used.
Sorry if this is a bit vague but I'll refine my information as people request certain facts.

Thanks in advance,


A:Outlook Distribution Lists - messages not sending

Well, I re-applied Service Pack 4 to our Exchange Server (5.5) and it appears to have fixed the problem. Maybe removing the distribution lists and adding them again would have had the same result.
Hope this helps someone other than me.... lol


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I need a macro that will 1) create a new outlook folder, then 2) create new Outlook distribution lists from data in an Excel sheet.

The Excel sheet has columns:
A - ID

The first entry begins in row 2 with row 1 being the column title.

I need a new distribution list to be created for each department (column B) and each student level (column C). (Column B will only ever be one of 6 values, column C will only ever be one of 2 values. Therefore, the macro should create 8 distribution lists.)

I have looked at threads similar to this question but I can't seem to get anything working.

A:Macro from Excel to New Outlook Distribution List

I saw something you might could work with here: http://www.helenfeddema.com/CodeSamples.htm
scroll down for sample 61. I haven't used it but marked it one day. I'm assuming your wanting to make local distb list? Not in AD.

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I'm having a Problem Creating a Distribution List In Outlook. First, let me say, before someone asks...I have already completely un-installed, blown away all the old "pst" files (after first exporting all of the outlook data to a backup.pst file) then re-installed Outlook, imported my backup.pst file, so I'm working with a fresh install and still having the same problem.

Version: Outlook XP SP-1

Problem Description:

When I go into "Contacts", then click on "New" and select "Distribution List". The distribution list dialogue box comes up, but when I click on select members, the list that comes up, that should show everyone in "Contacts" is blank. As for as I know, I have checked every possible setting and drop down, trying to figure out how to get the list of Contacts to appear, but I've been completely unsuccessful. Hence, the decision to do a complete re-install of Outlook.

Has anyone seen this problem before...does anyone know the cause?

A:Problem Creating a Distribution List In Outlook

Thanks for making me do that. Same thing was happening to me.

Go to Tools-Email accounts. Use Change existing address book(s). If you've got any in there, remove them.

Create a new Outlook address book.
Create a new Personal address book.
Right-click your contacts; properties. Tell it to be an outlook address book.
Now, it becomes an option in the dropdown when you select a new distribution list.


It was a little tedious, so I'm not sure if I forgot any steps.

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I just recently switched to Outlook 2007. The program was used by another user so it had distribution lists already in it. I updated one of the lists by deleting some names and adding others but now when I send an email and put in the name of the distrubution list and then click on the + it shows the names I deleted and none of the names I added. When I look at the distrubition list under contacts it shows the correct list of names.

I've tried deleting the list and recreating it but still get the old list. What should I do?

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